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Stern STAR WARS club...May The Force Be With You

By Micky

4 years ago

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Post #902 New LE/Premium Code readme - v0.89 Posted by NeilMcRae (4 years ago)

Post #903 New Pro Code V0.89 ready Posted by NeilMcRae (4 years ago)

Post #4911 Summary of shots needed for modes. Posted by Hoochoo (3 years ago)

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#1422 4 years ago

Got my Premium, and after reading the technical reviews over the last month, I was nervous for all that could have been as issue...but, so far so good! Man, this game is fast.
Only thing I noticed consistently is the scoop issue. Soon as it went in, I knew it was a goner. SDTM. Some good posts on correcting the issue and i appreciate everyone's advice and expertise on all things pinball. For me, I didn't feel as comfortable to torque the scoop, so took the advice to turn the left eject to 30, which still put it STDM on the majority. So, at least for my machine, I turned it down to 25. Now, on eject it hits the right flipper 100% of the time, is catchable, and I can keep playing. It's still fast enough to need some attention, but not automatically draining is great.
This is a really fun game and I'm glad I got it. It is really cool and its going to take me quite a while to get good at it. To be truthful though, I may kill Yoda...some games go by so fast that that Stern may have to add some different ending phrases that dont bind our minds so bad....id hate to lose it and try and strangle that little guy through the LCD screen )


1 week later
#1498 4 years ago

Lightsaber Duel looked pretty awesome on that BoP video! The picture from Facebook of the Video Mode is a screen shot showing "Level 1" ...I wonder what the other levels may hold? ...I'd assume dodging more asteroids. I hope they have a level that uses the action button to fire/shoot at stuff, tie fighters, etc. That would be really cool. I'm excited that the newer code seems close!

#1580 4 years ago

Anyone have this problem?
So, I've been playing code .89 on my premium and having a lot of fun. Yesterday I downloaded the new .92 code (game code, not read me file) onto a fresh, new flash drive, formatted FAT32, put into the Spike usb port, turned the machine on, and the game just started up like normal as if there wasn't anything in the usb drive. I thought maybe it was just a bad download, so I removed the flash with machine off, erased and re-dowloaded, tried again but same thing. This was on a Mac computer.
There's another recent thread where it appeared that someone else had an issue with Mac, but success with a Windows computer. So, I downloaded again onto a fresh new flash drive from a Windows computer, but same thing! It seems as if the Spike board isn't recognizing that there's a flash drive in the port?!
Am i missing something? Any suggestions? I've been so excited about this new code, and now with all these great new pics from everyone, I'm losing my mind!

#1583 4 years ago

Thanks jints56. You were right. That bugger was still zipped! Man, I'm such a dumdbass. I never thought of myself as any sort of IT guy There wasn't an "unzip" option, but there was an "extract" option, which when selected, put a new open folder on the desktop. I transferred that to the flash, and now I'm updating! Can't wait. I'm not working today, so lightsaber duel get ready!!! Thanks for bringing the unzipping up.

#1585 4 years ago

Btw, for those less savvy...
Can anyone comment on the update options, i.e. Update: Quick vs. Full; Verify: Yes vs. No.

#1589 4 years ago

OH...IT. IS. ON!
Thank you all. Appreciate the advice and support. Let's get this .92 rolling!!


#1592 4 years ago

Ok, Lightsaber Duel is awesome, and I'm not a great pinball player, so of course I only saved 1 character before draining so very hard but it was awesome. The new Darth Vader call outs on other modes is also very cool.
That said, I noticed 2 things unfortunate I hadn't experienced beforehand on my machine: Twice I made death star shots that weren't acknowledged, and once (just as I have seen in previous threads from earlier codes), while in hyperspace loop, at a time when a mode choice was coming, as opposed to getting ultimately trapped on the death star to make the mode choice, instead the ball continued along the trail to the right flipper, which of course was nonfunctional in prep for mode choosing. I lost that ball and at that point, I hadn't even experience the Duel!!! It was frustrating.

#1597 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

I don't know if this is code-related, or just a coincidence, but with both .91 and .92, the fork will sometimes not drop low enough, and the ball hangs up on it until the game does a few ball searches (and then it'll eventually drop low enough to roll off).
Is there a menu adjustment or a simple fix for this?

Yes, I noticed that once after about 20 games. The fork is about 1cm up from the playfield and have to wait for ball search. I did not notice that at all on .89 code.
I also noticed some unfortunate death star and hyperloop issues initially after updating, but fortunately I have not seen then since.
Man, this game is a blast!!! ...and hard to walk away from!! Loving it.

#1602 4 years ago
Quoted from ATLpb:

The ultimate compliment. This game is turning my complete newb gf on to pinball.
I love the game, would love it even more if there was a more newb friendly multiball. Not a huge fan of the tie fighter button mashing. Also not fun having to adjust right eject to avoid SDTM drains. Small gripes, amazing game overall.

I turned my eject to 25 and haven't gone SDTM since. Hits right flipper 80+% of the time and the left flipper the rest...well, maybe 1/20 goes down the middle, but that may be player error, which is my specialty

#1614 4 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Does anyone know if this game has or will have a super duper valinor type wizard mode for when you get through all 4 characters? I doubt I'll ever get there, but it's fun to think that there is that one mode hanging out there that maybe one day when the stars are aligned just right that you can get to and experience...

I'll probably never see this myself, but yes, if you make it through the 4 characters (and boba fett), you get to fight the Emperor! It looks really awesome...

This recent game was posted on the .89 code:


#1617 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

That's Jedi multiball. So the mode you play before choosing the next character. You can tell because after fighting the emperor he gets to choose another character. Also only one character light is lit up on the playfield.

Very correct. I didn't comment correctly. Meant to comment that if you make it through the 4 modes, plus boba fett (and i assume now lightsaber duel?) Yoy get to fight the Emperor. The gameplay posted looks super cool...i hope one fine day I'll make it there. I'll probably be so beside myself I'll drain immediately

On that video, after completing the Emperor/Jedi MM mode, I do see you start back at the beginning but with a new character, with the character you just played staying lit on the playfield. I imagine that they probably will put some sort of crazy post-4character mode on the game...ill have to live vicariously through others to enjoy that though

#1630 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Still streaming new code for another 30 mins or so!!
Should be a decent archive to watch too. Some big games and got to LSD multiple times. No Jedi MB yet. Much harder now.

Able to catch a bit of the gameplay. Came across real nice. Looking forward to seeing the archived video later on. Thanks for streaming the new code in action!!!

#1641 4 years ago
Quoted from Celofane:

0.92 gameplay with original soundtrack
» YouTube video

Thanks for posting that! Great video!
Agree, those added original music scores are awesome. How did you do that?
Also, your scoop seemed pretty consistent to the left flipper...what setting are you using for your eject?

#1643 4 years ago

Sinbad (#4. Alot of airballs from the standups - ive had balls fly onto the left ramp and even over the flippers.
but overall - can't stop playing the damn thing)

I've have this issue as well, and I too can't stop playing! For my game, I have noticed this to occur about once, maybe twice every 5 games.

When it jumps onto the left ramp, at least control is gained for the next shot...but when it flies over the flipper to drain...man, it's frustrating...especially when you have a good game going on. But I find myself getting over it. I mean, this game can get SO fast!! I'm having a blast with it.

#1644 4 years ago
Quoted from Celofane:


I'm using PinballBrowser : https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/starwars-pro-sound-replacement-v-089
My scoop setting is on 30 and it's working well.


#1668 4 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

--------------------------------Star Wars Game Play Strategy----------------------------
For those interested, the following is one of my favorite strategies for getting deep into the game. If you try this strategy, even if you completely ignore the shot multiplier, you'll probably break a billion points at minimum, more importantly it'll help you get to some really fun modes like Light Saber Duel and Jedi Multiball.
- Pick R2-D2 (leaving your shot multipliers wider longer letting you concentrate on other things more than the risky 3 bank). Light the death star modes with the skill shot. Immediately move your multipliers to the horseshoe and the left ramp and just leave 'em.
- While the ball save is on, hammer away at the Hoth shot to light hoth modes.
- Gain control and light the Endor modes. Number one thing I can recommend is get really, really good at the left ramp backhand. It's a super easy, repeatable shot that comes in handy all the time (besides MB, it works great in destroy the tie fighters - if you don't have time or can't trap the ball, repeated ramp shots are easy while mashing the button).
- If you happen to hit the Hoth Shot or the Death Star shot before lighting Endor, I'd recommend passing (yes, for all those naysayers wondering why the hell there's a "pass" option it's there for a good reason.)
- Once Endor is lit, hit the Endor ramp. Select one of the hoth modes and one of the Death Star modes. The great thing about doing this is you leave the easy/safe shot open for your mode starts if you complete Endor last. Plus, for those that are having issues with Hoth rejects, essentially you almost never need to make a locking Hoth shot if your Endor shot is still lit, problem solved via work-around.
- Avoid going for Tie Fighters unless it's lit as a hurry up, then pound it.
- Avoid the 3 bank and drop targets - - these will all get taken care of on their own in the multiballs.
- Avoid the jedi targets - ditto on being taken care of in MBs.
- Hammer out the modes as best as you can. Always try to bring in one regular mode with a planet multiball. I purposely avoid starting two planet multiballs at the same time. They're just too useful in helping get through the other modes.
- On your second ball you can usually pick Light Tatooine (if you haven't already) and now all four planet modes are available.
- When you can, trap the ball on the right flipper and go for your hyperspace and hit the horseshoe to get it ready for the last hurry-up. Get this ready early but save the multiball. Bring that in whenever possible with a planet multiball.
- Delay starting Tie Fighter multiball as long as you can to try and bring that in with a planet multiball. It gives you really good odds at lighting your add-a-ball as well as getting to Victory Multiball.
Following this or a similar strategy will advance your FORCE targets, Jedi Training, and build your shot multiplier without having to consciously go for them and risk losing control. You'll get to 40X faster than ever, build your tie fighters towards extra balls and light Light Saber Duel much easier (I'm finding I'm getting to Light Saber Duel before even starting the video mode). After that, focus as much as you can on the combos and defeating Boba Fett and you'll set up defeat the Emperor before you know it. Sometimes I use this same strategy but with Han which helps get to the Emperor a little easier...

