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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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Post #902 New LE/Premium Code readme - v0.89 Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (1 year ago)

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#7643 59 days ago

Hello thinking of joining the SW club, wanted to ask about how people think the code is currently?

I am debating these 4 pins, what has the best code?

Iron Maiden

#7665 56 days ago

Was watching Jack Danger seems like he got the video mode 2x on the same game? Is that possible? That seems very excessive.

Also what happens when the jump ramp fork is up if the ball comes the opposite way around the loop?

#7668 56 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

You can get it infinite times really... Every 5 completions of the drops lights it. Also it's Hoth I.


That’s a lot of video mode for me

#7669 56 days ago
Quoted from zacaj:

The ball going in the hoth shot with the ramp up just stops on the ramp, that's how it catches the ball for video mode

But what if Hoth shot mode is not active and the ramp is up?

#7673 56 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I would love to see Dwight update on this one. Give us the chance to opt out of it like GoT or ST:TNG (with or without consolation points...I don't mind either way). I would love to see a "real" mode added for Hoth 1 (since it's exactly the same as lighting video mode), but I won't hold my breath for that. If it must remain as Hoth 1, I could see forcing the player to play for that completion, but then giving the option to skip it all other times.

Yes bummer, I can not buy this pin if the video mode happens every game maybe more than once. Sucks that such a great game is interrupted by this nonsense.

#7677 56 days ago

forgive my ignorance. How is the hyperdrive qualified and the loop loaded??

On the pro what is the substitution for the hyperdrive in the gameplay?

#7693 54 days ago

Comic art looks fantastic imo.

#7728 51 days ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Darn it, I also like that Pro comic book/bed sheet art way better than the Premium comic book/bed sheet art, but I want a Premium playfield. Wonder who I could bribe to build me a Premium in the Pro cabinet?

IMO *BOTH* comic art packages look great but to me the premium looks better but I'd be happy with either.

My problem is should I buy SW or DP :<

#7732 50 days ago

Can you all explain why you think the pro art is better?

#7736 50 days ago

I see now. I like the Premium trans light but the pro cabinet more.

This is so tempting.

#7739 50 days ago

I’m agreed now with the pro cabinet.

#7743 49 days ago

To be honest I like the premium trans light but pro cabinet. Does Stern sell translite alone? Does it look like it would go with the pro cabinet?

The premium cabinet has weird perspectives with Vader and Luke on one side apparently not in the same scene. And Boba Fet eaten by a sand worm on the other. Just not as cool as space battles on the pro.

Is anybody more considering the new art even if you can get a used one for less with the old art?

I’m not decided on pro v premium so might just get the pro to start.

#7748 49 days ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

This is exactly what I'm debating. The Pro is fun, but the metal ramps are so smooth and the hyperloop is too cool. So, as prices have been coming down, I had been thinking of getting an LE because I like the lit up side rails (requires a kit). But I honestly like the new art better. Unless I got a downright steal, I'd probably always wish I had the comic art instead, so I'm probably waiting until I can pick up a HUO comic art Premium.

I like to get a great deal (better deal used) but to me half the point of a pinball machine is the looks (sound and vision) and the art is a big part of that. I can't say any of the art packages look bad but the comic art is more to my liking.

#7752 49 days ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

It is very subjective. I like the pro translite but I can’t stand the rest of the comic art. I much prefer the old style. I just bought an original premium. It comes Saturday. Stern is smart though because there are many people that love it. So this gives them greater sales and they can use the same exact machine all they have to do is replace the art package. Pretty smart marketing IMHO. You can say what you want about Stern but their marketing department is brilliant.

Stern is also smart, having the pro version (I know stripped down) but we can almost buy 2 pins for the price of one ultra pin from JJP or MM remake.

#7753 48 days ago

I’ve looked at some nice tutorials and just trying to understand how you lock/unlock the multiplier X

Best I can figure the X X X are red unlocked and you can move them with the flippers right/left and then lock again with the action button?

#7755 48 days ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

When the ball is in play, you can press the action button at any time and move the flippers to reposition the X's then lock again with the action button
In addition, you can do this during the Mystery R2 Selection, and also before relaunching a ball after a drain, select the character path bonus with the right, and re position the x's with the left, then wherever you launch the ball, the x's will auto turn green from their red unlocked state

Ok thanks. I don’t know what the mystery R2 selection is.

If I’m a big novice and don’t want to be fiddling to switch to the next super jackpot what is the better shots to leave the shots on in general? Also when you lose a X does that just subtract one for the right or left most shot?

