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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

4 years ago

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Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (4 years ago)

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#175 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Some fun info from a friend:
The button mashing tie fighter video that was shown is a mode. have to do it while the ball is in play.
The other use for the button is multipliers. At all most any time during play you can toggle the shot multiplier arrow on and off. when it is off, you can move it from shot to shot. when it is on, you can get all awards that apply to that shot with an up to 40x multiplier!! haha amazing.
Also, you choose characters at some point and the modes change based off what character you are playing as.
Liking this more and more!

That suddenly makes the video mode less lame. I knew there HAD to be something more to it than just hit the button. Hitting it with balls in play is a whole different thing...kind of like that shoot the dinosaur mode in JP. Love that...such a risk/reward with no time to think about it!

Multiplier trick sounds interesting...definitely sounds like something Dwight would do.

9 months later
#3846 3 years ago

I'm hoping for either a second video mode, or a different (non-video) mode used for Hoth 1. You should not get the same mode from both the Force targets and Hoth. I do like the mode (and I'm usually not huge on video modes), but I don't want to do it twice in the same game. Maybe add a stormtrooper blasting mode similar to BSD's vid mode?

You also shouldn't have to play Light Saber Duel again if you beat it. It would be nice if you could choose to pass on the mode (even the first time). Ultimate wish would be a completely new mode for the second, third, etc completion of the FORCE targets, but that's wishful thinking.

Amazing game just as it is though. Any tweaks from here will be icing on the cake!

#3872 3 years ago

Anyone have an issue with a pro having a hard time catching the ball to start a Death Star (or more rarely Hoth) mode? On a fast, clean shot, mine fairly often will hit the back up-post, but then bounce out before the front double post can catch it. This seems to happen at least once a game. I'm at 6.5 deg and level. I've tried steeper without change. I tried setting coils to soft hoping for slightly slower flips, but that didn't make a difference either. Optos are clean, both lock mechs are tightened down and the plungers move freely with no binding. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas? Or is this just the nature of the beast and a fast moving shot simply can't consistently be caught in such a small area?

I love the game, but I swear this is the most tweaking I've had to do since Avengers. :/

#3875 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

Just for some data - I have a pro and the Death Star bounce it extremely rare on mine (maybe happened three times). Hoth is slightly more frequent (one out of 25 shots). I'm running latest code with no changes to coil settings.

I'm at latest code. Mine is much more frequent from the Death Star, but Hoth definitely does it as well. I had my best game ever earlier today, had every mode completed except one Hoth mode. Two Hoth rejects in a row, then drain. BURN IT WITH FIRE!

#3920 3 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Anyone have an issue with a pro having a hard time catching the ball to start a Death Star (or more rarely Hoth) mode? On a fast, clean shot, mine fairly often will hit the back up-post, but then bounce out before the front double post can catch it. This seems to happen at least once a game. I'm at 6.5 deg and level. I've tried steeper without change. I tried setting coils to soft hoping for slightly slower flips, but that didn't make a difference either. Optos are clean, both lock mechs are tightened down and the plungers move freely with no binding. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas? Or is this just the nature of the beast and a fast moving shot simply can't consistently be caught in such a small area?
I love the game, but I swear this is the most tweaking I've had to do since Avengers. :/

Bumping this once for the fast moving thread. Thanks for the input so far. Anyone else having this problem or have ideas? I am running the latest code. I think I might remove and disassemble the mechs to double check for anything slowing them down or loose just to be sure. Will check and reflow the solder joints too I think.

#3961 3 years ago
Quoted from HPR:

I installed a very strong tape ''Gorilla transparent tape 15 pounds'' at the end of the loop with a small piece to double the thickness near the end. It make a very tiny little ''bump'' to the ball and 100% of time the ball go to the left flipper. Zero cheap drain and the game is super enjoyable that way. The inner loop remain fast and fun.
I can make it to look better but for the moment it's not visible from the player point of view and i did not bother to improve the look.
I made meetings with my friends and nobody remark the modification. The movement of the ball is super fluids. No wear and the tape will not move at all.
I also made this mod for the tatooine scoop with the same great effect.

Unfortunately this method is changing the play of the game. A left loop (Death Star shot) should exit to the right flipper, not the left. I would loosen the screws holding the loop's outer rail and see if there is any play outward. You also may have to bend it slightly out. Left loop (Death Star) should go to the right flipper, the right loop (Hoth) should go to the left flipper. Mine originally was draining like crazy. When I went to adjust it, a mounting post broke while tightening it. I'm guessing it was partially broken already with how easily it twisted off. Stern sent a new one and the new one exits perfectly.

#3962 3 years ago
Quoted from adamross:

Just joined the club! Plays great, except scoop is shooting balls SDTM, any suggestions? Game is perfectly leveled.

Adjust the scoop first...that should take care of 90% of the problem. Take off the plastic above it, loosen the screws holding the back of the scoop, and you will see that there is plenty of "twist" adjustment. It will likely have to move counterclockwise closer to the metal lane guide. You want to the ball shooting out as parallel as possible so it follows the guide.

When I did this it made a huge difference, but would still SDTM once in awhile. I then dropped the stand-up target at the front of the lane guide which gave me plenty of room to bend the end of the guide slightly left. An adjustable wrench with the jaws covered in electrical tape to protect the edge works great for this. It didn't take much and now the feed is 100% to the left flipper as it should be. (Don't forget to reinstall the stand-up target! )

#3971 3 years ago

A little birdy told me that the new code will solve my Death Star and Hoth lock timing problem (allowing bounce-outs from a fast clean shot). No idea what else might be waiting for us, but hopefully lots of goodies!

#3977 3 years ago
Quoted from mittens:

I would like some more wookie... probably unrealistic. I suspect any further updates will address current bugs and timing.

I agree...and it could definitely use more Jabba. But honestly even if it's just bug and timing fixes, that's ok. I have things I'd like to see (no repeating video mode and having LSD be optional or different the second time), but the code is pretty great as it is.

#4002 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

The post on the pro at the bottom of the drops absolutely makes it play easier. But perhaps it is countered when many premium owners move the posts down on the outlanes.

Yea...that post has saved my butt many times. Mine will sometimes sweep the drops downward and I know it would head for disaster if it wasn't for the post. That said the left outlane is still a hungry SOB, even after moving the post down. Such a mean game! For anyone who has ever said Ritchie games are too safe, here you go!

4 weeks later
#4326 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

They usually aren't that great of modes...usually loud and obnoxious which is fine, but I didn't need to hear "Hordor" 1000 times on GOT
Incest mode would be good. Hitting switches moves them further away from kissing. Don't get enough, lips lock, failed mission

LOL...funny thing is I wasn't sure if incest mode was for SW or GoT...

#4331 3 years ago

Trying to decide if I went too overboard with the ships. I think the balance may be off a bit, and we know how important balance is to the force! I may end up moving the Slave 1 either to the right side (B-Wing spot maybe?) or to the back (in place of the Lambda Imperial Shuttle, but higher?). I love the B-Wing there, but it's a really fragile ship and is just begging for an airball where it is. Moving the Falcon to the right side would balance it perfectly I think, but I do not think I can find a good placement that doesn't block any shot view...and I do not want to pull a Groot arms on it! I'm really loving the X-Wing miniatures though...so nice and detailed. I just hope they hold up.

What do you guys think...too much? I do not want to end up like that crazy Twilight Zone with everything imaginable piled in!

IMG_3987 (resized).JPG

#4335 3 years ago

LOL...yea you are probably right. I think I need to throttle back a bit to a few strategically placed. They are just so damn good looking that I want them all to work.

*quietly pulls the plush Ewoks, Yoda nightlight, 12" Jabba the Hutt, and build-your-own Walmart lightsaber back off the playfield...*

2 months later
#5340 3 years ago

I love LSD, but agree that there are times that it becomes an inconvenience when I am focused on getting to a planet multiball. Since they stop the ball at mode start anyway, I'd like to see the option to play or skip, just like the planet modes have. Doing that would fit in nicely with the structure of the rest of the game being a "choose what you want to do" / non-linear game. It would also be a nice risk/reward decision as if you end up with a great game and getting close to Jedi, you might regret not playing it the first time around. I'd set it up so if you decide to skip it, you have to go through all five drop bank completions again for another shot at it. That would definitely put some weight behind the decision. I do really appreciate that the mode is no longer repeated until after Jedi.

As for video mode...I enjoy it, but in a perfect world I would rather see an additional normal mode for Hoth 1 with the video mode being only used when video mode is lit. The game needs some tauntauns and Wampa, and Hoth 1 would be a great opportunity for a mode based on that scene! Then video mode would be stand alone only, preferably skippable like in Game of Thrones. If skipped, be required to requalify...and adding a different reward such as a hidden extra ball in the asteroid field would be a nice addition and extra incentive to play.

Of course both of these are just my "perfect world" wishes. The game is completely awesome as-is and I do not hate how those two modes work now.

#5343 3 years ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

One thing that came to my mind just now. It would be cool to have a mode that intentionally utilizes that strobe effect to make it hard for you to see the ball. Not slow like in boba fett escape but fast to really give you that super terrible stop-motion.
Anyway. Just a thought.

Game of Thrones does stuff like this. Winter is Coming hurry-ups and Winter Has Come mini-wizard both have crazy strobe lighting effects that honestly feel like trying to see and battle through a heavy blizzard. Some people love it, some people hate it. I find it incredibly immersive. I love things like this when used in proper context to add to the "story". Not sure where it would be used in Star Wars with the same effectiveness...but that would be a nice addition if they would add the tauntaun / Wampa mode I mention above!

#5367 3 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Yes but let’s say I’m playing luke I get three balls in the Death Star mode. There will be a mission that lets me select trench run ?? Is that how it works ? So I want to pass on the first mission I forgot which one it is maybe rescue Leia?

It doesn't matter who you play as, the mini-wizard mode at the end of each planet path is the same. Different characters will "spot" you different modes along the way (depending on their involvement in the movie scenes the modes are based on...which is FREAKING COOL theme integration!), which makes it easier to get to some of the end modes.

If you are looking for the trench run scene, you want "Destroy the Death Star", which is the mini-wizard at the end of the Death Star modes. It is easiest to get there with R2 as he will spot two of the Death Star modes, so you only have to complete one mode to get there. It's a tough mode though...I think I've only blown up the Death Star once on this one. Using the Endor path to blow up the second Death Star is definitely easier, but of course that is not the trench run scene you are looking for.

Good luck!

