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Stern Stranger Things

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#557 5 months ago

This reveal seems so crazy to me, what would they possible have to gain by announcing it on Dec 23rd. It's like how to fail at sales and marketing. If your selling a product anywhere near the Christmas window in the United States consumers have to at least be aware before black Friday.

#562 5 months ago

Rick and Morty is a very limited run of a fairly niche item. If Stern is paying for the Stranger Things license why would they want to hide it?! Why would you not want to at least have it in peoples heads. It was very odd that Stern just did nothing while Rick and Morty sold out and they are sitting on Stranger Things. It makes no sense.

#580 5 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Probably because of licensing arrangements with their business partners. They can't talk about it before they're allowed to and probably didn't know exactly when Spooky would reveal their game. But also, this game hasn't been a total secret this past month.

It's always because of the license, when you license something they actually want to make money too. I have never heard of a license the actually tries to limit revenue. If they didn't want you to sell it why would the grant you the license. Why would Netflix or whomever owns Stranger Things want this under wraps, maybe if it was a Stranger Things season 4 pin but this is Stern they are always behind.

#594 5 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

That's not how it works
Stern paid Netflix a license fee. Netflix says ok, you can use our property under these stipulations during a certain time frame. (Stipulations like Netflix gets final approval of everything from the game to promotional material, and what all is and isn't allowed to be used upon the granting of the license). So Stern can't show off anything to the public until Netflix says they can. Netflix probably doesn't care how many are sold because they've already been paid (unless some sort of royalty was negotiated). Spooky literally just had this issue with Rick and Morty, so they were posting photos of the underside of the playfield while they waited on Adult Swim to approve everything.
That's how so many licenses work. For example, think of how much Star Wars merch/junk is fully designed, being built, and ready to be advertised and go on sale....but they have to wait till Disney says they can go on sale, especially for things that may tip off the storyline of the movie.

Stern is not tipping anything off about Stranger Things. If Stern is this far along the licensing is done and there would be no reason for the licensor to limit the announcement. Also everything about these deals is negotiable. I'm just so tired of every oddball ass backwards move Stern makes gets blamed on some license from a company that is super modern and cutting edge. We see 5 billion Star Wars products but it takes Stern years to get a way over priced cheap topper done and its all because of the license.

#1134 5 months ago

Every reveal I'm always scratching my head but this time the only thing weird is the reveal itself. The pin looks bad ass no idea if it will work and be fun but I love that they appear to actually have a proper license. I love that they are being innovative. I love the art, honestly I love everything so far. Just release some proper media and info!

#1899 5 months ago

I think the projector is pretty cool and innovative. If it was up to me I would have kept the projector on the Pro and dropped the LCD. I’m not confident Stern can come up with enough quality content for the projector and LCD. Just seems redundant. I also think the magnet stuff should be on the playfield doesn’t do anything up behind like that. A solid offering by Stern though. I will own this and JP2 one day. Still not risking NIB.

#2228 5 months ago

I really don’t get the concern over the projector. Didn’t they say it was basically off the shelf. I just bought my daughter a portable projector and it was half the price of pin stadiums and way more than you would need in a pin.

#2231 5 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

It kind of goes two ways...it's either expensive or cheap. If it's cheap, then what justifies the price jump? If it's expensive, that scares people for how much it will cost to replace. The other is just wondering how much it is actually integrated into the game. It's really the more interesting part of the game in my opinion. I'm still curious to see how that works out. Maybe since the code isn't too terribly far along, they are holding off on showing it off more? Also, I think it will be one of those things you really need to see in person, a video/pics of it won't show nearly as well as people will want it to. It's not a bright 4k projector.

It has to shine like two feet onto what a ten inch area, a killer projector for that spec would be $100. Sure Stern has to deliver content but technology or bulb life is not an issue.

