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Stern Announces Star Wars Pinball

By NiftyLED

3 years ago

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#140 3 years ago

The hate grows strong with pinside LOL.

Look at it from a different perspective - the shots and layout looks sweet. Long shots with fast returns. It's gonna shoot like a dream. Cant see the inserts, but the overall insert matrix definitely looks great with a lot going on.

Do you want amazing art with a shitty layout or an amazing pin with typical license art? We havent gotten the HD pics yet, bet the game looks better in person.

Can't wait to see HD pics and video....then see the hate turn a 180 and let the force flow back into you all

#169 3 years ago
Quoted from cantbfrank:

I hate to say it, but... did they just take GoT playfield and add Star Wars art?

uhhhh yea....not seeing it bro. nice try though.

#172 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

The more I look at the pf, the cooler it looks. I think this will shoot awesomely!! It will come down to code...sad it isn't Lyman on this.

THIS X10000

someone gets it. Look at the playfield, design, insert matrix. Some cool stuff happening on this pin. Just cause it doesnt have Zombie Yeti or DD to mask poor design flow, doesnt mean its a bad pin. Game looks fun.

#362 3 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

If Steve did this he should retire. Im betting this steaming turd is a Gary Stern design with SR on it. I cant believe even Stern would put out a POS like this. Areosmith is a much better looking game and its fun.

And how fun was Star Wars? Oh that's right, you haven't played it or even seen it. Buh-bye.

#363 3 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

i think GOT Pro proved with its simple layout and unpacked playfield that fun doesnt equal clutter on playfield.

Boomchakalaka! Winner!

#901 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

It would be kind of interesting if there was a collapsing AT-AT somewhere on the playfield. Maybe like the mini playfield on WOZ where you flip the ball around it like it was a snowspeeder, and eventually get the AT-AT to fall down.
Like this:

So yea, that's a cool idea. And that's what separates the men from the boys. A lot of the haters in this thread, and even supporters, want toys and gimmicks. But SR has been in this hobby long enough to know gimmicks only go so far. Typically speaking, one trick ponies get old quick in a home collection. It's why he's the king of flow; because flow, speed, code, and gameplay trump gimmicks, art, toys, etc...

Action, speed, flow, fun, code, theme, etc... are what pinheads want which is what Steve Ritchie thrives on. Toys, gimmicks, art, one trick ponies are what the kiddies want. Can't please everyone; want high quality gameplay with kick ass rulesets - buy Steve ritchie. Want toys and gimmicks - buy Borg. Want unique designs - buy Trudeau.

Can't wait to see this pin in action, LCD use, sounds, hi results pics/video, etc...and see a majority of the hate do a 180 just as it did wit acdc, ST, GOT.

Keep calm, ritchie is at the helm...and the force is strong with this one.

#1208 2 years ago

So just a recap of Steve Ritchie's return to stern:

- AC/DC: released, hate hate hate on art....top 10 pin

- Star Trek: released, hate here hate on art...hits the top 25, Dwight returns to stern and does his magic...almost top 10 pin (11)

- thrones: released: hate hate hate on art....top 35 pin; Ritchie + Sullivan combo from the get go and put together one of the best rulesets in all of pinball in which I consider the pro one of the best pins ever.

-Star Wars: released, hate hate hate on art. Ritchie + Sullivan together again...nuff said.

Bottom line:
Keep calm: Steve Ritchie is in control of the millineum falcon and Dwight is his Chewie

#1309 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

If folks can say they like XYZ about this game then others can certainly say they dislike XYZ about it.
To say you've seen enough to like it while others have not seen enough to be disappointed is just weird considering we've all seen the same thing.
Simply put this game lacks the art of Aerosmith & the toys of Ghostbusters which is a turn off for some. Factor in how its a dream theme for perhaps the highest majority ever & disappointment occurs.
Several recent Stern games received very warm first impressions so Pinside is not full of Stern haters.
If I didn't know any better I'd think there's 799-800 people defending this game because they preordered it 2 years ago.
I will likely end up with one eventually because its pinball & star wars. But... for me & my game room this title quickly went from being #1 priority to acquire next to #? priority

Wait, arent you contradicting yourself? If folks say they dislike XYZ about this game then others can certainly say they like XYZ about it, no?

And how can you say it lacks art when you havent seen high res definition pics of the detail? or how can you say it lacks toys when you havent seen them in action?

Im not in on an LE, PREM, or Pro...it just seems weird that Star Wars 'fans' who want this pin are so quick to write it off after how much success Steve Ritchie has had with his past few releases; and without seeing any high definition photos. It just doesnt make sense.

Im a star wars fan and have this on my radar; all im saying is be a little patient and give it a chance for when you actually see the press release from stern.

And yea, i know it sucks that stern let their juggernaut of a theme be leaked to the public via low res video quality; but let me play devils advocate for a minute. There has already been a lot of speculation, confirmed from distributors, that stern was purposely holding off releasing this title to boost sales of Aerosmith & ACDC. So here's my devils advocate thought: with delaying the release + allowing low res poor quality pics out into the open, you got XYZ buyers pulling out and buying Aerosmith, ACDC, TWD, GB, GOT, etc... instead. Then, stern releases high res pics, video, gameplay, and those X-Buyers are now like 'oh shit' i just bought Aerosmith and Star Wars looks amazing! F'it, im buying both - ill figure out the financing later....

#2894 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah it looks like there's multiple skills shots to choose from. I wonder why the others are? Maybe plunge to the mini LCD? Plunge to left inlane like Congo?

Ive heard the skill shot is a roaving shot on the 3 bank targets which earns +X bonus multipliers.

#3050 2 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Consumers can determine the quality and value for the same exact MSRP cost of this title.
I do not believe a game features matrix is required for proper comparison in this case.

Yup, I'd still take SW and pocket the extra $1-$3k, plus have better displays, better theme, sounds, dynamic scoring with multipliers and big jackpots that are displayed and not hidden. I love JJP games but they really gotta work on displaying the dramatic big jackpot shots on the display that stern is so good at doing.

#3054 2 years ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

MSRP Prices:
Dialed In™ Pinball Standard Edition $8,000.00
Dialed In™ Pinball Limited Edition $9,000
Star Wars Limited Edition $8999
Star Wars Premium Edition $7,899
The game playfields shown are the Stern SWLE and JJP DILE.
There is exactly a $1 difference, this is not the collector edition, because there are no released photo of the DICE.

Price hikes suck for sure but it's a good thing we don't have to pay msrp (typically) on stern pins, but we do on jjp games?