2 weeks later
#5511 3 years ago

I love all the "math scoring" whining. The machine literally does the math for you. All you have to know is higher multiplier is better than lower multiplier, and if you make the little X light in front of a lit shot green, it will multiply it's value by whatever number is at the top of the display. There is exactly zero math that you need to do. And it couldn't be any easier to understand how to build the multiplier...just hit the targets in front of the little screen. It doesn't even matter which one. It even makes an easy to recognize sound when it's about to expire so you know to hit it again. It is literally the easiest to understand shot multipliers in any game I have ever played.

People are weird.

#5513 3 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

I don't think how the multiplying works is the complaint so much as the moving of them. It always takes a few tries for me to explain to someone what red vs green means, how to move them, etc. It's not hard once you get it, but it's not a common pinball concept (as most things in Star Wars aren't)

While I agree it is the moving that is unfamiliar, it has even less to do with math. LOL

And I'm not sure why some people claim that's so hard. Unlock with button. Move with flippers. Lock with button. In the scheme of complicated pinball rules, this doesn't even register, other than being an unfamiliar mechanic.

I can understand people not enjoying it...we all have opinions that should be respected. But to complain about math or how difficult the concept is? I just do not buy that. That's just people complaining to complain.

#5517 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Oh of course and I agree.

Another great point, because you don't have to even use the multipliers to play, have fun with, progress through the story etc of the game. So the hate for them is just a reason to say it broke people's hearts because not enough dolls.

Yup...that's one of the great things about the game. You can ignore the multipliers all together and still have an amazing experience with how well the game uses the movie assets to build excitement in even the easiest of modes. Sure, scores will not be high, but most inexperienced players who cannot trap or grasp the concept of multipliers are not putting up monster scores anyway...nor do they likely care about their score. It's the experience that matters. The multipliers, victory multiballs, etc are there for the players that do have the experience or desire to learn the depth. Something for everyone...just like all well coded games.

#5536 3 years ago
Quoted from Rasavage:

Until about a week ago, my scoop shot a little lower than center on the left flipper. Strangely, it pretty consistently shoots SDTM now even though I haven't altered the pitch or even taken the glass off since it was previously working. Is the consensus that bending the guide is the best fix?

The ball comes out of that scoop with some pretty good force, and it takes a good smack going in. I'm sure over time it can creep a little. Afterall, screws in wood are not exactly the most stable connection point with the amount of impact and vibration they are subject to. I would assume a little adjustment to the scoop itself is going to be required as semi-regular maintenance on this one. I'm guessing lots of other games scoops creep a bit over time, but not too many of them are so critically aimed as this one so we do not notice. There is quite a bit of adjustment in the scoop itself if you loosen the screws. Try that before bending the lane guide. Mine required a bit of both initially, and I'm sure will need some tweaking every couple hundred games. Just the nature of the beast.

#5537 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

You probably needed to defeat Light Saber Duel and/or Escape Bubba Fett. So you cannot do modes anymore but focus on the tasks to complete those tasks. Trap up and check out the info screen to see which of the 2 you need. LSD = Drop targets to progress FORCE. Escape Bubba = combos to get white arrows lit then cash in the white arrow to progress.

LOL...thank God Stern was able to use all of the original voice clips. We could have ended up with TWD's hillbilly and actually had Bubba Fett!

Had one of my best games last night. Ended up about 6.5 billion, which I know is nowhere near the crazy scores some of you guys have been putting up. I played all four planet multiballs, but still needed to complete LSD (just couldn't do it on this game for whatever reason) and Escape Bubba. Probably the closest I've been to Jedi though. Someday...

That said...any tips on actually finishing the planet multiballs? I am generally terrible at them and have only seen a Victory multiball a handful of times. I've made it though Endor a few times, but the others maybe once each. I find myself playing defense and just trying to stay alive during multiballs on this game rather than being able to concentrate on the right shots. That and I'm not sure what the right shots are for each.

Such a brutal game...I swear I get more outlane power drains than any other game. There is just so much side to side danger that I'm tempted to put a level on my game to make sure it isn't warped to the outlanes, LOL. This has to be one of Steve Ritchie's most dangerous games. His other games have the same speed and flow, but I swear all feel more safe than this one. I love and hate it all at once, LOL!

#5544 3 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Do you know all the shot sequences? I find that this game, more than any others, really require you to know what shots you need to be making. I always try to catch all the balls and pick off shots one by one after I've lit my add-a-ball.

That's definitely part of my problem. I never seem to be able to look at the lit shots to see what I need and aim for them. I have a really hard time getting control and trapping on this game...much more so than on any of my others...so it just ends up being a flail fest of failure. I gotta work on that whole "Play Better" thing!

3 weeks later
#5746 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Another issue....
Left flipper is sticky. Sometimes remaining stuck in the up position.
The game has only had like 250 plays since new and looks super clean.
I haven't taken the flipper apart yet as surely won't need to do this on a new game?
Or might it be node board related?

Assuming it is mechanical (doesn't drop when power turned off), for a game this new it is most likely tightened down too far against the playfield bushing. Grab the flipper bat and pull/push it up and down. There should be a tiny amount (1/32" or so) of play. If it's tight and doesn't move up and down at all, simply loosen the pawl and move it up a hair. Make sure it is aligned and retighten. Check both sides while you are at it. I've had this happen with a few new pins. Not a big deal at all.

3 weeks later
#5888 3 years ago

If it's going into mission select, I am thinking the switch associated with whatever planet is lit/starting is over sensitive and is being triggered during play. Is it always the same planet that is starting? Say if it's always Endor, then my guess is the switch on the left ramp needs to be adjusted. If Hoth, then the right inner loop, etc. I would start there.

Can't help you on the hyperloop though. If you are sure it is slow, a pure guess would be one of the magnets that drive the ball are weak or disconnected. Check all the connections first. Sorry I only have a pro so I am not really familiar with how that feature works. But it never hurts to go under the playfield and make sure everything is nice and snug...especially after shipping/moving a game.

Good luck, and congrats on picking up a fantastic game!

#5901 3 years ago
Quoted from KJL:

It doesn't have to be a sensitive switch, it could be a switch matrix problem and when something is scored one of the missions shots is scored and eventually will start. My MET came NIB with a switch wired backwards and did something similar which made the game think the outlane had been triggered. I had to have a drop target down to get it to happen IIRC but the problem was at the scoop which is where it was triggered. Try to figure out the shot that makes the mission shot get scored and then tell Stern. Great game, good luck.

That's all true, but best to check the simple stuff first. The easiest, and most likely, is a sensitive switch that will be a super easy fix. If that isn't it, then start looking for shorts along the row/column which the offending switch is on in the switch matrix, as well as diodes, wiring, connectors, etc. In the old days even as far as transistors, but I do not think that's relevant in the Spike system now....

Hopefully it's a simple fix for you...but if not Stern will definitely take care of you. Let us know what you find!

#5908 3 years ago
Quoted from brooklynknight:

last night I lifted the playfield and went through it with a fine tooth nail. I adjust a few things I thought may need adjusted, however nothing popped out at me. Same with the Magnets as I made sure all the connections were snug and tight.
I updated the code to the latest and played for a few hours.....
Nothing It played without a hitch!! I believe you all were right about it being a sensitive switch
Now for my next question, if I am shooting for a 7.5 pitch do any of you mess with the left and right flipper coils? I tend to get a few bouncy balls that will sometimes jump from the playfield to the middle of the left ramp. If you have messed with coil settings what did you finally settle on?
Also if any of you installed pinball sound, did you make any adjustments to your sound settings and if so can you share them with me?
All in all I am just now starting to understand the flow of the game, still not sure I understand the multipliers however I plan to read up on them today while at work It is brutal if you miss a shot and I am not in the camp yet that this is an easy game...

Glad you were able to fix it! Sometimes the best fixes are the ones where you do not even know what you did...just roll with it, LOL! In truth it was probably one of the switches you adjusted, a slightly loose connector, or maybe a minor short that you moved, but whatever it was, I'm glad you solved it!

7.5 is really steep for this game. I was running mine at about 7.2 in an attempt to cut down on the side to side drains and make it easier to trap (not to mention I like speed). I was getting a lot of airballs and the shots just didn't feel quite right. I read/heard in a few different places where Steve Ritchie himself said the game was designed for 6.5 and that is where it will play best. So last week I followed his advice and sure enough...everything plays 100% better. It is still plenty fast, but my airballs have cut way down, backhand shots are easier, and everything in general just feels better. Give it a shot. As always, do not trust the bubble level in the game...use a real one. Even at 6.5, my bubble level is pegged at the top, LOL. Of all the things they have done to cost reduce, I do not know why they still haven't gotten rid of that useless thing.

I never felt the need to adjust the coil settings. Mine are plenty strong at the factory setting. I also haven't tweaked any sound settings other than volume, but I do have an external sub hooked up which adds a lot to the game.

The shot multipliers are way easier than they seem at first. Hit any of the targets under the small screen to add 1x. These will time out eventually if you do not hit them again within so many seconds. You will hear an urgent "time running out" sound when you are close to losing it, and if you do not hit them in time you will go back down to 1x. The time needed between hits decreases as the multipliers get bigger. The shots which are multiplied are indicated by the X inserts. You start with 3 adjacent shots, but as the multiplier gets bigger this goes down to 2 and then 1 shot being multiplied. You decide what shots you want multiplied by simply hitting the action button to turn the Xs red (unlocked), moving the shots around with the flipper buttons, and then hitting the action button again to lock them in and turn them green. You can build the shot multiplier up to 20x with repeated hits to the screen targets, and then that can be doubled as a reward for completing the third (I think?) set of FORCE targets to get up to 40x. Once you are maxed out, you will need to hit the screen targets relatively often to maintain that level. R2's special ability is he is good with multipliers, so you do not lose your multipliers as fast, and he keeps a wider spread of multiplied shots longer. If you do not want to think too much about moving them around, it is a pretty good idea to just lock them in at the three shots around the left ramp/inner loop and just leave them there. That covers most of the bigger value shots in the game. Once you are built high enough to be down to just one multiplied shot, I would leave it on the left inner loop to multiply Hyperspace hurry-ups and jackpots, and other big shots like blowing up the Death Star. The only exception to this is if video mode/Hoth 1 is lit, you definitely want to multiply that shot (right inner loop) to make it worthwhile. Of course the best is to keep moving the multipliers around to cover every lit shot you shoot for, but that's not an easy task and I have lost many balls while screwing around with that. Big risk reward...which this game LOVES to throw at you!

So the cliff notes version of that rambling: Red Xs to move them, Green Xs to lock them in. Targets under screen increase shot multiplier. Avoid timing them out by hitting them again when you hear the time running out sound. Inner loop/left ramp shots are a good place to park them if you do not want to try moving them around a lot.

#5915 3 years ago
Quoted from brooklynknight:

Ok thanks as I do not have a iPhone but can nab something from Home Depot!

