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#4506 5 months ago

Just got my LE and loving it. One question....on the Godzilla multiball, the balls are spilling out from the building in a single file line that does a STDM drain every time. The ball saver kicks them right back out of course, but it seems like they should scatter a bit? Kind of a hassle but I'm wondering if this is normal. Thanks.

1 week later
#5150 4 months ago

I just got an LE and have been reading about the building collapse diverting balls onto different ramps. Mine just dribbles them STDM single file every time. I'm currently running .85 code. Anyone know why the building is doing this? Thanks.

#5315 4 months ago

I'm still having the left ramp issue. I'll hit one dead center on the sweet spot and it only goes part way up and then comes back down. Seconds later I hit the exact same shot and it goes all the way around as intended. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

#5316 4 months ago

Oops, one other question. I'm noticing that with the full skill shot plunge attempt, on my LE it only sporadically awards it and not all the time, even if lit. Wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

#5319 4 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

The family is loving Godzilla. Bitter sweet Christmas, my mother passed away today
[quoted image]

Hope things get better for you soon.

#5387 4 months ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

NEW SDTM - Godzilla Pinball Machine Review
Where does it rank amongst your favorite games?! Click on the video now to find out!
Please Like, Follow, & Subscribe to Straight Down The Middle (SDTM) on YouTube & Facebook

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions after watching this review. I've just had my LE a few days...best score so far is 285 million. But there are a couple of things in this video I haven't seen on my machine.

In this video, I don't see the building collapsing down with the usual STDM single file spill like I get on my machine. In the video it looks like the building isn't lowering itself down and the balls exit the building from behind it or from lower inside it to start multiball?

Also, I've never seen my bridge completely separate and a ball fall between the two halves like in the video. Maybe it's happened and I just haven't looked up to see it during bridge multiball. If you look up for one second on this game, your ball is gone.

Appreciate any input. Thanks!

#5391 4 months ago
Quoted from davegauth:

Maybe you have a pro and not premium.........

Nope....LE #98

#5472 4 months ago

Today I heard back from Pablo Padilla at Stern tech support regarding the plastic around the bridge being damaged. He said there IS a kit they have that protects the plastic around Magna-Grab, but it's currently out of stock. He said when it's back in stock, it'll be sent to me....no cost.

#5549 4 months ago
Quoted from nicoy3k:

No one else has noticed this? Maybe it’s your machine. Not sure how you can tell how flippers feel from a stream.

I've noticed it on my LE. If I play my TSPP right after Godzilla, the flippers feel like they're on steroids. I have the flippers set full power but still feel like I'm sometimes trying to muscle the ball up there.

#5621 4 months ago

Is anyone else watching "Godzilla vs. Megalon" and "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" on Comet? Cool seeing the film clips on my LE for the first time in the real movie.

#5680 4 months ago
Quoted from RoyalJack:

I haven't played a Pro yet but I have about 30 games on my LE so far and have had a few people stop in to play that are pinball regulars. All of them left wanting to buy their own premium and said that the building is the major reason why. The changing ball paths are awesome, and the 1st floor/2nd floor have different width openings making for variable challenge depending on building's state. As for mechagodzilla I think its way more interesting than I originally expected. When it rotates to shield target bank facing the flipper its a much more dangerous area to shoot.
With all of that said I'm very happy I have the mechs but I'm sure the pro is still amazing, especially with today's prices.

Can someone explain the "changing ball paths" for the building? Does this mean that when two or more people are playing, it raises to let a ball out the side? Or does it mean , that when the building lowers for a multiball, it spills the balls out from various places like behind, to the left and right, etc. I saw a video doing this, but mine just lowers and dumps them all from the upper middle at the same time. Thanks.

#5681 4 months ago
Quoted from Plungerboy:

I have your fans installed and still notice fade on longer games, would love to have a little more headroom in the coil strength settings. I just think they’re under-powered a bit for the game, maybe saw the different coils and settings on Godzilla as stern learning / evolving but I’m probably over thinking that lol.

I'm kind of beyond flipper fade. Tonight during a multiball after playing it for about a half hour, the lower flippers had to be hit perfectly to even get the ball to the top of the playfield, let alone up a ramp etc. Anything not center-hit on the flipper just trickled up lazily maybe 6-12" and then back down...really starting to bug me. My LE is stock and I'm wondering if there's a fix for this since it seems people are getting mixed results installing new coils,fans, etc.

