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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

4 years ago

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#786 4 years ago

They look superb, thanks to share this great work !!

4 months later
#2613 4 years ago

There're people rating data east Star Wars higher the Stern Star Wars, how it's possible ??

#2624 4 years ago

I agree, the hyperloop is the best ''hurry up'' in pinball existence'' fantastic machine.
The lightning choreography and sound effect are amazing. I'm a vidz fan and love the video mode.
Cool to have a video mode that look very pretty compare to dot matrix video mode that look
to a 70's bad video game.

Choose your path put more variety and if you want to play the real storyline
just choose the missions in the same sequence of the films, it's your choice.

The center button demand more action and reflex like a video game
specially for multipliers change lane and Tie Fighter assault.

This pinball reach another level, thanks to the
designers for this much more challenging pin they create !!

And it's Star Wars, best possible theme for me, my first NIB in 17 years of collecting arcade games

#2693 4 years ago

I'm new to the club !! My first nib in 17 years of collecting arcade games.

IMG_6307 (resized).JPG

IMG_6314 (resized).JPG

IMG_6316 (resized).JPG

IMG_6317 (resized).JPG

IMG_6318 (resized).JPG

#2746 4 years ago

Don't know how you can make it to the Emperor, i played hundreds of games and barely made 3 missions out of 10...
The outlanes eat all my balls in few seconds ..... my highest is 1.2 billions when i work very hard with the mulitpliers, if not i can barely score 300 millions at this game.

#2765 4 years ago

Bought a Premium and after a hundreds games i can say it is VERY addictive. Super fun, immersive and beautiful lightshow, great music, great fast and fun shots, and lots of variety. Choose your path is a fantastic way to make this game always fun to play. Love the video mode and love the action button to move the X arrow and ''add a ball'' action.
I played a lot and love X-Men LE, AFM, Tron, MM and now i prefer Star Wars.
I'm not fan of TZ or TSPP style stop and go ballflow, too much interference on the playfield.
Ritchie ''rules''

#2770 4 years ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Has anyone heard, or does anyone think that Dwight will eventually change that one Hoth mode to a mode that isn't a near repeat of the video mode?
Don't get me wrong, I love this game entirely, but that might be the one thing about the game that I really wished was a bit different, maybe it's just me.

Actually i'm happy with that. I like the video mode and with Han Solo, it's a path to reach a mini wizard mode very easy and a Victory multiball.

#2773 4 years ago

Just destroyed the Death Star, played Victory mulitball + Tie Fighter multiball. 6 balls multiball frenzy on this fantastic open playfield and it's great not too much toys to block the way of the balls. During this sequence, the jackpots and lightning sequence was tremendous, never felt like that in any pinballs in my life. Name all the great titles, no one match this sensation.
Star Wars deserve much better, must play a lot to apreciate this incredible pinball machine.
The best playfield from Steve Ritchie and fantastic rules from Dwith Sullivan.
Very few nicks here and there, nothing a futur code upgrade can't fix.
Also i find this machine very well built with quality parts (mine is premium) can't see the cheap side haters love to talk about.

I waited many years to buy a nib and now i'm sure i made the right choice. Star Wars premium is a pure piece of fun !!!
I'm a Star Wars fan to the bones and really enjoy this fantastic production, Stern team made it great

#2778 4 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

It's an awesome game and I agree with the overall sentiment, but can't see how this is SR's "best playfield". I love SR's body of work and currently own STTNG, AC/DC and SW. The SW PF design works, but it's hard for me to say it stands out as his best effort. Curious what you find so compelling about it.
In general, I don't think SW is cheaply made, however the tie fighter toy with the silly spring is arguably "cheap". Considering the importance of this toy to the game/theme, you'd think they could have done better and spent a few extra bucks? Maybe added some lighting? Designed it so it doesn't get caught behind the LCD all the time?