I have a digital level which I really like, but a simple angle finder will work too. I haven't tried the app...not sure if I would trust that, but a lot of people use it and like it so I should really give it a shot someday. Like other said, measure on the playfield, not on the glass (same for left/right level).

It will be crazy fast at 7.5, but if any of the shots are giving you trouble or not flowing correctly, consider giving 6.5 a shot. It took me a little while to get used to the slightly slower speed when I decreased mine to 6.5, but it shoots so much better. Both ramps and both sides of the inner loop should be able to hit with a clean backhand shot (though Death Star is tough!). Even the left outer loop should be backhandable.

4 months later
#6535 2 years ago

How are you guys dealing with (or avoiding) playing the video mode again and again and again? One of the main reasons I sold mine was on a good game, I was playing that damn video mode 5-6 times with no way to skip it. At least with GoT, you could choose to play or skip. Why can't that be an option here? It is honestly one of my favorite video modes, but I really do not want to see it more than once per game.

I also wish you could avoid getting stuck in "LSD Jail". It seemed like if I was focused on and making headway towards a planet multiball, I would end up having to start LSD and that's when I would magically be unable to complete the shots on time. Since you have to shoot the left ramp to start the mode anyway, I would love to see a skip for now option like the regular modes have. Either that, or at least after you drain, have the option to continue or not. It would add some strategy too by making you requalify to play it later. Even though LSD is an awesome mode, I hate that it locks you out of everything else, especially when you are close to a planet multi. I do not want to stack it, but I would love to choose whether or not I want to play it...especially after draining.

If Dwight would add the ability to skip replaying the video mode (at least after the first one), and a way to opt out of LSD (at start and at next ball start), I would seriously consider buying it back. I really enjoyed everything else about the code. Heck...I could probably live with the LSD thing if repeating the video mode would at least be avoidable.

#6539 2 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

If you’re playing 5-6 video modes per game you’re beyond an exceptional player in a percentile that simply doesn’t apply to more than a few other people. That’s not a common problem, by any stretch. It’s a strange complaint. You sure you’re not exaggerating?
Spot on with the light saber duel. It has played a part in killing joy in a ton of my games

LOL...I wish that were the case, but sadly, no exceptional percentile here. To be fair it wasn't something that happened all the time. I definitely hit it 5 times a handful of times, and 6 times on my very last game on my machine, where I finally made it to The Emperor. But I will say 3-4 times was pretty common on a decent game, and I rarely hit more than 2 or 3 planet multis in a game. It just killed the flow for me. John_I had a good idea letting you take points instead (just like STTNG would be perfect!), but I wouldn't even need points...just don't force me to play it.

Maybe mine just had more side-to-side action than most...I rarely ever aimed for the FORCE targets...they just pretty much happened on their own from bounces and ate through bank completions pretty fast. I donno...

#6546 2 years ago
Quoted from Breger1:

Getting my star wars pro within the next few weeks, very excited! I know this has been addressed, but thoughts on shaker motor? I put one in my BM 66 (pinball life) I purchased a little over a month ago. 2 days later the bat turn broke off at the welding point, I was not happy to say the least. I chalked this up to the shaker motor, or I guess could've been a faulty part that was going to break anyway. But it has left a sour taste for shaker motors. I did like the added feature, but very hesitant to try another one. There are less moving parts on Star Wars.

Shaker is great. There is zero chance a shaker broke a weldment, unless it physically hit it. Bad parts happen.

#6559 2 years ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

Problem is it will come back. I am with the others. Make it optional. Along with video mode.

In my opinion, if you decide to pass on LSD you should have to requalify it if you want to play it later. That would make it a weighty decision at least. I would usually want to play it, but if I am close to a planet MB I may choose to pass, especially if I can't complete it on the current ball. I agree with TheLaw that the best bet is to just beat it quickly, but for me that isn't always an option. I swear those shots shrink a few millimeters during that mode!

Video mode I would be ok with being forced to play it for Hoth 1, but make the "reward" from hitting the drop bank optional. I also like the idea of adding an extra ball reward to make it a bit more enticing to play.

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#6776 2 years ago
Quoted from stenbough:

Super easy. I feel stupid that I asked about it now that I realized it’s a common problem with an easy fix. Ah well, first pin growing pains

Don't feel stupid. We all started somewhere.

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#7097 2 years ago

So happy to rejoin the club after six months away. Selling was a near instant regret. It was the only machine my daughter ever cried over selling, and I really knew I was in trouble when I went downstairs to play it the day after it was gone, LOL. I was lucky enough to buy back the exact machine I sold, and the interim owner took very good care of it.

While there are things I would love to see updated, and I still hate the ball launch, there is so much that I love about this game! Absence definitely made the heart grow stronger, and I am now looking over the "flaws" more and concentrating on all of the good things.

I will continue to keep my fingers crossed (but not hold my breath) for an update. I hope some A/V priority changes happen to keep tie-fighter/hyperspace from burying planet multiball (among other things). I would LOVE to see finishing a planet given way more fanfare. I'd even go as far as killing the flippers and letting all balls drain during the celebration, then relaunching them all into Victory Multiball. I think that could be an amazing way to choreograph it and it wouldn't have to be long enough to kill the flow of the game or become old. Blowing up the Death Star should be a big deal, but unfortunately as it is now, sometimes you barely know you did it with everything else going on. Make it special. Same goes for all four planets. My other wishes I have discussed before, so will not beat a dead horse, but the ability to skip video mode (especially after the first one) would be great, as would the ability to pass on starting and/or continuing LSD (though this one I'm not too set on). In the mean time though, I will change my perspective and look at video mode as including the extra challenge of avoiding the start shot until I have a large multiplier on it. As far as LSD, I just need to look at it as a reward of it's own and the awesome mode that it is rather than the road block it can sometimes feel like. If I can't finish it quickly or on the first try, that's on me. Play better.

But honestly even as-is, it is such a fantastic game. I love the unique code, loaded with strategic choices and risk-rewards both in your decisions and your physical playing (is it worth taking my hand off the flippers to kill a few more tie fighters quickly? etc). It may not be loaded with all the gimmicks and toys that most people wanted from this theme, but the rules and A/V assets are used so well that it sucks me into the Star Wars universe in a way few other games can. And the layout is deceptive. At first I didn't get a lot of satisfaction from shooting it (compared to most Ritchie games anyway), but now I really love the feel of the ramps, orbits, and especially the inner loop. Backhands feel amazing, especially the right ramp. My daughter even managed to backhand the RIGHT orbit the other day. Granted it was a lucky on the fly flip, but still it looked awesome. Fast, furious, and flowy. Love it.

Sorry to ramble...just really excited to have this game back in my basement!

AFF02840-1B8B-4698-B1D9-16D9AAEFE884 (resized).jpeg2F5A8F94-8E57-4693-8533-4AA40A7FE8F8 (resized).jpeg
#7101 2 years ago
Quoted from Jerickso77:

For sure, the hurry ups shouldn't take dominance over an entire mode. Play the initial sound then dump it on the small screen.
The other thing that sucks about the muted sounds is that in all of the chaos they are your best bet for knowing how far through the mode you are.

Love the idea of the hurry-ups going to the small screen whenever there is a mode active! It seems a bit underutilized right now, and with so much LCD real estate between the two screens, it should be easy to show all the useful information at once.

#7158 2 years ago
Quoted from Celofane:

6.5 of my memory

Gravity must be different in France.

I'm guessing that's about 5. Cool stuff though...nice work!

#7190 2 years ago
Quoted from Hoochoo:

Correct, you could have 40x in say Death Star mission 2 with
Leia or Luke and the multipliers could be set to the inner loop and
you get nothing. Only when you move to the last orbit hurry-up
phase of the mission does that shot use the multiplier. If it
wasn't the case though, you could technically get infinite score if
you kept timing out the orbit and restating the three inner loop
shots. So again much like the early game scoring, there is method
to the madness. There are very good reasons for some shots not
being multiplied.

Very cool info on the planet unlocking, Leia ability, and multiplier info Hoochoo! I thought I knew the game fairly well, but I had no idea the depth in these areas. The thought and effort Dwight put into this game is amazing. Dude doesn't get enough credit. I'd love to see him take one more polishing pass on it (at least some A/V priority fixes), but what an awesome game as-is!

#7195 2 years ago
Quoted from Happy81724:

How much better is the premium vs pro? We have the pro and it’s
way too hard. Never played the premium. N I love the theme but the
family hates the gameplay of the pro. I have it as flat as it can
go and tried to adjust for cheap drains but we can’t get any good
balls. They want me to sell it so I posted it but if there is a way
to get the pro to be friendly i would like to try. It’s an awesome
looking pin and seems like from these posts people really enjoy

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but try increasing the pitch before you sell it. You mentioned having it as flat as possible, and that might actually be making it harder. The side-to-side motion in this game can be brutal, and increasing the pitch will help minimize that. If you go too far, you might have trouble making some shots though (especially the backhands). At least give the standard 6.5 a shot, and increase up for 7 or so to see how it feels. It definitely will not turn it into a "safe" game by any means, but it might actually help a bit.

#7198 2 years ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

It was designed for 6.5, nothing more nothing less.

Yes, I understand that, and that is why I suggested it since he currently has his as flat as possible. Some people enjoy steeper, and some games even play better steeper (Deadpool), but that can sometimes affect things working correctly. I tried mine steeper to help the side-to-side motion, but everything just felt off. 6.5 is where mine plays the best. I can't imagine shallower due to the already insane outlane drains with the side-to-side action.

#7232 2 years ago
Quoted from PlayPin:

Good question. Thats whats strange. Since I had no digital level I originally set up the game by the factory playfield level centering the bubble between the lines. Sometime later I noticed the bubble had drifted down. The game never gets moved and sits in exactly the same place on carpet. Leg nuts were locked in place too. I wonder now if the playfield was not all the way down completely when I initially setup the game. It could have changed after I lifted the playfield for something and then re-seated it. Anyway its dead center now and my digital level indicates 6.5 exactly.

Depending on the type of carpet, it could have just settled in. Backside is heavier than the front (oh my), so it could have sank further down. Not sure that could account for a full degree difference, but maybe.

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#7593 2 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Left the club, but boy I did it in style. On my last game I had 15B points and beat the Emperor!
And no mode stacking!

Nice....same thing happened to me. Last game before I sold it was my first time getting to the Emperor. I didn't defeat him, but it was close. Of course, I unexpectedly missed it more than any other game I have sold, and luckily bought it back six months later. Since then I have gotten back to the Emperor only once, but this time I beat him. Great game...and for those of us who click with it, it really gets under your skin. I really thought I had enough of it, and was frustrated by it's unfortunate quirks. But man...I missed that game almost instantly and it left a hole in the collection. I had to have it back. I hope you do not end up regretting letting it go!

