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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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Post #902 New LE/Premium Code readme - v0.89 Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (1 year ago)

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#131 2 years ago

Just found an LE spot and reserved it. That distro's last allocated spot.

1 week later
#251 2 years ago

Deposit paid on an LE. Hope it's worth it!

1 month later
#785 2 years ago
Quoted from forensicd:

made some cards:

That's awesome work!!

2 months later
#1851 2 years ago
Quoted from pintechev:

It’s the most exciting pinball machine in my collection. The one more game factor is so much higher than anything else I’ve ever done.

I just looked at your collection... your comment carries some weight!

4 weeks later
#2175 2 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

Installed a Pin Stadium kit with the UV Glow option for the flashers this weekend and I have to say wow! The pictures are from a frame grab I did from my camcorder when the UV was triggered. I tied into the flasher by the Tatooine scoop, and it triggers in a very nice way when you hit shots for modes. Such a nice effect and hard to appreciate it from pictures alone. The glow gets triggered and is a very quick effect, like a lightning strike. Highly recommended, and easy to install. Took me less than 10 minutes and no tools required.

I like the idea of the lightning quick color change. I’d love to see it in person (did video do it justice?)

#2258 2 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

OK, removed the Y-Wing, moved the Red 5 X-Wing to the far right......much better!!!

I agree. I like it. It feels like the falcon is leading an attack on the Death Star.

2 months later
#3171 1 year ago

What type of mirror blades are people using? I’m getting a premium soon and joining the club!

1 week later
#3272 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Great job. Where did you get the LE rails?

Good question! I’d pay dearly for a set

#3354 1 year ago

My premium is on its way!! Anyone with a pro want to trade the translites with me? I like the pro better

#3359 1 year ago

Anybody know of a base side rail that could be laser cut to have a similar lighted esthetic as the le? I like that Imperial pattern

#3396 1 year ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

Got my star wars pinball translight autographed by Jeremy Bulloch Aka the original Boba Fett.... also by Temuera Morrison
aka Jango Fett aka Captain Rex aka Commander Cody and every other Commander .......ooohhh and every clone trooper turned storm trooper....lol

That’s hot! I’m jealous. Where’d you make all that happen?

#3413 1 year ago

Joined the club tonight with a Premium. Super fast fun! Very addicting. Thanks to utesichiban for the help getting it downstairs!! Anyone replaced the white t-molding have which instructions?

#3470 1 year ago

Are settings modifications saved on the sd card or on the board somewhere? I made a backup of my sd card to try my first pinball browser attempt, and am wondering about settings, etc.

#3494 1 year ago

So I’m starting to notice a few of the mentioned problems now. Balls coming sdtm when hitting the left loop (with ramp down) or coming off so hard it will bounce over the flippers and drain.

Also seeing occasional autoplunger going off tie bank and down left outlane.

Right saucer (Tatooine) comes out HOT but usually hits the left flipper. Unless I’m so stupid as to try to flip it with my left. Then it goes right under it. Sometimes my reflexes make me because it’s going so fast!!

I’m about as close to perfect level as I can make it. 6.8 degrees and level. What has worked for people?

Thanks in advance.

#3535 1 year ago

So I put my playfield back to 6.5. Easier to backhand, etc. but if I ever hit left loop with speed it’s sdtm every time. Anyone have this problem and get it fixed?

On a separate note, I have a premium and noticed a second set of sling and outlane plastics in the goodie bag. Anyone consider trading their extras to mix and match? Is there a place to see good photos of those plastics on each machine?

#3565 1 year ago

Thanks for the conversation on setup everybody. With that autoplunger drain fix, did you move the ball guide out into the playfield (shooting ball more left) or in (so ball shoots straighter)?

So could someone kinda describe how the shots should flow?

1. On a full plunge it should hit three-bank and then force?

2. Left flipper should be able to backhand left ramp, possibly left orbit, Death Star. Forehand right loop, right ramp, right orbit and scoop?

3. Right flipper should backhand what? And forehand what?

4. Most important to me now is the right loop should come down to left flipper? (Not sdtm!)

5. And left loop goes to where?

Sorry that’s so long but I just want to know what is the standard I shoot for as I’m levelling and adjusting.

