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Post #1374 Removing the ugly Insider sticker on the backbox. Posted by PinMonk (6 months ago)

Post #1795 TECH:PLAYFIELD. Magnet swing adjustments Posted by PinMonk (6 months ago)

Post #3000 Register Your Game With Insider Connected Posted by TrixTrix (6 months ago)

Post #3546 TECH:LIGHTING. Backbox brightness adjustment PSA Posted by Chisox (5 months ago)

Post #4481 TECH:PLAYFIELD. Building stepper adjustment settings Posted by Palmer (5 months ago)

Post #6364 TECH:PLAYFIELD. Bridge and Building adjustments Posted by koops (4 months ago)

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#907 6 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

It’s 10” wide?

Most likely that’s from head to the tip of the tail

#1035 6 months ago
Quoted from teddyb73:

I hear 2nd week in November for Premiums from my distributor. Has anyone heard different?

Have had one pre-ordered and this is what I have been told as well.

#1095 6 months ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

Frickin’ amazing!
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

and the code is only at 0.80.0, this game will mature into pure greatness.

#1173 6 months ago
Quoted from eyeamred2u:

Wonder if swinks or another 3D modder here could create something to help keep the ball out of that area.

3D Printer and ten minutes of design and I'll bang it out, once my Prem comes of course

#1181 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-NJA:

I have a feeling this game will topple MM as king of the hill.
I’m addicted to this pin.
I have a basement full of the top pins, no interest right now…
Godzilla is at my shop on location,
And I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday to play…

MM is a good game don't get me wrong, but it should never be rated no where as number one IMHO, I guess the old dinosaurs that always wanted to protect their valuable investment back in days just kept pumping the ratings. Had one it was fun for a while but it was time for someone to enjoy it....

#1223 6 months ago
Quoted from Bundy:

My wallet was hoping this game would suck.
After whatching game play and reading through this thread I guess my wallet will hate me

probably not as much as my wife is going to hate me

#1238 6 months ago
Quoted from Chetrico:

My mecha ramp sits slightly higher than the playfield resulting in airballs over mechagodzilla's head and shoulders. Looking at the assembly and lock nuts, I am not sure how to adjust the leveling height. Does anyone have any tips on this? Thank you.
[quoted image]

Did you try adding washers from underneath to lower the mech down into the playfield? If that's even possible. I can't tell clearly from the photo if that would be doable.

#1257 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

This might anger you even more then…
I just got my invoice and informed my premium will be available for pick up this week!

#1260 6 months ago
Quoted from KingVidiot:

Is this confirmation that prems have been on the line for a few days? Were they shown during the virtual tour? I thought it was all pros and LEs…

I heard (which means nothing of course but take it with a grain of salt) LE's are done and two lines are pumping machines out. One Pro's and the other Prems, which would make some sense as weren't there Prems at the Expo?

#1262 6 months ago

That's what I thought as well, thanks.

#1425 6 months ago
Quoted from ShaffeTrain:Played the LE on location yesterday. Got into my car afterward and immediately ordered a premium. Got lucky and got on the 1st run, should arrive next week

Holy shit, you got lucky!!!!

#1587 6 months ago

Is there an iphone app for Insider Connect?

#1609 6 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

This pic needs to go into the Pinside Hall Of Fame!

and on Stern's site with their Godzilla announcement.

#1615 6 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

#467 in and looking good!!

those lights are awesome. Where did you get those and the city skyline?

#1620 6 months ago
Quoted from gamera9:

Thanks for the advice. Not pretty close up, but on the side I don't look at and it is very near bottom. I will send a pic to Stern. I think the shipper need to be more careful. Game plays great straight out of box no issues.[quoted image]

Heat it with a hair blower ( not to hot just to soften the decal to lay it flat, a little marker touch up and it will never be noticed. In addition contact Stern first you might just get a new side decal sent anyway.

#1724 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

I'm really loving the moving building/ball lock.
So far the bridge doesn't really do much for me, and the spinner/jump ramp I could do without. Overall IMO the big difference that would draw me towards the premium/LE over the pro is the moving building but I think the pro of this game is going to be very good if you didn't want to spend $2000 extra.

Early code, I think that bridge will come into play and be more rewarding down the road, as we as a few other mechs like the jump ramp etc…

#1735 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinball-Obsessed:

I just ordered a set.
any idea on how long they’ll take to get?
Thanks again

My JP set from them took about 3.5 weeks

#2119 6 months ago
Quoted from nighttaco:

Anyone know of any retailers that can get a premium?

That's the million dollar question right here, I think dealers are already booked on their second and third runs now so it might be near impossible to find one that has a 2021 run Zilla game to spare.

#2122 6 months ago
Quoted from nighttaco:

Yeah that's a bummer about the availability, oh well

Call around, you never know when someone backs out for any numerous real life reasons.

#2183 6 months ago
Quoted from manadams:

Anyone else have their bridge plastics start to chip and damage on the ends? I've had the game a day and they look like this.[quoted image]

Quoted from radfordian3505:

Oh no. Definitely covered under warranty though thankfully.

I'm just waiting for someone with a 3D printer to come up with a nice 3D printed half's that will replace these plastic and screw right in place like the originals do.

#2329 6 months ago
Quoted from gmanrulz46:

for those of you who are waiting for premiums. i saw about 15 of them at automated services today.truck delivered them about 9am

Awesome, been waiting for the call. Thanks

#2365 6 months ago
Quoted from teddyb73:

Got some bad news. Looks like most of the distributors will only be getting 9 to 10 premiums in each due to the supply chain shortages for the first run

I have heard this as well, but no official confirmation. One thing is for sure there are very few prems rolling in to distro's versus past releases maybe it does have something to do with chip supply issues.

#2435 6 months ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

General question for those who might be in the know…Have all LE’s shipped? I heard that possibly some have been postponed or delayed to ship until early spring. Any truth to that or just empty rumor/misunderstanding on my part?

I don't believe that's true at all as Stern has already started running Premiums which generally follows the completion of the LE's run.

#2441 6 months ago
Quoted from ellwood:

The switch and node tests don’t mention any error. I have no clue where to look for a solution. Any ideas?

