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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#624 3 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

So Gomez says in issue #4 of Pinball Magazine that Aerosmith was shelved and is NOT the next Stern?

1 month later
#773 3 years ago

Will be in my collection spring/summer 2018 love the art and theme can't tell much yet from video

#787 3 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

$6200 for a pro lol

So what your saying is all the bitching on a price increase was for a %3.30 increase lol

#810 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

I applaud the spinner for the pro. Layout looks fun, but looks very much like KISS, with the ramp placement. Kiss is a fun game though, but might feel similar. Pro looks like the better game, unless you like batting around little playfields to slow down the flow.
$200 increase...could have been worse I guess.

A $200 increase has been standard for a number of yr now for people spending $5000/10,000 on a toy it should be no big deal.Good themes and getting ghosting in the past will = strong sales

#834 3 years ago

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#843 3 years ago
Quoted from o-din:

Is it just me or are all these games looking the same?

All games with only two flippers 6/8 shot fan there may be a scoop,bash toy captive ball all similar till rules change that

2 weeks later
#1316 3 years ago

Stephanie Abbott went on to trash MET AC/DC and KISS as well

IMG_1160 (resized).jpg

#1340 3 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Maybe you don't get a pinball machine at all but you get yourself some multicade instead and save a few thousand dollars. Remember that many of these people going to their Facebook page are not necessarily die hard pinball fans, they may just want something for the game room . There are a couple other options now too so it isn't like you couldn't get one somewhere else if you really really wanted one.

A couple other options I hope you mean WOZ and TH not Dutch and Highway

#1392 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Rush would be a huge hit

LOL you forgot to post this

#1395 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Gimme Led Zeppelin, for crying out loud.

#1422 3 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Stern releases games faster than code updates...

Stern has had 9 code updates for three games with pro pre and le games last 2 months better then a game ever 2 or three yr

#1448 3 years ago

I don't get it with all the Stern bash threads dimples,petition,Gomez promised code,kiss code,are you serious why do the fan boys feel the need to shit on a game thread.

#1458 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

There are a few reasons. New people getting into the game not knowing what to expect. people that have been in the game getting a shittier product. This shittier product costing more than it did before. George Gomex telling people there would be code every 2 weeks and then not doing it.
if you can't understand that then I can't help you.

I am not saying people should not bitch about dimples,price hikes,code and more I am saying with all the bitch threads a game thread is not the place for it

1 week later
#1535 3 years ago

New Stern FB video up

#1561 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Is your preference to have a nasty looking magnet ring that looks worse than moon craters or a full face of Freshman acne. If they could select the correct metal hardness material they would because the magnet ring looks TERRIBLE after a week of play for a pricey machine.
Simply put, its about expectations....I didn't expect my BM66 to have nasty craters in the playfield after a week of play. If you expect that than you have different expectations. Good for you, the world needs diversity.

Go bitch on the dimples bash thread leave the game thread to the game fans or are one just one more pinsider that like to shit on threads

377455 (resized).png

#1564 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

I am not a pinball designer. Above my pay grade.

BOY 78 I do not say anything when people are not all love but you have clogged this thread regurgitating the same shit over and over ten post in the last 24 hours get over it

#1567 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Like I said, you must be offended and I don't understand. Too bad you cant have an open discussion with you and others who are offended, without insinuating nasty things with pictures of weird people. Good example for others. That's the point you showed yourself. The fact you have pics of people like that on your hard drive makes me wonder....WTF? Unless that really is a selfie....LMAO. No worries JY, I am sure your job is secure at Stern, or wherever.
Curious if the steel in the tin foil magnet ring is from overseas. Check the BOM on the shop drawings and post a pic. Big thanks for clarifying it up for me, once you do. Hope you fix it for AerosmithLE. I hope you do, but hope is not a strategy. LOL. Cognitive dissonance welcome. No worries it runs rampant.

