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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#221 3 years ago

Same team that brought us Metallica Lyman, Borg and dirty Donnie my bet is Aerosmith kicks azz

4 months later
1 month later
#630 3 years ago

Thought is was Tanio and Waison doing the code on this one

1 month later
#689 3 years ago
Quoted from Minneapolispin:

My spies are setting up their booth at CES as we speak and just texted me this photo. They have instructions to head over to the Stern booth as soon as possible and try to get any photos of a new release. My sources tell me it will be Aerosmith –and get this…. It will ship with COMPLETE code.

That is because this game has been worked on for a long time now but that is awesome news

#690 3 years ago

Can't wait to see Aerosmith pics

#715 3 years ago

Somebody get some more pics want to see Aerosmith they have all three versions there?

2 weeks later
#1356 3 years ago

I think it is a killer deal of a game considering the pro is only 5200$ and you get the color display and love the looks of the jester toy lock.

#1370 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Anyone else see the band is playing in Wayne & Garth's basement?

I noticed that

1 week later
#1509 3 years ago
Quoted from MacLean:

does anyone know what order Stern is building AERO. Is it the Pros first, then the LE's & then finally the Premiums?

They always do pros first

#1577 3 years ago

Next week the 10th this game looks cool

1 week later
#1592 3 years ago

Yeah think so far just exported pros have shipped

#1631 3 years ago

Game looks like it plays butter smooth and the code looks very good so far. This maybe the sleeper hit of the year.

#1645 3 years ago

Yeah you can always count on Borg to give us a kick ass pro the master of flow is back; everyone else has been put on notice

#1672 3 years ago
Quoted from clg:

I'm with you mate. The jack in the box toy is kind of cool as is the artwork but beyond that same old thing. Sort of glad really as Aerosmith just kills it for me so no temptation at all. Hopefully this will give stern more time to sort out their problems before they put something out that interests me.

Really this game looks pretty bad ass and unlike Metallica it has one pretty wicked toy; not to say it's an awesome game because Metallica is the best game ever made, but don't judge it before you try it; always hard to tell from a video

2 weeks later
#1815 3 years ago
Quoted from Cloud7:

I played a Pro at Logans Hardware on saturday. I was really impressed with it.</blockquote
Seems like everyone that has played this game has had some serious fun; can't wait to play it

#1837 3 years ago

Yeah anybody get one unboxed yet? Hearing the code is great and so is gameplay. Code is light years ahead of batman for Aerosmith at this point

#1849 3 years ago

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my pro

#1883 3 years ago

Nothing but good reviews on this title last time magic like this happened was Metallica

#1892 3 years ago

Anxious to hear people's reviews that have played it

#1954 3 years ago

One word for Aerosmith

#1961 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Far from magical. Roadblocks, recycled modes, linear fashion. It's good but the more I play, the more I see it getting a little stale in a home collection. It's still good and I like it, but it needs that MAGICAL follow up code to make it worth the $. Gonna be a good location pin though IMO whether code gets attention or not.

This is the best code we have seen out of the gate in a long time and there is much more to come guys. It shoots amazing

#1977 3 years ago

This game is going to surprise a lot of people it has all the elements of an excellent game; can't wait for mine to show up. It has that play one more game feel and brings a huge smile to your face

#1980 3 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Aerosmith plays well and looks great but some of those Jacky quotes are truly cringe worthy. Jacky cannot even kiss the feet of Sparky. No comparison!

I have played both and Metallica is my fav game of all time and Jackie kicks ass

#1986 3 years ago
Quoted from hassellcastle:

Derek...10 years later. Isn't every "newest" Stern game the best game ever?

Normally I would agree with you brother but if you noticed I haven't written a big review in a long time and have even skipped such titles like ghostbusters which lets be honest here that games code is horrid in its current state. More to come when my game comes but this is the first game in a long time that has put a big smile on my face when I first played it

#2043 3 years ago
Quoted from KHL:

The animations are so bad, so cheap..words escape me, rule wise I'm sure it has some shots but I found no joy in playing it off the bat, the art would have been rad if Donny didn't have to draw Aerosmith.. arf. To imagine we could have had a Beastie Boys machine and they give us this, not exactly sure what demographic Stern is designing their games for but my guess is it's one that takes their Viagra with a shot of Rogaine.

