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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

5 years ago

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Post #902 New LE/Premium Code readme - v0.89 Posted by NeilMcRae (5 years ago)

Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (5 years ago)

Post #3340 How to adjust the ball guide to mitigate drains. Posted by Schwaggs (4 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (4 years ago)

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#26 5 years ago

Pricing is the same as Aerosmith

#54 5 years ago

I am definitely in on this game. The only difference now is that I must decide the flavor I will get. Before this (botched / incomplete) reveal, I was 75% LE. Now, I am not sure. I need better photos, feature matrix and hopefully some gameplay videos. I will likely get 2 of those 3 before I need to decide for the first runs.

#60 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

If you haven't already gotten in line for an LE by this point, you may be 0% LE no matter what you decide.

In line #1 with my distributor. Just need to decide before Stern releases high res photos.

#133 5 years ago

I think when the real high res photos come out there will be items included that we didn't see before. This was a video capture. Stern would never just have an unlabeled lockdown bar button.

#143 5 years ago

Its funny how everyone already thinks they know all the features from a few blurry photos and no feature matrix. Don't dismiss anything without a proper reveal / matrix.

#153 5 years ago

5AM / 8AM / 9AM / 10AM / 11AM (from Hawaii west to east)

#185 5 years ago

I didn't really expect Stern to go with lit siderails on SWLE. STLE is the only game with that feature I can remember.

Anyways, deposit paid, first step of club membership achieved!

#195 5 years ago

I know a distro that had 10 on his waiting list. So he would need 10 drops to have an LE "available". I am curious too, but I doubt many are available at this point. Maybe only for the distros that just hold out and charge the $8,999 MSRP.

#228 5 years ago

Damn I am so excited for this game!

#234 5 years ago
Quoted from Jargus:

I've seen several people say they've ordered a shaker motor for their SW, but do we have any confirmation it's supported? I mean, it's not coming standard on any model, which is a departure from previous LEs.
I get that Spike supports it, but that doesn't mean code will be written for it.

1. Every modern Stern game relaxed over the last few years has shaker support with code.

2. Stern said that it was supported on their Facebook.

#246 5 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Quick! Make an offer. (This is not me, I just saw the listing and laughed...):
ebay.com link » Stern Star Wars Le Limited Edition Pinball New In Box

Gotta be a Kaneda

3 weeks later
#269 5 years ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

The LE's are not sold out that I can tell, my distributor has a few available still. You see people are canceling there orders and going with Premiums which in turn is forcing distributors to discount their LE's a bit. It was funny when the FB guy Jared was talking about the game my distributor made a joke on the side "With all this cool stuff coming does this mean I can start getting retail again??" Haha
Stern I think might be getting some heat from their distributors in general forcing them to consider enhancements to appease the masses. Sold out doesn't mean anything unless the distributor has all your money and I don't know of any forcing anyone to pay upfront, too much can happen between now and when that LE gets to their docks.. That may be the only reason Stern would take any kind of action. At the end of the day if the distributor makes enough noise when it comes to what they can sell Stern has to listen if they want their network to move machines.
I'm rolling the dice that there will be a noticeable difference..

Seems that the distributors that still have any available are the ones trying to charge MSRP or close to it. It would be nice to see Stern add something to the LE models, but I am not holding my breath. As of now it doesn't even have a SHAKER!

#327 5 years ago
Quoted from mesmashu:

I'm drunk and on vacation so take this with a grain of salt. F u stern. Wish JJp had the Star Wars license.

Star Wars club membership REVOKED!

1 week later
#472 5 years ago
Quoted from MattS:

Just got the email from my distributor today requesting final payment.
It said LE's to start shipping from stern in approximately 2 weeks.

2 weeks you say? I have heard that before somewhere....Did Andrew start working as a distributor?

#487 5 years ago

I think they really need to. What presentation? There is no reason why a single LE should still be available.

1 week later
#643 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Actually it's happened on all my Spike machines inc. GB and in different physical locations (like different buildings in different suburbs). Never happened to any SAM or WhiteStar machine I've owned, in the same locations, over a longer period.
Might be code, might be how Spike handles power, but of the Stern games I've owned, it's definitely limited to Spike.

It has happened to me twice on about 1,200 Spike games played, between GOT and Ghostbusters. Both were Ghostbusters.

2 weeks later
#790 5 years ago
Quoted from ita47:

I hope in the next code up date that Dwight adds a ball save when the ball ejects from the right scoop. I have tried numerous different power settings on my Pro and I still get a lot of SDTM when the ball is kicked out. Is this a problem for anyone else?
I am also getting a ton of air balls. I have had numerous balls fly up and hit the glass, fly up onto the ramps, jump over the flippers, hit the tie fighter, etc. Again anyone else having this issue?

My experience is that the first 30-50 games will have a lot of air balls, then it settles down. I haven't seen it widely reported on Star Wars yet like Ghostbusters.

#801 5 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

On the flip side you'll be so busy with this game you might have sensory overload with a shaker. You could always add one later after you have played it awhile. This game is very busy and fun right out of the box.

Bring on the sensory overload! Grab a shaker always.

#819 5 years ago
Quoted from pudealee:

On the Dead Flip premium stream Dwight's son (the code guy) was playing and Dwight said that the son was working on the topper. Any ideas what the topper may be?

R2D2. It's in the code.

#821 5 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

Surely getting up to 6 balls in the Hyper-loop at once should affect gameplay a little over the pro. But no one seemed to get more than 2 or 3 in there so far at once... I know there's no physical lock or anything, but unclear what else it does

It seemed to also make a lap around the loop before stopping the ball to select one of the mode trees. Was it Death Star?

#850 5 years ago

I am in the club with a Pro! Really enjoying the game so far.

