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STERN- Make a real Back to the Future pinball machine.

By shacklersrevenge

10 months ago

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    #14 10 months ago



    I guess if you want pay nearly 10K, wait a year after the announcement, then watch its best feature gets stripped without so much as a shrug.

    Oh, and no scenes from the movie. Let's not forget that.

    No thanks.

    Stern all the way on this one.

    #25 10 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    You do realize that the latest Stern LE's are nearly 10k? Lack of video assets in Pirates is due to a restriction from the license holder, just like how TWD lacks actor audio and any mention of the actors in its code. Oh, same goes for Guardians lacking actor audio and having terrible voice actor callouts.

    You do realize that their Pro models are mid 5K, and the Premium a little over 7K?

    GOTG had plenty of video of the actors. Pirates doesn't even have that.

    Hard pills to swallow for sure......

    #30 10 months ago

    LOL! The downvotes!

    Capture (resized).JPG
    #32 10 months ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    I played a production Pirates on Saturday, and I can't say it's hurt by having no movie clips. I'm not particularly fond of the movies and really don't care, and original animations are great.
    Of course I am fond of BTTF, but I don't think clips are necessary to make a good pin.
    Besides, nobody here really knows what they want anyway. Star Wars was slammed by some for being a "jukebox pin" that relied too heavlily on clips from the movies. We've all seen these movies a million times so what do DVD clips give us anyway?

    Clips (or even just flashes like GOTG) won't make a pin great, but not having SOME is ridiculous. Terrible integration and extremely cheap for the prices we're paying.

    #35 10 months ago
    Quoted from jawjaw:

    If there was a heavy focus on the DeLorean, then that would be cool but probably be another license for that.

    I doubt that would cost much. I know the guy that owns the DMC name now. Has a repair shop in Houston, owns all the old parts as well as the name.

    He has a BTTF pin in the lobby of his store. I'm sure he's licences it cheap for a new pinball game. And that's only if you used the DMC name and logo.

    #41 10 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Captain Picard would prefer JJP over Stern, you know it to be true, lol.

    All the more reason to stick with Stern!

    Quoted from PanzerFreak:

    Seriously though are the rumors that Deeproot is making a BTTF pin seem pretty solid? I just hope someone is making it at this point.

    I'll wait and see on Deeproot. They could be another JJP, or actually ship in a reasonable time period. They may also not be afraid to walk away from a compromised licensee.

    #72 10 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    BTTF3 was the least popular to most yet the DeLorean from the film sold for $600k I think and that was years ago at auction.

    I wouldn't say that. The reason III made less money than II was because it came out only 6 months after the 2nd one, and the bad taste of that film hurt Part III at the box office.

    #73 10 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    That will never happen Bob Gale has said multiple times on record, he wont allow BTTF to be remade, think his exact words at one convention where along the lines of "yeah I have been asked if a remake is an option, my response was over my dead f**king body that will happen"
    And Robert Zemeckis I believe is in complete agreement with him on the matter, honestly though I don't think it needs remaking it is truly timeless and imo one of if not the best trilogy ever put to film.

    As much as I hate remakes, this one I'd be OK with. I'd love to watch a kid from today get stuck in the 80's. I'd feel like my dad did watching the original when it came out.

    Besides, the President joke still works.

    "Tell me future boy, who's President of the United States in 2018?" "Donald Trump." "Donald Trump? The real estate tycoon?!?!?"

    "I suppose Ivana Trump's the first lady!"

    #75 10 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    You don’t need a remake for that man. I’ve done this with my 7 year old boy, he only really watches superhero films pretty much all he is interested in but he watched every BTTF from start to finish, he can’t make it all the way through Toy Story.
    He got excited at all the parts I did at his age like the first time you see the DeLoreon, first time it goes back to the future and leaves the fire trails, hoverboard scene in 2 he loved and wanted a hoverboard, there timeless besides there hasn’t been a remake of anything that’s better than the originals and most of those weren’t as good as BTTF to begin with.

    I'm already doing this. My 6 year old recently watched the original with us and loved it.

    You missed my point. I was talking about myself enjoying a modern kid getting stuck in the 80's.

    Just an observation that generational time travel is ageless, because everything changes so much in any given 30 years.

    #81 10 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    Yeah sorry I did miss that a little, probably because my son didn’t even realise or didn’t care I don’t know that the first is set in the 80s and not the present like all his other movies.
    He noticed a few things specifically asked about the TVs and why they are so chunky which made me laugh.
    I just don’t think a remake would capture the same magic/lighting in a bottle the originals managed. And remakes pretty much all suck balls would hate for BTTF to be tainted like other classics Robocop, Total Recall come to mind, although Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel in the same film was pretty damn good!

    What's funny is, BOTH the 50's and 80's TV's were clunky!

    I really do hate remakes...mostly because they are aren't doing anything new. I guess why I'd give a BTTF remake a pass (assuming it was done well of course) is because it would be doing something new....flipping the jokes for a different time period.

    Anyway, it's never happening. Just an observation I've had.

    #165 10 months ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    Shooting 2 and 3 back to back with no break really hurt the storytelling. With some more development time both could have been closer to the even pace and quality of the first. As they are, they're fine, they just don't hold up to the first.

    The storytelling in Part III is just fine. It's a simpler, direct story like the first one.

    Part II suffers from trying to cram in too much story in 2 hours. It disappointed audiences, and that bad taste was still around 6 months later, and hurt Part III's box office. In that sense, having a film come out 6 months later was a mistake.

    #167 10 months ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    That was Robert Zemeckis decision, he wasn’t/isn’t a fan of cliffhangers and didn’t want to leave audiences waiting for the conclusion to the story.
    He was ahead of his time on that one, in this day and age of instant gratification and the need for everything instantly it would have most probably done the opposite and made a fortune.

    I don't have a problem with them releasing it 6 month later. My point was, if audiences don't like Part II, it's going to F*ck Part III over coming out so soon afterwords.

    Same exact thing happened to the Matrix II and III.

    #174 10 months ago
    Quoted from vireland:

    No. Matrix II and III just sucked. Clear that The Wachowski's didn't have writing talent at that point. Matrix 1 was stolen ideas that were crazy and awesome. When they had to follow up with their own writing, they failed miserably. It's clear that II and III have a totally different voice. Awful.

    Hmm. You should re-read my post. Not sure what you're saying no to. Matrix II sucked, and it sank III (regardless of wether or not III was better) by coming out only six months later with a bad taste still in the audience's mouth.

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