#3288 5 months ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

I hope you guys like water, It covers 35% of the playfield. Must be a real turd of a game.
Look, congrats you get to save some money and not buy a new machine. Let me tell you, the one thing more valuable than money is time. Why waste yours on creating weak photoshop collages? Stick to saving money AND time[quoted image]

Do you seriously just drop JP2 as an example of good. I love the original but the playfield on it is hideous. Stern kinda following the art style of the original is the worst thing about the new pin. The guy shared an objective opinion and backed up his point with evidence, people need to chill out with the protect the hive bullshit. Stern has gone backwards with the art on this one and it could have been much better. It’s hard to deny it looks a little clown puked.

#3360 5 months ago

The DLC argument always makes me laugh a little. DLC has proven to increase future sales. The more excited a person is about a current product the more likely they are to buy another product. The best thing Stern could do is drop new code or features on the last pin just before they announce the next pin.

#3372 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Code updates to get games where they should have been in the first place is one thing. Paid DLC is another.

Paid or unpaid makes little difference, the math doesn't lie, Stern is laughable behind the times and leaving money on the table. Paid DLC, Season Pass, Subscription model, call it whatever you like it works and its proven to be profitable and increase future sales. Stern is trying some new things with the projector and clearly the wheels of change turn very slowly for them but at least they are starting to move forward. It makes me chuckle that Pinballers throw thousands at limited edition badges and mods but the idea paying anything for new modes and features and people act like its outrageous. How much is that Star Wars topper, you could easily get $500 for special edition code.

#3381 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

...for $60 video games with infinite open worlds & millions of players.
These are finite boxes...expensive board games that sell a few thousand on a good year.
Different items, different markets.
Again, Stern struggles to just finish the base game over a 2 or 3 year span. On a $6000-$15k game. Paid DLC?! You f*cking kidding me?! Let’s see if they can go for 2 years releasing tested & finished games at launch...then maybe we can toss around paid code updates as an idea. Under the current biz model? No f*cking way.

This has nothing to do with what I said, Stern is going to keep doing what they are doing. I said it it’s nice to see them try something new with the projector and hopefully they keep moving forward. DLC is a proven model and it works. I didn’t say Stern is going to do it but they should. They said the exact same thing about video games and now even Nintendo has DLC. They are just like Stern a hardware company super resistant to software progression.

#3424 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

For video games. That millions of people buy for home use.
Pinball machines aren’t video games. They’re ultra expensive coin-op devices meant for 5 minute plays.

No, they shouldn’t. They should finish these fucking games before releasing them is what they should do.

I know I shouldn’t bother because your like talking to the wall. You know like in Stranger Things time period when video games were coin-op devices meant for 5 minute plays. Shit evolved and now people sit at home and play them for hundreds of hours, how many hours did you play switch this year?

The second point your making, no shit the should release finished code. You continually just post completely unrelated issues like your making a point. I’m not here trying to argue that Stern should follow the DLC conspiracy voiced by the tin foil hat wearers of the internet.

If they dropped additional seasons and modes for The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones as paid content into the run up to Stranger Things they would see both profit on the DLC and an increased sales of Stranger Things. People love to support and feel the are part of a group or community. The more they can contribute or buy in they better they feel.

It’s not just video games, it’s a proven business model. It’s why they drop constant software updates in so many products from Cars, Cell Phones, Televisions. If consumers feel supported they stick with you.

Stern may be stuck in the 1980s but eventually a pinball company will sort this out and they will capture the market.

It will also be very profitable for operators, giving machines on the way down new life or increasing their value as they are sold into household environments.

If the only thing your going to respond with is negativity just save the key strokes. I’m completely cool to agree to disagree.

#3435 5 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:


Pinball hasn’t really evolved. It’s inherently retro, and that’s what people like about it. People have been collecting games in their home for decades, and play the same pinball machine for hundreds of hours. That’s the awesomeness of pinball. A great game is forever. If a game is great, it will always be played and enjoyed. It’s 2019 and new MM, AFM, and MB are being made. With the same code.