GP Pro EWG (resized).png

#851 5 years ago

Ok so I can't find this the audio out:
It also states that a 3.5mm audio jack exists in the manual.

matrix (resized).png

#882 5 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

HAve you checked on the main CPU board?

Yes. No audio jack.

#895 5 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Got my pro looking pretty... pretty... good

Which falcon is that?

#951 5 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

Definitely a code issue. Last code you could hit the Hoth loop as fast as possible and the single large post would always(95% or better) catch the ball but now it just bounces off the double posts and rejects past the large post before it can stop the ball way to much. This is how 2 or 3 codes ago acted also so whatever they did after .87 code messed it up.

I sent a bug message to [email protected]

#1003 5 years ago
Quoted from TheBigDog:

What do you know about it?
Also, anyone know if the external audio jack is ever going to happen?

I am sure it will.... as an "accessory"

2 weeks later
#1158 5 years ago

I think the red looks fine. Maybe not with purple, but it looks good stock.

#1219 5 years ago
Quoted from orb:

think so. im 640 and i saw some peeps that were like 760. i would think? hope you get as soon as possible.

They are not built in numerical order necessarily. BUT, typically all LE models are built before Premiums start shipping, which we know is well underway.

Here is the likely (example) scenario: The distro has SWLE, Ghostbusters, and Metallica on order. SWLE and GB is complete, but not Metallica. So the Metalllica holds up the shipment to the distro until his order is complete. SWLE sits in the back of Stern's factory until the complete shipment is ready.

1 month later
#1908 5 years ago
Quoted from foobeer:

Played a bunch of both pro and premium at Expo and going with premium. It’s the one my son and I just kept going back to over and over again. It’s awesome every time someone hits the hyper loop and I do like the all metal ramps and habitrails. I also like the theoretical (hard to hit and never seen it) death star explosion.
The one thing I liked better on the pro is the smooth and fast the death star horseshoe(?) shot, but I can still experience it when the forks are down on the premium

Agree with your assessment. I had a Pro for a few months and really enjoyed it. But I decided to sell it and go Premium so I’ll be picking it up next month!

#1911 5 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

This is where STERN did it right on there STARWARS (3) model platform tier . They finely added choreographed GI LED lighting on The PRO/Prem/LE . And they also added all the same playfield RGB color changing inserts on all models.

The lighting on the Pro is the best pro lighting ever. I bet having the same lights on both models make it easier to code for both models also.

1 week later
#2066 5 years ago

In general, the music and sound package is fantastic by default. They did a nice job.

#2075 5 years ago

Maybe it is just an extra outlane post? Because they are in there so tight when you remove it and it shoots in the air and gets lost....

2 weeks later
#2159 5 years ago
Quoted from Bzamborski:

Dumb question, I’m pretty sure there is a way to turn off the end of game ‘match’ segment so it doesn’t even occur. Is that possible? I just hate that it uses the shaker regardless.

You can just turn the horrible knocker sound off. Disabling match isn't the solution, since you will also get the knocker screetch on replays.

#2166 5 years ago

I thought I just sucked recently...whew.

#2198 5 years ago

So who else is beyond annoyed that the GOTG accessories have been revealed and the Star Wars accessories are nowhere to be seen? I have money set aside for an overpriced topper. They just don't want to take my money!!!

#2200 5 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I'm guessing near the release of the new SW movie.

Don't understand that one. Not based on the new movies at all and they are missing out on sales.

#2203 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Honestly, when you rush a game (and accessories for that matter) you get something like guardians. When you take you’re time, you get a game like Steve Ritchie and Dwight intended. I’m sure there’s a good reason for the delay.
I really like the progress Dwight has done with the code rules and LCD. Looking forward to seeing what comes with the next update. This game is definitely on my radar, but probably the pro because of the awful experiences I’ve had with an LE on location.

Funny you mention the code but I was going to bring that up also. The code is now in a REALLY good state; I am happy with it. I know Stern said they are working on the next update: do you guys think it will add anything? I am thinking polish and more callouts.

#2205 5 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

This game is definitely on my radar, but probably the pro because of the awful experiences I’ve had with an LE on location.

I had a Pro for a few months and now have a Premium. The Pro shoots awesome and is a great game. I would totally recommend it. The Premium / LE is MUCH harder. Not a little, a LOT. That being said, I LOVE the hyper loop. It is a great shot and really cool when you get 2 or more balls in that thing. So I guess my point its that you will be happy with either, but I find the Premium / LE harder, but worth it for the hyper loop. The Death Star shot is sooo important in many modes.

Also, if the LE you play on location is at Coin Op in the Gaslamp, that thing is a broken POS. The operator needs to fix it. I have played it a few times and it is the worst example of Star Wars I have seen.

#2214 5 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Totally agreed - or even something to nicely the chintzy looking spring under it! As you say, maybe an opportunity for modders there, will be interesting to see if anyone comes up with anything cool.

I think Mezel has a cover for the spring but I don’t think it looks great.

#2222 5 years ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

I was there a few days ago and it was working fine for me.

The hyperloop worked? Glad they finally fixed it.

#2231 5 years ago

Nice score. I had a 40X multiplier going into the video mode recently:

A987705D-C2EC-4A80-98D3-F9FFBD68D14F (resized).jpeg

#2237 5 years ago
Quoted from frg:

The video mode is not really fun (at least for me)... except you drop in with 40x!
My Lightsaber Duell highscore... 887 mio. I like those different highscores, adds a lot of "one more game".

I actually enjoy the video mode quite a bit now. It’s a good break from the crazy fast gameplay and the Falcon is much more nimble than you think. You can take the ship way up the sides (think 9 and 3 o’clock)

#2245 5 years ago
Quoted from Asael:

No, they are from pinballcenter.eu

Curious to see what Stern cooks up for all the accessories. I will likely be in for a topper. Not sure on the other stuff.