Thanks for this post!
I've got a long way to go, and im nowhere near getting to the Emperor mode yet...But that said, I took your suggestions (even "passed" for the first time on mode choices) and sure enough if I wasn't scoring better and obtaining more planet multiballs...i really felt like I was making serious strides today!! Control, control, I must learn control!!!

#1671 4 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Guys that have played both models of SW, is the premium worth it over the pro? Still considering SW but have no place to try it. Is the code going to be challenging and good long term, or is it repetitive?

I played the pro and it was super fun. I opted on the premium to buy just because for me I really like the metal ramp look and I was, and still am stoked over the hyperspace loop (a cool feature that adds a little extra dimension to the playfield). Not to mention this game is so freaking fast at times, just having that ball loop around a time or two in the ramp during the hyperapace hurry-up gives you a chance to collect your thoughts!! For me, it was worth it. I've had it now for a few weeks, fortunately without any major issues out of the box, and I'm absolutely loving it.

#1687 4 years ago

Mirror blades and shaker motor installed!!

I hit so many dang asteroids on the video mode I thought the shaker motor was going to drill a hole in my floor with the cabinet leg!




#1700 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Yeah, I'm going to shorten the time on mine. I do think it hurts it that you can hit asteroids and keep going. I think a one-and-done collision system is good in video modes, keeps the tension high and keeps 'em short!

I like how you put that. I agree. Its not the neatest video mode, but it would be better if it stopped after you hit the first asteroid. I finally checked the adjustments...its set at 20 seconds, you can shorten to 15 seconds but that's the shortest time interval. I played it for 15 sec, but it still felt a bit longer than I would prefer. Haha.
Additionally, I do like how they integrated the shaker motor into the game, but I don't care for the way they utilized it on the video mode...seems a bit much to me. As above, id like it much more if you just hit an asteroid, it shook the cabinet once and then moved on back to the game. That said, this small opinion has not deterred me from playing again, again and again!!

1 week later
#1749 4 years ago

Anyone else notice that Stern code page downgraded the available premium code back to .89? Anyone have any insight as to what they're working on/additional updates? I know there were issues with the Death Star ramp not going all the way down at times, and I have that occur frequently as well...but any other issues? Has anyone touched base with the folks at Stern to get any inside info?

#1751 4 years ago

Gotcha. Thanks. Man, im loving this game but what a ride on this whole code thing. Be great if they get it sorted out before the weekend.

#1826 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I wanted to post this up here as several have asked if the Pin Stadium lighting system works with the Light Saber Dual mode. This video is a good walkthrough of what it will do for your Star Wars.
This game was in the Tilt Amusements/Stern sponsored tournament at the Chicago Expo last weekend. Gameplay was enhanced dramatically along with playfield visibility as you will see. The Light Saber Dual mode is even better now with the GI module and UV+Glow flasher options.
If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]
Pin Stadium
» YouTube video

That's really a nice effect! Thanks for making the video. Very cool.
I saw the spotlight for that product on the expo footage last week...super stuff. You mentioned the pinstadium product could be installed when mirror blades are already in place, is that correct? Also, I remember you touching on the subject, but how easy was it to install with the new Spike 2 boards? Additionally, on that video footage you just posted, was that speaker lighting reflection, and is that a separate install from the otherwise standard pinstadium lighting package? Again, really neat product...im certainly interested.

#1852 4 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

yep, something special happening with this pin and I'm over any kind of honeymoon phase, I just had game where at one point Tie fighter multi broke out while I had both Death Star and Endor mini wizards going then a hyper space multi and as soon as that ended a Light Saber duel, shortly after that Boba Fett and video mode, almost made to the Emperor 7 billion with frantic but successful use of the PF multiplier, now I've had many many pins and lots of Sterns this thing is quickly becoming one the best I've ever owned if not the best.

Well said! This is not not only a game that's hard to walk away from, but when you're really lighting it up, more modes keep coming and stacking...it's really a rush!! I'm loving it.

Anyone understand/know how to increase the value on the hyperspace hurry up? Not sure I fully get where the points are generated from...is it based on the multiplier and/or the timing you hit it in the game?

#1854 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I would like to know this too. I think I’ve seen you can increase it outside of the mode and within it. Not sure how it’s done though. I just make sure and collect it right away now especially if I have 40x locked on it.

I just ordered pinstadium lighting for this game and if im not mistaken, I heard you have this product as well. I'm stoked with what what I've seen...im sold. That product looks badass. Question for you, is the small but present overhang of the lighting strip towards the playfield make it tenuous when lifting the playfield? Does it hit it or rub, or no big deal? Is it a stick-on strip? I have mirror blades, and Scott from pinstadium says it's no big deal/compatable...but those blades do have a thickness to them...wonder if that affects what I mentioned above?? Would love to hear your experience on the subject.

#1857 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

The magnetic strips the lights mount to have adhesive backing so you just stick them to the mirror blades, right below the playfield glass channel.
The lights themselves have a magnetic strip already on them so they just attach to the game via the magnets. When lifting the playfield, take the lights off and lay them on the playfield. The playfield will not lift up with the lights attached.
Hope that helps.

I had a sense that was the deal. Yes, that definitely answers the question. Appreciate it. Thanks!!

#1869 4 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I find the Death Star shot and left orbit shot really difficult to hit.
Anyone have tips?

Right orbit is where I have difficulty right now. For me, left orbit is a backhand shot. I'm still working on finding that sweet spot on the flippers for the Death star shot, but have been able to get it pretty equally from both flippers.

#1872 4 years ago
Quoted from Sinbad:

To build the value you need to complete the rollover switches in the Out and In lanes that feed the flippers.

Interesting. I wouldn't have thought about that. Thanks, I'll start paying attention to the rollover lanes! Man, this game is so addictive...

#1881 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here is a video that shows the compete walkthrough of the Pin Stadium lighting kit in action on SW Premium. At about :55 in you will see the recommends GI Module option syncing with the Light Saber Duel mode (works with all the other modes to). It's really cinematic and theatrical, and takes this game to a whole new level.
Install time for this is about 10-15 minutes (very simple) and it's plug and play.
» YouTube video

I appreciate your great customer service Scott. Order is in...can't wait till they arrive!!

#1898 4 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I'm still debating on getting a premium vs pro myself. Leaning premium just to get a little more style points, but not sure it's worth it. Premium guys, is the ramp forks giving the majority of people problems?

I have played pro and premium and both are awesome. For me, I went with a premium and am super happy with it. I really love the hyperspace loop which i think is totally badass and the metal habbitrail look, so for me it was worth the extra money. This game is so much fun and seriously addictive...it may even be affecting my concentration at work...
For my game, fortunately I have not experienced some of the death star ramp issues that I have seen posted by others, but I have noticed a great crew on this and other related SW threads that can get you through any SW issues you may encounter...there is some serious pin-genius out there. But, as mentioned above, both games play essentially the same and you will have a blast either way.

#2041 4 years ago
Quoted from lpierrick:

Hello from France ..
Some pictures of my first "mods"

Love that light on the front of the cabinet! Speaker lights too. Those are seriously awesome.

On a group note...
It's been a while since any talk of strategy, and mind you I'm not the best player so all the help the better, but I was trying out different characters and paths, and i found one particular character/path that really moved me along on getting planets!!! .....

I chose Han and light Tatooine (starts with 2 Tatooine, 2 Hoth, 2 Endor). I then went for Hoth x 3 shots which lit the asteroid field (and you can't die/drain there, whew)...when released I went for Hoth again, which lights the Hoth planet MB plus Tatooine II...by the time you wrap up the Hoth MB the Endor shot is ready, and when you hit the left ramp/Endor, I picked Endor III and Tatooine MB...and by the time the Tatooine MB is wrapped up, Endor is ready for its planet MB.
During all this time, with all the multiballs, I get the Tie fighter MB and set up for LSD, which may or may not be completed and likely hyperspace MB. When and if I drain during this stratagy, which im good at, I chose light Death Star modes, which gets that mode shot ready...
Anyway, just an observation to stack up MB after MB after MB, which is such a rush.
This game is so addictive.. it really is so hard to walk away from!!!

#2046 4 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Thanks for the fan help, everyone. One more Stern newbie question for you.
How do you actually move the outlane pin down a notch to narrow it down? I took the nut out from underneath, but still doesn't budge. I'm admittedly being extremely careful and not using much force, so maybe I'm just being too delicate?

Don't worry, you will get used to the fan. You will play this dang game so much, eventually you will be happy it's there to help keep this thing cool!

