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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#1256 3 years ago

Started designing my custom AS topper for my new LE. I figured I'd try to tie in the "Jacky in the box" with the logo. It will be laser cut 6ml plexiglass with LED's behind it. Can't f'en wait!!!!!! Aerosmith rules!!

aerosmith-topper-concept1 (resized).jpg

#1284 3 years ago

I need an opinion ... I need to know which of the 2 Aerosmith custom toppers I should use for my new LE I ordered last Wednesday (#7 of 500 ... booyah!) I designed & created by hand (Tyler was painted using acrylic paints) & will now take, which ever design you guys decide, to a plexiglass dude & have it back-lit printed on 6ml plexi. The base I'm working on right now, trying to incorporate LED's behind it. Having a blast working on these! Aerosmith f'en rules!!!

2-ASLE-topper2 (resized).jpg

1-ASLE-topper (resized).jpg

#1295 3 years ago

Thanks for your input guys, I guess I'm definitely going with my 1st choice, the "Jacky" topper!

#1300 3 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

With all the bad visual reviews in this thread of the Topper (that I agreed with), what if it was interactive? Not sure how "interactive" it is, but ...

what, just the logo? kinda lame IMO ... where's the creativity? Looking forward to seeing what Modfather comes up with, if anyone can design a kick-ass topper, it'll be him.

1 week later
#1451 3 years ago

... can't understand why anyone who dislikes Aerosmith would even be interested in visiting this thread, title "Stern Aerosmith Pinball" ... calling their fans "old women"? WTF bro?

#1508 3 years ago

does anyone know what order Stern is building AERO. Is it the Pros first, then the LE's & then finally the Premiums?

#1510 3 years ago

I talked to my rep from the supplier yesterday & he said Stern's plan is to possibly build the LE's first. I assumed the Pro's were beginning production mid Jan. Looking forward to my LE, but I thought Stern ALWAYS build the Pros first.

#1518 3 years ago

... or you can spend a fraction of that and make your own one-off topper (this one, my tribute to Tyler, not Jacky)... both front & rear plexiglass panels are backlit printed on 8ml plexiglass, once I assemble & get the LED's interactive with the gameplay, I'll post it completed.

aerosmithLE-topper-final1 (resized).jpg

#1573 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Even if I was interested, that Jester voice sparky-rehash completely turned me off, especially with how much he's chatting. I'm sure that production choice has blown quite a few sales of Aerosmith.

i personally love the sparky voice (Brenden Small), don't feel it's overused or annoying whatsoever on my MET, & can't f'en wait to hear his call-outs on AS. Also, looking forward to Jack Danger next Friday!!

1 week later
#1640 3 years ago

after watching the live Dead Flip podcast, that hideous upper mini PF on the Prem looks like a complete disaster. Notice the posts directly in front of the single flipper? Whats with the 4" skill shot to elevator? I know I would get really annoyed/bored with this alone. So thankful I called & downgraded my LE to a Pro!

Pro is the only way to go IMHO.

pro-vs-LE (resized).jpg

#1705 3 years ago

anyone who rips on the LCD animation display on AS has obviously nothing better to rip about. Period. Go watch Dead Flip again, that LCD is a much welcome feature on AS. I ef'n love it, the more I see it's artistic value!!! Hats off to Stern, this ones (Pro only, of course) a keeper!!

Stern should have introduced the new LCD display with AS, instead of BM66

#1718 3 years ago

... here's my condensed rule card for AS based on the Jack Danger podcast. Yep ... I watched it again, love it even more the 2nd time round! *Noteworthy: "Sweet Emotion" song/mode selection is the hardest mode/song & must shoot all 12 targets in one ball to complete, therefore, you MUST shoot Crank it Up to extend time!

AEROSMITH-RuleCard1 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1817 3 years ago

sneak preview... can't wait till next year! ... going next to my MET & Aerosmith!

ironM-stern (resized).jpg

#1823 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wrong screen, for one.

... couldn't find a BM66 with new LCD screen at the right angle, so I settled for a TWD ... just keeping my dream alive!

#1826 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

Stern definitely has the license and is planning on making Iron Maiden. As I mentioned before, they were playing Iron Maiden videos at the 30th anniversary party - at a public event. You can't legally do that unless you have been given permission to do so. All the other music videos they played were ALL Stern Pinballs already (including Aerosmith).

that is positive news on Maiden, ... as I patiently wait for my AS Pro to arrive .... soon?

#1847 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Most people that are even buying one (rather than boycotting because of the code problems with Stern titles) are getting a Pro. The LE extra playfield is simple to the point of retarded. Why bother with it? Seems like most people getting an Aerosmith are skipping the LE.

I originally ordered an LE but after watching Dead Flip, the ridiculous upper playfield (one of the worst I've seen) forced me to rethink my decision & I instantly downgraded to Pro. On AS, Pro is the way to go!