I love me some woz and hobbit; and dialed in looks great. But jjp still needs work to contend against games stern games. They can start with their oversized display which they are getting better at integrating each game, and someone should let them know that pinball is a game of scoring and when you hit a big shot, it should mean something. Dialed In is definitely a step in that right direction as their scoring is starting to get better with how it's displayed, but big jackpots should be splattering the F* out of the screen with scoring more so than the word jackpot itself.

#3079 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Not to mention build quality and durability.

Yea, but fun, last ability, and dependability trump that.

#3192 2 years ago
Quoted from SChlafi:

Everyone can has its own opinion, but come on, better displays on sterns, better sound?
If you are only talking about information about what to do on screens, DI is the best stuff I've seen so far, I really like the use of the phone to give precise and readable information.
Sound wise, well, can any flipper on the market compares to the hobbit?
Also, you guys gotta compare what can be compared. Consider that JJP doesnt make pro and you'll be closer from the truth.

Better display? Hands down yes. JJP is getting better but the display does not have to be so big and stern just proved it with AS, and soon SW.

As for sound, have you heard the new spike system? But I'm not saying it's better than JJPs, I was actually referring to sound call outs and effects. I'm just not feeling the dialed in sound package yet, and Dwight + Steve love dramatic theme induced call outs and effects. but with all fairness, I'll reserve final judgement for when I play both in person.

#3297 2 years ago

The ingenious spark of GOT isn't just selecting your house at the beginning of the game, but also the choice of 4 houses you bring into the Hand of the King. I hope, and excited to see, these elements of diversity and player chosen paths carried over into Star Wars. After what Steve & Dwight learned while building GOT; im super excited to see how they develop to yet another next level in Star Wars.

Anyone who's a fan of either Star Wars, Steve Ritchie, Stern games, fast & fun games, or pinball in general should be super excited to learn and play this pin!

#3306 2 years ago
Quoted from yuriijos:

It sucks that you can only choose between those characters, and they are all good guys. Why can't you be Darth Vader? This is what is going to make the game the same, Rebels trying to destroy the Death Star as in the movies. Just as GOT has Iron Throne, why not make SW a battle for the Universe. Could be so much more potential but will have to wait and see how it plays I guess.

It would be cool if you could use the action button before you select a character which could choose between light and dark. Same abilities just good or bad:

Luke or Vader
Lea or Palantine
Han or Boba Fett
R2D2 or storm trooper

#3319 2 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

16 regular modes plus 9 mballs and 1 wizard mode makes for 25 modes

It's a good thing we have RGB inserts...

Mode 1: shoot the red arrow ramps
Mode 2: shoot the green arrow ramps
Mode 3: shoot the blue arrow ramps
Mode 4: shoot the purple arrow ramps
Mode 5: shoot the red orbits
Mode 6: shoot the green orbits
Mode 7: shoot the blue orbits
Mode 8: shoot the purple orbits
Mode 9: shoot the red arrows
Mode 10: shoot the green arrows
Mode 11: shoot the blue arrows
Mode 12: shoot the purple arrows
Mode 13: shoot the red arrow 3 times then a green arrow
Mode 14: shoot the green arrow 3 times then a red arrow
Mode 15: shoot the blue arrow 3 times then the purple arrow
Mode 16: shoot the purple arrow 3 times then the red arrow

Sound about right?


Knowing Steve and Dwight, the games will be kick ass and I doubt they'll be linear like GB or ST. Probably more like GOT where the modes are the center of attention but the whole game is in its entirety. BREADTH! And strategy! That's what I'm banking on.

#3404 2 years ago
Quoted from trunchbull:

My biggest issue with these pins is that there's not enough behind all the Shoot The Arrow. Not enough story, not enough callouts, not enough character or humor. GOT is astonishingly dry, even when I watch someone totally own it like a boss it's like they're playing sudoku via pinball. Where's the story? Where's the world under the glass? It's all about multipliers and numbers and that's soul-crushing.

You must not be a fan of thrones show. Just cause it doesn't have a lot of show call outs doesn't mean it lacks that world under the glass.

- Houses battling for right to rule the seven kingdoms
- becoming the hand of the king and different ways to achieve it, brilliance!
- winter is coming and winter has come is amazing integration of just winter chills. Perfect for the white walker plot line.
- the hounds call outs are top level for pinball.
- the sound of the horns and battling in wall multiball. Not to mention the wall + winter super stack where it becomes complete pandemonium in winter effects as you're battling at the wall. Great theme integration!
- building the Targaryan modes is epic, and that dragon getting bigger, badder, and more epic with a dramatic feel as you progress. Fits the dragons story line perfect
- and then finally, you get the iron throne and go on a little mini journey through the seven kingdoms.

Just shoving call outs of the show into the game would not work for this pin; it was integrated perfect...this coming from a big fan of the show.

#3407 2 years ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Agreed. For a while we had 3 GoT's on location - 2 Prem's and 1 Pro - one of each model at locations where lots of casual players visited. The amount of casual players that just hit start and launched a ball without choosing a house was staggering. Those who did toggle houses, looked puzzled at the benefits each house gave because they couldn't understand the meaning.
Ever talk to someone who is outside your field and they start talking in their own lexicon and you get lost immediately? This happens to me every time I call my I.T. department at work... or as a drummer when I talk to a guitarist and they get into music theory.
I like the strategy as playing as different houses/characters with different advantages, but for a casual player I sincerely hope Stern uses that new big screen to explain the differences of each character in plain English. Seeing "Bonus +5X" means jack to a newbie as that's really more of a player's phrase. Maybe have a blurb pop up next to it which gives it a bit more context will allow casual players to understand what the heck they're selecting AND why. Don't dumb down a game for newbies, as pinball would never progress for hardcore players. Instead keep adding features but make them easy to understand if they're going to be on location (and that doesn't mean rule cards with 1pt font and 10 paragraphs).

Isn't all pinball like this? Almost every novice player I interact with says the same thing, "I never knew there were rules in pinball". Selecting a hero or house or song or whatever is the same thing, a rule.

When I first stepped up to TAF, TZ, or FT back in the 90s I had no idea there were rules and stopped playing immediately. Then months later I revisited after a friend showed me some rules and I was hooked. Same thing happens at my house; I show people a few rules and they get hooked in.

#3416 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I'm not a novice and I've been pretty good about picking up rules and nuances in tons of games....GOT is still like deciphering quantum physics to me...I've given up on trying to understand it. If I play it, I just enjoy the flow, shoot the colored arrows and go for Multiballs...I have no idea what means what or what advantages any choices give me. I got to Winter is Coming and Hand of the King...so, whatever lol

I'm surprised you haven't picked up on the rules of GOT, maybe you need a game with more straightforward modes......say ghostbusters?