Maybe this guy didn't play the same game all of us played because the animations in this game are just awesome and are the best yet for an LCD display in my mind because it reminds of an upgraded dmd display which is what they should be; not like other newer games where you are just watching a movie on the display. Animations are a 10 on this game

#2065 3 years ago

Wow Aerosmith code is already shaping up while Gomez has made a lot of false promises it seems with batman 66; wonder why he did promise code updates every 2 weeks and that code is way behind Aerosmith

#2100 3 years ago
Quoted from mattbot:

Just put my name on a pro! Can't wait!

You won't regret it; it's a killer game it hits on all cylinders

#2127 3 years ago

You get 6 ball mball and your scores soar in mball

#2143 3 years ago
Quoted from bb2j3z:

so I listened to the George Gomez interview on K's podcast... good interview btw... George mentioned that in terms of content creation for the LCD, Aerosmith was more challenging than Batman because they had no assets like video clips, etc. I haven't played Aerosmith, but watching the videos, the animations look okay. I'm wondering why they couldn't use any of the music videos or live performances since the songs are the game modes. I think I would have liked to have seen a combination of animations and the real band in their heyday. I'm guessing it's limits of the licensing, but wondering any details or background information.
Anxious to try out the game in the Pittsburgh area.

When you play the game you won't be thinking that anymore the animations in Aerosmith are really amazing and need to be seen in real life to appreciate

#2146 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The animations do look pretty good just from the videos I've seen. I've been tossing around the idea of buying a new GB pro or AS pro and even though I absolutely love the GB theme I keep looking at Aerosmith as it has the new LCD system and GB does not.
Should we expect the rules to expand much beyond where they are at today? If they didn't that would be the main deal breaker for me.

Right now there is a lot of stuff going on in Aerosmith rules wise and is a ton of fun and just looks and plays awesome.
There are off the top of my head
7 modes, 7 super modes, double scoring, 2 mballs, and 2 wizard modes plus crank it up and other little features in there too besides that like missles, combos, and double and triple scoring locks when in mballs. To me it's not even close because Aerosmith is a much smoother shooter.

#2147 3 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

It's Aerosmith day!!
Just woke up and it's like Christmas morning 1976. Don't know why I'm more excited than usual, but I have a feeling this is a good one.
Going to pick up in a few hours.

Anxious to see what your thoughts are

#2150 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Thanks for the info! I see that you also own MET and ACDC. I've owned those in the past and enjoyed them. How do you like the rules of AS compared to ACDC and MET?

I'd say I prefer the rules of Aerosmith too AC/DC, but Metallica is still king because to me the rules for Metallica are a 10 and Aerosmith is right there but not as good, but don't get me wrong it sits right next to my Metallica and neither game is gong anywhere and as much as I love the art to Metallica; Aerosmith is a 10 and beats it; simply put the game just looks outstanding and jaw dropping; not to mention the price tag on a Aerosmith compared to all the other new pins out there; like I said it hits on all cylinders and is just a fun game that makes you want to keep hitting start over and over again

#2167 3 years ago
Quoted from jathomp22:

If someone can take a picture of the trough kickout for Aerosmith and post it here, I would appreciate it. Need to figure out which cliffy to order. Also, has anyone played an Aerosmith with a shaker motor in it? How was it? Thanks, Jason</blockquote
I have a shaker in mine and it's definitely worth it I have a pro

1 week later
#2268 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

I'm with you 100%. I actually assumed that the small update meant that they were putting the finishing touches on the code, and that that implied they were mostly done. Hope I'm wrong in that regard.
I've been watching some videos to see all the fuss is about. Artwork's awesome all around. The music is ok (though I like it much more than Metallica and I learned to love that game). The new monitor looks "good", but I'm no so much a fan of the graphics/style they decided to use.
In the end, I'm on the fence trying to decide whether to buy one or not.
Can one of you guys tell me a little more about the modes and shots? I get that you select a song, and each song has related shots to make. The videos I've watched don't seem to go into much detail on those though.
The main thing holding me back right now is that all I can see is that you hit the toy box, lock a ball, start a 3/4/5/6 ball multiball, and repeat. I do also understand that loops qualify locks for elevator multiball.
Can anyone help me understand what makes this pin fun? Cause it seems to be getting great reviews from anyone who's played it. I do like the open-ness of the playfield for a change.