1 week later
#2044 3 years ago
Quoted from KHL:

The animations are so bad, so cheap..words escape me, rule wise I'm sure it has some shots but I found no joy in playing it off the bat, the art would have been rad if Donny didn't have to draw Aerosmith.. arf. To imagine we could have had a Beastie Boys machine and they give us this, not exactly sure what demographic Stern is designing their games for but my guess is it's one that takes their Viagra with a shot of Rogaine.

Anyone who thinks the art package on AS is "bad" or "cheap" has absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Donnie Gilles is a frickin' sick genius! AS is one of his best pieces of work. As for Beastie Boys, they had like one good record & done.

#2056 3 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get these custom rails for AS? I'd like to powder coat them in the exact same blue as the Pro. Prefer not to buy them from directly from Stern, however, I did not even see them on Stern's site.

AS-Pro1 (resized).jpg

#2058 3 years ago

Thanks. I guess I have no choice, I gotta buy them from Stern. This custom side armour for AS is by far the best laser cut armour I've seen for any pin thus far.

1 week later
#2168 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Anyone have some cool rule cards?

I posted them a few pages ago, rules courtesy from Xerico.

919-AS-ruleCards (resized).jpg

#2205 3 years ago

does any one know the proper audio setting on AS? Sounds a bit distorted even with the volume at 29. Gotta be the audio setting, right?

#2207 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

29 is pretty high. You can adjust treble and bass in settings. You might have another problem though if you hear distortion at lower levels, like 18 - 25. Mine's pretty loud and clear at 18. You might have a bad speaker so try to isolate the bad one then unplug. All speakers distorting might mean the audio board. Make sure connections tight.

Thanks I'll check the audio board. Much appreciated.

#2236 3 years ago

Has anyone upgraded their AS speakers with the Flipper Fidelity Spike 2 speaker system? Do I need to get the Spike 2 sub kit if I hook up a sub, or can I simply run it off the base speaker inside the cabinet, like I did on my MET? Thanx.

1 week later
#2445 3 years ago
Quoted from Sanfordpk:

I had to put the file into Photoshop and resize it.

sorry, the original hi-res file I designed the rules cards in is way too large to send as .pdf
however, sounds like you can resize it in Gimp, so sounds like you're good to go!

#2476 3 years ago
Quoted from blowback1976:

Funny, I'm contemplating trading my ACDC Prem for an AS pro and some cash............ very tempting.

I did the same, sold my ACDC Premium & bought the AS pro ... oh, & put the extra $1200. I got for the AC/DC back into AS mods, including custom armour, Joe Perry mini guitars, shooter rod, shaker & upgraded Flipper Fidelity speakers. This ones a keeper. Best decision I ever made!

#2482 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Really? I thought AC/DC was suppose to be like Sterns best ever? Are you saying that you like AS better than AC/DC Premium? I'm getting my AS today...can't wait.

don't get me wrong, I really like AC/DC & kinda already miss it, but heard Stern's coming out with a VE edition in 2019, so I'll wait for the new LCD version & layout. And ... absolutely, IMHO if would say, hands f'en down, AS is way more fun! The shear thrill of working up to get a 6-ball multi-ball with that killer Jacky toy box feature, blows any feature on AC/DC all day long.

#2488 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Yeah AC/DC is by far no Aerosmith; the biggest difference being the shots on Aerosmith are way better where as ACDC is just a retooled T2

absolutely, the ramps just feel way smoother on AS. Awesome making the back-hand shot to "lock" balls.

I'll admit I was a bit apprehensive, ordering AS Pro back in January, sight unseen. However, it's been here for 3 weeks now & I just cannot stop playing it! I wasn't even like that when I got my MET Premium. Just a killer pin! Anyone on the fence about buying AS ... go for it, worth every penny!

#2507 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballpete:

I have to agree with all of the positive reviews on this game, it is a blast! I,like many others had zero interest in this game when it first was announced. After getting some time on it at league I decided to get one and I have to say I couldn't be more surprised. From the initial live streams I thought the animations looked cheesy, and I am not a fan of the band either so I just didn't give it a thought. Seeing the whole thing in person changed everything. The animations are fun and bright, the art is amazing and the music is not terrible so it all ends up working as others have said.
The rules are not crazy deep from what I can tell but I like that about this game. Sometimes with deep rules I get that chopping wood feel. This game is like candy, just jump in and have some fun! The 6 ball multiball is crazy fun and I love that you can relock them into the toy box during multiball. This gets some of the balls out of your way but still allows you to score with the bonus of all 6 balls. It's really a simple risk vs reward rule that just adds to the games fun factor.
If you are on the fence or can't believe the hype I suggest finding one to play. It's surely not for everyone, but it blew me away and I had no expectations to like it. At this stage i would say it is more fun than Metallica, and Ghostbusters which I own both of. Enjoy! Great job Stern!

... would never say AS is more fun than MET, cuz let's be honest, MET is truly in a league of it's own! However, AS is a very close second.

#2571 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I'm curious
For those of you who sold a game to open up room/funds for Aerosmith... what did you sell?

I too sold my AC/DC Premium to buy AS Pro. I really thought I'd miss it, but then I go down to my pin room & push play on AS!!! This pin grows on me daily ... cannot stop playing it!!! Best choice ... ever!!!

