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Stern Aerosmith Pinball

By pinmister

4 years ago

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Post #733 First official pictures, press release and feature matrix from Stern. Posted by Gexchange (3 years ago)

Post #762 Link to Stern "Gameplay Video Sneak Peek" on Facebook. Posted by Apollyon (3 years ago)

Post #784 Approximate Street Prices to expect for Aerosmith Pinball Posted by PinB (3 years ago)

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#692 3 years ago

Complete code doesn't always equate to good code. I'm really really hoping Lonnie hits one out of the ball park and gets back on track cause he does have some great moments in code history. But one of the reasons Lyman is so good and one of the best is that he gets feedback from top players and those in the community and then applies it. Lyman has (typically) always had weak out of the gate code, with amazing game breaking follow up 'complete' code. So saying Aerosmith is released with finished code is nothing new from what Lonnie has done in the past for the most part. But like I said in a previous thread, I think Aerosmith pro version will be this years pinball dark horse and I hope Lonnie nails it.

#963 3 years ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I would agree too. I own a WOZ and the TOTO ball save to fine, but the left state fair balloon game... not fun. I have not completed it yet, too hard for me. It seems to just take too long. A ball save mini game should be super quick. It's the only feature I don't like in WOZ, other than that I like the layout overall. I do get a ton of cheap drains on the left side, which makes it more frustrating when I play, but I have it set to 5 ball so that helps.

I agree in that the TOTO save is great and fits the game perfect. I used to be in the same boat on the state fair balloon save too. But now, after thousands of plays, I can complete it in one ball (factory) about 15% of the time, and/or can usually get a good setup in case I need it on another ball.

So I used to think the state fair balloon save was boring and tedious but now find it exciting with a sense of real reward for completing.

I like the WOZ mini ball save games. The hobbit one - not the biggest fan of but cool to have as its kind of like a quick mini video mode. So it's alright in my book.

#1247 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

You know what innovation gets you? Jpop, P3, Heighway...AKA a game that never or barely makes it to market. You know what John Borg at Stern "not" innovating gets you? Iron Man, Metallica, Tron. I know which one I'd rather have.

I'm laughing my ass off, this is the cold hard truth! I wonder if Cobray, or anyone who doesnt like newer sterns, would trade their stern pins or any of their pins, for (1) jpop pin of their choice, (1) P3, and (1) heighway pin...go ahead boys seems like a fair trade to me

#1287 3 years ago
Quoted from MacLean:

I need an opinion ... I need to know which of the 2 Aerosmith custom toppers I should use for my new LE I ordered last Wednesday (#7 of 500 ... booyah!) I designed & created by hand (Tyler was painted using acrylic paints) & will now take, which ever design you guys decide, to a plexiglass dude & have it back-lit printed on 6ml plexi. The base I'm working on right now, trying to incorporate LED's behind it. Having a blast working on these! Aerosmith f'en rules!!!

Jacky for sure

#1297 3 years ago
Quoted from Khabbi:

You can't compare innovation of an established manufacturer with one that can barely produce games. Bottom line is Stern has the capability to go above and beyond, and they choose not to. Instead, it's pump it out without even quality testing or making sure the game is even playable in the final configuration.
So, what does innovation get you? Monster Bash, TZ, Totan, CV, TSPP, Champion pub, POTC, STTNG, and on and on. What kind of games are these? Top 25.
I'm not saying Stern needs to have over the top, crazy toys on everything, just that it would be nice to see it every once in a while instead of never. Lets face it, the lack of development of toys is ONLY because of cost cutting, not to make a game better!
And I have MET, IM, and Tron in my collection and love them BTW, and consider all 3 "keepers".

At the end of the day, Stern has to provide for hundreds of families. A lot of new companies don't get that concept which is why they're failing. If stern is going to innovate new toys, you're going to get TF mini playfields, Avenger-type bash toys, BM66 style turn tables...so if thats what you're into, you can buy it. But their innovation is subtle with better and faster designs than years past, easier to work on machines, less maintenance needed, etc... These are things that most of us, at least myself, like about sterns innovations and progression in the last 10, 15, 20, 30 years, etc...

1 week later
#1360 3 years ago
Quoted from joelreeves:

Pretty nice 11 minute demo of Aerosmith gameplay.

Thanks for sharing.