It kicks serious ass and is pure fun I have an entire review up on another thread too

#2271 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I see that you're still loving you're new Aerosmith....that's great. Now that you've played it a lot, do you think its going to be a keeper for life?

It's not going anywhere it's bolted to the floor

#2273 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Hey Musketd I see you have AC/DC and MET also, how do you rate AS compared to them? I think I remember you saying that you liked it better than AC/DC but how about AS compared to MET? I'm not talking about the music obviously, but the gameplay itself.....shots, code, fun factor etc.

Gameplay it's a tie between Metallica and Aerosmith
Aerosmith has some real kick ass ramps just like Metallica, but much tighter shots
The lower scoop got on Aerosmith is amazing tough shot and killer rewards.
The orbits on Aerosmith kick ass too
The TOY BOX is AMAZING as is the code it's not extremely deep but yes has a ton of stuff to do and it all flows great together

#2278 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

That reinforces that Aerosmith is a light reskin of KISS (completely obviously from the layout), and also explains how the code had a headstart to be so far along.
And the post that was removed between the pop bumpers is there for KISS, too.

I have owned bot and Aerosmith rules are way better then kiss it's not even close

#2282 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Something I was wondering and thinking about, were people raving about how good Kiss was when it first came out like people are about Aerosmith? It seems like most people are complaining about Kiss now, just wonder if Aerosmith could turn into the same thing? I hear the playfield layout is similar? I don't know anything about Kiss really. I've only played it a few times and it didn't appeal to me much (first impressions) but I'm not saying it's a bad game because I know absolutely nothing about it. I'm sure if I spent more time on it I'd probably like it.

I am very hard on code for stern and I'm usually on their case; not with this game it is awesome right out of the gate. Really their best game in a long long time; probably since Metallica.
Toy Box multiball is awesome get 6 balls going and then start hitting your shots and then ohh wait let's re lock 2 balls back in the toy box for triple scoring then get your multipliers lit for 2 x shot and go for the super jackpot to really get your score rocking. Hopefully you just cranked up a mode like walk this way too before you got that toybox rocking ohh wait your not done because you can also get a super mode lit too in the process; that's how bad azz the rules are in Aerosmith; it really is LONNIES MASTERPIECE
Love in elevator mball is well just very slick and bad azz also and pretty hard to get too.
This game is SICK at the price point too it is way better then all the other overpriced stuff out there.

#2289 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Keeper for life. Lol... This is Derek we're talking about. Great guy but I'd put the over/under at 3 months or whenever Star Wars comes out and becomes the next new best pin ever!

Normally I would agree with you and yes I used to love every new game, but not the past couple of years. I have changed my tune and certain titles like ghostbusters who everybody else loves and I can't really stand. So yes Aerosmith is that good, but hey don't take my word for it. Just push start on an Aerosmith and you'll see what I mean. As the question to the multipliers you light them by spelling Aerosmith. Which will light your shots for double value. And yes if you lock more balls; then your multiball will be worth way more; my other fav about this game is the single ball modes too, because they are all very cool and unique.

#2293 3 years ago
Quoted from John1210:

Cool thanks. So a definite point increase like mustang. What about locking back in the box during tb multiball does that throw in to action jackpot shot multipliers?

Yes if you relock one ball then scores are doubled and if you Relock 3 balls then scores are tripled

#2299 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Well, when you start with a good base and spend almost two years polishing it, that's not surprising.