Also, what does coil pulse strength adjust? All the coils? I set it to low and didn’t notice any change. Is there a way to turn down the scoop power? That is impossible to control for me. Frequently sdtm (but has a ball saver... that goes to left outlane )

#3567 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

The fix should depends on how it's misadjusted from factory.....some left, some right.

1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Backhand right ramp and 3 bank, forehand everything else to the left of the 3 bank
4. Correct, once again a metal rail adjustment tweak should correct any issues
5. Right flipper

Coil pulse strength is just as you described, for all coils.
Scoop power is Right VUK adjustment. It can be adjusted up/down in strength via menu settings. Ideally it should be set to default settings. If the VUK itself is 100% square to the hole itself it will shoot the ball to the left flipper. If it isn't square it once again can be adjusted by loosening its mounting screws and squaring things up.

Wow. Thanks for taking the time to so thoroughly answer my questions. You’re the man!

#3582 1 year ago

No takers on my extra plastics trade offer?

1 week later
#3728 1 year ago

Club members, I need help. I can’t remeber ever being so frustrated with a game I owned. My sw premium is a cheap drain monster. I’ve leveled it to 6.5 and perfect left-right. It’s excruciating. It’s the one thing in pinball I can’t stand is cheap drains.

When I shoot up the Death Star ramp to start a mode and it comes back down to begin the mode, the ramp does this weird and poorly timed little up-down thing and throws the ball randomly. 50% sdtm. Completely un-savable.

I fixed the Tatooine scoop by moving the ball guide a little. That’s the one thing that’s like clockwork now (and the only reliable ball saver in the new code).

Ball launch is absurdly random. And routinely left outlane drain. It will ball save and send it right back into the outlane again very frequently.

And finally, the worst offender: the left loop is 100% drain. If I time it perfectly, I can catch a tip of my right flipper, but it just hops up, and drains down the middle or smacks the glass and jumps to the left outlane. If not, it’s not sdtm.

I spent two hours working on it tonight and had almost no effect. I really haven’t hated a machine this much since ghostbusters (I know people love it, but the only ones I’ve ever played were all CHEAP drain monsters, I won’t play it anymore). It’s killing me because I LOVE the Star Wars theme, and the code on this looks great. I just can’t get into it at all. I’ve never been so mad at a machine I own before!! I need counseling!

#3752 1 year ago

Anyone have a definitive solution for fan noise on a premium? I’d just like silent. I did some searching around but didn’t get to a final resolution.

#3785 1 year ago

A quick shout out to Chuck who made the “Worlds” mods. It got couple negative comments a bit back. It’s worth a second look. This is one of those mods where photos just don’t do it justice. They look great under the glass. Definitely 3d printed but then he painted and put a kind of glossy wash and sanded out most of the layer lines and they look great. Especially the Hoth mod with the AT-AT walker on the pop bumper. Great combo.

I’d say Endor is my least favorite, but still worthy. I love the way it marks the shots for the world and modes they are associated with. Helps with the theme integration and makes it clearer why you are shooting certain shots.

1545E835-E91F-4FF4-90F0-BFFBD3B0D57C (resized).jpeg

0013BB2C-A634-44E4-AAAC-4A2C621953EC (resized).jpeg

91C6C6E6-1864-4569-8836-5C92CDA9DFEC (resized).jpeg

DBF74795-40D8-4984-A4D5-7227902BF5E3 (resized).jpeg

#3787 1 year ago
Quoted from rlslick:

Chuck’s mods look awesome. The Hoth mod towards the back with th pop bumper AT-AT looks killer, certainly my favorite! I’m going to paint my Endor forest so it’s not too bright green and blends a bit more with the darker colors in the game. I still have to install Tatooine. paynemic, how did you get it to sit level?
Overall, very pleased. Thanks again Chuck for the time and investment adding more greatness to an already fantastic game!

Not sure what you mean about level. Mine all sat very nicely level. I’m on a premium machine. Does that make a difference?