Don't look for an error, but look for activation. A switch will never give an error if its getting activated.

#2472 6 months ago

Disregard, found the issues and it has been corrected.

#2500 6 months ago

I must say the Tesla Towers mod is awesome!!
AA512F30-9510-4ED6-A696-F0787C2565BA (resized).jpegEDBAACB7-83EB-47F4-B18B-2C259AB5A7B8 (resized).jpeg

#2506 6 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Not sure but my game is definitely level, maybe on some games the building was somehow installed a few more degrees clockwise direction than other games so when the balls dump they head for the lower portion of the left flipper. I have never had an STDM building ball dump, as a matter a fact when I saw people putting the sticker diverter dots on there games I had to read back a ways in this thread to understand why they were doing it.

My game is also perfectly leveled from right to left, although I just received it and have only about 35 games on it with about 18 Godzilla multi balls I never once seen them go SDTM. They all go pretty much towards the left flipper.

#2561 6 months ago

Fairly easy to do and adds nice ambient lighting to the game is installing post lights under the sling plastics. I used the warm white with orange posts.

3ADC7515-21B0-485C-ACA5-32829A2CD938 (resized).jpegD551836A-F807-4380-9E9A-D2F2535870A9 (resized).jpeg
#2563 6 months ago
Quoted from Vernisious:

Do the actual tesla targets you aim for still light up?

Yes, the mod comes with a splitter so all inserts and flashes still works as they should.

#2573 6 months ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

I don’t see this mod for sale in their Pinside store. Do they have another website? I’ve not heard of them previously but those look incredible.

Here you go:


#2574 6 months ago

JASDF Blue Impulse North American F-86F Sabre responding to the threat of Godzilla.

This is one of three that will be in the game the other two might be by the Tesla towers and Bridge, working out their location now
image0 (resized).jpeg

IMG_2716 (resized).JPG
#2577 6 months ago
Quoted from Reality_Studio:

Where do you make that change? I couldn't find the setting in the menus, and in the back box I can see the speakers are labeled 4 ohms but can't see how to change it to 8 ohms.

Utility, Volume menus

#2597 6 months ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Wrong product. Asking about Lermods.

That's ok as I wasn't replying to you, if you noticed I quoted TigerLaw who was inquiring about the TDiddy towers.

#2663 6 months ago

BTW how is the shaker implementation in the game? Worth adding one?

#2672 6 months ago
Quoted from teddyb73:

I think it's worth it. I added it and it feels awesome.

Quoted from insight75:

If there is no shaker, I won't play the game. Balls may be less important.

Awesome Guys thanks, I did order one just waiting on it's arrival and figured I'd ask in the meantime.

6" Classic Godzilla fits nicely into the game even with his full tail, just tuck it up behind the left LED PCB board. It really ties in nicely with the classic videos and you can put the green gecko in coinbox for safekeeping

E58EAF15-5742-4BE0-9712-8DEAE9320100 (resized).jpegFF065375-B434-40CF-8ED8-26D3DEFEE704 (resized).jpeg155EAA52-FA86-416F-B850-9D73A7B9ABF3 (resized).jpeg
#2675 6 months ago
Quoted from medic7000:

Do you mind sharing where you bought it from?

Sure if you a referring to the Classic Godzilla figure, this is the one.

ebay.com link: Bandai Toho Co 2009 6 Godzilla Figure

#2687 6 months ago
Quoted from MT45:

Love the look! What's the scale? 1/100?

It’s 1:144 the one you see, the two I’m putting in the back near Godzilla will be 1:200 so there will be depth perception


Ok here it is with the 1:200 installed in the back, still working some stuff out but you’ll have a visual now. Also might need to paint that dam silver wire lol.

92DF796D-C9AC-4718-BF9E-84EBF2B689AF (resized).jpegA7878D8D-E871-4C49-AEC2-73C57BF5A3FB (resized).jpeg0B4FF99C-4A5A-4CE1-B775-B837CBBF0207 (resized).jpeg
#2731 6 months ago
Quoted from medic7000:

Took my HD glass out for the first time to add the balls. A scratch appeared on the glass after taking it out. I think it must of rubbed on the wood when taking it out. Never had this problem with any other pinball machine. Am I SOL?

Did you leave the coin door open while removing the glass?

#2740 6 months ago
Quoted from MT45:

This ^^^

And this ^^^
I experienced this as well using Pinguy app.
After checking using a $3 plastic bubble level and my Craftsman digital level, I ended up deleting this app
I only checked it because I DID use the app to level my game last night after playing the last game of the evening
Came back tonight and the magnet was dropping the ball onto the base of the flipper then bouncing almost a 1/2" away from the face of it making the loop shot impossible
Checked this thread and saw multiple posts about app being off - sure is
Hope this helps someone else
See pic of app at ZERO and both levels behind it ... was 0.7 degrees off
Second image after leveling using the Craftsman level
[quoted image][quoted image]

Maybe I'm old school but those torpedo levels are the best and that's all I use.

#2753 6 months ago

One of the things I do to try to assure I don't scratch the glass besides closing the coin door before removing the glass, I go to the dollar store and buy a package of self sticking Velcro (black). They normally come in about 36" lengths, and I use the soft side of the two (felt) and I go across the front of the cabinets wood from edge to edge so when the glass slides out it's on the felt sliding smoothly. Now you don't have to worry about scratching the glass or wood.

#2792 6 months ago

So with insider connect does the game download an update automatically or do you have to go into the settings and see if there’s an update?

#2821 6 months ago

My wife and I were rocking on Godzilla for over an hour tonight, then when we got done we powered up the machine and played a few games.

In all seriousness I have been in this hobby for over 26 years now I can tell honestly say the praising this game gets isn't just from a Honeymoon phase, this game is purely magical and I can only wonder where it will be in a year from now. What a fantastic job from Keith, Rick and the rest of the crew. I can't wait to see what they instore for us with this masterpiece.

#2842 6 months ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

Has anyone had the issue of multiple loops being counted even when you aren’t hitting that shot? It seems to happen a lot during Godzilla multiball?
I’ve tested the loop switch and it seems to be working as intended.

