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Post #3546 Backbox brightness adjustment Posted by Chisox (53 days ago)

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#201 3 months ago

Payment for my LE was officially received! I'm in the club, and these guys are ready to be the topper.

20210922_160902 (resized).jpg

(They're actually not.)

#234 3 months ago

Does anyone know if LEs get released as a single wave? (All 1000 ship out approx the same time?)

#236 3 months ago
Quoted from gamera9:

They would not have enough room to do that.

Sorry, to clarify... I meant that with Premiums purportedly being released in waves, will all the LEs ship before the Premiums start shipping, or will it be some LEs ship, then a first wave of Premiums, then more LEs, then the second wave of Premiums, etc?

#238 3 months ago
Quoted from skink91:

To my knowledge they have always done all the LEs once they are on the line.

Thanks kindly!

#247 3 months ago
Quoted from splitcms:

I’d say that’s not true at this point. Major delays already. Pros were supposed to be out last week and LE’s starting to go out this week. That hasn’t happened. I can’t see how they would get pros out and then go through 1000 LE’s by the end of October.

... Although we have heard about Pros going overseas, and at least one on location in Barcelona, no? Do those overseas pros usually go out before the domestic ones?

1 week later
#419 3 months ago
Quoted from mahony:My last NIB back in August 2020 had to go to the dealer first, then to me. I don't know why. I pre-ordered that one as well.

That's the boat I'm in. At least it leads to a NIB GZ!

#435 3 months ago
Quoted from mahony:

Man I'd pay decent for the LE backglass. I ordered the premium unfortunately. Just sell me the LE one. Backglass are overrated anyway. Just throw on two pairs of sunglasses before you turn on the machine and you'll be fine.

I'm actually wondering if anybody's going to come out with alternate translites...

#485 3 months ago

One thing that surprises me (and perhaps this is less surprising for those who have bought LEs previously) is that the owner's manual for Prem/LE isn't out yet, if it's indeed shipping in short order... The Pro manual came out about a week or two(?) before the Pros started popping up on location; I would think that if the LEs were on their way out the door, the manuals should be posted soon/by now... Am I way off on this?

#635 87 days ago

Two questions, in anticipating of the forthcoming LE...

1) I'm going through the LE manual. I'm not seeing anything regarding shaker motor function (enable. disable, etc.) in the standard adjustments menu... Is functionality something that one could expect to modify? (This will be my first shaker motor)

2) I'm seeing references to headphone detection. Does the LE come with headphone jack/functionality already installed? (Couldn't find a diagram of the coin door in the manual) Edit: Looking at pre-release photos of the LE front, I'm guessing not, as I don't see a headphone jack anywhere...

#637 87 days ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

There's a setting on the system menu where you choose the amount of shaking. I believe it's set to maximal from the factory.
Stern has a kit to add a headphone jack to the front coin door. I don't think it's included with the LEs.


#927 82 days ago

Can I ask anybody to confirm that this is the correct PinPAC to use with GZ?


Pretty sure this should be it, as it's a Spike 2, yes? And it uses their "type H" coin door?

#931 82 days ago
Quoted from GroggyFrogFace:

So I learned a very interesting lesson when putting a Pinnovator kit into another machine (and I LOVE IT)... The door type came in about 3 different models and it did not matter if it was Pro, Premium, or LE from the sounds of it - I just assumed it was a certain type on all the machines. Sandra at Pinnovators reached out to me to reconfirm my choice and I am absolutely glad she did. I am waiting until Godzilla arrives before ordering, but it is the first thing up! For what it's worth, she was incredibly helpful in making sure what they sent out was 100% ready to roll. Very, very happy with the choice and with the customer service.

Oh, that's interesting! Hmm... perhaps I should hold off then, until i see which coin door I get... Thanks for the advice!

Yeah, I had their PinSUB for my Stern Star Trek and loved it so much that I upgraded to the PinPAC to add that headphone support as well... Very excited to add this to the GZ; just picked up a cheap Polk PSW10 from Mercari (as the Stern Star Trek is headed downstairs, so I won't be able to use GZ and ST on the same sub...) Good times!

