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“Are Cloudy inserts, stress cracks and GHOSTING often seen on NIB pins and should that be normal?”

  • NO WAY ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! 593 votes
  • YES, ghosting is often seen on NIB pins and is normal. 45 votes
  • I don't care I am never buying a NIB from STERN again 135 votes

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#219 11 months ago

Any Aerosmith or Batman 66 games have ghosting on them?

#221 11 months ago
Quoted from hank527:

I know of some examples, but I think they are few and far between.

I just don't get how Star Wars could be ghosting.

Star Trek LE, Transformers LE, and KISS LE had no ghosting on my clue why stern would change things up.

#223 11 months ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Less costly.

How much could they possibly have saved?

#360 11 months ago
Quoted from Gexchange:

It was a blast to their dealer and Distributor list due to concerns posted by customers and Dealers ect...

I'm afraid to ask how many upset customers called you today to voice their displeasure with Stern's CYA in the Star Wars manual.

#489 11 months ago

How much is Stern making per machine on average? $1,000? How many machines a year do they sell? 15,000?

#517 11 months ago

In Stern's defense, that "repair" is meant for areas where there is no art.

I'm not defending the clear chipping. But in reality, all shooter lanes take a beating. That's why I put Mylar and Cliffy's there.

#521 11 months ago
Quoted from xfassa:

~$450. Money well spent. I like tearing into playfields so the work is fun.

If Stern wasn't replacing my ghosted playfields, I would definitely have them professionally cleared.

#535 11 months ago

I wish they would sell that kit. I'd love to re-clear the shooter lanes on my Star Trek and transformers.

#625 11 months ago

I'm 3 for 3 in getting approvals for playfield replacements.

As of now, I've only swapped 1 playfield. At least the next 2 are SPIKE games...will be a hell of a lot easier.

#630 11 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

You've been hit with ghosting bad enough for replacement 3 times? Ouch.

2 playfields ghosted and 1 playfield warped.

This is on 3 different machines.

#635 11 months ago
Quoted from altan:

And that's just a raw playfield replacement or a populated playfield?


#637 11 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

Did you pick up one of these in Hawaii?


I'm not happy that Stern did something to their playfields, but at least they are standing behind their product.

That's 3 playfields where they need to ship me a box, pay for the heavy box to be returned, give me a new playfield that is fully populated and then ship it back to me. If I had to guess, it costs Stern probably $1,500 - $2,000 for each replacement playfield. Just that monetary hit alone is more than enough incentive for them to fix their playfield issues.

With my own business, I do everything I can to not mess up the first time, because it costs me money to go back.

#671 11 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Yeh, they looked after me on GB also, but that was severe chipping in inserts after ghosting. And I appreciate they did. But 3 games!! I'd be sick of it.
And there's clearly something wrong. You can't just define it as normal and ignore it.
My feeling is Stern are just buying time until they figure out what's going on. They've changed the process (new supplier/in house production), it hasn't been as easy as they thought, but they can't stop the whole production line until they work it out.

All I can say is they are standing behind their product and are taking a financial hit in doing so.

If they don't stand behind their products, they lose customers. Thus, lose money.

If they do stand behind their products, they replace fully populated playfields. Thus, they lose money.

If they don't fix their problems, then they'll only have the operator market to work with. Pro machines is what pays all the bills. Premium/LE is what pays Gary's bonus.

#678 11 months ago

If you have playfield issues, take pictures and contact your distributor.

You as an individual have no power with Stern, unless you've developed a rapport with Pat or Chas.

Your distributor, who buys probably thousands of games a year, has power with Stern.

#694 11 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Not on mine. But Trekkie had an LE as well, I think. The benefit to having the LE with that game is all the inserts are clear, so it's harder to see.

I can back this up with firsthand knowledge as well.

I have an LE. Clearcoat on mine is perfect. Playfield warped.

I don't blame Stern for my playfield warping...they aren't the ones who created the plywood. Sometimes shit happens that is out of anyone's control.

4 weeks later
#767 10 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Yup pretty simple. They send you an empty box. You disconnect a couple cables from the backbox, remove the playfield... stick in the box and drop off at UPS. Looks like you cover the cost of shipping it back to them and they cover the cost of shipping the new one to you.
In my case I reached out to my distributer and they handled all the back and forth. Best of luck!

There's molex connectors in the cabinet.

Go to 12:50 in the video:

#770 10 months ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

trekkie1978 thanks.
Yeah I wasn't sure if I should if I should
A: remove the connectors from the playfield and keep them in the backbox, sending back only the PF
B: Disconnect from backbox and send back with the wiring still attached to the underside of the playfield
Gave Chas a ring and he said go with B, as the new PF will come with the new wiring connected to the PF
I know you've dealt with this before, which one did you do? Did your PF come with new wiring you snaked back up into the head? Or did you do option A and hook up your pre-existing wiring back to the PF?

So far, I've only changed out Spider-Man VE playfield. Not the hardest thing to do, but it's a pain with all of the wiring going to the backbox.

I'm looking forward forward to changing out Ghostbusters and Game of Thrones...3 or 4 molex connectors and out comes the playfield.

IMO, I don't trust Stern to give you the correct wiring back if you take out too much. In my case with Spidey VE, they changed how 1 bundle of wires reconnect to the bundle in the cabinet. They never sent me the adapter with the new playfield. After I called Chas, few days later I had the adapter.

#819 10 months ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Ill ask again. Can you not buy a PF from Stern to install at a later date?

I think it depends.

I tried buying a GOT LE playfield, they have none for sale. They are running more only to cover playfield defects.

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