#5781 4 months ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Just put one of those little circle felt stick pads toward the bottom of the right ramp. Can't see it and I haven't had a cheap drain from there since.

Do you have a picture of that? Thanks.

#5884 4 months ago
Quoted from venom112:

I have the same plastic not flat on my LE. Wonder if it was designed like that?

My LE is the same way. I haven't done anything with it since the ball easily passes underneath and doesn't hit anything.

#5909 4 months ago
Quoted from Jecco74:

It's not just Stern. I ordered a new Ford Aug 2nd. Still waiting for it to be built. It's behind schedule. Parts shortages are holding up more than just our pinball machines.

I had similar car-buying experiences. I had a 15 month wait for my C8 Corvette. And I ordered a 20200 VW GTI in October as a second car, and they're now telling me (maybe) April.

#5921 4 months ago

I emailed Terry at Pinballlife a couple of days ago about some coils, but no response. Anyone know if they're having problems with their website or something?

#5945 4 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

A lot a talk about the heat ray charging…I say everyone can do what they think is fun for their games. Some folks think it’s not fun…
I think having to use the action button to charge the heat ray is flippin’ brilliant!!! Don’t change a thing. I love it, LOVE IT! Who agrees?!

I agree the heat ray button is a blast. It requires skill to watch the screen for when to charge, watch so you don't lose the ball....big risk reward and fun imo.

#5946 4 months ago

Anyone else sometimes experience a hard STDM drain only to have it ricochet back up onto the playfield? Almost like a ball-save prong in there. It happens maybe once every 5 or 6 games on my LE...hilarious. Be ready!

#5979 4 months ago

Hi all,

I'm looking to get some flipper coils from Pinball Life and Terry wants to know the part numbers. Does anyone have those handy? Thanks.

#5983 4 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Coils or coil stops?

No idea. I'm not electrical savvy....just whatever people are getting to combat flipper fade. I have about 500 games on my LE and starting to feel it.

#5984 4 months ago
Quoted from troon47:

No idea. I'm not electrical savvy....just whatever people are getting to combat flipper fade. I have about 500 games on my LE and starting to feel it.

The manual says 090-5032-ND COIL (lower)

090-5030-ND COIL (upper)

Are those the ones to get?

#5992 4 months ago

On my LE, I'm noticing that for the Destruction Jackpot, the ball is held on the left side of the magnet, and then it drops down to the left flipper as it should. But on Magnagrab, the ball is held more to the right in the middle of the magnet, and the ball is often released STDM. Anyone else seeing this?

#6039 4 months ago

Hi all,

I have around 500 plays on my LE and am getting flipper fade and need some advice. I've contacted a couple of the most prominent parts suppliers I've seen on Pinside, but am getting differing info, so not sure what to do.

One place told me the part numbers are 090-5030 and 090-5032 as per the Stern manual. But a Pinsider advised me to avoid those since they'd be similar to the low quality stock ones the machine came with.

Another place told me to get part "Stern/Sega 515-6308-01" from them. So not sure what to do. Also not sure if I need to get coil stops, coil sleeves, or both. So if someone who has already done this replacement could tell me what they ordered and from whom, I'd much appreciate it. Feel free to PM me.


#6044 4 months ago

Thanks. I noticed those are for coil stops. Do I also need coil sleeves? Also, does that part fit on both the upper and lower flippers so I just need to order three of those?

#6062 4 months ago

I'm noticing I have to clean and wax my LE MUCH more often than my other games. If I don't it every 15-20 games or so, I start getting the drains from everywhere, less flipper juice,etc. Wondering if others are experiencing this.

#6126 4 months ago
Quoted from GoldenBeard:

God my Godzilla shooter rod..... pretty excited. Not going to lie. I get the egg thing but this is pretty sweat. Excited to hook this up when GZ arrives this week.
[quoted image]

I got the same one. Looks kind of sinister on there and feels tons better than the stock one.

#6127 4 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

Keeps em pretty slick, I definitely recommend Novus plastic cleaner for ramps tho. Also, replace the balls frequently. Get some Ninjas.

I used Novus also and then Mother's carnauba. When those ran out, I got some Millwax. Really like it...one step....rub on/wipe off.