#3424 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Right...every game I love has non-linear modes...don't bring that horror garbage game into this conversation.
GOT's rules are math/chess. Your brain loves that. Mine doesn't. Also, I'm playing on location...I don't think it's as easy to learn GOT on location vs. playing at home. Due to the hideous art package, horrible DMD video clips, and lack of any interesting mechanical features, I will never buy GOT for home.

No skin off my nose. Don't take it personal bro, I was just bustin your chops cause your love for GB.

#3425 2 years ago
Quoted from Morhaus:

Curious....do you have to get the Premium to enjoy GOT like this?? Or would Pro suffice?

Pro is more than fine. In fact most players seem to prefer the pro over the premium on this title. I like both versions, but the pro seems to mesh with the rules better.

#3442 2 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Does anyone think this will be too similar to Star Trek in a small home collection?

Nah you'll be in the clear.

#3485 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Well I've done that! I guess I do get it! Eskaybee made it sound so confusing when he explained it!

It really is a simple ruleset. The way someone explained it to me is think of it like AC/DC. Just like AC/DC, each shot represents a song (i.e. Pops = shook me, spinner = war machine, etc...). In GOT, moving left to right; drops = Baratheon, left orbit = greyjoy, kickback = targaryan, center ramp = Lannister, right ramp = stark, right orbit = Martell, right targets = Tyrel.

Hit any of the house shots 3 times to light (or qualify) their mode on the main insert matrix in front of the flippers. (Whichever house you start as automatically starts in a qualified state). When A house is qualified, their shot will turn to 'ice' color and will no longer represent a house shot, but becomes a winter is coming shot. Make any 3 winter is coming ice shots to start a WIC hurry up. If you make that hurry up, that shot will then become the color of the house your playing as and become 'complete' for the rest of the game.

When it comes to modes and the main insert matrix, always pass until you can stack two together. Lannister + Tyrell are the best to play before starting a multiball but Tyrell is also the hardest to qualify.

If you complete 4 houses on the main insert matrix you get to play hand of the king wizard mode. If you complete 4 WIC shots you get to play winter has come multiball. Complete all 7 house modes on the main insert matrix for iron throne.

That's it. Simple, no?

Multipliers are actually fairly easy too. theres two types of multipliers; playfield multipliers - like AC/DC bell but with the ram on GOT and instead of working up to 3x scoring, you can do 5x scoring on GOT. The other is combo multipliers; you don't need to know what the combo multiplier is (but you if you look at dmd), just always know any flashing arrow shots will represent either a 2x thru 5x multiplier. the multipliers can stack together so a 3X playfield multiplier and a 2X combo will multiply the value of that one shot by 6X. The dmd will display what multiplier was used for the shot; either playfield, combo, or multi meaning both types of multipliers were used and it'll display a huge big font of the multiplier it awarded for that shot.

Staying on the topic of Star Wars. From my understanding, you'll be able to enable and disable multipliers using the action button. . Lyman did some awesome multiplier stacking with TWD, I think Dwight did better on GOT. Both are awesome but It's really going to be exciting to see more ground breaking rules like these 2 pins have added to SW.

#3714 2 years ago

Just to clear some air for those of us who do podcasting and have to pronounce words - it's an AT-AT, not A-T-A-T, but an at at! Ok just playing around carry on

#3727 2 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Why not just call them imperial walkers?
» YouTube video

I had one when I was a kid and always referred to them as AT AT's is why

2 weeks later
#4572 2 years ago

Think it's safe to say our hobby finally has a bad ass Star Wars pin! WOW just WOW!! Steve, Dwight, and the team nailed a grand slam. Well done stern!

#4655 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

The game looks very fun to shoot, the scoring looks wonky as all get out though.
Video clips look great, but Stern's "animations" are brutally weak. Static pictures that drag across the screen are rough. TIE Fighters shouldn't wiggle in space. The Slave I going across the screen looked like cheeseball stuff every time, especially during that hyperspace mode. The fonts, especially the ones that say things like "parry successful" all look horribly out of place with the Star Wars theme.
Aside from that, the video clips and most of the presentation with the menus, the actual playfield layout, and THE SOUND seem to be really good.
This should be a fun one to play, and I expect it to be all over the place.
Oh, and clean this up.

Quoted from TheLaw:

Not perfect but still 100 better than Aerosmith

Yea the LCD was jam packed with all sorts of cool stuff. Way more packed than any of the competitors. They did a fantastic job integrating the video clips; I was afraid it was going to be long uninspiring animations like BM66 but instead they just nailed it on so many levels. So much work went into the LCD on this title and it shows. And the best part is they kept scoring front and center which is terrific with all the scoring opportunities and keeps it like traditional pinball.

#4666 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I watched for a bit and thought, damn this looks freaking awesome...then I kept watching and got bored. I didn't want to watch anymore. Hope it's more fun to actually play. Looked really deep and strategic though scoring seemed unbalanced and completely over the top.

There's a difference between over the top and unbalanced. Unbalanced is where you just go for one thing over and over cause it scores the most - didn't look that way on SW. Dwight and Steve nailed the balance of scoring in GOT. Too hard to tell if SW is unbalanced but didn't seem that way to me one bit. Tons of scoring strategies does not equate to unbalanced.

#4667 2 years ago

That code looked WAY more far along than any pin released in 2016 or 2017, and I'm talking all current manufacturers in their current state. Hell, I think the only modern pins that have more code than that in their current state is WOZ and TWD. Too early to tell, and I still reseverve right to take this statement back pending playing it myself; but do I dare say that this pin is going to put Dwight on Lyman & Keefer status? GOT was dam close, but I think he'll get a lot more recognition after tonight and with a major license. Well done Dwight!

This is the new era of pinball folks, don't like it - stick with The classics, but what Steve + Dwight (plus the stern team) demonstrated tonight is on a whole new level of rules and gameplay. When skeptics and haters wish for innovation, they talk toys and balls + flippers defying the laws of physics, but now we're seeing innovation break thru with these style of ruleset that Steve is bringing to the table. And this is on a $5k pin folks!!! Lol. The king is back....shit he never left, but this game is next level. i think the ones that hate to admit that are the same ones who can't suck up their pride and admit they were wrong with all the hate driven negativity they fed stern with this title prior to tonight. Stern just nailed it on so many levels; LCD integration, sound implementation, theme integration, speed, flow, action, intensity, and most of all, rules innovation. Sit back and have a drink tonight stern, you guys deserve it.

Kudos to jack, josh, Dwight, Keith, and the rest for demonstrating the pin tonight. Thanks guys.

