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Stern Insider Connected

By anathematize

58 days ago

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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (16 days ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (16 days ago)

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    #47 58 days ago

    Wonder how this will work for modded software like Pinball Browser...I'm guessing they will be able to now track you personally (Stern Connected / Insider ID) and see whether or not you modified the code in any way and then link that to Warranty service denials based on serial number of the game history running such code

    #53 58 days ago

    This sounds like it's all operator oriented for the achievements, promotions, remote repair troubleshooting

    Promotions and challenges (Call of Duty style) would be great but it sounds like they are locking it to location pins only to prevent people from cheating with the glass off at home

    #58 58 days ago
    Quoted from Xdetroit:

    With all that being said, I hope stern puts the QR code on the screen so the code can be avoided being put on the game somewhere.

    They are building it directly into the Apron with a scanner

    I can see custom, non QR Apron sales increasing...but you just know they will modify the attachment points to force new playfields to new aprons

    #65 58 days ago
    Quoted from robotron:

    how many gonna play with glass off

    Locked to location pins only according to George

    Quoted from Haymaker:

    excited to put it into my deadpool

    Why specifically? Sounds like promotional challenges, achievements etc are all locked to location pins. Aside from score tracking, what else is there for the home collection? I may have missed that in the podcast

    #75 58 days ago
    Quoted from anathematize:

    Not locked to location according to the podcast. Both home and location have the same achievements, etc. But the achievements will only show the 'verified' badge when they are done on location.

    But the promotional challenges, giveaways, maybe even Stern shop or discounts could be tied to those...I'm sure verified pins only would benefit - It would be like the "real" recognized achievement...home ones won't hold credibility except for the home user...and personally, I don't care about personal video game achievements, in the same way I probably won't care about personal home pin achievements...it's only when they are tied to a multiplayer universe which sounds like only the on location players will benefit from

    #81 58 days ago
    Quoted from shaub:

    For me personally, I like the idea of "official" challenges within the existing ruleset to go for, I think it will give some games a little more life and might help to keep them fresh for longer. I'm not too worried about leaderboards or anything like that but I'm open to things that get me to play a game in a different way than I might otherwise play it. There is a lot of potential for what the design teams can do with this kind of connectivity, so I'm optimistic.
    For people that are interested: new content, for those that aren't: don't bother with it. Seems like a win-win to me.

    The challenge thing would be okay for a personal goal, but part of challenge/achievement appeal is using them outside the home. Think a game like Call of Duty...building up your play progress affords you player skins, weapons, profile upgrades that are window dressing for your online Avatar. I'm not sure how many pinball people are into that though. For operators this injects some newness and connectivity but for the home player, it doesn't sound like much. I would love if they could incorporate some sort off glass off sensor system and make the real/verified achievements available to the home user as well...Location play isn't really my thing...then you could incorporate daily and weekly challenges like video games do which would build your user profile in various ways. Heck maybe even add gameplay modifiers, although they probably wouldn't affect existing coded games

    #84 58 days ago
    Quoted from ExSquid:

    Funny I thought of that as well. Like the game will " know " when the glass is off. Would be a cool thing if they could pull that off.

    Probably would require some special glass with embedded sensors that would only work with specific IR or prox sensors...yeah not sure how they would/could pull it off...which is why they probably limited this "verified" idea to location play

    #97 58 days ago
    Quoted from EaglePin:

    I'd guess that no matter what they might try to do as a sensor to validate that the glass is on, people could come up with a way to spoof the sensor. Seems like the verified on location vs. unverified at home is a good compromise. That way you can still go after the achievements at home for fun.

    Hopefully they allow the full arsenal to home users...If that means putting an asterisk by the achievements or challenges, I guess that's a fair compromise. It's definitly a tricky proposal for a machine tied to the virtual world versus a console where everything can be controlled

    #117 58 days ago
    Quoted from shaub:

    Oh man, it would be awesome if in the home environment you could have games auto linked to QR codes/Insider Profiles so that you don't have to scan anything just select from a short list of pre-linked profiles. AND THEN, also allow for different rules difficulties for different profiles. Like if you could go into the adjustments and create specific difficulty profiles: Level 1, 2, 3 and factory for example and then set those difficulties for individual profiles.
    In my opinion, that would be a cool way to add some real value for home users.

    Now that would be great...kids scan their phone and it's set to an easier level for example

    #249 57 days ago

    "We see your Jurassic Park is running the pinball browser movie code . Your serial number is now found in violation of terms of service and your warranty is hence forth void.. have a nice day"

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