I think we’re just talking about two different things. You keep saying “DLC”, which implies PAID. I’ve never paid for a TV or phone update. Those are improvement updates, which is what Stern does now. It is support, and yes it causes customers to stick with them. Agreed. Updates are good. Paid DLC is not something that pinball needs. Look at P3 if you need an example of someone trying to make the pinball universe bend to other products universes. P3 thought pinball needed to be a “platform” with “apps.” In 7 years they’ve sold like 7 units. Pinball is massively different than other electronic consumer products.


Some things never change and I just can't be bothered with this anymore. Time to clean up this site a little

#3453 5 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

The network functionality is clearly the beginning of that. It's not just for high scores and operator convenience - that doesn't make Stern any money. I'm sure there's an eye toward adding paid upgrade features over the network (if not an outright plan already in place).

Paid upgrades can be really great. Some people just think it’s always a scam, that companies intentionally hold stuff back and force people to pay for it later. In my experience that is not how it works. It’s always about time and budget or something you just didn’t see during development. I would happily pay for a mini wizard mode half way through the jukebox on my AC/DC. I understand that it seems obvious and people will complain and say it should have been there from the start. You just have to ignore that very vocal minority and focus on the positives. The pinball market is obviously very willing to spend on cosmetic upgrades, they would pay for value added content.

#3456 5 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

No point arguing about it, the dude is insane. If it did come to that, plain and simple wouldn't purchase it to begin with, and it would come out pretty fast if it was held back. They can barely make working code now, I don't even want to think about them having an incentive to put out crap code.

Just to be completely open I work at EA. My opinions are my own and purely hypothetical as the relate to pinball.

#3461 5 months ago

Ah anti-intellectualism alive and well. I leave you arm chair experts to it.

Sorry if I announce where I work a lot, I am legally obligated to make it public. Just so everything is above board. It’s part of the agreement to be able to post on any platform.

The same handful of people do not always speak for everyone.

#3464 5 months ago
Quoted from pipes:

Does it suck knowing that your company will never make anything better than NHL '93 for the Sega Genesis?

Lol, personally I’m partial to 94.

#3474 5 months ago
Quoted from pipes:

I'm partial to '93 but yes '94 is technically superior. I was out once you couldn't make Gretzky's head bleed anymore.
Sorry, got a little side tracked there...back to stranger things.

I love when games influence culture, that scene in Swingers is amazing. Look how far those guys went.

This whole DLC sub topic did come from how cool it would be to add Season 3 content with the projector.

#3497 5 months ago

My last post on the DLC topic it’s literally been over a decade of learning with DLC. The whole hold stuff back for future makes no sense. Step one is make your product great and deliver as much content as possible. Every feature you don’t deliver at launch is lost sales. Every lost sale is lost potential for your next product and DLC. Launches of current product directly correlates to the launch of your next product. Stern is clearly struggling at step one, launching current product. DLC is all about keeping that ball rolling. Great launch starts things moving, follow up with great DLC and you rolling right into the next launch. The goal is for people to love the current product and playing the shit out of it when you announce the next one. New modes and features is a great way to do that. It’s all about momentum.

#3503 5 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

So what little video we have seen of the premium/LE, the projector is showing a lot of what's on the LCD. Is it going to be lame if both are showing the same thing at times or will people not care?

This is why I thought the projector on the pro with no LCD would be interesting. Can Stern deliver enough content for both or will it just be redundant. I know that thought is as popular as my thoughts on DLC

#3556 5 months ago

As the topic of DLC is continuing I just want to say I’m not in any way pushing for paid DLC. It all depends on the numbers and the product. I don’t pretend to have any knowledge of Sterns costs or financials. Free DLC or subscription based service can be far more lucrative than charging for updates. If you can afford the upfront cost, long term it’s the way to go. Most companies aren’t willing to take that risk or have that ability to carry the debt. All I was trying to share is that DLC works and Stern would be smart to look into it. There is no reason for all this drama and negativity. In its infancy it’s gone wrong but it’s maturing and no one that wants to stay in business fucks over their customer base. When I use the term DLC I kinda assumed everyone knows what it means. It’s Downloadable Content, it’s not patches or bug fixes or code updates. It’s direct to consumer new media, new features, new modes. It would be like adding a season of A show not available in the original machine. I tried to use AC/DC as example with a new mini wizard mode that does not have an insert or any reference in the original machine. No one is for or trying to push Stern to just rip everyone off.

