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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (1 year ago)

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#6806 8 months ago

Can someone tell me how to adjust or help the fork ramp under the DS (that goes up and down) as the ball enter the back of it and stop it from slamming into the back of the fork before it has time to retract and allow the ball to exit back onto the playfield?

1 week later
#6898 8 months ago

Does anyone else have any fixes for the DS shot? How did bending the ramp work out for the poster above?

A few of my thoughts on our awesome SWLE table:

Depth and theme integration on Star Wars Pre/Le and is very underrated by some because their vision of such an iconic franchise doesn’t match Stern’s stellar effort. Steve Richie gameplay is unmatched and the code is deep with many different ways to play, just like Batman 66.

Table is not empty by any means. Just look underneath and see a menagerie of electronics that power things on the top and at the back. You have to look at the back of the table too to appreciate how much has gone into this table. Many bullet points and the flow is amazing. My daughter feels like she is a champion playing it, even though a novice because it plays so well. We fixed left out lane drain issue with a different post in the same area, which creates longer ball times. Fixed the DS shot by slightly moving right post enough so ball goes right up DS ramp.

Steve laid out the play field to reflect the last big battle scene from the first movie. Should it have an xwing or two and couple more tie fighters? Yes and mods take care of that. Such a fun table and soooo underrated.

4 months later
#7490 3 months ago
Quoted from Jerickso77:

Victory multiball is so satisfying! I especially love it on my pinballmix because I had him play the 20rh Century Fox fanfare when it starts.

I suppose you did that fanfare through pinbrowser? Has anyone put together an alternate SW sound tracks for the game software?

I too love My SWLE. Very underrated game for sure! It should be ranked in the top 5 of all time!! It is only because it’s SW, that it ranks so low. People all have their own ideas about what it should look like, but Stern did a superb job re-creating the final battle scene on the playfield. Add a few fighters and you’ve got a stunning table!

0C1B0CE1-4FCD-4F86-A0C7-9774907CF71B (resized).jpeg
#7493 3 months ago
Quoted from Jerickso77:

I hired pinballmix to do it but yeah I assume he used pinball browser. Here is a video. It's so good!

That is excellent! Thanks for sharing!

Are you able to give a list of the sound you used?

4 weeks later
#7565 89 days ago

Does anyone else have this issue in Standard Adjustments? It goes from #5 standard adjustment being selectable, then jumps to #11? Cannot find standard adjustments #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10???

I wanted to adjust sling power, but it appears that adjustment is totally missing. Anyone else find this missing under S.P.I. Standard adjustment menu?

3 weeks later
#7634 69 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Aaaahhhhh! Thanks. At least it makes a little more sense to me now. Still, it might be interesting to be a fly on the wall at that photo shoot.
"Don't knock over the Lego AT-ST again, Gina."
"Do the big head toys have more brains than the normal head toys? I think that they wouldn't mix in real life."
"Smile bigger."
"I need a gaze of inquisitiveness - consider how the unarmored toy manages to survive."
"Why are we doing this?"
"It's on your contract, section VI, paragraph 7, clauses a1 and b4."
I should go have dinner and play pinball.

Get the premium with the pro back glass. Good idea. I like pro artwork, but with the back glass, you’ll never notice difference on the side art. Also, have an LE and love the play of the hyperloop and exploding DS. Both awesome mechs, plus the metal ramps are worth it alone. Pre/LE plays so well and is a blast to play, with that one more hit start button feeling.

#7638 68 days ago
Quoted from Hoochoo:

Below is a .pdf showing the maximum points on offer for all the missions and major modes in the game.
Because it is a long read, some will decide to skip it so here are some things that might peak your interest and persuade you to give it a read after all:
You can timeout key shots to stay in the following missions to score some massive points:
- Death Star 4: You can time out each LL hurry-up to relight the ramps!
- Hoth 3 (R2-D2): Most know how this one works already.
- Endor 4: While difficult, you can time out the LL hurry-up and hold onto your multipliers for some major points.
The last shot in Endor 4 offers no points! (or does it?)
Death Start 1 should be saved for when you have a high multiplier. The points potential in this mission is huge! And there is something interesting in this mission that can make it easier to achieve a big score.
There is a way to hold onto the shot value you have built up in Tatooine 2 after the LL hurry-up expires!
Some shots in LSD are worth double points.
And finally, while I didn't mention this in the .pdf and for many this is already known, it's important to clarify how Planet High Scores are calculated for those that aren't sure:
The end of game Planet High Scores such as Death Star Champion, Hoth Champion, Tatooine Champion and Endor Champion are calculated on how many points you've made in ALL the missions in that planet, including that planet's mini-wizard mode. To be more specific: For the DS Champion for instance, it counts all the purple shots you made in all the missions, for Hoth it’s all the blue shots etc, it doesn't include things like the Hyperspace Hurry-Up shot which is potentially worth billions or TIE Fighter MB Jackpots etc. You also have to enter the mini-wizard mode for that planet for your score to be eligible. So if you make billions in Hoth 3 with R2-D2 but don't at least enter Hoth 4 then you will not be able to register a Hoth Champion Score.
Click on the image below to open the .pdf in a new window.
[quoted image]

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing all the work you’ve put into this PDF SW game strategy layout. It is amazing! How long did it take you to compile this? Love this type of detailed understanding. It will make a great game code, even greater. Understanding of what we are doing is key to enjoying the game and the difference between fun and just flinging the ball all over the place. Not only worth the read, but study is worth it too. You’ve kicked up my interest in my SWLE exponentially. Big Thanks again!

1 week later
#7645 61 days ago

Vote SW, although JP is coming along nicely.

#7675 58 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Any rumors lately regarding some code polish perhaps when/if topper comes out?
Don’t have many complaints need additional dialogue for ball drains and end of game other than yoda. Give me some more obi wan, chewy, Vader, emporer any of the main players really.
Would like to see maybe another video mode, speeder bikes or something. I know I’m dreaming on this one.
What’s everyone else’s wish list?

Don’t think you’re dreaming. Please email Stern and ask them to include the code/clips that was done for the SWHE and there is quite a bit more video in there. Maybe with the newly refreshed artwork, they’ll give us another code update if enough people ask for it.

#7676 58 days ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

The code of this game is nothing short of amazing. It goes to show you that with a simple (but well thought-out) layout and excellent code you can really do a lot. It's really a game almost meant to be played at home, because it takes a little while to get comfortable with the rules -- but once you do... then you'll really start to love it. This machine is underrated mostly because many people play it on location a bit and get frustrated and leave thinking "Star Wars" should be more obviously epic with toys and stuff. It's much more of a finely tuned game that you appreciate more with time. If you could get ratings from all people who own the game, it'd be a different story.

Agreed that this game is very unfairly reviewed and rated here on pinside. Location players weigh in with low scores because game was not setup correctly or they don’t understand the awesome coding Dwight has done. Hence the low scores. Before purchasing it, I played on location and didn’t like it very much at all. Pulled the plunger 6 times and had 6 straight drains. Said to my friend, this game stinks and didn’t play it again till I was at a distributors location and could free play it as much as I wanted and got a little education from the dealer. Fell in love with it the minute red and blue light saber duel started. There was a while, this was my only game, so I know it quite well. It is an amazing game that keeps you coming back for more. Because it is a space scene, people think it is somewhat lacking in the toy department. But that’s not true.

The hyperdrive is a rush when multiple balls are flying around all at the same time. Look at all the gear behind the back of the table to make that happen. The fork that goes up and down for DS shots. The far right VUC, with targets at the end of each ramp. Spinner and “use the force shooter lane return mech. The DS that blows up with cool lights and animation. FORCE drop targets. Tie Fighter mech. Pop bumper field. PF screen information/scene instrument. Multi-level habit trails, with hyper drive habit trail diverter. Left lane up post. Millennium Falcon motor lights. And on and on: the game is loaded with toys and mechs. Unless in a home environment this game is severely under appreciated.

#7715 54 days ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Is it just me or dumb luck but I seem to get more extra balls while playing as character Luke than anyone else?

