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Stern announces another price increase- TELL THEM NO!

By shacklersrevenge

3 years ago

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    #37 3 years ago

    I'd love to join the boycott but Aerosmith looks awesome and you know Star Wars is gonna rule. And pulp fiction with Mark Ritchie making a comeback?

    As soon as I'm done buying all three of these I'll be sure to rosa parks this shit along with you guys.

    #171 3 years ago
    Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

    How many NIB have you purchased? My guess is none. I'd get off that branch, looks like it's about to buckle under the weight of your inflated ego.

    What prompted this unprovoked and vicious attack james?

    You've been sour with me ever since I bought a couple games from you. If you didn't like the price, you shouldn't have agreed to it. And considering you knowingly sold me "100 percent working" games with a badly outgassing display and slot reels that didn't work correctly and I didn't make a big deal out of it, I figure you got off pretty good. If it were me I probably would have offered up some dough towards a new dmd.

    #172 3 years ago

    And I'm totally buying all NIB STERNS!!

    #227 3 years ago
    Quoted from flashinstinct:

    Let's try this. You guys want to get the words out and you want to speak with your wallet. If people "SHARE" this post on their facebook timeline it would get alot of traction. I'm not talking "LIKES"... you must hit "SHARE" That way friends of your friends of their friends get to see the post. Sharing a post 10 times can get at least 1000 views. If we can share this 100 times then we can get 10,000 public views. However, I'm not holding my breath.
    https://www.facebook.com/wheresthecode/ (SHARE the first post)

    I'd be happy to join but I have to do all my votes for the Ultimatesternpinballfan first.

    And that might take a while.

    #240 3 years ago
    Quoted from J85M:

    I am 30 and none of my friends who are around my age really care that much for my pins when they are round.

    You are 30? Enjoy the fruits of your youth young man!

    The first time I read someone online making all of the arguments you just made, you were about 13. If you are bored enough go google "pinball is dying" on RGP.

    Pinball is enough of a niche that you don't have to know anybody who likes it for it to survive - this isn't the NFL. There's no evidence that things are gonna slow down anytime soon. Raising the price of NIB games a few hundred bucks has never done it before and it isn't going to do it now.

    #313 3 years ago

    Doesn't look stripped down to me. I don't think you get a single thing that's going to affect gameplay for your extra $1,000.

    And yet...a stern pro is still gonna be at least $2,000 cheaper. For a game we know will be fun and reliable and designed by the best in the business.

    The problem with the polls, complaints, and outrage is that a stern STILL seems to be the best deal for quality NIB pinball machine. Instead of getting mad at stern people should be getting mad at everybody else - stern didn't start the high priced pinball wars, that's for sure. You don't have to look very far to see who fired up the gravy train.

    #316 3 years ago
    Quoted from Rarehero:

    If that passion transferred to pinball, then the 4 existing SW pinballs should be worth well more than they are, due to collectors snatching them up for theme alone...however, those games don't sell for unrealistic prices - so, why would they rush out for the new one at $10k
    or whatever? Star Wars fans aren't starved for gaming based on their franchise. They don't "need" a pinball. They've got a million video games to keep them entertained.

    Have you seen data east Star Wars? Have you PLAYED data east Star Wars?

    That game sells for big money based upon theme alone. A new Star Wars pin isn't gonna outsell Addams family but it's gonna do well. If it's a good game it's gonna do really well.

    #318 3 years ago
    Quoted from musketd:

    My theory is JJP is the main cause of price hikes think about it first they introduced a
    6500.00$ woz machine
    Hobbit was 7500$
    Then was
    Dialed in at 9k
    Before those prices would stay the same for the most part

    It's not just them. Spooky, Dutch, heighway, and jpop (lulz) ALL got the ball rolling on this, yet are spared the outrage and the rosa parks routine (well I may have heard some anger directed toward jpop, I don't remember).

    I don't understand why. You guys are finally getting your LCD screen so the stern games should be worth the same, no?