#2261 5 years ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Cheers! I’m an average player at best. This was on .93 with factory outlanes, previous high was maybe 2.5? If only I could play this consistently

Nice score! Pro right? Your translite always throws me off.

#2324 5 years ago
Quoted from Bond_Gadget_007:

I believe state of the union mentioned fixing score balance on SW... this is vital because as long as death Star multi-ball is worth 10x more than anything else in the game, posting scores should be taken with grain of salt (unfortunately).
Especially since blowing up the death Star is not required to blow up your score to the billions during DS MB

Yes Stern has said this will be addressed.

#2332 5 years ago

As someone who has owned both you really can’t go wrong. Either version is really an excellent choice.

1 week later
#2421 5 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Does anyone have a list of all modes and multiballs in the game?
For multiballs I can think of...
Victory mutliball
Tie Fighter multiball
Jedi multiball
Hyperspeed multiball
Based on the flyer there are 16 modes, 9 distinct multiballs and 1 wizard mode. Are the 16 modes the 1-3 missions for each of the 4 sections + the 4 large section inserts?


This rulesheet (linked above) is well done. As far as multiball:

1. Tie Fighter
2. Hyperspace
3. Destroy the Death Star
4. Escape from Hoth
5. Escape from Tatooine
6. Escape from Endor
7. Victory (for each planet multiball)
8. Jedi

Can't think of number 9.

#2463 5 years ago

It really is quite simple. You can do it!

#2476 5 years ago

There is another mode now in 1.0 where the Death Star blows up. Technically it’s DS2...I love this. Now you have two chances to blow it up.

#2490 5 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Endor MB now also lets you destroy the Death Star as was the case in Return of the Jedi.

Yep I mentioned this earlier. Great move by Dwight!

#2491 5 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Is there any Jaba or Slave Leia video in the game ? It seems that's missing, heck it's missing Sand people and Jawas and the sandcrawler as well !

I have seen all of these in very short clips I believe.

#2516 5 years ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

I actually like the risk vs reward when you can stack everything.

I have completed a much higher percentage of 4th level missions with the stacking off in the 1.0. It’s much easier to understand the objectives on the screen and the clips / audio is so much tighter on these multiballs when they are not stacked. The chaos is just too much when you stack those modes with unrelated modes.

#2523 5 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Of course go for stacking! Stack every chance you get...that's the way dwight intended it, so why would you turn it off. Don't want to? Don't select it. While you're at it, dont stack any of the MB's either LOL

Dwight intended stacking to be off for the 4th level Multiball missions. Thats why the default is off now. You can still stack Tie Fighter and Hyperspace Multiball with these also.

#2569 5 years ago
#2571 5 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

I want the head of STERN Technical Support Patrick Powers to read any issues .
I would attach all three email address. Thanks for more information .

Yep agreed can't hurt to over communicate in this case.

#2607 5 years ago
Quoted from jcoble:

Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere, but what is the Death Star hold power adjustment used for? I see this was added as an adjustment, but I can't find any explanation of what it does. Also, is anyone able to successfully backhand the DS ramp with the forks up? It never makes it up the forks on mine, just dribbles back out. Thanks in advance, John

I wouldn't worry about the hold adjustment if the Death Star opens fully when it explodes or during test. I can backhand (must be a perfectly clean shot from a cradle) my Death Star, but the level and pitch is very important. Make sure you measure for 6.5 pitch, not anything steeper.

#2636 5 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

How do I check that? Something in setup?
And I just had the most amazing game. I bet the first 50 games I didn't do anything, but I just destroyed the death star during a multi ball and ended the game with 4,032,595,040! It was amazing! It helped that I was awarded 2 or 3 extra balls. This game is like IM on steroids, but with a lot more to do obviously!

There is a fork ramp test I believe in the settings. Has your ramp ever been down? Makes me wonder if it is malfunctioning.

#2640 5 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Fork test appears to be fine, they raise and lower without issue. Here is a picture. Ball gets through the Death Star entrance, then falls down where the ramp rails end (it stays behind the death star). Its done this about 10 times now.

It is really hard to tell with the glare in your photo, but the ramp appears to be halfway up, not 100% up. It only should be halfway when releasing the ball into play from a magnet hold in the hyperspace loop.

#2728 5 years ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Does anyone know how to obtain the LE side rails? If so, I would totally get one of those lighted mods for my premium. I think they look great on that machine from the pictures I've seen.

They don't sell any LE specific items, that would kill the whole limited concept. That being said, I am interested to see what the accessory rails look like when the Stern accessories are unveiled soon. I would wait for that before you buy rails.

#2730 5 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

How close to code being finished and is it still at .91 ?

Ericpinballfan Make it your first Stern! The code is really great at this point @ 1.0

#2735 5 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

One of my strategies for getting to the Emperor was as simple as just letting the mini-wizard mode multi-balls (Battle above Endor, Destroy the Death Star, etc) drain out as soon as I started them, but keep one ball in play. Save your energy for the next objective. There's always a risk you drain all of your balls on one of those final scene multi balls, while completing them is not part of the objectives. You can focus on getting a high score on this game by micro managing your shot multipliers to death, or simply chase the modes you need to qualify Jedi Multiball. Only the very best (or lucky?) players will be able to do both. On my game where I defeated the Emperor, I put up a score of 3.8 Billion, and i figure it took me 25-30 minutes. Factory defaults for extra ball awards and I have not tightened up my outlanes. Playfield at the recommended pitch of 6.5. Be good at trapping up the ball and taking a moment to look around the playfield and read the LCD screen to see what you need to do next.

The strategy has a major flaw - Most of the time you will need those multi balls to get to Jedi Master in the training requirement that you need for Jedi MB.