Luke is coded that way, to get more extra balls than the other 3.

#7766 49 days ago

The purist are probably going to have a fit, but putting in this Williams post has made the difference between a frustrating game and a dream machine. Let’s face it, the left lane drain is not good at all, even with the post all the way in, it still is unfair drain crazy. The post in the photo shows 2 of the screw holes being used. This Williams post creates similar geometry to the one added in the pro version. Don’t worry, the ball will still drain, but now it is a great deal more fun and fair. Family loves this one adjustment and now have a great time with an otherwise frustrating experience, unless your nudging skills are pro player level.

It is completely reversible without any changes to PF. It is a genius design done by a friend of mine. SWpre/LE is now so much more fun, can’t even begin to say how much more enjoyable it has become. The post floats above the PF. I think he could be talked into making more if anyone is interested. After installing that one post, the game has become family and friends favorite. Prior to that, no one hardly played it.
D0E1CB71-B4C0-4D32-B624-F03CFDCE600B (resized).jpeg

#7775 47 days ago
Quoted from John_I:

There is no hole in my Premium?

Thanks for posting the experience with this mod. I went ahead and 3D modeled and printed a modified Siamese post to do the same thing as the mod you posted. On mine the post is aligned with the furthest open hole and adds a tab that screws into the lowest adjustment hole. The result is the outlane is still a large opening but the protruding post under the drops seems to cut way down on cheap drains. (I need to get a proper size/color rubber).
[quoted image]

Nice! This makes the game a pure joy to play. Without that post, the geometry on the left side of SW is baffling to me and cannot figure out why SR didn’t put this into the game to begin with. I think it is the single reason people rate this stellar game so low. I know I didn’t like it till my friend did the post to fix the geometry error. Now it plays like a wonder machine. With this left lane fixed, it should be ranked in the top five of all time. Certainly lots more game than any of the current old titles listed. I think those games get somewhat of a pass because of the nostalgic factor alone, although all good games.

#7778 46 days ago

Getting quite a few PMs from people interested in the SW left side post. How many additional people might be interested and I’ll ask my friend to make them. I know that post has made my game a keeper and a blast to play without the constant threat of cheap left hand drains, because of an unusually wide open gap on the LE/Pre left side, especially when the force drops are down. Let me know if you want one.

#7780 46 days ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Put it on Shapeways?

Shapeways won’t really work, because 3D printed is not as good as the real post, made with metal. It needs that for stability when the ball hits it. Gathering a list of interested people now and will let everyone know as soon as my friend figures out costs and shipping, etc.

#7786 46 days ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

Guys, the Premium is designed without that post. Modifying it to your liking is your right as a owner, but its not how it was meant to be. Ask the designer. He's made the point and many other (pitch 6.5 i.e.) multiple times in interviews, on the forum and on facebook. If you can't deal with the frustration of playing the game as it was meant to be you might aswell close the outlanes alltogether and feel great about the inevitable highscores.
Everyone can do what he or she wants with his or her property, but unless you are doing this for your three year old, as a means to motivate him into eventually playing normal difficulty, any custom modification to ease the game that are beyond the design are and will always be cheating. Any score coming from it is a non-achievement.
I disrepect none of you as people, but this whole "how to cheat" post nonsense doesn't make you look all that great - and that doesn't change, just because you are here in numbers.
Aynway we're all here to have fun and share our opinions. This one is mine, sorry.

Definitely don’t agree because the left lane drain geometry is unreal and not necessary to be in and of itself, cheating us the players. It works fine for location, so people pump in more dollars, but in the home, it is not cheating to improve the geometry on a gimped design. If that were not so, the first pros off the line wouldn’t have had the post there. I know it is said it was there originally because they were stand up targets instead of drop targets. Don’t believe that was the issue and think it was taken out to be a better money earner on location. When asked directly, even SR thinks we should all put the left lane post all the way down in position 3, which by the way is still not much of a difference on the unusually wider gap on the left lane drain.

