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4 months ago

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    Post #1031 Notes directly from Stern's presentation to Stern Army members. Posted by chuckwurt (3 months ago)

    Post #1043 Additional notes from the Stern presentation. Posted by Smack (3 months ago)

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    #407 4 months ago

    So far meh. Seems like an over engineered implementation and the achievement stuff is pretty lame imo.

    Sounds like it’s capable of more.

    Seems geared to location play, not home play. I wonder at home do I have to do the awkward scan thing every time I turn it on or will it just remember me?

    Probably great for operators and running up comps on location though.

    #412 4 months ago
    Quoted from epthegeek:

    If you’re the only one playing your game, print out your QR code and tape it face down over the scanner? Heh

    You’re an ideas man epthegeek

    #413 4 months ago

    Just trying to logic why they would have the scanner on the game and not just the QR code. Can’t think of a reason.

    Maybe it was in development years ago when phones that could recognize QR code’s were still new/rare? Are Stern worried some people won’t have a qr capable phone? The fact they mention printing it out seems to indicate this.

    #417 4 months ago

    Do we know whether it’s going to be a standard feature in all games going forward or an optional add on?

    #430 4 months ago

    If this was was revealed 10 years ago it would have been cool. What’s been revealed now just seems like 10 year old tech now.

    At least they finally got to the plate. Let’s see what these cool features zombieyeti is talking about.

    Playing against friends in real time (eg. a challenge based format like heads up) would be fun. Or 4 player games with chat etc.

    No doubt it’s been a huge effort to get all this up and running, so full credit to everyone who has worked on it.

    #438 4 months ago
    Sorry. Felt left out on all the whining about an add on for a 5k+ toy, that's optional, that no one really knows anything about, yet everyone is bitching about. How about waiting till there's actual details for once instead of all the "they shoulda, they shouldn't have, but mine, but me, but WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" instead of speculation on something y'all (including me) literally know nothing about other than it's gonna involve the internet, a QR code, an account with stern, and an apron mod.
    Y'all bitch that no one innovates. No one does x,y,z..then someone does..and ya bitch more. Sometimes the over grown babies in this hobby still manage to surprise me.

    Lol. Triggered.

    What’s worse than someone whining on Pinside?

    Someone whining about the whining on Pinside.

    #453 4 months ago

    Did Gomez say you can update code over the internet?

    #456 4 months ago
    Quoted from WackyBrakke:

    Listening to a bunch of old guys whine about new technology is funny. If this attracts more younger players then I am all for it. Plus I think it sounds pretty cool.

    I love new technology, probably too much.

    But this isn’t new technology. This just brings them to 2010. It’s the bare minimum tech wise.

    From my perspective what they’ve shown so far is pedestrian at best - I’m not an operator, I rarely play on location. Pokémon collecting was never my thing.

    So I’m waiting to be wowed. And I realize they haven’t revealed everything. Show me something truly groundbreaking or something that improves on the original and I’ll be there with bells on.

    #465 4 months ago
    Quoted from DudeRegular:

    George said something along the lines of code updates being the least exciting part of this platform. I understand that as it will be a feature.

    Agree, bare minimum, but still a great feature for home use and operators alike.

    #499 4 months ago
    Quoted from CrazyLevi:

    Find a new hobby. Pinball really isn't in the "wow" business. At least since the add-a-ball days.

    That’s the spirit. Sounds like you need to find a new hobby if you're that jaded Levi.

    #525 4 months ago
    Quoted from luch:

    no cell phone here , how's this gonna to work ?
    [quoted image]

    Don’t worry, the entire system seems to be designed for dinosaurs like you.

    #566 4 months ago

    The achievment/trophy stuff is lame. That appeals to the pre-teen video game/app market and i doubt it will have any impact on the current or even future pinball market.

    But the whole connected idea has huge potential (well, it's really just a pre-requisite for ANY object these days) - heads up, co-op, and tech for operators is invaluable etc. As a marketing/data tool it's great for Stern, but that all depends on whether they can engage the customer with it. Achievements wont be enough. Kind of odd to launch with the worst selling point.

    #696 4 months ago
    Quoted from Spyderturbo007:

    Want an extra wizard mode made for your new machine? Well that will be $89.99.

    Im fine with this as long as it doesn't mean the original shipped game is deliberately stripped down, or incomplete, in order to milk more out of us at a later date.