Quoted from nicoy3k:

Maybe your switch is to tight they banging around triggers it

Check the sensitivity of the roll over switch in the back #58, some have had this issue where it was triggering almost all the time with any vibration.

#2849 6 months ago
Quoted from crwjumper:

Just tried to download the new code via WiFi but it’s not finding it. The connection test is successful.

It's working and downloading thru the wifi now...

#2902 6 months ago
Quoted from Aniraf:

I think you are missing a part here. I am pretty sure there should be no hole for the ball to get stuck.
[quoted image]

My Prem is the same way as pictured

#2917 6 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

You don’t have this gap on yours under plastic #59?
[quoted image]

I think he is talking about the other side, the hole in the base next to the standup targets.

#2978 6 months ago
Quoted from Jkush18:

I got the screech when it reset after the update. Odd.

Quoted from Sleal16:

Yeah it happened in the first update from 79 to 80, and now today. If it's common, guess not enough to be concerned about

Most likely it will only happen on the first reboot after updating as it completes the install.

#2979 6 months ago
Quoted from rai:

My jump ramp sometimes doesn’t reset to the initial position at end of game. I mean sometimes it’ll start with the target bank facing towards the flippers. Is that just my game or is it a code issue?

Code, I noticed this too then sometimes while in attract mode after a while it moves back to start position.

#3031 6 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Not sure trough lights are needed on this game, it has bright lights in the apron, behind each flipper. I think someone makes a filter to slip in there to change colors if desired, cant remember who tho.

Just go onto Amazon and buy something like these and cut them into 1.5" or 2" squares and tape them on the inside of your apron covering the light holes.

amazon.com link »

#3161 6 months ago

For those who installed Pinwoofer kits, there seem to be two different amp kits. Which one did you guys install?


#3199 6 months ago

I've been messing around with a few different Godzilla figures and worked on this one for the past day. I just thought with all the burning buildings it might be cool to see Godzilla spreading some fire blasts. Nothing set in stone yet and testing the circuit for the flame effects LED's which is currently hooked to the GI's.

#3224 6 months ago

Stern keeps blaming supply chain issues whether chips displays etc..., but they always seem to find a way to put another title on the line or re-run an older spike game now with the connect system installed.

Wouldn't it be more logical just to use those parts instead to complete orders for a game that they pumped up at the shows and on social media that is now in high demand??

#3231 6 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

You can't run Godzilla Premiums with Beatles parts. Sure they have a lot of parts common to both, but if you're out of one specific Godzilla Prem assembly and the rest is on a boat chilling off the coast of LA, you're SOL to make more Godzilla Premium and have to put something you DO have all the parts on hand to make on the line to keep it running. If Stern could make Godzilla Premiums with WWE parts they'd be in heaven.

LOL I know that, title scheme parts are locked to that title. However what I kept hearing is either cpu, sound or display chips shortages due to world wide shortages at the moment. Playfields and plastic are a dime a dozen and many places can do that for them locally if need be. My point is if there are such chip shortages as claimed then why do they run other titles that I sure use that same chips for sounds, cpu or displays. Shouldn't the shortage issue be affecting those re-runs as well?

#3239 6 months ago
Quoted from docquest:

Did you time travel into the future to get that DVD? It's says 50th anniversary on it but Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla came out in 1974 which was 47 years ago?

Remastered maybe ?

#3257 6 months ago

This frigging game is something else, I kept saying okay 1 more, 1 more...... that was about 3-4 hours ago lol. Now I really need to go and get shit done around the house right after I play 1 more....

Love this machine.

#3263 6 months ago
Quoted from Nikko:

My second question is why is there a ball behind the magnet?

Kinetic energy ball for the bridge destruction switch.

#3274 6 months ago

So I have been looking at Tilt graphics ramp decals, is the right ramp supposed to be a roadway to the bridge or railroad? I'm a bit confused on this one lol.

#3352 6 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Lots of wild balls flying off of Mechagodzilla and landng on the right ramp wireform. Only one Stuckagodzilla so far, but easily shaken free:
[quoted image]

Check to make sure your mech is level with the playfield, you can also turn down the power of your flippers a little bit too.

#3466 6 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Agreed. New York is the USA city represented on the game, and it should have an accent associated.

Hell, they should have had me do the NYC callouts.... I would have done it for free and a few F bombs

#3468 6 months ago
Quoted from ShaffeTrain:

Ordered my premium on 11/1, joined the club yesterday.
Now just waiting on my powder coating from Pinball Refinery and my littles to give me a chance to play
[quoted image][quoted image]

Congrats, looks like the family is enjoying as well that's awesome and what this hobby is all about. Have fun!!!

#3508 5 months ago
pasted_image (resized).png
#3585 5 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

wife's new mothra statue just arrived...can't convince her to make it a topper, though
[quoted image]

It's actually 29 days to Christmas That would make a awesome topper though.

#3599 5 months ago

Ok after a few days playing with Godzilla's fire blast, I find it works best on a 12v supply line "not a GI or flasher" as the circuit did not like the quick interruptions of power.

So I decided for several reasons that I will not be making these to sell with the two biggest reasons being:

1- Time it takes to make one
2- Price for the Godzilla figures varies as does the availability of them.

Another reason is why profit from a hobby where I can share something and give back to others so they can make their own mod at cost and enjoy it. So all I ask is PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS MOD and try to going into business for your self by selling it to fellow hobbyist for a profit, let's all try to enjoy the hobby as reasonable as possible and give back to each other where we can. Especially that we are frigging paying over 10k for machines now.

With that being said here is the list of things used to make it, use it as a guide or change it to what you like.

