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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#1027 3 years ago

How cool is the (correction) Dirty Donnie artwork? I wish this was Jimi Hendrix...

2 months later
#2028 3 years ago

I played a bunch of games yesterday at the Pinball Lounge in Orlando. This is the best first impression of any game I've played in years. It is a complete package and I kept wanting to play more. Not a huge fan of the band but I don't dislike them either. I definitely could see owning it some day. To me the LCD display and content are the best in any game I've ever seen. It's just the right size and the colors pop. No split screen crap and really nice cartoon animations. Aerosmith are some ugly old MFers, last thing I want to see is real HD video of them on stage. The game also sounded great. The 2.1 sound really makes it crisp and clear in the mid and highs with a nice low end from the stock pro speakers.

#2078 3 years ago
Quoted from Avatar:

Yes indeed. V1.0.0 gives me the impression that all features are implemented. Some minor bugfixing, balancing out and that's it. Done! Already 2 updates are available in 14 days. Polishing for me is not extra stacking and new enhanced rulesets. Everything "added" from now on will be a bonus.

Aerosmith game design has been complete for months. It just got moved back in the production schedule for various reasons. That is why the software is so complete compared to the majority of new releases.

#2120 3 years ago

AS felt solid and sturdy to me. Games feel wobbly when the legs aren't tight enough or they aren't levelled properly. If the game feels cheap it's in your head mostly and partly in the setup.

Cutting the transformer out of the cabinet and most of the wiring is a huge weight savings. To me the lighter the better. Makes them easier to move and makes zero difference in game play when set up properly.

1 week later
#2195 3 years ago

I like that even the Pro comes with hole protectors from the factory. AS is an impressively complete package for sure. Can't wait to try a Premium/LE.

as (resized).jpg

#2231 3 years ago
Quoted from focusmediagroup:

It will be, however, a much smaller backglass with the LCD.

It's only a little smaller. Still a full sized translite compared to JJP.

#2250 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Backglass is the word you were missing at the end of that sentence. So it should really read... Still a full sized TRANSLITE compared to JJP with their REAL BACKGLASS.

However it is produced, size does matter. The Stern system simply looks better. Sorry to break the news to you.

#2306 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Well, when you start with a good base (KISS) and spend almost two years polishing it, that's not surprising.
The system settings slipup is just confirmation of what everyone suspected. If you've spent time with KISS, the overall similarities are overwhelming.

You need to get over this bitterness. I've spent some time on KISS (despite hating the band visuals) and this game doesn't remind me of it at all. So what if they started with a skeleton code from another game? I do this with all kinds of documents at work. It makes things faster and easier by not reinventing the wheel. For all we know AFM started with Popeye code. Who the eff cares? To me Aerosmith shares some small similarities with a lot of games from Borg, but KISS being the least. No big deal... All of the designers have signature items that repeat from game to game with slight changes and tweaks. Shrug.

#2320 3 years ago
Quoted from JY64:

You have a Pinsider with a WOZ avatar who comes on Stern game threads and bash the games shocking

Yeah I hate to admit that I have been guilty of similar infractions over the years but trying to reform. It's all good.

#2344 3 years ago
Quoted from DerRoland:

Thanks for the review. Do anybody know, what STERN changed? Thinner wood/metal in the cabinet or is the missing transformer since SPIKE the matter?

Transformer was around 35 pounds. Not to mention cutting out well more than half of the wiring. New technology, weight savings and cost cutting all go hand in hand. If it really bothers people, putting a 40 pound weight in the cabinet will fix it right up.

#2390 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

I wonder what the rationale is for taking KISS and essentially re-theming it to Aerosmith?

Dude, not even close to a re-theme. Give it up.

#2403 3 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

Just postulating openly...

Whatever. Point is that almost all of Borg's Stern games are kind of similar. That doesn't make them a "re-theme". SMVE was a re-theme. Shrek was a re-theme. AS is similar to a lot of Borg's games. Shrug.

#2427 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

He rated ToM a 9.6, and WOZ a 6.3.
Hard to take his analysis seriously.

The WoZ I can agree with. TOM is almost as bad though.

#2429 3 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

I sold my acdc and AS is the surprise replacement after I played it a lot at TPF. So what are you thinking?

I'm just getting back a little money out of my collection. I might replace the ACDC Premium with a Gottlieb Dodge City and use the leftover cash for things outside of pinball.

#2433 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

If people can't get past the theme to appreciate the gameplay, that's not pinball..... that's advertising and marketing.

Its the clunky playfield and no satisfying shots that make the gameplay boring to me and doesn't drag me back. The terrible theme is just the turd on the top. For TOM, I actually like the theme. I have owned almost all of the 90s WMS games and that one was near the bottom. Not a big Jpop fan in general.

#2438 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

That's all personal feels.

I buy games for me, so if I've played one more than enough to form my own opinion I really don't care what anyone else thinks. To each his own, that is what is great about pinball. Your opinion by the way is all personal feels too, just a little more detail. I could go into nauseating detail into why I don't like WOZ from the clunky playfield, horrible theme, sounds, inept GI lighting, stupid left and right outlane ball saves and even the terrible reliability and hardware design. I've had one in my gameroom for three years now and my feelings have not changed each of the many times I have tried to like it. It is owned by a friend of mine who keeps it here or it would be long gone and replaced by something me and my friends actually enjoy playing.

But I digress, because of your condescending tone... We all have our reasons for liking a game and this is an Aerosmith thread, so I figured a brief thumbs down was more appropriate than rehashing old reviews. Just to bring things back on track, I still really love Aerosmith and think it is Stern's best offering in a long while. My neighbor has been interested in picking up his first pinball for a while and wants to go NIB. I contacted him recently and let him know that AS Pro is a game he would love. Hopefully he picks one up.

#2440 3 years ago

I'm getting pretty good at scaling in Gimp and then dropping the file into Microsoft publisher. Once in there you can use the rulers to make absolute sure the cards are the right size and then save as a pdf.

Print the attached at "actual size". Don't print out of the browser. Save the file and use Acrobat if possible.


#2549 3 years ago

The protector at the kickout is factory installed even on the Pro.

#2613 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

Be honest - you've been bagging on Aerosmith endlessly as soon as it was announced. You had NO IDEA what it looked like, played like or anything, but kept saying it would suck because it was Aerosmith. You're opinion was locked in, with absolutely no info. That's why you're opinion on AS doesn't really matter since it has nothing to do with the actual game - just the theme!

You have just defined what a troll is.

#2655 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

The cost is a wash or literally pennies. At retail the fans (current vs quiet) are the same price. This has to be a case where Stern just can't be bothered to take care of something really annoying (especially in a home environment) that would cost nothing or next to nothing to change.

I guess that's why the fan in my WOZ is so loud. I can hear it before even entering the room. Unfortunately it is also a pain in the butt to get to compared to the Stern fan or I would have replaced it by now. There is also a very noticeable static through the speakers on that game that gets louder and quieter as the LEDs come on and off.

#2657 3 years ago

I ordered a ground isolator. Hopefully that works. I need to yank out the fan to find a decent replacement.

With the Stern power supply, the fan is temperature controlled. You can either replace that fan itself or buy a quiet external fan and blow it at the power supply to keep it cool and prevent the fan from coming on.

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