#953 82 days ago
Quoted from Hoteldrummer:

The first run of Prems is on the line as we speak! So hang in there as us Prem buyers will get ours either next week or the week after

So is the LE run complete, or paused for Premiums? (Some were saying paused for operator Premiums? Or were those slated to be part of the first run?)

#978 81 days ago
Quoted from jcg9998:

I don't see Gabara anywhere in the art nor I have I seen him appear in the streams I've watched to date. [quoted image][quoted image]

...perhaps he was a figment of your imagination?

#1047 80 days ago
Quoted from Sleal16:

*me by my phone ever since the expected arrival date of 10/26
[quoted image]

You're not alone. Right there with you.

#1048 80 days ago
Quoted from Hoteldrummer:

As Kermit24 said, there are two lines so the Prems are being ran simultaneously

Thanks kindly; sorry I missed that previously...

1 week later
#1806 72 days ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Tracking shows my Premium in Denver Monday!


Sadly, no sign of my LE. *Siiiigh*

#2070 69 days ago

Soooo... with Premiums now arriving, at what point should I be (more) concerned if my LE hasn't shipped yet from my Stern licensed distributor? (Asking as a first-time NIB purchaser.) On one hand I don't want to overreact... on the other...

#2076 69 days ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Have you tried contacting your distro to get an update?

I had, cheers, but since I posted a few minutes ago a friend actually stopped in AT the distro itself, it's apparently already en route, and they were surprised I hadn't yet received it, though less so once they recalled that I was in Brooklyn. So, it's en route at this point, which is a relief to know... Thx!

#2270 67 days ago

Finally heard back from the freight company. What day does it turn out my LE should arrive?...

download (resized).jpeg

Almost here!

#2402 66 days ago
Quoted from pb456:

Godzilla looks like he's projectile vomiting after a rough night on the town.

He probably just finished watching Godzilla vs Kong.

#2470 65 days ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Far from that bad. Not sure what the hell you were expecting. No Godzilla movie has been Citizen Caine. It’s giant monsters beating the hell out of each other. Take it for what it is and lighten up. If your a true fan just be grateful someone is even making any new Godzilla movies.

*Tips hat* touche, sir, touche.

(Off topic, but I was by no means expecting Citizen Caine. I just resented that they spent two films building up Godzilla into a noble protector, and spent the third film essentially reducing him to a moustache twirling villain. I am a true fan, I was just deeply disappointed with GvK, but yes, I'm glad they made a third film, and I glad that you enjoyed it.)

#2874 60 days ago

#549 has arrived!20211118_115823 (resized).jpg

#3228 57 days ago

LE #549 assembled! Thanks to King_Jelly and Little Shop of Games!!

20211119_225414 (resized).jpg
#3291 56 days ago
Quoted from Pinballfantexas:

2nd) My shooter rod is hitting the auto launcher and is not center to the shooter lane. Are stern plungers adjustable?

Pinballfantexas I think I'm having the same issue... Were you able to center your plunger?

#3293 56 days ago
Quoted from Tokkentakker:

Is anybody offering a full set of plastic protectors for this yet? Upper playfield plastics as well as lower.

Playfield-protectors.com in Germany has a set, that are cut the same dimensions as the existing plastics... Have a set coming in next week, I'll post pictures when I get them...

#3316 56 days ago

Soooo this is my plunger setup...

20211122_182639 (resized).jpg

My understanding is that the solution to this is to loosen the three adjustment screws on the back of the shooter rod plate, shift the assembly to center the tip, and then resecure, yes?

#3345 55 days ago
Quoted from Kenswift:

It’s your ball lock on the premium so you can’t disable it. If it’s a real concern go with the pro. I would more likely go with the premium and develop a relationship with someone in the states who can send you the parts you need if it breaks.

... And there are companies like Forward2Me that can forward packages to Japan from the US, which should make it easier (though a little more expensive) to secure parts if needed. Cheers!