#7758 48 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

I believe he means you can safely reposition your multipliers while Mystery is being collected at the Tattooine shot.
Just park them on the Death Star (LL), Endor (LR), Hoth (RL) shots if you do not want to mess with them. As multiplier increases to where you only have one multiplied shot, I usually park it on the Death Star as that is usually a money shot. Depends what you are doing though.
Not sure what you mean by lose a X. If you mean when the window narrows as you increase multiplier level, then yes...I believe you lose them from right to left. If you mean when they expire because you went too long without hitting the target bank, then it drops from wherever you were (max 40x) all the way back to 2x. It's a really clever mechanic. Love Dwight's work!

Thanks. I’m now reading the rules and will play the games in the wild next week (pro and premium) debating which one to get or neither. Currently I’ve played them both but no knowledge of the rules and was more frustrating than fun.

Just on theory sounds like the pro plays better (smoother shot to Death Star) but the premium has much better toy factor. Reminds me of Metallica or TWD in both regards.

#7799 42 days ago

Anyone know photoshop? I’d love to see comic art cabinet with premium translight.

#7810 41 days ago
Quoted from No_Pickles:

Somewhere back in this thread was a link to a site that had sort of a table guide, that was interactive with a screenshot of the playfield that changed to illustrate which shots to hit in which mode. The pictures make it easier for a beginner to understand, as opposed to just reading a rulesheet.
I've been trying to search through the thread and find it again without any luck.
Does anyone know what i'm talking about and where to find that link again?

here it is, was in another thread I started which may have some some useful information in addition to this:



#7811 41 days ago

also a better video that explains the game.

#7814 41 days ago
Quoted from No_Pickles:

Thanks so much, that explains why I couldn't find it in this thread.

yes and good to watch the video I posted above. Explain the multipliers well.

I am kind of debating SW vs MM remake (I know MM is the top rated pin etc..) but I have AFM remake LE (like AFM better than MM) and honestly the video screen and movie clips in SW are a big pull.

#7818 41 days ago
Quoted from Beez:

Order placed !!! Premium Comic Art .... SUPER excited and can’t wait !!!

You have a great collection of games!

#7822 40 days ago

think that I am deciding on SW for my next purchase, either a used old art or nib with comic art. I only played the premium (played the pro before but didn't know the rules). I love the hyper loop but have found a few straight hits have rejected (not sure if this is common). I almost might like the pro (more flow/smooth shooting) but feel like the premium has a few great features (maybe must have features? hyper loop and Falcon toy).

Is there anything else on the premium not on the pro (Falcon toy, metal ramps and hyper loop)? I forgot the escape diverter and exploding Death Star (I have not seen that in action yet).

#7828 40 days ago

Has Dwight mentioned if there would be any further code updates for SW? I’m curious if there needs any balancing to the character choices etc..

#7831 39 days ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

The code updates needed in the game aren’t like GOT where character (or houses) were unbalanced - IMO. The updates that are needed are the polish, mainly in the choreography and priorities of what to play to capture more fanfare. Other than that, game is rock solid and IS dwights best game to date.

Good to hear!

Pinsiders seems to obsess that great code begins and ends with Lyman and Keith, but there are more great pinball code guys.

Wanted to ask you if cost was no object would you have a SW premium instead of a pro?

#7845 38 days ago

Anyone know where I can see the Death Star explode (premium/LE) in gameplay (not the game trailer).

#7847 38 days ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Start at 1:18:00


That's very cool!!

#7864 35 days ago

Black actually works for me, it’s space after all. Why does every single bit of emptyness need to have graphics, mirrors or color on it?

#7879 33 days ago

Played SW pro on location. I wanted to compare with the prem.

This was set up a lil bit off like the plunger wasn’t strong to reach the Force targets but otherwise it seems ok. Just not sure if I got the best pro experience.

Anyhoo I felt as if the pin was much more flimsy than the prem. Not sure what else to call it. Maybe the plastic ramps and lack of hyper loop. But something just didn’t feel solid. It was still a hoot and the inner loop is a rocket shot. But I think I’m decided on getting a premium. Love the hyper loop.

#7903 28 days ago

I am still on hold (had to pay some college tuition for my kid and new car sigh) but I still want to jump on SW. Funny this game has grown on me intitially was not interested at all but now it seems like I want more than anything else on the market.

#7906 27 days ago

JJP games have a little metal flap that rotates into position as you raise the PF.

#7911 26 days ago

If anyone has a hook up on a dealer that can sell comic SW premium for anything better than typical Stern price send me a PM with contact info thanks.

#7941 20 days ago

Can someone explain Boba Fett combo rules? Does it stack with modes?

