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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (1 year ago)

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#559 2 years ago

Just in today / Game has arrived and I freaking love it !!! July 12 build date . In the home and set up OOB and no tweaks I had to do , Not one blemish / nothing out of place / Played well but needed new balls and some wax since it was needed as the ball speeds are fast and will English badly off of flippers .
Having a blast
Happy to be in this club.. Depending now on how much my fun I have on a friends LE. I just may have to upgrade to a Premium . Yikes

#564 2 years ago
Quoted from phalcon_2600:

I'm planing to get a premium but I'm going to wait for a wile. They may have some special LE they are going to announce after all the original LE Games are sold. Like mabye a vader or boba fett edition LE, ect...

That would be Great

#565 2 years ago

I have .84 / good to know. Will update

#596 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

I think my initial honeymoon phase might be over. First of all...this is my DREAM THEME. I *love* the shots. I love the sounds. I love the clips, and I love the amount of multiballs...but the button...the button is getting super cumbersome after a few hundred plays. The way the multipliers are setup is getting to me a bit too. I'm not dogging on the machine at all, don't misunderstand, I still love playing it just because the shots are fun, shooting nonstop and hitting nice, flowing shots is a great feeling, and I like how the mini LCD is starting to incorporate into the modes -- I just feel like this guy is going to be more of a competition game than a home game(which is how I play --- at home..for fun..I'm not chasing anyone's scores. ). That's the way it seems to have been explained and coded to play and continue to play if the updates are any indication, anyway. If you like getting that one huge shot and winning a tourney, pressing blinking buttons, or doing lots of math on the fly, this is absolutely the game for you....at least right now. But what do I know, I could be completely wrong. Who knows what the future will hold with the code? Dwight is awesome and he knows what kind of game he wants to make!
....I kind of want to go on an adventure, though.
I need to get a TWD and GB.

I am still in the honeymoon mode but , I like having to reach for the button and get the Tie's while trying to maintain control of the ball like a true Jedi.
Also having to pick the right times to activate the Multiplier / I am a fan of this because if you are not paying attention you die. like in life .
Me and my brother have been competing against each other and it is much fun . But I consider myself a home player too. Which is why I love Spider-Man so much with the longer ball times .
this game I feel a little more immersed into the action

#610 2 years ago

well my Hoth Insert started Ghosting but at least it is Hoth / Hoth is cold . one could say it is Frosty now . Ice is forming on edges / Ha / Damn why oh why cant it stay Brand new looking after 50 games / Hope no more start / Still enjoying the Honeymoon but will stop playing it and play my others so I do not get burned out . Feels different than my other games so I enjoy the variety I have here

#611 2 years ago

oh. and is there a hyperspace multiball available on the pro? I have not yet gotten one

#689 2 years ago

anyone else have the Crazy yellow looking hair imperfection at Luke's head on the back glass ? and in between the A and the R of Wars a Blue looking Hair in the art ? Just curious

1 week later
#792 2 years ago
Quoted from ita47:

I still get a lot of SDTM when the ball is kicked out. Is this a problem for anyone else?
I am also getting a ton of air balls. I have had numerous balls fly up and hit the glass, fly up onto the ramps, jump over the flippers, hit the tie fighter, etc. Again anyone else having this issue?

no on SDTM shots. and Yes to crazy flying balls and over the inlanes to the outlanes a sheet ton .
But it is pinball and pinball is wild.
The reason my Inserts are ghosting I suspect is that the balls are tapping down on these big rectangle Inserts.
Since they do not dimple like the rest of my playfield ,the inserts have started to separate from the clear . I would prefer dimples to ghosting since dimples are going to happen and I accept that. I suppose anyone getting NIB .
Take your game and add extra measures somehow to the bottom side of the inserts and somehow do something to have them not sink down . My opinion on the matter. Wish I had done something.
in the mean time I am an owner for almost a month now and I am still I suppose on a honeymoon ! . I keep coming back again and again even with my other games on hand.

#793 2 years ago

Way past 50 games here . Balls hitting balls is the biggest problem and with this many multiball modes . It is happenin !