It's a personnal taste and cannot argue with you if you prefer another Steve's design.
What i like so much is the speed and possibilities of combos shots.
First day i saw HS i was very impressed and love this game from day one and still love it.
Star Wars feel like HS with 10 times the adrenaline and 10 times the variety, 10 times the light show, 10 times better sounds quality and etc ...., i like to shoot the orbit, inner loop, ramp and again inner loop etc ...
Lot of folks thinks playfields are the same but Steve know all the subtilities to make the flow perfect.
Position, angle of the ramps, opening, geometry etc.... When i look at Ghostbuster, it's a mess of design and not very fun to play.
I feel i have to fight the design to acheive something great with this title. Certainly doesn't have the rush and adrenaline of Star Wars for my personnal taste.

And yes lot of people complain about the Tie Fighter spring, oh well just design another one better if possible.
In my opinion, i don't complain if i can't do better. I think the moving Tie Fighter is ok and lot of playfields design will
include this kind of toy but not moving at all. I like the moving Tie Fighter and red flashing lights when i destroy it, it's great.

ps sorry for my english, certainly not perfect,

#2779 4 years ago
Quoted from HPR:

It's a personnal taste and cannot argue with you if you prefer another Steve's design.
What i like so much is the speed and possibilities of combos shots.
First day i saw HS i was very impressed and love this game from day one and still love it.
Star Wars feel like HS with 10 times the adrenaline and 10 times the variety, 10 times the light show, 10 times better sounds quality and etc ...., i like to shoot the orbit, inner loop, ramp and again inner loop etc ...
Lot of folks thinks playfields are the same but Steve know all the subtilities to make the flow perfect.
Position, angle of the ramps, opening, geometry etc.... When i look at Ghostbuster, it's a mess of design and not very fun to play.
I feel i have to fight the design to acheive something great with this title. Certainly doesn't have the rush and adrenaline of Star Wars for my personnal taste.

I'm a vidz fan and Star Wars is like Williams Stargate or Tempest for complexity. Stargate have a complex control panel design and Star Wars with the action button put another level of complexity to the gameplay. Tempest look a very simple game design but the rules of this games combine with the speed make this game a rush of adrenaline when you start to master it.

Yeah the playfield ''may'' look simple but the more i dig into it and try to use it at the best way possible, the more it feel complex and hard to master perfectly, this is the result of the great rules, the fast playfield combination. Casual players may never experience this rush of adrenaline, that's why i compare it Williams Stargate or Tempest

And yes lot of people complain about the Tie Fighter spring, oh well just design another one better if possible.
In my opinion, i don't complain if i can't do better. I think the moving Tie Fighter is ok and lot of playfields design will
include this kind of toy but not moving at all. I like the moving Tie Fighter and red flashing lights when i destroy it, it's great.
ps sorry for my english, certainly not perfect,

#2780 4 years ago

I'm a vidz fan and aslo compare Star Wars to Atari Tempest.
It's one of the very few pins that give me the same rush of adrenaline of Tempest.
Tempest may look simple but the rules combine with the speed of this game make it one of my top video game of all time.

Casual players may never feel this kind of rush, they would need to dig into it and try to exploit the playfield at the maximum.
I'm pretty sure in the long term history Star Wars will receive a lot more apreciation from the community.

Maybe because i'm a deep video game fan i apreciate this title a little more. I love the video mode, trying to avoid all the asteroids and use the speed button to maximise the scoring, make me think it's the best video mode i know and one that don't look from the early 70's video game with the old DMD display. Also i like that they include ''level'' of asteroids, i would like to see more of this mode in the upper levels. Most pinheads don't care about this video mode, that a difference with me and my overall apreciation of this title.

#2783 4 years ago

Yeah and playfield ''may'' look empty but if i want to ''enjoy'' the 6 balls multiball, the playfield must be design for that option.
Too much gimmicks and toys all around playfield can't help to enjoy a great 6 balls multiballs.
What's the fun with Appolo 13 and all the balls, playfield is too small and design won't allow to flip the balls away, there's no fun, no possibility to control the balls. Same for Strange Science, great playfield design, i like it very much, but for 5 balls multiball the playfield design can't make it. Too much pins with unplayable multiballs because there's no way to enjoy them.