#3629 5 months ago
Quoted from VegasMike:

One thing is for sure - the font artist sure loves their exclamation points! They are on almost every insert! Makes it so much more legible! Especially when there are so many inserts to begin with!

I really wonder what process is in place for art review. You see a lot of just weird stuff in the art, there is really no excuse for this stuff to be in the final product.

#3991 5 months ago

I’m surprised they didn’t just use a matte ramp with paint on the backside. I would lose the stickers and just paint them. Lots of information on the internet that specific household paints have the exact same reflection, absorption as high end specialty paints and screens. If it gets dirty or chips just apply another coat.

This launch has been a complete shit show. From the leaks to the terrible pictures from CES. Do they even have a marketing department or do they just leave it to the influencers?

#3998 5 months ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Of course they do. Those monthly SOTU fluff pieces can’t type themselves!

I don’t think a co-op releasing a page or two a month counts

#4087 5 months ago

I can understand not streaming from the show but not having media prepared before a major show?! They may as well just do a press release saying we have no confidence in our product and just couldn’t get our shit together.

#4659 4 months ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Try leaving Texas occasionally.

There is that one guy that makes pants.

#4795 4 months ago

This whole projector issue feels so disingenuous. Mini projectors are dirt cheap and everywhere, it would be hard for even Stern to find one so cheap it couldn't shine a couple feet and light up like a few square inches. I don't think they could get this wrong if they tried. I know a lot of pinballers are not exactly current when it comes to tech but come on maybe 5 years ago this would have been an issue.

#4900 4 months ago

That did not take long, LOL

#4904 4 months ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

nope, 5 minutes in and the glass is off.
ramps projections are not working, btw

They are working they just kick in for modes. They don't seem to show up as well as the large flat panels but they are working.

#4909 4 months ago

I really love the projector, not sure if Stern will invest the resources to really make it awesome but it has huge potential.
Sadly I do not like the way this pin looks, it looks like it has a Pinball Bulbs kit on it from the factory, just way too much neon and color.
I haven't watched the show in forever but it made me think of autumn, halloween nights in the 80s a completely different pallete.

He just entered a mode and the clips from the show with them riding bikes outside is the pallete I expected. The pin completely clashes with that pallete.

#4949 4 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Thats what makes it look cool.

Quoted from flynnibus:

It works in person...

This works for certain pins, Tron, T2, Demolition Man, TNA, it just doesn’t fit with Stranger Things. To me Stranger Things is a muted earth tone palette. The outdoors, kids on bikes, Friday 13th, scary fall trees. For me this art is a huge miss on this theme. The LCD is obnoxiously clown puked and those gradient stripped fonts what were they thinking.

#5024 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

That's not the art direction for the game. The art direction is more anchored on the 'upside down' world of dark, violets, cool colors. The video you see of the big monster in the sky is like the anchor for everything. It centers more around the night scenes... the demo dogs, the upside down, etc.
The game is not 'earthy' in anyway... and frankly I don't agree with your assessment of the show's look/feel either.
When everyone sees the game in person... the reaction to the look has been overall positive. I can't think of a single person I've come across that turned up their nose to it. Even the comments here about the translite, etc... no one says anything in person.
This is what happens when people fixate on things in isolation vs look at how the package works.

Obviously the game is not earthy, I feel the show is and wish the pin used a similar pallete as the show. It's just my opinion, how can people argue with how something artistic looks and feels to another person. If you love it all the power to you. To me the colour pallete of the pin is a massive miss. Where are talking about the art style obviously different people are going to have different views and opinions. My interpretation is this pin looks too over the top and clown puked, if you love that style this pin is probably great for you.

