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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

2 years ago

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Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (2 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (1 year ago)

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#3064 2 years ago

Finally got to play this game. Put about 20 games on it tonight. Wow. This thing plays so much better in person. I got to say, the streams did not impress me. But this thing kept my heart rate up the whole time. Played the premium and it was great, except left flipper to target bank to left outline. Yikes. Makes me want to give up my spot for TNA.

2 weeks later
#3200 2 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Yes. They bought Pinball Side Mirrors.

The pinball side mirrors website now says, "a division of cointaker" and their blades are $10 cheaper than the ones on the cointaker site. So is there a difference from buying from one site or the other?

Edit: I got my answer from the source (Melissa) and was told to order from pinballsidemirrors.com.

1 week later
#3325 1 year ago

10 days until I pick up my SW Premium!!!!!!!

#3327 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Congrats! Start practicing your hand eye coordination as this machine is blistering fast fun! Playing Hobbit after this feels like a leisurely walk in the park. lol

That's exactly what I'm looking for in my collection. LOTR and Hobbit are so similar. I love the Hobbit and my wife loves LOTR. I need something fast and with flow. The whole family voted yes to SW Premium. My son went nuts the first time he hit the hyperloop on location. I'll be PM'ing you about those lighted speakers very soon, once I have the game in hand.

1 week later
#3488 1 year ago

I'm in the club!

20180305_182535 (resized).jpg

#3502 1 year ago

Anybody have a pic with the blue plastic protectors?

#3526 1 year ago

Please start a new thread for your "vs" debate. Don't want to derail this thread.

#3553 1 year ago

I'm at 6.6/6.5 and everything works as it should. I can backhand the hyperloop, but has to be a clean shot from a cradle. All autoplungers will fire with variable strength from time to time. This is across all game eras and game manufacturers. It's an issue with how the ball has settled before the plunger fires. I usually manually plunge the start of a ball to avoid the variation and that way it is my own fault if it drains.

#3618 1 year ago

I'm also curious about raising the playfield with side mirrors + pinstadium magnet strips. Zach at SDTM said it was a very snug fit on one of his machines.

#3632 1 year ago

Mod couple speaker lights installed. They look great!

20180312_181643 (resized).jpg

#3701 1 year ago

I cracked the egg!

#3703 1 year ago

I agree with some of the previous posts, there needs to be a way to postpone or select not to play lightsaber duel. It kills the flow of the game trying to work through the missions and then have everything stop and make you play lightsaber duel. Should be like Hobbit where you use the button to toggle off the lock shot or mode shot when you are not wanting to start multiball or start a particular mode.

#3715 1 year ago

Quick question. I finally got 3 balls in the hyperloop on 3 consecutive shots...allowing for the ball to settle where I could take a decent shot. By the time the 4th ball was autoplunged, the hyperloop stopped. Is there a way to keep the hyperloop going to give time to get the third ball in. I honestly didn't look up to see the score ticking down. Does hitting the ramps/spinner add time?

#3735 1 year ago

This game has made me a better player more than any. It has taught me to nudge better and my drop catches, dead flips, post passes, and tip passes have greatly improved. Not saying that things don't need to be adjusted (luckily mine hasn't), but I know my cheap drains have mostly gone away as I've gotten better. It's a tough game. Putting it on 5 balls and adding ball save from the VUK helped me get through the growing pains. Put up a 3 billion score last night. Time to go to 3 balls.

#3797 1 year ago

The other day I had a great game and had 2 of the three planet multiballs done and defeated light saber duel. I was working to starting another planet multiball when lightsaber duel popped up again. I thought once you completed it you were done until you started your next character. Does it just keep re-lighting if you hit the Force targets enough? If so...ugh!

1 week later
#3914 1 year ago

Just a word of caution, installing PBL shaker voids your warranty. I intend on the shaker being my 6 month SW anniversary gift.

#4029 1 year ago

Mirror blades vs Pinstadium lights for this game? Pinstadium are 3x the cost...worth it?

#4107 1 year ago

Just use the manual plunger...thats why it is there.

2 weeks later
#4264 1 year ago

Nobody else seems to have added the imperial shuttle. Personally I think it looks friggin' awesome! Was such an iconic moment to my young eyes when I saw it drop from the Star Destroyer in the beginning of Jedi.

pic (resized).jpg

#4266 1 year ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

I thought about adding the Star Wars miniatures version. I'd probably like it better on your machine if it wasn't smooshed in between the Death Star and Star Destroyer. Not that everything is to scale anyway, but it just doesn't work for me visually.

I get that. But I kind of like my bad guys at the back and good guys up front (X-wing and Y-wing on the drains) look. Like they are coming at each other. But I'll never take down my Imperial Shuttle. My son and I love it too much!!!