#2787 4 years ago

Me want those game cards !!
Yes, if a pinhead need more toys, it's easy to buy tons of them and install in a tasteful way.
I'm in the process to put a little more visual artwork with figurines and spacecraft !!

#2815 4 years ago

I install my own spacer and tie-wrap, they are smaller and plastic more flexible.
I put rubbers under the legs of the node boards to avoid vibrations.
I will also install a small 12v fan near the backbox main heatsink board.
Electronics don't like heat and vibrations

3 weeks later
#3115 3 years ago
Quoted from miguelortega:

What am I missing here? I am a die hard star wars collector with a lifesize hansolo in my living room as well as tens of thousands of dollars worth of star wars stuff. I played this star wars pro machine at the pinball museum in vegas... holy crap is this the most barren/ boring looking game ever? Seeing all the John Borg machines next to this made it stand out even more. Guardians pro, Kiss pro, Aerosmith pro all looked amazing compared to this. And Star wars is the superior IP..
What an absolute let down. I really wish they would have let John do something similar to what was done on the kiss machine
especially since he did the original D.E machine. what a bummmer. lame
Is this any better on the LE/ Premium?

You completely missed the point, the open playfield design is all about ballflow, speed and incredible rules. The theme integration is fantastic and lightshow amazing. This machine is a stupid high rush of adrenaline each time i play to it especially when destroy the Death Star and Victory multiball. Escape from Boba Fett and Lightsaber Duel are also very unique with great lightshow, hard and fun to play, again amazing rules.
I played more than 500 games and still can't stop playing this fast action pin until early morning hours.
If you want more ''toys'' and more full playfield, just add few Star Wars toys here and there, it's very easy to make this playfield more busy for your eyes.

#3124 3 years ago

I was one shot from the Jedi Multiball !
Made a video mode level 3 at 40x perfect mode
A little bit faster and i could have reached reach 1 billion !!

IMG_6303 (resized).JPG
IMG_6304 (resized).JPG

#3169 3 years ago

Few ships added for the fun of my eyes
I will paint them later for more realism.

IMG_6301 (resized).JPG

#3240 3 years ago

The muliplier is great the way it is, is add lot more depth and challenge to the game.
Players must use it wisely and it's a great risk vs reward feature.
It contribute to raise the adrenaline during gameplay.
Star Wars is simply a fantastic game with a few tip and adjustments.

2 weeks later
#3453 3 years ago
Quoted from Asael:

How do you guys handle the mode stacking?
On my SW I have the mode stacking turned completly off and like the gameplay and the animations this way more. Perhaps I miss a few strategy options, but I think too much stacking is confusing. I like to get involved in one mode. And SW is an other game without stacking.

Yeah you miss lot of stragtegies options. On the other side stacking is not available for mini-wizard mode by default and it's great like that.

2 weeks later
#3730 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Club members, I need help. I can’t remeber ever being so frustrated with a game I owned. My sw premium is a cheap drain monster. I’ve leveled it to 6.5 and perfect left-right. It’s excruciating. It’s the one thing in pinball I can’t stand is cheap drains.
When I shoot up the Death Star ramp to start a mode and it comes back down to begin the mode, the ramp does this weird and poorly timed little up-down thing and throws the ball randomly. 50% sdtm. Completely un-savable.
I fixed the Tatooine scoop by moving the ball guide a little. That’s the one thing that’s like clockwork now (and the only reliable ball saver in the new code).
Ball launch is absurdly random. And routinely left outlane drain. It will ball save and send it right back into the outlane again very frequently.
And finally, the worst offender: the left loop is 100% drain. If I time it perfectly, I can catch a tip of my right flipper, but it just hops up, and drains down the middle or smacks the glass and jumps to the left outlane. If not, it’s not sdtm.
I spent two hours working on it tonight and had almost no effect. I really haven’t hated a machine this much since ghostbusters (I know people love it, but the only ones I’ve ever played were all CHEAP drain monsters, I won’t play it anymore). It’s killing me because I LOVE the Star Wars theme, and the code on this looks great. I just can’t get into it at all. I’ve never been so mad at a machine I own before!! I need counseling!