Game does look good. But man code looks like it needs a lot of help yet. Little to No light choreography or effects for multiball start. No lcd instructions on modes - just a timer and a guy continually saying times almost up. Super ramps/targets/spinner seemed uninspiring after doing a mode. and the modes themselves didn't look like much. Still hard to tell at this point, and I'll reserve final judgement til I play the game; but Where's the dynamic scoring and breadth? Just looks too like too much flip the ball around aimlessly for 45 secs and get a reward if you don't drain. Still on my radar though and I do like that the songs carry over to multiball and there isn't too many song changes (ala AC/DC).

#1371 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Anyone else see the band is playing in Wayne & Garth's basement?


#1405 3 years ago

I'm in for Rush! I agree, i dont think it would be a hot 'popular' sell vote. But with the right people; i.e. Trudeau/Sheats/Zombi, rush would be stellar!

Led Zeplin > Ugh, this would be a hot seller for the 'popular' vote for sure, but personally, im not a big fan. ever since i read the documentary about pretty much every single one of their songs being a rip off from an old classic R&B group, word for word, note for note. Yea, no thanks.

#1430 3 years ago
Quoted from JY64:

Stern has had 9 code updates for three games with pro pre and le games last 2 months better then a game ever 2 or three yr

Why was GOT abandoned?

And should we not expect the same treatment for games like aerosmith & star wars and maybe even BM66. Code updates have been great by sterns programmers, but abandonment of code that needs obvious bug fixes and/or polish has been just about as equal.

#1432 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

now you are just lying, lol
Please name these 9 games with code updates.

He said 9 code updates for 3 GAMES

#1495 3 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Rats and lost child are the two that I loathe. What a waste of space!
I would be happy with Dream on, mama kin, train kept a Rollin, the other side. Can't believe the first 3 I listed aren't on the machine, mind boggling.

Other side makes a whole lot more sense for a wizard mode than dream on.

#1531 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Does anyone know if the Toy chest has a magnet to assist with catching the ball (similar to the backboard in NBA) or does it just get launched in there and rely on gravity to keep it in? I know that in the games that do rely on magnets that those magnets usually get mangled really quick due to how hard the ball hits them.

No magnet as far as I've seen or heard.

1 week later
#1623 3 years ago

Game looks cool. I actually like the added element of the upper pf. Does anyone know what's needed to be done to activate 2X scoring on a pro?

Looks like the PREM you can lock a ball in sparky during multiball for 2X scoring and hit the upper pf loop for 4X scoring. Not sure how that's performed on the pro.

#1638 3 years ago
Quoted from Trekkie1978:

I watched the replay. That upper playfield is the biggest waste of space. People complained how the upper playfield on GOT would kill the flow.
Someone had said earlier that the game is very KISS-y. They hit the nail on the head.

At the moment. I disagree about the upper pf. On GOT, the upper pf takes up 1/4+ of the entire game and is used to try and keep a very flowy game flowing, and it does this well for the most part except ramp shots always go to the upper pf - and it lacks interesting rules. On Aerosmith, the upper pf is in quite a discrete location, ramp shots are really ramp shots and upper pf rules are quick simple and keep the action flowing. If I had the money, I'd lean towards the PREM or Le, plus that light show is awesome! Also, it's still not clear what starts double scoring on the pro, is it even on the pro? Or a PREM/LE feature?

Anyone got the matrix list, is there any other additions on the PREM?

#1643 3 years ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

Man, the LCD implementation looks great!
Much better than BM66 with the looping videos clips.

Agreed. I was really impressed with the animations and use of LCD.

#1667 3 years ago

You guys are on crack, talking about the LCD. You don't play the LCD like a game console, it's there to enhance and accompany the player along their journey giving them details, hints, and fun to enhance the players experience. I thought they nailed it with the stream, and I was suspect on it from the CES videos

#1732 3 years ago
Quoted from Delta9:

This isnt about kiss or batman this thread is about areosmith oh well haters gonna hate ballers gonna pinball

Could have fooled me, I thought it was a WOF thread for a minute there

On the subject of code; yes, code looks great out of the gate. But since it's not lyman, don't expect it to grow or mature anymore. What you see is what you get. If you like it - great; if you don't - then stay clear unless you buy on hopeful potentials, in that case be prepared to be disappointed.

#1740 3 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Yeah, I tend to agree with this.
I obviously don't have much of a clue about how good the rules actually are, but like I have said before, if they are as fun as Mustang, I would be pretty happy overall, just wouldn't expect it to be a long term keeper like so many of Lyman's pins are.