Godzilla Figure:

Bandai Toho 2009 Classic Godzilla, this is the figure I used as it kept with the 1950's - 1960's version of Zilla used in the clips "Price Hunt Them":

ebay.com link: itm

Flame Blast:

1:12 Pyro Blast this seller sells a single or double pack for the extra few bucks get the 2 pack in-case of a mistake and these are semi fragile:

ebay.com link: itm

Fire LEDs Kit with circuit board, I strongly recommend the nano size chip and optional AC/DC 7-19v and extra wire. Should total $11.10


Remote Outlet:

If you are going to buy a cheap dedicated 12v power supply and run it off your service outlet please know when you shut the machine the service outlet is still live and so will be his fire blast, unless you are using a wireless remote outlet that shut it all down like the one listed below.

amazon.com link »

12v Power supply with Barrel Jack connectors:

amazon.com link »

If you are not going to buy a 12v power supply and don't use a remote outlet (BTW on sale today on Amazon Back Friday deals) then you can pull the 12v from the CN6 connector on your power board in the back box but you'll have to make the plug.

In addition to some CA Glue or Crazy Glue, extra wire about 30" in length (x2), soldering gun and heat shrink.

If anyone is interested in doing this mod for your machine these are the parts needed so if you wish to order them now and get a jump by all means please do so. I intended on doing a construction process video of for you to see as building it in the next few days, if not then I'll write out the step by step that I did which is pretty easy to do, and if you have any questions I'll try to help as much as I can via text or phone which ever you like.

Okay so start ordering up and step by step details coming soon.

#3673 5 months ago
Quoted from ArcadeBar:

Finally got time to work on some lighting and first up was my boy blue target bank, electrified it nicely I think.. will probably switch to a color changer in scoop but trying green out for now
[quoted image]

Shield targets looks awesome

#3708 5 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

I've literally headbutted the button, no cheating here. Accessibility is a requirement in my household, though

Quoted from Chitownpinball:

I used my chin. I thought that was crafty in itself.

Hitting that button can be challenging, but we adapt and learn as we go along. So now I just pop a Viagra 30 minutes before play

#3713 5 months ago
Quoted from eyeamred2u:

Those coin slots must take a beating lmao

Actually my wife is taking a bigger interest in pinball now too

#3762 5 months ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Who's up for a barbecue!
[quoted image]

End of the world party on the roof.

#3842 5 months ago
Quoted from pickleric:

Joined the club yesterday. Enjoying it!
Recycled an old fridge magnet to log into Insider Connected, works great![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I did this for my wife and I it's great having it right there to swap in and without messing with the phone to bring up photos etc....

Just don't laminate as the sensor doesn't like the gloss shine for reading

#3843 5 months ago

“Mothra joins the battle”

6A3ED3AE-5EB8-4381-BDF4-B8B4CB8BF9AC (resized).jpeg
#3861 5 months ago
Quoted from benjoewoo:

Does anyone know where you can plug an ethernet cord directly into the premium game?

yep right into the spike II board, there is an rj45 jack there

#3887 5 months ago
Quoted from BeeGee6533:

That bridge pounds the plastic beneath it with a lot of force and fairly often I believe. I put a piece of target foam on top of the plastic where it impacts from the bridge above it. Seems to be working well as the foam is now absorbing the force. I can see that it’s indented on the foam from the multiple hits it takes already.
[quoted image]

Does the ball still clear the other half when the bridge is out to drop cleanly onto the playfield?

#4116 5 months ago

I just noticed even Guns and Roses appreciates the great Godzilla.

904885B9-3B8B-406A-8098-249BC3ECE713 (resized).jpeg
#4137 5 months ago
Quoted from Vitty:

Had my Godzilla mech quit spinning last night. Motor runs to spin it but no action. Hoping it’s just the hex screw came loose on the motor shaft. The unit does appears to have two gears though so hopefully it’s not a stripped gear. Will report back once i take the motor assembly off this evening.

Seen this happen and there are a few things to do.

1- Loosen the white nylon lock nut, then just snug it and not over tighten it.

** If one don't work**

2- Remove the mech from the machine, it's 4 plugs I believe and 5 screws. Then remove the set nut and pull the carousel out from the brass bushing. Now use something like a wire brush or a firearm bore brush and clean the inside of the bushing to make sure there are no burs. Get a piece of steel wool or wire brush and gently clean the carousel spindle. Now get a teflon oil or bearing grease and ever so slightly lube the shaft. Finally I found the very bottom washer on the spindle next to the e-clip to be a little too thick and tight against the bushing and clip so I got a new washer with the same inner diameter and placed it there instead freeing up a tad of space.

** update, to remove the carousel you'll also have to remove the e-clip to the white push arm that goes to the motor's bell crank. Sorry forgot to mention that one little detail **

Reassemble and check that it moves very freely.

My mech has been perfect ever since.

#4286 5 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

S.S. Elwin
[quoted image]

Naegele Oil

F09AEF3A-51AA-4AF5-92B7-268F6E8C2AAE (resized).jpeg
#4292 5 months ago
Quoted from Magicmike0:

YES! Awesome! I bought this figure because I thought it looked best with Zombie Yeti’s artwork! Wasn’t sure if it’d fit as far as size, but I loved the old school look of it, and the mix of Green colors used. Almost bought a different one but once I saw this one, I just knew it’d be perfect! Now I know I made the right choice!!! Will be putting it in this week! A couple questions. Is the heat ray effect just lights reflecting or you got a light under it somehow? Love the look! Also, How’d ya secure yours? Last question…do you just take the old one out still attached to the plastic? Thanks for posting!
Here’s a few pics I took of him messing around when I got it last weekend.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I would have never guessed in a million years that Godzilla was into modeling.

#4323 5 months ago

“Tanks are set to move in on Godzilla”

So I was toying with the idea of putting tanks in the vicinity of the tank shots. Not sure how I feel about it yet I’m gonna give it a game or two and see, But just doing one tank was a pain in the ass, as we are trying to keep everything to scale.

3498B92A-58D2-4021-B1FB-D3D20F5FA75C (resized).jpeg6C67479B-553F-48B4-AFE2-4A7A86A01896 (resized).jpeg20CD04E4-85A3-4079-9260-E1AE1CE034A6 (resized).jpeg877C9C9C-E303-4F28-B677-1C1F4BC838DC (resized).jpeg8A76879E-05E1-40D9-8578-786685BA6A59 (resized).jpeg
#4353 5 months ago
Quoted from davegauth:

I kind of noticed my GZ is not dimpling nearly as much as my other stern games, and thought... hmmm..... maybe they stopped putting the clear coat on so thick....
It's been my uneducated thought that it's the thick clear coat that is dimpling and not the actual wood itself. Some games made by other manufacturers(new and old) don't have the same amount of dimpling going on. But the ones where Stern started making their own have a more pronounced problem with it. Maybe stern is figuring out the recipe better.
That was what my tiny little brain was thinking anyway..