I couldn't agree more this game had more development time and it shows

#2307 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

You need to get over this bitterness. I've spent some time on KISS (despite hating the band visuals) and this game doesn't remind me of it at all. So what if they started with a skeleton code from another game? I do this with all kinds of documents at work. It makes things faster and easier by not reinventing the wheel. For all we know AFM started with Popeye code. Who the eff cares? To me Aerosmith shares some small similarities with a lot of games from Borg, but KISS being the least. No big deal... All of the designers have signature items that repeat from game to game with slight changes and tweaks. Shrug.

I couldn't agree more Aerosmith feels like a Borg game but shoots very differnt and is just a pure out fun fest

1 week later
#2391 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wonder what the rationale is for taking KISS and essentially re-theming it to Aerosmith? KISS wasn't exactly a hot seller nor was the design very original either. Perhaps time constraints meant that they just had to get this game done in a certain time frame?

Sorry but they play way different and don't feel anything alike

#2393 2 years ago
Quoted from Cobray:

Lonnie on code!

The code on this game is tight; in my opinon this game is lonnies best work and it shows; just wait till you play it you will see; some excellent code

#2395 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

Why say something like this without elaborating? One way or another.
I get it everybody has an opinion, but if you have an opinion, why not elaborate on exactly why you think that way? In what way is Kiss and AS completely different, or the same?

There is an entire other thread I have up that talks about how cool the rules are to the game

#2399 2 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Not even close? Let's see...
The AS code used KISS code as a framework. This was quite apparent because early versions of AS code had the exact same sound effects as KISS.
Both center and right ramps are very similar
The jet bumper layout is similar, except there's 3, not 4
There is a scoop, but it was moved to the left
The toybox replaces the starchild area
The lock channel/mini playfield replaces Gene's head
The spinner is the same
I don't care one way or another really. AS was designed very similar to KISS for one reason or another. It's certainly not a unique layout like TWD. I don't think JB would scratch design AS to be the same as KISS, so perhaps he just started with the KISS cad drawing and changed things accordingly. Time and budget constraints perhaps? Just postulating openly...

I've had several 100's of games through the 17 years I've been collecting and two of them were kiss so let's address each one of your statements and yes I have several hours of play on both kiss and Aerosmith so here we go
1. Addressing the sound thing that was all taken out and the modes in Aerosmith are vastly different from the modes in kiss. Some highlights of those differences and awesome features on Aerosmith are the single ball modes and such great features like crank it up and also timed ball lock, missles, shot multipliers and other stuff too and yes I have stated before that kiss code is not that good and needs work; so it's not like I'm not critical of Lonnie so let's give credit where credit it due and Aerosmith has some of the best code that has come out of stern pinball.
2. The ramp setup have you played either title? Because if you have you would know this let's address the center ramp first. On kiss you can just hit the center ramp all day long and is very easy. Well that is not the case on Aerosmith at all. Very challenging to hit and much more satisfying to hit. Let's address the right ramp; which on kiss is challenging but on Aerosmith is in a slightly differnt position and also is way harder to hit on Aerosmith then on kiss. The ramps just feel so much better on Aerosmith then they do on Kiss. Think GOT Pro vs Star Trek by Steve Ritchie.
3. Not a unique layout maybe you have not shot Aerosmith yet, because TWD is an ok layout which was made great by its software and not the layout and yes I have owned two twd's so I have a lot of gameplay on both. The differnce on Aerosmith is it flows and just flat out shoots better and is more fun; it really does have a unique gameplay to it that you can't compare to any other title out there.
4. To address the pop bumpers come on same position maybe but kiss has 4 and Aerosmith has three and both kiss and Aerosmith have a way differnt feel in the pop bumper area.
5. The scoop thing now I know there is no way you could have plugged in a significant amount of time on both games because the scoop on Kiss can be shot all day and is rather easy to hit. Where as the scoop on Aerosmith is more of a half scoop shot because the ball just kind of sits there and yes The Aerosmith scoop is one of the hardest shots to hit in all of pinball, but also very satisfying and does such things as crank it up which really boost up your scores. In kiss the modes are really meaningless where as in Aerosmith you have to beat them to get to the main wizard mode and by cranking them up you really don't want to time the mode out, because if you crank it up you will get a ton of points.
6. Comparing the star child area to the toybox is just plain dumb. Starchild area just flat out sucks and well the toybox is probably the coolest toy ever that stern has ever put in one of its titles.
Some examples of the toybox that make it so awesome helol just play the game and you'll see.
As far as time and budget constraints really Aerosmith is the best pro stern has put out since Metallica. It's loaded with such features as
-6 ball play and mball
-physical ball lock that can hold all 6 balls
-color changing leds in pop bumpers
- both scoops have cliffys on them from the factory
- color changing arrow inserts
- magnet and unique lock shot along with the toybox is outstanding
- probably has the best artwork ever on a game too
In conclusion like I said in my other post just please push start on Aerosmith and you too can find out why it is so much damn fun and just a blast to play; it really does hit on all cylinders and the design team should be commended for it.

