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Stern Led Zeppelin Hype Thread

By westofrome

1 year ago

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#151 1 year ago

I think they are up to running 85 a day out the door. That's a shitload of pins!

At first i was a hard NO on Zeppelin because of GNR and Steve Ritchie was doing it and i haven't liked any pin he's done since Ac/dc.

Then i decided, while playing JPLE, EHOHLE, AIQLE and STHLE, all in a row yesterday, how great Stern is on a roll right now.

Surely Ritchie wants to reclaim some glory from the young guys with a huge hit.

So yeah, in for another LE!

#351 1 year ago
Quoted from Tomass:

Do you guys think this outsells GnR just due to the fact that Stern will out-Produce JJP?

I think JJP will sell a lot more GNR's than LZ, primarily because they can run them forever and the usual critics will be piling on from the get go on Stern.

LZ has a huge bar to hit in comparison to GNR i don't care how it plays.

Since i'm getting both, i'm more excited about GNR for the "total experience" and the band involvement/assets in the game but LZ should be good too.

As for an "uninspired Ritchie dud", who knows, we will see on Tuesday. Comps are gonna be tough.

#366 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Let us know how you like both when you get them...we can always count on you for honesty.
My guess...LZ won't come close to GnR for toys, light show, or build quality, but will surpass it in replayability and pure fun.

Hard to beat my 8 or 10 Stern games for fun factor AND they have been getting better and better. The all time rankings show that, some of the best games ever.

Hoping LZ with be more of the same.

#368 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I have an open mind and like SR, but bashing GNR, comparing it to a LZ to game that no one has seen isn’t a great idea.
GNR is absolutely epic.

And it’s Slash, the assets, and the band’s personal involvement.

GNR is a special pin. Probably never duplicated on the above

#459 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I’m going with 350 and if they truly are sold out I think it’s a lower number than usual.
My deposit was non refundable as of Friday.

Same price. Why would they do less? It’s not Elvira

At least 500, hopefully they didn’t pull the Munsters greed factor again and go 600 but I’d bet on that

#466 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

We were all just taking guesses, I really have no idea. I was speculating on the low end since there were reports they were all spoken for already.

Huge demand for music pins and LZ

Not long now

#485 1 year ago
Quoted from John_I:

You do understand that it is not difficult to back out when the pictures come out tomorrow? Who has money down? If the game looks bad or I like the Premium artwork better, I can easily back out or switch the order. I'm not worried in the least bit either way. If I was buying a Premium, I would have waited instead of grabbing an LE spot. As for the never relevant carguement; I not only test drive cars, I wait until they are ten years old to buy them used. My newest car is a 2008 Corvette.

You know there is always a few dozen that post the exact same thing on every pin release

Copy and paste. Good for you. You aren’t getting one at the outset

#486 1 year ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Friday afternoon most of the big distros needed deposit to secure LE and yes I did.

I’d find a different one. Mine doesn’t

Surely it’s refundable if you don’t like the reveal?

#843 1 year ago

Gosh.. this so far is a BIG disappointment.. I wasnt expecting the detail of GNR.. bug dang blimps/naked wingman EVERYWHERE.. strange colors..
And just really looks CHEAP.. all the time they put into getting and making this game and feels like I just picked up a candy wrapper, but there no candy bar inside..
ST LE, MET PRO, LOTR, even AC/DC so MUCH MORE THEME integrated and complete.. Sparky bash toy 10 x better than disappearing spinner clunker

I'm with you. The LE artwork might not be as bad as GOT but that color combo is awful. I like the PRO much better.


#865 1 year ago
Quoted from bigehrl:

for those of you NOT in the hobby far back enough to have witnessed the Angus' Face debacle when AC/DC was revealed: everyone hated it, no one was buying it, yet it went on to be one of Stern's best sellers and considered one of their most classic games of all time. For those of you that WERE in the hobby far back enough to witness that: remember when that happened??

Oh yeah, I think i'd rather go back and buy Ac/dc again. Dropping my LE order. I've never done that before!

#908 1 year ago

I'm sure a lot of people are gonna love it. It's the same feeling i got with SW.

I'm into "different" these days.

I told distro if he can't find a sub buyer I'd take it because i told him i would initially. If i end up with it i'm still gonna have fun with it!

#1322 1 year ago

Where is the theme integration? Other than a blimp on a rail I don’t see it.

Compare it to AC/DC and the Cannon shot, Hell’s Bells, TNT and AC/DC drops, lower play field, Train etc

And pinball browser worked great for changing up the song play

It’s new pinball and that’s always great.

But, I’m just not seeing it.

Gonna listen to the Sexton interview and watch the stream on Friday. Maybe it will change for me then?

#1544 1 year ago
Quoted from gibsonrd:

LZ are notorious for suing anyone that uses their music or anything related to the band without permission. I'm wondering if they will act if anyone produces extras/mods for this game.

Is Robert Mueller their attorney?

#1775 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

In still not convinced the lazy art packages were due to licensing restrictions.
This is a Steve Ritchie game. Name me one Ritchie game that has good art? He is a known pinball art sceptic, and refuses to pay anything for art packages, instead using in house graphics design staff.
If anything LZ is probably his best art package to date.

