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Stern Code Updates???

By Dis_Pinballer

4 years ago

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    #1 4 years ago

    Santa Gary gave most of us coal for Xmas...
    What games do you think will get an update, and when do you think an update will occur?
    I hope Stern gives more love to Star Trek LE/Premium and Pro.
    Fix bugs, polish code, and add a few new features...
    The code is really great, but it could always be improved.

    #3 4 years ago

    Santa Gary...

    No pin code for both of you this year...
    Maybe next year...


    #4 4 years ago

    Santa Gary...


    #5 4 years ago

    Avengers LE/Premium and Pro
    Xmen LE/Premium and Pro
    Game of Thrones
    Walking Dead
    Pins needing code love and improvements...

    #12 4 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    I hope Pinside gives me less code threads this year! FFS!
    How about a sub-forum dedicated to it?
    All the whiners could just have a heyday!

    If no one says anything, Stern will continue being a code Grinch.
    You can thank people like myself holding Gary accountable for code updates when your pin gets a much needed update.

    #13 4 years ago
    Quoted from mountaingamer:

    Leave me alone - Santa Gary is busy!


    The pic is missing a bottle of vodka.

    #16 4 years ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    It's there. Play better.
    I've never seen Valinor on LOTR, Super Mega Wizard Mode on TSPP, or Sperm Attack on FGY - but that doesn't mean they need updates. Save the code outrage for the games that truly need it - missing features & bugs.

    I think Star Trek is great, but Microsoft Windows gets updates periodically.
    I feel bad for the people with pins that need major code updates.
    They deserve a completed pin.
    Stern always likes to say "stay tuned", but people are still waiting, and usually get bupkis.

    #18 4 years ago
    Quoted from Chambahz:

    Your understanding of how things work is a wee bit simplistic.
    Like the majority of people on Pinside, Gary Stern doesn't listen to you, or value your opinion.

    You are absolutely right.
    He cares about vodka and money.
    Pinside revolted earlier this year, and he did listen a little.
    He banned the shirt.
    He tried to block the siege on his Facebook page with Stern propaganda and not allowing posts on communicated day.
    There was some small media coverage.
    It is better than nothing.
    You have to vote with your wallet.
    I am never going to buy a NIB from Stern until the code is right.

    #19 4 years ago

    Remaining silent and acting like there isn't a problem doesn't fix the problem.
    Being vocal and not buying NIB will make him listen.
    It is a high-end toy that deserves better support.
    Most high-end toys get premium support because the company appreciates your business and wants repeat business.
    I think people are becoming more wise with pin purchases.
    Especially with pin companies delaying products for years and filing bankruptcy with many downpayments...
    Gary needs to sell his company to a businessman/woman with a brain.
    Gary is a thickheaded drunk that has no clue on customer service.
    He crawls in a vodka bottle.



    #20 4 years ago

    Back to my original question...
    What games do you think will get an update, and when do you think an update will occur?

    #22 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    This thread encapsulates everything wrong with this hobby.

    A hobby with no code support for a very expensive item.

    #25 4 years ago

    Waiting a year to get code is unacceptable or a few pin owners have received bupkis with regards to code.

    #26 4 years ago
    Quoted from ek77:

    Don't you mean Santa Jack

    Santa Jack Sh*t is Gary because he gives jack sh*t.

    #30 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    So your Star Trek LE doesn't work at all and you're waiting for an update so it will boot up again?

    The software has bugs that need to be fixed.
    Windows has bug updates as well.
    Microsoft doesn't just address security issues.
    My post includes everyone needing code.
    Gary Stern brown nosers/bootlickers.

    #33 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    Also, using ST as an example, which we both own, has undergone significant code updates and enhancements since release. Major features such as medals and enhancements to scoring, modes and multiball plus bug fixes.
    Currently on version 1.6.1. I've updated the code at least 4-5 times since owning it.

    It would be nice to get more polished code that addresses outstanding bugs.
    If they throw a few more features at us, we get a bonus.
    And there are people needing updates for crappy code.

    #35 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    When did you become the voice/advocate for all Stern owners?