#4718 2 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

That's good to hear that only one mission can be picked. I think the option to pick 2 missons will result in the game playing a bit easier versus going through all individually.
I don't think stacking is an issue with WOZ as most of its modes are not story based missions with shots tied to advancing scenes from the film.
Star Wars though is filled with story based missions and having two playing at the same time results in video and audio clips being cut short as the modes step on each other. I don't think a game like Star Trek, LOTR or TH would play as well if two missions were always in play.
One benefit that I can see from having two missions in play is that it will allow players a greater chance to see one of the games 4 mini wizard modes.

Not familiar with the SW universe are you? Plenty of dual action scenes where one group is fighting at the same time another group is trying to figure something out to help said group in their battle. Dwight even mentioned something similar to this in the stream and correlates it to the game. Lots of other games are as consfusing as F*#% watching it from a stream; GB, AC/DC, Hobbit, WOZ all come to mind. That's the beauty of pinball, figuring out the table and the board and what to do with lots of different things to do. It's called breadth. If you want linear fashion goals, stick to hobbit, TF, STLE, or AS

#4823 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Me. I believe 8X multiplier would be quite enough. I was watching the dead flip video and one guy hit 2 targets then drained and still got a 10 million and change bonus. Ridiculous for sure.

10 million is nothing. 8X max wouldn't be worth the risk. The whole point of multipliers are risk/reward.

Here's how I gather the multipliers work, maybe someone can fill in the gray areas for me but:

- you start with a base 2X multiplier at all times I believe. There are ways to increase this 'base' multiplier value.
-3 shots on the shot map all grouped next to each other start as the multiplier shots. Make those shots and they get the multiplier value added to the shot value.
-you can control which shots have the multiplier by toggling the multiplier on/off with lock bar button. When it's off, you can move the multiplier shots to new spots on the shot map. These shots are noted with X inserts. Press lock bar button to lock in the multiplier.
-I'm not sure how to increase the multiplier (I think it's the 3-bank) nor do I know how the multiplier timer times out. Sometimes it looked like it never timed out and other times it timed out right away.
- as your multiplier builds up, the group of 3 multiplier shots diminishes to only 2 shots and eventually only 1 shot will become a multiplier. So a 20X, 30X, 40X multiplier will only be beneficial one shot, not all 3.

It's risk/reward gentlemen. There's missions and story progression related to the SW world and there's risk/reward for building and cashing in giant jackpots and such. Awesome for pinball!

#4876 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I agree! Let him blow up the game and Dwight can update the code accordingly. As long as Stern gives him time to do that.

I hit a 4 bil HOTK hurry up the other day. Doesn't make it broken, gives the game risk/reward. Don't know why so many ppl want linear scoring story driven games. Why can't we have both? Breadth people! Beating games and kickin ass is what it's about.

EDIT: keep in mind Keith has been playing and learning the game for months. Did you notice Dwight kept playing Han Solo and going for the boba fet hurry ups but couldn't blow it up? Risk/reward people!

#4883 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

But what about getting 2 billion per shot in stark bonus rounds? That's the kind of stuff I think needs fixing. I think Robs talking about that stuff too.

Gotcha. For sure.

#4887 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

GoT is not even remotely story driven in my opinion, but maybe we think of 'story' differently. It has rules that utilize the world of the theme, and it integrates well, but it's not at all narrative-driven play.

I'm just gonna place this right here regarding GOT (copy + paste from another thread):

- Houses battling for right to rule the seven kingdoms
- becoming the hand of the king and different ways to achieve it, brilliance!
- winter is coming and winter has come is amazing integration of just winter chills. Perfect for the white walker plot line.
- the hounds call outs are top level for pinball.
- the sound of the horns and battling in wall multiball. Not to mention the wall + winter super stack where it becomes complete pandemonium in winter effects as you're battling at the wall. Great theme integration!
- building the Targaryan modes is epic, and that dragon getting bigger, badder, and more epic with a dramatic feel as you progress. Fits the dragons story line perfect
- and then finally, you get the iron throne and go on a little mini journey through the seven kingdoms. Feels totally different than the rest of the game.

Just shoving call outs of the show into the game would not work for this pin; it was integrated perfect...this coming from a big fan of the show.

#4889 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's pretty obvious this game isn't a LOTR-style adventure, where you 'play the movies', it's just using Star Wars as window dressing for the kind of rules Dwight wanted to do. I think lots of people will enjoy it, seems like that style lends itself well to home replay value, and on location people probably won't care.
But yeah, it's not my preferred style either. I sold my Star Trek after the latest rules were updated, I don't care for the way the rules on GB work, and GoT has never excited me, maybe I just don't dig the same stuff Dwight does. Or maybe we just haven't found a middle ground yet and a future game from him will be the one.
It would take a more interesting playfield, that's for sure.

Aurich, I'm saying this cause you're a fan of Star Wars. You're not seeing the big picture. What stern delivered is a game for any home owner to play the way THEY CHOOSE. You say you don't like the rules of multipliers and that picking two missions makes no sense; but the game is developed to play however you like. You can choose to start on tatooine, then take your chance to battle the Death Star, then escape from Hoth, then have your ewok orgy and face off against Vader in the battle for endor. All while dodging Boba Fett, fighting tie fighters, playing millineum falcon multiballs, increasing your Jedi mastery (just like Luke in the movies!), and having light saber duels! Dude, as a fan of the trilogy, how can you not be excited for having an SW pinball where YOU choose how you want to play it. That's why people like me are getting a boner over this game. Not just because there's 40X jackpots to be had, not just cause there's 5 wizard modes, not just cause you can stack two missions and multiple hurry ups, not just cause there's 12 multiballs, not just cause you can pick one of 4 heroes and picking what diplomatic power up you're going to utilize each ball, but because you can play it SO MANY ways including your preferred story mode fashion and try to conquer the game in a more linear fashion - i.e. Play a new hope, empire strikes back, return of the Jedi in that order. The world under the glass is endless...that's what's so special with this pin especially since it is Star Wars.

Take that for what you will, but there's a bigger picture here besides multipliers and huge jackpots.