#6168 4 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

megalon is *rough*...i spent a week and a half just focusing on learning him

Agree on Megalon. You almost have to flipper trap to be able to look up and see where the lit shot is. On mine, sometimes there's nothing yellow lit at the beginning, and I have to wait like 10 seconds for it to appear....genius...lol.

#6170 4 months ago
Quoted from Terpslurps:

I finally beat Ebirah, was having the hardest time defeating that monster. Only megalon left for tier 1!

I'm getting the hang of that left spinner, so able to defeat Ebirah fairly regularly. The toughest for me is Titanosaurus. The blue targets for him on either side of the building are almost always STDM, so I usually avoid him unless I'm at the end of a bad game or something.

1 week later
#6501 4 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

ya, that drives me nuts..ball's still wiggling, magnet lets go, and off it goes to the bottom of the playfield

Sometimes when I have Magnagrab and it's swinging back and forth, it lets go and STDM ...lol

#6503 4 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

I can’t get enough, and I still haven’t figured it out 100% haha.
I like figuring rules out myself. I think I’m finally getting it. It’s so fun just to get in there and rip that Playfield though. The layout is so unique and fun. Heck the first plunge you take feels great when you go behind the upper flipper! It’s cool when you reverse that same shot during gameplay and hit that left spinner and it shoots back behind mechagodzilla. The loop shot multiple times and then combo that into a tail whip… So fun!

When I try to go behind the upper flipper for the skill shot, it only registers it maybe 50% of the time...IF it makes it up there on a full plunge.

#6524 4 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

If it’s lit for mag grab, it shouldn’t let it go until you flip the flippers or after all the animations are done. Not sure how that would ever go SDTM.

If I don't hit both flippers, it releases on its own and that's when it sometimes goes STDM.

#6685 3 months ago
Quoted from NovaCade:

Just stopping by to say hi! After a 6 plus hour trip last night, I am officially part of the GZ club. Got our pro home and setup late last night.

Congrats! Have fun!!

#6716 3 months ago

Wondering if anyone has figured out anything on how to avoid the right outlane drains other than nudging. Mine is brutal...if the ball even sniffs that area, it's gone 75% of the time.

#6720 3 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Have you checked your playfield level with a physical level (NOT an app)?

The bubble is right in the middle. I've seen suggestions to raise it slightly on the right side. Maybe I'll try that.

#6733 3 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Middle at both the top and bottom of the playfield?

We just measured from the bottom. Is there any way to level the table to lessen those constant right outlane drains? It even does it on a soft plunge. Thanks.

#6752 3 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

If your bubble level on the playfield is dead center left to right, it's level.
Did you change out the factory rubber?

Nope, still has the black factory rubber.

#6941 3 months ago

Something weird happened today. The last ball for Godzilla multiball stopped at the entrance and didn't feed down with the other two. But the building started its collapse anyway. I wiggled the table and the stuck ball rolled down and exited ABOVE the other two. I played it for 2 or 3 seconds and it awarded it as part of the multiball. Then after the other two balls spilled out, it kicked out another one to make up for the stuck one lol.

Anyone else ever have a ball stop at the top of the building and not funnel all the way down?

#7172 3 months ago

I heard back from Eddie at Stern tech today regarding the bridge plastic kit and he said "they're in development and will ship out when ready"....so it's probably going to be a while. He said the kit will replace the existing plastic, so probably worth the wait...not some cheapie overlay or something.

#7489 3 months ago

How do I know if my pinballs are or are becoming magnetized?

#7492 3 months ago

So it looks like I better order several dozen balls, carbon or not, for future replacement after they become magnetized again after a few hundred plays? Do people just toss the old magnetized, replaced ones? thanks.

#7496 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

I've got an old gumball machine now filled with the old ones. Just can't seem to throw em away

LOL....lends a whole new meaning to the term "jawbreaker."

#7579 3 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Dang, over 2000 posts since I last checked the thread...what did I miss? lol
The other day I moved my outlane posts down to cut back on frustrating drains....but now my ball times are LOOOOONG. I can see why they went with middle post from factory. I think I'll go back to middle. Sure, I won't get as far - but it will be more satisfying when I do.
The newest update is awesome. Glad they put text about rematching a monster on the city select screen. I'm hoping in a further update, they just go right to the battle instead of showing the selection screen. Why show the select screen when you're doing a rematch?