As above, to move the left outlane post, lift the playfield to rest it on the front, wrench to the nut beneath the playfield while unscrew with driver from on top, may need to spin the post a couple times with the driver carefully to loosen it a bit but it will come right out. Not sure, but this may differ between premium and pro. Re-insert post to inner/lower hole that's predrilled. Tighten, but not too crazy with it...it won't go anywhere. Congrats on the new game. It's awesome and seriously addictive!!

1 month later
#2307 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Got the Mirror Blades installed as well after watching Auburn whoop up on Bama.......this pin looks as good as it plays!!!!

I really like where you decided to out the x wing

#2308 4 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

I'd be happy if they only fixed one thing: having to play Video Mode and Hoth 1 (i.e. video moda AGAIN) back to back while playing as Han........

Yes, I completly agree with that. It does seem as there are 2 different asteroid setups between the two modes, but it sure would be nice to see something completely different. Additionally, I would like to see an option that allows one to shorten it even more than 15 seconds, if one desires that.

#2338 4 years ago
Quoted from frg:

Bought a Pro some weeks ago, since it was a good deal... I didn't actually like the multiplier concept, but at the end of the day exactly this feature rocks. Having a 1.5 bn Hyperspace Hurry Up (20x, could have 3bn with 40x ) is really fun.
Did a recording yesterday... two camera setup, unfortunately I am not able to cature the screen in better quality.
» YouTube video

Nice game man. Well done!!

#2343 4 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

I installed Pin Stadium Lights in my Star Wars Pro a couple weeks back, filmed a bit on the installation and going through the settings on the app. I am pretty happy with them overall. They kick major ass during Boba Fett mode, and the UV Glow option for the flashers was definitely the way to go for this game.
» YouTube video

Thank you very much for posting that video! Looks awsome!! My Pinstadium lights delivered yesterday, and I will be putting them in this weekend. Mine also includes the Flasher and GI options. Your installation video answered some questions i had, so thanks again!

#2344 4 years ago
Quoted from dnapac:

Done with my mods...for now. I know, some hate mods, but I try to keep it as an enhancement, not gaudy. I used several x-wing miniatures, the lighted Star Destroyer, and a black plasma bumper (zoom in).

Looks really great!
May I ask, where did you get the mods from? Thanks.

#2404 4 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I’m with you both too. There’s tons to do and it’s very challenging which deserves a solid place in a home collection. I could not imagine never playing this before and then going out to play it on route somewhere and not spending tons of money on it. For the 1st reason it’s hard hitting and it really makes you tune your skills, and for the 2nd there is so much to do/learn that you could never get enough progress.
I also thoroughly agree that this game makes you a better player for other pinballs due to its challenging shots. It really goes to show that we should never judge until we play and never listen to anyone but yourself because this game should get nothing but 5 stars all day long.
Plus it’s so fun to watch someone else play because you get to see all kinds of great footage that you never realized was there because it’s so intense when playing it’s hard to raise your eyeballs off of the playfield.

Just installed the Pinstadium lights with GI and Flashers on my premium....
...not only does the general glow show off the metal habitrails in a fantastic way, but the integration with the shots is SO COOL. It really adds alot to the whole look and experience and a new dimension to the feeling of the game during play. Love it. Thanks Scott!!



#2498 4 years ago

Been working like a dog all week. New code, yeah! What a great way to start the weekend! Downloading now... come on baby!


#2502 4 years ago
Quoted from AJB4:

there are 3 files in the folder - the "read-me" says to download 2 - - which 2???</blockquote

I did all 3 and worked well. Love the updates! So far so great.

#2503 4 years ago

Just to double down... not only did I get off work early, make it home to download the new code and get a few games in...but now I'm at the theater with my boy anxiously awaiting the 12:45pm showing of the new SW movie. Best day ever!? Yes!!!

#2506 4 years ago

Thanks to Endor MB I finally destroyed the death star on my premium!! And...the thing / death star mechanism worked! ...awwwwesome!!!

#2507 4 years ago

Loving this new code. Feels more complete. I liked this game before, and as time goes on I just seem to like it more and more.

I have not been one to mind the pf as it stands, but I have been really appreciating those pics of pfs in where folks have put a Star Destroyer in the back right corner. On the pro model, there is a big picture of the Star Destroyer, although on the premium there is not. As a result, I too thought it would be a cool idea to put one up there. I think it looks super cool.

That piece of metal to the back center along the orbit path... I opted to cover the view of that with a single TIE fighter.

I think I will leave the proximal pf as it stands.

Last weekend I installed pinstadium lighting, and while this modification may not be needed or desired for all pinball machines, I think it looks badass for the Star Wars and really sets it off...especially with the metal habitrails.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the end result!!!
Now, let's get 1.00.0ing!!!!


#2510 4 years ago

Few additional views of the recent additions. Played a few games and they seem to be solid in their position..no wigglin!!




#2511 4 years ago


#2512 4 years ago

I'm not usually doing a bunch of added modifications, but I found some earlier threads really helpful and worked off of that.
For those interested, I used two kinds of wires to that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and bent them into appropriate shapes as below and fastened them to the starships using screws that were #8 32 x 8/32", which I had to cut down myself using a tool from 32 x 3/8" (pic below).
I thought that the aluminum wire i used for the star destroyer was going to be too soft at first, but the post is so short, it's actually very stable...the music wire worked well for the tie fighter was way too wiggly on the pf for the destroyer.
I removed the nuts off the pf where I was interested in placing these wires, did not have to remove any ramps or other pf parts to accomplish this, then secured the nuts back to their appropriate places. The Star Destroyer was purchased on Amazon Prime, and yes that's a picture of the destroyed box next to my space shoes, I'm all in! Hahaha


#2524 4 years ago
Quoted from Zenomorp:

Found the issue...

For my own learning purposes, and if you don't mind me asking, what exactly is the issue that you discovered in that picture as it relates to your drop targets??

#2532 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Thanks for this. Do you happen to have any pics of where you mounded the wire on the underside of the ship? Did you do it where the clear plastic piece is?

When I get home I'll take a picture, but yes. The small plastic-lined hole at the bottom of the ship where the model post is supposed to click into, this is a perfect fit for the screws mentioned above. Need to make sure not to over tighten. For the Tie Fighter, and for X-Wing toys, the cut down screw is a perfect fit, keeps it less proud. Because I used the thicker wire on the Star Destroyer, I did not have to cut the screw, and it looked good.



#2533 4 years ago

Sorry about the glare from the glass. But these are the two spots that I chose to place the ships.



#2539 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Just purchased a SW Prem, hope I made the right choice!!!


#2540 4 years ago

I have finished modifications on my Star Wars premium. Made new insert cards on the apron, got three small high detail X-Wings (can see better if zoom in) that correlate with the size range of the Millennium Falcon (and don't take up too much visual space proximally on the pf)...kept the good guys up front and the bad guys in the back (to include an added TIE fighter, Imperial Star Destroyer, and Boba Fett's Slave 1).

All-in-all I am pleased with the end result and in reality there's a lot of extra stuff, but in person it does not look too busy or forced. No pun intended.

Mix that with the new code, mirrored side blades and Pinstadium Lighting and I'm all set in Star Wars Heaven!!! Have I mentioned just how much I love this game. YES!!!!!!






#2546 4 years ago
Quoted from jarch:

chipscott that looks amazing!! Nicely done ✅

Thanks!! I'm totally stoked with the end result!!

#2551 4 years ago
Quoted from PlayPin:

I think that is the best looking set of upgrade ships I have seen so far, nice work! I really like how you mounted the star destroyer. Do you know how long the aluminum mount turned out to be for that? There must not be too much wiggle room or the ship would stick up and be in the way of the glass.

Thanks!! I was actually in Corvallis a few months ago...beautiful country up there.
The rod I used for the Star Destroyer was short, about 1". Because the aluminum rod was so easy to bend, I was able to bring it to the pf already screwed into the base of the Destroyer, bend the rod rather dramatically to allow access to screw it to a bolt on the upper portion of the right ramp, and then bend the rod back into final position. I'm actually amazed at just how sturdy it is. No wiggling at all during gameplay and it hasn't budged an inch since I placed it. I was rather surprised at the amount of space that was available between the ramp and the glass.

#2554 4 years ago
Quoted from PlayPin:

I want to thank you for your posts here. I had just ordered a lighted Star Destroyer yesterday on Ebay. Minutes later saw your post and thought it looked a lot nicer. Much more detail in your version. I also think the way you mounted it on the premium is perfect. I was able to cancel the order for the S.D. on Ebay and I ordered the same one you have. I can't see finding a nicer one and the size seems perfect. I think some of this kind of detail is just what this game is begging for. Can I ask you where you found your other ships?

I agree, the detail in these starship figurines can be really amazing, and really helped enhance an already a very cool game. I got everything off of Amazon. The Collection that these Starship figures come from is called Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game expansion pack, which includes multiple different ships including the ones that I used. Shipped in like 2 to 3 days.


#2577 4 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Got flame red powdercoat for my pro. Turned out quite nice.

That red looks amazing on that Pro cabinet!

#2591 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Got my Prem yesterday, locked in our mechanical room closet or I'd take pics (kids have NO idea, so excited for Christmas morning!) but I have to say, the clear coat on this playfield looks amazing. Can't wait to get some time on this pin!