#4971 2 years ago
Quoted from DavidPinballWizz:

Multipliers explained:
- A multiplied shot is marked with a lit green arrow X insert.
- At ball start, you can choose a group of 3 lit multiplied shots, these multiply the shot value with the multiplier count in the center top of the display (which is default at 2x)
- you can change this group of 3 shots by pushing the lockdownbar button, then moving it using the flippers (X arrows are orange) and locking it by pushing the lockdownbar button again (X arrows are green again). And you can do this even during ball in play, multiball, etc...
The multiplied shots are lit but the higher your current multiplier count is, only 2 or even 1 of the 3 chosen shots is lit.
I quote TomGWI: (<5x = 3 shots lit. <10x= 2 shots lit. >10x only one shot lit. Playing as r2d2 the threshold is higher (7x,14x)
So the multiplier counter starts at 2x. Every time you hit the 3 bank targets, it increases by 1x. Up till a max of 20x.
There is a timer that makes it timeout. You can see this because of your multiplied inserts start strobing, a sound fx (tumb tumb tumb..) and the display flashing your multiplier count red. The higher your multiplier, the faster it will time out.
To reset the multiplier timer, you need to shoot the 3bank targets again. This way you can keep it alive and try to rise it to the max possible multiplier (20x).
You can also double your multiplied shots for the rest of the ball by completing all the FORCE drop targets the fourth time (so the forCe insert). This doubles your multiplier. So if you have 5x running, it becomes 10x. But instead of a max of 20x you can now go to 40x.
If if resets it goes back to 4x (double 2x). A hit to the 3bank targets increases it by 2x (4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, ...)
So, changing your shot (lockdownbar button) depending on what mode or hurry up or jackpot is lit, shooting the 3 bank, shooting the force targets is important. Force drop targets and 3target bank is not without risk. And moving your shot using the lockdownbarbutton is that too. So risk vs award!

Well said.

But the 3 bank shot, drops, and using action mid play are the safest things to do in this pin, where's the risk, game looks too easy - even that one dude with the beard killed it

#4973 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I dislike this approach on those games too. I'm not sure how to explain it - there's nmjust something unsatisfying about making a shot and then pausing to choose a non-event. I prefer the stacking risks like AC/DC - I know I can hit the ramp to start a Multiball - but I can wait, and hit the targets or loops to qualify the other multiballs - then hit the ramp to start 2 or 3 at once. In AC/DC you "chose to pass" by continuing to play differently. Then when you hit the MB ramp - BOOM the MB sequence starts instantly as a reaction to your shot - very satisfying. Compared to Aerosmith - if you want to start the MB, you have to wait for a countdown first. I guess I just like an instant response to a shot vs. a choice menu.

You need a TWD

#4984 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I'll play it on location, and I like the code - but for home use I don't like the theme or toys, so it's a no-go. The most recent Stern I have is Metallica - and it will probably remain that way until the next Lyman "cornerstone" game. (I refuse to participate in the Super LE overpriced forced-rarity scam).

Yea unfortunately they benched Lyman and put him on all the throw away dog titles; WWE, BM66. Waste of talent honestly. Hope for another Borg/Sheats game soon.

#4987 2 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

This got buried a few pages back, but there is much to agree with here.

There is, but I did respond with this to help open the mind:

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Aurich, I'm saying this cause you're a fan of Star Wars. You're not seeing the big picture. What stern delivered is a game for any home owner to play the way THEY CHOOSE. You say you don't like the rules of multipliers and that picking two missions makes no sense; but the game is developed to play however you like. You can choose to start on tatooine, then take your chance to battle the Death Star, then escape from Hoth, then have your ewok orgy and face off against Vader in the battle for endor. All while dodging Boba Fett, fighting tie fighters, playing millineum falcon multiballs, increasing your Jedi mastery (just like Luke in the movies!), and having light saber duels! Dude, as a fan of the trilogy, how can you not be excited for having an SW pinball where YOU choose how you want to play it. That's why people like me are getting a boner over this game. Not just because there's 40X jackpots to be had, not just cause there's 5 wizard modes, not just cause you can stack two missions and multiple hurry ups, not just cause there's 12 multiballs, not just cause you can pick one of 4 heroes and picking what diplomatic power up you're going to utilize each ball, but because you can play it SO MANY ways including your preferred story mode fashion and try to conquer the game in a more linear fashion - i.e. Play a new hope, empire strikes back, return of the Jedi in that order. The world under the glass is endless...that's what's so special with this pin especially since it is Star Wars.
Take that for what you will, but there's a bigger picture here besides multipliers and huge jackpots.

#5052 2 years ago
Quoted from Ballsofsteel:

so what are the other tiers? number one lites the outer lane saves? then what, i forget what was mentioned. I thought each 5 drop target completion awarded something different.

Yea I forgot what they all were but I'm pretty sure the outlane save lights on the 2nd tier. Double multiplier on 4th. Not sure of the other 3. And I think I heard Dwight say the FORCE inserts will light representing which tier your at. F for tier 1, O for tier 2, etc....

#5053 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Playing again. Somehow on a game where you get 10 million for even plunging the ball, Beelzeboob only got 4 million then drained.

I love big scoring games with lots of potential big jackpot cash ins. Low scoring games like RBION, WOZ, etc... even though have good balanced scoring, lack dynamic scoring and feels like pushing a car through mud. Bring on the 1 billion cash in jackpots!

#5160 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Do you know what being an apologist gets you? A worse product. Stop defending incompetence and start expecting better. It's the only way to make Stern improve.
You don't owe Stern anything. Chill with the white knight stuff and realize that critics just want a better product.
Also, if you've ever launched a product professionally, you would be appalled at how shoddy Stern's releases are handled. They want to talk about how they are the most legit and professional outfit in pinball, but they don't want to act like it. That shouldn't be defended nor excused away.
We pay for better than we get. It's a shame.

How should stern make their games better? Add more toys that'll klunk up play and breakdown making less money for operators? Slow down gameplay so we can take naps instead of drink and have fun? What am I missing? IM TRON MET AC/DC TWD GOT are some of the best pins made and can all be had in the $5k range (when they were available NIB - pro version. And $6k prem). Way better than the $8k and 9k pins out there. Plus location pinball has blown up in the last 5 years compared to what was happening 10 years ago. Buy a $9k tank and watch it out of order or buy a $5k quarter sucker with speed beyond belief? And home use - want a heavy tank paper weight where it's tough as nails to fix or lightweight easy maintainable game? Again, what is stern doing wrong again?

#5162 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I suggest the people that feel so upset about all this spend time doing other things. It seems this isn't any fun for you.

Nailed it.

#5178 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Best fuckin game ever. Home run Stern. Just ordered an LE.

Rofl. Funny ass shit there. its like vegas, you're going to wake up tomorrow morning and be all, 'I did what?'

lol congrats

#5191 2 years ago
Quoted from nosro:

Well, actually, yeah. More speed and more flow is not more fun for everyone every time. Flow games are popular, but Twilight Zone and Wizard of Oz clearly have fans. Both are slower stop and go games with lots of toys.

I love woz. Owned it for a few months. It's great. But theme and quality issues had me moving on. TZ is a classic but again maintenance issues and been there done that, nothing new to venture there. I understand speed and action isn't for everyone, but it seems to be a hit lately as the rise in pinball continues.

