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Stern Led Zeppelin Hype Thread

By westofrome

10 months ago

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#2791 9 months ago

Not surprised you judge a game, while watching others play, on the internet lol.

#2792 9 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

At the end of the day Stern know what they are doing.
This game will sell well because...... it is LZ.
Bit like Gary saying SW would sell if it was just a box of lights.
Keeps the production line going, until the next one.
I am not a LZ fan, but would have bought it if it had some of the Maiden magic.

Exactly. Im not a pin buying pro and only have one pin, but i have figured out that if Stern gets an A+++ license, they will probably go as basic as possible. The name will sell the pin, not the gameplay. Id never buy a Stern( or any pin for that matter) sight unseen.

#2866 9 months ago
Quoted from Jigs:

You think the toys should look at you through the pf glass and speak directly to you?

Deadpool movie taught me something lol.

#2892 9 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Based entirely on the tempo, I agree it would be a drag to listen to. But in a pinball machine as a wizard mode, it would have been a wonderful reward for getting so far in the game and I think hearing it then would have made it ideal. If Stern secured the license to use, it would be listed on the flyer, believe me. The flyer distinctly highlights all the songs the game has, they would not leave Stairway off if it was included. I understand your belief Stairway might not have worked, but I’ll ask you a hypothetical question to gauge your opinion.
Let’s say Stairway had been licensed and was listed on the flyer as optional. It was indeed included in the code, but it was locked behind a firewall. Then you find out Stern will sell you a dongle for $200 to unlock the song. Since you and your friend aren’t interested, you decide to pass and play the game for an eternity without it. Other Owners who are interested, decide to spend the money. So if there was no value to you you didn’t lose anything. Those who wanted it and were willing to pay, got it. So everybody is happy, right? Ok here is the question -> what percentage of LZ game Owners would buy the song? You make it seem as it would be close to zero. I hope it is close to 100% but know it won’t. For interest sake, let’s presume 45% buy the mod. That would indicate people feel strongly enough that it should be in the game that they were willing to spend $200 over whatever they did pay. I don’t know how a poll would turn out, but don’t think it would accurately measure this case. I do know I would vote to put the song in.
As an aside, it is no coincidence Stern is on a tear against all types of copyright infringement and they are openly trying to shut down any modifications to the software, forcing everyone to abandon plans to modify code or songs. So you can’t buy Stairway through an official Stern release, and you are dissuaded from doing it on your own game. No soup for you! I don’t think this is a conspiracy because I do believe Stern has been festering for years over copyright, as people used pinbrowser to swap songs. Some recent hobbyist projects have added movie clips and sounds to code and Stern is pissed. They have drawn a line in the sand. So knowing there is no legit way to get Stairway added, and believing that many would opt for the song even at more money, maybe you can understand why this was important to me and others and why this was a failure to leave out imo.

We should NEVER NEVER encourage pin producers to put features behind a firewall. Isnt $7000 for a toy reason enough to include all features?

Sorry, I just dont understand the hope that 100% would want and pay extra for it. Thats telling these manufacturers we obviously arent paying enough, in their eyes.

#2919 9 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

I will never understand why all pin themes are grail properties lol. TMNT theme sucks Jaws sucks TS sucks Elvira theme so-so Iron Maiden theme so-so

Because people like different stuff, dunno??

1 week later
#3161 9 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Dude that is so lame your not even the least bit creative and your stock photos have become stale.I’m guessing in the real world you wouldn’t say half of the shit you do here?

Can the 3 of you please STFU, Jesus Christ. Do you guys follow each other around and shit in various threads?

1 week later
#3250 9 months ago
Quoted from Litedpinballmods:

Thank you. They will be $249.99 on our website, $259.99 here (the difference on price goes to Pinside). It comes with the videos shown plus a few more, it also comes with software that you could load any video on facebook and use it, to have the best effect you want a clip that has a black background. The Celebration clip is their promo clip that is in the public. We have been making these since 2019 and these won the best new mod at the Chicago Pinball Expo in 2019. It comes with the stand as well as a wall mount, if you want to mount on the wall. It is designed to turn on and off with any game, in case you want to move it to another game later, and we sell the video packs for those games for $49.99. We have 40 games done and should have 53 done by the end of February.
[quoted image]

Anything Metallica related?

1 week later
#3339 8 months ago

Played a Pro, probably wont play again.

#3341 8 months ago
Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

Nice that bad huh.

I wont say bad, I only played 3 games(left a game for someone else). Im not a pro and cant really comment on the rules, but every shot on the pro is WAY UP THERE lol. This latest Stern would be way down on the list to buy for sure. Havent played WWE yet though and a "simpler" TNA is 10x better
Like Beatles. The bigger the license for Stern, the less you get, for a higher price.

I will check out a Prem/ Le if i get the chance, but a pro wont get any more than the $2 it got from me. YMMV

#3344 8 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

That's why it's good. Nice long hard to hit shots. Looks great

From a sharpshooter perspective yea i can see that. I was just itching to play R&M, so possibly i became impatient.

#3346 8 months ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

The three shots on the left are all relatively close to the flippers.

Like others, I'm not sure what the upper flipper on the right is for...l

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