#5027 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The point you keep glossing over... have you actually seen it in person yet? So you can actually see the light and colors in the open environment instead of just on the screen?

I'm talking about the color palette do you know what that is, I don't need to see it in person to realize it does not use the palette I remember from the show. When I think of the show I think of earthy fall outdoor, sunsets and forests, darkness and I personally would have prefered a pin in that pallete. This is the same as GOT do you think the GOT pin uses the same palette as the show? Are all those neon pinks, blue and purples going to change into earthy fall colours in person. I don't remember Eleven shooting lighting like the Emperor from Star Wars I remember a subtle drip of blood from her nose. I do admit I haven't watched the show since season two came out. Its ok that you have a different view and opinion its not a competition.

For me and my taste this choice of colour palette is a miss. If it hit the bullseye for you that is fantastic. There is no need to protect the hive.

#5034 4 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The point is the saturation and contrast does not come across well in the photos due to the extremes the purples tend to look on screen. But if your beef is with the reds, blues, and purples... I guess take it up with Netflix and the Show's creators? Because it fits with the images THEY used to promote the show..

I have no idea why you care and are so fussed by my opinion. I'm not a fan of the choice of colour palette, it's ok, this is clearly hard for you but I think you'll get over it.

#5064 4 months ago
Quoted from Trindawg:

I just don’t get it. Yes I’m new to the hobby in the aspect of OWNING a machine. But where is the QC on these machines? I just don’t accept it as being status quo, it is what it is, whatever. We spend a lot of HARD EARNED money for these things NOT to work out of the box. To me, as a consumer, it’s unacceptable. Will I ever buy another NIB machine. Doubtful. And if I do, I’ll wait for all the problems to get ironed out first. Just my 2 cents. I know I’ll probly get roasted for my opinions. But oh well. It’s how I feel. I love the game though.

Keep in mind this forum has the hardcore of pinball fanboyism, people will accept and defend pretty much anything from Stern. You are completely justified in your feelings and it is laughable that people just shrug it off with, well that's pinball. You get both sides people will rant and rave about the smallest things from Stern and endlessly hate on them. This place is a completely weird view on reality.

P.S. No matter what you say someone will feel it is some personal attack on them and tell you to take it elsewhere.

#5281 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

Just out of curiosity, you mentioned everything was fine out of the box and was working great.
Then I remember you saying you were going to install some mods, one of them being a speaker light kit, correct? And then you said you were having some trouble with it. Assuming you don't have much experience working on pinball machines, what kind of problems did you come across?
Then, after that, a node board dies... Then your replacement node board dies.
I may be wrong but haven't node boards failed in the past from power related issues from mods?
I'm not pointing any fingers here, but the game worked out of the box so it likely passed all tests at Stern before shipping and here you are lifting the playfield tinkering and things break and are now upset at Stern.
I think there's more to this story..
Edit: looked on the other thread just to put all this together and whaddya know?
You happened to start getting all of these problems the same day you installed and said u had issues installing the lighting kit.. and no less then 6 posts later, you start complaining of problems including power issues.
[quoted image][quoted image]

This is a new low for the Stern defense force, did you call Stern to try and tattle tale. You may have thought you were outing him but it’s just creepy and sad.

#5396 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

I'm glad you got it working !
And I'm glad I brought it up. Although a shit ton of people downvoted my post for even suggesting that a mod could have caused this because everyone is so hell bent on blaming Stern.
Either way, I got a ton of shit and downvotes but at the end of the day I'm glad something positive came out of it

I downvoted you for your tone and online detective work. You did not at all come across in that first post like you were trying to help him out. You came across like you were trying to out him and throw him under the bus for doing something wrong. Bottom line even if the mod caused the problem, a new pin should be able to handle a shaker motor and a couple of LEDs with out blowing up. This place is brutal to new guys and there is really no reason for it.