#2738 5 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

i suppose that is a problem for some, i know it usually was for me early on. I will play the regular multiballs out, like Hyper Space and TIE Fighter, and end up increasing my Jedi rank a few notches that way. I also will use Jedi Training as my path when i plunge a new ball, if its available and makes sense to do so. once you've played through all the modes to get to the point you are nearly qualified for Jedi Multiball, you should be pretty close with all the training. Practice up on those wide shots off the left flipper to get those hardest Jedi training targets down.

Yeah it also depends on the character you play with. Getting Jedi Master with R2D2 is the hardest I believe.

#2756 5 years ago
Quoted from orb:

sorry to ask this question again or bring up. i remeber seeing in some thread the pitch?? i thought 6.5? no? mine is perfect in bubble level on machine. but hoth shot bounces back off forks alot and of course death star shot has problems. i figure getting that pitch right will help. anybody know? thanks.

don't use the BUBBLE! I centered my bubble and was at 7.1....

#2764 5 years ago
Quoted from pudealee:

Any updates or rumors on SW accessories from Stern? I just remember them saying "after the New Year." Ugh.

ugh- I am waiting (impatiently) also!

#2811 5 years ago

All: Be very careful installing the zip tie node board "fix" kit. One of the legs broke off the D9 diode on one of my boards during the kit install. It is a tricky because of the way the zip tie flexes before it is tightened and puts tension on the diode. It is a really bad design.

#2875 5 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

What are peoples' best video modes? I got this on 40x, but still hit some asteroids so there must be better...

Thats pretty damn good!

#2878 5 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Stock settings. It might not have been level 1, don't remember exactly. Not sure how the levels effect scoring

Level 2 + is definitely worth more points.

#2896 5 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I think it is used when Hoth is lit...to keep the ball from bouncing out of the horseshoe after it hits the back of the forks. Traps the ball so you can choose your mission.

This is correct

#2897 5 years ago

All, anyone install “Directors Cut”? What is that?

E56E4C6A-1D9A-4CC9-BBE1-F31AB1654ABC (resized).jpeg

#2899 5 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Had my machine delivered Friday and this thing is just awesome.
Somehow during battle above Endor I blew up the death star and had to be one of the most intense sequences of multiballs I’ve ever seen!

Awesome welcome to the club! There are two modes that you can destroy the Death Star. Battle Above Endor is one of those. Actually in that mode it’s the second Desth Star that gets destroyed.

#2905 5 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

It was so crazy that I didn’t see the video of the Death Star until after it was exploding.
When you say second Death Star you are referring to the one that appears only partially built I’m assuming? Does the video actually show that?

Yes the scenes shown are from Return of the Jedi.

#2923 5 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

The main guys (Pat or Chas) answere the phone a lot, but anyone will do. They don’t have a massive staff that generically answers calls. I don’t use 1800kickers...call he number on Sterns website.

My gate had broken on my pro. I called 800-Kickers and it worked fine. They replaced the part.

#3000 5 years ago

I think mirrors are probably the way to go with Star Wars.

#3034 5 years ago
Quoted from PlayPin:

Really, new modes as in different modes than the choices available first time through? Has anyone confirmed this? That would be out standing!

Well, each character has a different mode choice, so I think he was referring to that.

#3071 4 years ago

It is almost February, 2018. This game came out June, 2017. Where the heck are the accessories?? I want my R2D2 topper!!!

1 week later
#3128 4 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Is it wrong that I have yet to destroy the death star or am I just a crappy player as I suspect? Pretty sure I'm headed the right direction but short of setting it on 5 balls or taking the glass off this darn thing is kicking my butt!

Use Battle Above Endor multiball to blow up the Death Star. Much easier to blow up DS #2 in Return of the Jedi. Also, don't forget to activate add-a-ball on your multiball by clearing the drops during ball save. You will know it is ready because the action button will turn orange. HOLD down the action button to add the ball just as you almost go back to single ball play.

#3175 4 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

Finally made my decision on which blades to install. Looks good with the side armor.

Where are these available? Haven't seen them available to buy.

#3178 4 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

My local distributor had them in stock. Gameroom Guys in Michigan. Not sure yet if I’m going to sell the other 2 sets, but here is what they look like. Also don’t like that Stern didn’t do the smooth Lock down bar to match the side armor.

So they sell you 6 blades? Is there a way to swap them out, or is is permanent adhesive?

#3183 4 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Totally understand but do know my offer stands unless someone wants to divid up a set. To pay $150 and throw away $100 worth of them seemed wasteful to me. Why Stern did it this way is beyond me. If you change your mind I like the top set you have shown....

Yes it’s very strange. Basically every buyer is going to turn into a mini distributor by selling the two sets they don’t use.

#3196 4 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Is CoinTaker the best place for mirror blades right now? Going to put them in SW Prem with Pin Stadium.

Yes. They bought Pinball Side Mirrors.

#3228 4 years ago

Keeping 40x going isn't luck. it take a lot of skill to move that multiplier around while extending the time for the multiplier. I got a 1B hyperspace hurry the other day @ 40X and it was AWESOME. Not too high, it was earned.

#3232 4 years ago

Hitting video mode coming out of multi ball is a great strategy that I have mentioned to other competitive players. There are a TON of ways to blow this game up. You can go about it differently and get an awesome score.

#3258 4 years ago

Yes there is an app called Pindigo that has a leaderboard and is great to use. If your settings are not default you should indicate that when you submit the score. Also include facts like “no tilt bob”.