Congratulations! It's an awesome game!
Certainly it's per personal preference, although the majority of users I've noticed, including myself, have decreased the Right eject scoop from 40 to 20 - 25, which ejects it fairly reliably to the right flipper as opposed to a quick hard drain SDTM. Other than that, I've not noticed many other people making any other major adjustments in the menu, with the exception of possibly decreasing the video mode time, and making sure to adjust to freeplay, as default is to payment.

Also, if you turn it on to check these things (and sneak a few plays on it while you're there)... May want to check in just make sure it's updated to the new 1.00.0 code. Most folks, including myself, have had the most success using the PNY brand flash drives (available at Best Buy, and the like) and using Windows as opposed to Mac for the download process.
Congrats again...great Christmas!

#2618 4 years ago
Quoted from KJL:

Upgraded to 1.0 and added Hooked SWLE EL panes for side rail kit. This game was fun to me when the pro first came out but is way better than I hoped when I ordered it.
For the EL kit, it was Pretty easy to put on and I really like. Downside is the panel when off is not white. So see the video on his youtube channel
Here are a few pics of the EL kit. I play with the lights off so included an original shot in the dark with a lit shot.

Wow, those are awesome!!...Looks amazing. Where/what are they plugged into for power? How is it off in that one picture when the machine is on? External source? Super cool pics, thanks!

#2623 4 years ago
Quoted from PinsOnly:

This game is so addicting, it's just so much fun. I have had and still have lot's of games, but none of them seem to have that one more time thing for me like this one does. My biggest complaint is that I never get to see any of the video clips since looking up is pretty much instant death. It is also a heartless game, if you are having a good game going, don't miss a shot or you're dead, or pick the wrong time to hit something and Bang, it hits the out lane and don't get me started on watching the ball roll across your flipper as you mash the tie fighter button. The Hyper Loop might be the best hurry up in pinball. The game can be so frustrating, but Damn! It's so fun!

Well said! Haha. Yeah, it's a blast, and I've never just played one game either... But wow, it really can be a real ass kicker if the shots don't staaay on target!

#2627 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

So we are playing our SW Prem, and so far everyone is really enjoying it. Its definitely a fast and brutal game, lots of very short ball times (which I actually like) BUT one thing is driving me nuts. The Death Star is a hard shot to hit, but about 5 times already we've hit the shot, and the ball just drops down once it enters below the death star and its stuck. The machine can't find it and I have to take the glass off. Anyone have this problem? Is there a fix? I downloaded that app on my phone to level the pin at exactly 6.5 as I read that was the desired level correct?

Yes, without enough speed, that ball can have a hard time making up that ramp sometimes, although with the right speed, it triggers the accelerator to go around the loop, which is awesome. If there's not enough speed however, the ball will either roll back to you, or fall right behind the death star fork ramp. If it falls behind the fork ramp in the loop, just wait for the ball search, and the ramp will go down and release the ball. Additionally, you can also try lowering the playfield a degree or two and see if that helps nail the shot a little bit better. Have you been able to confirm that the hyperloop accelerator is working?

#2628 4 years ago

But yes, that Death Star shot is a tough one on the Premium/LE, no doubt!!! ...but once you get it dialed in and practice it, you'll be killin it. But even with a few months of practice now, while I can get it the majority of times, I still brick that baby on the regular, hahaha

#2635 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

How do I check that? Something in setup?
And I just had the most amazing game. I bet the first 50 games I didn't do anything, but I just destroyed the death star during a multi ball and ended the game with 4,032,595,040! It was amazing! It helped that I was awarded 2 or 3 extra balls. This game is like IM on steroids, but with a lot more to do obviously!

That's awesome! It's really such fun addictive game.

It would be helpful if you did take a picture next time you see the ball get stuck.
It almost makes it sound like the fork ramp is going up a little too high?? creating a catchment point between the platform under the Death Star and the top edge of the fork, when the fork is up. If that is the case, I'm sure there is a way to lower the max height of the fork ramp when its up, although I would need to lean on more advanced personnel in this forum to assist in helpibg to make that adjustment. I do know that earlier on in this thread, there were some saavy individuals adjusting their fork ramps, esp in earlier code when not all ramps we're dropping all the way and interfering with the loop.

#2648 4 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

I think that did it, at least, I hit the shot with the glass off about 4 or 5 times and it took fine every time. Thank you SO MUCH for the help. I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to photograph and share! Merry Christmas!!

So happy things are working order! The relationship of the fork ramp to the Death Star platform and accelerator wireform has been tricky for some and in a few cases has had to be tweaked to make it just right. I too really appreciate AUKraut for that great analysis and advice to help bring a Merry Christmas. Now let's destroy some Death Stars!
Happy holidays everyone!!

#2674 4 years ago
Quoted from jfre81:

This sounds like a blast. I will be playing SW for the first time in a few days. Out of all the pins in the place I'm taking my nephew to, this would probably be the one he picks because it's SW.
I don't think he's flipped a real pin before. How hard is this table on a beginner? He'll have a veteran (if rusty and nowhere near competition shape) player coaching him. Steve Ritchie's works like High Speed and F-14 Tomcat were among my early pinball experiences. Tomcat is in this place too according to Pinballmap. Glad he's still at it for a new generation of players.

I have a 9 year old son, and I know that he and his friends have all enjoyed taking turns on the machine. I have the premium version at the house. Even though the true gameplay can be very challenging, I think that between the light show, audio clips and call outs and overall layout, they all find it super fun. Not to mention when they hit the hyperspace Loop, or get to mash on the button to destroy Tie fighters. When having guests over, when the adults are taking a break from having an absolute blast on it, I noticed that younger children as young as five have migrated to the machine and can be captivated by it for some time. For me this is great, because as a old school Star Wars fan and owner of this game, this particular game and model really hits the check boxes. Overall I am continuously pleased and stoked with the full package this machine brings to the table. Highly recommended.
And while sometimes I want to choke Yoda through the LCD screen, the kids love teasing each other with his final comments when the ball drains...


#2687 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Haven’t looked through the thread, but since updating to newest code, no attract sounds- STARWARS theme music and no video clip sounds.
The attract sound is on in settings
Anyone else having this problem?

Yes, they made the default with the initial video clips and attract mode video clips with the audio off on the new code for some reason. If you go to the settings in the feature adjustments, there is an option to turn attract mode video clips vocals on or vocals off.

#2698 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Those look badass! I’m a Prem owner, but I’d debase myself for some LE rails.
I added an X-Wing series Slave 1 yesterday (Christmas present from my wife... my first-ever pinball gift, oddly enough):

Looks sweet!! How/what did you connect to for the green lightsaber to light it up? That looks great. Is it interactive with GI? Would you ever place a red lightsaber to the left ramp to balance out the force!?
Nice job!
What star destroyer model did you end up putting in the back right corner?
...and do you mind me asking, where/from whom did you get the small LCD screen plating/cover? That's lookin really nice.

#2699 4 years ago
Quoted from Mando:

Nice mine arrives tomorrow, i was on the fence on if I should install them as another friend found them dim...but he has a lot of light in his game room. Seems like bit of work to get them in.

Those are an awesome upgrade! As a premium owner, at the current time it's not a feasible modification to the machine...but I think they look totally amazing from the pictures that have been posted.
Can you post pics of the install process!?

#2703 4 years ago
Quoted from 30FathomDave:

Thanks! The lightsaber is from Mezel Mods. It ties directly to the GI from the nearest bulb.
I originally ordered a red one and received the green one by mistake. I didn’t even catch the error until I had already installed it, but wound up loving the way green looked, so I left it alone. I thought about getting a red one to balance it out, but was worried the red and green lights combined might look Christmas-y. Haha.
The Star Destroyer is the one from Armada. I read what you did and copied you pretty much exactly.
The bezel’s from Laseriffic.

Thanks! They did a good job with the detail on the Slave 1 figure.
I’ve heard the “it takes away the pop” criticism a few times about the bezel, and while I feel the complete opposite, to each their own.

Hahaha... Good call on the Christmas thing, I wouldn't have thought that until you said it. Good point!!

#2721 4 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

Quick note to those looking for the rail EL kit for the LE versions.
The kits and the Star Destroyer ship will be added to my site on the 1st.
We have a limited number of kits left, but if demand is there we can run again in Feb.
We also have TNA kits ready to ship along with Aerosmith kits.
Thanks again for the support.

Does anyone know how to obtain the LE side rails? If so, I would totally get one of those lighted mods for my premium. I think they look great on that machine from the pictures I've seen.

#2723 4 years ago
#2724 4 years ago
Quoted from JoshODBrown:

I thought about how silly a jar jar multi ball would be and just realized the 9th multi mode would be Midnight Madness! I did play Midnight Madness in code .91 a few months back (I totally forgot), but I have not noticed if it is still able to be turned on in the latest version, or maybe I just go to bed too early these days.

Quoted from Rob_G:

It's gone now.

Nice work on beating that emperor's ass and getting to the second character! I've gotten close, but have not gotten that far yet. Someday.
As above, yes, at the current time with current code it is just a rinse and repeat once starting the next character. Even though I would never be able to obtain it, it would be fun to know that there was some crazy status-post, four-character super wizard mode waiting at the end... I know that there would be some pinball wizard out there that would make it to that level, and I would enjoy watching it!!

#2725 4 years ago
Quoted from jdpilot:

In this inspiration...

