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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#1852 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Our local arcade got one yesterday. Went and played it. I have mixed feelings. My wife asked if it was the pro or the premium, which is a good sign for sales of the Pro. Stern has done a HORRIBLE job on selling me on mini-playfields with recent games, and looking at this one I'm not sure the Premium would be worth the money.... when a "super VUK" (OH NO A VUK WITH A STRONGER COIL?!? SSUUUUUUPPPEEEEER PREEEEEEEMIUMM!!!) is listed as a defining feature, or it's 8 RGB LEDs versus 14 (wow that's a whole 5 dollars of savings guys, thanks for the coded obsolescence), and questionable upper playfields for a LOT more money.. ugh. Come on.
So, basically... the good:
1. Game shoots well. Shots are tighter than they look, especially the orbits and that center ramp shot is no 'gimme' like the one on Kiss.
2. Code already supports things like double scoring (My wife got it off mystery award), mystery add-a-ball for multiball, shot multipliers.
3. You're not locked into songs for ridiculous lengths of time if you can't make the shots. Most modes seem to consist of two timed portions from what I think I saw.... one where you build the value of the shots initially, then a second phase where you collect shots.
4. The toy box lock is pretty cool....if it works. If it doesn't the game is smart enough to try to reload it for mulitball up to the number of balls it needs for the active player. If someone else locked more balls in there than is needed? Shut the lid, jester gets balls to the face.
5. Shaking motions of the jester are kind of crazy, way more active than a lot of Sparkys I've seen, and Stern has upped their game on magnet manipulation of the ball as well, using lessons from the ghostbusters magnaslings and applying them to a normal playfield magnet.
6. Right lane software ball save "VIP Pass"...analougous to the "Lord of Light" from GOT or the left side save on KISS/ST... game I played outlanes were open wide, so having a ball save was nice, and it lights from the two chicklets on the either side of the toy box, so it's not horrifically dangerous to try to relight.
7. The Jester animations are great, IMO. Really liked the Extra Ball one and the lock videos.
8. Elevator is fun to shoot at, I like that the ball gets ejected at a higher trajectory and up and over....stays away from the exposed wood lip. Might help with wear in that area?
The bad:
1. The shot for the toybox lock is not easy to make directly. In that regard I would rather have had a scoop or something. The ball will frequently bounce in there from the exposed pop bumpers or a flubbed shot to the toybox or elevator, but trying to shoot it directly and you screw up is usually a drain as you hit a mini standup or post and then to the sides it goes.
2. Game has *severe* delays while the machine calls up a video or decides what to do. Every time it ends up in the ball lock area, there is either a 2-3 second delay before it kicks the ball back out if it's unlit, or if it is lit, then there's a VERY long animation that feels like it's probably about 7-10 seconds, then the animation stops, and there's a good 2-3 seconds of the game just sitting there doing nothing while it figures out if it needs to load the box or hit the Jester in the head. Mystery animation and extra ball animation seem to have the same problems. They're long, and there's always a little delay after they play before the game does anything further. All of this SHOULD be fixable in code?
3. Jester's voice is SUPER whiny and flat. I'm sure this game is running factory code not what's been updated apparently so this is a minor nitpick for the time being.
4. Game needs a clear callout when it's time to change songs, and when phases of modes are ending. Right now it just says "Time's up!" or something like that with no explanation of what just ended.
5. Wow...the exit from the pop bumpers is BRUTAL with the outlanes open. It's seriously every bit as bad as Walking Dead. Hope you love not getting to flip the ball, because it happens quite a LOT, IMO.
6. Standup targets on the left side below the pops are like....you ever shoot those intentionally, you're an idiot. Those things are way too close to the flippers and it's pretty much a guaranteed STDM if you full power shoot them directly. Just brutal.
7. Elevator multiball is REALLY difficult to qualify on the pro. From what I can tell you need 3 shots to both the left and right orbits, both of which are really tight shots and the left side goes through the pops, so you're repeatedly putting yourself at extreme risk of the ball exiting the pops straight to an outlane. Neither my wife or myself got it, so I hope it's very lucrative on the points side for the stupid amount of risk compared to shooting the relatively safe toy box to qualify locks...