#3271 4 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Loving this game so we Had to give it the Total overhaul! Today was the big day! New Pinstadium lights, LE side rail Illuminated EL panels and rails, new lock down bar, Stern playfield decal blade thanks to a Great Pinsider deal from #Groo, installed our Custom Speaker illumination kit, Custom lockdown bar Death Star mod, our custom Satellite spot lamps all around, a nice grouping of Star Wars ships off Amazon for flair, and of coarse Titan clear rubbers all around. This game plays like lightning and Looks awesome for us now! To celebrate granted it was my wife that did it, she actually destroyed the Death Star (2) times in one evening?? Haven't seen it once since new! Of coarse she will hold that over my head for awhile I'm sure....... Dam this game is fast!

Great job. Where did you get the LE rails?

#3274 4 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

My buddy put his on today too he bought them from pin graphics joe raptor they look great

That’s an LE machine. Yelobird had a Premium machine with LE rails.

#3277 4 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Some dude now seems to be copying the Stern LE side rails. I don't imagine Stern will be happy about that as those rail designs may be copyright.

Who is this “dude” you speak of?

BAD086F6-B0F6-487A-8B84-FE10F0E96677 (resized).jpeg

#3279 4 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

No dude is copying that I know of and I HIGHLY doubt Stern can copy right a metal strip with slots in it! Lol. Truth is there is no magic here!! I opened the SW manual, went to the cabinet page, wrote down the part numbers, called a distributor and placed an order for some replacement parts! Easy piesy. Did I think it would be that easy? Heck No! Do I think Stern would take the order without question, Still No! Nothing stolen, no bragging just wanted something and wasn’t afraid to just ask to buy it. Simple enough. Do I think they may watch this more closely, don’t know just know I was glad I asked instead of assumed. They look amazing, they are OEM,(no dude)and we are happy with the result. Hope this doesn’t upset or confuse anyone just sharing how I improved my machine above. Plus some cool Mod Couple toys! Had to drop a plug. Lol

Someone at Stern clearly messed up. They would not just sell LE specific parts to anyone normally.

#3281 4 years ago
Quoted from wontwa:

Or is this the LE with the Premium translite (the LE ships with all 3 translites)?

Nope - look at the side art and apron.

#3316 4 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

To funny. Unfortunately the truth lyes in the details. All of that feedback is from Pinball Machine transactions. Nobody has ever admitted they bought one of those claymation mods!

Yelobird those mods from Lighted Pinball Mods are completely gross. I don't understand how they can look at what they have done and be proud of the work. And for the love of all things holy, DO NOT put characters and ships from other Star Wars movies in this game! Its sacrilegious! Put a clone trooper in? How about a brand new Tie Fighter from the Last Jedi? Stop it. Rant over.

#3319 4 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I don't know what any of that means but let me give this a wack.
They look like total shit.
Rsnt over


#3394 4 years ago
Quoted from Monarca1091:

Got my star wars pinball translight autographed by Jeremy Bulloch Aka the original Boba Fett.... also by Temuera Morrison
aka Jango Fett aka Captain Rex aka Commander Cody and every other Commander .......ooohhh and every clone trooper turned storm trooper....lol

Nice work - Make sure Jar Jar signs it also.

#3403 4 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I'm ready! Thanks.
I have some questions.
What are your guys' thoughts on side blades?
Mirrors or Powerbladez?
I have mirrors on my TWD and love them, and I have powerbladez on MET and love them too. I'm torn..
I'm considering the pinstadium lights kit. Looks pretty cool but they're pricey for LEDs imo. Will the pinstadium brackets work with mirrors? I know they would attach. I'm wondering if the playfield would clear with the thickness of the bracket on top of the mirrors?
On the Stern SW matrix list it shows that it has a jack/output/port for adding external amplifiers. I'm hoping this will allow for RCA outputs to a sub. It would be nice to use low level RCA inputs on a sub vs speaker level (like I did on my other sterns). Would one of you please explain what/where this output is? Is it just a headphone jack in the backbox with no volume level control like ghostbusters has? I hope not.
Do any of you have acrylic designs on your speakers? I ordered Doug's RGB lights and the acrylic SW logo cutouts but I'm curious if any of you have installed these. Please post a pic if you can.
Thanks guys

My two cents:
1. Mirrorblades. They look awesome especially with the wireforms on the Premium.
2. The lighting is pretty fantastic as it is. I love the GI effects and GI dimming. Lots of people here love the stadium but it isn't for me.
3. There is no audio out at all. You have two options:
Pinnovators sub output board for $35

or Stern Spike 2 headphone jack for $99. The headphone jack does add external volume control for BOTH the headphones and the speakers. You could use that to tap into an adapter for sub out. You sub would just need a crossover, which most have.
4. No speaker designs for me but yelobird has the best kit IMO.

#3405 4 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar123:

Any chance you could you use both the Pinnovators sub out board and the Stern Headphone kit at the same time...or do they plug into the same spot?

Different spots - The stern kit plugs into CN3, but CN3 is just above where the PV sub board connects.


#3407 4 years ago
Quoted from Gorgar123:

Thanks. So do you think there is room for both? The Pinnovators sub out board is not huge, but it is not tiny either.
This would not be an issue if Pinnovators would come out with a Spike 2 headphone kit. I am starting to wonder if that is ever going to happen.

Don't think it will happen. Ask lllvjr

#3408 4 years ago

Both the sub out board and the stern jack connector should fit at the same time. The board extends down:


#3444 4 years ago

Wow I see all these new posts, and I thought the topper arrived... doh.

#3457 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

I kind of liked the white trim at first, but once I stepped back from machine about 10 feet it really stuck out like a sore thumb. The whole game has black trim and the white around the head just didn't look right. It looks so much better now. It only took a few minutes to do too. I did it while I was putting in the Flipper fidelity speaker system.
Here's a picture with one of each so you can really see the difference.

To each their own. I like the white!