Even wood dimples just look at all the older Bally Williams games. I believe they went the a thinner clear coat which helped alleviate the pooling issues that were seen early on with some of the older titles like JP for instance as well as removed artwork from under those posts.

#4356 5 months ago
Quoted from galaxian:

What's up with pricing on these? My last stern preimum I purchased was $1000 or so below MSRP aka stern street price. But I reached out to a distributor to get in on a preimum and they are only selling MSRP + shipping. Did stern get rid of the street price program or is the distributor profiting the discount?

Godzilla right now is Hot, real Hot!! If you happen to find a distro that has any and you get it for msrp then consider yourself lucky as many are selling it above right now with the shortages due to supply and demand of components from overseas.

#4372 5 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I asked the seller about these micro-machines die cast tanks and he said they're about 35mm, which should be a great size. All but one would need a few squirts of army green paint to cover the garish colors, but for about $2 each (if there's not a bidding war), hard to beat.
ebay.com link: itm
[quoted image]

The one I had 3D printed is 29.5mm as shown in the picture is just about 1 1/8". 35mm will put you at just a fraction below 1 1/2". For a few bucks it's worth the shot, especially that it took almost two hours to print that little SOB

#4378 5 months ago
Quoted from Sleal16:

Was looking for something around the 35-40 wide so might be just what I'm looking for

At that width (35-40mm) it would put the length just about 3 1/2 - 4", way too big IMHO. If you want something a little bigger although not Japan but a little paint can fix that, look at these.

ebay.com link: itm

#4384 5 months ago
Quoted from JP76:

40mm is 1.57”

Correct but notice he was talking about width in the 35-40mm range where I quoted him, so the scaled length would be between 3.5 - 4 inches.

#4444 5 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

Thanks for the info! Oh man, I just realized you had those little figures on the building...haha. Where did you get those?

Quoted from wtatumjr:

Go to Amazon, type in Woodland Scenics Backyard Barbecue'

They are 1:87 scale or HO scale figures!!

End of the World Roof Party!!!!

20995B6B-94D1-4539-ABDF-DDAD001C3D16 (resized).jpeg63F0999D-C61F-4E07-8D8F-DFBA097718D9 (resized).jpeg
#4447 5 months ago
Quoted from medic7000:

Did you get those on Amazon? Couldn’t find anything like yours

ebay.com link: itm

ebay.com link: itm

#4490 5 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Unfortunately not. I ordered a set from wizard mod in the UK.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Wizardmod blades are awesome in this pin, nice and colorful too.

#4742 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinballmonkey:

Hey Deathhimself, which tape did you use?

For anyone looking to do the End of the World Roof Party, here is how I did it for suggestion but do what works for you.

Before placing figures down I put down clear Mylar on the roof plastics.
Then I used a dab of CA or Crazy Glue on the feet or chair supports and carefully place them on top of the Mylar making sure it’s completely on the Mylar and not the plastics.

Hope that helps you.. cheers!

#4767 5 months ago
Quoted from sataneatscheese:

Just joined the club after finding an in Stock premium local to me yesterday

Quick, go play lotto while your luck streak is hot!!!

#4844 5 months ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I screwed it in from the underside of the plastic, like the original, using the existing screw hole but drilled GZ. I only used one screw instead of two. I also added a pull tie around a GZ back fin to the habitrail to make GZ lean so he will clear the glass. I had to shave the GZ right elbow and
Right foot area a bit

I think he might be talking about your roof figures.

#5054 5 months ago
Quoted from Muymanwell:

nothing's been announced, but it seems like it'd be likely. then again, there are still movies featured in EHOH's art that aren't in the game

I believe most of that which was not implemented in EHOH was mainly due to Lyman’s departure.

#5199 5 months ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

The reason I swapped out speakers is because I was getting an awful "paper speaker" distortion or rattling noise out of the originals. The cabinet speaker was the worst, but the backbox had it too.
The new speakers eliminated the noise. The highs are definitely more prominent. I think it sounds better, but it's not a huge upgrade. I'm still playing with the settings to get it all tuned the way I want it.
Most people go with the Kenwoods that are found in the LE. These Pyle PL53BL were about $23 for a pair on Parts Express. Good value.
I think the cabinet speaker was more of a significant improvement. I went with the Goldwood GW-8024. $39 on Parts Express.

Dropping in a fairly reasonable amp with a little punch also helps out quite a bit when doing those speaker upgrades.

amazon.com link »

#5269 5 months ago
Quoted from PinDeadHead:

I turn away for one minute…
[quoted image]

Must be Italian, going for the feast of the 7 fishes. Or just kicked the shit out of Ebirah a few times

#5283 4 months ago

Curious, anyone spot and Christmas Easter Eggs in Zilla today as of yet? If there is any at all.....

#5397 4 months ago

If anyone is looking for Xilien Controller Figures:

ebay.com link: itm

#5440 4 months ago
Quoted from SlamtiltAB:

They sure do! Do you know when they are supposed to be up on speaker lights? Will keep looking!

I’m about to toss in the towel on waiting for these, it’s been holding up my speaker upgrade. I’m about to order the 5.25 plates and just be done with it.

#5450 4 months ago
Quoted from SlamtiltAB:

Apparently they are supposed to be available on the site next week

Held off this long so might as well wait another week and see

#5482 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinballmonkey:

Is there a Mylar yet that would fit around the magma ball?

Just cut a piece yourself and wrap it around there.

#5587 4 months ago
Quoted from KingVidiot:

Yeah, I have a hard time enjoying Godzilla because I can’t stop thinking about how few wires and boards and solenoids are under the playfield
Might as well pop open a VCR and then a DVD player and cry “where’s the beef?”
Like all tech, pinball manufacturing has gotten a lot more efficient since the early 90s. I know this is gonna hurt, but that’s getting to be almost a 1/3 of a century ago.