#3796 1 year ago
Quoted from Ccondo:

I am really starting to loath Lightsaber Duel. On a really good game (for me) I have completed Endor, and blown up the Death Star on ball 1 or 2, then blow thru the next 2-3 balls (including any earned extra balls) in forced Lightsaber Duel. Hell, it's so dark I can hardly see the ball. Hate that mode.

I think you can time that mode out? It’s not that long of a wait.

#3801 1 year ago
Quoted from T-800:

The timer will stop eventually if there are no switch hits. Once it stops you have to hit another switch to restart it. I like to cradle on the right flipper and hold the ball as long as i can and then make an easy, low risk backhand to the right ramp to start the timer ticking down again.
At the end of the day, LSD is only like 5 shots, most of the time i find it easiest to just hit those shots and be done with it.

They’re risky shots on my machine. Those loops are wild and can end in a sdtm even on a perfect shot. I usually play the first one, but I’ll definitly time-out any subsequent ones.

2 weeks later
#4080 1 year ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

I would like to quiet down the power supply fan or change the cooling solution completely. What is the best mod for this? The fan is at the top of the power supply and turns on periodically despite placing another quieter, always-on fan on top of it.

I’m in the same boat.

1 month later
#4652 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Mirror blades installed nicely in my Premium:

Where did you get your blades? I’m hopibg to install the ones from cointaker...

1 week later
#4762 1 year ago

So I’m putting mirror blades AND pinstadiums in my premium. Looks like there’s plenty of room for both blades. When I add the magnet strips for the pinstadium, I’m a bit worried. Am I supposed to lower the blades and put the strip against the wood, above the blade? Or sandwich the magnet strip right onto the blade?

#4789 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballj:

I am loving my SW Pro, and I had to play it again after seeing the Solo movie this week. After playing, I got a "Hyperspace Multiball Champion" award for 9.394 parsecs. I loved that it is in parsecs. The problem though, is that the "longer distance", the better the Hyperspace champion? I mean, Han would be proud of me for beating the 12 parsecs Kessel run that the Falcon did it in. Maybe it should be inverted where you get like 40 parsecs for an ok score and it goes down to the best score of 13 parsecs (Because no one can really beat the Falcon..12 is impossible even for a computer)?
Yeah I am being really dorky about this lol. I love my game. I just assumed there are other SW nerds out there with this pin too that may have thought the same thing.

Agreed on all points

#4833 1 year ago
Quoted from flashburn:

How should I adjust it if my ball launches go anywhere from the left outlane to right outlane? It just seems too damn random in strength/trajectory.

I did it and worried about the same thing. It seems to close down the randomness a little. I bent it out toward the playfield a bit. Go easy. A little goes a long way.

My Premium still has more cheap drains than any other pin I own, but I have gotten it under control now. I’m finally really liking it. I put it on five ball (I know, I know) to compensate for the one or two cheap drains. I was one shot from completing all goals today.

Speaking of cheap drains, when I’m selecting a Death Star mode and the ball is being held by the magnet, on some modes the jump ramp will go down and come back up right as it lets go of the ball. It will routinely go sdtm from that. Frustrating but infrequent. Does anybody else have this happen?

2 weeks later
#5067 1 year ago

Can you send a pic with it off? Is it pink?

#5106 1 year ago

Can someone post a brief summary of “add-a-ball”? I think I did it last night during a great game and it saved my multiball long enough to destroy Death Star 1! I saw the action button flashing orange (I think) and whacked it and another ball shot out. Is that what happened? How did I qualify for add-a-ball?

#5108 1 year ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Complete the force targets quickly during any of the mode MBs to light the button orange. Can only like once per MB, but you can keep it for a later one
Also can be a random award from the pops

Thanks! Is there a way to tell if you have one stored up?

1 week later
#5175 1 year ago
Quoted from Aflacjack:

Mine is doing the exact same thing. Spent 2 hours making sure my posts weren’t rubbing. They arent. In coil test they pop right up but during game play they come up a little, then all the way once the ball is back down to the flippers.

Happened to me the first time a week ago. Weird thing is I have been on the newest code for a lot longer than that.