Exactly; and from what I can tell from dead flips stream is that the rules and code look very good and have some mustang elements mixed in.

The lighting and choreography seemed really good. Lonnie is especially good at this.

Rules seemed to be like this (disclaimer, this is all speculative based on what I saw on the stream):
1. songs = modes. Modes are Lonnie typical, shoot specific shots depending on the song you're in. Song modes are timed and you must complete to progress to the final wizard mode. Whether you complete a mode or not, the song will continue to play (I liked this aspect, felt like acdc). Although, I'm not sure if you can continue to score points on the song objectives once it's over like you can on acdc, I don't think you can here with AS. Whether you complete a song or not, it seemed like you are rewarded with super ramps/spinner/targers, not sure what determines which reward you get. The point value of these super shots appears to be calculated with your final song mode score. There did seem to be a super jackpot lit that could be collected if you complete a song too.

2. Crank it up awards extra time on song modes and can be collected at the scoop. Not sure how to light CIU.

3. Scoop lights to change songs.

4. Spell sparky or Jacky or whatever to light shot multipliers. Shot multipliers are only valid for the current ball and reset at ball end.

5. Shoot elevator to lock a ball towards elevator mb. 3 locks start multiball. Progress through different elevator floors for progressive jackpots during multiball. I didn't quite gather all the rules associated with it but may be like burn out multiball, rules did seem cool and intriguing.

6. Each time you lock a ball in the elevator you get a chance to start double scoring by playing the upper pf. Hit the 4 upper pf targers then hit the ramp orbit to start double scoring. Not sure how this will work on the pro, if at all, and i fear it might just be a gimmie, but I really liked this aspect of the LE and think the pro will suffer from its strategies.

7. Shoot locks to load jacky. It'll auto start TIA multiball at 3 locks unless you cancel with center button. You can lock up to 6 and scoring seemed to be based on # of balls in play sImilar to mustang. Not sure how to light the locks, but it may have been from hitting jacky. During TIA, you can lock a ball in jacky for double scoring (like snake in metallica). This seems to be able to stack with regular double scoring to give 4X scoring. Add shot multipliers and you should get some big scores.

8. VIP awards out lane kickback. Not sure how to qualify VIP. I think it was by spelling aerosmith from the targets on left and right side of pf.

9. Play all songs to qualify mini wizard mode

10. Complete all songs to qualify final wizard mode.

11. Mystery collected at scoop. Not sure how to light mystery but awards seemed to be typical Lonnie awards.

That seemed to be the jist of it. Feel free to correct or add anything missed.

#1747 3 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

The hardest mode is "Sweet Emotion" as it takes 12 shots to finish & they all need to be done on one go-around within the same ball.

I foresee another Lonnie roadblock

#1781 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

During the next live stream we can make our screen names something meaningful like

Love it. Would like to add...


Has 2 meanings

#1782 3 years ago

Looking for some confirmations from anyone who's played and/or knows the rules:

LE upper playfield: how long does double scoring last? And if you complete the upper playfield while double scoring is active, does it bump up to triple scoring? Or does it reset the double scoring timer?

Pro: how is double scoring activated.

#1791 3 years ago

I would think any player starting multiball would have to lock 'at minimum' the number of balls in the box before being allowed to start multiball. This would make for an interesting multiplayer battle.

And i would also think that if player A does take all the toy box multiballs; player B does not have to start over locking balls as they can just be plunged into play.

So no ball lock stealing persay, but a ball lock limit bar would be in effect for multiplayer.

2 weeks later
#1831 3 years ago

Anyone figure out how double scoring is activated on the pro or if it's even there? Not talking about the jacky double scoring in mb, but double / triple scoring that's activated using the upper pf on the LE.

#1861 3 years ago

Thanks missed that! So if spelling Aerosmith on the pro activates double scoring. What does spelling Aerosmith do in the PREM?

#1864 3 years ago
Quoted from PinB:

Pro gameplay streams are still up at:
If they're not working for you, it may be an issue with your particular device. I had an issue getting them to play on my phone, but then they worked fine when I tried my laptop.

Yea, those videos in particular wouldn't load on my phone or iPad. Laptop, no prob.