#3467 4 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Well, unfortunately they are probably listing the correct price. I guess toppers are 5 bills now. This will make ghostbusters and star wars two pins I have without toppers. As much as I like the gb topper, I just can’t bring myself to do it.

GOT, GB and SW were all $500. KISS, BM, AS, and GOTG are $400.

#3469 4 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

Do any of you have inside info on this? Have Stern and Disney come to an agreement?

No inside info. I am certain they expected the Disney approval way before this. Not good news that it is March and the topper is nowhere to be seen. But, seeing the part number and price on Marco's site is certainly a good sign. I'll call it now by quoting our favorite founder of Heighway Pinball, "Two weeks".

#3474 4 years ago
Quoted from wiggy07:

Not good that the topper is going to cost $500.00.

What price were you expecting? The $400 toppers Stern has sold are light show interactive only. The $500 toppers seem to actually have moving parts - dragon wings (GOT), rotating (well sort of) beacons (GB).

#3476 4 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Yeah, GB has no moving parts. It's plastic and LEDs.

Thats why I said "sort of" - I just couldn't bring myself to drop the coin on the GB topper with the fake lightbar.

#3495 4 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

So I’m starting to notice a few of the mentioned problems now. Balls coming sdtm when hitting the left loop (with ramp down) or coming off so hard it will bounce over the flippers and drain.
Also seeing occasional autoplunger going off tie bank and down left outlane.
Right saucer (Tatooine) comes out HOT but usually hits the left flipper. Unless I’m so stupid as to try to flip it with my left. Then it goes right under it. Sometimes my reflexes make me because it’s going so fast!!
I’m about as close to perfect level as I can make it. 6.8 degrees and level. What has worked for people?
Thanks in advance.

Can you backhand the Death Star ramp at 6.8? I have found that 6.5 is perfect since it allows me to backhand it.

#3498 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Seriously, SW Premium is the *one* pin that does not need an increase in pitch, it will not play right at any other pitch than 6.5. Been there done that, and so have many others that have had ours for a while.....

+100 I have played many examples and when the back legs are jacked up they play terrible. Use the “PinGuy” app. Not the bubble. If you want to make it hard, just raise the outlane posts all the way up. If you then want to make it really hard remove the outlane (or even inlane) post rubbers. Changing the pitch isn't the answer for the Premium / LE.

#3503 4 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Whats the pinguy app?

Are you like Trent and only have a flip phone? Its ok, I am jealous in some ways. Sometimes less is more.

#3504 4 years ago
Quoted from finnflash:

I dont see it anywhere, maybe its just on Apple?

For Android, use "Pinball Leveller"

#3508 4 years ago

Yes huge bug fix / workaround.

#3519 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

You never know for certain, rumor is that Dwight owns the game so if there is more he wants to add for his own enjoyment, we could all benefit from that. But I wouldn't count on any more big changes to the code, just minor tweaks and bug fixes like in this update.

As the game sits today the code is fantastic. The ONLY item I would hope could get implemented is a way to not play Light Saber Duel a second time if it had previously been defeated.

#3537 4 years ago
Quoted from Sinbad:

yep, i've had this too and at 6.5 the game feels slow and "floaty" with more risk of the ball going out the outlanes.
I very much doubt Steve Ritchie designed it at 6.5 degree like he claims.
I set mine to 7.1degree and alot of the issues are solved, and I can still backhad the ramps and death star

7.1 backhand? Impressive. Gravity does behave different down under. I don't know weather or not it actually impacts pinball (doubt it) but its funny.

Geoids_sm (resized).jpg

#3540 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

All of them so far have, so I wouldn't expect any different from this one. Really wish that Stern would turn this off in their system base code........

I never understood this. Almost all updates change the scoring to "some" degree. Sometimes minor, sometimes dramatic. High scores are achieved on a certain game code. A high score retained on new code that was achieved on previous code doesn't seem right to me.

That being said, I believe you can use pinball browser to manually enter in the scores.

#3542 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I can understand that point of view as well, especially on some early code where scoring balance can be out of whack. However it's not just high scores, audits and settings are lost as well.

Understood. You can download audits to USB.

#3560 4 years ago

Put the phone on the playfield. Not the glass. Make it straight up between the flippers.

#3570 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Is there an easy way to start a multi ball on this game? I can go through 10 games of the time without having a multi ball!

Yes. If you select 5 tie fighters before the plunge and mash the button during the hurry up that should put you around 20-24. One more hurry up will put you in Tie Fighter multiball with 35 destroyed at default settings.

If you start as R2, he only needs DS1 completed to light Destroy the Death Star multiball. Other characters are also one mode away from lighting a multi-ball also.

#3575 4 years ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

The bubble level on the right side of the playfield is set to a 6.5 degree pitch, so you can use that as a comparison to check whether you're not calibrated correctly (which is likely the case). I would start with getting that level set right then use the app to fine tune.

No, the bubble on my game and probably most owners is NOT at 6.5. Like not even close! It is supposed to be but it is not.

#3578 4 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

You mean, the level itself is miscalibrated?

Not accurate. Didn't realize there is a way to calibrate it. how do you calibrate it? put washers under it?

#3584 4 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Pretty much. Why do you think they're off? Compared with a digital level or something?


#3594 4 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Just upgraded local SW Premium to newest code, played a few games and the mission select bug reared its head. Noticed it happens more often after the use of an add-a-ball. Hope this helps. Reverted back to prior code.

What version are you running? 1.01 just addressed this.

#3597 4 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

right? i can play 2 games on any machine and level it out based on gameplay. funny stuff

It’s not about the left to right. That’s easy.

#3649 4 years ago
Quoted from twenty84:

The pro was originally planned to have standup targets while the prem/le was going to have drop targets. The post was needed on the pro because the stand ups take up less space. Later the design was changed to include drop targets on all models, but the post remained on the pro.

