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Stern Insider Connected

By anathematize

58 days ago

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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (16 days ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (16 days ago)

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    #234 57 days ago

    Could a QR code add credits on any machine? That way Stern employees would never have to pay to play? What happens when it escapes to the public?

    How long until you as a non paying subscriber must scan your QR code and then watch an advertisement, but you can skip it by paying the monthly fee.

    This could be a great addition, or abused. I really hope its the first.

    #358 56 days ago

    I assume the camera in the game is to make sure the player is actually at the table.

    You could take a picture of a QR code in the game and scan it when you weren't at the game, which would confuse the person about to play it or worse.

    Imagine sitting across the room and signing in all evening while others are trying to play the game, just to entertain yourself.

    #375 56 days ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    The solution to your scenario is a simple dynamic challenge. Instead of a static QR code, you create a dynamic QR code that includes a runtime element.. that way only someone who could grab the code 'now' can do it.
    Bob steps up to the game as player 1... game shows a QR code on the screen for player 1.. bob scans... app goes to cloud, association linked. Player 1 is now bob
    Jim steps up on their turn... game shows a QR code on screen for player 2... jim scans.. app goes to cloud, association linked, game now knows Player 2 is jim.
    Or, you could use the same code for all players and make the cloud/app do some collision/state work to place players accurately.
    This is the same company that cuts pennies from material costs and $5 toys out of a game to optimize costs and you all are arguing that adding $50 in hard costs is justified without a firm use case that requires it. Kinda like you believe a topper is worth $500 just because that's what they set the price at...

    I agree with you, but people were suggesting you just scan a static QR code on the apron and it log you in. I could just see some jokers grabbing pictures of the QR codes off the display games at Expo and trying to log into them every few minutes to watch (or imagine) the confusion they were causing. Anyways, the QR code on the apron only takes you to their website to create an account I believe.

    For a dynamic QR code they should have built an LCD in the apron which could have been used in all games to give you live information (timers, shot suggestion, tilt warning) and not just be a dedicated camera that is only used to read a QR code assuming someone wants to use it. Otherwise, they would need to put a large QR code on the backbox LCD, and you could aim your phone at it, which would have worked, but it takes up real estate on the LCD during that login time at least.

    #393 56 days ago
    Quoted from flynnibus:

    To which you postulated the sensor was there for... yes obvious it's there to ID the player... the point is that's not NEEDED to link a player and game, and they haven't yet presented a case where it justifies all that extra PER GAME vs alternatives that are cheaper.

    No - that's even worse! The whole point is how to make the system work with existing games and technology... and reduce added cost to each unit. You don't add what you don't need! You have a huge LCD at the back of the game that is easily seen by the player and drawing their eyes too. Just put your prompts and QR information up there. There is no fighting for real-estate because you don't need the QR code stuff except when starting players or finishing a game.
    Literally when the game says "Player 1 is up!" - make that a screen that shows generic player and encourage the player to scan the QR code to get signed in... even make the 'player 1 is up' screen show people's avatars they can customize, etc. This is all shit Stern controls!

    I think that is a wonderful idea. I think that would have been a much cleaner solution since it wouldn't have added hardware costs to all machines.

    I can only guess they want to scan the players QR code so some functionality would continue if the internet or servers were not available, so the machine could save the game information and upload it later once the connection/server was functioning again. There may be some reason we have no yet thought of that justifies the added cost of the camera in the apron to scan QR codes.

    2 weeks later
    #748 38 days ago

    If they put a QR code on the monitor for your to scan, then it could be easily change. With a static sticker code, then anyone that took a picture of the QR code could scan it when they weren't near the game to troll whoever wanted to play it. Just think of the fun you could have at Expo scanning the QR code for different machines every few minutes while people are trying to play them or log in themselves, or do this at your local bar while people are trying to log in. There are too many trolls out there to assume people will not entertain themselves at others expense.

    So, the next solution is to make it two factor. You scan a unique code on the apron, the pinball machine must have internet access and the Stern server must be functioning properly. The server sees you try to log into the machine and posts a code on the LCD you must now type in, or post a QR code there you must scan in, which then means the phone must have internet access to talk to the Stern server too. This all becomes a bigger hassle, especially if you must do this every time you start a new game.

    Having the game scan your personal unique QR code can allow the game to save your results and submit them later if the internet connection for the machine is currently not functional. It wouldn't show your avatar/nickname on the game, but it could still remember who you are and you could get credit. The two factor only works if internet to the pinball machine is working, and what happens when the internet or server is slow today.

    The simple solution is to have your own code and show it to the machine so it knows your ID number.

    #782 37 days ago

    Does that imply you can save $300 and not get Insider Connected installed at the factory?

    I though every game ships with that installed starting in September.

    #808 36 days ago

    I think people are concerned that they are going to purchase a shiny expensive box with poor code and then be expected to keep paying even more to use the better code. Its possible they could force internet only updates, and always on connection, so if you aren't updated, or subscribed, you can't play the game.

    I have played that Judge Dredd supergame, but I am guessing that the home owner didn't have to put extra quarters on to access that mode. This new Stern system could force each player to pay extra, to see that content on your home game. So, your kids want to play, they each need their own subscription, or you scan in a family QR code so it unlocks the DLC but each kid doesn't get to see their own achievements.

    Which brings up a fun thought. If I copy the QR code of a Stern employee, would that give me access to the DLC? I wouldn't care about the achievements, but I could play the hidden modes and access all the content?

    1 week later
    #944 24 days ago

    I wonder if operators will sell the ability to flag your home machine as a location game? If they have a number of locations, how would Stern know it wasn't at a true location.

    1 week later
    #1195 14 days ago

    Has Stern explained why they show a cost with and without IC on their website? It seems to indicate they value the upgrade at $300.

    JP Prem: MSRP $7,799 (Insider Connected Equipped $8,099)

    #1236 13 days ago

    CanaKit Wifi Dongle shows a cost of $19.95 on the page link below. A search for Wifi on the site shows its $8.95 in the search index until you click to the item page.

    CanaKitWifi (resized).pngCanaKitWifi2 (resized).png
    1 week later
    #1483 18 hours ago
    Quoted from Lhyrgoif:

    Stern have 200$ reasons to put a physical QR reader in each game. It's all about the Benjamin's.

    Gary said the kits would be discounted for a short period of time to help with adoption, and George said that operators get first dibs on the kits. So, I wonder if the price will be $300 by the time they begin offering them to non-operators?

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