So SR did design that post originally and then took it out, because it made the game easier when it was installed (not just for 3 year olds, lol). But I’m here to say, it still drains well with plenty of challenge, with the improved post installed. No “cheating” as you call it is involved. What is nonsense is how bad the layout plays with that left lane drain so unusually wide open (no other layout to my knowledge, on any other machine is that wide open). It becomes an even wider open spot, when the drop targets are down. Only expert players can enjoy this machine without that post in and even they have very short ball times. How is it cheating to fix the geometry and balance the game???

The right lane doesn’t have this issue, because there are no bank of drop targets directly above it and it also has the force lane drop down diverter. Is that cheating too? That improved left post gives balance to the machine layout. Now drains are more evenly matched. Don’t know what SR was thinking by removing the post that was originally on the pro. Again imo, it is a must to fix the poor geometry on the unusually and overly high drain rate on the left side. The way the ball shoots out of the reduced shooter lane and into the 3 bank target and deflects and drains straight to the wide open left lane, even baffles the best nudgers in pinball. That poor left lane design is cheating us players out of fun and the reason this machine is sold by numerous people after owning it a while. Becomes too frustrating to play it that way. To correct and balance the left lane with the right lane: simply is not cheating as you call it. Makes the machine fun and enjoyable. Anyone can check in diagnostics to see how unbalanced the drains are on the left side versus the right side. After that improved post is installed, left and right drains become more balanced. SW then becomes one of the top games ever made, by this simple and improved post.

1 week later
#7854 38 days ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

Agreed, I went that route instead as well.

So did I because they blend in well, depicting the space battle scene which Stern has created on the PF. Large faces, characters and such on the sides of that space battle scene, look out of place to me.

2 weeks later
#7950 21 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I'm with you there. Even the deepest B/W games that everyone adores can't hold a candle to most modern games when it comes to rule depth. Then something like Munsters comes out and everyone loses their minds with how shallow it is...yet many of those complaining have a collection full of B/W with no more actual depth that it has. Sure I enjoy playing B/W era pins, but for what I am looking for in a home collection, they do not hold a candle to modern Stern.

This is what is baffling about the top 100 and shows how meaningless it really has become. Why are the 25 year old games rated higher than modern games??? As good as they were, you’re right, they don’t hold a candle to modern day code, mechs, electronics, build quality, HD LCD immersive game play, HD sound, etc. The old games just don’t compare to SW, Bat66 or JP for example.

The only thing I can think of: it is the nostalgia factor that they are ranked higher. MM, AFM, MB, all great games in their day, but not even close to a modern day machine. MM castle is still one of the top mechs, but the T Rex in JP is definitely its equal. SW Hyperloop and Bat 66 Penguin crane is right up there too.

However, if you do a custom ranking of the past 6 months, the old games drop off. The games coming out now, are amazing! I’m blown away with the games of the past 4 years. Love the SW Comic edition. Next year is rumored to be even better with internet connectivity and such.

#7992 18 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Not sure how much Premium/LE you've played relative to the pro...but be forewarned that the Death Star shot is truly harder on the Premium. You can backhand it from left flipper if ramp is down, but even that is more difficult than on pro. You cannot backhand at all with ramp up, unless the ball is coming down on the flipper & you hit it just right.

I’ve found that if you raise/adjust the left flipper up 2 degrees or approximately two dots from the dot on the table, it can be backhanded with the ramp up. Makes a big difference and instead of a dangerous difficult shot from the right flipper, it is made easier from the safe left flipper backhanded.

Also , the menu adjustment of the left flipper should be set to hard. I can make it all day long with the fork ramp up about 70% of the time.

2 weeks later
#8116 4 days ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

Midnight Madness used to be a Multiball mode back in .91 version of the code, but for whatever reason they removed it in a later code update. My guess is it didn't fit into some guideline set forth by Disney on how they can use the assets. I have a short video of the mode on our Youtube Channel from a couple years ago

1 hour video? I wouldn’t call that short. Skip to 50 minutes to see the 1 minute of Midnight Madness. Fortunately, I skipped till I found it, instead of watching for 50 minutes. Too bad it’s not still in the game. Thanks for posting the video.

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