    In fact, done in a fair way, it's a fantastic idea to get more value out of this $7-$12k object sitting in my house.

    EDIT: I love the way P3 makes use of exisiting layouts with completely new games.

    1 week later
    #738 4 months ago

    ACA5F2B6-A8DA-4279-B60A-55DAFE8D8CD6 (resized).jpeg

    So you have to scan the QR code to register, then using the QR code you get you then show it back to the built in scanner in the game???

    Why not just have one unique QR code on the game and no scanner necessary??

    #740 4 months ago
    Quoted from NoQuarters:

    Codes are for individual players not the machine. You scan to join and enter your personal information and then are issued a unique code to track you and your accomplishments. Latter on you will be offered some feature or content for a fee - subscription based. Revenue stream for Stern - that's really what this is about and the end game.

    But my phone has all my information and the scanner inbuilt. I scan the QR using my phone, it registers me on the game. Why do I need a scanner on every game?

    I guess Stern are thinking some ancient players may not have a camera on their phone? Maybe 5 years ago.

    #742 4 months ago
    Quoted from GoodOmens:

    Or didn’t think to include a unique machine identifier in that code that could distinguish you being at that particular machine.

    That’s what I mean - why not just print the unique QR code on each game and the player scans that? Bingo. No new hardware needed except the WiFi adapter (which is needed either way).

    #745 4 months ago
    Quoted from sven:

    In a 2-player game the game 'needs' to know who's playing, so you'll scan the QR-code on your phone when asked I suppose? (player one first, then player 2). You could ofcourse tell that an app on your phone as well, but there may be downsides to that(?).

    But either way, all players need to either scan the QR code with their phone, or use the game scanner to scan their own QR code.

    If the QR code is on the game, I scan it with my phone, my phone tells the server I’m playing game XYZ20394, then the server gives the game my details.

    If I show my QR code to the games scanner, the game takes my code, asks the server who player 3448721 is, then the server replies with my details.

    Same same, just one less piece of hardware in the first example (assuming everyone has a QR capable phone already).

    Maybe (probably) there’s a technical reason why Stern have done it this way I’m not aware of?

    #833 4 months ago

    The way code will work from now on....... what you get at launch is "feature complete" - meaning all modes/features etc are at the point that Stern deems complete.

    Only bug fixes will be "free" from then on.

    Any more modes or gameplay enhancements will be behind the paywall.

    The days of getting nice big "free" code releases down the track that change the way a game plays are finished.

    It ill also mean any future modes that are behind the paywall, and therefore optional, will only be "add on" modes/feartures. Meaning they wont be integral to the game otherwise how do you compare game scores if all games dont have the same add ons? So the add ons will be like mini games in a way.

    Launch will be "everything works" and the game is "playable". What you see is what you get.

    After that point you will pay.

    It just encourages Stern to release the game at a bare minimum (and why wouldnt they - the games sell out before anyone has played or even seen gameplay anyway) and then just sell you a bunch of meaningless fluff modes later.

    #845 4 months ago
    Quoted from PanzerFreak:It sounds like with recent premiums we won't have to buy an entire new apron and instead can just buy the module that goes into the existing apron

    Where will in go? In the instruction card slot?

    #862 3 months ago

    For home use I hope they allow a default player option so you dont have to keep scanning in every time you play. That would severely suck.

    #863 3 months ago

    Also had another thought...not sure if this has been raised before...with this system Stern could effectively force all payments for location games, ie coin take, to go through their platform and take a cut of every game played. Like Apples App store purchases/subscriptions.

    Not sure they would be that brazen but it is Stern.

    #867 3 months ago
    Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

    or more like Have an added fee for online play. Starting at $0.25/game

    They could do it that way also..... though it's more hidden and theres no payment problems (ie declined CC etc) by just taking a cut before remiting payment to the operator.

    #869 3 months ago
    Quoted from mbrave77:

    I guess Golden Tee is doing something similar now. But how much profit really is in location play? Would Operators still buy the way they do if stern was taking a cut on top of raising prices. I doubt they do that anytime soon

    Depends if there is value in it for operator I guess - if Stern could prove it was driving increased coin take and simplfying their business model the operator might be happy.

    The other problem for some operators is that it takes out the cash element.