I also hate cheap drains a lot.
I installed a very small diverter at the end of the loop, work 99%, only 1% of the balls drain in the center from the left side.
Same for the vuk.
I'm very happy and Star Wars Premium is a monster of fun to play.

#3737 3 years ago

I won a local tournament after playing Star Wars for 4 weeks in a row.
Every pinballs felt slow and easy

1 week later
#3886 3 years ago

Buy with confidence, i have a premium for 3 months and still want to play ''one more game''
There's so many way to play, you don't have the feeling to play the same game again.
With easy tweaks to fix ''cheap drain'' you will have a fantastic and fun pin to play.
The lights show are amazing, and the best satisfying shot ever is destroy the Death Star.
Star Wars theme is well integrated, if you're a Star Wars fan, you will get a nice Star Wars immersion.
Too much to say about this pinball, fast, fun, great soundtrack, great rules and super fun center button to move multiplicator, add a ball, destroy Tie Fitghter and etc ...

Serious players will find a great challenge to score high and try to reach Jedi Multiball and casual players will have fun just to shoot random shots everywhere

#3949 3 years ago

I installed a very strong tape ''Gorilla transparent tape 15 pounds'' at the end of the loop with a small piece to double the thickness near the end. It make a very tiny little ''bump'' to the ball and 100% of time the ball go to the left flipper. Zero cheap drain and the game is super enjoyable that way. The inner loop remain fast and fun.

I can make it to look better but for the moment it's not visible from the player point of view and i did not bother to improve the look.
I made meetings with my friends and nobody remark the modification. The movement of the ball is super fluids. No wear and the tape will not move at all.

I also made this mod for the tatooine scoop with the same great effect.

IMG_6351 (resized).JPG

#3955 3 years ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

Huh, that doesn't sound so bad after all. It can't hurt to try! Would you mind sharing the exact tape you used? Gorilla makes a lot of variations.

This one

#3985 3 years ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Unfortunately this method is changing the play of the game. A left loop (Death Star shot) should exit to the right flipper, not the left. I would loosen the screws holding the loop's outer rail and see if there is any play outward. You also may have to bend it slightly out. Left loop (Death Star) should go to the right flipper, the right loop (Hoth) should go to the left flipper. Mine originally was draining like crazy. When I went to adjust it, a mounting post broke while tightening it. I'm guessing it was partially broken already with how easily it twisted off. Stern sent a new one and the new one exits perfectly.

I would like a confirmation from Steve Ritchie

#3992 3 years ago

In my opinion the loop should never go sdtm but only for exceptionnal occasion because of the low speed of the ball and bumps on the 2 sides walls of the loop. Sdtm shots from the loop are very rare on my premium, about 1% and i'm very happy that way. This game is already very technical and hard to master, no need for more cheap drain.

#4056 3 years ago

Node board 9d probably failed ?
It happened to me with an older code version.

#4109 3 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Just wanting to vent......last night was one of those frustrating SW playing nights, couldn't get a decent game to save my life.....and at least 1 if not 2 balls each game was some sort of drain down the left outlane...and I've got it set-up & fine-tuned as good as it can get. If someone had offered me a halfway decent trade last night I probably would have taken them up on it!!!!!
....but I feel better now since I slept on it!

Put the rubber at the lowest position and check the right-left slope. Maybe give it a little right slope to help on the lower speed rebound to the left side and save a few drain that way.
Star Wars is a Magistral production. I can't stop thinking the designers and devellopers must have a bad opinion about early Star Wars and Stern haters when this title hit this forum. All inculte bastards, they know nothing about pinball

#4114 3 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Check and check, all already done and been done for a while. I'm guessing it's something along the lines of lunar gravitation influences are affecting the way it plays.
While I enjoy challenges in my pinball games, I'm getting way to frustrated too often with this pin, and I've been one of it's biggest proponents and defenders. Yes, it's a challenge, and yes it's unbelievable fun, but damn........