#7610 2 years ago

Very cool! I'm (thankfully) quite happy with my pro art, but I know many people were not, so hopefully this will help others discover this awesome machine.

I prefer the original cab/translite art (at least the pro), but I have to admit...I'm a bit jealous of the new playfield. Can't wait to see them in person!

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#7670 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Was watching Jack Danger seems like he got the video mode 2x on the same game? Is that possible? That seems very excessive.
Also what happens when the jump ramp fork is up if the ball comes the opposite way around the loop?

2-3 video modes in a decent game is unfortunately pretty common. I have had it 5-6 times, and that's a drag, but that's a pretty rare thing. This is one of the things I would love to see Dwight update on this one. Give us the chance to opt out of it like GoT or ST:TNG (with or without consolation points...I don't mind either way). I would love to see a "real" mode added for Hoth 1 (since it's exactly the same as lighting video mode), but I won't hold my breath for that. If it must remain as Hoth 1, I could see forcing the player to play for that completion, but then giving the option to skip it all other times.

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#7756 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I’ve looked at some nice tutorials and just trying to understand how you lock/unlock the multiplier X
Best I can figure the X X X are red unlocked and you can move them with the flippers right/left and then lock again with the action button?

Yup, that is exactly it. Button switches between unlocked (red) and locked (green). When red you can move with flippers, but the multiplier is not counted. Green locks it in to not move and to multiply. When in doubt or not feeling like messing with them, park them in the LL,LR,RL area. Also the spread will shrink down to only one shot as the multiplier increases above a certain level (R2 ability helps this).

Increase and maintain multiplier level at the standup bank. Any of the three targets will do. You will hear an urgent sound when they are about to expire. R2 again helps here by giving you more time between target hit requirements.

That's all that's to it...not nearly as hard as most people make it out to be...it's just an unfamiliar mechanic. Enjoy!

#7757 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Ok thanks. I don’t know what the mystery R2 selection is.
If I’m a big novice and don’t want to be fiddling to switch to the next super jackpot what is the better shots to leave the shots on in general? Also when you lose a X does that just subtract one for the right or left most shot?

I believe he means you can safely reposition your multipliers while Mystery is being collected at the Tattooine shot.

Just park them on the Death Star (LL), Endor (LR), Hoth (RL) shots if you do not want to mess with them. As multiplier increases to where you only have one multiplied shot, I usually park it on the Death Star as that is usually a money shot. Depends what you are doing though.

Not sure what you mean by lose a X. If you mean when the window narrows as you increase multiplier level, then yes...I believe you lose them from right to left. If you mean when they expire because you went too long without hitting the target bank, then it drops from wherever you were (max 40x) all the way back to 2x. It's a really clever mechanic. Love Dwight's work!

#7761 2 years ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

For a long time, I went back and forth about moving the outlane posts (to be a purist) but I just feel in the normal position, there were just way too many cheap drains with the Playfield at 6.5 deg., which is perfect for all the ramps and shots on my game, but just made the drains ridiculous. Finally moved the posts to the smallest outlane opening for overall family enjoyment and haven't looked back. Still very brutal, but less straight shots to the outlanes which at least gives a fighting chance without having to nudge the hell out of the machine. I rationalized it with the Deathstar being a harder shot, and the Extra post on the Pro.

I understand some people wanting to be purists, but in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with adjusting a machine to maximize your enjoyment of it, especially if within the parameters the designer gave you to work with. I wouldn't fault anyone moving the posts to the "easiest" position, any more than I would fault someone for moving them to the "hardest" position if they wanted more of a challenge. Steve f'ing Ritchie gave you those options for a reason...and with an item this expensive, you deserve to get maximum enjoyment out of it. Now if you were drilling extra holes or stuffing socks in your outlanes...that might not be as cool, but on the other hand it's your machine! Simply moving the posts though...that's a designed in option. I wouldn't never adjust my car's seat just because it came in one position.

I wonder if all the purists who frown upon moving posts also have their machines set at exactly 6.5 degrees? That's what they were designed for, so anything outside of that is not "factory". To me that's pretty much the same thing.

Life is short, pins are expensive...do what makes you happy!

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#7940 2 years ago

The agony of defeat. The other night I was two good shots away from facing the Emperor for only the third time. Had Tatooine multiball lit. Just had to hit that bear of a scoop shot to start it. Had everything else in the bag (which is why I had to start it at the Tatooine shot rather than any of the other planet shots). Would have just had to play that out, and then hit the left ramp to start Jedi. I could not hit a clean Tatooine shot to save my life. Probably got a half dozen shots at it before finally draining. So close I could smell the old bastard! *sigh*

I love this game. So many ways to tackle it, all satisfying. I just keep my fingers crossed for one more code polish. This was another game where I hit video mode 5 or 6 times, and that gets old. Give us a choice to skip video mode (other than for Hoth 1 credit (or better yet give us a real Hoth 1!)), and clean up a few A/V priorities to not let anything step over the planet multiballs and I will be a very happy camper. I'd love to see the game "die" and drain all balls after a planet multiball final shot for the celebration, then relaunch them into Victory. Half the time I do not even realize I blew up the Death Star, etc in the heat of an intense multiball until I hear the Victory music hit. I'd like to take a moment to savor it, LOL! But even if we never do get that final polish, I still love it!

#7942 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Can someone explain Boba Fett combo rules? Does it stack with modes?

Starting Boba Fett always stumps me a bit too. I rarely specifically go for it and just play it out when/if it starts. It does not stack, though the first few combos to qualify it can be done in a mode I think. The mode itself is pretty straightforward with what needs to be shot clearly flashing, and the narrator telling you what to shoot. Very cool mode...immersive and super stressful!

Here is a copy/paste from the great rule sheet on Tilt Forums:

Escape from Boba Fett: Shooting combo shots will light the shots that ended the combo with a white arrow. Complete four white arrow shots (with the last two in non-mode play) to begin the mode. Escape from Boba Fett is a sequence of five hurryups: left ramp, right mini-loop, right ramp, left orbit, and left ramp again. Shooting the 3-bank will add more time to the mode. Make good use of your shot and shot multipliers during this mode - the final score can be huge. Completing this mode is one of the qualifications for Jedi Multiball.

#7945 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

This is something that gets me about SW (could be most other modern pin with good rules like GoT or TWD whatever) that there is so much to see on the modern pins like Hoard in TWD. I was debating to get MM remake it’s the number one pin of all time but the rules just seems so basic no combos (?) no multipliers just seems to be simple, not bad but very basic, so much more can be had with a 20 year newer design pin like SW but it doesn’t get near the love of MB, MM etc.

I'm with you there. Even the deepest B/W games that everyone adores can't hold a candle to most modern games when it comes to rule depth. Then something like Munsters comes out and everyone loses their minds with how shallow it is...yet many of those complaining have a collection full of B/W with no more actual depth that it has. Sure I enjoy playing B/W era pins, but for what I am looking for in a home collection, they do not hold a candle to modern Stern.

#7947 2 years ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Now that I got everything working on my Star Wars premium I have a new tech alert I’ve never seen before. Switch D 17 tilt pendulum. Does anyone know what that means? I’m assuming it’s related to the tilt bob but no idea what to check.

Usually when you get a switch alert, it just means that switch hasn't been activated in awhile, either from poor play or being broken. I'm not sure if one for the tilt works the same though. Do you have your bob installed? If so, tilt the game and see if that clears it (or at least if the switch activates). Hopefully that is all it is.

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#8360 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

It took me totally by surprise. Normally a great score on the video mode for me would be around 60M, although usually much lower. When it completed and seen my score, my jawn dropped. I don't really play with the multipliers (I'm still figuring the basics out), but I must have had them racked up through dumb luck when I started the mode.

A perfect run with a lot of boost (center button) at 40x = huge points. I think I had a 1+ billion video mode last night. I'll have to double check that I'm not imagining that. Either way...lots and lots of points waiting here. I like the video mode quite a bit, I just hate how you can be forced to play it again and again and again in the same game. Should be once a game only, or always give the option to pass like STTNG or GoT. I have played it 5-6 times per game on multiple occasions. That's a rarity, but still should never happen.

#8365 2 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

You know there are levels on the video mode? I think the higher the level the more worth the points.
I have an 850M video mode champ now I think.
It's a strategy to only play that with a big multiplier

Yup...BIG money.

1E85029F-62B0-498E-AB89-64CF050C8F16 (resized).jpeg
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#8439 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Just had the most insane game ever on my SW Premium!!
Playing as Luke, 3 Balls setting Factory Defaults on everything
Death Star Blown up on Endor with Endor medal
All Planets complete except 2 missions on Tatooine
Only Needed Lightsaber Battle & Boba Fett to continue after finishing Tatooine
Drained going after the Rancor
Didn't beat my high score but I was getting so damn close to the Emperor I didn't care
2.8 Billion
I like listening to Kaneda, but how the hell he can call this game crap over and over is beyond me. This IS a masterpiece of coding and geometry
Palm's sweating, heart racing...this was a freaking workout..never got this rush from video games ever this crazy
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice! I couldn't agree more...this game is everything I love about pinball. I defeated the Emperor last night in front of a couple buddies I had over to play. That felt awesome and everyone was pumped just watching it. Only the third time I have gotten there and second time defeating him. I was sore, tired, and sweating after that! Not a GC score, but ~10b. Only got to one Victory and didn't even get a medal. But it felt damn good!

#8453 1 year ago
Quoted from fooflighter:

Oh man so close yet again...5,148,587.710 score with a #13 pinside rank on my Premium....I gotta get to that emperor!!!! https://pinside.com/pinball/machine/star-wars-stern-le/scores[quoted image]

Nice! Keep at it. You'll get there, and I promise it will be worth it. It's amazing!

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#8470 1 year ago
Quoted from HC2016:

Playing R2 character , somehow something blew up on the screen .. I think it was Jabbas ship ? Not sure .. anyway immediately after that I achieved Victory MB .. I thought it was only on the DS mode ... this game is full of surprises , have I mentioned it’s the best game I’ve played and owned .. probably

Sounds like you beat the Escape From Tatooine mini-wizard mode. Nice work! Each of the four planet mini-wizards lead to Victory Multiball if you beat them. Doing well in Victory leads to medals. I think you get bronze for hitting every shot, and then upgrade them to silver and gold by hitting them all again. Medals bring big points when you get to the Emperor.

I rarely get to Victory...especially more than one per game. I even more rarely get a medal. I have only fought the Emperor three times, and have not yet been able to bring a medal with me when I did!

Amazing game all around. So many paths to take, all rewarding. Love it!

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#8504 1 year ago

Yeah...all these issues can be addressed with a few guide rail tweaks. Might take some fiddling around, but it can be done and isn't that difficult.