#4268 1 year ago

It actually looks a lot better in person. It sits all the way in the back. The star destroyer is so big, I can see how they look to be on the same plane. But that's what is great about pinball and mods. We all like what we like and that is what makes our own games unique to us. Now a bigger question, what do you all think about the Pingraffix power blades. They look cool, but worth $300?

#4281 1 year ago

I prefer the one that dispenses PEZ!

#4301 1 year ago

So, I am getting better at this game. The other night I was one shot away from completing all the Death Star modes which would have allowed me to qualify all the multiball modes (I had already qualified and played Endor, Tatooine, and Hoth MB's), completed light saber duel and video mode. And then I drained. I have always played without stacking multiball modes with other modes. Now, I'm actually contemplating turning that feature on (as the original code intended). This game is just too dang hard to try to get through it all otherwise (for me). Curious how many people have their games set to stack the 4 big multiballs with modes? Also, when I blew up the death star on Endor MB I simultaneously started Hyperspace multiball. By hitting tons of ramps and orbits, I kept the hyperspace ball going for like 2 minutes...it was insane!

#4325 1 year ago
Quoted from finnflash:

Do you guys get the same mystery award everytime? If i get 2 in a game, the second one is different but the first one is always the same thing.

Are you always or mostly using the same character? If so, that may be influencing the mystery awards you are getting because of what you get to choose from at the start based on the character.

#4350 1 year ago

Never had a single issue with my Premium's hyperloop. My kids and I played a pro version at a show after playing a Premium and couldn't understand why they would even make one without the hyperloop. My 11 and 13 year olds can hit the shot, so its not that hard and no harder than the Pro (except it has to hit make the jump if the fork is up). After owning it for a couple of weeks I found I can make the shot with the fork up pretty consistently. The fork is not always up. 2/3 of the time the loop behaves identical to the Pro (don't know why every Pro owner thinks this). When it is up, it is actually kinda nice to have it slow the game down a second and have a predictable drop from the fork when you hit the Hoth shot vs the fling down the middle that sometimes happens. And as silly as it sounds, but cracking the egg (splitting the death star) is incredibly satisfying.

#4352 1 year ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

Do you have tournament mode on?

Yeah, this might be your issue. And make sure you are on the most recent code update if you haven't already.

#4358 1 year ago

Thanks for the midnight madness clip. I had never seen that. What an awesome addition. Needs to be back as midnight madness or some other mode/mystery award/ etc.

#4369 1 year ago

So this is what it is like to hope to get code and be dissapointed... huh.

#4388 1 year ago

Please, dear code update people, allow Light Saber duel to end with the ball drain. I came so close to smashing my machine last night when the ball drained with 1 second on the clock...then the number 30 appeared. CURSE YOU, LIGHT SABER DUEL!

#4451 1 year ago

Looking to add side art or mirrors to my machine. Before I go ordering, I was wondering if someone who bought the Stern Side art blades would be willing to sell a pair of their extras. PM me if you have any you want to sell.

#4531 1 year ago

Has anyone checked to confirm no midnight madness?

#4533 1 year ago

This new code SUCKS! They didn't fix the left outlane. It's still a drain monster!

#4552 1 year ago

Probably the death star blowing up a rebel cruiser. Happens when you miss the death star hurry up.

2 weeks later
#4775 1 year ago

where are you guys getting mirror blades? I have been having to hassle cointaker like crazy to get them. This is the second time I've ordered them from Cointaker/pinballsidemirrors.com for this game and still haven't gotten a shipping notice. The first time it took 4 weeks to ship and then they got lost by USPS (luckily I got refunded). This time its been over 2 weeks since payment and still no tracking number.

#4796 1 year ago

I actually don't mind the asteroid video mode. It's a nice little breather between lightning fast shots. Plus, if you see it's lit and can move the multiplier over it without draining, then you can get some big points. I'm always trying to get a higher video mode champion. I like Escape Boba Fett, except every time I see it, I'm reminded that it is the one thing that is inaccurate as far as the movies go. Plus it kind of reminds me of the awful Escape Jango Fett scene in attack of the clones. "Yeah! Get 'em dad!" Ugghhh.

#4848 1 year ago

Just installed my mirror blades on my premium. Boy, you guys were right, they are super tight on this cabinet. Plus, there is a white gi bulb that reflects in the left mirror that is painful. There is a hole in the plastic to let the falcon wiring go through so you get the whole light reflected. I may swap the blue and white bulb. They initially looked great, but with the tight fit plus blinding gi, I may have to pull them. Sucks, too, because I struggled with getting them in the first place.

15280643842064334724230416845103 (resized).jpg
#4871 1 year ago

I'm glad you pro people are happy with your machines, but I found it so dull without the loop. I guess there are those that prefer high speed to the getaway as well. Loop is used in at least 3 modes that i can think of besides the hurry up and multiball.. And i usually hit hyperspace multiball every other game. Nothing like hitting hyperloop on the destroy death star shot.