Thanks for the great summary!
How did the song & MB stacking work? Similar to KISS, where whatever song you're playing rolls into whatever MB you start, and you want to always make sure you have started a New Song prior to starting your next MB?

And how big of a jackpot scoring bump do you get in Toys MB when you take the risk and go for 4/5/6-ball MB instead of the standard 3-ball?

#1855 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

o if you accidentally get in there trying to hit the scoop somehow

Was there a bank shot you found that could reliably put the ball in the Toys lock shot? As you documented, it looks difficult to hit straight on. I'm thinking something similar to the Riot shot in TWD that you can fairly reliably bank off of the side of the well walker.

#1868 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Yea, those videos in particular wouldn't load on my phone or iPad. Laptop, no prob.

i had this same issue. I could only watch on my laptop

#1896 3 years ago
Quoted from Xerico:

The modes are actually fleshed out a bit. "Walk This Way" will allow a player to qualify super ramps. This gives a player 1.X million for each ramps shot (up to 9) based on how well "WTW" went.

Interesting. That's a bit better than what I thought when I first played the Supers.

#1927 3 years ago

Thanks, eskaybee. I share in a lot of your synopsis from the couple hours I spent on it earlier this week.

Minor corrections: you CAN get 2x scoring on Pro... It's a mystery award.

I agree that scoring can be unbalanced from Toys MB, but it's not so much the MB jackpot scoring, but the 2x (plus ... hint, hint) scoring that applies to ALL shot values, including the song mode and Supers you brought into that MB.

Did you get to experience the joy of Optismith Prime? Aka Elevator MB? Sadly, no progress memory, and qualifying each lock of EMB once you're on your second or third MB gets TEDIOUS. I was in loops hell. I had all other songs completed, so no song modes to play or enjoy, and the only thing I could do was play yet another EMB, which meant trying to survive pops feeds from loop shots. Ugh.

I'm reading that Aero's CIU does more than add time and making your mode shots more valuable (similar to ST GAT), but also doubles the "coins" you collect, which ratchets up the value of the corresponding Super Mode once you finish the song you just "cranked up."

The mini wizard mode is also fun. It's multi-level with add a ball when you complete each level. So it's go that going for it.

#1932 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Is it necessary to complete it for the main wizard mode? That's a bummer.

Yes. Both Toys in the Attic and Love in an Elevator are part of the collection of Song inserts that must be COMPLETED to qualify the main wizard mode.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Plus you have to complete sweet emotion in one try.

Is this confirmed? I didn't notice it, and was able to complete it multiple times.

#1952 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Yeah, speaking of that.... don't expect those scores to stay on there long, you filthy motherf... :Þ I already took off two of em. That 6 ball toys is ridiculous, and apparently, if you load up 5, then start Elevator, you get a 6 ball elevator as well, and it saves all the locked toys!?!

Hehehe. Yeah, I wish I would have known that trick when I played it on Monday. The GC score I put up... I was in Lonnie roadblock loops hell trying to requalify Elevator MB so I could get to the wizard mode. I must have played that MB 4 times that game... and failed to complete it EVERY time.

#1962 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

This is the best code we have seen out of the gate in a long time and there is much more to come guys. It shoots amazing

I agree with this. I was very impressed with the code out of the gate. And the pin shoots well, is fun to play, good music (IMHO), and a cool toy gimmick with the balls launching into the toy box. I had a good time playing it, and I think this pin will do VERY well on location.

But that was for 1-2 hours of initial new pin honeymoon play. I share in eskaybee 's sentiment that it might not have longevity in a collection of a skilled player if Stern chooses to leave the code shallow and/or with a few crucial progress roadblocks.

