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(Topic ID: 207919)

Stern Star Wars Topper

By challanger1128

2 years ago

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#132 2 years ago

Trying to figure out what about that topper possibly could take soooooo long for approval. It looks extremely basic Imo. Does it at least bounce? No hologram like the settings hinted? For $150 at Target you can get a fully functional r2 that does produce images on walls. This isn't the Droid I was looking for.

1 year later
#384 11 months ago

This is not the Droid I was looking for. Really wanted a cool, reasonably priced topper for a SW premium when I get it. No chance here. 2.5 years for this? No wonder Disney didn't want to approve this. Lol.

#428 11 months ago
Quoted from robotron:

gary did say he could have sold empty cabinets for the star wars pin right?
i guess he thinks star wars fans are suckers.
stern will probably sell out all 500 since distributors will buy these up.
there is an “ass” for every seat.

That comment back about blinking lights in a box really turned me off towards stern. I was very disappointed about the starwars release already. I've warmed up to it since, but this topper had high hopes for something cool, and all I'm seeing again is "blinking lights in a box". Sad. Hoping stern officially releases this and it looks better than this, but not holding my breath.

#466 11 months ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

My apologies for jumping in this thread, but I had to see the topper......So sorry guys.
Wouldnt a sound activated r2, be a better choice with this reveal?[quoted image]

I have one of these and it's great. A very cool toy that also projects an image Leia.

#499 10 months ago

Maybe if it brought me a beer...

#539 10 months ago

What exactly does it do? Does he bounce around at all? Any projections? Does it make sounds?
I'm really wanting a premium comic edition, but IMO the topper doesn't match the comic art at all. Looks out of place. Would probably look great on the LE, but not sure about the comic edition. Either way, it's still cool. Thanks for the pics.

#560 10 months ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

i don't think that topper matches the new comic artwork at all. It looks like it was made for the original runs for sure.

Exactly my thoughts. I'm wanting a comic edition, but the topper wouldn't look right. That would help on passing. If I had an original run, it would look better, but still not $750 better.

#565 10 months ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I appreciate Tseamans posting some pics that everyone asked to see. You are free to post what you like but I find that an unnecessary and rude comment. Comments like that keep people from posting pictures.

Ditto on this. Very thankful for the pictures. Love the GB and bttf in there too.

#671 10 months ago

I definitely want to see the thing in action. The only video from a year ago was pretty lackluster at best. Does r2 bounce? Does he project anything (doubtful)? When does he activate in gameplay?

#673 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Projecting is 98% chance of NOT happening from what have seen of the cone attachments on the R2 unit. Bouncing would be awesome and possible given the design, but I seriously doubt it. To be true to the story, it would only bounce during very specific moments, so I doubt it. That would be amazing though.
It likely just makes sounds, lights up and rotates, becoming more active during more R2 centric points in the plot.

I agree with this 100%. Still waiting to see it in action.

#708 10 months ago
Quoted from Crumbalimb:

Thanks for posting the video.It's been a long road and a flop as far as what 750 gets you.I always like reaching for Hope just like the rebel force trying to beat the Alliance so maybe, Just maybe, stern will, or can add code to make is that something special we were looking for.Its is our last and only hope.Unfortunately for me I am out.:{:{:{:{

Code won't help this thing unless there's hidden projectors or mechs inside the thing that aren't activated yet, but I'm confident there's nothing special inside it. Unfortunately I think the long wait didn't pay off on this. If this thing was about half the price, then it would be a maybe. Would I still want one as is? Probably. Would I buy it at 750? Probably not.

#712 10 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Only one way to know what’s inside and that is to pop the damn dome off!
Being that there was at one point a projector setting in the code, anyone who has pinball browser want to see if there is anything coded projector or hologram? I’m guessing it would be under images or video.

You're exactly right. However, if it actually did anything special, wouldn't stern have made sure to list these special abilities in the description of this thing? You're right though, pop it open and look inside. Bet it's a couple gears and a node board is all we'd find unfortunately. Would have loved to hear what the projection settings were originally intended on being.

#757 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Like probably everyone here, I wish this thing did more for the price. But it's still a really cool topper. I am glad Disney made Stern make it actually look like R2 instead of what we saw a year ago. I would like to hear the story behind what happened with the projector feature with Disney. I am sure it will be told someday. Disney is very protective of the Star Wars brand, especially something that could potentially be commercial equipment in a public location.
I am fairly certain what Stern wanted to do was something a little off and not consistent with the brand. Like use a BM66 style projector light to project an image of Leia on a wall or ceiling.
Look at the video of the LCD for the (deleted) "Midnight Madness" mode that was on the early code. It isn't consistent with the Star Wars look and feel, and it more amateur and cheesy than anything Disney would approve.

I actually disagree with this idea. There are plenty of licensed SW products out that aren't exactly like the movies. In fact, I have the R2 toy that projects leiah on the wall, and it moves, beeps, hops, and even carries a beer around for me all for $150. It's the exact same size as the topper as well. This goes to prove what could have been.

I really get tired of giving stern these free passes by blaming Disney. Look at the original art on the game. Everyone blamed Disney. Wrong, stern WAS able to obviously use different art, but obviously chose the original easy way out. People blame Disney for the lack of playfield imagination and toys. I highly doubt Disney, maker of magical things, said no to any cool magnets, or better toys. It's stern and cost cutting. Jjp made a hell of a game with another huge Disney license, and a kick ass topper along with it. It's stern.

#762 10 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

JJP made a hell of a game as is Stern SW but POTC would be way better and over the top if JJP got the video and music assets like Stern did for Star Wars.
Just my opinion on POTC of course. It’s a great game and the music is exceptional for being original but to not have the iconic theme song is mind boggling. One can hope it can get added as an attract mode feature someday!

I agree with this. My comparison to potc is more about the playfield mechs. The art is great, and I wish it had the assets as well, but it's still awesome.

1 week later
#877 10 months ago

Definitely looks good on the LE package. Amy more videos yet showing attract and gameplay?

#883 10 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I honestly think thing this thing will look sweet no matter the translite. Even comic! It really completes the game.
I have a Premium with LE tendencies.
[quoted image]

How did you get that le armor?

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