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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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#7749 52 days ago

It is very subjective. I like the pro translite but I can’t stand the rest of the comic art. I much prefer the old style. I just bought an original premium. It comes Saturday. Stern is smart though because there are many people that love it. So this gives them greater sales and they can use the same exact machine all they have to do is replace the art package. Pretty smart marketing IMHO. You can say what you want about Stern but their marketing department is brilliant.

#7751 52 days ago
Quoted from ArcadeBar:

Am I the only one that thinks after 2 yrs waiting this looks like they just cut up a window unit and glued an R2 head on it¿?

Lol I’ve been thinking the bottom doesn’t seem to mesh with the top. The R2 part looks great. But WTF is up with the rest?

1 week later
#7816 44 days ago

Hi guys. I received my new Star Wars premium this past Saturday. Was super stoked to finally get it. Unfortunately I’m having a few issues. I have three bad boards, they’re sending me new boards but I also can’t get the escape outlane gate to work. I read somewhere not too far back in this thread about it but now I’m having trouble finding it. It’s firing I can hear it firing and it moves ever so slightly but it just won’t open and close. Everything seems to be hooked up correctly and everything is tightened down. I’d appreciate any advice on how to adjust it.

#7819 44 days ago
Quoted from D-Gottlieb:

It's too tight. Loosen the bolt underneath and open up the verticle clearance a tiny amount then tighten up the bolt.

Thanks sorry for the dumb question but open up the vertical clearance how?

#7825 43 days ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

Enter "gate problem" into the "find in this topic" search field. it is explained in detail multiple times

Ok thanks. I searched but only found one explanation before. I will try this.

#7826 43 days ago
Quoted from No_Pickles:

Wow. Just finished playing a couple games on my new comic art SW Pro. On my first game I got over 700 million, better than any of the previous games I ever played on a location machine.
The playfield art is so vibrant that I don’t think I’m going to install any of the toys I had been planning on. It just doesn’t need it.
It also didn’t seem to need any tweaking out of the box to get the ball to go where it is supposed to. I didn’t even need to touch the outlanes. Wow.
The only hiccup was on the initial setup the machine told me that node boards 1,8,9,10 were not found. I panicked and when I called my distributor he assured me that was common and the game would still work just fine, and he was right. Should I be concerned anyway?

The node boards will read like that if the switch at the bottom left of the coin door is open. You can push it closed and all functions will show normal. It’s just a safety feature that shuts off high power while the coin door is open.

#7829 43 days ago
Quoted from mollyspub:

You'll never get a job writing manuals mentioning shits and coons!

Lmao. Total typo! First time ever my autocorrect inserted a swear instead of removed one. Sorry folks that was an accident.

1 week later
#7905 30 days ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

Someone should design and 3D print some sort of plug that clips in/on and keeps balls in place...

Great idea! Would sell tens of thousands lol.

#7917 28 days ago
Quoted from Tiltboss:

Can someone please tell me how in the living hell I can adjust the plunger power stop the ball from bouncing once and going right back down the goddamn right hand out lane this is maddening I was just playing one of my best games ever and it freaking did this twice..bullshit lol. Hit 1.3 Billy on ball one !!!

Happens all the time. It’s a drain monster. Play around with your shooter settings and test different power levels.

#7919 28 days ago
Quoted from RetroGamerJP:

Thanks but that is to just restart the game back to 1st ball.
The Left + Start (on select Stern models) will actually back all the way out of any players and make it as if you never hit start in the first place. Very helpful when someone starts a game and then abandons before playing all three balls. (Like kids)

Yes it seems to be a recent addition to code. So they would need to do another update to add it. Several of my sterns including SW do not have it yet.

#7933 26 days ago
Quoted from foobeer:

Add my vote for this! I would love this option because when I have a lot of kids at the house, games always get abandoned mid-game. Would also be nice if after X minutes of nobody activity, the sounds and music would mute, with maybe an occasional callout.

I know that’s my number one beef when kids play my machines. Not that they mistreat them, that they start a game, play a ball or two and walk away and leave it running. So now I gave a 5 second speech in the beginning - if you start a game finish it.

#7934 26 days ago
Quoted from foobeer:

Add my vote for this! I would love this option because when I have a lot of kids at the house, games always get abandoned mid-game. Would also be nice if after X minutes of nobody activity, the sounds and music would mute, with maybe an occasional callout.

They should just put an option in settings that default is off, and you can turn it on and after 10, 20, 30 minutes of inactivity (you choose) the game automatically resets. Super simple code addition. Would like to see nice touch additions like this. They are thinking about things like this that’s why they added the start plus left cancel on some new code updates.

#7939 23 days ago

Finally got my Star Wars premium fixed. It had two bad light boards, a bad mini LCD and the escape gate wasn’t working. Got all items fixed tonight and for the first time since I got it a month ago she works perfect. Damn this is a fast pin! Having a blast. No quarters to lose. Just hit start again

#7946 22 days ago

Now that I got everything working on my Star Wars premium I have a new tech alert I’ve never seen before. Switch D 17 tilt pendulum. Does anyone know what that means? I’m assuming it’s related to the tilt bob but no idea what to check.

#7948 22 days ago
Quoted from Jediturtle:

Usually when you get a switch alert, it just means that switch hasn't been activated in awhile, either from poor play or being broken. I'm not sure if one for the tilt works the same though. Do you have your bob installed? If so, tilt the game and see if that clears it (or at least if the switch activates). Hopefully that is all it is.