Different enough from the LE but in the same idea and cool enough to be put on the LE too... just a thought...

That's awesome. I tell you, original trilogy Star Wars is so cool. There's all kinds of good stuff to pick from. Almost makes me wish that they had chosen the carbon freeze chamber as a mode. If I had my choice, I would put that in one of the Hoth modes to replace the doubled asteroid field video mode, and leave the video mode to the asteroids... As far as inspiration for future mods, including side rails, carbon freeze chamber is a great idea.

#2766 4 years ago
Quoted from pudealee:

Any updates or rumors on SW accessories from Stern? I just remember them saying "after the New Year." Ugh.

Was thinking same thing... Granted, folks have gotten pretty inventive in the meantime!!...but sure would like to see some well-designed accessories out there for this machine from Stern, including the topper.

Quoted from HPR:

Bought a Premium and after a hundreds games i can say it is VERY addictive. Super fun, immersive and beautiful lightshow, great music, great fast and fun shots, and lots of variety. Choose your path is a fantastic way to make this game always fun to play. Love the video mode and love the action button to move the X arrow and ''add a ball'' action.
I played a lot and love X-Men LE, AFM, Tron, MM and now i prefer Star Wars.
I'm not fan of TZ or TSPP style stop and go ballflow, too much interference on the playfield.
Ritchie ''rules''

Yes, it really is. And now I can say after several months of owning this machine, it hasn't gotten old, and each time I step up, there's no way I can play just one game. It totally draws me in, and each time I have a blast playing it.

#2767 4 years ago

Has anyone heard, or does anyone think that Dwight will eventually change that one Hoth mode to a mode that isn't a near repeat of the video mode?
Don't get me wrong, I love this game entirely, but that might be the one thing about the game that I really wished was a bit different, maybe it's just me.

#2784 4 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

Absolutely, I’m not a Star Wars fan. I’m not a hater. This game is excellent for what it is. Every one wanted better art, more toys and gimmicks. In the end, what the Stern crew has pulled off with the limitations of a expensive license and work place restrictions for a profitable title. Steve, Dwight and all others did this game the best option. It plays and feels excellent.

I agree. Not to mention the fact that there are so many clips from the movie, mixed with the music, that the lack of gimmicks is really made up by all of the integration of the trilogy. Mix that with the hyperloop on the premium and LE versions, the variable Rewards given by both the force targets and the Mystery scoop, add an amazing light show and all of the extra hurry ups that sneak up on you (Boba Fett, TIE fighter, hyperspace, lightsaber duel, etc.) mixed with all of the mini wizard mode multi balls, that this really becomes a full package experience!!! The open layout allows you to really get some fast balls going, and combined with the above, makes this game not only addictive, but a challenge and a keeper!! I think this game is great. I think that the whole crew did an amazing job on this title.... not to mention the fact that, if one really wanted to (myself included) add a couple Star Wars toys to just aid/add in the visual candy, you can! I have the premium version, and I have been extremely happy ever since it landed at the house. The development of the code over the last few months has only solidified my excitement for this game.


#2785 4 years ago
Quoted from fuseholder:

Absolutely, I’m not a Star Wars fan. I’m not a hater. This game is excellent for what it is. Every one wanted better art, more toys and gimmicks. In the end, what the Stern crew has pulled off with the limitations of a expensive license and work place restrictions for a profitable title. Steve, Dwight and all others did this game the best option. It plays and feels excellent.

Quoted from Rasavage:

I agree 100%. The way Stern has handled releases, qc, code, lack of extras for LE's, etc., has left an exceedingly bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. Even though I love my SW and B66, the reveal and owning these games (particularly batman) has been a real roller coaster. That colors people's perspective, which isn't fair to the game even if it's more than fair to Stern. And that's a shame because SW is really excellent. I don't necessarily think it's Ritchie's best design (though it's certainly very good) but I do think Dwight has really made it very special.

Quoted from HPR:

It's a personnal taste and cannot argue with you if you prefer another Steve's design.
What i like so much is the speed and possibilities of combos shots.
First day i saw HS i was very impressed and love this game from day one and still love it.
Star Wars feel like HS with 10 times the adrenaline and 10 times the variety, 10 times the light show, 10 times better sounds quality and etc ...., i like to shoot the orbit, inner loop, ramp and again inner loop etc ...
Lot of folks thinks playfields are the same but Steve know all the subtilities to make the flow perfect.
Position, angle of the ramps, opening, geometry etc.... When i look at Ghostbuster, it's a mess of design and not very fun to play.
I feel i have to fight the design to acheive something great with this title. Certainly doesn't have the rush and adrenaline of Star Wars for my personnal taste.
And yes lot of people complain about the Tie Fighter spring, oh well just design another one better if possible.
In my opinion, i don't complain if i can't do better. I think the moving Tie Fighter is ok and lot of playfields design will
include this kind of toy but not moving at all. I like the moving Tie Fighter and red flashing lights when i destroy it, it's great.
ps sorry for my english, certainly not perfect,

I agree. Not to mention the fact that there are so many clips from the movie, mixed with the music, that the lack of gimmicks is really made up by all of the integration of the trilogy. However, it doesn't just end there...mix that with the hyperloop on the premium and LE versions, the variable rewards given by both the FORCE targets and the Mystery scoop, an integrated button on the lock down bar, a 3-bank that likes to kick your ass but is super important, an amazing light show...not to mention all of the extra hurry ups that sneak up on you (Boba Fett, TIE fighter, hyperspace, lightsaber duel, etc.) mixed with all of the mini wizard mode multi balls, that this really becomes a full package experience!!! The open pf layout allows you to really get some fast balls going, and combined with the above, makes this game not only addictive, but a challenge and a keeper!!
I think this game is great and I love it. I think that the whole crew did an amazing job on this title.... not to mention the fact that, if one really wanted to (myself included) add a couple Star Wars toys to just aid/add in the visual candy, you can! I have the premium version, and I have been extremely happy with it ever since it landed at the house. The development of the code over the last few months has only solidified my excitement for this game.


#2788 4 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Nice destroyer, where did you get it? Lights up?
Game cards as well, very nice!

Thanks! Armada series Star Destroyer from Amazon, and the game cards I made at home from pics off the internet, fiddled with them on microsoft and printed them on card stock. All in all I guess I added a fair amount to the game (toy mods (Star Destroyer, Tie fighter, Slave-1, few X-wings), playcards, mirror blades, Pinstadium lights, shaker motor) but I'm really happy with how everything turned out! I'm in Star Wars Heaven with this game!

#2796 4 years ago
Quoted from Behnendl:

I added the Star destroyer yesterday. It looks good. It really fills the blank space nicely. The posts by ChipScott we’re a huge help! Thanks for posting!

Looks awesome! It really does seem like that Star Destroyer was just meant to be there, right?
Also, and I know it's probably not perfect for every game, but I love how the light from the Pinstadium lights bounce off the metal ramps and habitrails in this game...really adds a lot to what is already an excellent light show!!

#2798 4 years ago
Quoted from Behnendl:

I added the Star destroyer yesterday. It looks good. It really fills the blank space nicely. The posts by ChipScott we’re a huge help! Thanks for posting!

For what it's worth, I was noticing on the back of the PinStadium lights, the wires that leave the magnet strip are colored light gray and are visually obvious. With the pf pulled out to rest on the bar, I sandwiched the first four or five inches of those gray strips lengthwise with black electrical tape. Makes the wires that are present nearly invisible at the back of the machine, before they fall behind the pf and are out of view anyway.

#2827 4 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

What's the consensus on adding a shaker? Worth it on this machine?

Yes, very well integrated.

Quoted from Moortus:

More good news for Star Wars! Believe it or not Stern had a Booth at CES. I'll cut to the chase. I asked a guy, I can't remember his name but he said he runs the accessories business for Stern, about the R2D2 topper. He said that the final design has been submitted to Lucas / Disney for final approval. He said R2 will not display a hologram of princess Leia. He described the topper as R2D2 sitting in the back of Luke's X-wing, not a full x-wing just the rear bit where R2 sits. He said R2D2 is very interactive, he moves and talks and reacts a lot throughout the game. He said the topper should be available for sale this spring. He also said there will be a stormtrooper shooter rod knob coming as well.

That's really cool news. Thanks for sharing that info! Sounds awesome.

1 month later
#3389 3 years ago

Same for me, on Tie Fighter MB. This happens consistently at the start of that MB. This is the only time in the game when that occurs...2 balls shoot up and glide onto the pf together. Due to that being the only time that happens, and bc it happens consistently at the start of that MB, I believe it is programmed that way.
Ive had this game for over 6 months now and absolutely love it and have not tired of it at all. I really think this game is a home run. Accessories and topper would be cool too...

