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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (16 days ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (16 days ago)

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    #441 56 days ago

    <duplicate post>

    #443 56 days ago

    Many operators don’t update the code that ships with the game. Not sure expecting those types to embrace a new ecosystem is the key to success.

    Probably more sizzle than steak and a novelty that will be used by a tiny fraction of players.

    #624 51 days ago
    Quoted from herbertbsharp:

    Pinball purists bitching about this new technology and how it's useless, unneeded, cumbersome, executed improperly, offers achievements or rewards they are not interested in or whatever, don't realize how huge this is going to be for them too. This is going to be an absolute monster game changer of a development tool for Stern. Once they figure out how to use the data, they are going to make better games than ever. They will be able to get gameplay data from thousands of users of all types, not just anecdotal evidence from test locations or audits from a few trusted operators.
    They will be able to tell if a ramp shot is too hard and people aren't getting to modes. They will be able to determine replay value if a game is too hard or too easy etc. Users constantly blow up a multi-ball shot, get massive scores and don't bother to come back? Okay we'll change that and make the game more challenging and more fun. Being able to track individual users will give them gameplay data from casual players and pros, and they'll be able to tell the difference. They will know what makes games earn on location, they'll know what people do at home. So even if you have no interest in any of the features, rest assured pure pinball is only going to get better because of it. Games will be engineered to be more fun and your gonna buy more of them.

    You are giving Stern WAY too much credit.

    They could do all this stuff but there’s nothing in their history that suggests they will. Everything you mentioned used to get looked at with pre-release location testing. They certainly aren’t going to make physical changes to existing games based on the data. Maybe some software tweaks but that’s not likely either. This is all about marketing the existing product, not improving it.

    1 week later
    #785 37 days ago

    Well, guess Stern doesn’t want me. It says the email address I’ve used for over twenty years has an invalid domain name and will not let me join Insider.

    Obviously there are still some bugs in the system.

    #848 36 days ago
    Quoted from JStoltz:

    I guess technically you could probably get away with the stock apron on EHOH if you don't need to or don't care to display the instruction card (Home use environment, for example). Wonder if they'll offer that?

    Doubt it. Stern has already indicated new aprons will be included in the Batman and Elvira kits.

    1 week later
    #921 27 days ago

    Batman and Elvira require new aprons

    #925 26 days ago
    Quoted from Peanuts:

    The Beatles: 11/6/2018
    Elvira's House of Horrors: 9/18/2019

    Elvira was 9/17/19 (Cassandra’s birthday)

    #928 26 days ago

    I stand corrected. I could have sworn it was the 17th. But it turns out it was *my* birthday

    #961 23 days ago
    Quoted from Pinhead1982:

    With this, I could see Stern games not selling as many units as before..

    With no possibility of changing code to better Sterns offerings, this might deter people from

    There are a lot of reasons not to buy a new Stern game. The possibility that assets won’t be changeable by DIYers isn’t one of them …

    #971 22 days ago
    Quoted from bdaddy:

    To me the best we can hope for is that we can run 2 different versions of code - 1 with insider connect, 1 with custom code - and you just switch in and out with whatever you want.

    Lol! No chance Stern would allow this.

    #999 18 days ago
    Quoted from Darscot:

    Is the expectation that everything should be free forever?

    The expectation is that the cost of fully completed software is included in the development BOM of any given game.

    #1024 16 days ago

    Is there an app for IC for the iPhone? I can’t find one.

    #1153 15 days ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    You really think Stern is gonna sell these below their typical margins? I don't. $150-$200 is 'low cost' in Stern's world of inflated parts.

    flynnibus has been dead on with his analysis of IC so far, but this is slightly off. Stern will sell the retro kits closer to $300 for sure and more for games like Batman and Elvira that require special aprons.

    If Stern really wanted to see IC adopted they wouldn’t be making a profit on the readers/kits (and perhaps subsidizing them - think giving away the razor to sell the blades).

    I’m sure there will be some use of IC moving forward (because it will be built into the game) but there’s no way most ops are going to pay to retrofit existing games at hundreds per.

    #1162 15 days ago
    Quoted from TommyMc:

    I think the price will be better than most people think it's going to be. Stern has a lot riding on IC and needs a good launch to get this off the ground.

    What are you expecting?

    #1167 15 days ago
    Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

    the distributer I talked to said the retrofit kits will be $180.

    I presume that was for the games that don’t require new aprons?

    #1205 14 days ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    These guys are not ready for operators.

    And this surprises … whom?

    IC is an interesting idea, but I’m extremely skeptical Stern has the ability to take the concept and actually make it a success.

    [edited for grammar].

    #1237 13 days ago
    Quoted from Gizmata:

    CanaKit Wifi Dongle shows a cost of $19.95 on the page link below. A search for Wifi on the site shows its $8.95 in the search index until you click to the item page.
    [quoted image][quoted image]

    So Stern will charge $100 …

    #1239 13 days ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    + an new SD card
    + the node board
    + E-net cable
    + others

    I wasn’t talking about their price for the kit … just the price for the dongle

    #1267 12 days ago
    Quoted from herbertbsharp:

    Pretty sure it is $279, based on what a distributor told me

    If true, big fail by Stern.

    1 week later
    #1366 4 days ago
    Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

    Certain things could be useful. For example, if Stern sees a key shot or feature only being achieved by 1% of users, maybe they could decide to change a rule or setting so more than 1% of users experience it. Unless it's defeating a wizard mode or something that is designed to be extremely hard to do.

    I suspect Stern is far more interested in using IC to drive incremental revenue rather than product improvements.

    #1370 4 days ago
    Quoted from gblack:

    product improvements = more people playing and wanting a Stern = more revenue

    People are buying new LEs and Premiums sight unseen on rumors and hope. Significantly increased prices haven’t seemed to matter. Any additional game sales revenue based on IC data will almost certainly be rounding error.

    #1431 1 day ago

    Anyone have a cliff notes summary of George’s IC discussion today? Got to imagine there isn’t two hours of news there.

    #1471 20 hours ago
    Quoted from paul_8788:

    Not sure why Stern wouldn't offer a non-QR reader workflow for Insider Connect. Would allow people with pre-Insider Connect pins to just buy a wifi dongle for $20 to get the Insider Connect features, and would provide an alternative workflow for if/when a QR reader on location is broken. Maybe that is on the roadmap for the future.
    While I think it would be fun to have achievements, spending a $1000.00 to upgrade my existing pins to Connect is not something I am going to do.

    Agree. I only have two games I could add IC too but one of them is Elvira which already has an awesome mod in the spot that Stern uses for the QR reader. I might consider hooking it up if it could be used to scan with the coin door open, though that doesn’t seem likely.

    Stern may sell more upgrade kits if there some clever modder can come up with a way to move a reader from game to game for home use.

    #1484 19 hours ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    I'm sure someone will move the reader eventually... It's just a RJ-45 cable to it... and making it mounted/accessible.

    Is the node board connected to the QR reader?

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