I also have a problem with near-constant outlane drains, especially the right one. Can you explain to a layperson like me what you did with the posts? Not sure what "middle post", "moved outlane posts down", etc. mean. Thanks.

#7581 3 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

Whew! Joined the billion point club. 858 million on the first ball… and then… kinda shit the bed. Good game though. Damn this game is fun!
This all happened after I adjusted the flippers down to the factory “droopy” position. Plays WAY better. Should have never changed it.
[quoted image]

Can you explain what you mean by "factory droopy position"? Do you mean the settings it had from the factory? I set my flippers on near full power because often I can barely get the ball TO the upper right ramp (except from a flipper cradle or rolling down the inlane,) let alone through it.....not helping much. Thanks.

#7582 3 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

if you look at the metal post with a rubber ring around it at the top of the outlanes, you'll notice that it sits in a slot, with basically 3 positions (top, middle, bottom). from the factory, it comes in the middle position. if you lower it (closer towards the front of the machine), the ball won't be able to drain in the outlane as easily.

Ok thanks. I'll give it a try.

#7592 3 months ago
Quoted from NightTrain:

So on 95% of pinball machines, the flippers are inline with the ball return guides. So if you took a straight edge and put it across the two, it would be true.
Ok a few games, like Godzilla (also JP and TWD), the alignment holes sit lower. So when you align the flippers with these holes, the flipper is no longer in line with the ball return guide. If you put a straight edge on the ball return guide, the flipper wouldn’t be touching the straight edge. It would be below it, or “droopy” looking.
Some games are just designed this way. I honestly hate it. My brain has been programmed to know where the ball is going to go, based on where it is on the flipper when I flip it. With these “droopy” flippers, my brain has to co pletely relearn everything.
It’s not necessarily right or right. It’s just how Keith designed this game I believe, so you can hit those out shots.
When i had my flippers in-line with the ball return guides, hitting the left spinner, right scoop, or even the ramps was incredibly difficult. With the flippers set up on the alignment holes though, it’s SO much easier.
So I just need to reset my brain and get used to these new flippers. My previous high score was 500 million. 10 plays after changing the flipper alignment back to stock, I cracked a billion.

Ok, I just checked and my two lower flippers are slightly below the alignment holes....less than 1/16th of an inch....pointing fractionally toward the bottom of the machine. Is this the droopy thing and should I adjust the flippers to be pointing squarely at the holes? Thanks.

