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Stern Star Trek or Metallica?

By Phat_Jay

3 months ago

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“Stern Star Trek or Metallica?”

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#1 3 months ago

Ok, I’m looking at buying a st or a met, both pros, both nib. I need a little advice. I can only get one, and I’m absolutely torn. Both are sams which is a plus in my book. I like Metallica’s music, and I’m a Trekkie. I have two framed translights, guess which two, yup. My oldest son would prefer met as we both enjoy the game and have shared countless games playing one. My youngest son is a serious Trekkie even more than I. So he would vote st by a mile. My wife would prefer st just because of more family friendly theme, and she’s not into Metallica’s music. Gamewise I feel I would prefer met as I find it a bit more challenging albeit can be like chopping wood, and I’m not good enough to get through it. Although I find st theme more fun. So the vote is basically 2-2. My questions are, is one more reliable? Is one cabinet better? Are there more parts and add ons for one? Is there any chance for a software upgrade with new features for one? (I kno both have gotten some love already) am I missing something that I haven’t considered? I do not intend to sell either, ever. So value is relatively moot. Both would be permanent residents. You can see my collection here of bsd, f2k, ap, and sns. Also have pac man, space invaders, centipede, moon patrol, galaxian, and 1943 arcades. So there is a lean towards space themes there. Thanks guys!

#2 3 months ago

Well a "new feature" of MET is they made the easier by lowering the requirements for CIU modes, so less wood choppy for you.
EDIT: So I guess that would be the final code upgrade and it's complete...again

But I don't know man....sounds like ST is popular in the house. METs a better game for me easy, ST is a similar SR/ST layout & MET feels newer to me.
But hey, ain't my damn family!
Good luck

#3 3 months ago

I voted MET, but I reckon ST wins with its family friendly theme. Plus ST (as a franchise) is timeless.
Funnily enough I couldn’t stop playing MET a few years ago, but have recently found a ST at a local amusement centre and have (re)fallen in love with it. Tough choice, but I reckon you can’t lose whichever way you go.

#4 3 months ago
#5 3 months ago

Both great games but it sounds like everyone in your family loves ST and it is more family friendly also. The only problem i see is can you still buy a ST NIB? I didnt theink any distros had any left?

#6 3 months ago

That's a tough one. Both games are awesome! I went with ST. I own a MET and have thought about moving it to get a ST. I also have a young daughter and ST is much more family friendly. I think ST is my favorite Ritchie game right now also.

#7 3 months ago

I own both and I feel that Metallica is more engaging and has a better design and is less repetitive than ST. I do really enjoy ST as well, I consider them both staples in my collection.

#8 3 months ago

For gameplay its MET hands down. Sound package and the uniqueness of the warp are plus's on ST.

#9 3 months ago

Since you like both and your family prefer ST by a smidge I'd get ST. It sounds like everyone in the family would like to play ST and that's important IMO. personally I like ST more too, it's a fun game that never gets old.

#10 3 months ago

I own both. And I’m going to give the edge to MET. It’s a better game. There is always something to do in MET, and it can fit your mood. If you want to bash, it’s a basher. Hit something over and over, start it’s multiball. Fun. If you want to shoot, try to fully light all the shot inserts and lock them in. Once shots are collecting everything, CIU comes along quick. And finally, CIU. The pressure of collecting, and the stupid risk reward of doubling that is constant fun.

Don’t get me wrong, ST is also fun. I consider it a different style game. It takes more thought to get through the modes. And I like the deeper side of them as you get through the first levels. Space Jump is my favorite first level because you can finish it in 3 shots (one lit, away team, vengeance). I also really like speed destroying the Vengeance while the ball saver is still on (have enough photons when you start it, right after it starts launch them all in rapid succession until the photon lights go out, then hit the Vengeance once to destroy it). Never waste photons to get into Vengeance, use them to kill it quickly, then take your victory laps. I have the movie soundtrack loaded, but I added back in the Vengeance destruction music. Because without the music that Steve really wanted there, destroying the Vengeance was meh. Overall a really fun game.