Another thing that's easily forgotten is SW PRO is the first and only pro with RGB GI. Plus RGB inserts, LCD, design, integration, code, etc... just like total annihlation, the magic + BOM is behind the scenes, and it doesn't need complex toys to be fun.

#5359 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

bottom of sw playfield

Reminds me of Total Anihilation. Looks bare on top so everyone thinks it should be a <$5k pin, but look underneath at what's driving the game, and it puts things in perspective.

Personally, having owned GOT PRO. I love that I can access 90% of the play field with ease for any troubleshooting and waxing. Makes life so much easier when you're short on time. And these days, with a wife and 2 little ones, time is precious.

So while some think bare playfields are a negative; as long as it's fun, coded well, and has a good package for last ability in home environment - I favor it as a positive.

#5397 2 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

No, it's awarded when you make the skillshot. If it was awarded on bonus, I'd have many many 5 billion+ scores on record LOL.

If someone is shooting GOT for a half hour and have a crap score...that's entirely their fault, and they're NOT shooting lit shots. Even assuming they don't know how to INTENTIONALLY manipulate the multipliers (why is this so damn hard...all you do is keep making combo shots, which the game DOES LIGHT UP FOR YOU, and whacking the battering ram. SERIOUSLY....THAT'S THE WHOLE THING.) if you're playing for 30 minutes and not getting at least to Hand....that's just terrible play, not the fault of the game to provide ample scoring opportunities.
How is it not applicable to Keith and Lyman's games.. you can VERY MUCH kill someone that's played substantially longer than you have on WOZ if you stack Crystal Ball 2x with EC multiball. AC/DC? You're kidding....right? That game is the *king* of risk/reward... I can sit there and watch someone put their balls all over the mini playfield for an hour, and literally, I will pass their score in 15 minutes playing Thunderstruck, easily.


GOT is anything BUT random imbalance scoring. It's all setup and cash in. The more you setup (risk), the greater your cash in (reward). Having multiple ways to build those multipliers just allows you to expand the threshold of risk/reward.

I may only get a few hundred mil from a hand of the king multiball and get a billion from a mode. Next game I may be able to cash in on hand for a few billion and barely even get 100 mil from a mode. It all depends where I go with multipliers and when - which is the diversity of playing and scoring in GOT.

It's all scoring dynamics and pushing the threshold envelope. AC/DC is the best way to explain it, building the song jackpot and choosing when to cash it in. GOT does something similar except every mode and multiball in the game gives you the choice to build and cash in depending on how frisky you are.

Sounds like SW is going to be similar to these (AC/DC & GOT) but introduces another dynamic to it with locking and unlocking of multipliers. I know programmers get a lot of credit for this, but I also These are steve Ritchie's visions that the programmers bring to life. It's a team effort, but the dudes a genious.

#5405 2 years ago

It would be nice for a user option in adjustments to change tie fighter multiball qualification from 35 button hits to 35 gameplay switch hits. I can see this feature annoying if it's part of every game.

#5407 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

I hear ya, and that would be good for the home owners. But for bars, I think this feature is great for newbies to get into. So option in the adjustments is a good compromise.
Also I love how this game makes you earn the outlane save. Not like ST where it's lit at the start of every ball.


And speaking of the outlane save, it's awarded from the FORCE drops right? Can anyone refresh my memory what the 5 FORCE rewards are? There's also a light saber duel next to those drops inserts. I don't think it's coded in yet ? Curious to see what Dwight comes up with but there will have to be some killer light saber sounds. Maybe light a couple shots red (for Vader) and blue (for OBI), make blue shots to defeat Vader, red shots deplete your health meter. Make 4 or 5 red shots and Vader wins, make 5 blue shots and a jackpot final shot is lit where you can continue making blue shots to build that jackpot, red shots still deplete it? Just a thought.

#5430 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

No grace period after the timer runs out. So will be harder to rack up kills in he button mash mode.
Changes being made to jackpots and super jackpot. Not sure what specifically though.

Do you know if Dwight is going to tweak the multipliers rule, like you mentioned earlier with not being able to increase them if the multiplier is turned off?

#5442 2 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Sw pro
13 coils
21 coils (I think)

Have we got TNA pricing yet? (Haven't been following lately). But I think TNA fans are going to be in for a big surprise initially thinking it would be a $5k game. But Im gonna guess it'll be more around the $6500 price point.

#5489 2 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

i got my Pro today, no issues.

Congrats! Would love to hear your nights end review.

#5614 2 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Agree on the price and do it yourself shaker. A year and a half ago I paid $6500 shipped for a Stern premium Walking Dead. It's ridiculous to think prices have gone up so much in such a short period of time. But $7600, no way. You shouldn't pay more than $7200 shipped.
As for the lollipop rails, I don't like the feel of them, and in a home environment not really necessary. They're really for after the decals start to wear IMHO.

Who's got SW PREMs for $7200 shipped, can someone post or pm me? Thanks.

#5638 2 years ago
Quoted from waspinat0r:

I'm pretty familiar with star wars now -- if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer (but you might be ruining some stuff for yourself. )

how do you qualify and start hyperdrive mb? are there any other mb's besides hyperdrive, tie fighter, and the 4 mission mb's and are they easy to start.

#5733 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I agree. One thing that seems to be lacking on the Premium that the Pro has is the really cool captive ball shot at the Deathstar. I think instead the Premium has the jump ramp for the Hyperdrive which also has the potential to be cool, but I think I would miss having the captive ball as that is really satisfying to hit.-It reminds me of the captive ball in Avatar and gives an extra toy to the Pro which makes it seem not as sparse.
My prediction is that this will be a game like GOT where the Pro ends up being the more preferred model to actually play. The ramps will be smoother and faster (plastic vs. metal) and the Hyperdrive has the potential to add more noise and some visual clutter to your sightlines vs. the cleaner and more simple play of the Pro.

Man, the captive dragon shot on GOT is so cool, so satisfying. Starting wall mb with that shot, hearing the fast clunk, horns blowing; or extra ball; or heck even getting to the gold store...it's such a satisfying feeling. when I played the Le, I really really felt like something was missing, not just the stark ramp, but something was missing...and it was that kick back without the lock.

I'm curious about SW PREM; I absolutely love GOT PRO, but have my sights on SW Prem. But if you're right about that captive lock shot, that could be huge. And at $7300....let me repeat that...$7300!! $7-3-0-0 dollars! Wtf, it wasn't long ago premiums could be had for <$6800 new, and that was considered overpriced. My overpriced SMVE is looking like a bargain now LOL! ...anyway back on point, for $7300 this shit better work, be coded, and be satisfying as all hell. Otherwise it's pro for me.