To get machines in and out of my basement, each and every time I need to remove the head. Funny how this comes up when I was just thinking the other day " Dam you Stern" for making it only 8 plugs to disconnect now for this process instead of the 70+ I had to do in the past. I mean really who do they think they are trying to make improvements, don't they know we love the past. In fact lets go back to all those alpha numeric displays too instead of these color LCD displays

#5592 4 months ago

Ohh la la, female Xilien Controller:

ebay.com link: itm

#5651 4 months ago
Quoted from PinPeet:

Question. I have the chance to buy an LE but have the pro already at home. Love it. Quick and clean.
Should I buy the LE and sell the Pro. I love the right quick loop on the pro and think I will miss it when you have the Bash Toy MechaGodzilla. Do you think the bridge and Tower is worth the upgrade?

I have played both and both are awesome. If you are getting the LE at or slightly above MSRP then hell yeah go for it, but if it is thousands more then MSRP, I'd so no and just wait from a prem then being you already have a pro. However between the two models I do like the tower and Mega mechs, bridge I can live without.

#5755 4 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Oh cool!! Thank you!! Where did you get the fighter jet from?

ebay.com link: itm

#5830 4 months ago

All this talk about speakers and subs etc.... I have a question for the tech pro's here lol.

If I purchased and external amp to amplify the back box speakers which will be 5.25" and the 8" cabinet sub, in addition to having a Polk PSW10 powered sub under the machine how would I do all these hookups?

I do have the Pinnovators spike adapter kit as well.

Here is the powered amp:

amazon.com link »

#5834 4 months ago
Quoted from BallyKISS1978:

Just use the pinnovators adapter and the external sub. I see no need for an amp. I have done this on all my stern spike II games. It’s over kill IMO.

Godzilla's Roar isn't still where I like it to be, hence why I want to boost the game speakers as well. If you ever heard R&M machine with their amp going and and a powered sub woofer too that's the effect I'm trying to achieve with Zilla. Rocks the dam house

#5876 4 months ago
Quoted from teddyb73:

Move the speech and the music to -4 in the advanced settings. Roar sounds better there.

Going to try that now, thanks.

#5880 4 months ago
Quoted from mostater:

Do the speakers light up on the LE?

That's an add-on Mod

#5910 4 months ago
Quoted from EvilChicken:

Thank you, Chuckwurt, I can play, that’s not the issue. The only thing is there will not be a Godzilla multiball because the building doesn’t move down so the balls won’t lock even when lock is lit. But all the flippers are working so I assume all coils are working? I have to admit I’m not sure that I know what the interlock is.

Start with something simple, looks like you installed a few mods. Are you sure you didn't accidentally unplug a wire anywhere near the building or maybe knocked a wire off without knowing?

#5976 4 months ago
Quoted from izzy:

Late night. Still too early for me to try all of the suggestions, but I did notice that the return spring was very weak. The soldered connection looked good, was working fine until all of a sudden a big drop off in power.

If you have an iron I would just reflow the solder anyway for the few seconds it takes just to make sure there isn't a cold joint there undetected. A quick drop in power can be a cold joint very easily, among others too but we start easy first

#6045 4 months ago
Quoted from troon47:

Thanks. I noticed those are for coil stops. Do I also need coil sleeves? Also, does that part fit on both the upper and lower flippers so I just need to order three of those?

Sleeves are cheap enough do them at the same time.

#6140 4 months ago
Quoted from dougPDX:

Seems like my building is not perfectly flush with the playfield - will occasionally have a ball hang up on the lip between the two. Easy enough to release with a nudge, but probably not ideal from a wear standpoint. Anyone else have this issue, and is there an easy way to adjust the height of the building at rest? I’m guessing the building just needs to sit ~1mm higher…

Stepper motor adjustment, I prefer to have it a C hair higher then the playfield as not the hit the edge and chip the artwork. In addition a piece of mylar cut to size and place along the edge is a good addition for extra protection as well.

#6188 4 months ago


If anyone is interested.

I have a second set of Xilien Controllers that I was going to use for a project that I scrapped. I know they are a bit pricey I guess because they are so hard to find but I'm looking what I paid for them $70.00 shipped in the US and I do accept PP as FF. If your interested just shoot me a PM thanks.
IMG_3047 (resized).JPG

#6276 4 months ago
Quoted from Pmaino:

What's everyone doing for side blades? Looking to add some to my premium.

I went with Wizardmods side blades, they look pretty nice when mounted in the machine.

1 week later
#6561 4 months ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Is your bubble installed backwards? That's happened before.

^^ yep seen that a few times

#6616 4 months ago

Has anyone other then the few demo folks get their GZ flickering flame speaker kits as of yet, if so how was the install process?

#6623 4 months ago
Quoted from Gunloc:

I'd like to think I ordered a set along with the skyline and plastic canvas early that morning as soon as it went on sale and I still haven't received it. I'm in no rush and will be patient, as he clearly stated this mod will take time. Looking forward to this awesome mod and will post when I receive it.

Ditto, ordered at 7:33am and have not heard anything as of yet which is fine. In the meantime I was hoping for those who did and received to hear how the install went, the do's and don't this way I'm a jump ahead when they come as what to do or not.

#6632 4 months ago
Quoted from Tokkentakker:

Curious why the Godzilla title is crossed out on the list of games this product fits?

Sold out most likely

#6653 4 months ago
Quoted from Frax:

Curious what kind of timeframes people are seeing from retailers on Pros and Premiums. Anyone ordered a game recently and been given an idea?

Hearing pending when you ordered mid this year to 1Q of 2023 on the GZ prems.

#6679 4 months ago

They are actually back ordered at CT. I know their cart system is a bit screwy but it tells you this just as you pay and not in the cart or when you add it to the cart. However they should be getting them within a weeks time, or so I was told that from them today.

#6722 4 months ago
Quoted from El_Patron:

Insider Connected QR scanner light went INOP. It occasionally has a dim flicker, but mostly dark now.. Anyone else have the problem or idea how to tackle?
[quoted image]

Have you checked underneath to see if it’s just the white LED board that’s not working or loose wire.