Come on man! GOT was gorgeous

#1813 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Im sorry but when look at LZ pro, it looks a game we’ve all played many times before.
Hope I’m wrong, look forward to finding out.

Totally agree, art aside, it makes me want to go and re buy AC/DC. Or maybe SM for the 3rd time

I see very little theme integration, the magnet/spinner pop up, I don’t get it

It’s an LZ music pin so it’s still gonna sell regardless, just like Star Wars

I have bought most Stern LEs and only ever dropped out on SW and now this one

Sorry Steve. Layout is lacking. It’s not the artwork

#2230 1 year ago
Quoted from EMpins16:

Here’s the real question . When these games start arriving , are the playfields going to be full of issues , or has stern addressed it ? Because that’s also factoring into my decision to pull the trigger on a premium

It hasn't been an issue for the last 5 pin releases. On mine anyway. LOL

"BOM has its limits".

#2232 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

All of this is how I feel about Zeppelin, actually. Different strokes.

You said it, "different strokes".

The only opinion that matters is your own.

I buy a lot of Stern games, I just don't like this one for the layout and lack of theme integration, forget the artwork, and i'm thinking the bottom line for me is I'v been done with Steve Ritchie layouts. They are about the only pins from Stern i haven't purchased in the last 7 or 8 yrs.

I've had SM and AC/DC so i'm good. But it's a "flow monster" amongst many other "flow monsters".

#2234 1 year ago

With LZ, like Gary once said about Star Wars, "I could put a Star Wars wrapper on a box of lights and it would sell out".

No doubt LZ fans are gonna like an LZ pin.

#2242 1 year ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Big LZ fan and not a big fan of this LZ pin. Still want a music pin in my collection at some point. Hoping for Queen to be done and done right.

I'm on board for Queen. It seems PB has that license.

#2247 1 year ago

So cynical Boobie!

Out already and you haven't even seen the new Alien. Lol

#2546 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Totally disagree. Most modern Sterns are screaming lack of effort and feels totally soulless.
How many barren games with zero theme integration that shoots well do you really need? One? Two?
Granted JJP´s are by no means perfect, but atleast you feel the effort put into theese games.
I´ve recently had stranger things and dialed in at home, really didn´t like any of them.
(i like afm, sth is just a ugglier, sloppier and cheaper feeling version)
(DI is a theme that is really strange and the scoring balance is so bad, you end up basically doing one thing.)
But you have to be really biased if you didn´t notice the huge difference in lack of effort.
It would be a Dream having Eric M and Keith E working together in jjp Environment.
Eric is creative and artistic and Keith is the best at ball-paths structure.

Totally disagree with this and Stern other than I don’t need another Steve Ritchie “flow monster”

Take a look at the top 15 pins and then ponder why you might be in the extreme minority with your Stern comments

Other “recent Sterns” are not as you describe. Lol

#2584 1 year ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Imo the only three sterns i would concider for long time home use is simpson, lotr and lucy.

That's the beauty of the pinball, "to each his own". I have TSPP, getting ready to sell it, too dated but still ok. Sold a LOTRLE years ago.

Looking to pick back up a "Lucy". A beauty though? Not for me.

I really don't see how anyone can say JP, Elvira, AIQ and STH for that matter are "cheap" and crappy with nothing in them? Maybe i misunderstand.

1 week later
#2734 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Ok. That pro is super basic...even for a pro. It really is The Pin level basic. Sure it shoots well - like 15 other pro level Sterns, but wow... it’s really getting to the level of pick a theme, pick a layout, slap on some art, done. Just like The Pin.
Why not have 3 good shooting layouts, a bunch of themes everyone wants, and let customer pick and “customize” their game.


I’m looking at a bunch of “fun” LE Stern pins

LZ is a sad state of affairs

#2735 1 year ago

If you like LZ for yourself. That’s all that matter Boobie

But it’s “shocking” to me how barren it is

But it’s Ritchie

#2742 1 year ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Star Wars was shocking, too. And then people played it for a while and the code matured. Now it's a much better regarded pin than it was initially. GOT is another example and so is DI. STh is moving in that direction. You see it time and time again here.

And it still sucks. So does GOT and so does DI.

LZ is an epic failure. So far below those games and that's saying something.

But it has flippers, a few ramps, some songs if you like LZ and a box of lights. So any pinball is never terrible!

#2830 1 year ago
Quoted from RipleYYY:

i still cant understand... that lot of people cant understand that !?
as of course, as a "player" myself, i can easily analyse/judge a new game i still havent played, by just watching others guys playing it
of course, the only/needeed condition, is that the playing guy is good, & know about the game/code/rules

Amazing to me as well. The eyeball test is quite effective for me.

As one of the biggest Stern fanboys on the planet, my eyeballs don't like LZ. Sorry Boobie, don't get your panties in a f ing wad again. It's just my opinion!

And i'll find out soon enough if GNRCE lives up to my excitement level. Just got the call today, 2-3 weeks.

Who knows, maybe i'll be trading it one day to Boobie for his LZ? LOL

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