#2442 2 years ago

tom is way better then woz; for this reason alone it shoots much better then woz which is very slow and lethargic

#2483 2 years ago

Yeah AC/DC is by far no Aerosmith; the biggest difference being the shots on Aerosmith are way better where as ACDC is just a retooled T2

#2578 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't care about the rules. To me rules can't overpower an ugly ass looking machine playing music I don't care to hear. The shots weren't that great either.

Wow no way you put any good playtime on it; the art is amazing on Aerosmith seriously

#2582 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

LOL. Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder I guess.
Everybody has the right to like what they like and not like what they don't like and express their own opinion and that is mine, and I'll probably never press play on one again. That's why i don't to tournaments. Don't want to have to play something I have no desire to play.

Yeah he must be smoking something funky

#2587 2 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Sounds like you guys are trying to convince me to change my opinion so it matches yours? Is that what I'm picking up on here?

No just been collecting for a long time 17 years now and very few games have magic like Aerosmith shocked that you missed everything on it and hate it

#2589 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

He didn't miss anything, he hasn't even played it yet lol......well he's played 2 balls!

Ohh well there's the problem can't judge a game only playing 2 balls

#2624 2 years ago

I'll post on here guys we can't all like the same pins; I for one think ghostbusters is horrible and shoots really bad, but now that is my opinion after hours of play; there is no way in my mind you can a judge a game of pinball over 2 balls, but like I said before we are all entitled our opinion I would urge all of you to go try out Aerosmith because I love to
Play pinball and it is just pure fun that is all

#2739 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

It's Lonnies Greatest Hits.

I'd actually agree with that but it's a good thing

#2861 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

There will be a honeymoon period as with any new pin, but it's basically "shoot this arrow, because" with variations on that per song, but they're all similar. The mini-playfield is the most worthless one I can think of in modern Stern history. Super dumb to bounce the ball 2 inches to get the targets up there lit.

That said, I think it will do pretty well on route, because it's very pick up and play, but at home I can see it getting old pretty fast. It's essentially a slightly worse-shooting KISS.

I have to completely disagree with you on all fronts and I'm and excellent player and a hardcore collector that has had several hundred games throughout the last 17 plus years

2 weeks later
#3186 2 years ago

Acdc is a really ok layout and Aerosmith is a kick ass layout it's not even close because acdc is just a rehash of t2 where as Aerosmith is an amazing original game

#3200 2 years ago

I have owned about a half dozen different acdc machines ranging from the pro and the premium and have given that game several chances and it is just not as good as Aerosmith like I said before all Steve Ritchie did for acdc is really hack his t2 layout and it has some ok toys other then the bell, but we will all have our own opinions after all it's only pinball

#3202 2 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I know you are not complaining about ACDC being a hack layout rerun and the bragging on AS in the same sentence

Yes I am I know the toy in a box is some of borgs other toys combined but they layout is unique and it shoots like nothing else and is just pure fun; like I said we are all entitled to our own options; I'm not a ghostbusters fan either so to each their own; I love games like Metallica, Aerosmith, Tron and Dialed IN because they shoot so good and smooth and are still challenging too

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