#3754 49 days ago
Quoted from av1230:

First post! I just bought my Godzilla machine last week from Joystix games and I'm having an absolute blast. Does anyone have any tips for a beginner? I'm getting absolutely destroyed and only broke 100 mil once. thanks all! And happy to be part of the club. [quoted image]

Bridge attack multiball. It's all about the bridge attack multiball.

#3760 49 days ago

That is just outSTANDing.

#3775 49 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

? It's one of the lower scoring modes

Really? Sorry about that... Hmm... both times that i've entered the billions range, it's been almost exclusively during bridge attack multiball... Maybe it was just luck on those times...

20211123_194131 (resized).jpg

(I'm running 0.81, does that make a difference? My son got up in the 50 billion range once because of the same... And believe me, neither of us are spectacular players )

#3779 49 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

24bil? Uhh.. something is wrong with your game dude. You should probably look for some switches registering unexpectedly

Hmmm... This would certainly explain why it's only happened 3 times... Thanks for the heads-up, i'll check it out!

#3797 49 days ago

Yep. "R Ramp Made Opto" is in fact active when the machine is at rest. "Pop Bumper," too, interestingly... Gonna open her up and take a look...

Thanks for the guidance, all!

#3800 49 days ago
Quoted from jonnyqtrek:

Yep. "R Ramp Made Opto" is in fact active when the machine is at rest. "Pop Bumper," too, interestingly... Gonna open her up and take a look...
Thanks for the guidance, all!

Not entirely sure how they're related, but it looks like the pop bumper skirt was physically wedged down. When I released it, that solved that active switches. I'll keep an eye on it and clear our high scores. (EDIT: Switch 65 R Ramp Made Opto issue remains)

Unrelated, but the complete set of LE plastics protectors from Playfield-Protectors in Europe have arrived...

20211129_204540 (resized).jpg

#3804 49 days ago

So, yeah, it looks like the switch 65 "R Ramp Made Opto" issue remains... switch is still active, doesn't look like there's anything occluding the path.

As far as I can tell, the transmitter and receiver link to a 2-pin and 3-pin connector; when I unplug/unpower those, the switch goes off, but on reconnecting them they're still active, so it's not a connector-reseating issue on that side. I also tried unplugging and reconnecting connector CN11 on Node 9, but that didn't help either...

It almost seems like it's functioning backwards... It's default on, and flickers off briefly when I pass something in front of it (unlike all of the other optos). Could this problem be resolved by rewiring? And if so, what would I be switching?

#3807 49 days ago

Thanks kindly, both! Yeah, doesn't seem to be an alignment issue... Sounds like the next step is contacting my distro... I appreciate the insights!

#3847 48 days ago
Quoted from DeathHimself:

I did this for my wife and I it's great having it right there to swap in and without messing with the phone to bring up photos etc....
Just don't laminate as the sensor doesn't like the gloss shine for reading

Aw crap... I just ordered a metal "luggage tag" from Shutterfly with my Pinside badge on one side and the Stern IC QR on the other... Might be too shiny; let's see what happens...

#3849 48 days ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I'm interested to see how this particular protector works out above the magna-grab.
The clearances between the moving bridge & the magnet plastic are extremely tight. Owners should be looking at their games closely, because when the bridge opens, the metal frame of the bridge can make contact with that plastic. Repetitive hits will eventually cause that plastic to wear down & break. I'm really surprised they didn't include an extra magnet plastic, because of all the plastics in the game, I think it's the one that's most likely to break eventually.
The leading edge of that plastic "floats" above the magnet, so the only way to protect it is to add a protector underneath it. But this is going to raise the plastic a few millimeters, leading to more contact with the opening bridge.
[quoted image]

Excellent points, great advisory... May certainly have to refrain from installing all of them. I actually only tried to throw on the easiest to access last night (while swapping rubber for Titans). The protectors for the MechaG shield couldn't be installed because the current screws aren't long enough...

#3967 47 days ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Check the alignment of the optos to make sure the sender and receiver are pointing straight at each other.
If that doesn't help, sounds like one opto is out or the wiring's broken to one. Opto pairs register a "hit" if their invisible beam is broken. But if the emitter isn't sending or the receiver can't receive because one or the other is defective, the beam is always broken and the switch is always on.

