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Stern Star Trek: listing of music in game

By nosro

6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

This thread will attempt to catalog all music in the game. The objective is to link each game mode with the corresponding music Sound Request. This thread will not catalog all sound effects - this is just for music.

This thread is not about:
1) sharing BIN files
2) sharing music files
You are all smart enough to understand why, so don't go there.

Below is what I have so far. (Big thanks to tbanthony for getting this started.) Please reply with whatever else you have discovered.

Request 25 - Knocker (0:0.108)
Request 26, 66 - Start of Game, mission start (1:01.318)
Request 27 - Mission start, level 2 (0:20.581)
Request 28 - Shoot away team 1 (0:40.817)
Request 33 - End Credits (0:43.091)
Request 34, 42 - Shoot away team 2, High score enter initials (0:49.801)
Request 36 - Klingon Multiball (0:38.117)
Request 37 - Vengeance Ready (0:37.177)
Request 38, 39, 41 - Vengeance multiball (0:52.104); restarts at 4.3
Request 40 - Vengeance victory lap (0:45.820)
Request 43 - fragment of Start of Game (0:42.904) starts at 18.414 of SR26
Request 44, 45, 46, 64 - Prime Directive (1:13.827); restarts at 0
Request 47, 48, 49, 65 - Klingon Battle (0:38.422); restarts at 0
Request 50, 51, 52 - Space Jump (0:57.541); restarts 13.378
Request 53, 54, 55, 63 - Destroy the Drill (0:51.696); restarts at 3.68
Request 56, 57, 58 - Nero (0:46.305); restarts at 10.15
Request 59, 60, 61, 67 - Save the Enterprise 1:05.827); restarts at 0

#2 6 years ago

The below includes confirmed mode names. Paste the following text into a .DAT file with the same name as the BIN file. For example, if the BIN file is "ST-V1-40.bin", paste the below text into "ST-V1-40.dat". By creating this DAT file, all of the sounds will have the corresponding name inside Pinball Browser.

0x5DC=Start of game
0x5EA=Shoot away team 1
0x5E3=End Credit
0x5DB=Klingon multiball
0x5E9=Prime directive
0x5EB=Klingon battle
0x5E2=Space jump
0x5E5=Destroy the drill
0x5E6=Save the enterprise
0x5DF=Shoot away team 2, High score enter initials
0x5E8=Vengeance multiball
0x5E0=Vengeance ready
0x5D9=Vengeance victory lap
0x5DE=fragment of Start of game

#3 6 years ago

That list is accurate so far from my records have nothing to add at this point as I have only changed music on 5 of these requests and they are listed... Thanks for posting...

#4 6 years ago

Bravo for starting this.

I have changed the music for:
Request 40: Which I believe is when you beat the Vengence and it crashes.
Request 43: Idle Music when selecting a mission

#5 6 years ago

Anything you can do to confirm anything on the list with question marks will be helpful.

#6 6 years ago

Maybe you could share a Pinball Browser bookmark file ?

From Pinball Browser OP :

- For sounds and images, the combo box (right next to the scrollbar), will give you a direct access to them when you select the corresponding line. You can enter a new name, or modify an existing one : enter the name, and click on 'Set Name'.
- Theses names will be saved in a .DAT file (same name and directory than the firmware you have loaded). As this file is a text file, you can share it on the forum
- Additional info here

More informations in this post

#7 6 years ago

Thank you Oga83 for the suggestion and for making all this possible!

I updated the second post to include a DAT file.

#8 6 years ago

I need help on Sound Request 27. I can't identify it even after playing a few glass-off games.

All other music has been identified.

#9 6 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

I need help on Sound Request 27. I can't identify it even after playing a few glass-off games.
All other music has been identified.

Kobayashi Maru Ready.

#10 6 years ago

Thank you!

#11 6 years ago

Well, it turns out I wasn't entirely correct. I've heard that music sooner than KM Ready. I've heard it after the completion of a mission, but I think it's only after you've reached the Victory Lap. Or there could be some other trigger, but Victory Lap seems to make sense and match up with my experience. If you can't reproduce the music, try reaching the Victory Lap and then finish a mission after that to see if that does it.

#12 6 years ago

Thanks for the update. It is confusing sometimes. For example, I have noticed that there are effectively three different music tracks that can be triggered during a Shoot Away Team mode. It is great that Stern provided so much variety, though!

2 weeks later
#13 6 years ago

Sorry, this is a slight deviation from the purpose of this thread, but is related. Has anyone identified the sound request that is the Chris Pine "Space. The final frontier ....." speech at the end of the game?

1 week later
#14 6 years ago

Found it! Request #134 and it's broken up into 6 parts of a few words each. I was looking at the length of the sound clips searching for the full speech, so anything under 10 seconds I skipped over. Never occurred to me that they would split it up.

#15 6 years ago

Nice. Thanks for posting.

1 week later
#16 6 years ago

Here's some more:

0x39D="Prime Directive"
0x117="Prime Directive"2
0x381=3 missions
0x382=6 missions
0x383=12 missions
0x384=18 missions
0x396=Captain's Chair
0x518=Shields 100%
0x522=Shields 90%
0x355=Warp1 Male
0x53C=Warp1 Female
0x20D=Ball Drain

5 months later
#17 6 years ago

Here is another good classic TOS to replace this:

Request 40 - Vengeance victory lap (0:45.820)

With this:

Patterns of Force
Music Composed and Conducted by George Duning
Episode #52, Recorded 12/29/67 (With "Return to Tomorrow")
Aired #50, 2/16/68

30. Military Mite (Nazi March) M10 tk 1 1:41

2 weeks later
#18 6 years ago

Posted to wrong thread. Please delete.

3 years later
#19 2 years ago

FYI, with the 1.62 release most of these addresses are no longer accurate.

#20 2 years ago
Quoted from hawknole:

FYI, with the 1.62 release most of these addresses are no longer accurate.

Then sort it by length. Should be easy to figure out.

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