#8506 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I was able to get it working right with just leg leveler adjustments. The pitch and absolute level of this machine is more critical than any machine I've ever seen. It's an extremely fine line between entertaining and extrement with this one.

Yup...I agree. For my machine, leveling was not enough but since getting it dialed in it's been solid. Most tweaking I have had to do since Avengers, but SO worth it!

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#8555 1 year ago
Quoted from CoasterG:

Had a problem with my Comic Edition pro start yesterday. The 2 posts that stop the ball when Hoth or the video mode are active won't go down appropriately. They stay up until a ball check is done then I have to push the pin around to get them to go down. Any suggestions to resolve this?
Attached a photo of the posts that are the problem.[quoted image]

Possibly getting jammed in the hole (oh my) and binding. Check the mech underneath to make sure it's tight in place. You may need to adjust it slightly or possibly bend the bracket slightly if the pins are angled too much. If it isn't binding up in the playfield holes, make sure the coil stop/bushing are good and the assembly can move freely. Should be something fairly simple. Good luck!

#8563 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

What's your best score for the asteroid minigame? I finally got a perfect with full turbo all the way and 40x multiplier. 723 million for that one mode!

pasted_image (resized).png
#8580 1 year ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

I put a comic book version on my pro. [quoted image]

Oooh...more pics please. I've been thinking of doing the same. Wish they would make this design in the original art style also...

#8590 1 year ago
Quoted from Exeter:

Hey everyone! Just got my Pro a few weeks ago and having quite the trouble with the right sling. This thing just keeps throwing the ball into the left out lane. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’ve played this game on location at a number of different places and nothing like this has ever happened. Any ideas?

Make sure the sling posts are tight in the playfield. I've had a few games where they were pretty lose from the factory, causing some nasty airballs and other issues. That goes for all the other posts in the game too...not just the slings. My BK:SoR had literally every post barely finger tight causing all sorts of fun... :/

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#8681 1 year ago
Quoted from grimboys:

Do you think with all the stern code updates being released Star Wars might get one too?

I'd love to see one more update...not sure if we will or not. Probably all depends on what point Dwight is at with whatever new game he is working on (please be TMNT...please be TMNT!).

Here's my code wishlist (discussed before, but it's been awhile):
A way to either pass on video mode, or have it come up less. A long deep game means 5-6 video modes in a single game. I love the mode (as far as vid modes go anyway), but that's way too much. I should never see it more than once, maybe twice a game. While I would love to see Hoth 1 get a "real" mode of its own (Tauntauns / Wampa?), if that can't happen then require the video mode for that, but then have the rest give the choice, much like GoT or ST:TNG do. With or without consolation points, I don't care. If you decide to play it later, you have to requalify it. Also throwing in a floating extra ball or other rewards would be a pretty cool incentive to play it.

A/V priority tweaks...especially for the planet multiball mini-wizard modes. Tie fighters or hyperspace should never step over a wizard mode. I would say if there is any other mode (but especially planet multis) going on, move tie fighter hurryup/bashing and hyperspace countdown to the small screen. That way the info is still there to stack effectively, but it's not burying something more special.

Make a bigger celebration for finishing a planet. My suggestion would be when you hit the "kill shot", have the machine kill the flippers, and launch into a big celebration while the balls are draining, then relaunch the balls for Victory Multiball. Think the end of Cherry Bomb in GOTG, join the Cirqus in CV, and others...even battling the Emperor in SW if I remember right? As it is now, in the heat of an intense multiball, sometimes you do not even realize you blew up the Death Star or took down Jabba's barge. Killing the flippers gives you a chance to savor the moment, watch the DS explode. It wouldn't take long...just a few seconds and then launch into Victory like a boss. If you had anything stacked, that can carry in as well. This would truly make for a special fanfare "moment" when you beat one of those modes (which isn't something I do all that often..getting to them is one thing, beating them is another...for me at least!). Some people may not like the interruption in flow, so you could even make it an option in the settings.

I go back and forth if I want a way to pass on or "escape from" Light Saber Duel. It is such an amazing mode, but once you are in it, you are stuck until you finish it, time out, or drain all your balls. Way too often I have gotten stuck on a shot and ended up spending my whole game locked in. Since getting better at the game, this is less of an issue, but it can still be frustrating some days...especially if I was close to a planet multi. Not sure how to handle this one, but maybe at least giving the option whether or not to carry it over to the next ball would be nice. If you opt-out before it's done, you need to completely requalify it before trying again...so that would give the decision some weight if you are going for the Emperor.

Maybe help clarify mode shots a little better in some cases...especially the planet modes. I still get a bit lost in some of them, like Escape from Hoth. I'm never sure what shots just build points vs what shots progress to finishing.

Would love to see more end of ball sequences and stuff like that. The game needs more Chewy and Jabba especially. But that's minor.

Maybe the max shot multiplier could be nerfed a little as that does get pretty crazy at 40x. I do not mind it, but I know it drives some people nuts. My argument is the game can be completely enjoyed while ignoring the multipliers. I'm more of a progression guy than a score guy anyway (if not competing). But I can see some of the annoyance. I'd be ok with the max being lowered even down to say 10x. That's still a huge multiplier compared to most other games, and worth going for, but not a complete game changer if you choose to ignore them. I don't know...just thinking out loud here to help a complaint that I hear about the game. It's not something that I personally really want/need changed and it wouldn't affect my enjoyment either way. I mean...a HUGE 40x cash-in does feel good...but realistically so would a 10x if that was the max. And either way you will kick yourself when you accidentally slop into the video mode without having the multiplier on it! LOL

I'm sure there are other things that could be tweaked, but this is just my wishlist. Honestly...I love this game just as-is. This stuff would put it over the top the way Dwight's last GoT tweak did for that game. I'd love to see at least some of these, but if not, it's still awesome right now.

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#8715 1 year ago

I totally respect those that love the prem/LE, but I will say I adore my pro and have zero regrets and no urge to upgrade. You can't lose either way. If you have the extra money and do not mind spending it, go for it. But if not and a pro is all you can reasonable do, it's still an awesome game.

2 weeks later
#8797 1 year ago
Quoted from ausretrogamer:

First shot to the Death Star ramp, ball gets stuck. Took the glass off but could not reach underneath to rattle the ball loose. Tried to search ‘stuck ball’ in this club thread but mostly found issues with the fork ramp.
Here are a few photos showing where the ball is stuck. This literally happened on the first game on this new machine. May need a coat hanger to push (or pull) the ball out.
Thanks in advance for any tips to get this sorted out.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Sorry this happened first thing out of the gate. I'm sure that's frustrating...but that's pinball for you! I'm afraid I do not have a premium, so I am not familiar with the hyperloop assembly, but my guess would be the easiest thing to do will be remove your Death Star to fish it out and figure out why it was able to do that. It comes off easily on the pro, but I'm not sure how it's different on yours.

It will probably take some tweaking to get perfect, like most machines do, but it will be very worth it in the end! Best of luck!

3 weeks later
#8884 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Anyone interested in signed Starwars Translite?
Bought an LE and got the spares- took them to Shows... well
Friend went to New York - got Mark H signature and I took them to shows in UK and got David Prowse, Anthony Daniels and a random Captain from Death Star on them[quoted image][quoted image]

What are you asking? And do you have anything authenticating the signatures?

#8890 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

The Pro Translite is obviously the most expensive.
Mark Hamil signature was $300 at Comic Con in NY- I sent it with my buddy to get it signed.
He didn’t get a picture of Mark Hamil signing it as that was “extra”
I was at the David Prowse signing, $ 60 (£45) he signed a few things for me, but again no photos
And same with Anthony Daniels at Comic Con in London Excel (£80) again I was there and queued. Actually had an argument with him as he wanted to sign across the Translite- I asked
Politely to put it next to his character and he was like “It would look better here”
I said please put it there and he was not happy!
I’m an honest guy - the buyer could get it authenticated by all means.. legit

Awesome. It's a great piece. Wish I had the free cash right now as it would look really good in my pro!

I talked to my buddy who is a big SW autograph collector. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal on the Hamill. Fun stuff. It's amazing how much some of them get for a signature!

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#9052 1 year ago

I think the only Armada ship regularly used is the Star Destroyer. Most of the other ships are from the X-Wing game expansions. Perfect size and beautifully detailed.

#9068 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

In the club since two weeks. Got a pro with pf-protector since day one. Super nice condition. Not brand new but sure looks like it. Very happy with it but as always with a new pin there is some struggle with making it play perfect. A fast ball in the horseshoe loop left to right goes... tada... sdtm =)
There are 182 pages to scroll thru in this thread and I'm doing my best. I have read quite a few posts about the issue and how sensitive the game is to levelling. And I get it. If the game is tilted to the left, then the return from the inner loop will miss the right flipper and go sdtm. But if you miss the perfect pitch by 0.1 °, really? No way... That's a design issue and not a levelling issue in my book. So any thoughts about that besides levelling are welcome.
I also just ordered a shaker. Stern has just recently put up a European site for spare parts and such so that we don't have to pay a ridiculous amount of money on shipping, customs and then vat on top of everything. Ordering from the US often ends up with paying close to 200 % of the original price. So that's a good thing. Thank you Stern.
Any thoughts about installing a shaker? I could see that there is a capacitor thingy included that kind of makes me nervous. Should I be? or is it straight forward, plug in and be happy?
And Yoda, please... I know, I have to learn control. Stop rubbing it in...

Besides leveling, the lane guides will most likely need to be tweaked some. It might take some work, but you should be able to eliminate 90% of the SDTM issues. Mine honestly took a few hours of trial and error, but it was well worth it. SDTM from a good shot are a rarity now.

Shaker motor is about as plug-and-play straight forward as it gets. No worries.

#9070 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidCPA:

I have never adjusted the lane guides on any of my other machines. Can you clarify where and how did you bend them? So my SW Pro shoots SDTM when I hit the left inner loop hard from the right flipper. Do you bend/adjust the top of the loop or angle in the exit? Also, where does the ball come after you hit that left inner loop on your machine? Left or right fliipper?
Thanks for your help. Love the game and this group.

Some of it will honestly be trial and error. The first thing to check is make sure the lane guides are actually tight. Stern has had a nasty habit lately of not tightening posts and guides down well from the factory. If your guide is slightly loose and has some give, that could be enough to mess up the ball flow. If that's all good, before actually bending, loosen the mounting screws/nuts and see if there is any play in them. When re-tightening, put some pressure on the guide in the direction you want it to go to see if you can get it to snug up a hair in that direction. Sometimes that's enough. If you have to bend the end of your lane guide, do it carefully to not scratch it up or crack the mounts. And remember a very small amount can make a big difference.