1 week later
#5714 4 months ago
Quoted from kpg:

Just watched the Cary Hardy review. Now I totally get the vibe he may just have a negative/pessimistic tone about him in general, he makes a point about some things.
I haven't seen him talked about on here much and havent watched many of his videos. Whats the general consensus of him on Pinside?

He is my favorite content creator, he is pretty straight forward with some subtle humor. His tech stuff is really good, if you like working on pins as much as playing them you should check him out. I think because he likes working on pins it keeps him a little more grounded. No one covers the frustration of when things don't go your way like he does, he takes it well though, I would have lit that Getaway on fire already. I enjoy Zach and Greg but the are so focused on new pins and anything new and shiny is just automatically the greatest thing ever, then its posted on facebook for sale a week later.

#5770 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Yep. Welcome to the suck...[quoted image]

I've never actually seen the underside of a new Stern. Do all the board still have replaceable bulbs and sockets? Or are they like those little boards that the LED is right on the board?

2 weeks later
#6607 3 months ago

I've worked in gaming for a long time and I'm a big believer in DLC done right and I fully accept there has been a lot of it done wrong. This is just a colossal blunder on Stern's part and there is really no excuse for it. The question is can Stern get away with it. If people buy it and keep on ordering than you can fully expect it to get a whole lot worse. Gaming has generally made a correction already but Stern clearly has taken nothing from that and looks to repeat the same failures. Personally I don't think Stern is big enough to survive the back lash when it hits. If they haven't cooked it already they are already starting to pluck that golden goose.

#6879 3 months ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Here is what I think.
Every game has stuff pulled out in order to make BOM. Everybody knows this. Usually, we have no idea what features were yanked.
I seem to recall a discussion around Ghostbusters launch about some sort of lighting feature being pulled.
I think at that time, people said things like, “At least give us the chance to add these things to our game.”, and “I’d gladly pay extra for this extra feature. An after market mod won’t be able to be coded in like this etc etc”
This feature is unnecessary. It was presumably pulled to make a set BOM. Perhaps The designer chose to prioritize assets and mechs. I don’t know.
I don’t yet own this game, but I’m seriously considering a Premium. I had loads of fun on the Pro last weekend.
I would DEFINITELY buy the UV lighting kit if I bought the pin. No brainer.
I DO agree it should have been included in the LE. That would have been the best of all worlds. Include it in the LE, and give Pro and Premium buyers the chance to upgrade.
As it stands, it totally doesn’t bother me. There are WAY more important things to worry about.

The math doesn't add up on this theory, the BOM is virtually nothing, they already paid for the art and paint, plastics and parts. They are just swapping things out and adding a couple of LEDs to light them up. How much increase do you think this really adds if they added from the start it would have been almost nothing. THey wasted more money and resources having to build the two versions and now people have to pay for both and one is garbage. I would actually bet this move actually increased the costs per machine. I could accept that maybe that some manufactures couldn't get them parts on time and they needed machines on the line. Even then they should have been up front about it. This is a poorly executed cash grab and we have seen many times. Shit I work for EA I have been in the room for many of these planning sessions and I'm lucky enough to be in a position to have input and be able to say this is a bad idea.

