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Stern putting out more JP, Maiden, and Godzilla, which 1 ?

By LastCall420

3 months ago

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    #1 3 months ago

    With stern putting out more Jurassic Park, Iorn Maiden, and Godzilla in 2023 which one would you choose, fan of all 3 room for only 1

    #2 3 months ago

    Godzilla all day

    #4 3 months ago

    Trim level plays a huge role here. Are we talking premium or pro?

    Personally I don't think you can go wrong with either Jurassic Park or Godzilla for the premiums, at that point I think it's on theme though if I had to choose Godzilla might be the slightly better game. Personally Jurassic Park would be my choice because I like butt kicking games and the theme for me is in the top 3 themes.

    If it's the pro, I think Maiden and Deadpool are the best pros out there so I would say Maiden.

    #5 3 months ago

    Iron Maiden for me

    #7 3 months ago

    Maiden > Godzilla > JP

    JP is amazing but has some tight shots and can be frustrating if you're not on. Godzilla is incredible but they'll be making them for years. Maiden is my favorite but tastes vary... but if you're remotely interested in it I imagine it's close to the end of the line for production if NIB matters to you.

    Really no losing choices here though!

    #8 3 months ago

    If they run Iron Maiden I'm absolutely in. Already have Zilla, JP is great but it's definitely the least exciting if the three to me.

    #9 3 months ago

    I've had (or borrowed) all 3.

    If you are a super expert player, Jurassic Park. It is a hard game so if you are not a super expert player you will just end up doing the same few paddocks over and over.

    I have an Iron Maiden on temp trade right now and while the theme is not the greatest (for me) the gameplay is excellent. I keep finding myself wanting to go back to it.

    Godzilla is great. It is a top 5 game for sure. It has more breath at the beginning of the game than the other ones do, and plenty to do at the end.

    Based off of my personal preference I'd say:

    Godzilla: 10/10
    Iron Maiden:9.5/10
    Jurassic Park: 8/10

    In summary I'd say:

    1. Godzilla (especially if you have kids).
    2. Iron Maiden (if you were already a fan of their music).
    3. Jurassic Park (if you are a super expert player).

    With all that said the odds of you having a great time with any of them are extremely high. This is a "which Sports Illustrated Calendar Swimsuit Model do you want to take to prom" type question. While you may have your preference, you can't really go wrong.

    Good luck!

    #10 3 months ago

    Jurassic Park, Maiden, Godzilla

    #11 3 months ago

    JP (besides from the lack of theme content) is basically a perfect game, I could never sell mine. GZ is solid (and has theme content) but I think JP would edge it out in my collection still. Hard to lose either though, they both are so different from each other

    #12 3 months ago

    We're talking differences of fractions here, but for me JP > IM > GZ. I just love the way JP shoots. Challenging but not brick city like ACNC or Houdini. Nice variety of shots too.

    #13 3 months ago

    IM Pro is a lot of bang for the buck!

    With $2700 price difference now the between IM pro & IM premium the decision between the two is not what it once was as the differentiators between the the two on this title are much less then on other games listed.

    #14 3 months ago

    In Elwin we trust!

    I had a JP at home for a year-and-a-half. I liked that there were different ways to attack it, but the paddock progression being so central to the game made it feel linear after a (long) while.

    As others have said, it is the tightest-shooting of the three...so consider your skill level here. There were NIGHTS where the game almost cured me of my desire to stay in this hobby!

    I still put in almost 3,000 games on it.

    I'm in the minority here, but I think the lack of movie assets actually helped it from getting stale. While playing, I felt like I was the first-day-hire trying to get to the Visitor Center, not some rando hitting pinball shots in order to see movie clips.

    Here's my advice...since you asked: Grab Iron Maiden now. It'll be the first one to cease production. Play it. Sell it. Pick up one of the other games. No matter how long it's in your collection, they'll probably still be making both Jurassic Park and Godzilla.

    #15 3 months ago

    Thanks for the input everyone, I know right, pinball problems I decide Iron Maiden, theme draws me the most out of the three, and agree Maiden probably coming to last run soon, will probably be a lot of Zilla’s made and can always pick one up, JP like the tight shots and challenges( I have sdtm Ghostbusters and love it, dare I say bolted to the floor) Yes out of the three there is no right or wrong answers all great games. Maiden is checking more of the boxes at this time

    Cheers everyone

    #16 3 months ago

    Damn, I am so tempted to get in on Maiden. Out of space and wife karma. Somebody please help me stop.

    #17 3 months ago

    Maiden it may be your last chance. And it seems to come up for sale less than JP. If you like the theme than Maiden is incredible. Im not a fan of their music and I love my premium.
    I also own JP and Godzilla premium. they are all so damn good. JP is the toughest of the three. GZ is the longest shooter and easier than the other 2.

    Cant go wrong man. But if you like IM theme go for it.

    #18 3 months ago

    Have all 3 premiums...Godzilla is the best by far IMO

    #19 3 months ago

    Has anyone actually heard anything real about another maiden run? I'm hoping it does happen, but my info makes it dubious at best.

    #20 3 months ago

    Eventually I will have all three. I have always been a fan of Iron Maiden (band) and you couple that with the fact Godzilla and Jp will probably have longer production runs and I went Maiden route (prem).

    #21 3 months ago

    Yep dealers are taking preorders/deposits now for a run of Pro and Premiums that will happen in May. So get ahold of your go to distributor to get on their list as I hear it will be a small run of games. If you don’t have a go to Distro JJ at Game exchange has IM pro and Premium listed for pre order on his sight and he is top notch! Also Zach at flip N Out is excellent to deal with.

    #22 3 months ago

    all three are outstanding but I prefer JP premium.

    #23 3 months ago

    JP Premium is my favorite

    #24 3 months ago

    Another reason I chose Maiden is that it is my opinion that pinball machines once had an edge to them, maybe a bit risque with the theme and/or artwork. I found this so cool when I was young and still find it really cool today. Machines like Gorgar, Paragon or hell...even FutureSpa come to mind. You know, they weren't exactly kid-friendly. The designers liked the theme (even though something like the Smurfs would have sold double the amount) and they built it. In an age where every other film is a comic book remake and pinball themes cannot run the risk of offending any particular group... I find Iron Maiden refreshing. To me it harkens back to the first time I saw Gorgar and said "woahhh....what the heck is that!"

    #25 3 months ago
    Quoted from Ollulanus:

    Has anyone actually heard anything real about another maiden run? I'm hoping it does happen, but my info makes it dubious at best.

    Nitro pinball have them for sale eta may 2023


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