3 weeks later
#1051 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Nope. You're wrong about this. Every pro owner has said so.

not sure what he meant by maybe it will morph.
However what I have said in past posts is if you play a Pro and like it , you will then like a Prem/Le version too as they are identical in play .
Only thing you get extra is a fork ramp to load balls onto a habitrail and an opening ball save gate you do not need. Worth the money / Loads of prem/le owners Say yes!
I do not doubt or disrespect them opinions . They vary .
I am happy with the same gameplay without the lil extra breather from a fork ramp that is just there for a lift!
It is not even there for an extra Mode or extra MB / Its just for a lift to a merry-go-round Nascar/Getaway abracadabra motion,oh and the Deathstar opens up. Sorry to forget that ..
This Pro owner Star Wars Fanatic(don't do costumes) will not Be upgrading

if you do not like the way the pro plays or is / You wont like the play on a prem/le

20170830_184151[365] (resized).jpg

20170830_184244[362] (resized).jpg

#1052 2 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Had 20 pinheads over at my house last night to help me break SW in! I put SW in its own seperate area away from the other games to have more space and let people have the true experience of the sounds and lighting. It had Non stop play and we put in over 100 games on it.
To me get togethers with friends are what pinball is all about! Need to do it again soon!

Congrats Buddy . Nice game

#1054 2 years ago
Quoted from Alby:

Hey PinFever, Where did you get the extra playfield toys from ?

some from ebay and some from Modfather . I got the Falcon on ebay 17Dollars to my door and two Star wars minutures Tie fighters 12.99 to my door off ebay too/ Then Modfather came over hooked me up with some more Tie's and a few Cab Decals which makes the Cab Pop. By the way it looks awesome with the Red T molding the Pro gets which I like loads better than the White T molding the Le gets / And a few LE owners had said the same to me

lots of glare in my pic I will take a pic with it off

#1055 2 years ago


20170830_201314 (resized).jpg
20170830_201341 (resized).jpg
20170830_201356 (resized).jpg

20170830_184244 (resized).jpg

#1059 2 years ago

doesn't the ball come out the same place all the time off the roundabout? unless it flies or falls off? I played a half dozen to a dozen games a week ago and I can not for the life of me remember now

#1064 2 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

PinFever What's used to mount those. I'm thinking about getting some x-wing game fighters and mounting them, but not sure how. I really like how yours look.

the ones I bought I actually used the accessories the stuff came with Pegs With Magnets the Tie's with the custom Spades Symbols / even when balls hit them they do not come off / need X wings I do! I will use one to deflect would be outlane drains from unexpected(expected!) Airballs
/ Modfather ones you would have to ask him but look like steel wireform bent to form .

#1086 2 years ago

on the fence about powder coating it as the pro with black trim and red t molding looks good out of the box.
Odd choice you have on that Pro / Mystic Purple on A GB looks good. Your pics must not do it justice. Not sure what had you pick that color .
If I had to choose I was thinking like white gun metal / gun metal grey / like a X wing Fighter Color /like the canopy of an X wing / since when playing it seems to have you feel you are in a cockpit of one , so makes sense

#1099 2 years ago

Not White!
Gun Metal . or whatever dirty color metal the X wing fighters ships color is, Never could pick out wall paints either . So many names so many shades .
white would be horrible .

jht65-21 (resized).jpg

#1124 2 years ago

even if they had ten different end ball scenes people would bitch!
That there isn't twenty/ or other characters
Me I was happy they added the extra Ball save scenes . Yes more is better . maybe a 8 gb download , yikes

#1129 2 years ago

there is a difference I know from pro, to le/prem . didn't know the Prem and le had differences in the plastics

2 weeks later
#1327 2 years ago

congrats hooked / and thanks for your modding skills. I have a very decked out Hulk le # 136

1 month later
#2120 2 years ago

Enjoy Jeff , it is a great game

#2150 2 years ago
Quoted from Pincrazy:

Also explains the annoying rattle heard every time the shaker motor activates

the glass perhaps, Take the glass off and put thin tape on the sides all the way up the length of it to keep the glass from vibrating . Have fun with the game

4 months later
#3958 1 year ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

I don't understand worrying about $50 on an accessory for a $5k-$8k game... Just grab the Stern motor for $159

I can,, save 50 for 3 units get one free !!! save save save.. . if you do not keep saving money you cant afford 2020 6200$ pro price on a Judas Priest Pin// still enjoying my SW pro and the decision to do w/o the extra gate at outlane/fork ramp with reach around fast habitrails ..
Welcome to the club

1 year later
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