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Stern Insider Connected

By anathematize

50 days ago

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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (9 days ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (9 days ago)

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    #102 50 days ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    I went fully to Nintendo because there are no achievements.
    And I don’t have dumb, pointless achievements popping up for every action.

    I have some bad news for you: https://pinside.com/pinball/community/pinsiders/isochronic_frost/achievements

    1 week later
    #659 42 days ago
    Quoted from TechnicalSteam:

    I imagine it would be pretty cool if users could buy 'credits' that get routed to the 'operators'. This would
    help fix what I see as dependency on physical currency aspect of pinball. Who carries cash these days.

    As long as there is a universal payment system, fine. I'm not buying Stern bucks that only work on Stern games same as I'm not buying Dave & Busters bucks or Pinstack bucks or any other currency that's only used at one or two places. If they start selling credits it has to be the kind I can use to buy groceries or gas or rent.

    #684 41 days ago
    Quoted from Bublehead:

    let's look at this from a player v.s. owner standpoint.

    Let's not, since people can be both and the features of the system could be targeted at either or both or neither.

    Quoted from Bublehead:

    If you make me subscribe to get All Access as a player, then owners should not have to subscribe to get All Access.

    It depends on the feature. If it's a feature targeted at locations (show ad for your location on the screen during attract mode) that's not something you should offer to a player account.

    Quoted from Bublehead:

    I've already paid Stern big cash for the right to own and play their damn game. I should NOT have to continue to pay them to get full access to all game features in the damn box.

    You'll continue to have the same access you paid for. If additional features or capabilities are added and you want them too then you can decide if you want to add them to your game.

    Quoted from Bublehead:

    Ownership of a pinball game, historically, has always meant I have full access to it's full capabilities.

    Historically, pinball has never been able to add features via the internet. It's a new capability and it's bringing new opportunities.

    Quoted from Bublehead:

    Not interested in buying a box that requires a subscription just to play it.

    https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman No one has said you'll need to buy a pinball machine that requires a subscription just to play it.

    1 week later
    #789 29 days ago
    Quoted from NoQuarters:

    I would have to pay $39 to unlock something on a machine I buy for multiple thousands of dollars ?

    No. You don’t HAVE TO buy additional content. If you WANT TO buy additional content, you may.

    You don’t have to buy a color DMD with colorized game content. If you find value in that additional content you may buy it.

    #790 29 days ago
    Quoted from jedi42:

    So, looks like $39/year for added content.

    It’s already $39 a year. https://sternpinball.com/stern-insider/
    Not clear yet if this will be a separate thing. Seems likely they would have a less confusing name if it were a totally different program than Stern Insider.

    #803 29 days ago
    Quoted from Blindseer:

    who wants to own a game that is not complete?

    That's a strawman logical fallacy. No one is arguing you should own an incomplete game.

    Trying to define "complete" in a situation where you can add things after the game leaves the factory is a fools errand. Do we buy computers that are not complete because we can add software to them to suit our use case? Of course not. The computer is complete as we purchased it. If we want additional capabilities we can add them.

    #807 29 days ago
    Quoted from TaylorVA:

    With pinball the trend has been to ship incomplete code with the understanding that code will eventually be “completed”,but now we enter the land of world of anybody’s guess as to what you will or will not get, that’s a huge difference.

    What exactly is the difference? It's always been "anybody's guess as to what you will or will not get" with code updates. You can assume code will eventually get to 1.0 but you never know exactly what that entails.

    If you're balking because people who pay extra can make your game do things you can't I refer you to the Supergame, standard on Judge Dredd . If I pay extra I get a completely different game experience.

    #882 23 days ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    as long as stuff like prepaid credit only / only (modes) does not happen in tournament play unless when on free play that is locked out for all.

    And that prepaid credit only can really mess up comp games / balls.

    Every time you bring up how this might affect tournament play you're reminded that several of the best tournament players and organizers in the world are involved in creating and implementing it.

    #904 21 days ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    that may be slow to download + the SD cards are not that big

    It also might be fast to download. Since the functionality DOESN'T EXIST YET you have no basis for complaining. And all SD cards are the same size and readily available in capacities up to a terabyte so your concern about the "size" of an SD card is unfounded. Doubly so since you have no idea if additional lines of code would be needed, nor the size of those additional lines if they were.

    #968 15 days ago
    Quoted from Jman44:

    can you turn off or disable the insider connected/IC

    This will most likely use Wi-Fi. If you have control over the network you have the ability to allow/block devices as you see fit.

    Complete details on exactly what the effects/benefits/drawbacks isn’t public knowledge yet. Since the feature set will be evolving as it matures I think you'll have to keep up with the latest news about it to know what's currently going on.

    #972 15 days ago
    Quoted from bdaddy:

    (probably to protect themselves for copyright reasons.)

    I think it’s to show licensors they are proactive about protecting IP licensors allow them access to.

    #1056 9 days ago
    Quoted from Tranquilize:

    I'm signed up and following Levi. I can't tell if I feel cool or like a complete loser... Thoughts?

    Need more information.
    Have you ever pre-ordered anything? If yes, skew loser, if no skew cool.
    Do you routinely rail about pricing? If yes, skew cool, if no, skew loser.
    Do you play tournament pinball? If yes, skew cool, if no, skew loser.
    Do you own or have pirated any music by Ini Kamooze, Lou Bega, or Lil' Jon & tha Eazt Side Boyz? If yes, skew cool, if no skew loser.

    #1137 8 days ago
    Quoted from gambit3113:

    Is there an app to access your QR code quickly with, or are we just saving a screen shot of the QR code and using it?

    Gomez said some team members have it stored in the Wallet app on their iPhones.

    #1185 7 days ago
    Quoted from NoQuarters:

    I actually agree with several of Hilton's points in his ad on this one... If he was actively posting in this thread I'd give him an upvote on this topic.

    His objections are 100% ridiculous because you don't have to connect to a network if you don't want to. Not possible for Stern to get any information in that case.

    EDIT: Hilton reports he had issues setting up the machine without connecting to a network. IMO that’s an issue. Not everyone will want it connected and some of those willing to connect will want to know what data is being connected and who it’s being shared with.

    #1219 6 days ago
    Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

    So…I’m getting Godzilla on Monday and my location does not have wifi. Does the game itself need to be connected to wi fi or does insider just connect to your phone via the QR code?

    Take a video of the initial setup process without internet access. Will be interesting to see if users will have additional steps needed if not connecting.

    #1224 6 days ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    Yes it’s working. Maybe the game you played isn’t connected to the internet?

    Should be showing a message about Insider Connected features not available at this time if the functionality isn’t available for any reason.

    Not saying it does, but that could be an oversight on Stern’s part. Surely they wouldn’t store the scanned QR codes and associated game achievements assuming the game will someday be (re)connected?
    Or would they?

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