1 week later
#7798 89 days ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

New Code!!!
V0.91.0 - February, 17th, 2022
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot value only increased by 25K instead of 50K for building hits
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot value only increased by 50K instead of 125K for building through shots
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot boosting for subsequent multiballs reduced from 500K to 250K
- Tesla Strike - mode is now ended if you select to travel to a new City when it is currently running
- Annihilation Bonus - adding "ANNIHILATION DRAIN BASE AMOUNT" adjustment which is what the mode total will reset to for Annihilation Bonuses after draining
- Annihilation Bonus - fixed an issue with Bonuses not ever contributing multipliers after you drain out of them when starting them again in a new city
- Annihilation Bonus - fixed an issue with Annihilation multiplier not being applied properly sometimes
- Annihilation Bonus - Bonuses are now active during all Tier 2 battle modes
- Saucer Attack - added Destruction Jackpot +1X + Light Destruction Jackpot at 20 and 30 Saucer threshold
- Saucer Attack - 2 second grace period added
- Saucer Attack Multiball - updating intro video to include Xilien popup and better starting choreography
- Heat Ray - fixed an issue where pressing and holding the Action Button when the ball is draining will sometimes allow you to hold the button and keep the game from ending
- City Select - fixed an issue when playing a Tier 2 mode and completing it before completing a Tier 1 mode causes a Rematch message to be shown when a Rematch is no longer possible
- Super Train - now only allowed once per game, and 50M points are awarded for future thresholds
- Planet X - flippers are now killed when the Xiliens are defeated when shooting into the scoop, Victory phase will begin by launching balls out of the trough again
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the Award and Jackpot light shows were hiding the active shots
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the music would cut out randomly in the Victory phase
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the Xilien transmission would be seen again if you win the Victory phase
- Planet X - removed the Xilien callouts in the Victory phase
- Imposter Battle - fixed an issue where it could be triggered more than once per lighting
- Callouts - adding many more callouts to the game
- Sound Effects - adding many more sound effect to the game
- Light Shows - adding many more light shows to the game
- High Score Champions - added the following high score champions:
- Insider Connected - added the following Achievements:
- Skill Shot - Make the Skill Shot
- Mecha Skill Shot - Make a Mecha Lane Skill Shot
- Secret Skill Shot - Make a Secret Skill Shot
- Super Secret Skill Shot - Make the Super Secret Skill Shot
- Rage Combo - Complete a Rage Combo
- King Ghidorah Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. King Ghidorah
- King Ghidorah Big Win - Score 500 Million+ in Battle vs. King Ghidorah
- Megalon and Gigan Win - Score 30 Million+ in Battle vs Megalon and Gigan
- Megalon and Gigan Big Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. Megalon and Gigan
- Ghidorah and Gigan Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. Ghidorah and Gigan
- Ghidorah and Gigan Big Win - Score 500 Million+ in Battle vs. Ghidorah and Gigan
- Bridge Attack Multiball - Super Get a Super Jackpot in Bridge Attack Multiball
- Saucer Attack - Destroy a Saucer
- Double Saucer Attack - Destroy 2 Saucers at once using an alley pass to the pop bumper
- Saucer Attack Multiball - Start Saucer Attack Multiball
- Saucer Attack Multiball Saucer Jackpot - Get a Saucer Jackpot in Saucer Attack Multiball
- Saucer Destroyer - Bronze - Destroy 15 Saucers - Lifetime
- Saucer Destroyer - Silver - Destroy 50 Saucers - Lifetime
- Saucer Destroyer - Gold - Destroy 100 Saucers - Lifetime
- Planet X Start - Start Planet X Multiball
- Planet X Complete - Complete Planet X Multiball
- Planet X Victory Complete - Complete Victory phase of Planet X
- City Combo - Collect a City Combo
- City Combo Set - Collect all the City Combos in one city
- 5 City Combos - Collect 5 City Combos in a single game
- All City Combos - Collect all the City Combos in all the cities
- City Combos - Bronze - Collect 10 City Combos - Lifetime
- City Combos - Silver - Collect 25 City Combos - Lifetime
- City Combos - Gold - Collect 50 City Combos - Lifetime
- Secret Combo - Collect a Secret Combo
- All Secret Combos - Collect all 10 Secret Combos in a single game
- Imposter Battle - Level 1 - Collect an Imposter Battle award
- Imposter Battle - Level 3 - Collect 3 Imposter Battle awards in a single game
- Adjustment Changes:
- added "ANNIHILATION DRAIN BASE AMOUNT" default:20M min:10M max:100M
- added default score / count adjustments for new high score champions above
- System - Updated to V3.07.0 on OS: V2.6.0
- Updated to nodeboard firmware/protocol v0.84.0

My upper left spinner skill shot only works about 1/4 of the time because the bail is too short and the ball slides past thru the opening without crediting the points....was hoping they'd do something about that.

#7930 86 days ago
Quoted from El_Patron:

Stern is making a modification kit. If you contact them, they will put you on the list. Still waiting for one.

I've been waiting a couple of months now for mine. In the meantime, I've just stuck a chunk of cotton on there....seems to be protecting it until the kit arrives.

#7952 85 days ago
Quoted from unclerudy:

What color titan rubbers did you swap out? Are they all the same color, or are they different? If they are different, which color and what sizes?

I got the kit that Titan provides. You can choose from a variety of colors, including translucent. I went with mostly orange and green and they match pretty well.

#7999 84 days ago
Quoted from manadams:

Has anyone upped the power on their upper left flipper with good results? Seems like that side shot barely goes around sometimes.

I changed out the coils and sleeves and it helps a bit, but still difficult to make the right ramp during a multi-ball or if I've been playing for like 1/2 hr. or so....still seems to get weaker the longer I play like the cheapo stock coils did.

#8013 83 days ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

I put the PinMonk cooling fans on my flipper coils and they made a big difference. I could barely make it up the right ramp after 20 minutes before those fans fixed the issue. Now it plays solidly for hours.