#3400 3 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I'm ready! Thanks.
I have some questions.
What are your guys' thoughts on side blades?
Mirrors or Powerbladez?
I have mirrors on my TWD and love them, and I have powerbladez on MET and love them too. I'm torn..
I'm considering the pinstadium lights kit. Looks pretty cool but they're pricey for LEDs imo. Will the pinstadium brackets work with mirrors? I know they would attach. I'm wondering if the playfield would clear with the thickness of the bracket on top of the mirrors?
On the Stern SW matrix list it shows that it has a jack/output/port for adding external amplifiers. I'm hoping this will allow for RCA outputs to a sub. It would be nice to use low level RCA inputs on a sub vs speaker level (like I did on my other sterns). Would one of you please explain what/where this output is? Is it just a headphone jack in the backbox with no volume level control like ghostbusters has? I hope not.
Do any of you have acrylic designs on your speakers? I ordered Doug's RGB lights and the acrylic SW logo cutouts but I'm curious if any of you have installed these. Please post a pic if you can.
Thanks guys

Congrats on the upcoming game. It's awesome. I've had my premium for 6 months now and I still love playing it. Challenging and fun and fast. And if your a SW fan...you won't be disappointed with the clips and sounds.
As far as the blades, I chose mirrors from Cointaker and I think they look great, especially for the premium as they reflect the wireforms nicely and add an extra dimension to the pf.
As far as the Pinstadium lights, I have them as well. No problems attaching them to the mirror blades. Plenty of room. While those lights aren't for every game, I'd say they add a lot to the SW (want to make sure to get the flasher option and attach the clip to the scoop, makes a cool purple glow before shooting the ball out from the scoop, it's cool), and I couldn't imagine them without them since putting them on. I communicated via email with Scott, and he sent me pics of how/where to attach them under the pf. The guys from Canadian Arcade also made a great "step by step how-to" video that's out there that was also really helpful in getting the lights installed quick and easy (thanks again for that CA guys).
I haven't done anything for the speakers, but for me, I haven't felt the need yet, but I know others have and have really liked upgrading the sound.

1 month later
#3926 3 years ago

Hyperspace MB question...
I could have sworn that when I first got the game, when I went into hyperspace mb, if I got more than one ball in the hyperspace loop, another ball would enter in, ultimately being able to get as many balls as possible into the loop. However, since that time, when I am lucky enough to get the second ball in the hyperspace loop, I have to watch the two balls spin around for a minute and then wait till both leave the loop and then play a 2-ball mb. I've not gotten this mb more than once per game, so I don't know if when you get hyperspace MB for the 2nd time/game you get 3, then 4, etc...
Does anyone know if I'm having an issue, or is this just this way it's supposed to be? I sure didn't think so... Or is there some setting in the menu that I haven't restored since the last update? I'm running code 1.00. ...haven't updated to 1.01 as of yet. Thanks all!

#3931 3 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

It should be working like it previously had. The game must not be registering 2 balls in the hyperloop.

Yes, that probably makes the most sense. I wonder how I troubleshoot this, any ideas?

#3933 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

There is a hyper loop test in the settings, I would start there. I bet the real issue is that the hurry up timer to get more balls in the hyper loop is simply timing out. When the timer is over, it will whip the ball around another time or two.
Here is the best way to get a lot of balls in the hyper loop: Hyperspace Multiball starts with the value of the hyperspace hurrup as the timer to get the balls in the loop. This value builds by completing the inlanes and pop awards. There should be two yellow shots lit when hyperspace Multiball starts, the left orbit (spinner) and the right ramp. The yellow shots build the hyperspace hurry up higher, extending the amount of time you have to get balls up there. I will always backhand the right ramp before shooting the Death Star to load the hyper loop because it will build the timer in case I miss I'll still have another chance to load it. Hope that helps!

Thanks guys. Good suggestions. I'll do some exploring, and see if I cant sort this out.

#3934 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

There is a hyper loop test in the settings, I would start there. I bet the real issue is that the hurry up timer to get more balls in the hyper loop is simply timing out. When the timer is over, it will whip the ball around another time or two.
Here is the best way to get a lot of balls in the hyper loop: Hyperspace Multiball starts with the value of the hyperspace hurrup as the timer to get the balls in the loop. This value builds by completing the inlanes and pop awards. There should be two yellow shots lit when hyperspace Multiball starts, the left orbit (spinner) and the right ramp. The yellow shots build the hyperspace hurry up higher, extending the amount of time you have to get balls up there. I will always backhand the right ramp before shooting the Death Star to load the hyper loop because it will build the timer in case I miss I'll still have another chance to load it. Hope that helps!

Yup, you were right. Accelerator test was normal. Played a cheat game with glass off to test your recommendations about the yellow shots and increasing the timing to get balls in the loop. Worked fine. Woo!! Good to know all is functional. Thanks!

#3936 3 years ago
Quoted from Ccondo:

I understand how to start Hyperspace Hurry Up but I don't understand how to start Hyperspace Multiball... How do I do that?

If you activate and get the hyperspace hurry up, after a bit more play, the right ramp and left orbit light yellow again, signifying hyperspace hurry up is ready again (2nd time). If you hit the second hurry up, hyperspace MB begins. I have just learned that if you don't get the ball in the loop before time runs out, it stays as 2 ball MB, however, if you hit right ramp and/or left orbit at start, it adds more time, and if you hit the deathstar shot in time, an additional 3rd ball comes into play, and more time and hit death star shot a 4th ball, and so on...

#3938 3 years ago
Quoted from Ccondo:

Is there a trigger to light the hurry up the second time or is it just elapsed time?

Best I can tell, it's just elapsed time. Sometimes, when starting a new ball, activating hyperspace hurry up it is an option in the path choices.

#3979 3 years ago
Quoted from adamross:

Just joined the club! (big thanks to planetnine for a great buying experience) Plays great, except scoop is shooting balls SDTM, any suggestions? Game is perfectly leveled.

Also, starting in the 1.00 code in the menu there is a ball save option for the scoop in the event that it does shoot sdtm. If the ball save option for the scoop is turned on, in those cases it recognizes that it shot it down the middle and a new ball will come into play. Prior to that, because I too was sick of cheap drains, I had just turned the scoop power down 22 and it would fairly routinely eject to the right flipper, although less fast and a bit less fun. With the new ball save option, I turned it back up to 40...hits the left flipper the majority of the time. I have not adjusted the scoop, although I know some have successfully, I just didn't feel comfortable doing it myself.

#4028 3 years ago
Quoted from Brian541:

I just got my premium from colorado game exchange. How in the hell do you get the hyperloop to work on this thing?It's been live in my arcade and I've put at least 20+ games on it myself and have yet to see it work.

The hyperloop is accessed by the death star shot when the ramp is up. It elevates from the pf in a few scenarios in the game, like when you activate the hyperspace hurry-up, and also at the conclusion of a few modes. If you hit the death star shot when the ramp is up, it will enter through the Death Star and trigger the accelerator which will send the ball running around the wireform. If you don't send the ball in fairly fast, i.e. you send a very slow ball through the Death Star shot, it may either go up and then back down the ramp, or fall to the back side of the ramp in which case the ramp will drop to release the ball and you can try again. If you are activating the hurry up, and you do not see the ramp elevating from the pf that is an issue and you may want to check and test the ramp function from the menu tests. If there are issues, I know there are some bright folks on this thread that can help you troubleshoot the issue and get it working. Keep us posted!

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#4146 3 years ago
Quoted from francky93:

Just for differences, at left the new version, at right the factory
And the LED strip (larger with best effects)

That looks awesome. I have a premium, and I don't think I am going to change out my Falcon ship, but if I had a pro I would install that ship in a heartbeat. That ship you are showing really does look pretty sweet and I agree that the lights look brighter on the one that you're showing compared to the factory model. Did you install those LEDs in the back of that ship by yourself, or did you purchase that mod?

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#4251 3 years ago
Quoted from thearcadegeek:

I picked up an LE yesterday and the seller included these toys that he bought for it but never installed. Does anyone have a link to a good way/place to install them in an LE? Thanks.

Modding this game can be a ton of fun too. I added some mods with how I managed to do it, and you can check those posts 2512, 2532, 2533 and 2540 for ideas on how-to's. Once you're finished post your pics!



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#4579 3 years ago
Quoted from Heliogabalo:

I cant download the lást update, can someone help me?
Im trying with Google Chrome
Thank you!

First, make sure your thumb drive is formatted FAT32, not exFat. (Which won't work). Mist reliable thum drive that comes preformatted FAT32 is the PNY brand, which can be gotten along with the other brands at your local tech store.
Then make sure you download only the update files (not the read me files) to your desktop. Then make sure you unzip/extract those files. Then copy and paste/drag on to your thumb drive. Takes about 10-15 minutes to download and about the same to unzip then transfer to thumb drive. Then with machine off put thumb drive into spike board and turn machine on. Will recognize as update and then you can choose full vs partial update, verify yes or no. Everyone has their preference. I always do Full/Yes. Then once compete, turn game off and pull thumb drive out and then turn game back on. That's it.
Remember to set back to free play in the menu, make any adjustments you had made before like time of video mode, amount of balls per game, etc.

Also, seems these updates are most friendly with Microsoft Windows, from what I've noticed personally and through others posts...for what it's worth

Hope that helps!

#4583 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Are all of these rules available for print somewhere?
I thought I completed hoth by disabling the At-at but have no idea if any ion cannons were fired.
I believe the only time I achieved victory MB was blowing up DS in Endor so I guess I may have answered my own question.
As for tattoine, I completed the ramps shots and shortly there after drained so I thought that was it. Didn’t realize there were more animations and content with the other 9 shots.

I also was wondering about the Hoth mb. It says spinner to increase value, inner loops to destroy at-at. Do you know just how many times you need to hit those loops before completing that mb for victory mb? I really thought I was hitting a ton of loops, until I was down to the last ball and the MB was over...only MB I've completed thus far is endor, which I guess is ok bc I get to see the egg crack

#4638 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

I did this fix and put the power to 24. Hits the flipper every time. Never close to SDTM either.