    My post is a discussion.
    People talk about code all the time.
    I am not the "voice", but I am having a discussion about what/when code will appear.
    You must be a Gary Stern brown noser that can't hear anything negative about the company or your king.

    #36 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    Nice to see your tune changing when presented with facts.

    My tune hasn't changed.
    I think the code is great, but it needs a few changes.
    Did you read my first post?
    There are a lot of people needing code.

    #40 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    Didn't you hear that for every person that brown noses Gary Stern, they get a free game that Gary drives to your home and personally sets up for you.
    I have a lot of respect for Gary for keeping pinball alive through the dark ages. If it wasn't for him, we would be all playing 90s games without hope of anything new. They are the reason we can buy new games without having to pre-order or wait and hope that boutique manufactures are able to raise money and ship. 3-4 new titles a year, like clockwork.
    Do my two Stern games have bugs? Yes. All software does. Have I ever had a moment of diminished enjoyment from my Stern games due to code? No. Not once. They are great big toys and I enjoy them for what they are; objects to enjoy and amuse.
    Having some perspective about this conversation makes it a lot more fun to enjoy pinball.

    He makes new pins, but code support sucks.
    I don't respect a guy who doesn't respect his customers.
    They are expensive toys, and deserve better support.
    ST code took forever to get to the stage that we are enjoying now.
    People are still without an update.
    He doesn't care about the customers.
    Taking a year for an update is ridiculous.
    90s pins are classics that are on the top 10 list.
    Taking your money as a deposit or waiting a year for good code are both bad scenarios.
    He isn't a hero for making new pins.
    He needs to make pins with good code coming out of the factory.
    That will keep pinball alive.

    #45 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    In the list of pinball atrocities, code doesn't come even close to the list of actual issues your fellow Pinsiders face. For example, multiple people defrauding by taking money for games that will never be produced. And we get a few threads about that.
    But we get lots of threads about code.
    It's just simply not that broken. Sure, it could be better. But the games are fun and get more fun over time.

    I didn't give startup pin companies a deposit for a future pin.
    I can't comment on the situation, but it is a terrible situation.
    Fraud is wrong.
    If I give money for something, I better get a product after the transaction or the company has to be very reputable and in business for many years.

    #47 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    You should sell your sterns and go buy those 90's pins with complete code.

    Why would I sell my Stern pins when the code is 95% complete?
    I won't buy another NIB Stern pin.
    90s pins are great.
    Do you have a problem with them?

    #51 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    You keep running yourself in circles.

    You are running in circles.
    I don't like Stern's code support.
    ST has great code, but it took forever to get to the current stage.
    There are people with crappy code.
    Gary doesn't care about the customers.
    My posts have expressed these items.
    I haven't changed my opinion on Gary or his company.
    And Gary hits the vodka quite often.
    It gets brought up all the time on here.

    #52 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    All this energy for 5%?

    My post was more for other people waiting for code.
    I just made a comment about ST.
    I understand the frustration from waiting for code.
    Not all Sterns are great.
    Avengers, Wheel of Fortune, and others aren't great games.

    #53 4 years ago

    Mustang and WWE aren't great pins.

    #54 4 years ago

    Stern fanboys...

    #56 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    You should sell your sterns and go buy those 90's pins with complete code.

    You just show up to shoot your mouth off, and sound like an idiot at times.
    There are a lot of Pinside people with 90s pins.

    #57 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    Trade you Earthshaker for ST|LE? It has complete code. You'll love it.

    I won't buy a future NIB pin.
    My post was for people waiting for code, and I have hopes for more ST code.
    I don't like Gary.
    His Facebook page has comments from brainless people like you.

    #59 4 years ago
    Quoted from pintechev:

    Skill shot, super combo. Drained the topic and ignored you. 1,000,000 points!
    Disclaimer: the super skill shot code hasn't been implemented yet. It may or may not come in a future update. Stay tuned.

    Whatever floats your boat skippy...
    May not is more likely...

    #63 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    You'd think I wouldn't have to with you on here.
    You still wear your pig tails like this?