Mine does the same after 20-30 minutes and that's after I replaced the Stern coils and sleeves. Did you change out your Stern coils and still got the fade and then got the fans, or did you put the fans on the stock Stern coils and sleeves?

#8210 77 days ago
Quoted from gamera9:

Yes. I own an LE and have played a bunch on the Pro. The added stuff on the playfield is awesome. The bridge, building, rotatating targets, Mechagodzilla magnet as well as the mecha and Godzilla 3d sculpts. All great stuff that really add to the game. Not to mention the cool translight. I might by the translite to have in my pinball room.

Same here...also have an LE and have played the Pro. All the extra stuff on the LE/Premium was well worth it for me. But the biggest turn off on the Pro for me is the chintzy looking standups of Mecha and Godzilla. The first time I walked up to a Pro, they looked like cardboard cut outs or something....(JMO).

#8293 74 days ago
Quoted from red_rabbit:

Maybe a little "older" topic, but I wanted to remind some older posts for those considering Chrome vs. Carbon that there is a bigger trade-off between Carbons and Chrome, other than shininess. Carbon balls are heavier than Chrome (chromes are 2.8 oz ~= 80 grams and carbons are 2.9 oz ~= 81 grams.) It may not look much, but I found this game becomes significantly slower with carbon, IMHO. After a couple of months playing with original chromes and getting some decent high scores, I tried a set of Polaris and my game went completely downhill. The right ramp became very difficult, the left ramp impossible, very hard to hit a clean building shot, ufo bumper sending balls down out lanes, etc. Very frustrating... All my shots were way off in aim and strength. I'd have to recalibrate myself and possibly the flipper power to make this a fun game again. After a good dozen or so games I realized I prefer the faster game with lighter chrome balls and switched back to chrome. I'll probably be buying bulk chrome and change them on a schedule. If new balls will become more frequent regular maintenance, like waxing or putting gas in the car, so be it... The more important thing is to have fun with the game and play the way you like it.

Are the balls that come with the machine carbon? I got some "Super Shiny" ones from Titan...assuming they are chrome. Thanks.

#8313 73 days ago

Despite changing out my coils and sleeves, I'm still getting weak flippers on my LE, especially the two left ones. Even at the beginning of games sometimes, I find myself wrestling with the machine, trying to muscle the ball to the top of the playfield. The loop and right ramp are almost impossible after about 15 minutes. During multiballs, most flipper hits dribble up weakly about halfway up the playfield. It kills my arms and I can only play a few minutes everyday. I can go to an arcade and play for 3 hours and it doesn't bother me. If I play my TSPP right after GZ, the flippers feel like their on steroids, with the ball rocketing effortlessly all over the game. So I'm thinking it HAS to be the game and not my average playing skills.

So I'm getting some serious frustration here. Do I need the cooling fans? EOS switch adjustment? Other?

Any suggestions on how to make my LE playable appreciated. Feel free to message me. Thanks.

#8334 73 days ago
Quoted from mikeflan:

I thought the issue has been with the coil stops, not the coils and sleeves, but I could be wrong. I'd change those as well if you haven't.

So replacement coil stops are a separate thing to replace besides the sleeves and coils? If so, anyone know where one can buy those? Thanks.

#8354 72 days ago
Quoted from ZAuxier:

Amazing collection!
This has honestly been one of the most surprising things to me regarding this pin. Soooo many mentions of how no-one cares for the theme, I just don't get it? Sure the movies are ridiculous and very much outdated, but how freaking cool are they?!?
I know I'm likely in the minority here, but on theme alone this sells me over Star Wars, Avengers, and (insert rock band name here)

I never liked the Godzilla movies, except the first one with Raymond Burr, because of the cheesy special effects and horrible acting. Now I appreciate and enjoy them for what they are....campy and unintentionally funny!

#8423 71 days ago
Quoted from pinzrfun:

Just for kicks I went to see a local distributor yesterday, told them I could pick up the game myself so no delivery needed, but they quoted me $300 shipping from Stern to them - is that normal??
$8799.99 + $300 "Factory Freight" -

My distro isn't charging me any "factory freight" for my upcoming JP Premium. Plus, the price includes delivery and set-up.

#8428 70 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Has your distributor heard when the JP will start shipping?

The last time I talked to them....about two months ago....it was late April, and I haven't heard anything different. I ordered it last July 3 lol.