I had done this as well on earlier code.
But since code 1.00 Stern team placed a ball save option from the scoop in the menu that you can turn on that recognizes if the scoop shot sdtm, and puts a new ball into play.

Before that code came out, sdtm from the scoop was annoying for sure, and for me, I didn't feel comfortable adjusting the actual mechanism within the pf...but to be honest, I tired of the scoop return being slow, and i missed the ball coming out of the scoop fast, which is certainly more exciting.
Since they added that feature to the code, I went back up to 40. Sure, maybe 1/6-1/8 will go sdtm, but I get the ball right back...but the other times when it doesn't, it's fast and fun just like this game!!
Man, I love this game.

#4657 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Where did you get your blades? I’m hopibg to install the ones from cointaker...

I also got mine from Cointaker.
I know not everybody likes mirrorblades, but I love how they look on my premium, in my opinion.
They are a tight fit in this machine, but with the pf up, you can nudge the pf to the left and right a couple centimeters, and make it work no problem.

#4673 3 years ago
Quoted from AUKraut:

Centimeters??? Millimeter or two, yes, but *definitely* not centimeters......

yeah, haha, youre right.. cm was a bit too generous of a measurement to state... For sure a tight fit. I remember having to really push that pf something serious to the right and left to get those badboys in.

#4724 3 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

The Premium is not bare. The hyperspace loop adds a lot to the game both physically and in terms of game playing experience. Sure, I added some spaceships to the game to dress it up a bit since there are some very high quality ones available, but I wouldn't have counted the Premium version as bare. I think SW is a ton of fun to play and it gives me an adrenaline rush. Even when playing badly, I want to try one more time.

Also, there are great movie clips on the LCD that add a lot, as well as great audio with character call-outs and John Williams scores. Not to mention a really good light LED light show! And I agree, a few added mods/toys/ships, etc for fun and per preference...This game is a total winner for me.

#4726 3 years ago
Quoted from tbanthony:

I did something a little different on my game. I added some Tie Fighters chasing the Falcon through the asteroid field like in the Empire Strikes Back movie. Asteroids tend to look better in person, but I thought I'd share the idea for those that like to mod. I'm still playing around with it but this will give you the basic idea. I also added the Star Destroy and Slave 1. I like the Star Destroyer. I'm still playing around with the Slave 1 and how to balance the right side of the playfield a bit more.

That's a seriously awesome effect you got with the asteroids and clever idea with the chase against the tie fighters. Just a suggestion, mirror blades would make it look like twice the amount of asteroids and may even give a deeper dimension to that idea. But regardless, well done sir, well done. Looks cool.

#4764 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

So I’m putting mirror blades AND pinstadiums in my premium. Looks like there’s plenty of room for both blades. When I add the magnet strips for the pinstadium, I’m a bit worried. Am I supposed to lower the blades and put the strip against the wood, above the blade? Or sandwich the magnet strip right onto the blade?

I wondered about this too. I talked to Scott, he suggested putting the magnetic strip directly onto the top part of the mirror blades themselves. that's what I did, and I have not had any problems. If I need to lift the pf, I just pull the lights from the magnets and rest them on the pf, as suggested, and there is enough room. It's tight, but it's enough room do not knock off the magnets or scratch the blades.

#4771 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Always love thelaw responses. Simple and to the point. I haven’t even gotten a shaker for my IMDN yet and that’s usually my go to mod but enjoying the game so much don’t think I even need it. How about Star Wars, shaker - yay or nay?

Its fairly well integrated overall. I like the shaker on this game and have it in mine. Can get a little intense on video mode when I end up hitting all those asteroids, though. A few have raised concerns about the potential for ghosting inserts on this game with the shaker, but I have not noticed that occur on my game.

#4773 3 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

Any other major moments the shaker is used, besides the video mode? I like the way the shaker is utilized for GoT, especially during jackpots and super jackpots.

It rattles nicely on most of the final shots of the modes, give a nice shake at end of LSD. Occurs a few times at certain shots within some modes. Occurs when the egg cracks. There's a nice rumble at the start of the game which feels cool and gets you even more hyped up to start a fresh game. And I'm sure a few more select spots I'm not thinking about. All in all, it's fairly benign and not over used, which I like.

#4783 3 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Out of my entire pinball collection star wars is my least favorite and the most irritating. I cannot make a shot worth a crap it just keeps going down the drain on the right and I never accomplish anything . I have played 100s of times only to make the Death Star blow up once. That’s it once ! Someone give me some tips or
Somethjng !

This game is awesome, but yeah, it can be brutal. I like making progress in the game but sometimes the balls come and go so fast, it can be hard to accomplish much sometimes in three ball play. I get it. ....i mean, sometimes I have a kick-ass game, but alot of times I'm draining hard as hell. Thus, when im just chillin at the house, I switch to 5 ball play. Just on my SW, not on the others. This change can help bring more life out of this particular game for me, especially when working on certain shots and strategies. Just a suggestion.
Matter of fact, I've actually had my SW as a 5 ball game for the past month or so... just thought about that. It's become a character trait of that game as of recent! And that's fine with me, cause it's all about having the max fun with your game however you do it!

#4784 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

6. If you know the ball is heading down the right side like always do something aboot it. Slap the side, shake that bastard, spit on your fingers and stick it in the coin return

+1!...haha... you got that right!!

#4882 3 years ago
Quoted from matt68061:

Hello all,
Well my family and I made the plunge last Friday and purchased our first pin...the Star Wars Pro! Been having a blast the last few days. Have been in the Arcade hobby the last 6-7 years or more and really love restoring old cabs. We finally decided we needed a pin in the basement.
Honestly, after reading this thread (and others) for the last 4-5 months we chose the Pro because of the SW theme and price...as compared to the Premium/LE models. I realize there are probably better games to learn how to play pinball on...as this mother trucker is hard!
Again...we are total NEWBS at this and I apologize in advance for the basic questions that are sure to follow... We already plan on a few cosmetic mods in the weeks that follow such as; mirror blades and the LED Millennium Falcon. Nothing to crazy yet as we are pretty happy with the way is sits.
My first official question is probably pretty dumb... (and I'm getting ready to throw on my flame resistant jacket)
I have code .89 and want to update to the latest. Am I alright to just DL the .103 update and drop it right in? Meaning, I dont need to go back and do .91, then .93, then .100 and so on...
I warned you...pretty goofy question! Presume I just need the latest but wanted to make sure.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

That's awesome, welcome and congrats! SW is a great game and will bring you a lot of enjoyment.
Post some pics of the new SW in your game room! Agree, just update to the most recent version off of the Stern website and you will be good to go.
So you know, this is a great forum for any issues you may encounter along the way. Any problems, just post on this or similar threads and you will get a great response from many folks trying to help you out.

#4889 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Sweet thanks! All updated, setup, and ready to go! Gonna eat some lunch and run it through some test games. This thing looks way better when....it’s NIB

Congrats! It's an awesome game. Super addictive. Also, as/if a SW fan, is a lot of fun to mod, if you're into that. There's some nice examples in this thread.

#4976 3 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

My ball is just constantly draining down the right, anyone know of a fix?

It looks like you can bring that post at the top of the right outlane down a notch, similar on the left outlane. I my machine, I did this at the left outlane and took only a minute to do.

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#5094 3 years ago
Quoted from attitude05:

Just brought mt SW Pro home today. Love this game. What mods should I get?

Shaker motor. Not everyone like's them, but I think it's great in this game. Many have commented, and I agree, it's well integrated into this game and it adds a nice effect to the overall SW gameplay.

There's also a fair amount of posts on this thread showing some cool individual add-on's of SW miniature starships (star destroyer, x-wings, tie fighters, etc.).

This game will keep you pretty busy, there's a lot to do in the game. Its fast, fun and addictive.
Congrats on getting it!!

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#5145 3 years ago
Quoted from stpcore:

Hey guys. We did a podcast interview with Dwight Sullivan (code on Star Wars) in episode three. He offers some pretty interesting info on working with Steve Ritchie in the making of Star Wars, discusses the idea of using a magnet in the game, and more. With the holiday week here if you'd like to give it a listen I think the Star Wars fans here may enjoy it. I love this game.
Please note I'm not attempting to give our podcast a shameless plug, lol. Just thinking some of you may enjoy listening to Dwight!

Awesome, thanks! Great interview.

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#5376 3 years ago

So I haven't found it to be a real "game changer" in every machine, but this morning I installed the Flipper Fidelity back box and 8" cabnet subwoofer... And man oh man.. This. Is. The shit. Yes, yes, yes!

#5379 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

So speaking of sound, mine is terrible in the cabinet. Very muddy and not crisp. Somebody mentioned the same thing a while back being an actual source problem. But I tried replacing the subwoofer with the one linked a few days ago (Polk?) and the sound was instantly quieter. Like 1/4 volume. The cab speaker is definitely producing sound but very little. Is there a chance I hooked it up wrong (Black stripe to negative terminal, right?) I adjusted the balance but it really sounds the same or possibly worse. Help?

Yellow wire with white stripe to NEG terminal, yellow wire with black stripes to POS high or POS low terminal.

#5386 3 years ago
Quoted from chubtoad13:

The blue matches looks a little better imo. It matches the translight and the game next to it.

Agree. blue looks seemless with the surrounding art.

Quoted from Ccondo:

What do you think? Which color looks better?