Sorry I didn’t help make the choice easier. If I had to pick one, I’d pick MET because it is just a bit more fun and interesting. But both choices are good choices. So you can’t lose whichever you pick.

#11 3 months ago

I've had both. Met is fantastic, but is long gone. ST (especially after changing the sound files to the original movie score) is a better pin for a small collection. I loved MET, but nobody else in my family would play it. Even as a Metallica music fan, I got tired of the same songs after a while. Again, in a large collection, Met is brilliant and the coding is incredible. In a smaller collection with varying player skills, ST gets the nod. Plus, nailing multiple consecutive warp ramps may be the single most satisfying shot in all of pinball.

#12 3 months ago

Keep the wife happy.

#13 3 months ago

I have both and Star Trek gets my vote, but you really can't go wrong with either. If you want to check them out, PM me.

#14 3 months ago

I've had both & they are both fantastic pins. I'd give the edge to MET for the excitement factor but ST has the edge for Vengeance & the light show. You can't go wrong w/ either, plus together they compliment each other very well because both titles are very different. Flip a coin & either way you'll win. But pick ST for the entire family & everyone wins.

#15 3 months ago

Metallica wins in every category.

#16 3 months ago

Thank you all, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I’m making my final decision on Monday. They’re both great games, and I’ll eventually own both but only one will in all likelihood be a nib purchase as both are getting older. They’re both avail right now nib, but in a yrs time I doubt both will be. So which would I rather have new? As of right now....while I think I want met more personally, st makes more sense for the family and would be a better fit in the collection. It’s a tough choice between two really nice games.....first world problems

#17 3 months ago

ST hands down

#18 3 months ago

both are great games, but I own Star Trek

#19 3 months ago

I say ST, but I am biased because I love the theme and I have played it many more times then Metallica.

#20 3 months ago

Metallica I think it has more to do better artwork and a lot of cool toys and features.

#21 3 months ago

Sounds like you need both! They are the two favorites in my collection and would be the last to leave. I think ST might be the harder of the two to find in the future. Should be able to always find used Met pros coming up for sale and/or possibly upgrading either to premium/LE models if so desired...

#22 3 months ago

I've owned both and I still have Metallica. My vote on game play alone is Metallica by a large margin but as others have said, because your family prefers it and you are a trekkie, you should probably get Star Trek.

#23 3 months ago

Sounds like the family will enjoy ST more. You'll be able to pick up a MET anytime in the future. For now, make the wife/kids happy.

#24 3 months ago

They are both very good games - among Stern's best.

Metallica is you like harder.
Star Trek if you like not as hard.

I voted Metallica.

#25 3 months ago

Only logical answer - feats of strength between the kids.

#26 3 months ago

Both great as everyone has said. I owned Met and currently own ST. Go with your gut.

#27 3 months ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Only logical answer - feats of strength between the kids.

Interesting.....older is stronger, younger is heavier....

#28 3 months ago

MET for sure.

Owned both, and still have MET.

#29 3 months ago

ST biggest downfall is the dead time in between missions. Nothing to do but try to make one of the 2 hardest shots in the game....and you have to do that 18 times! That said, the flow, sounds, music, call outs, and fun are top notch when things are flowing.

Metallica has the X factor; i.e. Lyman! Always something to do for the novice, advanced, and expert.

I think both are great depending on your mood. Metallica for skilled players, Star Trek for a journey and adventure.


IMO but cant go wrong with either.

#30 3 months ago

Had star trek twice and one metallica. Both good games. The music gets old fast and I am a fan of metallica, but playing the game you might get sick of the ground hogs day effect of songs.

#31 3 months ago

I owned a STLE for 4 years and Met pro for even longer. I love both but Met for me is a better game others may feel different. But ST was not as well coded imo. Maybe a lot of people would not care but the code is just not special to me. Met just feels a lot more polished.

I sold ST because of SM in my collection and while they are not carbon copies they have like 80% similar layouts.