1 week later
#2089 3 years ago

Good chance of getting to see some live Aerosmith streaming at the IFPA Pin-Masters in Dallas. Today and tomorrow.

#2129 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I haven't seen much advantage in going over 3 ball multiball. It might be a good idea if you sink 3 balls in the toy box early but l'd take two 3 ballers over one 6 ball. If jackpots increased that would be different. A good idea actually but I haven't observed it.

Unfortunately, It's not a big difference in current code. I like the reward vs risk of Mustang Gears MB much better. This feedback has been provided to Stern,and I hope they tweak it.
3-ball jackpot starting value: 500K
6-ball value: 1M.
And sadly the Super Jackpot base value seems fixed regardless of # of balls.
But you have the benefit of more balls bashing the toy box and the AEROSMITH targets while ball save is running.

The downside of doing two 3-ball MB instead of one 6-ball is that the 2nd Toys MB locks are twice as hard to lite locks.

#2132 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I think it could perhaps be a fixed value per ball and a bonus if it's all 6 balls. The question is though, do the values stay constant or do the values drop for each ball that drains? I imagine it must be really difficult to keep 6 balls in play for any length of time.

The Toys JP values don't degrade with each ball that drains. But they don't stay fixed either -- they increase. I believe JP values increased 50K per JP shot, regardless of the # of balls in play.

For anyone trying to figure out or confirm JP values, when you're playing it, keep in mind that the JP base value can be multiplied in a # of ways:
- Shot multiplier ("X" insert lit in front of the shot)
- Playfield multiplier (Pro: Mystery award; Prem/LE: upper PF award)
- Combo multiplier (double any shot hit as a combo)

So before anyone freaks out and says, "My 6-ball Toys MB Super JP was 7M instead of 3.5M! I'm going for 6-ball MB all day," please recall that you probably hit your SJP as a combo, doubling its value.

#2160 3 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Anyone want to share some big scores?

I put up 485M in my first session of playing a Pro version. Earned at least 2 EB's. Got around 100-150M of that from Medley. Don't know the breakdown of the rest of it, but I completed all the songs except Elevator.

2 weeks later
#2378 3 years ago

I think AS is a lot of fun to play, and I hope it will do very well. For my personal opinion (I'm a pinball nerdy type that likes complex rules), it's too shallow to want in my collection. But having simpler more straightforward rules likely appeals to a broader market than what I prefer. The great news is that AS rules/modes seem just nuanced enough to make a competitive game in league or playing dollar games plenty of fun, with not everyone playing it the same way. And the Toy Box is tougher than Sparky to start consistently because you not only have to bash the box, but either get lucky bounces into the lock lane or shoot the lock lane.

The biggest drawback for competitive games is having too high of a luck factor in starting Toy Box due to bounce-ins. But if you're simply playing with your friends over a few beers, this same factor helps level the playing field a bit. And you still have to perform during the multiball -- I've had quite a few VERY short Toy Box multiballs.

Quoted from musketd:

Love in elevator mball is well just very slick and bad azz

I'm curious: what do you find slick about it? Maybe I'm missing something. From what I can tell (I haven't "completed" Elevator yet), it's identical rules to one of TF's multiballs: shoot any major lit shot, and then shoot the elevator. Repeat (with one less major shot lit each time). It's not bad... but neither slick nor bad azz IMHO.

1 month later
#3063 3 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I think what I am missing is how to extend the time in the modes, they time out quickly on me.

Other already covered the time extension from Crank It Up and also from a Mystery award.
The other way you extend time that isn't obvious, is that the timer briefly pauses on a successful mode shot. I'm not sure if this is intended or not, but the most glaring instance of this is on WTW. If you keep hitting the next ramp in combo without missing, the timer doesn't seem to decrease at all until you finally miss a shot. Massive scores for Ramp This Way ensue.

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