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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (1 year ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (1 year ago)

    Post #2423 Stern Splitter for IC on Batman 66 and other amazingly loaded games! Posted by NeilMcRae (1 year ago)

    Post #3320 Methods for leaderboards on location. Posted by davegauth (8 months ago)

    Post #4641 Info regarding which chipsets in the dongles are likely to work. Posted by TrixTrix (38 days ago)

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    #1981 1 year ago

    Just installed a retrofit kit on Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) and I'm not seeing the Net menu. I noticed that game hasn't gotten an update since August whereas several games got updates around Thanksgiving to add achievements. Is Guardians not ready yet? Seems odd they are selling kits for games that haven't gotten the necessary updates yet (and no decals included in this kit either....)

    #1989 1 year ago
    Quoted from Wmsfan:

    They can’t do decals on these retro kits as they are not game specific. How do they know what game you are installing it on? The decals are easy to transfer over

    I thought I had to specify the game when buying but I guess I remembered that wrong. Would not be terribly difficult to have sold them game specific though. We had originally heard these aprons were gonna have art and everything so it's a bit lackluster on that front compared to Godzilla's apron. You're right about decal removal, I was nervous to do it but they are sturdy and the adhesive stayed on to transfer. Now I just have to hide the reader until they update code since this game is on location.

    #2059 1 year ago

    New IC-enabled code for Stranger Things just dropped. I'll be curious if that means a kit will be available soon for that game.

    #2068 1 year ago
    Quoted from Coz:

    the kit is just a generic kit

    I'm going by the fact that distributors are specifically saying Stranger Things and a few other titles are not compatible with their current kits. My assumption on Stranger Things was that the UV kit in particular complicated matters (mine is a pro too) but would love to hear if it would work as it's the last Spike 2 game on location here not enabled.

    #2089 1 year ago
    Quoted from rue_:

    Any operators using it? Sounds like you can see how many plays a machine is getting and if it has any errors remotely.

    Right now seems to just be play counts on the machines. I assume more is coming, at the very least would be nice to see some scores and leaderboard information but tech reports would be great too. I know they also talked about being able to create challenges at locations so certainly lots more to come but for now nothing but play counts and last played time.

    2 months later
    #2684 1 year ago
    Quoted from oldbaby:

    Doesn't really matter, but what caused this and what can I politely tell the store owner/game operator so that he knows how to fix this "problem", if he wants to?

    From my understanding, they need to register the location at https://insider.sternpinball.com/business-profile. If they've already done that and been approved they should have access to the operator section of the Stern Insider Connected site. When I add a game it does ask me first whether I'm adding it to my personal gameroom or the location so it's possible they added it to the wrong profile too. The game has to be added to an approved location and then results will be verified.

    #2696 1 year ago
    Quoted from HarrieD:

    Your negativity is not what keeps a good thread running.

    We're over 7 months since original announcement, 5 since they've been shipping kits, and other than code updates for games we've seen zero updates to the platform, not a single new feature. Meanwhile Stern happily posts pictures from industry events teasing leaderboards. For operators who have quite a bit invested in these kits we care about them investing in IC. This thread is more than technical walkthroughs of the 27 ways someone can setup a network switch in their house. Frustration is warranted at this point.

    #2712 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lethal_Inc:

    What else are you expecting this to do?

    Off the top of my head just based on what Stern has said it will do and what they've shown as a location we should be able to show a leaderboard of the games with high scores, locations should be able to offer competitions and incentives based on particular scores or achievements, following friends should be a lot more robust then "Yes, let me log in and go to this one particular person and see what their score is." Hell, as a location operator I can't even see what the high scores are on a game remotely. There's not only a ton the system *can* do, but a ton that they have said it will do that it doesn't. I didn't expect it all on day one, nor by the end of last year. But zero feature announcements for the platform for this long doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that they are all that invested in it. Great, Mando has new code for it. Maybe if they can get beyond the code updates for games they can find the resources to do more with the platform itself.

    3 months later
    #3308 8 months ago
    Quoted from davegauth:

    Like there should just be a link or something

    There is, when you setup the leaderboard you need to enable Kiosk mode and the IC site provides links for both portrait and landscape viewing that don't require any login. Copy and paste the link into whatever app you're using on the TV to display and you're good to go.

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