Left inner loop (Death Star) should feed clean to the right flipper. Right inner loop (Hoth) should feed clean to the left flipper. If memory serves, there was much discussion about that early on, and that info came from Steve Ritchie himself (at least I think it did....fuzzy memory and too lazy to dig it up now). If you look at the geometry, you can see that is how it was designed to work.

#9076 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

This can be hard to see in a picture, and since english is a second language it can be hard to explain... my guess is that the black line on the playfield is where the metal guide is supposed to be. If the point of attachement (I lack the correct vocabulary) at the right exit is correct but the two points before is slightly wrong as shown in the picture. One have to look closely. The ball takes a wider course inside the loop and the direction of the ball when exiting is pointed more to the left than intended...
This could be that the holes where the screw goes is slightly wrong. We are talking millimeters (fractions of an inch). I can’t see how bending would do the trick...
Is it possible to understand what I mean? I don’t know if the translation ”direction of the tangent” is correct. But that is what’s wrong as I see it. [quoted image]

I understand what you are saying. You explained it very well....much better than I could do in any other language!

It is definitely possible that the overall shape is distorted a bit. In this case I would loosen the entire guide, make sure none of the attachment points are stressed, twisted, bent, or pulling it in the wrong direction, then tighten it back down. Also make sure the welds on the attachment points are good. I had a bad one which actually broke when tightening mine (not overtightened...it was partially broken already) and I had to replace the entire guide. With the bad weld, I do not think my original one ever could have been adjusted right. My new one was perfect with very little adjustment. So that is something to watch for too.

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#9144 1 year ago
Quoted from Flippersaurus:

On a premium/LE. How often should the ball reject from the jump ramp into the death star when shooting from the right flipper? I'm referring to the shot you need for the hyperspace hurry up and to start a death star mode (when using the death star shot to start a mode). Is there a trick to getting it set up correctly? I've tried leveling and adjusting the pitch. Maybe I need to keep doing that. But I'm getting about a 1 in 5 success rate on a good clean shot with enough force (no pun intended). It seems that the ball just rattles around up there but does not make the turn at the top. Then falls back down. I'm renting this game for a little while to see if I like it enough to buy one. So I'm not going to be messing around under the glass on this copy. I just want to see what others have experienced. Because right now this is ruining the game for me. I get it that sometimes in pinball, you just have to shoot the shot a few times to get the result you're looking for. But this is beyond what I can enjoy. Where you guys able to dial this in? I'm trying to decide if this is a deal breaker for me or not.
On another note. Now that I have a little time with the game and I have a better understanding of what's going on with the rules/coding. I think Dwight and co. did a great job.

Many prem/LE owners will balk at this, but the pro really is a good option. I've played multiple prem/LEs and the hyperloop is a decent gimmick, but to me it doesn't outweigh the issues it causes. The Death Star shot is hard enough without adding a 50% reject rate into the mix, plus the forks kill the flow of the Hoth shot since they can't drop out of the way fast enough. On the pro, both shots are always smooth as butter, 100% of the time. I personally wouldn't trade that for the ability to watch a ball zoom around a racetrack a few times. I also love how the pro handles Hyperspace multiball, with needing to smack the captured ball out of the horseshoe and then lock another one in there. It's a great feeling shot, and still feels special and different than other multiballs. Opinions definitely vary on that, but I would urge you not to overlook the pro. It's an awesome, vastly underrated game either way.

#9156 1 year ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I thought I hated Star Wars. Turns out, I just hated the Pro. Got a Premium to make color brackets and loved it. Even when the machine is set up right (and it's very finicky) that death star shot is tough to make consistently, but that's what makes it a rush - the tension to keep making the shot to load the hyperloop in a short period of time is completely missing from the Pro and is one of the best things about the machine.

While I have a tough time understanding how one gimmick can turn hate into love on a machine, I respect your opinion and I'm glad you found a version you like. The hyperloop really seems to make the game for a lot of people, and that's cool. This is one of those situations where it's nice to have options and something for everyone. I think it's a great full package game either way. The code and theme integration are awesome and really pull me into the world. Total adrenaline rush.

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#9179 1 year ago
Quoted from Yesh23:

My double ball lock post seem to be recessed when down about a .25 inch “. Shouldn’t them be almost level with the playfield when down? Is thereA way to bring it up when down?
[quoted image]

Mine look the same. Pretty sure that's normal. The large single post near the back of the loop is closer to flush, which makes sense as the ball rolls directly over it, unlike the double posts.

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#9215 1 year ago
Quoted from Karl_Hungus:

People also have had luck with dropping the eject power to 30. I did this, but then once my pitch was correct, I had to power it back up.

Also don't forget there is an saucer eject ball save setting that can cover you for the occasional SDTM. Makes life much less frustrating since you can likely never get it 100%.

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#9335 1 year ago
Quoted from brickbuilder14:

Hey, I recently got into Pinball. I have Jurassic Park, Deadpool and Elvira. I LOVE the Star Wars movies. I was planning on getting the Star Wars pin as my first ever Pin but multiple people convinced me that it wasn't 'as good' as the above three. I wanted to get your opinion. What are the shortcomings of the Star Wars Pin? I heard that it is extremely difficult to tell what you have to do next, very hard to hit the final Death Star shot, and relies too heavily on the movie scenes (which I love!) but that you cant see them anyway while playing. I just wanted to get some opinions from people who obviously love the game. Thanks guys!

You really need to play them yourself. We all have different opinions of what we like and what we don't like. I own a SW pro and love it. I have owned a JP and DP in the past, and they both moved on (though DP will be back someday). Most people praise JP as one of the best ever made. I personally would take SW all day every day over it. It all comes down to personal preference.

As for difficult to tell what to do next, that's pure BS. The base rules of SW are super easy to understand, and the game makes it very clear what it wants you to shoot. Even the multiplier system, which is what most people would rather whine about than learn how to use, is super simple. I find JP much less intuitive overall. Yes, the Death Star is a hard shot, but no harder than many of the shots in JP really. I've never heard of the movie scenes as being a negative against SW...I think most people would point to it as an example of how to use movie clips effectively. The theme integration, at least from a software side, is second to none in my opinion. Every mode is unique and uses the move assets perfectly.

I love SW. I wouldn't say it's the best game ever made, but it's definitely in my top 10...maybe top 5. That is going to be different for every person though. You really need to play it first, preferably somewhere that it's set up well and you can give it a fair shake before deciding. Best of luck!

#9339 1 year ago
Quoted from Ssoltero:

Its my first modern pin and I love it. The multiplier feature is a ball drainer for sure if you are putting any focus on, which I love because it really makes you work for extra points. Out lanes are hungry.

That's one of my favorite parts about the game...it is LOADED with risk/reward decisions. You can completely ignore the multipliers and still progress happily through the game all the way to the Emperor and have a great time. But if you want the big points, you need to take the risk of moving that multiplier around and keeping it from expiring. Same could be said for Tie Fighters. Do you want to take your hand off the flipper in order to bash them during the hurry-up and get to multiball quicker, or play it safe and collect them more slowly as you play. So much strategy if you choose to dig deep...but you can ignore all that and just have fun if you choose.

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#9398 1 year ago

I don't think it's bashing at all...just giving the lesser vocal other side of the story. It's been years of people straight out saying the pro is empty trash and the absolute only way to go is the premium. It's kind of nice and refreshing to see I'm not the only one that prefers the pro. Any version is an awesome game though...I wish more people would give it an open minded chance. Their loss writing this one off, in any form.

#9425 1 year ago
Quoted from rai:

Maybe cooler than no fear and getaway because the balls come all the way down to the flipper area.

No Fear at least you interact with the ball...it's up to you to keep it looping. Getaway and SW you just load and watch. Not saying it isn't a cool gimmick, but in my mind it doesn't compare with NF.

#9439 1 year ago

Never trust the bubble. It's a complete waste of space. Use a digital level. They are cheap and accurate. Some people use an app on their phone. If you do that, make sure you calibrate it correctly. It's well worth the $20 to buy a real one....especially for a game that is ultra-sensitive to pitch and level like Star Wars.

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#9490 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

Videomode together with a big multiplier is like a superjackpot that you can control imo. Very satisfying and one of the genious features of the game. The videomode in it self is maybe not the best, but wow when you can score big.

It is, and it's a great video mode as far as video modes go, but there is no excuse for making me play it 5-6 times on a great game. Once, maybe twice in a good game would be fine. I can live with it as-is, but this is at the top of my code wishlist. Dwight surprised us with an absolute kick-ass GoT update long after anyone would have thought one was coming, so I am holding out hope. Not holding my breath, but maybe keeping my fingers crossed.

#9505 1 year ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Leaving the club but still a fan. Peace out.

I did that once. But then I came back, LOL. Biggest selling regret I have had, and I've had a few. It's always tough to let go of a game you still enjoy (at least it is for me), but thankfully in this hobby they can always be bought back if there is too much regret. In my case I even got back the exact same machine. Hope you are trading to something else fun!

#9513 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

This is written partly with the help of google translate. English is a second language.
I've been lying on my back under this game countless times screwing on the leg screws. all to find the right slope. I have read a lot in this thread to find clues to how to best solve, among other things, the problem with the inner loop sending the balls straight down the middle. This week I'm lying there again and now I was aiming to get 6.5 roughly in the middle of the playfield. I think I've finally found the right slope. Or I just got a little better at playing all of a sudden. One thing I have a hard time understanding. Why do I get different gradients depending on where I measure? high up and far down on the playing field can differ several tenths. And where should I get 6.5?

You will always get slightly different readings in different places around the playfield. I try to average it out, but for slope go mostly by the middle of the playfield. For level (left and right) I do the same, but mostly concentrate on the area closest to the flippers. While there will be some difference, it should be very minor and not make a huge change in play. Slight warp in the wood, slightly uneven clearcoat, and slightly raised inserts can all contribute to the difference you are seeing, but unless it's a huge difference, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

After leveling and getting the slope right, you still might have to adjust the lane guides on the loop and the orbits, and also the Tatooine scoop. Make sure the guides are tightened down well too...mine were a bit loose from the factory making the shots inconsistent. Also make sure none of the targets are leaning far enough to interfere with the ball travel, and check the roll-under switch gate at the Death Star entrance and the left spinner to make sure they are not affecting the ball. My machine needed a TON of tweaking, most of any game I have had other than Avengers. It's worth it though...once it's dialed in it is a super fun machine and it has needed very little additional tweaking once it was done. Good luck!