    It is my post dude.
    You have a beaver instead of a dick.
    I hear your loud mouth on other posts.
    Your new avatar...


    #73 4 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    I am sure Gary has as much respect for you as you have shown him here.
    And pays attention to code concerns raised here even less because of your shitty ass attitude.
    Thanks for nothing.

    Another Gary fanboy...
    People are angry about code problems that have been going on for years.
    A lot of customers have lost respect for him and his company.
    I don't care if he likes me or not.
    I am a customer that put up with poor service for an expensive toy.
    I know he doesn't care about what people say.
    He cares about money and vodka.
    If he had true competition, he would not be in business any more.
    Fanboys like you who worship him like a king will keep him in business.
    There are a lot of people fed up with the lack of code.

    #76 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    Keep crying about your toys, all good. I'll just keep buying them. Best of luck!

    PT Barnum once said suckers are born every minute.
    I am not crying.
    I won't buy another Stern NIB.
    I created this post for people to talk about the code issues.
    You and a few other Gary fanboys want to attack people that don't agree with your opinion.
    I am not scared of you or the other fanboys.
    Stern has code problems, and you and the other fanboys are in denial.
    But you have a right to keep buying crappy products and services...

    #77 4 years ago

    If there aren't code problems...
    Why does Stern delete fb posts and block people that post a concern about the lack of code?
    Silencing the truth...
    And he was quite concerned about shirts and flashinstinct's fb page.

    #110 4 years ago
    Quoted from DNO:

    And you are just a Troll, trying to get your jollies by being as rude and annoying as you can.
    I like how you keep fanning the flames of this otherwise dead topic.
    Gary and Stern have made me money as an operator.
    I have friends that work for Stern, I respect their livelihood and don't try to ruin their company. (In the disguise of being a concerned customer)
    I enjoy playing Stern pinballs.
    My Stern games have held their value, they are a great value as an operator. (Pro versions)
    So yes, guilty of being a fanboy of what helps me and others enjoy life.
    Also, put one of those hallowed B/W games next to a stern, let Anyone play them(that haven't been brainwashed by pinside), and ask them what the difference is, or what is lacking in either machine.
    Nobody will say "code"

    You don't care about code because your business is catering to casual pinball players.
    People who put a few dollars in your machines.
    They don't care about or question code because they don't own the machines.
    They play your pins for an hour or more, and that is the extent of their investment.
    You sell older pins to pin stores that sell new and used pins, and get a fair value plus the revenue earned from your machines.
    They probably give you a good deal if you are trading a machine for a newer machine.
    It is win win for you.
    You don't understand the household owner.
    If you buy a car with a feature, and the dealer makes you wait a year to enjoy the feature, I guarantee you will be p*ssed unless you are a car rental service similar to your pin arcade.
    It isn't a dead topic.
    It is dead to you because you have no stake with code.
    You make money regardless of code.
    If the game doesn't make a lot of money, you put the pin on the chopping block.
    Waiting a year for product support is telling customers that Stern employees/Gary aren't taking pride in their products.
    I don't care if Stern is the only pin manufacturer.
    It doesn't give them the right to treat paying customers like sh*t.
    Getting better code is called good customer support.
    If you knew anything about business, you would understand this concept instead of pandering to a name-brand.

    #114 4 years ago
    Quoted from Chambahz:

    The sad thing is, you're not talking about code objectively; you're just throwing out bombs and insults.
    Gary has stated that he believes it's best to produce games and keep the factory workers working, and that code gets fixed after the games are released. YOU don't agree with his opinion and you're the one attacking him with comments about vodka, and statements that he doesn't care about customers.
    You're the one who sank thousands into a StarTrek pinball machine that wasn't fully coded. Stern never promised anything with respect to code. No guarantee as to depth, no guarantee as to timing, and no guarantee that you would like it, once finished. You chose to buy it at first glance. Like it or not, it's this buying approach that is the cause of your grief.
    It's just sad that you would start a post like this, trashing the only real producer of pinball machines currently and personally attacking Gary, who has kept pinball alive for the past decade when nobody else could. (Not to mention their recent success with titles like ACDC, Metallica, and The Walking Dead -arguably some of the best pins ever made)
    If you're not happy with your StarTrek, I'm pretty certain that you could sell it for more than you paid, even after playing it for over a year.
    And yet, you continue to whine and complain more than the guys who lost money to Predator or Jpop.
    You're a SadSack my friend. Not certain if this is another account for you, or if you're just the same type of person he is/was, but you're like pinball cancer and your threads should be deleted. There's zero interest in discussing anything, it's just a sad plea for attention.