Just an update: After I contacted my distro, I decided to try diassembling and reassembling that opto... Had only gotten as far as the transmitter half, as accessing the receiver half was tricky with my tools. Fooled around with it a bit while in diagnostic mode to get a sense of its behavior. After reassembling, it's been working right as rain, so I told my distro never mind (for now).

(And all scores have been cleared! )

(I wonder if emailing Stern will get them to help clear my IC scores on the LE... Hmm...)

#3982 47 days ago
Quoted from tilt-master:

Loving GZ so far. Has anyone achieved an EB yet? I searched through the rules and didn’t see one.

I ended up setting my Replay award to EB. I liked that better than extra credit, which was kind of meaningless in free play...

#4110 45 days ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Tried to order but shipping addresses are EU only it appears.

I use a parcel forwarding service called My Germany.com, that's an avenue to try

#4124 45 days ago

So I spent about an hour trying to adjust my shooter rod plate to get the plunger to actually shoot the ball into the playfield... The plunger tip had appeared to be skewed to the right of center, so I tried to align it.

Got it mostly centered, tried to plunge, and now it only goes about four inches.

So then I compared my ST to my GZ.

At rest, my ST plunger is just about flush with the ball.


At rest, my GZ plunger is about 1/2" away from the ball.


Is there a way to get the plunger closer to the ball at rest?

#4162 44 days ago
Quoted from horse_cop:

Oh man, finally. I finally destroyed a city. Of course I completely botched the ball 3 tank multiball that triggered it, so I didn't really get to savor it.
But still... baby steps. I suck so bad at pinball

Welcome to the club! We're having jackets made.

#4224 42 days ago
Quoted from mwong168:

Anyone have some nice custom instruction cards for their Godzilla or mind scanning in the one that came with their machine. Mine only came with the non English version installed on the apron and in the goodie bag.

eyeamred2u - I actually had an LE, but no goodie bag...

#4236 42 days ago
Quoted from eyeamred2u:

Oh well, Pay big dollars, but no goodie bags except what is stapled to inside of cabinet.

HEY NOW!! Thanks eyeamred2u! It was there underneath the manual, thx! I hadn't thought to look under there, I appreciate the heads up!

First NIB... It's odd, I watched an unboxing video on another recent Stern, and I thought they said the goodie bag would be in the coin box, but when I looked there, it was just the tilt bob and keys and the like... I've been using the online manual, it might have been a while before I looked under there...

#4283 41 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It’s not like that. Yes you press and hold it, but it’s like whistling birds in function.

!... I don't think I'm familiar with that expression... Whistling birds? Does that mean it's... ineffective?

#4287 41 days ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Nope. It’s mandos weapon. Collects all the lit shots. [quoted image]

Ahhhhhh... Thanks for that. (Sorry, I'm primarily Trek; I'm not as well versed in SW... but respect!)

#4313 40 days ago
Quoted from demandecan55:

First day home, and it's broke after 3 games.
It's making a very loud "grinding" sound in the back, possibly the building. A ball got stuck in the building and it started looking for the ball, and the building went down into the Playfield and then back up. It was obvious the ball wouldn't come out on it's own, so I turned off the machine, reached up into the building to free it.

I had this happen last night... How I handled was to left flipper + start button to abort the game, and when I tried to start a new one, it did a ball search. The building raised up to free the trapped ball and then all the way down to release the locked balls on the roof... This might be helpful for if/when it happens again...

#4361 39 days ago
Quoted from izzy:

Definitely going to wax the PF. Has anyone replaced or made a plastic that seems to be breaking on the Prem/Le when the bridge drops. The plastic over the captive ball. Is there a way to do it without taking the bridge apart? Is anyone planning on making a clear protector to put on top of the existing plastic?

Playfield-Protectors and a few other European companies have complete sets of plastic protectors, but it was pointed out that placing a plastic protector on top of the existing playfield plastic will just raise the impact zone, thereby making it even TIGHTer... (Update: see preceding post )

A simple solution that... someone (can't recall who) posted was to take a small piece of target foam, use scissors/blade to make it half as thick, and place it on top of the impact spot. I tried that as well, and it seems to work quite well as a practical solution, and since the art on the plastic is of crumbling mortar, it doesn't really clash, either.