#7944 20 days ago


This is something that gets me about SW (could be most other modern pin with good rules like GoT or TWD whatever) that there is so much to see on the modern pins like Hoard in TWD. I was debating to get MM remake it’s the number one pin of all time but the rules just seems so basic no combos (?) no multipliers just seems to be simple, not bad but very basic, so much more can be had with a 20 year newer design pin like SW but it doesn’t get near the love of MB, MM etc.

#7953 19 days ago

I love both older and new pins. I’m so glad CGC is remaking older pins and so many new pins are being made as well. Not that long ago we had maybe 3 new games a year and they were like CSI or WoF etc.

#7962 18 days ago

nice where can I find this revision?

#7972 17 days ago

I’m buying SW premium. But it’s almost a 4 way toss up with.


I possessed a Maiden pro 4 months while my buddy had my Tron. Maiden is a great game layout code. This would be my choice if not for SW. way more shots with 4 flippers.

I’ve played a ton of DP love the humor and shots, another great game. Love the Katana ramp and snikt shot.

JP played a good bit but too early for me to form an opinion. Love a game with 4 ramps.

SW initial reaction was meh but that was before I understood the multipliers and other rules. Now I think it’s my best choice and the comic art (for me) was the cherry on top of a great game.

#7977 17 days ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I prefer my DP over SW, but it’s close. DP is just over all a fun game. SW is more of a players strategy serious game. So for me, DP &gt; SW &gt; IMDN. (Haven’t experienced JP yet).

close for me as well, love both themes but SW just has to be better for me was 12 years old when first SW came out. Also love both rules and the music and graphics on DP are top notch but I don't have any game with multipliers anything like SW. Love the movie clips on SW.

#7980 17 days ago

My final decision is SW premium or MM remake.

I am going to play my top choices tomorrow and will make my decision immediately, I want to see how the Death Star, hyper loop ramp feels.

I have AFM LE, aware it plays a lot like MM (rules, similar shots) so that's one point against it.

#7983 17 days ago
Quoted from HC2016:

You’ll get Star Wars lol

Most likely, I've been playing MM for the last 4-5 years trying to convince myself to get one, I love AFM much more than I was expecting so was thinking to get another CGC pin but for some reason MM has not grabbed me. I've played MM on and off for the last 14 years whenever I get the chance and never fell for it.

Once I figured out the multiplier system on SW it has been on the top of my list and I have been looking at others kicking tires just to make sure. I was about to order SW a few weeks ago but wanted to play the premium a few more times to confirm.

PS we just watched SW episode IV last night and it holds up big time.

#7984 17 days ago

Main thing holding me back was the comic art were I prefer the pro cabinet but prefer the premium game.

I don't hate the premium cabinet but the pro cabinet would be my dream.

#7986 17 days ago
Quoted from HC2016:

I have to say , I’ve played Star Wars last year at a local bar ... it was a drain monster , got so discouraged I purchased the Maiden .. Especially after reading all the negative comments and all the tweeks you have to do to make the game more enjoyable.. but my SW premium has a date of 2019 and I have no issues whatsoever with cheap drains and all ... Maybe Stern addressed these issues ? Not sure but I’m very happy with the outcome

don't forget to update you collection, did you keep the Maiden?

#7999 16 days ago
Quoted from Jerickso77:

Personally I think AFM and MM are too similar to need both and AFM is the better one anyway.

I agree.

Just put a good number of plays on two different SW premium and a MM remake.

I’d say MM is the better pin but I have some pins with similar layouts in my collection.

Decided on SW comic premium. I played pro several times and it shoots great but I’d really missing the hyper loop.

#8000 16 days ago
Quoted from PW79:

I suspect the 2nd run of Star Wars comic edition will offer the premium PF + Pro cabinet &amp; a code update.
My hunch is half wishful thinking &amp; half based on historical data.

I don’t want to wait that long.

#8009 15 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a SW comic premium. How are the cabinets on these? My Elvira’s House of Horrors is rock solid and even has a plywood bottom but I heard not all Stern cabinets are made the same. Can anyone give me some reinsurance? Thanks in advance.

I’m getting my Comic Premium tomorrow I’ll report back (fingers crossed). My first new Stern since STLE like 5 years ago.

I’d like to thank all who have explain the rules and answered my questions regarding SW. especially the multiplier rules.

Especially the DeadFlip video where Jack is playing the premium. Love when he imitates Luke and says Luke was a bit of a crybaby.

#8010 15 days ago

I love Steve Ritchie pins, this will be my 5th overall (3 in current collection SW, ST and SM) replacement for my ACDC Premium. Also owned T2 back in the day was my first pin.

If only I was able to play half as good as Jack Danger

Need to play better as SR would say.