1 week later
#5329 1 year ago

Can you all tell me what the “level” indicator on video mode means? I know what the multiplier means but not sure about level

#5373 1 year ago

So I hate to ask here, but if anyone has done any LE/premium Star Wars pinball browser work with some original soundtrack stuff, would you please pm me? I’m a little lost as this would be my first time. I just want to get a little more John Williams in there...

#5378 1 year ago

So speaking of sound, mine is terrible in the cabinet. Very muddy and not crisp. Somebody mentioned the same thing a while back being an actual source problem. But I tried replacing the subwoofer with the one linked a few days ago (Polk?) and the sound was instantly quieter. Like 1/4 volume. The cab speaker is definitely producing sound but very little. Is there a chance I hooked it up wrong (Black stripe to negative terminal, right?) I adjusted the balance but it really sounds the same or possibly worse. Help?

#5381 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

if your backbox speakers are muddy and not crisp (mine was); pull the speaker panel down and verify the speakers aren't getting crammed against the speaker grill causing the speakers to not be able to vibrate in and out properly. I put some washers on my speakers to space them away from the grill and that helped tremendously. I will probably eventually upgrade to flipper fidelity, but 75% of the time I play is with headphones on in stereo.

I think my back Box speakers are doing ok. They sound pretty good.

#5410 1 year ago

Parting with my hooked on pinball LE rail lights. Never installed. Decided to go a different direction with my premium after all. $99 including shipping ($30 off). Will donate to Pinside.

I’m sure these look great. See the video...


2 weeks later
#5557 1 year ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Damn, I was wondering this too. I know better than to get smitten with ''honeymoon'' feelings, I mean the game is damn good. So good I've wondered if it's got the potential to be in my tops list.
Not really feeling the hate thing, I mean It can be a little like juggling setting up your X shot, but it's not something that has to be done. I really don't understand why anyone bitches about this game unless they're a lousy player?
Things I dislike about the game: mmm...thinking...Not really anything? I don't know that I'd change anything, really.
Things I love: The clarity of the video clips are tops. If you're a Star Wars fan, they take you right back and into those movies, a very immersive experience.
The gameplay is smooth and faster than hell, it's superb and the shots just feel so good to hit. I like the spread out shots all over the playfield and there is a true rush of adrenaline trying to not blow a 40x hurry up. Add in fantastic multiballs, and I always enjoy balancing the tie fighter button with the actions to maximize hits. I LOVE locking a ball at the Death Star shot and then whacking it out of there! This was ripped from Avatar and is such a great thing seldom seen.
Video mode is a decent break from the action, especially if you nab it with some multiplier going. The light show is incredible as well.
There should be no need to pump this game up, people either haven't given it a fair shake or are not great players because the game will hand you your ass if you're just a run and gun type player.
It's not fair to Steve Ritchie and company, they made a blockbuster experience and I'll stick by those words.

Don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm, but you are overgeneralizing a bit. I have a premium (I’m thinking you have a pro?) and it can be a total bitch to hit the Death Star ramp. It has to be 100% perfect and it’s such a key shot. That and the autolaunch-autodrain is where I get the hate. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I love the hyper loop, etc. But saying that anyone who complains is a lousy player is unnecessarily insulting. I’m not great, but I’m decent and there are nights I want to sell...

3 weeks later
#5715 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Try adjusting the hyper loop ramp first. Right at the fork ramp you can move the hyoerloop ramp up just a little and you won’t get rejects.
Presumably the ball hits the bottom of that ramp and that’s what stops a lot of shots from making it in

So I’m confused at how moving the hyper loop UP helps it not hit the bottom of that ramp? Am I missing something in my understanding of this change? My hyperloop ramp is a nightmare shot and it’s killing my joy in this game

1 week later
#5829 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Anyone own both the recent Stern SW AND a Data East SW? One is available and wondering if two pins with the same theme is too much?

I have both. With new code and pinsound, de is fun. Sound is actually better on de. But no doubt stern is a better game. I don’t think you can have too much sw

1 week later
#5873 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

I'm not completely sure about this, but my son claims the multiplier expires at a much slower rate when it is turned off. So there may be some strategy keeping it off until the multiplier is higher just to avoid juicing it as often.
BUT, I haven't verified whether or not this is true.

