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Abandoned Stern JP club - Lost in the Park!

By J-Freeze

4 months ago

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#1 4 months ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this one, Might as well start the club now!

#6 4 months ago

I can't decide on an LE or premium, will have to wait for more details but it will be my first NIB either way!

#12 4 months ago

I might sell my DEJP and put this next to my LWJP.
Only have room for 4 pins right now and 3 JP's might be too much.
If it was JW I'd line em all up.

#35 4 months ago

Yeah why not this one?

FB_IMG_1563905477199 (resized).jpg
#36 4 months ago

I guess that's what will be in the center?

#41 4 months ago

What typically comes with an LE over the premium?
Side art.
Powder coated armor.
all 3 translights?
Does LE come with topper?

I think I like the premium cab better and am not sold on the green armor.

#47 4 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Friendly notation from the moderation team:
A club thread may not be created until a game has shipped. This thread is being converted into the hype thread and has been moved out of the club section. Otherwise, posts like number 44 and 45 above would have resulted in ejections (club thread rules are strict).
Once the game ships, a club thread may be started. For now, hype or whatever else in here.

Fair enough and noted.

#50 4 months ago
Screenshot_20190723-225259_Gallery (resized).jpg
#56 4 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Do we for certain know who the designer of this game was?

I haven't seen Elwin confirmed anywhere but I'd be surprised if it's not him.

#69 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

@mods... I have always thought it would be cool to require an official unboxing pic by a pinsider who could then be the first to start the “club” thread. I thought I had seen a few club threads started by those who seem to never even own the game.... or at least much later than the first owners.

I was just overly excited haha.
But that's a good point.

#75 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinzap:

I complete get it... and my general comment really wasn't directed at you... sorry if it came across that way. I only quoted you because that's where the moderators response was.
I'm excited for JP2 as well... but will likely hold off a bit due to a few too many purchases recently. I truly hope that KME's second effort turns out as good or better than his first. Played IMDN again last night in league and it is ALWAYS just so much fun to shoot. Was told by my distributor that the pro version should be at ReplayFX. Hope they have a few because I'm sure the lines will be quite long with as many players in attendance for Pinburgh.

No didn't take any offense and I get it wasn't directed at me, no worries.

And if you are ever down in the cities you can come play mine when I get it!

#95 4 months ago

I love it!
Still can't decide on LE or premium but it looks awesome gameplay wise.
I don't get why its Nedry focused, and could do without the spinosaurus on the backglass
but can't complain too much about getting a new JP pin.

#105 4 months ago

I guess it makes more sense when its framed as the events after the movie, and Nedry is a focus because he was the cause of all the chaos.

#109 4 months ago

That's f'n awesome!

#117 4 months ago
Quoted from Vino:Is club thread started yet? I’m curious what model serious buyers are entertaining.

This was a club thread but it's not allowed until they start shipping.

I think I've decided to go with the premium instead of the LE just because I like the artwork on the cabinet a lot more.

#122 4 months ago
Quoted from lasermel:

New JP game looks pretty cool and I might be in, but I pray we won't all be fossils by the time the code gets finished.
Anyone know who's coding it?

Sounds like same team that did Iron maiden.
The code will be fine.

#126 4 months ago

I'm really warming up to the idea that it's a new chapter in the franchise and kind of an original concept, I think this game is going to be really extra cool for JP lovers, and the jeep is bothering me less.

#127 4 months ago
Quoted from J-Freeze:

Sounds like same team that did Iron maiden.
The code will be fine.

All 2 million lines of it!

#153 4 months ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

I'm wondering why they went with yellow speaker surrounds on the LE instead of the more obvious green (to match the trim)? Unless they thought it was already too much green and they thought yellow (to match the logo border color) would be a better choice.
In any case....I will have green and many other color / style 5.25" speaker surrounds available soon on my website....along with other 5.25" speaker mods and accessories that should make a 4" to 5.25" speaker upgrade more affordable for people that are interested.
Doug (SpeakerLightKits.com)[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Those look great!