#8447 70 days ago
Quoted from shaub:

Not a replacement plastic, but this metal mod looks like a pretty good solution to me.

Anyone have a link to the place that sells the metal bridge protector mod?

#8501 68 days ago

Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:It varies by the state being shipped into, with a minimum of about $100k of business in the destination state required before local destination tax is charged, unless the state doesn't have sales tax such as Oregon or Alaska.

I buy my pins from Next Level in Hillsboro, OR....no sales tax.

#8558 66 days ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

IMO it could look better without the text on it. Since it's already below it on the cabinet. Just the graphic would be great.

Agree....and the same text in the back glass, bottom of the playfield, and above the lockdown bar button. Five times is a bit redundant IMO.

#8576 65 days ago
Quoted from Sleal16:

It's the one I have the hardest with as well, but if I just put in a bit of hyper focus I'll make it eventually. Least once I make it one time, for most of the aspects of the game I can ignore it for a while.
It's not like IMDN where both the ramps are a pain to hit (more so than the left GZ), and you constantly have to hit them for the majority of the modes.

The left spinner is more difficult for me. Even the right ramp is tougher, since my left flipper....despite all I've done with it....still is almost impossible to get it up there unless it's from a trap or rolling down the left inlane.

#8640 64 days ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Go team coinmeca![quoted image]

I'm noticing that some of these (both versions) have three black knobs on the left...a larger one upper left and two smaller ones lower left....
and some of them don't have them?

1 week later
#8876 56 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

I am still waiting for JP
But have a GZ pro and love it.

I'm also waiting for the JP premium I ordered last July 3rd. I hope I don't have to make similar adjustments and tweaks on it that I'm having to do on Godzilla to make it player-friendly.

#8974 53 days ago
Quoted from mbrave77:

Just played a pretty long game, first long one since installing pinmonk fans. Still was having issues with flipper fade during multiball(seemed to be only multiball). Anyone else having same issue? Or is it maybe the dreaded coil stop. I dont see too many shavings in the cabinet.

I've replaced the coils and sleeves and still get the flipper fade, especially during multiball. I guess next I'll try tweaking the EOS switches....last resort would be the fans.

#9035 51 days ago
Quoted from eyeamred2u:

Good choice, I have PinMonks fans from day one on the game and when I changed to Pinballlifes coil stops, I was shocked to see how 2 out of 3 Sterns stops were broken and worn with less than 150 plays. Hooefully the new stops solve the issue. Keep us posted.

Just curious which of the Pin Monk fans you got....the ones for two flippers or three?

#9038 50 days ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

i personally went with 3 flippers and the magnet coil

Thanks....forgot to ask....are directions, diagrams, etc . on how to install them included?

#9082 49 days ago
Quoted from Insanity199:

Just got the call that my Godzilla Premium is ready to be shipped! Unfortunately we will be on Spring Break next week so I have to delay shipment a week. Dang kids and their desire to go to Universal Studios.

Tell the kids they're staying home to play Godzilla instead of going to Universal...more fun. lol

#9117 48 days ago

Could someone point me to the posts that have step by step instructions on how to install the metal bridge protector mod? Can't find it. Thanks.

#9167 47 days ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

the banner really does look great next to it...just wish mothra was on it[quoted image]

I noticed you have a slot machine. I have a 1948 Jennings Sun Chief.

#9200 46 days ago
Quoted from freddy:

Your not kidding!!
And they can’t even mount it squarely on the rod!
The shooter housing looks good but that egg.
Eek ... gross.

I got the eyeball shooter rod.....complements the machine really well.

1 week later
#9647 35 days ago

Hmm.....I'm noticing about 4 negative reviews....7.3-8.5.... for the Premium in the last five days or so. Wondering if this is a trend or a group of buddies trying to bring the rating down.

#9754 34 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Is anyone upgrading the flipper coils? If so could you share a link. For some reason GZ flippers seem weak when compared to my AIQ. I upgraded and replaced coil stops and adjusted EOS switches. Thanks for the help.

I have the same issue....replaced coil stops and sleeves, adjusted the EOS switches, flippers set on full power. And it's still almost impossible to make the right ramp except from a cradle and weak noodles during mutli-balls. I'm hoping the JP Premium I have coming (supposedly) doesn't have similar issues with the flippers.