Exactly. This is a cool tidbit of information. Steve mentioned this during a Facebook Q&A session. One reason why the pro is easier. The post helps deflect some balls bound for the left outlane.

#3650 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

Haha. I'm normally not a topper person, but I feel this game needs one and should have had one standard. Currently 18 games in my collection and zero toppers.

Same here. But who am I kidding they had me at rotating R2D2!

1 week later
#3765 4 years ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Anybody had issues with Stern responding to technical issues? I sent them an email three days ago with no response. The good news is I figured out my problem with the help of fellow pinsiders, but its pretty bad that they haven't even responded. JJP and CGC have always responded in less than 24 hours....

I would call first, then send email as a followup as needed.

#3810 4 years ago

I have tried them all. Superbands, Titan, Pinball Life, stock. The differences are there, but after 10 or so games, you know how they play, then they just become "normal". I actually like stock black Stern now, but they leave black smear on the flipper bats, so for that reason I use Superbands now on Sterns. Superbands last the longest for sure. Pinball Life Perfect Play are the most "bouncy".

#3812 4 years ago
Quoted from monte_:

Are the black stock stern rubber bands traditional rubber? Where can I buy these from? Titans are okay, but i just feel like they dont grab as well.

Yes they are traditional black rubber.


#3877 4 years ago
Quoted from Jaeg:

Will we have a topper by Star Wars Day(2018)?

I will go out on a limb and say yes.

#3890 4 years ago

Yes the hyperloop is awesome. Such a satisfying shot. I first purchased a pro and loved it, then upgraded to a premium and it’s an all time favorite.

#3906 4 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Re-watching Star Wars, the game needs to finish the Death Star mode with all GI out and only one shot lit.
Play the music, show the clip on the LCD, and hear Han Solo say, “Alright kid, you’re all clear! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”
That would be pretty sweet.

You described much of Destroy the Death Star mode with one shot left. #playbetter

#3932 4 years ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Yes, that probably makes the most sense. I wonder how I troubleshoot this, any ideas?

There is a hyper loop test in the settings, I would start there. I bet the real issue is that the hurry up timer to get more balls in the hyper loop is simply timing out. When the timer is over, it will whip the ball around another time or two.

Here is the best way to get a lot of balls in the hyper loop: Hyperspace Multiball starts with the value of the hyperspace hurrup as the timer to get the balls in the loop. This value builds by completing the inlanes and pop awards. There should be two yellow shots lit when hyperspace Multiball starts, the left orbit (spinner) and the right ramp. The yellow shots build the hyperspace hurry up higher, extending the amount of time you have to get balls up there. I will always backhand the right ramp before shooting the Death Star to load the hyper loop because it will build the timer in case I miss I'll still have another chance to load it. Hope that helps!

#3990 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

There will ALWAYS be a chance for a SDTM on that shot, as how it reacts depends on speed and spin of the ball, slickness of playfield, etc. Most any pin that has had a tight inner loop being fed from the lower flippers like that will never be 100%. Had a ToM years ago, did the same thing on the inner loop, 90%+ shots were safe, but always 1 in 10 went SDTM.

Exactly! It’s pinball.

#3998 4 years ago

The post on the pro at the bottom of the drops absolutely makes it play easier. But perhaps it is countered when many premium owners move the posts down on the outlanes.

#4061 4 years ago

Its almost crazy to think that Star Wars can almost be a sleeper, but I don't think this game gets the appreciation it really deserves. The game is my all time favorite.

#4094 4 years ago
Quoted from Groo:

I need to try that with the lockdown bar that doesn't match my sides after buying the Stern rails. Same for the Millenium Falcon that they said they would make available for the pro model.

Just have your lockdown bar powder coated gloss black by a local person.

1 week later
#4192 4 years ago

Dwight has said there will not be another video mode.

#4196 4 years ago
Quoted from Kobaja:

On which occasion?

On one of the dead flip live streams - I believe it was the one with the Premium.

1 week later
#4298 4 years ago

Guys and gals, I want new code and the topper on May 4th as much as ANYONE, but I don't read that instagram post to say that. It is just talking about May 4th coming... I hope I am wrong!

1 week later
#4493 4 years ago

This is a great update. So far the hyperloop seems to behave better also. No catapults yet.

#4521 4 years ago

Yes - This update made the Hyperloop great - Now it is a completely next level feature.

#4534 4 years ago
Quoted from mittens:

I confess that part of me thought the topper would never see the light of day, however, with these ongoing additions it has given me a *new hope*.

On the stream yesterday Zach said that topper was soonish, but NOT next week soon.

#4597 4 years ago

This is getting somewhat nit-picky. Star Wars code is pretty fantastic. The simple fact that you don't need to repeat Lightsaber Duel if it was previously completed is just fine and a welcome addition to the new code release. This isn't code by committee.

#4601 4 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Not code by committee but last I checked this is called a discussion forum and that is what we are all doing, discussing code.
Nothing worth getting bent out of shape about.

All good! My discussion for the discussion fourm is that this is nit-picky!

1 week later
#4682 4 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Hoping they do add a super wizard mode at some point.

Not happening, but it is done and fantastic. How many times do you get to Jedi Multiball??

#4721 4 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

I like the Pinball Life shaker. It actually shakes the machine rather than turning it into a violent vibrator. The PWM is the best way to tame the others.

DO NOT use an additional board on Spike games. You will fry your cabinet node board.

#4747 4 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ever since it came out!

One year felt like 10. Lol

#4787 4 years ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

I can’t imagine playing it without a shaker. I think it adds a ton to the gameplay and tension

Totally agree.

#4821 4 years ago

I generally soft plunge directly to the flippers if the ball save is over.

