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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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#226 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Any good source for ordering a shaker? My first stern. Got my MMR Shaker from PPS.


1 month later
#374 2 years ago
Quoted from Manic:

You can simply run them through the rear grill in the back of the cab. Real easy.

As another option, I just unscrew the existing speaker and go straight through the hole. Then just lightly tighten it back down to hold the wire in place. I use the crimp on spade connectors if it's the 2 lead terminals or solder if it's just the one lead terminals.

2 weeks later
#639 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Happens fairly regularly on my Aerosmith LE. I think its an underlying Spike 2 thing.

Happened to me a few times on my GB as well. All lights/display off but flippers were still working for a few before everything cut out and it rebooted. Of course mine happened on a great ball as well.

#679 2 years ago
Quoted from DJNOEL30:

Got to have the right key chain for the coin door when that Star Wars LE comes in!!!

I'm boring, I change all my lock cylinders to be keyed the same so I just have 1 pinball machine key to keep track of. I actually already had that exact keychain for my regular keys though

1 month later
#1141 2 years ago
Quoted from SilverballNut:

I added a few ships from the Star Wars Xwing game. They look great. Drilled a hole, used piano wire and super glued it in. I'll probably add a few more but don't want it to nuts.

Could you let me know which kind of piano wire I can pick up for stuff like this. I saw this on Amazon, not that I need 234 feet but if it'll work what the hell.

High Carbon Steel Wire, #2B (Smooth) Finish, Full Hard Temper, ASTM A228, 0.020" Diameter, 234' Length, Precision Tolerance amazon.com link »

1 month later
#1673 2 years ago
Quoted from MacJedi:

For those of you who have added a sub to your Star Wars, how did you do it? The Spike sub connection kit from Pinnovators does not list Star Wars on their compatibility list. Thanks in advance!

Speaker wire and some crimp on connectors like I do all my other external subs.

2 weeks later
#1980 2 years ago
Quoted from djoverpour:

A couple of players on my SW Pro at my bar have reported that the pins below the death star have been sticking and not going down all the way. The left pin appeared to be higher than the right one. It works fine in switch test, and definitely doesnt do it all the time. Has anyone else had a similar problem with the pins not dropping all the way down?

The last 10-15 pages have quite a bit of discussion on that topic for your reference (minus one being higher than the other, I don't remember seeing that posted).

2 weeks later
#2104 2 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i will laser cut some of this pieces
stainless stell 1 mm brushed
euro 25,- + shipping to USA 15,- up to 5 pieces in 1 box

Can you post one after it's cut please. Are you going to apply the 3M adhesive prior to laser cutting or is it not provided?

#2108 2 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i only order at the factory what we need
only the plate have to clue it with 3m or something different by yourself
if you want to join the list PM

Ok thanks and 5 is definitely the max you can ship together? Anyone in the states interested? I could order 5 and distribute from here. Post here or PM me if so.

2 weeks later
#2276 2 years ago
Quoted from RobKnapp:

Before you purchased your SWLE you made a comment about your concern price and sales tax of buying locally. Denver. I am in the same boat 7.6 % sales tax on these newer machines is killing me . I sent you a PM about your opinion but you did not replay. My I ask where you decided to purchase your SWLE and GOTG from ? I have never shipped in a pinball machine in my life . I always just pay the 7.6 % tax but the LE's are cost is nudging to look out of state . Thank you for any feedback .

Every single pinball machine I bought new has been shipped. Do not hesitate for one second buying one from a reputable dealer out of state. I would recommend JJ but since you're in CO, go with Trent at Tilt or Melissa at Cointaker.

3 months later
#3803 1 year ago
Quoted from monte_:

I replaced the flipper rubbers on my machine with titan rubber rings bit I feel like the new ones dont grab the balls as well. Does anyone know what is on the original flippers? Or reccomendations on what company to buy from?

This is the only after market rubber I'll use now. Comes in cool colors, doesn't wear, cleans up nicely, and most importantly, plays just like real rubber... plus Terry is a great guy to buy from.


1 month later
#4245 1 year ago
Quoted from thearcadegeek:

I picked up an LE yesterday and the seller included these toys that he bought for it but never installed. Does anyone have a link to a good way/place to install them in an LE? Thanks.

