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Stern Insider Connected

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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (16 days ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (16 days ago)

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    #586 51 days ago

    Shame no easy way to verify glass off play so can use at home but seems fun. I'm in.

    #607 51 days ago
    Quoted from Blindseer:

    If a location sets up an achievement to give away free games, tokens, cash or merchandise then it can and will. I have no problem doing this at my location.

    Or even just throwing some bones to your high spenders (who will most likely sign up) while not impacting your bottom line from anyone walking off the street. It's no different then a loyalty rewards program that numerous establishments already use but it's universal across all modern stern games. Don't have to worry if your location uses cash, tokens, or is on free play. I, as a player, don't have to create a million different accounts for each place I visit. Genius if you ask me.

    1 week later
    #716 44 days ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    Free=great! Let’s try it out.
    Subscription=Let’s let them earn like always, maybe try putting one on line and see if it makes more $$.
    *I don’t think it will significantly raise earnings on casual play locations (which is a lot of route play money), so if it costs it will soon be taken offline.

    My shot in the dark guess is subscriptions would be for things like real time access to earnings, exporting of reports to quicken, possibly the real time reporting of issues etc. Things a home user wouldn't care about.

    I do hope players are able to notify operators of any issues, possibly create tickets (xyz flipper is stuck) and hopefully that feature is not subscription based!

    1 week later
    #741 37 days ago
    Quoted from cooked71:

    But my phone has all my information and the scanner inbuilt. I scan the QR using my phone, it registers me on the game. Why do I need a scanner on every game?
    I guess Stern are thinking some ancient players may not have a camera on their phone? Maybe 5 years ago.

    Or didn’t think to include a unique machine identifier in that code that could distinguish you being at that particular machine.

    #751 37 days ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Im late to this thread, so my apologies if this has been covered.
    Is the system designed to "push"?
    You register on a game, and do poorly, or fantastic....
    Can an operator send you a Free Game that you redeem with a Phone Scan?
    To me, THAT would generate additional revenue on location.

    Yes. Unsure how it's going to be implemented but that's my understanding and can be specific to the location or game.

    Would be cool if it allows things like - I haven't seen you in x amount days. Here is a free credit to get you back playing. Or you just played 10 games (any games over any amount of time) - here is a free credit.

    #759 37 days ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    subscription based for the player or for the op?
    and if for the op per game fees?

    It would only make sense if it were for the operators unless it unlocked some sort ability to get rewards from Stern itself (t-shirts etc).

    For operators, as I mentioned earlier, paid features could be things like online access to earnings, ability to export to things like quicken, remote access to machine issues (and maybe ability to change settings remotely?), analytics about play frequency and times etc. Things a player or home user wouldn't care about.

    Heck maybe this can start enabling things like dynamic pricing. A game is not being used a lot? Price declines. Or at least the ability for operators to gather metrics to make better decisions on things like price.

    #762 37 days ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Good Points.
    T shirts Sell for $3.99 inc shipping from overseas to your door.
    Sending out T-shirts that Promote Stern, and Your Play, would be a low cost Boner.

    At the end of the day operators are the reason the HUO market has gone nuts. I do hope Stern throws them a bone and doesn't make some of the more innovative potential too big of barrier to be used. I'd love to be able to message operators and let them know something on a particular machine is not working right and for them it'd be great if those "bug" reports can be tracked in a sensible manner.

    #770 37 days ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    Operators needs to be in control of free games on there games and not have you got 10 free games on ANY connected game any where.

    Well you could potentially offer credits across different titles from the same operator (be it at one location or multiple), which is cool and can’t be done now.

    #795 36 days ago
    Quoted from NoQuarters:

    Coming soon - access to special game related content
    Really - I would have to pay $39 to unlock something on a machine I buy for multiple thousands of dollars ?
    When will they start putting ad's on the LCD when you push the start button ?
    ( Could that be the "partnering" George Gomez mentioned in an interview )

    Machine owners really should get a year or two thrown in for free. Make the determination then if it's worth it to continue.

    #877 31 days ago
    Quoted from Flipstream:

    It doesn't look like Stern wrote the service in-house: https://www.viget.com/work/stern-insider-connected/

    Some original source of images used elsewhere.

    stern-casestudy01 (resized).jpg

    I like how Lyman's is featured (Blackcat too). I miss living down the street from that place. Such a great pinball focused bar.

    2 weeks later
    #1289 11 days ago

    So just logged in and locations are popping up (three). I see you flynnibus! Sadly your game is 854 miles away.

    I hope there is an API that something like Pinball map can hook into. Would help them augment their database with verified games on location. Also think the locations should be filterable and listed in order of closest to your home location (or even current location). Stern are you listening?

    insider_locations (resized).JPG
    #1349 7 days ago
    Quoted from yancy:

    Seth, if you're reading this, welcome to the madness. Get ready to be blamed for every change going forward. We fear change.

    Also this community hates when things don't change and adapt with the times. So it's a really damned if you do damned if you don't.

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