    Delete my thread for voicing an opinion...
    Maybe you need to move to a Communist country where freedom of speech is frowned on.
    You are the SadSack for attacking me for a differing opinion.
    Gary treats his customers like sh*t because of the horrible code support.
    There are a lot of people on Pinside that feel the same way.
    Most products sold have some sort of reasonable support.

    #116 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    I'm a "household owner" and I've had few complaints with code, my specific one that sticks was the long time it took to get Xmen to a high level and I think they did that.
    Even Avengers is complete, it could use some polish but it's complete.

    It took them forever to fix the Xmen code.
    They need better turnaround for code updates.
    ST is the same story.
    Waiting 1 year for an update is ridiculous.
    Hire more software engineers.
    Avengers isn't complete.
    A lot of people aren't happy with the current state of the code.
    It needs an update.
    Stern never addresses these issues.
    He sticks his head in the sand.
    They have a new building, but can't hire software engineers.

    #120 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    What's the current complaint that Avengers isn't complete?

    For the Vs. modes, allow the user to go in the settings and select the number of shots required to win each Vs. mode (I believe there is already a setting for the amount of ball save time for Vs. modes which is good, but it would be much more fun to be able to also set in the settings the number of shots required to finish the modes to make them more achievable based on the player's abilities)
    -when extra ball is lit make the Black Widow shot send the ball to the Hulk VUK/scoop (make an option in the software for the diverter to divert and send the ball to the Hulk VUK instead of the left habitrail/inlane). Trying to shoot the scoop/hole directly for extra ball is frustrating and pure luck most of the time
    -Lower the multipliers that the Nick Fury shot awards by about half (those multipliers are far too unbalanced in relation to the rest of the scoring)
    -double the multiplier bonus for the pop bumper lanes to make them more valuable (there are six pop bumper lane lights so it is not easy to rack up those multipliers so why not make them more rewarding)
    -combos would add some extra fun to the shot making and since the shots are tight they could be made a little more valuable than most wide open games (the menu system already has placeholders for combos), also initials for combo champion and maybe best combo like in Spider-Man
    -Attract sounds when flippers pressed (a simple request)
    -Thor flasher bug
    -Fix the H target reset problem as described in the posts above
    -Battle for Earth add animations

    #122 4 years ago
    Quoted from centerflank:

    Or you could add something substantial to your "post" instead of stomping your feet around in it like a 4 year old.
    One thing people can do is stop setting games up so easy with easy extra balls or whatever they pitch them at, setting games at 5 ball to start with. Keep the glass on and challenge yourself, I'm calling out all the cupcakes.

    I am not stomping my feet.
    I am talking about a problem.
    Waiting ridiculous amount of time for code is just plain bad.
    I am not unhappy with the current state of ST, but it took forever to get a code update.
    People are still waiting for code on other pins.
    Stern has had this problem for years, and hasn't done much to fix the problem.
    They delete fb posts, and ban people for bringing up the code issues.
    Posts that were concerns, and not nasty attacks.
    They treat customers poorly.
    The pins are expensive.
    Most expensive products are accompanied with platinum support from other companies.
    Stern shouldn't be any different.
    I am not going to paint a rainbow pic of Gary and Stern.
    It has nothing to do about me stomping my feet.
    This post was for people to voice their issues or become educated with the issues.
    Some people attack others for negative Stern talk.
    If people fling mud, I can fling mud back.
    The post was to discuss the issue, and speculate on when/what pins are going to get code.
    Gary is the owner, and can fix these problems.

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