Both ST and Met are excellent imo but Met is better overall to me and by a good bit.

I’d buy another ST some day but only if my collection was say 20 pins instead of 12, it’s surely a great game but Metallica is just extra special.

#32 3 months ago

I've owned both. The owned, past tense, only applies to Star Trek, sold it. Still have Metallica. Star Trek was a Premium, Metallica is an LE. Can't speak to the Pros specifically.

Star Trek is a smooth game, fun, and also imo very quickly loses its charm. The modes all feel the same, all that changes is the color of the light you're shooting for. The strategy all comes in order of approach things, and some people enjoy that. I personally didn't care when no matter what order you did it felt like playing the same thing. Shoot the red light mode. Shoot the blue light mode.

Metallica is a far more interesting game, to shoot, and to play. Lot more to do that feels unique. Just got another really solid code update recently, it feels finished and polished. It's not a perfect game (what is?) there's some grind feel to it, but I think the latest code reduced that a lot.

IMO Metallica is one of Stern's best games ever, and Star Trek is one of their decent but ultimately forgettable games. Good, but not special. Metallica has the right sparks to be special.

#33 3 months ago

METALLICA...... Hands Down!

#34 3 months ago

I like my Metallica so much I thought of buying a Premium ( which I wanted when I bought my Pro) and keeping both.

#35 3 months ago

Warp Ramp!

#36 3 months ago

MET will win your poll. I'd rather have a star trek premium over either version of MET. My wife loves playing our MET so it's a lifetime keeper for us. I love our MET but being a trekkie gives ST the win for me.

#37 3 months ago

I would pick met, my wife would pick st. Most likely neither will ever leave. Put 2 pieces of paper in a hat having written met on both in privacy. pull 1 outta the hat, announce met as your new game.

Seriously though can't go wrong with either. If you wanna make it fair for the kids throw both in.

#38 3 months ago

Owned both but sold ST. ST is a great shooter. Warp ramp is best in pinball. Problems like others said is there is nothing much to do outside regular modes. Modes are pretty tough to start so most novice players only play three modes - one per ball. Modes can be long and require many shots to complete. After a while it just feels like a lot of work to progress deep in the game or to setup big point opportunities with multipliers. Most people never see 2nd wizard mode and only elite players see the 3rd.

MET a much more balanced game. New code makes things a little easier and more fun. CIU modes are just so much fun. I've had mine for a while and still get really pumped playing it. Not really fan of music but it works as a whole package. Downside is it's really not family friendly pin. Lots of swearing and only bleeped out in family mode.

I would look for used ones. I've seen both in low 4000 range.

#39 3 months ago

I agree the mode start shot can be a limiting factor on ST sometime I’d wish the level 2 mode would start immediately after finishing the level 1 and do on or at lest if there was an option setting to allow this.

I know pinball is not exactly like watching a movie but something doesn’t feel right when you can jump around to different modes when in reality one mode tree is one scene. And imo would feel better if I could work through an entire mode to the end.

I do appreciate that I have the option to do that by selecting the modes consecutively. That is one thing I love about ST that you can do whatever you like such as all level one modes or all one mode three deep or mix and match. And I like the rewards of different strategies and mini wizards but think there is something bland about the game might have to do with the movies themselves were just ok.

But like others have said the modes begin to feel generic. Some are memorable but a lot are just shoot the blinking arrow type. I do like the added away team option too but think overall ST could do with a big update and polish which I’m not sure will come. The rules are nice but kind of nothing really is killer.

#40 3 months ago

I sold ST over a year ago. Was the latest code update significant? The change log is small like a few bug fix.

#41 3 months ago

Owned both, still have met, like treks layout alot but over all its fun but feels like its missing something....

#42 3 months ago

Metallica. Not even close.

#43 3 months ago

I'm a Sci-Fi geek and theme is huge for me. I've had no interest in Metallica since I was 13, but I still think it's a much better game.

Get met now and later pickup a STtNG instead.

#44 3 months ago

Wanted both myself. Bought Met since we have a ST at league. No regrets.

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