#8015 14 days ago
Quoted from Mad_Dog_Coin_Op:

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on a SW comic premium. How are the cabinets on these? My Elvira’s House of Horrors is rock solid and even has a plywood bottom but I heard not all Stern cabinets are made the same. Can anyone give me some reinsurance? Thanks in advance.

Can report the cabinet is tight and no separation, plywood bottom and also nice clear coat no pooling.

Fantastic game and super fast.

#8018 14 days ago

Some pics of the comic Premium

B5942906-8AE7-47F9-B0C4-12FCE700F27B (resized).jpeg0A650F6D-2114-4CC1-BC51-4DA4A23B262B (resized).jpeg2810DE70-F648-4173-9C99-79408434F2DD (resized).jpeg45BF7DD0-61F4-4E9A-8327-FB20E245371D (resized).jpeg9404DEB7-EB08-4923-B5C6-11063E04C4B8 (resized).jpeg8CCF642E-914C-455D-B6CB-5BF889C434A4 (resized).jpeg

86D6DEEB-FD65-45F5-BF81-B06CD4CCEE86 (resized).jpeg

A5889672-FE68-4241-A38C-01DCC2727CAA (resized).jpeg

#8020 14 days ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

The cabinet pictures look fantastic. What do you think of the playfield art in person? It's hard to tell with the glare on the glass.

I love the PF art, my only criticism would be the font style is not my preferred and might be harder to read. To me the comic PF art is more vibrant but than the original but I like the art on both the comic and original PF.

#8038 12 days ago

probably cost $30 to make.

#8052 12 days ago

Hey can anyone tell me if it's possible to turn down the flipper strength? I see the coil strength adjustment but wanted to see if there was any other adjustment??


#8057 12 days ago

I don't think it looks that good anyway, would not buy it for $299 let alone $750.

Lucky I am not a topper guy, so I would put money towards PDI glass any day of the week.

#8087 7 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

ugh. really want to see what stern comes up with first. thanks

The next pin (if great) can be in production for 2-4 years. It's nice to get on the ground floor but can also be frustrating waiting for code. ST was released in 2013 and they made a ST vault in 2018 (that's up to 5 years of production), I have no idea about SW comic, IMO Stern will keep making them if they sell well. I thin SW has a chance to be in production for long time like ST was, but I have no idea. Someone said Stern might make a comic premium with pro cabinet art (My preference) but I didn't wan tot miss out on the comic premium waiting for a pint hat might not happen.

I got comic SW premium and had ample chance to play it and the code is mature.

All I can say is that I played a lot of pins before buying SW (everything from the last 4 years) but tho I knew that I'd love SW it has exceeded my expectations.

#8094 4 days ago

Pinball night just a few guys but they had not played SW premium before, SW premium comic was a huge hit with rave reviews. I know some people don't love Sten pins but SW is is a grand slam home run in my book.

Theme, code, layout, art it's got everything. Theme, second to none not to mention great use of assets, say what you want but Stern makes some great pins.

#8100 3 days ago

I was so close to blowing up DS for the first time yesterday (on DS multi ball R2D2).

#8102 3 days ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Awesome. You will do it soon. And when you do it will be satisfying. Escape from Endor is easier than Destroy the Death Star.

I never tried Endor mode yet. My favorite is start R2D2 (so DS is lit) hit hyper loop + start mode on same shot.

#8103 3 days ago

I was curious about hyperspace multi ball.

On the rule sheet it says (after the time on loop runs out)

many yellow shots will light to score hyperspace jackpots worth the hurry-up value you collected. Collecting all of the Jackpots will relight the Death Star and allow you to begin another hurry-up.

Is that everything or is there any super JPs?

Also what is the JP value?

#8107 2 days ago

Just editing my collection but there is no picture yet, hopefully they’ll use the back box image.
37C9DD08-8E2B-4C02-B2AD-BFDBEE011B13 (resized).jpeg

#8114 2 days ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

Midnight Madness used to be a Multiball mode back in .91 version of the code, but for whatever reason they removed it in a later code update. My guess is it didn't fit into some guideline set forth by Disney on how they can use the assets. I have a short video of the mode on our Youtube Channel from a couple years ago

that's hilarious. Please bring that back??

How is it started just by the time of day?

#8119 1 day ago

You’d need to find a copy of old code. I believe Stern only keeps the latest code on it’s site.

#8123 17 hours ago
Quoted from HC2016:

Question for the ball save on launch , I see you can adjust the time , but if it drains immediately after that save , is there a setting for another save ?


Would be nice if there was a second ball timer for when you drain straight off the auto plunge.

#8125 13 hours ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

I got sick of the huge left out lane and finally bought a siamese post to narrow it down. It makes the machine much more enjoyable. The audits now reflect a more even distribution of ball outs.

What is that, do you have a picture?

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