Be glad Stern spent the money on a magnet ring older Stern games had playfield burn when they had no protective ring

#1574 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Jetsons looks interesting doesn't it?
I listed my BM66LE with near 50 plays for $9000.00 on the market place. If JY wants it, I will ship it to him NAVL - No Charge.

no I think all these games are for well it would not be nice to say

#1580 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Not sure what you are trying to say. Why not say it? Your a funny one. BM66LE isn't your cup of tea? You will attempt to silence the truth, but when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is, you sound confused. Just as I figured. I know you, your funny. LMAO.
Not sure why you wouldn't jump on a HUO BM66LE shipped to your door for $9000 if you think it is the Bomb; and act so inappropriately to defend it. I tell you what, for you I will ship it to your place in Chicagoland? for a total of $8500.00. PM and I will get your address and I will give you the info for the bank wire. If your in Riverside, my family friends will be happy to deliver special white glove service.
BTW: A selfie is not a selfie if your mom is taking the picture. I see her picture in the reflection...LMAO. Thanks for that, best all week.

Paying those prices for a pinball game is for fools

#1582 3 years ago
Quoted from BenetBoy78:

Your too funny, funny strange. Why is it when you cant have a conversation or agree to disagree you and others of like mind, always come back to name calling. I would call you a loser, but I try to refrain from inappropriate behavior, that would make me what I would consider a LOSER.
BTW: STFU if you cant pony up the money for a machine. You should consider a thread that makes more sense for your pocketbook and lifestyle. You cant afford Aerosmith so WTF? Since you seem kinda tight with your money but loose with your lips, I will give BM66LE No 69 to you for $8000.00 shipped just for fun!! PM me. I want YOU to have it. YOU deserve it!!
Post that pic of the Bill of Materials from the approved Shop Drawing for that magnet ring for BM66 LE and Aerosmith LE and we can discuss it some more. No name calling...just facts.

I find it funny you bitch about name calling as you do your fair share . On the subject of can I afford it I would rather pay $10,000 on a painting then a pin I have never seen a pin worth that kind of money

#1586 3 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

How about JY and Benetboy take it to PMs or drop it. You two are acting like little kids. Let it go. Back to discussing Aerosmith.

Last one norcal boy78 I am on this thread because I am from New England and that make this a must have game but not till late 2017 early 2018 to see how things shape up

1 week later
#1635 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Seems like quite a few are sitting this one out, hence the lack of excitement for the stream.

Put this game next to DI or BM66 I pick Aerosmith hands down

#1723 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

It will be very interesting to see how Aerosmith does. Seems like the PF drama from all of 2016 and the almost code-free Batman launch combined with a polarizing band have put the kibosh on interest.
The interest around the livestream was the lowest I've seen for one of those since I've been here. Very few were talking about it when it was happening. I mean, I don't think it will be WWE level bad, but Stern has to be concerned about the presales.

The fact that this thread has had 347 people on it and that is a good number for a Pinside game thread I think it will do well.

#1730 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Nobody hating on Aerosmith here, i was praising it.

The main basher has a WOZ backless avatar LOL

#1769 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If it looks fun to you and you would play it "a lot" on location then why wouldn't you consider owning it?

Theme can kill a game no mater what the price DI is not for me

#1779 3 years ago
Quoted from Bearcat:

Does anyone know when the pre-order Pro's are shipping to the US customers?

There is no need to pre pay for a pro myself it is a dream theme but I am waiting for the fall and more code to drop

3 weeks later
#2020 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

This makes no sense. You make positive remarks and then give it a 6.0 out of 10???

At least he did not give it a 10 10s and 1s turn ratings into a joke

#2025 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

And in Texas soon there are another 4 games announced!
Elvira 3
New Spooky game
Competition is fierce.
Code is an area where Stern have excelled in the past but if they fail to finish off games and don't try and make them over the top, they are slowly going to lose sales.