#4825 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

The pro has a stand-up post just below the drop targets - that seems to make a pretty big difference.

The Pro has a post below and a post with sleeve above the drop targets. It is easier for sure.

#4832 4 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I don't know the exact reason but that's what they said (Iirc)
This is like third or fourth hand info at this point

Steve Ritchie said it during a Facebook interview.

First hand for you: Its around the 10 minute mark.

#4843 4 years ago
Quoted from Nickbtx:

According to Ritchie, the premium and LE playfields are correct. About 250 pro playfields were produced with the hole that was not needed and the decision was made to use the playfields and fill the hole with a post. Kermit24's post covers it here:

The Pro games will always have the 2 posts. The Premium games will not.

#4849 4 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Just installed my mirror blades on my premium. Boy, you guys were right, they are super tight on this cabinet. Plus, there is a white gi bulb that reflects in the left mirror that is painful. There is a hole in the plastic to let the falcon wiring go through so you get the whole light reflected. I may swap the blue and white bulb. They initially looked great, but with the tight fit plus blinding gi, I may have to pull them. Sucks, too, because I struggled with getting them in the first place.

I wouldn’t mess with the colors on the GI, they are used in many modes for cool effects like Light Saber duel, asteroid field, etc. If you start swapping out colors it wouldn’t be good.

#4856 4 years ago

Last night I had a great Hyperspace multiball and loaded four balls into the hyperspace loop for the first time... That was AWESOME! Almost a year in and I love this game more than ever.

#4861 4 years ago

R2D2 is really hard to get Jedi Master with and qualify Jedi Multiball! No more R2 for me until I get to Jedi MB again. I should have had it this game!

AF9DFAFD-CA5D-44C1-A42E-C262CBB7B9D9 (resized).jpeg

#4863 4 years ago

I bought the Pro first, then upgraded to the Premium about 4 months later. The Hyper-loop is incredibly satisfying when you nail it. No regrets here!

#4865 4 years ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

Agreed %100. While the hyperloop is neat, $2500 could be another pin and it doesnt add anything to the gameplay.

$2,500? You are about $700 high (5600 vs 7300), but I get it, its a lot of cash for a few features for sure.

#4872 4 years ago
Quoted from Crile1:

I'm glad you pro people are happy with your machines, but I found it so dull without the loop. I guess there are those that prefer high speed to the getaway as well. Loop is used in at least 3 modes that i can think of besides the hurry up and multiball.. And i usually hit hyperspace multiball every other game. Nothing like hitting hyperloop on the destroy death star shot.

Agreed. And now with the new code the loop is also used to hold the ball when victory multiball sets up.

#4881 4 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Does it send it around when it 'holds' it? And in those modes? I haven't had enough time on a premium to see anything besides hyperspace mb

No it holds it with the magnet in the loop when you beat Battle Above Endor and Destroy the Death Star so you can see the fanfare and take a breath when victory multiball sets up.

1 week later
#5003 4 years ago

This game is so good. Dare I say underrated even.

#5024 4 years ago
Quoted from matt68061:

Sorry, off the grid for several days. Special thanks to Josh Brown for posting the Boba Fett vid! As well as all those that posted advice.
Starting to really question my decision on purchasing SW to learn the game of pinball on . But having a damn fun time nonetheless!

Glad you are sticking with it. Star Wars isn’t as easy pin but once you get the shots down you will love it.

#5033 4 years ago
Quoted from Kobaja:

To my understanding the only way to understand them as it currently stands is learning by doing or reading this thread, because the current version hasn't been documented yet...

This is pretty good.


#5081 4 years ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Does. Anyone know can time be added to the hyper loop in hyper loop mb ?

Yes. Shoot the right ramp or left orbit. Yellow shots add time.

#5105 4 years ago
Quoted from Kobaja:

Likely the plunger gets stuck. Check the mech for resistance

Yes the coil stops tend to be the issue.

#5122 4 years ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

I'm curious what motivated this feature as well... I believe this was also added to Iron Maiden and GOTG.

I bet it was to solve the Iron Maiden LE speaker clipping issues. PinMonk

1 week later
#5195 4 years ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

Ok quick question b4 sending me code 1.03! Does 1.04 work fine on the le? Thx

1.04 has been rock solid for me.

#5197 4 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Still looking for thoughts and ideas on that HOTH shot. When its lit for mode start or video mode; 99% of the time if I shoot it with the right flipper it locks in perfect as it should. With the left flipper, however, it rejects back about 75% of the time. I played with it for hours last night and have no resolution. Im guessing the angle of the right flipper hits the horseshoe ramp just right where the fork posts catch it; and with the left flipper its going so fast it bounces back before the 2nd opto has a chance to register to fire the blocking up post. That make sense, anyone have ideas?

From Stern:

PRO V1.03 - May 8, 2018
NOTE - If you are seeing the ball bounce out of the inner loop after shooting
the hoth / video mode shot, please make sure your center post in the back
of the loop is adjusted flush with the playfield.

#5203 4 years ago
Quoted from Kobaja:

Honestly I am having the same issue quite frequently. My post is as flush as it gets, but the issue persists. I'd also like to understand how flushness translates into quicker rising of the post...

Have you cleaned your optos / checked them in switch test?

#5204 4 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

I'm sure its been posted before. I just got a NIB. Death Star wont close al the way. Probably misaligned. Messed with it but cant see to fix it. Anyone have same issue as got it resolved. Thanks.

For this I put a tiny amount of lube (I think lithium grease) to the two hinges of the Death Star. No problems since.

#5206 4 years ago
Quoted from PBMAN:

Thanks Kermit. I am going to try that now.

Cool. Never use something like WD-40 on anything pinball related.

#5258 4 years ago

My speakers sound fantastic. But they are Fillper Fidelity.