#4469 38 days ago

*deep exhale* FINALLY.

20211210_231002 (resized).jpg

That was more of a struggle than most others had with installing, I'd imagine. So little room to light and maneuver over there... But the NECA poster version is on one more machine.

Gotta figure NECA is probably wondering why there's been a sudden run on this particular figure line...

#4559 36 days ago

(Deleted; wrong thread)

#4618 35 days ago
Quoted from Swoods5688:

Just completed my premium Elwin Row… every single one of those is fantastic its so hard to choose which to play but Godzilla is the current favorite so much to do on such a young code very excited for the future.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That's a mighty fine assemblage. Well played!

#4636 34 days ago
Quoted from TheOriginalWiz:

Looks great! How come your coin door is differnt than mine (Premium)? I have two coin slots and a spot for a dollar bill collector. Did you swap yours out or did it come differntly from Stern?

His coin door is likely different because his was a model exported to Germany, I believe, cheers.

#4694 34 days ago

Sooo... I came up with a solution to my "plunger at rest still too far from the resting ball in the shooter lane" issue... Had a friend that used a cutting wheel to help me trim both ends of the barrel spring down to a total length of 1.5cm (that was the length my particular machine needed). For the first time on mine, the plunger works as intended... Unorthodox, but it's what it took to get it to work. Cheers!

20211214_205841 (resized).jpg

#4717 33 days ago
Quoted from eyeamred2u:

Good News for those suffering from the broken plastic at the Magna Grab from the Bridge. Spoke with Eddie stern today, they have a kit that will help with the issue. Not sure when Distributors will be told about the kit, as my distro has not heard yet.
[quoted image]

Great info, thanks! (For anyone who hears more when the time comes, please do keep us posted here!)

#4736 33 days ago
Quoted from docquest:

Used my 100% off coupon to get my Godzilla themed dust cover. Just had to pay for shipping.
Who can name all of the 22 Showa era Kaiju depicted?
[quoted image]

I don't know if this was rhetorical or not, but I'll give it a whirl anyway...

Godzilla, Anguirus, Kong, Mothra (and larva)
Rodan, Ghidorah, Ebirah, Minya (a.k.a. Minilla)
Kamacuras, Kumonga (a.k.a. Spiga), Gorosaurus, Manda
Baragon, Varan, Gabara, Hedorah
Gigan, Megalon, Jet Jaguar, King Caesar (a.k.a. King Shisa)
Mechagodzilla, Titanosaurus

#4841 32 days ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Who's up for a barbecue!
[quoted image]

Hey wtatumjr - quick question: what did you use to secure these figures? Thanks!

#4858 32 days ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I screwed it in from the underside of the plastic, like the original, using the existing screw hole but drilled GZ. I only used one screw instead of two. I also added a pull tie around a GZ back fin to the habitrail to make GZ lean so he will clear the glass. I had to shave the GZ right elbow and
Right foot area a bit

DAH! I'm so sorry, wtatumjr, I meant securing the barbecue and spectator figures. (Sorry, I forgot that the photo would't come up in the reply quote...)

#5015 29 days ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

Are you guys buying aftermarket Art blades? I haven’t seen the stern ones out yet.

Retro Refurbs has some nice ones as well...

#5026 29 days ago

Anyone here have any experience with custom backbox lighting kits? Thinking about getting one for GZ, but I do like the ability for the stock backbox lighting brightness to dim on gameplay and brighten in attract mode. Wondering if a sight-unseen lighting pattern is worth the functional trade-off... Anybody here tried one of these before?

#5282 23 days ago

Decided to get mine framed for hanging. Came out pretty good!

269701710_10107693507770555_7802500623540655319_n (resized).jpg

#5361 22 days ago

I can't recall who originally posted about using Comet star post Fire LEDs to light the building from beneath the power line targets and behind the building (but will search later when time permits.)

First off, my thanks, because the power line targets lit from below look outstanding.