#4875 1 year ago

Tatooine mode 2 sends it when you hit the hurry up, Hoth mode to fix hyperdrive (mode 3?) sends it around. I think there is one more. That plus hyperspace hurry ups and hyperspace multiball make the integration pretty great. And if you can get more than one ball in it during hyperspace multiball...wow is all I can say. I'd love to get 4 in, but I've only gotten up to 3. Plus, stacking hyperspace multiball with another mode or multiball really adds to the madness. As long as you keep the hurry ups lit, the balls will keep zipping around. Plus, as long as I'm arguing for the Premium, the metal ramps look so much better than plastic.

#4917 1 year ago

A quick FYI for those thinking about mirror blades and a question for those who have them. I installed mirror blades and they were really tight. Even giving me resistance when I tried to put the playfield back into position. Then, when I went to check an issue, my playfield got caught on the middle mirror blade screw. Luckily I removed it without damaging the playfield. I thought it was the screw not being totally flush as a design flaw or bad screw head. But when I looked, the blades were bowed out towards the playfield. There is a metal clip of some sort screwed into the cabinet sides about 1/3 from the front of the cabinet. There is nothing connected to it. Have no idea what it is for. But the mirror blades sit over this, causing it to bow out. That tension, plus the rattle of the game worked the screw head out enough to be able to catch on the playfield. So, for now, I am omitting the middle mirror blade screw and everything is ok. Wondering if I can remove those metal clips so that the mirrors will sit more flush to the cabinet side? Have no idea what they are for. I'll snap a pic of them this evening to help make more sense.

#4923 1 year ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

That metal clip is a playfield centering clip, which helps put the playfield in the center of the cabinet when lowered. That way the playfield doesn't band around while moving/transporting the pin. When I installed my mirror blades, I took those clips off, installed the blade, and then reinstalled the clip which slightly overlapped the mirror. This may or may not work for you, depending on cabinet and/or mirror blade variances. If the clip will not work with the mirror blade, I'd just leave the clips off and set them aside.

Thanks. Learn something new every day in this hobby.

1 week later
#5030 1 year ago

Gosh I love this game! After 3 months and every game still gives me that first game excitement...actually even more.

4 weeks later
#5326 1 year ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

LSD really could use the Ben speech like: "Only a master of Evil Darth!".

I say that line everytime during the LSD startup.

3 weeks later
#5540 1 year ago

I finally got around to updating to 1.05 last night. Is it just me, or is this game like 10x louder now. Even after I turned it down to 12 it was still louder than the Aerosmith sitting next to it on 15. I'm not knocking it, because believe me it was so much more immersive. Now, if only we could get a 1.05.1 or 1.06 version with Obi-wan saying, "Only a Master of Evil, Darth." Then I would be able to stop having to say it for him.

1 month later
#5826 1 year ago

Anyone own both the recent Stern SW AND a Data East SW? One is available and wondering if two pins with the same theme is too much?

1 month later
#5994 1 year ago

Holy $hit! I got all 6 balls in hyperloop! I thought the game was going to fall apart!

#5995 1 year ago

FINALLY! FINALLY! I got to and beat the Emperor. Had to turn on all stacking to get there, but worth it.

20181028_194537 (resized).jpg
#5997 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Crap that’s a score! Haven’t done it myself but the game keeps drawing you in for more.

Called the kids down to see it. I spent this weekend on a mission to get to the Emperor. Completed Tatooine and Hoth multiballs for the first time along the way. Still haven't destroyed Episode 4 death star...someday.

#6009 1 year ago

After a little time contemplating my victory over the Emperor, I think the payoff was a little underwhelming. I liked the flippers going dead and watching the end scene. But no victory multiball or laps? Every mini wizard awards you victory multiball if you defeat it. Emperor just kicks you immediately back into character choice. I know there is supposed to be one more polish update...this could use some touch up.

#6012 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Are you sure there’s another polish update coming? When it comes to Dwight code, as good as he is, when he moves onto another project he never looks back.

Just the rumor mill. I'm guessing any polish will be done by some of the new "second tier" coders.

#6013 1 year ago

I just set and forget the multipliers, except for video mode. Every time I try to move a multiplier, I drain. I pretty much play for progression, not score.

#6015 1 year ago

Hoochoo, If they did the end "photo shot" scene with "Yub Nub" playing...I'd loose my $hit!

1 month later
#6116 1 year ago

Battles and defeated the Emperor for the 3rd time last night, but this time in the dark. Boy, the playfield is DARK in that mode. The GI is blue which makes it really dark. Maybe adding some whites or turning the spots on would be better. Anyway, time to adjust the difficulty of the game.

1 month later
#6347 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Do you guys have it on 5 ball? If not change your settings to five ball, I have never been able to blow up Death Star on three ball.