#1925 3 years ago

I go to some time on an Aerosmith pro today. Played for about 1-2 hours and did manage a HS#2 on the machine. Here's my not so mini-mini initial impression review.

First off, clarification. I finally answered the question of whether double/triple scoring is available on the pro and the answer is NO. There is, however, double scoring during Toys mb by getting a ball in the toy box. But it was stated earlier in this thread that spelling AEROSMITH is what activates double scoring on the pro when in fact spelling AEROSMITH lights pf multipliers and your next shot locks in that multiplier for the remainder of the ball.

That said, here we go! The machine I played was not set up good; it leaned to the right making the brutal right outlanes even more brutal - simple inlane post bounces that would typically go in the inlane easily shot down the outlane. The volume was very low; so much, that the video games attract sound and other arcade ambient sound easily muffled out the sound. This was surprising with Aerosmith being both a new featured pin and a music themed pin at that; it was a bummer I couldn't hear much.

All shots felt good and were signature Borg.
The ramps felt exceptionally good, though the right ramp is tight and tough. It's no gimmie ramp.
The left orbit was a little rough too and got a lot of rejects, but it still felt good when shots hit. I'm sure a better setup or tweaking could reduce the rejects. Right orbit was spot on and a fun shot.
Lock shot: from videos and other description reviews, I was concerned about this shot. But, it has a metal rail that gives the shot a tight bend to the right and hitting it felt really really good. Other reviews of not being able to hit it straight on were false, at least on this machine. Hitting it straight on felt great, it whipped the ball around the metal guide and eventually finding its home in the saucer.
Elevator shot: felt really really good and fun to hit.
Targets: targets were good overall. The very bottom left target -A- is in a pretty peculiar spot and I always found that was the one letter I needed to light my multipliers.
Pops: about 75% of my games and balls even were fine exiting the pops. It wasn't til my last few games that I kept getting sdtm and venomous right outlanes drains from the pops.

Display overall is bad ass. Stern nailed it with the animations. Way better than the BM66 display (at this point in time). There was a lot of room for improvement still such as It took me awhile, like an hour lol, til I actually saw where my balls remaining were. The game is also missing lots and lots of instruction text or text showing what you just did and why - something Lyman &a Dwight are so good at.

Toys mb and jacky in general was great. Nailed it. Fun rules, great code, lots of scoring elements from building up 3-6 multiball to double scoring during the mb, to other elements I couldn't grasp in my limited time such as one game I was going so good I saw something on the display like super quick scoring activated or fast scoring...something like that, memory is fuzzy maybe someone can correct me.

Elevator lock rules and multiball rules were excellent.

Stern nailed the rules and code for the multiballs.

Now for some bad news. The song modes felt very lackluster, muggy, and overall rushed. I could tell they used elements from Star Trek level 1 missions for the modes. For instance, shoot a shot, light CIU (I.e. ST shoot a shot light away team). And, here's 30 seconds for the song...GO! Same as ST level 1. Unfortunately, in ST you can hit a dozen shots with ease in 30 secs. On AERO, it felt like jacky was rushing me before I even got a couple flips in. Modes felt like they were ending as fast as they started. CIU certainly helped giving a generous bank of time. The problem was it still felt rushed and didn't have time to enjoy the music element of the pin (granted this could have been because of how low the volume settings are).

The other issue is the game wasn't very good at letting me know how I was doing or if I completed the mode. Whether you complete the mode or not, time still ticks away. Everytime time ran out I felt like I didn't complete the song, but sure enough I was then reward with a super award, even if I only hit a couple shots and felt like I shouldn't have completed it. There was a pie chart around the timer that I think represents completion and benefits for the super award - so verdict is still out on some of this.

I did like the element of building a super award and continue playing out the timer to build that value a lot. But, I think having the light song scoop light when you complete so you can cash out and move on with progression or continue to build up values would be a good idea. Heck, even take the timer out and let me keep on building my super award values for an infinite amount of time til I hit the scoop or drain - risk/reward. I think this game could do away with timers altogether and implement that kind of strategy. Let the players overall play dictate progression and scoring. Although that probably won't happen cause wizard mode 1 is based on just playing all songs (not completing)

I was on the last song before doing the wizard mode and drained! Sorry, no wizard mode reviews or updates folks

Overall: game was fun and had that one more game vibe about it. The game and LCD looked gorgeous and the first thing I noticed stepping up to the game is how dated the GB pro next to it looked. Aerosmith will definitely remain on my radar and I'd be happy to have one in my collection, but I'm not gonna go sell a pin to make room for it yet ; i definitely want to see what kind of code support they give it, if any, and how it matures.