#6736 4 months ago
Quoted from venom112:

Ann one know if the flaming speaker kit is compatible with the LE since the speakers are different than the premium and pro?

Yes from what I believe, it works with the 4" and 5.25" speakers

#6746 4 months ago
Quoted from venom112:

Thank you for the reply guys, much appreciated. I thought that I had seen somewhere that there was some differences in the foam needed on the LE.

NVM Doug addressed this above

#6761 3 months ago
Quoted from kguenther6:

A regular spinner presses against a physical switch to score a spin. An optical spinner uses a light beam that it breaks to detect a spin of the spinner. I haven't looked to see which GZ has. The optical spinners will spin a little more on a hit because there will be no friction from pressing a physical switch to detect the spin.

GZ has a physical switch on it's spinners

#6782 3 months ago
Quoted from Kenswift:

Can someone check to see if there should be a screw on top of this please
[quoted image]

Mine is like yours, no screw......just like my sex life

#6784 3 months ago

31 years

Quoted from unclerudy:

And enjoy pinball?

yes and actually she does as well, so lucked out there!

#6808 3 months ago
Quoted from Lounge:

Those can be a pita. Cliffy’s for me.

Really wow, I find it just the opposite. I just lay them in place a few small pieces of clear mylar to it down and done.

#6818 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

Never had an issue either. Finally have one coming for gz

** Update: I actually spoke too soon as I just got a email stating they are still on back order and they shipped my other items instead. **

Speaking of which, I think Cointaker finally has them in for Godzilla as I just got a shipped notification for my order.

#6839 3 months ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

You're right, it does scan even though not lit up. I just tried re-seating the rj45 but no difference. While I can here it scanning it isn't logging me in despite everything looking fine in network settings. Any ideas?

Did you register the machine first?

#6842 3 months ago
Quoted from Palmer:

I don't think this would be the problem but for my game, I have to wait after boot up and until it gets to the IC attract screen before scanning in works for me.

Yep, it must connect to their network first after bootup. Some of which depends on your ISP speed and your wifi signal / strength. If possible I always recommend just running a cat 5e cable to the machine directly and be hard wired connected. Muh faster for connections and code updates.

#6925 3 months ago

Knowing the towers are only 3D printed and a steel ball will win that situation each time, I reduced the coil power on my flippers to make sure chances of airballs are greatly reduced. I reduced them to the point where each ramp is still obtainable with ease but it doesn't have to fly through at 40mph.

#6956 3 months ago

Whoot downloading now... 13 mins download awesome!

#6962 3 months ago
Quoted from Wariodolby:

Dang ! I thought I had fast internet.
Yours is turbo charged.
[quoted image]

Fios 1 gigabit connection, plus my machine is hard wired into a switch, not using the wifi dongle.

The most time consuming part is the game code update of the Spike II CPU board to complete, download was quick.

#7008 3 months ago
Quoted from highdef:

That's interesting. I have the 10-character option enabled, but it still says LFS.

Same for me

#7076 3 months ago
Quoted from jonnyqtrek:

This is odd... If it's not a 10-character thing, is it a pro/prem/Le thing?
[quoted image]

Good question. I have a Prem set to 10 letters and only has LFS

#7245 3 months ago
Quoted from Athlete:

Code 0.90 just came out. I have an LE. Can someone tell me the easiest way to update the code? Heard new code is real good

download it on your pc, extract the zipped files onto a usb stick, insert in the machine and then power it up , follow screen prompts.

#7262 3 months ago
Quoted from twenty84:

For whatever reason, at least on my game, the wifi update doesn't work great. I have good internet and can download the code on the PC in 10 min or less then put it on USB and update the game quickly. Trying the wifi method took hours after which the game froze and I needed to restart and try again. Tried it a second time and it froze again after more than an hour. The 3rd time it actually worked.

If you have the ability to do so, just run a cat 5e cable to your machine. The download speed will increase tremendously based on your ISP speed.

#7268 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

How long of a cable can you run without losing any reliability? I'm 40 to 50 feet.

328 feet

If your machines are in a row like most of us do, I would pickup a Trendnet or Netgear etc... 1gb switch with 8 ports. Put the switch behind the center machine, then use like short runs to each of the machines.

One like this for example or which ever company you like and support:

amazon.com link »

#7276 3 months ago
Quoted from twenty84:

There is no way this should require that kind of band width and it is an antiquated solution in the modern era.

When updates drop that are 4, 5 or even 6 gigs large the call for larger bandwidth kicks in with for the length of time to pull it down. Most wifi devices (wireless) will most likely peak out at maximum performance in the area of 250-300 Mbps, as where wired devices will pull as fast as your network card will allow. Now a days most likely a gigabit adapter in the machines now and cat 5e will allow that data speed.

The top of the machine has a removable plug for where the topper wire drops in, you can drop the cat 5e in there as well to the cpu board.

Yes pulling cable through walls, ceiling or even under a rug etc sucks unless your already have open walls on a rebuild etc... I agree 100%. For anyone building a new game room, kitchen etc.. I always suggest pulling cat 5e or cat 6, a few line to each location for future expansion.

You can also have a coiled up line at the switch ready to just pull across the room when a update drops, just plug in the RJ45 and in 30 seconds your dynamic ip should be ready to go. Then just coil it back up when your done. It's 10-15 mins worth of time to have the wire stretched across beats the hell out of a 1-2 hours wifi download.

Just a thought...

#7291 3 months ago
Quoted from sushko:

Were do you put the ethernet cable on the CPU board? Or do you need a USB adapter. Have you actually done this?

Port is right there on top of the CPU Board, left of the SD card and USB slots, just right of the molex plugs. See my photo below.
1327A56A-8A0A-43B8-9858-71C78A4DD9C6 (resized).jpeg

#7390 3 months ago
Quoted from xyntec:

See all the enthusiasm about the new code and can't play, after about 50 plays in, my building started getting jammed, and now it just jams continuously, either going up or down. Looks like the building is bend, probably by the weight during transport. Waiting for a new one now....
Disappointed, such a great game though

Disable the building mech in the game settings, and play away.