#9519 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

Thank you!
I'm not a collector of pinball machines. This is my fourth so far. I have done some work on my previous machines but the teardown needed to get the guides out of the machine scares me. SW is by far the most expensive inventory we have in our home. And what should I do when i get them out? To me it seems as if the "problem" is not at the exit. And here my english vocabulary might not be enough but I would think that the curve before the exit is too deep so to speak... What if I bend them and get it wrong. What if they don't fit after I have bent them. What if it is the holes that are not drilled in the right place... The latter is actually my theory why the sdtm thing is happening.
But thanks a lot for a really good response. Please let me know if you ever do a tutorial with pictures

No problem. Just remember that very small changes make a big difference. If you are bending anything so far you can't get it back in place, it's WAY too much. You likely do not need to remove the guide. Just loosen the mounting points, then push on the rails a little bit in the direction you want to change as you tighten them back up. In one case I found that from the factory my rail was tightened down with some tension that deformed them a bit. Once I loosened the nuts, the rail "sprung back" into shape, then all I had to do was tighten them back down. A little bit will do...a 1 mm in either direction is probably all you need! Good luck!

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#9672 1 year ago
Quoted from Jerickso77:

I hate it when you are deep into a mini wizard mode and then a tie fighter or hyperspace hurry up starts and spoils the experience.

I do not mind that they stack in (in fact, I quite enjoy the rush of stacking them all sometimes), but one of my BIG wishlist items would be to change the A/V priority to keep them from "taking over" and minimizing the planet multiball. Tie fighter and/or hyperspace could easily be relegated to the mini-LCD screen and lighter background sounds and still be just as effective, allowing the main screen, sounds, and lightshow to concentrate on the mini-wizard. I would really love if additionally the "kill shot" to finish the mini-wizard would kill the flippers, let the balls all drain, and allow you to enjoy the end animation/celebration. It's a big deal, so make it an EVENT! Then the balls could relaunch into Victory Multiball while the pomp and circumstance is going on. Any stacked multiballs could easily just continue where they left off. Yes, it would interrupt the flow a bit, but it would be a super cool moment. Maybe have a setting for those that may not want that to happen.

After seeing the brilliant tweaking and clean-up that Dwight did on GoT, I still have my fingers crossed that he will swoop in and give the same love to SW when we least expect it.

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#9700 1 year ago
Quoted from SWfan:

I've had the Comic Premium version for almost a year now and the game keeps getting better and better. I have "fixed" the issue with the scoop draining so that it now always hits the left flipper on eject, which is awesome. Hoping to find a similar solution for the inner loop (Hoth/Death Star) shot. It is obviously not fun to hit the exact shot that is called for only to have it go SDTM. Bad shots getting punished is one thing, but quality shots getting punished is frustrating and this game would be a 10/10 if I can find a way to correct that.
I know this has been discussed throughout this thread, but does anyone have a "fix" that works to permanently correct this issue? Even when perfectly set up, it will still go SDTM at least 1 out of 6-7 times. I'd like it to be closer to 1 out of 20. It tends to drain SDTM more going from right to left (Hoth to Death Star) but can go SDTM either direction.
Any suggestions are appreciated and any photos of modifications are greatly appreciated!

Adjust your rails. Not very hard to do, but it's one of those things you have to feel out yourself to see which direction and how far you need to go. Lots of info in this thread if you dig a bit. Even when adjusted perfectly you might still have a random drain from them, but you should be able to get it 99% good. Mine took a LOT of tweaking, but was well worth it in the end. It could be as simple as them not being tightened properly, they might have some tension on them deflecting the geometry a bit, or they may need to actually be bent a bit. Remember a little goes a long way. Good luck!

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#9727 1 year ago

Just had the coolest shot. I was in tie fighter multiball with two balls cradled on the left flipper. One flip sent one through the Death Star and one through the right orbit...my two hardest shots on the game...for two jackpots. Couldn't believe it...I don't think I will ever be able to repeat that one! Went on to defeat the Emperor. Was a good day.

#9741 1 year ago
Quoted from Pgorey:

Just got a SW Pro for a crazy good deal from a new homeowner where the machine came with the home and they just didn't want it. I can't contain my excitement having this thing in my home. I am a complete newbie regarding pinball ownership but love tinkering and electronics so I feel like the maintenace and mods part will be something I really enjoy. I already fixed the double post as the two posts had become unthreaded a bit and were basically always up a little when activated. Cleaned the balls and glass, did a once over of the playfield above and below. The left tie fighter wing was broken in half and in the parts bag. Has anyone else had this happen and what were the circumstances that shattered the wing? Also, where are the round character and x-wing plastics supposed to go? I love the MF mod that I have seen others do to thier Pros. That will be my first project. Lastly, what is the MF flasher supposed to do when testing flashers. Is that a light output off a board that is available for future mods or should it be doing something from the factory?

Congrats! I have heard of a few Tie Fighter wings breaking from a bad airball. If you can't glue this one back together to your satisfaction, you can probably get a new one from Stern or Marco (though it looks like Marco is out of stock). The plastics you are asking about are just fun little key fobs Stern usually includes.

#9744 1 year ago
Quoted from Pgorey:

That doesn't seem to be the way this machine works - when I run through indivudual coils and flashers within the diagnostics, the coin door is wide open for me to operate the menu selections and the flashers and coils seem to work just fine. I just can't see anything happening when the M.F. flasher is activated in diagnostics.

Most games have that switch, but some of the newer Sterns do not. They did away with them for a little while and then brought them back. Not a surprise SW doesn't have one. Mine does not. I just checked, and my MF flasher also doesn't do anything. I am guessing it is for the premium/LE Falcon, but not sure (I have a pro). I wouldn't worry about it.

#9752 1 year ago
Quoted from Pgorey:

So I thought I fixed the ball lock / dual post under the death star yesterday...the two posts needed tightening from below. Played maybe 20 games after that and then the posts started getting jammed or stuck on the way down, thus never releasing the ball. Opened up the playfield again and the slide action of the ball lock plunger assembly is not smooth at all. Please forgive my newbie question but is there lube or something for this or would this indicate a part replacement is required. Manuan's part reference numbers: 5.21 / 5.22 - 500-1077-00 / 511-9981-00 respectively. Thanks ya'll! Super thankful for this community and space to learn.
[quoted image]

First make sure the posts aren't jamming in the playfield holes. If the assembly bracket is bent at all, that can happen. I had to bend mine a bit to keep them aligned right. If that isn't the problem, I would take the assembly apart and make sure the coil sleeve is clean and there isn't any dirt in there. Worst case I guess change the coil sleeve (they are cheap and easy), but I would be surprised if it needed it already. My best guess is alignment through the playfield holes. Just gotta get in there and see what is going on. Do not lube. Almost nothing on a pinball machine should ever be lubed (other than gear boxes or a drop on a spinner). Good luck and let us know what you find!

#9785 1 year ago

So very happy to get this unexpected treat! As I have made abundantly clear, the video mode issue was my #1 wish, and I'm so happy Dwight fixed it! As far as video modes go, I love this one...but I do not want to see it 5-6 times in a good game. I am very thankful for this! Game end shortcut is definitely nice to have, and hopefully the audio tweaks will eliminate the minor clipping heard in a few sounds. Good stuff.

I will still hold out hope that someday he will go back and tweak some of the A/V priorities so the regular multiballs no longer step over the mini-wizard modes, and make finishing a mini-wizard more of a big event (I'd like to see the flippers killed even, at least as an option, then relaunch into Victory after the celebration). Of course a bit more variety in end of ball callouts would be cool too. These are minor asks though. Vid mode was the big one for me, so I am a very happy camper right now!

Thanks Dwight and crew!

#9788 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

I agree there are a lot of simple changes that could make this game better, but any update is better than nothing. I'm glad to see the video mode limits, but it would have been nice to still get some compensation for enabling it. In STTNG the video mode could be bypassed for points. Funny the video mode changes are not in the Premium Read Me file.

Yeah, there would have been a few ways to do it. I personally would have liked to see the STTNG method (trade for points), or even GoT (simple yes or no), but I'm definitely not mad with just not having it qualify again.

#9792 1 year ago

Just a quick reminder that this update will wipe all your high scores and settings, just like the good old days. So if you have any customized settings such as kickout strength, Tatooine ball saver in case it kicks SDTM, stacking settings, knocker volume, etc, you will have to reset them. I admit I have gotten a little spoiled by most Spike updates not resetting everything.

#9801 1 year ago

Just had a decent game, playing all four planet mini-wizards, and having only Boba Fett standing between me and the Emperor (as usual, lol). And you know how many times I played the video mode? Once. It was glorious. WOOHOO!!! That would have easily been a 5 video mode game before. Soooooo much better now.

I will slightly miss the huge 40x level 3 cash (I pulled off a 1bil+ vid mode once), but I won't miss it that much.

Thank you so much Dwight!

#9825 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballonthemark:

I had the exact same scenario. All I had to beat was Escape from Boba Fett. This is on the older code. Haven’t updated it yet.

Oh yeah...that's a VERY common scenario for me. I bet I have been Fett Blocked at least a dozen times. It's my own fault though...not a code issue. Both orbits (especially the right) are my kryptonite, and hitting them on demand is...unlikely. It is a great, high pressure, immersive mode and I love it...but man it usually has my number. Every now and then though, when I'm on...it feels great. Especially if you go that extra step and move a 40x multiplier on to every shot of the mode. I only did that once but it was amazing!

#9889 1 year ago
Quoted from firebrand007:

I'm the happy owner of a Star Wars comic art pro machine, which I've set up at 6.5 degrees but which continues to give me very frequent and brutal left outlane drains.
I've read that you could replace the rubber around the lane outpost with a thicker one but it's my first machine and I have no idea of the references I should look for. Could you please point me towards the adequate rubber part for that ? Links would be very welcome…
Also, I was wondering if I should install leg protectors to ensure the cabinet art is not damaged when I nudge the machine,any thoughts on that ? I chose not to put a playfield protector after reading a lot of pros & cons , I hope I won't regret it !
Last minor question I had was on how to securely attach a Millenium Falcon (from the x-wing board game) to the ramp's screws and I just saw an answer above … but are there any other solutions out there especially to have the MF slightly tilted ?
(I think I once saw a pic of a metal bracket but can't remember where)
thanks a lot !

No need for leg protectors as newer Sterns come with protectors already attached and the art is cut around them. Adding additional ones on top can actually lead to damage as they are larger and can touch more of the artwork.

Good call on no pf protector. Total waste, especially in a home environment, and a game as picky about set-up as SW is would surely suffer.

I attached my Falcon (X-Wing game one also) by making a simple music wire "bracket". Bend a loop in one end to go around the screw of your choosing, cut to the height you want, and hot glue the wire into the Falcon's base. Then you can bend it to any angle you want.