I would like to know if this is the case

1 month later
#6026 1 year ago

I thought the ackbar actor was dead?

1 month later
#6281 1 year ago

Any LE Owner’s who have been looking for a cheap opportunity to light up your side rails: I’m selling my Hooked on Pinball set for half price ($60) plus $5 shipping. First $65 gets it, just pm me. See their site for any more info. Works great. Never installed. Comes with a beer cozy!

1 month later
#6453 11 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

pinballcharlie made those. Message him and see if he’ll make more. I have all of them and really think they look great! Well made too.

I agree with that. They look great. I hate corny mods. I think these look original.

2 months later
#7001 9 months ago

Is thee a flipper power adjustment setting somewhere? I keep reading references to it but can’t find it?

1 month later
#7276 8 months ago

What does “beating” all (or any for that matter) characters mean? Aren’t I playing as the character anyway?

2 months later
#7469 6 months ago

So what the heck is this new stern Star Wars “pin”?

3 weeks later
#7545 4 months ago
Quoted from John_I:

Looks better than I was expecting. Simple, but looks well made with the metal ramps and new speaker panel. Even the dots are nice. As a supporter of Project Pinball charity, I'm hoping a lot of these make it into Children's hospitals. This is a perfect game for that purpose.

Is it weird that I want that pin in addition to my premium? I think I have a problem. Looks fun though.

2 weeks later
#7571 4 months ago

So with the topper being a complete joke, I’ve found myself looking for an alternative. I was at Disneyland last week and picked up two of the hand-build lightsabers from Star Wars land there. They’re awesome. I was hoping to use them as a topper. Has anyone tried this before?

I was especially hoping I could tie it into the power supply and have them turn on when the game is turned on.


#7574 4 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I too have thought about doing this. It would be a cool topper. I’ll keep lurking this thread hoping some innovative person forgives this out.

Hard to photograph, but here’s the idea. It’s much longer than it appears. Foreshortening.

That’s what she said...

369FCEAE-85AE-4609-8593-4083D4C390C2 (resized).jpeg
#7577 4 months ago

Oh yeah. Prizes for taking me off the leaderboard at a recent pinball night in the basement.

1 month later
#7835 87 days ago

My new topper. $400 at Disneyland. I think the asymmetry is going to annoy me... but better than the stern topper!

3124D393-2DB8-42DC-AEBF-63BFF0EA9EAF (resized).jpeg
#7842 87 days ago
Quoted from calprog:

Just made a SW topper. I found the base on ebay and purchased the lightsaber at Disneyland. Looks cool!!![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Totally awesome with the lighting

2 weeks later
#7926 72 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

So when playing as Luke how do you use the force for an add a ball during multiball? Luke (Increased scoring during Lightsaber Duel and can “use the Force” once per ball in play to add a ball during Multiball modes).


1 week later
#8023 62 days ago

Garbage. Don’t buy that thing people!!!

#8061 60 days ago
Quoted from HC2016:

If the link works , this is from YouTube with the topper in action posted last year

Wow. I assumed some up and down movement. Amazingly cheap BOM there.

1 month later
#8274 29 days ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Yes. I've done it serval times, though I'll have to confess, both times were accidental.

I can’t always do it but I frequently can intentionally backhand it. Usually from a cradle only. And it BARELY makes it. I feel like the magnet has to pull it up a little!

1 week later
#8329 17 days ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Okay, the last of the mods added. Snowspeeder circling the AT-AT with harpoon cable and Boba Fett chasing the Falcon...[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Love this!

I’m gonna be “that guy” and remind you the slave 1 flies vertical (with the flat spot to the back). They’re kinda flying away from each other right now.

#8348 15 days ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Rat Fart...my OCD can't leave it alone...re-fabricating mount to reorient Slave1

Dang. Sorry I had to do it. It really is a cool setup...

#8349 15 days ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Okay, fixed it...Boba is flying the right direction [quoted image][quoted image]

sick!! That looks much better to my eye

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