#6919 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

For those of you parroting safety concerns about the UV lights and regulation and maybe why stern did what they did..please for the love of god stop.
Just because something is “UV” doesn’t make it harmful. Radiation waves are measured in wavelength. UV are the wavelengths just below visible light (400nm cutoff). The UV band is broken into three A,B,C with C being the shortest... and hence most harmful. Exposure is all about the wavelength and amount of energy you’re exposed to.. and it drops off exponentially with distance. A and B are the bands you get exposed to by the sun. What matters is the wavelength, power, distance, and duration of exposure.
Cheap UV LEDs are usually 405nm or 395nm... and they have a small slop band around what they emit. Visible violet light is down to 400nm... this is why we see these lights as bright purple lights. The lights produce a band around the specific wavelength they try to produce... so some higher, some lower. The slop ends up producing light above 400nm and that is what we see as purple light. In fact, the more purple we see the light as... that is less UV light actually being put out. At this 395nm band... they are just barely UV. Your UV flashlights etc are typically 395nm LEDs. All of this is UV-A band radiation. Its not the more harmful B or C type.
Yes, UV-A radiation can be harmful to your skin... but it is all about the exposure. Which is about power and distance. Tanning lamps work (and become harmful) because they use a few thousand watts of lamps at very short distances to give a high dose of UV-A in a short amount of time. LED strips are like 14w (power... not even what they can fully emit) for the whole strip. So we are talking orders of magnitude differences.
Remember the thing about distance as well? Thats why your UV light effectiveness drops off with distance. And we are not right on top of these things. Oh yeah, and time too. We are not baking ourselves in this.
The net of this is the radiation type seen here is the same type you get in normal outdoor exposure, but is in such small amounts it’s a not even a concern and why it’s not regulated.
We all have probably spent more time under a black light in college or as kids in arcades than we ever would get here. No one hides from a Tron cabinet... Nd those actually use deeper uv light!

Sometimes people post things so stupid its obviously an attempt to enrage people into long winded stupid responses. The appropriate response is to post a Tom Hardy meme.

P.S. If you not hip and going more for the Dad joke Admiral Akbar also works.

#6939 3 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

How can the test game at the factory not crash on the new code, but everyone else’s does? I’ve never understood this. Don’t they test this stuff?

I think you answered your own question.

#6969 3 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Here’s a fun little parallel to the UV kit topic.
A few Tesla model 3 owners with the “partial premium interior” started complaining back in September that they used to have rear heated seats, but a software update removed their ability to use them, unless you bought the premium interior.
Now, everyone with an SR or SR+ was told every car actually has rear heated seat hardware and they can be activated via software for $300.
So imagine your stranger things had the UV kit installed and “accidentally” enabled for a few months. Then a code update removed its use, then for $300 you could get it back.

The big difference is Tesla told them up front. Everyone knew it would cost Tesla more money to make different versions so all cars had the same seats. Tesla agreed to the lower price so they honoured it. They do the same thing with batteries if you really want a tiny battery they will sell you a car like that. They don’t actually waste the money building the tiny battery for the handful of people. The just give them the same battery and limit it with software. They have done this for years.

#6971 3 months ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Some of the forums and even that article if you read it, claims some early owners had it enabled.. then they removed it via software.

It was enabled but Tesla told them we don't actually manufacture the config you want but we will give you this car at that price but you will not get to keep the extras. Its just faster and cheaper to give them a car they have already built than try and build a different version. It would be like if Stern decided that all new Stranger Things now come with the UV kit built in from the factory but the price goes up $50. Someone that already ordered said no I'm not giving you the extra $50 and I don't want the UV lighting. So instead of spending time and money trying to remove the UV kit Stern just disabled it with software. People were just hoping they would get it for free and they didn't.

#6976 3 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Indeed. You’re not entitled to something you didn’t pay for at the end of the day.
There are probably real cost savings in homogenising certain parts of a build, I can certainly believe that it would be more cost effective to build all seats with heat seating built in, then offering it as an upsell.
I bought a performance upgrade for a Porsche a few years ago which consisted of them authorising the VIN to have the feature, plugging the car in and unlocking it. Didn’t add any hardware components to the car as they were already rated for the spec upgrade.
Working in networking I’m used to kit coming with unified hardware that provides features that are unlocked via software licences.
Tesla’s mistake really was in inadvertently gifting this option to people up front, without making it clear that it was unintended and/or liable to be removed at any time without notice.
But I don’t think anyone can have cause for complaint. Down the line I can see them offering trial versions for feature unlocks, again more like IT things in general.

The thing to keep in mind these people literally had to special order this config, it might have been available online very briefly but they still had to specify they wanted it without heated rear seats. Tesla mistake was not making people wait for the car and letting them enjoy it for a couple weeks till the software was ready. They conveniently leave that part out and pretend to be surprised the didn’t get what they specifically said they didn’t want.

Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, back to regular scheduled programming.

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