    #320 3 years ago
    Quoted from iceman44:

    Same guys complaining are the same ones climbing all over themselves to get on the Star Wars LE list.
    Once again, the prices increases are in part due to the "flipper party" that takes place every popular LE release.
    WTF do you expect Stern to do, or anybody else, when they sell a GBLE at $8k and people are on an all out siege to grab them up and flip them for $9k-$10k.
    Or maybe you forgot the Metallica LE fiasco?
    WTF do you think is going to happen. Get used to it, its the new normal, and when Stern can no longer get those prices because people are losing $$$ on the secondary market, then it will go back to the old normal.
    Patience. Things go in cycles.

    Prices never go down. They just stop increasing (which accounting for inflation IS a price drop, but still).

    Look at the concert industry - tickets started rising exponentially in the 90s because promoters were tired of scalpers taking all the meat off the bone. Why not charge $100 for a stones ticket instead of $40 when that's obviously the going rate?

    Well stones tickets kept rising, and rising...sometimes they stall depending on the economy or demand but they NEVER go down.

    A stones ticket will run you $200-900 (not counting insane VIP deals) next time mick and company wheel themselves into town.

    #331 3 years ago
    Quoted from frolic:

    I agree. Pinball doesn't seem to cross over. These are mega expensive purchases to the regular people out there. Maybe a hot license can get a few extra quarters on location, but you won't all of a sudden sell them an entire pinball machine.
    Licenses only seem to help when pinheads are a fan of "License X". And can also hurt (see Mustang).

    I'm not sure you guys have a hypothesized expectation that's in line with what stern is thinking.

    They don't expect every Star Wars fan to buy a pinball machine. They don't expect the game to approach 90s Williams numbers.

    They simply expect it to sell well, like the other Star Wars games have done historically. They expect it to sell well like Star Trek (it's still in production and I've seen a million in collections and on location - it's crazy to suggest it was a disappointment.) and we have no idea how kiss did - but sure seems like lots of kiss fans here bought one. These licenses most likely meeting expectations.

    They aren't trying to take over the world, just sell games to operators, home buyers, and collectors. And you are way off if you don't think Star Wars is going to accomplish that goal.

    #441 2 years ago
    Quoted from Whysnow:

    those 2 are salesmen.
    Reality is they knew they were WAY behind on leaving dots for color LCD, they wanted to specifically avoid the direct comparison to JJP and Heighway as much as possible (since they will fail in that comparison), wanted to shave costs by using a smaller LCD display, and decided the best thing was to spin it as "backbox art is important"
    You gotta look through their hype for the reality most of the time.

    Nobody cares about spin. Jjp games look pretty stupid, which a huge display with far too much info. It's like trying to watch Fox News with 5 different crawls and info boxes. The stern/Dutch screen is a much better size for pinball and the game won't look stupid when it's turned off.

    #463 2 years ago
    Quoted from pinballcorpse:

    Seriously? You have got to be joking. What you are saying is Lyman's coding has gotten worse? Or did you not know Lyman worked on W/B games as well?

    How anybody can compare the code and how long it should take regarding 90s games and modern games is beyond me.

    You know, gottlieb games in the 1970s shipped with complete code too. WHY DOES IT TAKE STERN SO LONG?!!!

    #545 2 years ago
    Quoted from jackofdiamonds:

    I wonder if this will cause 90s Data East and Sega pins to go up in price.

    You know that's already happened

    If I could find a Robocop or time machine for $1500 I'd be thrilled.

    #579 2 years ago

    Stern isn't going anywhere. They are the only company equipped to deal with the lean times - they've done it before.

    If stern goes under the entire industry has gone under and there are no more new pinball machines.

    #586 2 years ago
    Quoted from Russell:

    I don't buy this argument at all, though I've heard it repeated over and over. Don't you have a television? Do you worry about what it looks like when it's turned off? What about your iPad? Your phone? What about arcade games, I've never once heard anyone fret about what the screen looks when turned off. Weird argument.

    A pinball machine isn't a tv or a phone.

    Weird that you don't know that.

    #590 2 years ago
    Quoted from JY64:

    If tv's had a image on the screen when off for 70 yr then people may not like the blank screen of today

    This thread has been beyond stupid for a week but I think it's finally reached the point of draining.


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