Also check if there's a warp in your playfield toward the outlane.
Mine had a moderate warp and the game was harder to play because of that.
Now the playfield got his natural humidity and it is now straight and more easier.
Scored more than 5 billions (yes i'm a better player since i have this game !! )
And my final recommendation, Steve Ritchie recommendation''Play Better''
Learn where not to shoot to avoid direct rebound in the outlanes

1 month later
#4828 3 years ago

Try to adjust the shooter lane exit guide, that can change a lot the ball behavior.
I'm litterally in love with my premium since i adjust all the small grips on it.

#4852 3 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

How should I adjust it if my ball launches go anywhere from the left outlane to right outlane? It just seems too damn random in strength/trajectory.

I adjust it to hit the right target on the 3 bank. It's very rare that way for the ball to reach the outlanes.

#4945 3 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I agree. My biggest problem with it is the wildly short ball times (left outlane is particularly brutal...so many drains from hitting the 3 bank target). Love the game, but hard to hack the frustration. 9 of 10 games were just humiliating!
Decided to make 2 tweaks that made a huge difference. Installed a Gottlieb "Siamese" clear post on the left outlane (works better than the standard Stern post in the "last" position...provides another 1/8" of drain protection). Also bumped feature adjustment #17 (Ball Save Timer: Mini Wizard) from 15->30.
I just installed the latest 1.03 update...will be interesting to compare the left drain audits over the next 100 games.
fwiw, I very rarely modify my games to make them easier.

Great idea, thanks !!

1 month later
#5221 3 years ago

Wow that's an epic high score, congrats !!
The left outline is so brutal on mine, never get to the JM

1 month later
#5591 3 years ago

You know now how impressive is this game !!

#5602 3 years ago

I can backhanding the Deathstar no problem with a precise shoot. I made this shoot hundreds of time since i have the game.
All depend on the ramp adjustment, playfield angle and if it's clean. Ball move very different if you wax the playfield time to time.

#5607 3 years ago
Quoted from pudealee:

Ditto on my Premium.

Yeah and i forgot to mention i also have a premium, no problem to go up the raised ramp with a backhanding precise shoot.

#5611 3 years ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:

What degree do you have your game set to? Could you provide a picture of your leveling bubble ?

I didn't use the bubble to level this game, i use a digital leveling tool and adjust it 6.5
But here's the picture of the bubble level on the machine.

IMG_6366 (resized).JPG
#5614 3 years ago
Quoted from mcbPalisade:

Curious, which digital tool do you use?

This one (not my video)

6 months later
#6634 2 years ago
Quoted from Rensh:

Owning this game now for three days and men it can be frustrating but has the one more game feeling. The drains left and right if you make a wrong shot
But most frustrating is that quite some times, 5-10%?, the inner loop shot returns the ball sdtm
Already played a little with leveling the game different which did help some but is this a common issue? Should I be bending ball rails?
Any advise would be appreciated. Thnx.

Yes i personnaly install a diverter, 100% no more sdtm

7 months later
#7637 2 years ago

Fantastic work thanks a lot !

3 months later
#8336 2 years ago
Quoted from SWfan:

I bought the SW Comic Premium and it has been set up for about three weeks and has almost 500 plays on it already. Really interesting to read all of the comments since this game came out. Here are my thoughts:
1. In my opinion, the premium is significantly more interesting than the pro. Not only is the hyper loop the best toy on any pin IMO, but the fact that the shot is so difficult really makes it much more interesting... and more satisfying when you hit it. Can’t imagine the game without it.
2. I got the game level and at 6.5 and narrowed the outlines to the easiest setting and it played amazing for 2+ weeks. No signs of any of the complaints I had read about. Then I waxed the PF and re-leveled, and for whatever reason, it played like garbage afterward. SDTM drains from the inner loops (both directions), SDTM from the scoop. I HATED it. After “hours” of adjusting the leg heights and scoop power I learned two things. The first is that a few turns on the nut in just one leg makes a huge difference in how this game plays, and secondly, it explains why some people love this pin and some hate it. I was really questioning how anyone couldn’t love this game for the first two weeks, then I found out. It’s been said many times, but setup on this pin is critical. When set up well, I’d give it 10/10. When not, 2/10.
3. Now that I have some time on this machine, I keep a wrench nearby and if it starts to drain SDTM, I know it just needs a slight adjustment of just one or two complete turns to get the pitch and level just right. Not really tough now that I know what to look for and how to fix it.
4. Did I mention the hyper-loop. Amazing!!!
5. I love that you have to hit DIFFERENT shots on this pin depending on the mission. Too many pins have that one big shot that really gets boring after a few plays. SW doesn’t have that. Even the Death Star shot has variety depending on the mode and whether the fork is up or not. Love it!
6. I added a shaker (set to minimal) and I think it makes a huge difference. Hitting the Tie Fighter is really satisfying with the shaker, and meh, without it. That alone makes the shaker a must-have with this pin IMO.
7. The music and call outs are awesome. I don’t tire of it at all and it brings back great memories of seeing the films when I was a kid. Not often mentioned, but the lighting is absolutely awesome on this game. Great variety too, with lightsaber battle and escape from Boba Fett having a totally different look and feel than others modes.
8. I also like the variety of the multi-ball modes. Tie Fighter MB is fairly easy to unlock and has 3 balls. The 4 different mission final modes each have 2 balls, which is cool and different. Then the Hyperspace MB is on a totally different level with anywhere from 2-6 balls at once. Victory MB has 4 balls, and Jedi Master MB has 6. Really keeps things fresh.
9. I also think this pin makes great use of the center smash button for shooting Toe Fighters when lit. Great risk-reward feature and also fun for someone else to hit if they are watching you play.
10. One thing I wish they would improve is the use of the mini-LCD screen. Other than the initial skill-shot plunge, that screen is pretty pointless. I wish they would find better uses for it through a code update.
This is by far my favorite modern pin, and if set up correctly (and a premium), I can’t imagine anyone thinking it is less than a 9/10. For me, it’s a 10/10!

Yeah Star Wars premium is a masterpiece at all levels. In the top 100 this game is position 40, a real shame for the community. It completely destroy titles like TZ CV LOTR AF DI Wizard of Oz FH Hobbit and etc ...
Tons of early ignorants haters rate this game very low at the beginning but after tons of great reviews from persons who really have the chance to learn and go deeper in this game.

3 months later
#8700 1 year ago

Go premium, no question ask!

#8752 1 year ago

Mine had a very high warp, after a few weeks it came back completely straigh.

2 months later
#8971 1 year ago

Star Wars is all about movies, yeah comic version look nice but imho it doesnt fit the theme and the action well. All modes are based on the movies action, nothing about comic books.

And the display still show movie clips. Comic version need comic video clip and modes based on comic book stories.

3 months later
#9515 1 year ago

From one game to another, the horse shoe is bend differently, not perfect sometimes and that make the stdm shot. You can try to bend it or in my case i install a small diverter but that way the ball go from the left horse shoe entrance to the left flipper. Because the speed of the ball, the slope and balance will not change anything.

#9526 1 year ago
Quoted from DavidCPA:

Can you show a pic of the diverter?

It is a thick transparent tape, gorilla style. It work very well.

IMG_6351 (resized).JPG
7 months later
#10981 7 months ago

Do you have link to this topper please?

5 months later
#11684 58 days ago

Shots on the hyperloop on mine are very smooth and low rejection, even in backflip from the left. Absolutely love this pin for many years now!

#11690 57 days ago
Quoted from MrMikeman:

I've had a few collectors come over and play my premium and they said the Prem is way better. I only had very limited play on the Pro so I don't know if it's that different.
Whatever makes you happy!!!

No special tuning, it was good from factory.

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