#2616 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

I don't care about the rules. To me rules can't overpower an ugly ass looking machine playing music I don't care to hear. The shots weren't that great either.

"ugly ass looking machine"? say what? meanwhile, it's probably one of the best looking machines out there. Who is this clown?

#2702 3 years ago
Quoted from Bigbossfan:

Brought home an LE on Thursday. Was sitting on the fence between the Pro or the LE, given the lack of many positive comments on the upper playfield. Had a lot of time on my buddies pro, so was hesitant spending that much on the added features of the LE. But, because I'm a gotta have it now guy, I bit the bullet, called my local distributor. They had LE's in stock, end of story.
No regrets, loving this pin!!

yes, that was quite the surprise last night when I saw that LE in your pin room, buddy!! You got me. My eyes bugged out like a friggin' Volkswagen. Nice addition to your already amazing collection, Reg! Congrats.

#2714 3 years ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Everyone I was with that played the premium at Texas thought the premium was better but still had a hard time justifying the price increase from pro to premium. I think the current tiers are too far apart to make it compelling to make the jump. I think it's close to $2,000 to go from pro to premium. That's just crazy.

I wish it were only $2K difference. In Canada, the difference between Pro & LE is $5,000.

#2762 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

I've also heard the shaker is not integrated into the game well.

shaker is an absolute MUST in any music pin. I'm upgrading the speakers & hooking up a sub, just like with MET. It takes it to a whole different level of game play experience.

#2863 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

There will be a honeymoon period as with any new pin, but it's basically "shoot this arrow, because" with variations on that per song, but they're all similar. The mini-playfield is the most worthless one I can think of in modern Stern history. Super dumb to bounce the ball 2 inches to get the targets up there lit.
That said, I think it will do pretty well on route, because it's very pick up and play, but at home I can see it getting old pretty fast. It's essentially a slightly worse-shooting KISS.

Totally disagree. Last night, I played a few games on my AS Pro at my place, then went to my good buddy's place for our regular 6-man 6-hour, Friday night "pin tourny" where he just bought an ASLE last week. (BTW, he has the best collection ever, GoTLE, STLE, TWDLE, MMrLE, GB Premium, Shadow, MET premium, GnR & finally ASLE) So, I got to play both the Pro & LE back to back. Well, for one, both are fantastic pins. Period. IMO right up there with MET & TWD. So ... I take back everything I said about the AS "upper mini playfield". I slammed it right from day one, as I too thought it was a waste of space & looked clunky, not smooth. Well, I was dead wrong. Both Pro & LE are great pins. Stern hit AS right out of the park!!

Good comparison: Kinda like, if you went into a Corvette dealer with your buddy, you both buy Zo6's but your buddy buys the convertible, both are awesome rides ... just different experiences.

2 weeks later
#3176 3 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

I sold my ACDC Prem and got AS and have no regrets. A friend who sold his and picked up AS also deacribed Acdc as great, but so serious! He said AS is just fun. I agree with those statements.

AS is far superior to AC/DC. I also have zero regrets selling my AC/DC Premium to buy AS pro. Both left & right ramps on the AS pro are smooth as silk. Borg is an f'en genius! Stern better be paying him large. Everyday I grow to love AS (& Borg) more & more!

1 month later
#3555 3 years ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Here is my AS pro.

Nice collection, Tatman!

GnR, Kiss, MET, ACDC, Aerosmith, wow, you own my dream pin collection!

#3556 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

especially Aerosmith, OMG it's so horrible....the game is a complete mess!

YaKnowWhat (resized).png

1 week later
#3599 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If you can't have fun playing AS you probably just don't like pinball that much.

well said Who-Dey, I guess you were joking about hating AS in your previous post, my apologies brother!

2 months later
#3863 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

I guess I'm dreamin on

Next code update should have Dream On incorporated in CIU modes.

#3866 2 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Is that just a "wish" or a rumour?

Unfortunately, it's just a "wish" however, to truly make AS a gem in the future, Dream On MUST be added in CIU modes.

1 month later
#4074 2 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

The speaker light kits and designs for SPIKE 2 games should be available at http://www.speakerlightkits.com soon.
Doug (SpeakerLightKits.com)

As of yesterday, Doug does not have speaker lights available for Spike 2.

#4083 2 years ago
Quoted from DugFreez:

The speaker light kits and designs for SPIKE 2 games should be available at http://www.speakerlightkits.com soon.

If anyone knows another source for Spike2 speaker lights, please PM me. My stainless steel mirror grills are just waiting to be lit.

AS-Grill2 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#4137 2 years ago
Quoted from foureyedcharlie:

It really needs callouts, getting Steven Tyler to do them would be sweet.

You can't be serious if you really think Stern will open their squeaky tight-ass wallet & pay for Steven Tyler callouts?

#4141 2 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Why not? They did it with James Hetfield.

Big difference is Hetfield, besides being a major pinhead, was instrumental during the MET licensing process. Very similar to Slash with the GnR pin.

d112c526ae84fbb4157faf6e388f5475--james-hetfield-pinball (resized).jpg

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