There are some posts in this thread if you look back.

#4297 1 year ago

So now we've failed at the side art and the shooter, that's 0 for 2. Better knock the topper out of the park. My LE is my only pin without a topper and it needs something befitting it's prestigious place in my lineup.

#4429 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Yes it does. But if it is only a $299 topper vs the $599 topper, would you buy it?

For that, No. If it had lights, maybe $100-$150

1 week later
#4643 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Wish mine looked like that. The one I got was terrible.

Mine was all janky too. I haven't done anything with it but I think I can polish it up and get all the crap off it.

4 weeks later
#5029 1 year ago
Quoted from Iceman:

Has anyone have a reset with the latest code? Today it happened to me. I had escape from death star I know I hit the stand up targets under the mini screen. Next thing all the lights went on and the screen froze. But the weird thing my flippers still worked for 5 seconds. Then the machine shut down and resets. Never had that happen before.

I had the exact same thing happen on GB a few times.

1 month later
#5421 1 year ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Parting with my hooked on pinball LE rail lights. Never installed. Decided to go a different direction with my premium after all. $99 including shipping ($30 off). Will donate to Pinside.
I’m sure these look great. See the video...

Figures, I literally just had that set delivered to my door a few days ago.

1 week later
#5515 1 year ago

It's not hard per se, but most people that come over to my place and play my pins can't catch or cradle a ball at all. When they have balls flying around, the last thing they have the capacity to do is understand what the machine wants them to do, hit the LDB button, hit the flipper the correct amount of times, hit the LDB button again and then hit that shot before the timer expires. So in the end, I don't even explain that part to them (and their scores are reflective of that handicap). I just try an show them the shots to make so they can enjoy some progression within the game.

To me that is the big difference between us pin-geeks who have at least a rudimentary ability to pause the flow of play and understand/strategize vs the average Joe/someone who may like to play but doesn't own a pin. Even for me, when I first got it I didn't even mess with the multipliers. I just focused on learning the shots, understanding what each mode expected of me, and enjoying the coding within the modes. I am just now starting to work on folding in the multipliers. But that's just me, my pace, and how I chose to enjoy the game.

2 months later
#5984 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

When was R2 in the cockpit in the first 3 movies (ep4,5,6)?

277973137_c15d567dbe_b (resized).jpg

img_23371 (resized).jpg
#5987 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Take a video of it in action

There is a video in the topper thread.

2 weeks later
#6027 1 year ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I thought the ackbar actor was dead?

Sebastian Shaw (Akbar's voice)is dead, Tim Rose was the puppeteer/animatronics/performer on the set.

2 weeks later
#6044 1 year ago
Quoted from Rasavage:

The other annoyance I had was the portion of the EL paper that glows is JUST big enough to light up all of the grates. An inconvenience that is compounded by what must be guide hole in the EL paper at one end that doesn't line up properly with a screw/bolt hole in the armor.
[quoted image]

I was very annoyed by this as well. I must have had to reposition them 10+ times to get then 100% exactly in the correct spot so as to light up everything. Fortunately for me I had no other issues and don't notice any sound from the paper or inverter.

#6059 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

As long as the trim matches the powder coat. That one on the market place looks terrible with two different whites

So you're saying the carpet has to match the drapes.......?

3 months later
#6618 11 months ago

Maybe it's turned off for you to move it and that's why it isn't scoring? I thought that was how it worked. Frankly I don't pay that much attention to the multiplier, I just play for progression.

2 weeks later
#6709 11 months ago
Quoted from PlayPin:

Congratulations on the premium. A great choice I think. I am putting some new mods in mine at the moment but I think I will post a few photos when I get done(It's pretty pimped out with upgrades & mods). I still need to get a digital level to adjust playfield angle. I can't make the D.S. with left flipper. I think mine is too steep.

Thank you so much for this information! I have had this game a year and somehow managed to not figure out how to light escape.

Angle Cube is the only way to go! Works great with table saw blade alignment as well.

amazon.com link »

#6731 11 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

This is my first sheet of PDI glass I’ve ever purchased... I’m blown away by how great this looks!!![quoted image]

I started with just one, then every pin had to have one....