#7526 3 months ago

The Flickering Flaming Speaker Grills IMHO is a must on this machine. They fit the theme extremely well with awesome effects.

B14E80C8-74BF-4649-A4B5-CA556651C3E7 (resized).jpeg
#7583 3 months ago
Quoted from Dias:

it looks epic, i found the kit on the website , but didn't found the building's silhouette. Where can i find it. thanks

Doug has them in the acrylics sections on his website, or in my case I just 3D printed some skylines at 1.5mm thick x 135mm width x different height variations.

1 week later
#7823 3 months ago
Quoted from EaglePin:

New Code!!!
V0.91.0 - February, 17th, 2022
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot value only increased by 25K instead of 50K for building hits
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot value only increased by 50K instead of 125K for building through shots
- Godzilla Multiball - Jackpot boosting for subsequent multiballs reduced from 500K to 250K
- Tesla Strike - mode is now ended if you select to travel to a new City when it is currently running
- Annihilation Bonus - adding "ANNIHILATION DRAIN BASE AMOUNT" adjustment which is what the mode total will reset to for Annihilation Bonuses after draining
- Annihilation Bonus - fixed an issue with Bonuses not ever contributing multipliers after you drain out of them when starting them again in a new city
- Annihilation Bonus - fixed an issue with Annihilation multiplier not being applied properly sometimes
- Annihilation Bonus - Bonuses are now active during all Tier 2 battle modes
- Saucer Attack - added Destruction Jackpot +1X + Light Destruction Jackpot at 20 and 30 Saucer threshold
- Saucer Attack - 2 second grace period added
- Saucer Attack Multiball - updating intro video to include Xilien popup and better starting choreography
- Heat Ray - fixed an issue where pressing and holding the Action Button when the ball is draining will sometimes allow you to hold the button and keep the game from ending
- City Select - fixed an issue when playing a Tier 2 mode and completing it before completing a Tier 1 mode causes a Rematch message to be shown when a Rematch is no longer possible
- Super Train - now only allowed once per game, and 50M points are awarded for future thresholds
- Planet X - flippers are now killed when the Xiliens are defeated when shooting into the scoop, Victory phase will begin by launching balls out of the trough again
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the Award and Jackpot light shows were hiding the active shots
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the music would cut out randomly in the Victory phase
- Planet X - fixed an issue where the Xilien transmission would be seen again if you win the Victory phase
- Planet X - removed the Xilien callouts in the Victory phase
- Imposter Battle - fixed an issue where it could be triggered more than once per lighting
- Callouts - adding many more callouts to the game
- Sound Effects - adding many more sound effect to the game
- Light Shows - adding many more light shows to the game
- High Score Champions - added the following high score champions:
- Insider Connected - added the following Achievements:
- Skill Shot - Make the Skill Shot
- Mecha Skill Shot - Make a Mecha Lane Skill Shot
- Secret Skill Shot - Make a Secret Skill Shot
- Super Secret Skill Shot - Make the Super Secret Skill Shot
- Rage Combo - Complete a Rage Combo
- King Ghidorah Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. King Ghidorah
- King Ghidorah Big Win - Score 500 Million+ in Battle vs. King Ghidorah
- Megalon and Gigan Win - Score 30 Million+ in Battle vs Megalon and Gigan
- Megalon and Gigan Big Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. Megalon and Gigan
- Ghidorah and Gigan Win - Score 100 Million+ in Battle vs. Ghidorah and Gigan
- Ghidorah and Gigan Big Win - Score 500 Million+ in Battle vs. Ghidorah and Gigan
- Bridge Attack Multiball - Super Get a Super Jackpot in Bridge Attack Multiball
- Saucer Attack - Destroy a Saucer
- Double Saucer Attack - Destroy 2 Saucers at once using an alley pass to the pop bumper
- Saucer Attack Multiball - Start Saucer Attack Multiball
- Saucer Attack Multiball Saucer Jackpot - Get a Saucer Jackpot in Saucer Attack Multiball
- Saucer Destroyer - Bronze - Destroy 15 Saucers - Lifetime
- Saucer Destroyer - Silver - Destroy 50 Saucers - Lifetime
- Saucer Destroyer - Gold - Destroy 100 Saucers - Lifetime
- Planet X Start - Start Planet X Multiball
- Planet X Complete - Complete Planet X Multiball
- Planet X Victory Complete - Complete Victory phase of Planet X
- City Combo - Collect a City Combo
- City Combo Set - Collect all the City Combos in one city
- 5 City Combos - Collect 5 City Combos in a single game
- All City Combos - Collect all the City Combos in all the cities
- City Combos - Bronze - Collect 10 City Combos - Lifetime
- City Combos - Silver - Collect 25 City Combos - Lifetime
- City Combos - Gold - Collect 50 City Combos - Lifetime
- Secret Combo - Collect a Secret Combo
- All Secret Combos - Collect all 10 Secret Combos in a single game
- Imposter Battle - Level 1 - Collect an Imposter Battle award
- Imposter Battle - Level 3 - Collect 3 Imposter Battle awards in a single game
- Adjustment Changes:
- added "ANNIHILATION DRAIN BASE AMOUNT" default:20M min:10M max:100M
- added default score / count adjustments for new high score champions above
- System - Updated to V3.07.0 on OS: V2.6.0
- Updated to nodeboard firmware/protocol v0.84.0

Since updating, the magna grab magnet only during Godzilla multiball isn’t releasing the balls. It will hold two and even three and won’t release until a ball search. This happen about 4 times already. New balls too not magnetized, only during this mode are we experiencing this.

#7828 3 months ago
Quoted from Hayfarmer:

My new carbon core balls magnetized in 200 plays. Might swap out just to check

They are brand new with only about six games plays on them, they release fine with all other grabs just GZ multiball.

#7856 3 months ago
Quoted from MaxAMillion:

I love Godzilla and can’t stand GnR if that helps any. GnR is so repetitive and boring IMO. But pinball is a very personal thing. Whats one persons GOAT is another’s trash. Play what you enjoy.

GNR LE came and gone GZ Prem still here and will be for the long haul, it's the shiznay!!!

#7995 3 months ago