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Stern Led Zeppelin Hype Thread

By westofrome

10 months ago

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#64 10 months ago

LEs are already hard to find. If you want one I suggest rapid fire phone calls.

#149 10 months ago

I haven't gotten to see these blurry pictures if someone would care to IM them to me that would be great

#154 10 months ago

Do we know who is doing the art work?

I'm in for an LE by the way...

#191 10 months ago

I could see the opening of Stairway as the game over music for a few seconds. For during the game they can in theory drop the needle wherever they want. On the other hand Stairway might be something Stern doesn't want to pay for and that would be fine with most people it seems anyway.

#195 10 months ago

Back in 1980 a friend of mine and I camped out outside a Ticketmaster location to get tickets to Led Zeppelin in Philadelphia. We got really good seats and were as happy as 12th graders could possibly be. Unfortunately John Bonham died three weeks before the concert. We both went from being on the top of the world to suffering a crushing blow that still stings to this day.

The idea of a Led Zeppelin LE pinball machine coming to my house in a month or two is more than a little exciting. I'm about to pour a massive margarita and pop in the Song Remains the Same Blu-ray to celebrate.

#482 10 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

For those who already ordered site unseen hope you like it. I still don’t understand paying that much and no clue if it will look good let alone play good. I am a huge fan but no way in hell would I call a distributor and put myself down for a pin that is reaching near $10k for. LE and zero clues other than it’s a Led Zeppelin pin. I test drive my cars before I buy.

You do understand that it is not difficult to back out when the pictures come out tomorrow? Who has money down? If the game looks bad or I like the Premium artwork better, I can easily back out or switch the order. I'm not worried in the least bit either way. If I was buying a Premium, I would have waited instead of grabbing an LE spot. As for the never relevant carguement; I not only test drive cars, I wait until they are ten years old to buy them used. My newest car is a 2008 Corvette.

#502 10 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

You know there is always a few dozen that post the exact same thing on every pin release
Copy and paste. Good for you. You aren’t getting one at the outset

I'll be sure to post my LE unboxing pictures here in this thread.

#672 10 months ago

Looks like a fast flow SR game and the ramps look killer. Let me see the LE!

#745 10 months ago

LE has shaker motor and anti reflective glass as it should. Also the upgraded speakers and amp. The SPIKE sound system is really nice to begin with so this game will rock when connected to my sub.

That upper flipper ramp looks AWESOME. I can already feel the satisfaction that shot will bring. Can't wait... The rising spinner/magnet/lock/bash toy also looks cool. I love an open playfield like AFM and Ironman and the rising toy just helps keep the clutter down. I love the playfield and cab art on the LE. I would have chosen a different color for the powder coating, but I think it will look great in my gameroom lighting as is!!

#749 10 months ago

Lets hope the topper is available right away.

#767 10 months ago

OK I am done with the hype. Pictures are enough; not watching any videos of game play until my game gets here, so I can explore it for myself after pulling it out of the box.

#769 10 months ago
Quoted from pin2d:

Led Zeppelin Pinball DEEP DIVE!!
Check out all the in-depth details, features, and pics of the newest creation from Stern Pinball and Led Zeppelin!!
- Overview
- Who's Who
- Price and Production
- Features
- Included Songs
- Electric Magic device
- Expression Lighting System
- Trailer and Feature Videos
- Rules and Code
- Press Release
[quoted image]

Those LED lights embedded in the cabinet look amazing. Definitely a first.

#852 10 months ago

I missed the pictures of the add-on shooter. Anyone have one to post here?

#863 10 months ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

For those of you that WERE in the hobby far back enough to witness that: remember when that happened??

Not to mention the merciless bashing of STLE when it came out and now it is considered a truly feature rich LE and great playing game that has held its value very well. I remember the trolls saying it would be $5000 on the secondary market within six months haha!

2 weeks later
#2761 9 months ago
Quoted from DeadFlip:

Thanks to everyone who hung out last night while we jammed in this thing!!
Last nights’s broadcast is uploaded to YouTube.
So typically you dispute a claim (on YouTube) and the video can be viewable during this dispute process.
Turns out one of the songs from last night’s broadcast was hecka, super, mega, dispute-town (no I won’t speak to which one). 48-hours from dispute to be viewable so hold tight!
Until then, perhaps I’ll just stream it again with no audio.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Just goes to show how tight this license was. Can't even show a video of it being played online without it being pulled down!! Once again shows that Stern had very little leeway with the art or songs. Fortunately the 4-metal ramp SR layout looks awesome and the LE art package is more than fine to me.

1 month later
#3322 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

It's really fascinating what different demographics evaluate the cost of software. Pin heads think the RD on blinking an LED to music adds hundreds of dollars to the cost. On the flip side every kid has an RGB LED Strip with controller mounted on their bedroom wall that perfectly integrates to music and it cost's a few dollars. Those kids also think a video game with a budget of a hundred million should be free. Good luck trying to explain reality to either group.

I agree with the basic concept of what you are saying. I have $100 LED lighting system in my gameroom ceiling that makes 300 pre-programmed patterns and user controlled patterns too all from simple cell phone app control. On the other hand you're implying that this all gets integrated into a pinball machine for nearly free and that is not the case. True custom integration or choreography of the lighting takes some know how as opposed to the mindless Pinstadium systems that use the same Chinese cell phone app. Might not be that difficult on a technical level, but the cost is there and it all adds up. These new games cost millions of dollars to develop and a significant chunk of that is software to produce rules, animations, sound and yes, custom lighting.

#3325 8 months ago
Quoted from Darscot:

People believe what they want to believe. If you think the software cost justifies that $450 LED strip or that $1000 topper all the power to you.

I didn't say I did, a lot more goes into a custom, low production numbers product than just software. On the other hand you seem to be aligning with those "kids" who think a game that costs millions to develop should be free.

#3338 8 months ago
Quoted from KISS73:

Has anyone had a problem with their glass? My is very tight about half way in or out. Plus has any one figure the best setting for the sound. No where close to Iron Maiden or Aerosmith on sound.

My glass seemed very tight too. Just be careful taking it in and out, it should loosen over time and at least it won't rattle from bass and the shaker. The sound is a little tinny. I messed with the EQ some, but I suspect the sound will be tweaked in upcoming LE software. I'll be hooking up the sub today, that will surely make the low end a lot better.

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