#6734 11 months ago
Quoted from MacJedi:

Just curious... Do you guys order direct from PDI, or have you found a distributor here in the US? It looks fantastic!

I was lucky enough to have a local collector who was getting rid of some so I picked up everything he had available. He did get his from Joey though. With what they cost here VS there, it made me think it would be better to just order a pallet full and have them shipped here for me and my local friends who needed some.

1 month later
#7214 9 months ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

Doesn't anyone sell a white rubber ring kit ? Never cared for the black.

Just pull up the manual and add the rings you need to your cart. It's cheaper than the kits that I have seen and you can stock some extra for breakables or the more used rubbers like slingshots. I prefer perfect play silicone over any other brand if you are going away from standard rubber. They play the closest to original rubber than anything else I have tried.


3 weeks later
#7324 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinstein:

Thanks, any recommendations on which shaker to buy?

I always by the PBL shakers as they are the cheapest and give just the right amount of shake. If you buy multiples, Terry gives you a bulk discount at 3 I believe.

4 months later
#7723 3 months ago
Quoted from Zdoor:

Thinking of selling my premium. Game is HUO and I’m the second owner. Has a ton of upgrades. Game is in CA and figure I’d post here first. Would trade for another stern spike 2 game.
- invisiglass
- shaker
- lit star destroyer
- mod couple light kit
- cliffys
- lit Star Wars missing worlds with custom paint, see pics.
- plastic protectors
- center button stainless steel trim
There’s other stuff I’m forgetting but that’s the main items. Plays perfect. PM me if interested in trade or outright purchase.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Are you selling the mods or the whole pin? Photos looks like you're just selling the mods. If so, how much?

1 week later
#7783 3 months ago
Quoted from ArcadeBar:

I saw these posts about the Prem left post/drain issue and I was already thinking the left drains on my Pro were bad. I did a simple reversable little trick I used on my Flash Gordon (which is an outlane vampire) and now my left drains are reduced about 50%. I used one of the smaller rubber rings that comes in the SW rubber kit from Marco and 1) unscrew the left outlane post & take the tiny rubber off, 2) loop the new ring around it and stretch it over to the next post just above it. Unscrew the nut on the plastic above that 2nd post just enough to give you some room to get the new rubber in there. Now instead of half the balls catching in that little pocket and dropping strait down the left drain, they get slung right back out into play.[quoted image]

Why not remove the doughnut ring off the top post so it doesn't end up rolling around the game when it get's knocked off?

#7792 3 months ago

How dare people not pinball "right".....

1 week later
#7853 3 months ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

I bought the Pingraffix blades. Great quality and the pattern matches the theme of the pin better, IMHO.

Agreed, I went that route instead as well.

#7861 3 months ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

This is, what Adaminski asked:

What a brilliant opportunity to post what "I" find best, despite it being explicitly what was NOT asked for.

Anyone not full of themselves and their super brilliant better choices and actually willing to help Adaminski out?

Assume negative intent much??? We are just trying to illustrate other options to someone that may not have been aware of them. I have changed my mind many times after people have opened my eyes to other (which I eventually found better) options. But then the world is full of millions of newly sworn in internet police so I suppose we all should be used to it by now.

#7875 3 months ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Premium or just Pro?

They sell both. I have purchased MET, Black Knight, IMDN, ST, etc premium translites in the past and pros are always out there to purchase. I wouldn't think anything would change for these. It'll just take some time before they show up for sale as they just started producing the game.

#7896 3 months ago
Quoted from No_Pickles:

Any other suggestions?

Hurry and delete that file before it spreads like an AI virus

1 month later
#8201 61 days ago
Quoted from GPS:

Ok. Thanks for the reply. Glad to know that my machine is not the only. When I install the service bulletins mods I will adjust that post and see how it goes. Thank you

I'd recommend a read through the thread. There's a bunch of different posts about people addressing it in different ways. Some work better then others for different pins. Start with the easiest and work your way to the more labor intensive.

#8217 58 days ago
Quoted from Asylum:

Which toy star destroyer are you guys getting to add to your pin? Thanks!

Check this out at Amazon.com
Star Wars: Armada - Imperial Class Star Destroyer amazon.com link »

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