#9921 1 year ago
Quoted from fastchef:

Updated to 1.10 and played probably 3 games on it and not I’m having an issue. It’s saying locating balls and node board 8 is not responding. I made sure all connections were tight to the lower boards. I think this is the board that stern had me put a spacer and a zip tie to fix an issue early on.

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but are you booting the game up with the door open by any chance? That can confuse the node boards...

#9928 1 year ago
Quoted from fastchef:

No, the door is closed but I don’t think it would even matter since there’s no coin door switch on the early LE’s.

Ahh...sorry I forgot many SW didn't have an interlock switch. Bummer.

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#10046 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

Personally I would put SW at about tenth. It is a very under rated game. The haters will all chime in and knock it back do to the 20s or even 30s.

I agree. I love it, but it's definitely not the best ever, mostly due to the very vanilla layout. For me, it would likely land somewhere between 10-20, probably on the high side of that. It's good to see it get some love and respect though. It was crapped on for way too long, and doesn't deserve that.

#10119 1 year ago
Quoted from r0ddan:

I think my question got drowned by some new rating. I ask again, anyone with the same experience?

Yes, if escape is lit, you should get your ball back. Make sure it is really lit though, not just flashing as part of a light show (some games have this problem, some do not...I can't remember if SW uses that insert in light shows or not).

If it is lit and you aren't getting the ball back when draining down that outlane, I would take a look at the switch in the outlane. Make sure a ball (not just your finger) will trigger it in the switch test, and also make sure it isn't just barely getting triggered as that could lead to a fast moving ball missing it.

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#10190 11 months ago
Quoted from Crispy77:

Why do I rarely get victory multiball? Seems like I only get it when I manage to blow up the deathstar? Never got it from hoth or tattoine.

You have to finish the planet mode to get to Victory. So yes, blowing up either Death Star will do it. Endor is pretty easy. First DS is quite a bit harder. Tatooine isn't too bad once you realize how to make progress, but is a lot of shots. Hoth...hell I still have no idea what Hoth wants from me. I think I've defeated it once in all the time I have had the game, and I can defeat the Emperor pretty regularly. Then once you get to Victory, if you want medals you need to hit the super jackpot. I think it's 1 super for bronze, 2 for silver, 3 for gold.

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Quoted from Crispy77:

I frequently finish the final planet modes and seldom get victory multiball. I have mode stacking off and I seem to only get VMB when I blow up the DS (not when I complete endor regularly) and never when I beat hoth or tatooine? FWIW, it's a premium.

Not to doubt you, but are you sure you are beating them, not just playing them until you drain? Both DS and Endor end with the respective Death Stars blowing up. Tatooine ends with blowing up Jabba's barge. Hoth ends with...err...blowing up the base maybe? Not positive. But there is a distinct end to each mode, and hitting that "kill shot" stops the ball (just the one that hit that shot), shows the end animation, and launches into Victory. If that isn't happening on yours, something is definitely wrong.

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#10297 11 months ago
Quoted from PinSinner:

Is there any chance that I can see some pictures of a fully decked out Pro? (Ie. one modded with extra toys, blades etc.) I’m curious how it looks. Thanks.

Here are a few pics of mine (stolen from my for sale ad). I spent a lot of time with placement of the X-Wing minatures. I recently moved the Falcon further forward than the stock premium/LE position to cover up the ugly spotlights a bit. I like it there. I originally had it in the stock position, and an X-Wing in front of it over the spotlights. That was nice too (and recreated the scene from the movie a little better), but I think I like it like this a bit more. It just looks a little off if you are used to the prem/LE position.

The X-Wing game miniatures (and Armada Star Destroyer) really add a lot to the game and are easy to add. Just bend up a little music wire and hot glue it into the stand mounts in the bottom of the ships. They are amazingly detailed for the price and have been more durable than I expected. I have had an airball knock a X-Wing off it's wire, with no damage to the ship, even the tiny blasters on the wing tips.

pasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).pngpasted_image (resized).png
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Quoted from pinballonthemark:

I am the process of trading my GOT Pro with topper for a Star Wars Pro that includes a lit Millennium Falcon. In order to keep Star Wars I need to pay an extra $400. Should I go with the deal? The GOT pro has a regular DMD. Amount of plays is the same for both machines. What would be better to keep for trade in value or for sale? Will Star Wars be easier to sell because of theme or GOT Pro because of rarity and not in production anymore? Star Wars definitely has a deeper rule set and more multiballs. Plus, you can’t beat the video clips with the LCD screen. Thoughts?

With the prices of toppers going insane, I think a GoT with topper should be an equal trade or even a bit higher than a SW without topper. And while I like SW quite a bit, I personally think GoT is a more interesting shooter with slightly more interesting code (personal preference). SW is obviously the better theme with better A/V assets and theme will help sell it down the road.

#10351 11 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

I don’t sorry! They came on the machine already. I’ve def never seen them before.

Those look to be Tilt Graphics. Love their stuff!

#10361 11 months ago
Quoted from Crispy77:

the mini-wizard mode is instantly over as soon as you lose one of the two balls?

Yes. Typical multiball behavior.

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#10575 9 months ago
Quoted from crujones4life:

Sorry for all the posts but I have another question. During Hyperspace Multiball the ball sits under the Death Star for awhile before coming out unless I hit it...is that correct?

Assuming you have a pro...the idea is to knock the trapped ball out.

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#10700 8 months ago
Quoted from honkbahh:

I'm getting a loud buzz from my May The Force Be With You ball save diverter when it is engaged. Trying to see if this is normal (new machine). Thread with video here. Thanks!

I'm not familiar with the mech (I had a pro), but many times a buzz from a coil can be caused by a slightly loose coil stop. Check to make sure the coil stop (and the rest of the mech for that matter) is nice and tight.

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#10742 8 months ago
Quoted from frood1168:

Here's a new question:
Now that I'm able to last a few rounds, I find myself a little confused over the gameplay. Is there an official/unofficial guide that describes how to progress through missions and unlock different modes? Google search produced a list with some strats, but I have a hard time visualizing. I've seen a few gameplay / strategy videos that describe some things, but it would be interesting to see each mission described using an image of the playfield so you could know visually what you're shooting for. I get so focused on trying to keep the ball in play that I can't even pay attention to the back display or the millions of flashing lights, trying to find the purple lights when there's blues and lost of other lights flashing.
Really enjoying the game now though. Even if I'm can't fully figure things out yet. Thanks!
--Dan M.

Tilt Forums is a great source for rulesheets on many modern games:

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#10924 7 months ago

All of these Tatooine, Death Star, and Hoth issues can be fixed by adjusting or carefully bending your lane guides. Search through this thread as it's been discussed multiple times. The game plays super sweet with almost no cheap drains when set-up well. It does take some effort...more than most games...but it's worth it in the end.

#10931 7 months ago
Quoted from pacman11:

There's only 10.929 posts to go through.. Now 10,930..

It's a big thread, but there is also that handy search thread feature.

That said, I looked through my own posts as I know I have given a few pointers over the years. I'm sure there are many other posts from others with better advice, but here are a few of my old posts to get you started. Some of these may be a little out of context as they were parts of conversations, but hopefully they help.

First thing first though...make sure your machine is perfectly level and I would at least start right at 6.5 deg. You can always tweak pitch to your liking later, but always start with it set-up as intended when trying to make things work right. It's a huge pet peeve when someone complains about shots not working right and you find out they are running at 7-8+ deg. Always at least start with the designers intent.

Here are some copy/pastes of my old posts:

After leveling and getting the slope right, you still might have to adjust the lane guides on the loop and the orbits, and also the Tatooine scoop. Make sure the guides are tightened down well too...mine were a bit loose from the factory making the shots inconsistent. Also make sure none of the targets are leaning far enough to interfere with the ball travel, and check the roll-under switch gate at the Death Star entrance and the left spinner to make sure they are not affecting the ball. My machine needed a TON of tweaking, most of any game I have had other than Avengers. It's worth it though...once it's dialed in it is a super fun machine and it has needed very little additional tweaking once it was done. Good luck!


Some of it will honestly be trial and error. The first thing to check is make sure the lane guides are actually tight. Stern has had a nasty habit lately of not tightening posts and guides down well from the factory. If your guide is slightly loose and has some give, that could be enough to mess up the ball flow. If that's all good, before actually bending, loosen the mounting screws/nuts and see if there is any play in them. When re-tightening, put some pressure on the guide in the direction you want it to go to see if you can get it to snug up a hair in that direction. Sometimes that's enough. If you have to bend the end of your lane guide, do it carefully to not scratch it up or crack the mounts. And remember a very small amount can make a big difference.

Left inner loop (Death Star) should feed clean to the right flipper. Right inner loop (Hoth) should feed clean to the left flipper. If memory serves, there was much discussion about that early on, and that info came from Steve Ritchie himself (at least I think it did....fuzzy memory and too lazy to dig it up now). If you look at the geometry, you can see that is how it was designed to work.


It is definitely possible that the overall shape is distorted a bit. In this case I would loosen the entire guide, make sure none of the attachment points are stressed, twisted, bent, or pulling it in the wrong direction, then tighten it back down. Also make sure the welds on the attachment points are good. I had a bad one which actually broke when tightening mine (not overtightened...it was partially broken already) and I had to replace the entire guide. With the bad weld, I do not think my original one ever could have been adjusted right. My new one was perfect with very little adjustment. So that is something to watch for too.


Just remember that very small changes make a big difference. If you are bending anything so far you can't get it back in place, it's WAY too much. You likely do not need to remove the guide. Just loosen the mounting points, then push on the rails a little bit in the direction you want to change as you tighten them back up. In one case I found that from the factory my rail was tightened down with some tension that deformed them a bit. Once I loosened the nuts, the rail "sprung back" into shape, then all I had to do was tighten them back down. A little bit will do...a 1 mm in either direction is probably all you need! Good luck!


Adjust your rails. Not very hard to do, but it's one of those things you have to feel out yourself to see which direction and how far you need to go. Lots of info in this thread if you dig a bit. Even when adjusted perfectly you might still have a random drain from them, but you should be able to get it 99% good. Mine took a LOT of tweaking, but was well worth it in the end. It could be as simple as them not being tightened properly, they might have some tension on them deflecting the geometry a bit, or they may need to actually be bent a bit. Remember a little goes a long way. Good luck!


Hope this helps someone a little! Good luck!

#10942 7 months ago
Quoted from AntennaMan:

Just got back from the 450 mile round trip to pick up a Pro. Is there a short list of adjustments to cut down on the most common unfair causes of drains? Also, is there anyway to cut down the intensity of the shaker? I found the shaker frequency adjustment, but nothing for intensity, besides shutting it off.

Most unfair drains are caused by poor leveling or lane guides that need to be adjusted. Please see my post just a few posts up for some pointers on adjusting them.


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