Wow that is a list of game there could be a very long wait on some may not happen at all

#2085 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Great code sells games and shit code kills sales. MET and KISS are the poster children for these 2 opposite ends of the spectrum

MET and KISS are the opposite ends of the spectrum KISS is the boy band of hard rock and MET is hard rock even with perfect code KISS would have never live up to MET

#2086 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

super grating in home use

Like selfie mode

#2113 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Sadly prices are still going up and each new game

Coming from a JJP fan thats a funny complaint

#2134 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

At least the JJP price increases can actually be justified by their loaded up games, the high quality powder coated armor being included on LE'S (not baked on enamel), invisiglass and shaker motors being included on LE's and code updates being released on a regular basis.
Myself and others wouldn't have a problem with Sterns price increases if the quality remained the same, games were not being stripped down and code updates didn't in some cases take over a year to be released (KISS...).
The value factor just isn't there anymore with Stern games but still is with JJP games. Just my own personal opinion. Prices have gotten out of control on both sides and with each price increase the potential customer base grows smaller.
Hopefully Aerosmith is the game to change that mold. I think the pro looks pretty darn slick and can see owning one as long as it's supported well with code updates.

I find it funny you say price increases are justified as game two and three do not hold a candle to game one WOZ. For $6500 you got flying monkey, melting witch, trees on pops,two upper playfields,crystal ball,invisaglass,five magnets,headphone jack,powder coated armor. Game three for $8000 No powder coating no headphone jack no invisaglass no upper playfields no figures on pops but JJP price increases are justified now thats funny

#2187 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The pro seems like a decent "deal" for what it comes with but $1800 more to get a premium that only offers an upper playfield that honestly is very limited in terms of what it can do? Then another $1300 for different artwork going from the premium to LE for baked on enamel armor and a tiny LE plaque? Really Stern, just wow.

Funny stuff for $8000 Jack is striping goods from the game not putting in

#2232 3 years ago

Wow three months makes a difference with the areo thread on fire three months ago the only Stern threads burning up Pinside were bash threads. I think 2017 will be a far different year for Stern then 2016 with decal issues GB BM66 . I am looking forward to see what 2017 brings SW next I hope so

#2261 3 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Game looks like a lot of fun but the latest code update makes it seem like gameplay won't expand much more beyohd what is already in the game. I'm just concerned that the game won't have enough staying power long term.

Three code updates first months yet you still bitch .Stern could have made people wait instead they put out several small updates Panzer would you like some cheese with that wine

#2318 3 years ago
Quoted from John_I:

You need to get over this bitterness. I've spent some time on KISS (despite hating the band visuals) and this game doesn't remind me of it at all. So what if they started with a skeleton code from another game? I do this with all kinds of documents at work. It makes things faster and easier by not reinventing the wheel. For all we know AFM started with Popeye code. Who the eff cares? To me Aerosmith shares some small similarities with a lot of games from Borg, but KISS being the least. No big deal... All of the designers have signature items that repeat from game to game with slight changes and tweaks. Shrug.

You have a Pinsider with a WOZ avatar who comes on Stern game threads and bash the games shocking

1 week later
#2503 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

That's all personal feels. Not based on any objective evaluation. Hard to really qualify the value of that kind of review unless you're talking to the John_I fan club. I think this is an endemic problem with Pinside in general. Everybody has an opinion. And for some, the only justification they need is how they feel. That's one way to look at it, but it doesn't really allow anybody else to connect with your analysis and leave with any useful information, because we're not you.
When I say TOM is shallow compared to WOZ, that's more than just my opinion. It's based on empirical evidence. The ruleset for WOZ is extensive compared to TOM. The technology is much more advanced. The art package is just as good. The build quality, the creativity of toys and mechanisms, all as good if not superior to TOM. I don't feel a need to comment much on what shots I find personally satisfying, but I could list plenty on WOZ like the crystal ball, the throne room, the left orbit, the HOADC shot, the castle, the monkey lock shot, the witch hurry-up, etc...
I guess, it's hard to figure out what a game is like from various peoples' opinions because everybody's mind works differently.