Where did you get those speaker panel lights?
I think that blue looks amazing on that game.

3 months later
#6034 3 years ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

They look fantastic on mine

+1, Cointaker. They have held up well. No issues.

2 weeks later
#6151 3 years ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Curious on owners opinions at this point. Debating between SW premium vs jjp potc. Are you guys still enjoying this game enough to hold long term? Is code exciting and deep enough for holding? Are machines holding up? I read that wizard modes still need work, or are missing something. Opinions about overall machine ownership please. Thanks guys.

I have enjoyed my SW premium since I got it over a year now. I have been lucky as I play the living shit out it regularly and have had zero issues with any boards, mechs, etc. It's awesome, fun, fast and at time brutally tough game and has serious staying power in my opinion. Mine is bolted to the floor.
Not mention, its a game focused of the original trilogy with the appropriate accompanied music scores as well. Also, by the looks of your den, this game is the obvious answer!!
+1 vote on premium. You can find some decent HUO deals on market these days as well. Good luck!

#6162 3 years ago
Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

Still loving my LE, it has grown on me like no other game. Artwork has grown on me to.
Love the modes , habitrail and drop targets. Not sure why this game hasnt gotten the love it deserves from community.
Still deciding if I should install the LED glowing siderail mod or not. Only mods Ive installed are a shaker motor. Thinking about inivs a glass but afraid Ill want it on all.
6000 plays in one year, HUO.

I'm someone who believes that it's not perfect for every game, although some would disagree, but in my SW premium I installed Pinstadium lighting with the flasher connected to the scoop. The UV glow that shines during scoop and mode shots really adds another dimension to this game that is seriously fantastic, especially with this particular theme and game, not to mention these ps lights really highlight the ramps and habitrails that looks really cool IMO. It's the only game in my collection that I have the pinstadiums in, and to me I think it is perfect. Agree with imagamejunky , add some mirror blades (I got mine from Cointaker, they're all a tight fit but fit well) and you got a serious upgrade to this particular game! Josh Brown from the Canadian Arcade put a very well-done YouTube install video that's available to see online that makes installation of this modification really easy (thx again for that Josh).

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#6363 2 years ago
Quoted from twinmice:

So I might join the club and get a premium, but a couple questions. For people that have had this for a while, is it a keeper because f gameplay or theme and is there a difference from buying one made early compared to recent? We’re there any changes or fixes? Thanks Mike

The theme is, of course, awesome. The movie clips on the LCD screen are great and add a lot of cool and nostalgia, as well as help in overall gameplay immersion. The gameplay itself is fast and fun with a lot of different modes and a lot of different options on how to play...mix that with some really cool hurryups, and you've got yourself one heck of a game!
I picked up my premium up as soon as it was available and have enjoyed it ever since. Not everybody is into it, but I really like the hyperspace loop. To me, that's one hell of a shot and very satisfying! For me, I don't think I would ever get rid of this game. As Eskaybee said, there's just something about this game that once you start playing, it is very hard to walk away from and you find yourself saying, damn, this game is awesome...

#6371 2 years ago
Quoted from TheBK:

Has anyone had an issue where the fork ramp keeps going up and down during the game? I have verified the micro switches on the ramp as well as the opto switch behind the ramp. Everything worked during diagnostic tests. Any suggestions?

Is it happening during a mode, or in between modes?
I ask only because there are one or two modes that use the ramp as a final shot, for example in the one Tatooine mode with the Melenium Falcon (escape Tatooine?), As soon as you hit a ramp, the fork elevates.

#6402 2 years ago
Quoted from Riffbear:

Most I've ever gotten is 2 balls in Hyper space. Wish I knew how to add more!

I had this question a while back and posted it on this thread.

Turns out, during hyperspace mb, there is a very short time limit to get balls up the ramp and into the hyperspace loop. Also turns out, that you can add time to do this by hitting either the left orbit or the right ramp (you will see at the start of this mb the left orbit and right ramp have yellow insert lights lit, similar to hyperspace hurry-up). How much time exactly, I am not entirely sure.

The person that responded to this question said that first thing that he does when Hyperspace mb starts is that he tries to hit an orbit or a right ramp right off the bat to add time and then tries to load the balls up the fork.

In actual gameplay, I have a difficult time doing this in time, but, if you take the glass off and do it by hand to test it, you will find that you can actually get multiple balls into the loop through this method. That said, if you can just quickly fire balls up that fork right off the bat, that would also work, but most times (if not every time) I get so excited I just miss the damn shot.

#6421 2 years ago
Quoted from Riffbear:

How do you activate hyper space mb?

Activate by hitting the second hyperspace hurry-up and goes right into hyperapace mb.

#6431 2 years ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

The more I play this Pin, the more Im like wow this is awesome... except for those damn drains which I still haven't adjusted. How do you get to the fight the emperor thing? And can someone please tell me more about this multiplier. When should I use it and when shouldn't I? Im still confused about that button in the middle other then for shooting all those tie fighters.

To fight the Emperor, you must complete all of the modes and the planet mb's, and, in addition, you must complete lightsaber duel, escape from Boba Fett, obtain 100 Tie fighters, as well as achieve Jedi Master. Once this has been accomplished, there will be green arrows pointing towards the left ramp to initiate the emperor battle. Once that battle has been completed, the character that you are/were playing will stay lit, and you will progress to the next of the available characters to play, i.e. Luke, R2D2, Han, Leia.

For me, I am still working on using the multiplier well during gameplay. The multiplier will increase every time you hit the 3-Bank targets by the Tie fighters underneath the small LCD screen. Either while the ball is in play about the pf, or while the ball is cradled on the flipper, hitting the lockdown bar button will turn the multiplier inserts from green to red, after which time you can use the left or right flipper to move them around. Once you have them where you want them, you tap the lockdown bar button again and it goes from red to green (green = activated multiplier). So, for example, you're in a mode that requires a right loop shot, if you have the opportunity, move the multiplier insert over to the right loop, make sure it's activated by turning it green, and then take that shot = obtaining that score plus whatever the multiplier is at....whew....hahaha. Remember, the elevated multiplier only lasts for a brief period of time and you can tell it is about to run out because you hear a fast beeping sound alarming you that your time with that multiplier is almost up. This can be continued or even increased by hitting the 3-Bank targets again.

Of note, the higher the multiplier gets, the fewer the inserts there are to move around...for example, when the multiplier is at 2x, 3x, 5x, etc. there may be three inserts, however, when it is higher such as 10x, 15x, or more, there may be only two or even one insert to move about the pf.
Other uses for the button would include starting a new game, selecting the modes you want, and...i think that's about it.

1 month later
#6805 2 years ago
Quoted from Agent_Hero:

Good call. I found an old post suggesting 18 for that setting and now it drops it slowly along the right sling and from there falls gently on the right flipper--MUCH BETTER!

As mentioned above, you can decrease the Right eject power and have it go slowly to the right flipper. I, on the other hand, raised to power up a little bit so that it went more routinely to the left flipper. For me, I also enjoy the rapid fire from the eject more than the slow eject, for me personally. Additionally, since about two code releases ago (?), there is an adjustment in the menu you can make that gives you a ball save in the event that it does go straight down the middle from the right eject.
As far as the Death Star release going straight down the middle, this was not an issue for me in the first year of owning this machine, but I noticed a couple months ago that it started doing that. I took a needle-nose pliers to the ramp during test mode and I bent the upper most part of the right ramp fork ever so slightly to the right, tested it a few times in test, and that fixed the issue and it drops as it should to the left flipper. Not sure why that happened all of a sudden, but that was what I did.
Congrats on the new game...it's awesome!

2 weeks later
#6956 2 years ago
Quoted from marksf123:

I am new to the game. Can someone explain to me how the hyperspace loop works? I have got it to work but it is always just one ball that goes around. I hear people talking about getting 2 or 3 balls but I never have that many in play? Not sure how the mode is activated or works.

In hyperspace mb there is only a very small amount time that you are given to get balls up into the hyperspace ramp and still get additional balls added I to play, so you have to be kind of quick about it and it does add some pressure... In order to increase the amount of time you have to get more balls into the hyperspace ramp, you hit the yellow flashing insert shots (left orbit and right ramp, I believe). Thus, if you get one ball in the hyperspace loop a second ball will come, if you miss the time window, the fork ramp still remains up, so you can put a second ball up there and 2 balls will spin there for a small period of time, but that session will be limited to a 2 ball mb. On the other hand, if you can get one up the death star ramp quickly, hit the yellow insert flashing lights to add a little time, slam another up the ramp, a third ball will come, and so on...

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#7307 2 years ago

You know, I was on the pre-order list for the premium when this game was announced, and I've had this game since that time. I migrate to this game in waves, but I have to say that every time I step up this game, I remember how much I love it. I had forgotten that I had ordered some asteroid mods from the Mezel's sometime back, and they arrived in the mail yesterday. I went ahead and put the asteroid strip in front of the falcon on the left, and the asteroid cluster underneath the Star Destroyer I had placed in the back right. I think it really fills the space nicely. Just wanted to share the pics.

MVIMG_20190608_115829 (resized).jpgMVIMG_20190608_115938 (resized).jpg
#7309 2 years ago
Quoted from Sprudeldudel:

Can I please are that in bright daylight?

Game is near a window, but it's early morning and the overhead lights are off...so it's a bit dark, but that's my preference in the game room.