I keep it on 5 ball as well because I always lose 1 or 2 balls on cheap ball launch drains. My only real issue with this game is the launch off the targets and straight down the outlane and there is nothing you can do.

#6349 1 year ago

It's not control that is the issue. You can't control an auto launch directly into the left outlane. SW is the most frustrating game I own. But when I do have a good game, it does feel great.

2 weeks later
#6463 1 year ago
Quoted from Wildbill327:Man I’m really starting to second guess myself on trading this game. I think the game knows it’s on the chopping block so it’s just being extra nice.

Same for me. Every time I think about putting it up, I fall back in love with it. Although for this game it is definitely a love/hate relationship.

#6465 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Star Wars is an awesome mix of video / audio assets from all 3 films, classic Steve Ritchie design and great code.

Yeah, but one of the worst ball plunges of all times into the three bank stand ups.

3 weeks later
#6660 11 months ago

My bottom left spotlight led keeps coming loose. Doesn't fall out, just becomes loose enough to not work. I can pop it back in, but after 1 ball, will be out again. What is the best fix? Hot glue or replace with a new/different LED?

1 week later
#6696 11 months ago

Last night my son and I added a few more mods to our game.

20190313_060856 (resized).jpg20190313_060902 (resized).jpg20190313_060917 (resized).jpg
#6715 11 months ago

Anyone ever routinely choose Luke. I have started using him lately for something different to do. Fun to try to develop a new strategy. I'm pretty much an R2D2/Han guy. Can't play Leah because my daughter doesn't want me to remove her "Leah Champion".

#6720 11 months ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

It didn't even feel like an air ball. No way I pay $70 for the same Tie Fighter. I might see what others are out there. If I can find the center part of the plastic I will super glue it for now. That wing is way to brittle.
I will look into the air ball plastic. Thanks. No clue I needed it

Maybe Stern or Distributor will cover it?

1 month later
#6915 10 months ago
Quoted from Mnluz:

3d printed star wars republic and rebels symbol.
Not sure if i will keep red and black as it is or I will print both in black or both in white.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Look nice. You might consider blue for empire symbol. Unfortunately the black on black doesn't look good.

2 weeks later
#7071 9 months ago

Hadn't played as R2 in forever. My Dad came over last night and wanted to play. I had terrible early balls, not even completing a mission. Then on ball 3, I ran the table. Drained on last shot on Boba Fett which would have qualified Emperor. I've been struggling playing as Luke for so long, forgot how much fun this game can be with an easier character. Bottom line is my game is no longer up for sale. This was a true "decided to keep" moment for me.

1 month later
#7360 7 months ago
Quoted from rawbars:

I just joined the club with a SW Premium. I got it leveled and pitch is at 6.5. I gave it a good waxing and adjusted the right scoop eject so it fires to the left flipper consistently. Now it’s time to start playing and learning the rules. Everything is at factory settings. Do you guys suggest mode stacking on or off when trying to learn the game?

Keep stacking on, especially at the beginning. There is no way I would have made it to the Emperor without it. Then, slowly dial up the difficulty by turning it off and other adjustments. But to keep this game fun at home with the kids and guests, I have stacking on, set to 5 ball, and replay and Special will award extra ball. Otherwise, just too difficult for mod to poor players. But, once you learn the game and up your catch and nudging skills, start backing the settings to factory. Just one average players opinion. It's your game, set it how you like. It's about having fun, not impressing some dude on Pinside.

2 weeks later
#7427 7 months ago

Had an epic game Monday and finally, after almost 1.5 yrs of ownership, blew up episode 4 death star! Actually ended up beating all 4 planet modes as well. Was 2 seconds late hitting last light saber duel shot and ended up draining before could restart or else would have gotten to Emperor. New GC of over 10 billion as a result. Wow, can't believe I considered selling this game at one time. So much fun!

#7431 7 months ago

Quick question for SW premium owners: what colored lighted flipper buttons look best? I was thinking red or maybe orange would match both sides best. Now that I've made this one a keeper, time to add a little bling.

#7433 7 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Blue.[quoted image]

How does it match the other side?

#7435 7 months ago
Quoted from dnapac:

I think it looks pretty good. Seems like a bright star in space to me.
[quoted image]

Or a moon...wait, that's no moon!

5 months later
#8264 49 days ago

mbrave77. The left outlane is a drain monster. No pitch will fix it. This game will teach you to nudge better. The Tatooine scoop issue fix is to adjust the power. Mine hits the left flipper 90% of the time after I found the sweet spot. Also, there is a setting for ball save from that scoop. And NEVER autolaunch or launch with lockdown bar button. ALWAYS soft plunge. I usually soft plunge to right flipper. Autolaunch is often a drain. I would also recommend setting ball save to 8 seconds until you get used to the game.

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