I did not try lighting the building from behind, but I did attach a hex spacer above the post to the left of the train ramp, and inelegantly taped a star post Fire LED there to aimed at the front of the building. It works pretty well and has the benefit of making the bridge look slightly apocalyptic as well...

20211226_152414 (resized).jpg

20211226_151509 (resized).jpg

Added 21 days ago:

Thanks go to PinDeadHead for his original idea!

#5364 22 days ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Since you have the hex post there, you could add one of the Comet spotlights there ( secured with small standard machines screw) and use one of their wedge fire bulbs. Looks like there's plenty of room there and that would look clean.
Cool idea for aiming that fire bulb at the building.

Cheers, I actual did try adding as a comet spotlight, but unfortunately there wasn't enough clearance between the post and the bridge to be able to rotate/aim the spotlight in any direction other than at the right ramp. (Great minds!)

20211226_165415 (resized).jpg

If anybody else does figure out a good way to jerry rig and aim it, do please post!

#5425 21 days ago
Quoted from PinDeadHead:

That would be yours truly and I think your approach looks great!

Thank you kindly! (Saved me a deep search!) Updating my original post... *tips hat*

#5426 21 days ago
Quoted from ArcadeBar:

Nice idea, I’ll try this when I get some time and see if the spot is too bulky there and if the fire bulb puts off as much fire as the post version.
FYI these are great to keep both sets handy to extend/redirect when adding spotlights to any game, they list them under Star Wars and there’s 2 diff styles that give you 2 diff length options:

NIIICE thx; adding to my Mezel wishlist for my next order... Cheers!

#5427 21 days ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

These look pretty good in GZ

These are still not yet available, are they? (Waiting patiently; they're a must on my list...)

#5441 20 days ago
Quoted from SlamtiltAB:

They sure do! Do you know when they are supposed to be up on speaker lights? Will keep looking!

Most pertinent recent update was this, I believe, over in the mods thread:

Quoted from DugFreez:

There is no difficulty or issue with the install or anything to figure out. It is done and 100% ready to roll. It installs 90%+ the same as my type 12 kits. The issue is the small differences are ones that, if not mentioned, I would get e-mail after e-mail everyday about being different and people saying the kits "don't work" because 1 small thing was different and not specified. I can not edit the PDF install file that I have for installing the light frames and I don't want to remake them from the ground up. So that leaves me linking to the type 11 and 12 install and pointing out things that ARE different in the install process with this kit and then fielding e-mails from all of the folks that don't read the part about somethings being different.
Putting this kit in after you have already installed a type 12 kit (or even a type 11 kit for the most part) is easy going.

Last update was that the mid-December release date had been pushed back a bit, uncertain how long, cheers.

#5452 20 days ago
Quoted from El_Patron:

Is everybody's plastic underneath the bridge broken? Mine finally gave way. Stern has a kit coming, hopefully a redesign of the bridge so the lower framework of the bridge is not so close to the magna grab cover. Until then I guess it's just leave it broken

Mine hasn't given way yet... On mine, the plastic was always loosely attached, and I never tightened it down. With the addition of some foam tape, and the fact that the plastic wobbles loosely when the bridge hits it, may have lessened the effects of the bridge impacts. Will still likely crack over time, but I'm not there quite yet...

#5479 19 days ago
Quoted from troon47:

Today I heard back from Pablo Padilla at Stern tech support regarding the plastic around the bridge being damaged. He said there IS a kit they have that protects the plastic around Magna-Grab, but it's currently out of stock. He said when it's back in stock, it'll be sent to me....no cost.

Recommend going through distributor or contacting directly?

1 week later
#6059 10 days ago

I hope this doesn't land me in "rainbow puke" territory, but I threw an RGB LED strip as a backboard light...

Being unthrilled with my choice of green for trough lighting (I always felt like Mothra looked like she was going to throw up), I ran some wires into the cab and tied three small LED strips into the line and mounted them in the trough. Now the trough lighting changes with the backboard light.

20220107_173359 (resized).jpg

20220107_173745 (resized).jpg

Keeps it interesting. And I'm a bad enough player that I spend plenty of time watching pinballs go down the drain, so now at least I'll be entertained while doing do.