Ok thanks. Yes I do have it installed. I’ll try that now.

#7949 22 days ago

Ok I’ll have to call Chas. It cleared after a tilt but then I got a trough switch warning. Then after a game that cleared and D-17 comes up again. Just hope I don’t have a lemon here. I’ve had six major technical issues before this. Hoping it’s a simple fix so I can keep flipping.

#7959 21 days ago

Talked to Chas, he said not to worry about the switch warnings. Especially since I had issues for so long and didn’t play it much. Good news is she plays perfect and now all the codes are cleared. Got most of my mods installed today. A few left to go.

#7966 20 days ago

Man I am having a lot of fun with this pin now that everything is working and she’s all dialed in. Just a few more mods to add then I will post pics.

#7988 20 days ago
Quoted from craag:

Yesterday I picked up my first pinball ever and got a Star Wars Pro! I've been having tons of fun with it, but it does have some issues I'm hoping to address --
a) The game will sometimes put 2 balls into the trough. I can hear the solenoid fire, but nothing comes out, and then it fires a second time and 2 balls slowly kinda spill out. I wanted to increase the trough eject speed, but it looks like it's already set to maximum.
b) The pop bumpers really bang. I want to turn them down but I can't find anywhere in the menus to do so. Is this adjustable?
c) Any other common setup tips/considerations for this game?

My SW premium pop bumpers are the loudest pop bumpers of all of my pins. Normal. Just the way this pin was designed.

#7989 20 days ago

Got my premium all moded! Decided to change colored plastic protectors to clear because it effects the blue and red lighting modes which I don’t like and I have spotlight radar dome replacements coming but everything else is in. Didn’t like the premium translite so switched it out for a pro. Put Pinstadium Omegas in also and the 2Niro lightsaber very cool!

AAADBB3A-913F-4A8A-8785-DF0944D271D0 (resized).jpegF5354607-8CE8-463E-BEA6-D7BD4F7CEBC9 (resized).jpeg5A77CB0B-0F9F-4C7A-A7EC-952C19EBF6B5 (resized).jpeg428504E9-3653-43EC-A527-120C216E2073 (resized).jpeg6A683A96-6A7A-4C58-82FC-CD0E774F7385 (resized).jpegC614A347-DB02-444A-9F59-C81A9E297915 (resized).jpeg6CE32DA3-B40C-43CC-994F-B4FB6E02F1D1 (resized).jpegE7179E2F-04B1-4154-8362-B7BA84F0C548 (resized).jpegB83C0BC9-72BB-4765-ABC2-BE04739872FC (resized).jpegB10E0FEC-1505-4C9B-803F-AEACA1C0972C (resized).jpeg
#7995 19 days ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Aren't the PinWorlds mods lit? It looks like the Pinstadium lighting drowns out that effect.

It does. That’s why I have the pinstadiums dialed down to 35 percent. Looks great. Only looked too bright for twenty minutes because I was use to it so dark, then it evens out and everything looks great. You can see all the lights on the mods well. I actually put electrical tape over the Pinstadium lights that were directly over the lightsaber because you could hardly see it. Pictures never show the true look but everything looks great just like it is now.

#8002 19 days ago
Quoted from Patrunkenphat7:

Wow GamerRick 's machine looks awesome with those mods!

Thanks yes I love it. I actually really like the comic art playfield but can’t stand it on the cabinet and backbox so I bought the old premium on purpose. I actually have a few other mods but can’t fit them! I’ve got an R2-D2 that lights up and a Darth Vader that has a lit light saber but there’s no place to put them without cramming them in there so I think I’m going with what I have. I actually have several other Star Wars mods that I won’t be using, including a tie fighter and X-Wing fighter on a diverter switch mount. I can’t use them because I have a Hoth world over the diverter. I bought all the mods I was interested in before I had my pin because I didn’t know the comic art one was coming out and I was worried they would stop producing some mods I really was interested in. This is my grail theme so I had to have everything lol. If anyone would like the mods I’m not using, PM me and I’ll mail them to you no charge. I guess to be fair it would be first come first serve.

2 weeks later
#8128 3 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Still looking for 2-3 more interested in doing this.

I definitely like the idea. I’d be in.

#8147 19 hours ago

I’m so excited I just destroyed my first Death Star and got a Victory Multiball plus two Tie Fighter Multiballs before that! First time I beat Endor also. Super fun. The game is so fast I didn’t even realize I destroyed the Death Star until it started exploding. I didn’t see the shot that did it but didn’t see the fork up. Don’t you have to hit the Death Star with the fork up to kill it? Topped 3 billion for the first time also. This pin is growing on me every time I play it.

#8153 9 hours ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

Is the Fork ramp any different on the Comic Premium?
I sold my SW Prem, now thinking of buying Comic SW Prem...Wondering if the fork ramp is more reliable with less bounce outs...Maybe there has been a fix for it in the last year that I've missed.

No the machines are mechanically identical. Only difference is the artwork. I do agree the topper looks more matched with the original than th comic version though. Will be good to see photos of one installed on a comic art model.

#8156 9 hours ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Anyone know what mod company is making backlighting for the Light Sabre armor?
Could have sworn I saw this a while back.

It isn’t a company it’s just an enterprising Pinsider. He’s asking for a few other people to show interest and then he will make it. psw757 posted it about a page back.

#8158 9 hours ago

Lol I just edited my post to mention it was you and then you posted at the same time. Cool Pingraffix is going to do it. I forgot that part.

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