I can also attest that Doug's deluxe kit for these spike 2 sterns is awesome and will look great in JP!
On top of that he stands behind his product and went above and beyond to get me up and running when I had problems with my machine. (No problem with his kit)

#154 4 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

SDTM Episode 97: Stern’s Jurassic Park Pinball First Impressions
SDTM Greg is the biggest JP fan in pinball! Is he gonna buy or is he gonna pass?! What are your thoughts on this dynamic new offering from Stern Pinball?

Listening to the TWIP podcast right now.

Greg can save his tears in a cup for his own footsteps mod, this game is gonna be awesome!
I'm a big JP fan too and I was kinda meh when I first saw it but I've done a complete 180°
The more I see of it the more I like it.
Glad he came around too.

That spinner shot is gonna be sweet!

#158 4 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Maybe some Green Bay Packers fans helped design it.


#159 4 months ago

Deadflip stream is live, quick first impression is forget the movie clips, the LCD animations and integration look great!

#162 4 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I posted in the STDM thread. I'm with Bone on this one with the artwork ... maybe if you throw in a free shaker motor or something he'll buy a Pro from you Zach.
Also I'm with you on the opto spinners - I like those on the Beatles I got from you.

I agree about most of the art, but I do really like the premium art, that was ultimately the deciding factor for me between premium and LE. I couldn't get over having to look at the dingus looking rex on the front left (Because of the coin door.) And I like the bit of orange sky.

#163 4 months ago

As far as gameplay honestly I would've been happy with just another decent JP/JW game but from the looks of it they made a great JP!
Tons of shots, some smooth some tough, outlanes that you can fight, ball stops for big moments, good LCD integration.

#170 4 months ago
Quoted from Wickerman2:

Gameplay looks good. The jeeps are from where? Also, is that supposed to sound like Samuel Jackson?

Those are actually Gomez Motor Company offroad search and rescue trucks.

#176 4 months ago

There is already 2 other club threads now...

#178 4 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Don't let them bully you!!

Haha, well this WAS the first one!

#180 4 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Damn right, now edit the title.

Thanks for the coaching

#182 4 months ago

I don't see how to change it back to a club thread instead of a stern thread..

Quoted from BOBCADE:

There's a pro and a prem/le separate club threads. I say make this one for both and that way I only need to go to one place haha.

Yes a general JP club!

#183 4 months ago

Maybe the lack of licensed assets allowed more room in the budget to pack this playfield.
The only thing that bothers me is if you aren't going to have the voice overs, then why even use the quotes from the movie? Or at least get some people to TRY to sound like a good impression of the actors.
The "hillbilly" quotes are kind of off putting.

#185 4 months ago

Well they are boxing them up now, so better get to work!

#187 4 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Using quotes from the movies lines it up perfectly to be replaced with the real dialog using Pinball Browser. Just like GOTG.

That's what I'm hoping for!

#191 4 months ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

The difference is, the voice actors in GOTG said very little outside of the movie lines.
In JP, they seem to be saying quite a bit of pinball lines, as well as lines from the movie.
Swapping out half the fake voices for the real voices may leave the game sounding "Frankenstein" for lack of a better word. I'm curious how sound modders will handle this one.

And that's what I'm worried about.

#224 4 months ago

Here's the flip n out stream

#229 4 months ago
Quoted from Scribbles:

So, who's got any pull with the moderators around here??? I think 3 separate club threads is ridiculous. I'm all for 1 club for all JP 2019 owners. I started the so called pro thread not realizing 2 other clubs had been started and locked by the moderators. I care nothing about being the guy that started that group, I just want to be able to share ideas and issues with other owners in one common place. Let's get the moderators to close the one I started for sure, and if possible combine the Premium/LE crowd here as well. Anyone else with me??

I'm with ya.
I'm getting a premium but I don't want anything to do with that thread, none of the other stern clubs that I've been in have split clubs for pro/prem/LE and it hasn't been an issue so I don't know why we would need split clubs.

3 months later
#246 29 days ago

We kind of abandoned this thread but a lot of people had them break on the early pros.
Stern was sending out replacements.


#247 29 days ago

And this post just because I got mine yesterday!

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