#5744 2 years ago
Quoted from Phbooms:

So the castle black shot on LE/Premium GOT doesnt kick the ball back like the Pro? I didnt know that. I also didnt realize there is a diverter or vuk on the orbit on them also. I sold my GOT pro because of SW feeling sorta similar but have considered picking up a GOT premium since it plays alot different then the Pro. SW pro fills that Ritchie flow feeling and Dwights strategy codeing better then GOT pro and im hoping GOT premium feels nothing like the Pro now, its been awhile since ive played one.

They both kick back which is awesome in itself. But the pro has a captive hold post which takes a fast tough shot and makes it feel so good to hit.

I'll say this once cause I like you stay away from GOT PREM. The upper pf needs code work badly. Plus the stark ramp sucks. The Stark ramp on the pro is so fast and so good and Martel plus Stark Shot combos are bad ass.

I'm not concerned too much about SW and GOT being in the same lineup for me. Reason being is I love GOT every time I play. So why not buy games that appeal to me in that manner?

Something that is very over looked about GOT PRO and SW Pro is the code. Yes the game seems stripped back compared to others and shots appear to be limited. But in fact, each shot is coded so well that there is so many different meanings and reasons to hit it. The code gives a shot a different feeling in one mode from the next. Most pins have a ramp that counts for 3 or 4 different rules, GOT uses each of its shots for 7-8+ different aspects of the game. If SW is anything near that, hell yes I want one!

#5870 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Since there doesn't appear to be any valid reason to turn multipliers off (except for when you move them), wouldn't it just make sense to leave them "on" all of the time and just use the lockdown button to shift them over one spot to the right with every press? -it would greatly simplify the process.

I would like to know the answer to this question as well. I agree in that why don't you just always leave them on, besides moving them is there a point to turning them off?

I think it was Chuckwurt and a few others suggested that multipliers can only increase in value when turned off, and hold the multiplier value when it's 'locked in'. This would make more sense.

#5894 2 years ago

Great feedback going on here keept it up. Question; is button mashing tie fighter mode monotonous and old after say 50 plays? And would it make sense to have an option adjustment in the menu to change it from button hits to switch hits? Or would it make sense to toggle it randomly, sometimes it's switch hits and sometimes it's button mashing? Would need specific call outs of course but shouldn't be too hard.

EDIT: reason I bring this up is if I get this game, I typically play with headphones as to not disrupt the house too much but hearing me play and mashing away at that button every 10 mins could get old with the family lol

#6059 2 years ago


I put only about 5 or 6 games on SW the other day. Most my pro's and con's falls in line with everyone else's - and 5 or 6 games is nowhere near what's needed to give any game a full honest review. But, here's my initial impressions from what i gathered:

- First off; yes - game loooks sparse, art is average but better in person. But all of that - ALL OF THAT goes out the door once you plunge your first ball. When the ball is in play, nothing about the gameplay feels sparse or lacking, and the art fit in perfect for how fast you need to be to track the ball.

-Multipliers: I was skeptical but really like the implementation. It was fast, fun, and exciting to lock on/off multipliers and move them very quickly and get them locked in before the next shot. I was having a hard time to follow what my multiplier was at even though its center stage on the screen. This would probably become second nature after about 20 or more plays though.

-Tie Fighter Button Mashing: Loved it! It was quick; only lasts like 5 secs and really keeps you on your toes. I take back all my opinions on this mode and fits perfect. Plus, to boot, in my 5-6 total games, twice did i drain the outlane during this tie fighter mode and got multiball going to save my drain. So yea, i really like this but i did notice my hand getting weaker and slower from game to game.

-Scoring: Unlike GOT, i had a hard time watching the screen and seeing big scores pop up and knowing whether the 40X shot i just made was the right choice or how much i got from it. It was very hard to follow my scoring on the screen. I imagine this would get better over time - like i said, only put on about 5 plays; and i do have over a thousand plays on GOT so i know when to look up and see what point value i got for a shot - but it would be very cool if the mini screen showed the major jackpot or 20x/40x cash in shot values with a pop up; or some kind of sound queue to let me know i should look up at the display. I also think bonus scoring is out of whack. Once in these 5 games i got 1+ billion bonuses TWICE; and one of those times the ball wasn't in play for more than 30 seconds. I didnt feel like i deserved a billion point bonus, but got it. This was a turn off and hopefully gets balanced in future.

-Shots: Every shot felt sweet to hit. Loved the outer loops. Loved the inner loop shot. Ramps felt good with their long shots and fast returns. The death star captive shot was awesome! The drops felt great and the 3 bank shots was good and didnt feel out of place at all. I loved the side to side movement action as well; I couldnt find anything bad with how the game shoots. I felt the ball is in the pops for an appropriate amount of time - i dont understand the criticism's ive read about the pops on this game, they felt great and i understood quickly (maybe cause i know dwights programming?) when the ball should be in the pops and not, but overall it didnt feel like it was in the pops area too much or too little.

- Call outs within modes. #1 complaint is i didnt know what to shoot for. I agree with other complaints mentioned that the display is information overload. There's no way to follow the instructions with the speed of the game. In every game i played i had this annoying count down timer sound; i say annoying because its a standard mode or hurryup count down which i like, but there was no indication of what to hit within that time. I was shooting flashing shots but didnt seem to be progressing in anything and just kept hearing the count down. I think i eventually figured it out that i had to hit the FORCE drops; but a call out when a count down starts of what to hit is much needed. Like '...use the force' - indicating to hit the FORCE drops. But even on one game i think i hit the FORCE drops and i still heard the count down going; and even then i was hitting flashing shots but didnt feel or hear any type of progression in the modes. I know this would come over time in a home environment; but still, there was one mode that said shoot the orbits 4 times - i did that once in 4 shots (game flows nice) and it felt like nothing happened. It was very unclear when i was progressing in a mode, completing a mode, or a mode ending. Something to say, 'one more ramp' or 'one more loop shot' or 'one more orbit' or 'hit the targets', something! The only thing that helped me in this department is my knowledge of GOT and dwights coding with those modes.

- Theme integration: I now understand others' complaints about the theme integration. You really don't feel immersed into the star wars universe, and i agree with this complaint. There are times where i did, like when i was fighting darth vader, that felt good - but still there was a lack of info through call outs on how my battle with vader was going. It was all display information overload. I think there's a severe lack of call outs going on in this game. Sound effects, display, shots, speed, layout, rules, and code were all top notch; but the lack of helpful info call outs of what needs to be done and general call outs felt severely lacking.