#9829 32 days ago
Quoted from kttully0428:

Hi! Anybody have any tips for reliably hitting the scoop? Any magic shots you've found that get it over there without much chaos? Definitely a toughie, for me anyway, and it's so thrilling when it finally gets in.
Sold all of my collectibles (a lot of old big box PC games, Legos, comic books and art, etc.) to buy my Godzilla Pro NIB a week ago. They were just collecting dust on shelves and I didn't realize I was sitting on a small fortune -- feels great to have them out of the house and replaced with something I actually can use every day! I can't believe how much I love it!

For me, if I cradle the ball with the left flipper and then roll it down and hit it with the very tip, I can make the scoop 9 out of 10 times.

#9830 32 days ago
Quoted from Sleal16:

Kinda the same thing I did! Was collecting a bunch of movie posters and such... But 90% just in flat files that never would get framed. Enough there for a couple of games that I'd get a lot more use out of
As far as the scoop, you get used to flipping close to the tip. Was a hard shot for me at first, but got consistent after a few games. That left ramp shot is a pain though

For me the left spinner is tough and the Maser Cannon to the left of it even tougher. I sometimes go between them and hit the post for a STDM lol.

#9888 30 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It should almost never go SDTM. Check your level.

I've set my level three different ways and a failed

Quoted from chuckwurt:

It should almost never go SDTM. Check your level.

I've set my level three different ways and anything other than a perfect upper ramp is shot is still about 75% STDM, and the failed shot is because the left flipper is too weak to get it up the ramp. And I've changed coil stops, sleeves, EOS switch timing, max strength etc.....big frustrating flaw in this game, at least on my LE.

#10039 24 days ago
Quoted from marspinball:

When the button lights up, I believe it is blue, you have to hold it down and will see it charge on the screen. Hold button down till its at 100% (while you're still flipping!).

On my LE, it seems like I have to immediately...like within a second or two...hit the button after seeing "Heat Ray Ready." Otherwise, it's too late and doesn't award it.

1 week later
#10199 17 days ago
Quoted from PoopsMagee:

Can anyone confirm whether or not there’s supposed to be a post sleeve or rubber on this post? Just double checking before I email stern. Thanks!
[quoted image]

Mine has a small rubber ring right in the middle of it.

#10380 11 days ago
Quoted from Jedi_Gill:

It's been some time, did anything come of this. I couldn't' find anything my search. Also if anyone has the part number for this plastic piece below the bridge and on top of the Magna grab I would greatly appreciate it. I looked at the manual and I swear it's not there anywhere. All I know is that it says -60 on this plastic piece but nowhere in the manual did this match with this piece. Thanks.

Eddie told me "it was in development"....about 4 1/2 months ago.

#10412 10 days ago
Quoted from blueberryjohnson:

Yeah. I've changed the stops, sleeves, and keep doing the EOS adjustments. Been posting to this thread off and on for months about this stuff and am in no better place then when I started.
I'm over trying to tinker my way out of this so I'm glad to just spend money to increase the chances of stuff working. So I just want to buy whatever I can to hopefully get stuff working better.
Ordered the pinmonk fans too. Parting out new center spinner assembly as well (unfortunately, the only place the spinner bracket mount part #535-2550-00 exists is in the manual - Marco is looking into it). I'm tired of needing 7 rips for that shot in ebirah, let alone all the other lost value throughout the game of that shot not working well.
I have no doubt some people here would have the right tools, knowledge, skills, and parts to get my machine in tip top shape for less money and time than me. But none of them are here and I clearly can't. It's my only game. I just want to get past the hardware problems so I can finally own all of my drains. So I'd rather just start fresh with these two problematic areas and hope that it fixes things up. Even if I never get to learn what the particular issue was and increase my pin knowledge.

I've had the exact same issues with weak flippers, mainly the left ones, since getting my LE last year. I've done everything suggested on here except the cooling fans....replaced stops and sleeves, power turned to max, EOS adjustments, etc. and my left flippers still become wet noodles after about 10 min. of playing and especially during multiballs. If I play my TSPP right after Godzilla, it feels like Homer is on steroids (while it's actually the norm and how a pin SHOULD feel)...the ball rocketing to the top of the playfield, up ramps, making all shots with ease as it should. So I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

I'm hoping the JP Premium I have coming in July (supposedly) isn't like this.

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