Typical JJP fan Saying peoples opinions don't mean shit but there opinion is different it is valid

4 months later
#3879 2 years ago

Finally got a chance to play AS loved art and audio. The toy was a blast but the game was a drain monster to the point I may not buy the game.I also played DI for the first time and for $9000 it was a real turd.The game attacking the flippers during multi ball was good the shaker motor added to the game.The crazy modes suck the audio was annoying as hell you have to be a major JJP fan to like this turd.

1 month later
#4029 2 years ago

Played AS last night is there a link for rules

#4053 2 years ago

What kind of ass down votes a pinsider for helping out a other pinsider

5 months later
#4174 2 years ago

New code

- Fixed a time out bug in "Back in the Saddle" where, during the "final shot(s)" sequence, the pop bumpers turned off the lit shot(s).
- Fixed a problem where the game could reset if the display tried to render too many layered images after a foreground display effect was finished running.
- Fixed a bug where the flippers where allowed to change the bottom lane lamps during diagnostics.
- Changed the default speech/music attenuation settings on French games.
- Changed the default ball save settings on games for China.
- Fixed a problem where combo shots to the left scoop during Love in an Elevator Multiball were not being scored correctly.
- Removed unused adjustment.
- Added an upper playfield targets completed audit.

- Added AD_TILT_DEBOUNCE adjustment in ms for tilt bob debounce.
- System v1.97, nodebus protocol change and node board firmware update.
- At the start of each ball, check if the stgl5000 codec chip has reset due to static discharge and reconfigure register if needed to recover audio playback.
- Changed debounce logic/timing to prevent double start button detects.
- Added USA_12 Coinage 1/$0.25, 5/$1.00.
- Added audit for total number of one, two, three, and four players games
that have been played.
- Improved sound proccessing.
- Interactively update the backbox brightness while changing Attract Mode,
Game Play, and Service Mode adjustments in the service menu.
- Added adjustments for backbox speaker bass/treble, cabinet speaker
bass/treble, and cabinet/backbox speaker balance to service menu
UTIL->VOL. Speaker balance allows lowering the volume level of cabinet
speaker or backbox speakers vs. the other.
- Improved sound issues at power up.
- Reworked boot time displays for node board firmware update and locating node
- Added boot time display for overcurrent detected (shorted coil or LED) on
node boards.
- Added support for dynamic detection and isolation of overcurrent coils or
LEDs. Previous behavior would disable all coils and LEDs for 1/2 second each
time a short was detected. New behavior will determine the short coil and/or
LED and disable only the offender.
- Added tech alert for overcurrent coils and LEDs on node boards. New
diagnostic test to retest node board and report with coils/LEDs are drawing
too much current. Excessive current draw could be the result of a shorted
coil, an incorrect replacement LED/incandescent bulb, shorted light socket,
et cetera.
- Every 15 minutes during attract mode overcurrent coils/led will be rechecked
and returned to service if operating correctly.
- Added adjustment for "GAME PLAY B.BOX BRIGHTNESS"
- The deprecated BILL VALIDATOR adjustment has been removed.
- Updated Norway coin door to 1/5/10/20 Kr for left/center/right/4th
- Updated Sweden coin door to 1/5/10/2 Kr for left/center/right/4th
- Added Sweden 3 credit pricing 1 credit for 10 Kr.
- Updated Sweden dip switch setting (0x0B) default to Sweden 3 pricing.
- Replaced hardware version number with OS version number on diagnostic
- Added a message LOCATING NODE BOARDS. This will display if a required
node board is not discovered, previously it would incorrectly state
UPDATING NODE BOARD and UPDATE FAILED. The node board number(s) of
missing boards will be displayed and updated as boards are found.
- Updated UK pricing.
- Added China dip switch setting.
- Added support for China currency and pricing.
- Added support for e-Wallet psuedo ticket dispenser device. Only selectable
for China dip switch setting. The ticket and redemption systems will
ignore this device if selected.
- Added support for new headphone jack accessory.
- Added SWITZERLAND 3 pricing (the new default for games that are DIP-switch set for SWITZERLAND): 2/1 SwF 5/3 SwF.

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