    #880 3 months ago
    Quoted from Yuuichi:

    As a rhythm game enjoyer, I can at least explain how Konami has been doing this for the last decade or so.
    Games take both digital payment (prepaid credit on an account) and coin drops. Konami only takes a % of the digital payments and operators still have price control, including on the digital payments. However the games restrict some modes and functionality to prepaid credit only, and that's outside of operator control. The restricted modes and functionality are almost exclusively targeted at regular or high skill players, as they're a much better target than someone who walks up to a game for the first time, and ideally the friction for a new player is still as low as possible.
    The incentive becomes that the biggest spenders want the functionality, which incentivizes operators to have their machines support it or lose customers to the places that do support it.
    I actually think the model works really well and everyone wins for the most part (do appreciate that running an online service like Stern is about to do is not free) but it ultimately works because the value is there for the players who put money into the game. The online arcade game model is far from new, but Stern is certainly new to it so I'll be very curious to see what they do.

    I actually wasn’t aware it was already happening in the Arcade space. Sounds like a likely outcome at some point.

    If it can show a benefit to the players and through that increase operators take, it makes sense. Like everything, there has to be value for everyone or it won’t work.

    1 month later
    #1497 85 days ago
    Quoted from thePLAyNone:

    After two weeks of casual players at our location, not a single person utilized this feature. Some of the pinheads are using it, some are not, but for us I don't see the need to retrofit.

    Quoted from fattdirk:

    I have about four people from league that used it as a novelty. Noone seems super interested in it so far.

    They need to introduce something more than collecting trophies and leaderboards, otherwise it’ll be a flash in the pan - lots of curiosity at first followed by “couldn’t be bothered”. Apart from the free games and promotional stuff has anyone given any hints as to what else is coming?

    4 weeks later
    #1708 57 days ago

    Wonder how long until we see what are all the amazing features that have been teased for Connected?

    #1710 57 days ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    2022. Earlier for some, later for others. I’m sure some features won’t be until 2023 as well.

    Spoken like a connected insider. Spill the beans chuckwurt …… what are we to look forward to? As it stands I wouldn’t buy a single kit for my older Spike games. But I guess I won’t have a choice for new games going forward.

    #1712 57 days ago
    Quoted from chuckwurt:

    All the information out there has tons of information as to what we we can expect down the pipe. All has been posted in this thread too. I posted all my notes from the insider webinar I attended a while back.

    All I can remember so far is leader boards, challenges, Pokémon stuff, free games at bars and pay for new modes.

    Is there any actual talk of head to head live connectivity, or even just remote multiplayer games, or is that just wishful thinking?

    1 week later
    #1815 46 days ago
    Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

    When I have three people logged in I can't find the way to move player one to the last position, only able to get that player to position one or two. Totally possible I'm just dumb. Also possible this is a bug. Anyone know?

    Can you just move the other 2 players to positions 1 & 2?

    1 month later
    #2230 15 days ago

    There’s no reason Stern can’t allow existing games (Spike but pre IC) to connect using just a WiFi dongle and a unique QR code for the machine. Surely, in the early stages, the goal is to get as many people as possible connected, not to make a few bucks off the IC kits. All new games from now on will be ic connected by default, so there’s no harm in grandfathering older games just to grow the online community as much as possible.

    #2275 10 days ago

    Cross posted - Not sure if this has been mentioned, but they've nicely integrated the IC scanner into the apron art for the RUSH PreLe -particularly on the LE. Hopefully this is the way going forward. Did they do this on GZLE?

    newic (resized).jpgnewic pre (resized).jpg

    #2277 10 days ago
    Quoted from Gotfrogs:

    Yes, it was well done on Godzilla LE as well.[quoted image]

    Nice, much better than the retro fits.

    #2292 9 days ago

    Is there an option to turn off the sound for in game notifications…..super obnoxious.

    #2296 9 days ago
    Quoted from Gotfrogs:

    Not sure but I love hearing the sound. Once you play a game a few times you will be hearing the sound much less frequently.

    true - it’s always super obvious and annoying on the Stern streams because it’s a new game. I guess after a while it might be a good sound, if you’re chasing an achievement.

    #2355 3 days ago
    Quoted from rodcom:

    Stranger Things (Premium) owners if you have the UV Kit installed - you can not install the premium insider connect kit. The problem is the UV board does not give you enough clearance to get the insider connected over the screw to the apron. See the pics for specifics - even the plastic art has a cutout to deal with this! This is also consistent with what is said by stern marketing materials that stranger things with UV will not work.
    Will be talking to ZMeny at flipnout about options to see if can find out from stern the best approach
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Get the coin door adapter?

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