#6060 10 days ago

... And btw, with thanks to wtatumjr for the inspiration, I added some cows to the rooftop barbecue. NOW it's a party.

20220106_205715 (resized).jpg
20220106_205709 (resized).jpg

(Cows are HO scale, while the folks are N scale. Truth is I didn't realize the cows were off scale until after I stood back and took a good look, but I figure these can be Kaiju cows.)

#6181 7 days ago
Quoted from MUGEN_4_LIFE:

I got impatient its been one hell of a last hour trying to find screws Juuust long enough to work and then get those damn sensors mounted! They should send me a damn building after that lol I scuffed up my stern building trying to get the damn thing to work with the stock set of screws and their bracket and FML was that a PITA! Not a great way to spend my actual playing time now I gotta get dinner ready and that'll probably be my night. Welp. Ok one quick game!
Thanks for the helps everyone!

I had a similar difficulty, though (for anyone else doing the same down the road) their recommendation to put sticky notes on the outside of the building facade did help me prevent serious scratching, cheers... (Wish I had thought of just sticky-taping the thing.)

#6315 4 days ago

I put in some interactive undercab lighting, tied into the saucer pop bumper LED. Looks great, especially during modes... Was originally tied into the lockdown bar button, but that wasn't very interesting so then I figured I'd try the saucer and it made a world (under glass) of difference.

#6321 4 days ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Looks great! What did you use for the lighting?

Cheers! It was basically one and a half of these LED strips:

amazon.com link »

...and an amplifier:

amazon.com link »

...and a quite a bit of cutting and soldering of the strips.

#6332 4 days ago
Quoted from sushko:

On that amplifier that you used if you disconnect the input power the udder the cabinet lights will go off. The reason why I'm asking is I'm just wondering if this provides some sort of isolation too.

My guess is that it does, but those with more electronics experience might be able to answer that question for sure. When others have done this, tying it into the 12V off of the dollar bill acceptor, they've run a 1A fuse inline.

For me, it was a question of convenience. I was having difficulty with the DBA wiring, and I already had a 12V DC plug outside the machine powering the backbox and trough light strip, so I just threw a barrel corrector onto this amp and a splitter onto the plug. It was just what I had available, though I suspect others will have a more elegant solution, cheers.

#6333 4 days ago
Quoted from Apinjunkie:

That looks great, I have under cabinet LEDs on a few machines and it's never occurred to me to tie them into a game feature. I've always just used them for ambient lighting. Might have to go this route when gz arrives. Well done sir.

Thank you kindly! This was the post that got me off the ground, cheers!


#6337 4 days ago
Quoted from sushko:

BTF-LIGHTING RGB/RGBW 5050 LED Strip Amplifier Controller Work with 4pin/5pin DC12V/DC24V 5050SMD LED Strip amazon.com link »

Thanks very much for the guidance! Ordering now, cheers!

#6372 3 days ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

So this was a four-connector LED strip: R, G, B and +5V. If you follow the corresponding pop bumper LED R/G/B/+5 leads beneath the playfield, they each respectively attach to a row of four connectors. I used alligator clips to clip each respective LED connector to each of the corresponding playfield connectors. I'll try to post a picture later today.

This is the bank of connectors that I attached the LED leads to. (Yellow alligator clip is for blue, black alligator clip is for +5V) You can see the pop bumper coil to the left of it.

20220114_172641 (resized).jpg

#6384 2 days ago

Good morning! Long shot, but f anyone uses Titan glow in the dark rings on their GZ flippers, can I trouble you to paste a photo? Curious how they look... Thanks!

#6433 1 day ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

is anyone else running into the issue of one to two balls sticking to the magnet during multiball and not releasing for quite a bit?

I've had this happen a few times on MG MB, usually when the second ball kicks out and hits the one that I just cemented onto MG (and sometimes the third as well, though that's rarer) but it usually releases the chain after a few seconds... (I also use Ball Baron carbon steels.) ...but it hasn't really been much of an issue for me... Happens, but rarely, at least for me.

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