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Stern Jurassic Park 2 Custom Audio Project

By hawkmoon77

1 year ago

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#175 6 months ago

Amazing work! Well done guys!

1 month later
#218 4 months ago
Quoted from timlah79:

That's amazing to hear, especially from you delt (knowing all the work you've also put into your own custom code)!!! Yeah, I was afraid the song might not be everyone's cup of tea, no offense taken (Delt is referring to the end game music being replaced by a snippet of my unreleased song, "Jurassick Dark.") I couldn't help but include it, since this whole experience was what inspired me to write it.
I hope most folks like it but if more people find that they don't, I'll create an alternate code version that has the original song instead. For people who do, I'm happy to send the full song file to ya (it's currently unreleased, awaiting my next album). Please PM me in either case! I'm loving all the feedback so far, you guys are awesome.

Amazing work Tim, as expected! Thanks so much. Love the track but also thinking if you do one with alternate (for originality purposes) I’d be in also.

This will be a must have mod guys!


1 week later
#244 4 months ago
Quoted from Captain_Howdy:

Hi Everyone
I have something that might seem like a very stupid question
I have 0.98 code on JP Limited,
Just noticed this when installing the custom code
"- If you are on an earlier than 1.00 code release, I recommend you install 1.00 first. I am not sure if it matters but I do know that node changes have occurred in between official versions. In summary, I highly suggest you verify everything is working with 1.00, then install this custom code."
Does anyone know where I can find the 1.00 code?
Its not availble at Stern, there is only the latest 1.01 available to download.
I tried to udpate the JP with the custom code from Tim, but it didnt work, so it might be due to above.
Many thanks for any help

Checked with Tim?

2 months later
#564 60 days ago
Quoted from timlah79:

After 80 or more hours of work over the past couple of months, I am almost ready to share an updated version for all model owners.
I wanted to share the upcoming changes while I await a few PRO owners to test (since I own an LE). If you have any feedback, please let me know ASAP.
The following is what I have accomplished since the last version you guys have. In no way is this a comprehensive list of improvements. We're talking probably 20 more callout replacements I've done that I haven't listed below. I'm just noting the ones I can easily describe/are important to note for the next version I will share with you soon.
What I've changed per Pinsiders' Requests:
NOTE: Please reach out if I haven't addressed your concerns in any of these.
JP SYSTEM FAILURE SPEECH (Changed one of the many alternates that already play if this setting is ON and you enter your first paddock)
Replaced Grant/Hammond "Mr. Hammond! Upon careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park..."
With Hammond/Arnold "Dennis, our lives are in your hands and you have butterfingers? ... I can't get Jurassic Park back online without Dennis Nedry."
I then put Grant "I've decided not to endorse your park" where it was originally intended during Visitor Center
Used to only play a very bad sounding line of Malcolm "I'm fairly alarmed here."
Now plays what people expect, Malcolm "Must go faster" OR "Gotta get out of here, now, now right now!"
What I couldn't change per Pinsiders' Requests:
T-REX Multiball/Other modes ready to shoot the T-Rex (aka Shoot The T-Rex):
Nothing's changed. While I know some wanted "Shooot heeer!" put into the raptor cage/MB area and for me to put something else here instead, nothing that I tried worked out. I feel like this still works, hearing "Shooot heeer!" or "Heh, who's hungry."
I have ensured that "Clever Girl" will play once you initiate Raptor Triball.
Custom Music Distortion at the end of the 1st part of T-Rex Multiball?:
This turned out to be an issue with the original music file sent to me, I'm awaiting a cleaner version. However, only 2 people have noticed this. It only gets distorted if you've been in MB for quite a while once the heavy drums play. I will have to revisit at a later time.
My own new creative decisions and improvements:
VIRUS ATTACK Initiated/Selected:
Only one option available here. I had Hammond "[Smack] Damn!" but realized it wasn't appropriate. Therefore, it's now Muldoon "We're going to have to cut the tour short I'm afraid"
Hammond "[Smack] Damn!" now plays in a more appropriate place during INVALID mode.
SMART MISSILE Replacements
Smart missile countdown started: "(Item) 151 on todays glitch list"
3-2-1: This is actually 3 separate sounds so I had to be creative. Replaced with "You didn't" - "Say the magic" - "Word" (I REALLY hope you guys are ok with this b/c it was an incredible amount of work and testing to get it to sound as good as possible)
Missile away: "Hold onto your butts" (the only time this currently plays is randomly at control room entry and there are 2 times Arnold says it in the movie. So I replaced this with his other version of saying the line)
Smart missile missed:
Two new alternates -- "No, no, no that's crazy" and "C'MON!"
Direct hit: Grant "How'd you do this?" (and one other option I can't remember at the moment LOL)
Replaced many various stock lines, including replacements such as:
Grant "I hate computers"
Nedry "What are you trying to look like, a secret agent?"
Hammond "I really hate that man"
Sattler "How many lines of code are there?"
... and many more as there are tons of stock callouts in this mode
HURRY UPs (i.e. stock You're running out of time or time is running out)
Grant "C'mon Tim hurry up"
Muldoon "Get off the stick, bloody move!"
Arnold "Drop what you're doing and leave now"
Malcolm "Go, go go, let's go, hey!"
Hammond "Push, c'mon then"
Nedry "You gotta give me the 15 min, gimme the 15 min"
Switched some replacements up for more iconic lines like Hammond "Spared no expense"
Have a few already replaced lines in here but found one missing, replaced with Malcom "Non-linear equations, strange attractors"
Security is still down, we have no way to contain the raptors!: Grant/Sattler "Just the two raptors, right? Yes unless they learned how to open doors."
JP-3 Movie: "What is that? It's a tyrannosaur. No, it sounds bigger"
JP-3 Movie: "What's a bad idea!? (Spinosaurus roar)"
This concludes all Paddock Entry replacements, you'll never hear a stock actor again during any paddock start/entry.
They've got more potent help for us:
Hammond "Yahooo! (other actors laughing)"
Malcolm "Life will not be contained"
They're preparing to send you something a bit more powerful: Hammond "I don't blame people for their mistakes but I do ask that they pay for them"
We've requested additional help from InGen: Hammond, "Hold on, this can be a bit thrilling"
Get to safety (during T-Rex Encounter): Grant "Get the kids!"
Rescue them quickly (one variation that I missed prior, there are already other movie variations that play): Now plays Timmy "Look how much blood..."
Ball added: Hammond "There you aaaare"
Save the park employees: Muldoon "They should all be destroyed"
Bumped all applicable callouts
Adjusted volume of certain music replacements
What this means is that you shouldn't have to mess with "attenuation" settings as much as before

This sounds great! Thanks Tim! Look forward to trying this new one out!

1 week later
#613 49 days ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Tried Win32DiskImager instead of Etcher and it worked flawlessly! This won't work with Balena Etcher.
Only played one game so far but I love what I see so far! Thanks guys!

Used Balena Etcher on Mac and worked great.

Had a couple quick games.... and wow! Just when hoy think the games can’t get better, all these legends get together and create this artwork! Thank you!!!

#615 49 days ago
Quoted from brickbuilder14:

Oh wow great! I have a Mac and was worried. Do the new video clips work as well? Because I thought Tim said the custom videos would not work correctly. Thanks!

From the couple of games I played, it all seemed to work fine.

1 month later
#1049 4 days ago

Having an issue extracting the zip. Tried downloading it like 4 times!

F0078CDC-2537-4880-9D72-44D6E01709B6 (resized).jpeg
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