My best game in 5 plays was just over 4 billion. No HS initials which made me sad but also made me think, is 4 billion even a good score on this game? I laugh when people say they got 2 or 3 billion on GOT thinking they know the game now that they got that score.
So im thinking 4 billion on SW is average...but it sure felt like i had to work hard at getting that score. And I know a lot of my cons would be solved over time with more plays. But i really do think the call outs are severely lacking; even the jackpot call outs didnt feel good. And what i think may be missing the most more than call outs is that holy shit wow moment of cashing in a 20x or 40x shot like in GOT. For example, when i got the extra ball, the game went ballistic and i was like 'oh yea, here comes the cash in of a major shot....' then it was just an extra ball. Like that scene, those explosions, that drama, that build up and intensity of an extra ball is what's missing for major cash in shots on this game. If i hit a 20x or 40x shot that cashes in a shit load of points, i want to be made aware of it some how, some way, in some form.

Overall, the game is great and i had a blast. In my limited play, the rules seem legit and awesome with LOTS to explore. But holy hell i was sweating after 5 plays. This game makes you work, and sweat. As much as i enjoyed the game, i didnt feel like this is something i had to have in my lineup; at least not yet. But for just over $5k, this is a fantastic value and great machine to have compared to everything else on the NIB market.

#6061 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

When you start a mode keep you eyes on the screen. Very easy instructions on what to do in the mode. Then keep your eyes on the PF while playing the mode.
I keep hearing that people want callouts in the modes. What game has good callouts during a mode telling you what to do? I feel like those types of callouts are very rare, and for me would be very annoying. It's a slippery slope with callouts. Not enough and it the game seems to be missing something. Too many and it's annoying as hell.
Also that thumping countdown noise you heard is the multiplier timer. Hit the three bank to stop it and advances your X my one.
Again. The mode instructions with the exception of one or two modes made it very clear on what I needed to to. Don't skip the mode start animations and concentrate on reading the screen. Play modes one at a time at first.

It is a slippery slope. And i know the modes will come together with more play. But I did read the screen. It said shoot 4 orbits; i shot 4 orbits...nothing happened and i was still in the mode. You dont always have to put a call out on what to shoot - but if the player is about to miss a big shot or a countdown timer is going, then a call out of what to shoot would be nice. But, you're right - it may not work in a fast game like this.

#6110 2 years ago
Quoted from Mfsrc791:

I got 400 mil on SW last night! Did I do good?


I thought I did good at 4 bil. I was wrong

#6125 2 years ago
Quoted from scarybeard:

Dude, have YOU seen star wars? Why spend hundreds of trillions on a moon base that blows up planets when you can just throw an asteroid at any planet you want to end life on? Why are fighter ships 'banking' their turns in space? How is a giant worm monster living on an asteroid, with no atmosphere and no food source? how is laser energy emitting from a device deciding to 'stop' after a certain distance? why are people literally using MAGIC to move objects with their MINDS!? I could go on...
And then there's the prequels...
The moment you try to apply 'Logic' to your arguments about star wars, you loose. You missed the point. These movies are not for you.
also, your name is 'Trekkie'....

Haha I got a good chuckle out of this.

But seriously, it's not magic dude, it's the force! The force is with me and I'm one with the force

#6182 2 years ago
Quoted from DerRoland:

Sorry folks, no streaming I guess. But Freddys-Pinball-Paradise will take a video and present it shortly after the event.
Maybe someone is faster and upload a cellphone video.
Well, a BIG disappointment is the discovered new rule from STERNs SW manual, that ghostings are natural and not abnormal. That means, any playfield exchanges in the future are unlikely .

Excuse me a sphincter says what? Ghosting is now normal? Oh boy, this is gonna get good.

1 week later
#6409 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The code may be incomplete, but you can tell that the programmers are not just sitting on what is there and saying 'good enough'. For example, they didn't have to make the match animation better, but they did. They also didn't have to add the different ball save video clips based upon the characters. I just think there's a real attention to detail that the Team is striving for and if you look for it, you can see the effort.
An option setting to disable mode stacking - wasn't needed, but very welcome. Shows they are listening to feedback!
Timing changes on the skill shot to make it more challenging.
I have faith that Dwight and Team are going to make this game the best that they can. More to come with the Lightsaber duel and video mode. Plus, we haven't seen the wizard mode yet....
And didn't Mike say the LE are shipping? Maybe some have gone out overseas already? Maybe it's only 2 weeks before they show up in the US/Canada.

It would be nice to see that if the stacking setting is turned off that whichever planet shot you make is the mode that is started instead of being able to select one of the other planets. In addition, it would also be a welcomed change if it auto started the mode rather than player selected; and different switches could toggle the I-III selectable modes. Like slings toggle Death Star modes, pops toggle hoth modes, drops toggle endor, and standups toggle tattooine. Then whichever mode shot you make is the one that gets started. I think what's missing from the pin is a little bit of that traditional pinball feel. It's too much stop + select that is interrupting the flow of the theme. It worked on GOT, but I'm not feeling it with SW.

#6415 2 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

What happens if the ball doesn't make it all the way around the hyper loop or the ball is airborn and winds up on the hyperloop at the bottom near the flippers?
Seems like the ball would just be stuck there?
Games like Flinstones and Hurricane had a drain built into the design...

There's a drain built into this one too. Check out the stream replay, it did it a few times.

2 months later
#7310 2 years ago

Shouldn't the forks go down when you hit the Hoth rollover switch, then go back up?

4 weeks later
#7421 2 years ago

So was watching chuckwurt stream from a month ago, v.92. Since it's not clear as day what to shoot for, This game seems to really thrive on knowledge of the ruleset. It see,s to be all based on sound effects, and very little emphasis of call outs. I hope to play a pro again someday on the updated code as i seem to be learning the rulese more. But I think I'm going to write off the premium as every time I play it on location, the hyperdrive shot bricks like no other. A shame cause it does seem like a cool mech.

That said, from watching that stream replay, with how often the video mode is achieved, it would be nice if getting hit by an asteroid ended the mode instead of restarted it. No?

#7423 2 years ago
Quoted from japespin:

THIS ^^^
Yeah, the call outs didn’t help me much at first either. Learning the rule set is key to really unlocking this particular game. I had to pretty much compartmentalize the different aspects to it to learn it over 20-30 games. A few sessions, worked on getting to Lightsaber dual and finishing it, another Escape from Boba Fett, another working on the plant modes/multiballs, another working on the multipliers, and now to this day, still trying to put it all together. Of course, I’m not the greatest pinball player, but it’s all clicked to me finally from a rule standpoint, and I’m having a blast. My high score is a little over 2 billion (like I said, not the greatest), and I’m on a pro.

Exactly. It's why Dwight and Steve are such a good combo. Both SW and GOT have tons of breadth breadth breadth. Tons of strategies and ways to tackle the game. For people who complained about GB being linear, SW should certainly suffice in the not so linear dept.

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