I'm still leaning towards my initial gut feeling that the PREM/LE is the way to go. While I haven't played the LE, the fact that you can get up to 6x scoring + multipliers vs only 2x + multipliers on the pro has me thinking the LE will have more dynamic scoring and strategies. And despite what people say about the upper pf, I like what I see from it because the ramps and orbits still flow like the pro, and the upper pf has quick simple play/rules which means you're not playing it very long or very often but just enough to add scoring elements. But I still reserve right for final impressions of that vs argument for when I play one.

#1926 3 years ago

One thing I forgot to mention. The super awards had awesome lighting and effects associated with them. Felt really good to have these awards going.

And, the pops lighting was cool. I could tell there were some important rules associated with the pops lighting but I didn't pick up on it in my limited play.

Lastly, scoring seems unbalanced in the fact that all the points are in TIA mb. So giving players more time to build super award values could equate to big stacks? I dunno. Still fresh on the rules. More to come....if/when I play again

#1931 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Thanks, eskaybee. I share in a lot of your synopsis from the couple hours I spent on it earlier this week.
Minor corrections: you CAN get 2x scoring on Pro... It's a mystery award.
I agree that scoring can be unbalanced from Toys MB, but it's not so much the MB jackpot scoring, but the 2x (plus ... hint, hint) scoring that applies to ALL shot values, including the song mode and Supers you brought into that MB.
Did you get to experience the joy of Optismith Prime? Aka Elevator MB? Sadly, no progress memory, and qualifying each lock of EMB once you're on your second or third MB gets TEDIOUS. I was in loops hell. I had all other songs completed, so no song modes to play or enjoy, and the only thing I could do was play yet another EMB, which meant trying to survive pops feeds from loop shots. Ugh.
I'm reading that Aero's CIU does more than add time and making your mode shots more valuable (similar to ST GAT), but also doubles the "coins" you collect, which ratchets up the value of the corresponding Super Mode once you finish the song you just "cranked up."
The mini wizard mode is also fun. It's multi-level with add a ball when you complete each level. So it's go that going for it.

Ah good call on the mystery 2x scoring!

Didn't notice the optismith prime (lol) roadblock. Is it necessary to complete it for the main wizard mode? That's a bummer. Plus you have to complete sweet emotion in one try. Too many roadblocks

#1933 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Yes. Both Toys in the Attic and Love in an Elevator are part of the collection of Song inserts that must be COMPLETED to qualify the main wizard mode.

Is this confirmed? I didn't notice it, and was able to complete it multiple times.

Not confirmed. That's what was reported by others.

#1938 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Yeah, I was wrong. So sue me. You can use my name, you know. I was able to make it a bunch of times straight on.

Lol I only mentioned it cause it was one of the shots that concerned me the most. After playing, the thing that concerns me the most are song modes and road blocks. KME's write up on collecting coins and stacking supers with pf multipliers and double scoring and such leaves promise with the song modes. Now the Lonnie roadblocks, well....there's still hope for some rules changing code updates right?

#1940 3 years ago

I may go back today and play some more. But that game leaning to the right is kind of turning me off to making the drive. I'll see if I can find the op that services that machine and pm him.

#1941 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I wouldn't count on it. They never did fix that aspect of Transformers, did they?

I think after 2 years of complaints they finally did. Or was it 3 years? I just know I sold my game before that time came.

#1946 3 years ago

I've releveled locations in the long long past, but no more. my backs too fragile to spend on a location game.

#1959 3 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

One word for Aerosmith

Far from magical. Roadblocks, recycled modes, linear fashion. It's good but the more I play, the more I see it getting a little stale in a home collection. It's still good and I like it, but it needs that MAGICAL follow up code to make it worth the $. Gonna be a good location pin though IMO whether code gets attention or not.

#1966 3 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

Another couple things I found out the hard way last night is that the bonus x multiplier maxes out the awarded value at 10x no matter what you have built up. Plus, bonus x hold does not work. I had a 23x bonus built up on ball 2 expecting about a 75 million bonus, plus for it to be held and neither happened.

How exactly should bonus be held? Should hold your entire bonus after multipliers and carry it to the next ball? Or should it hold only your base bonus before multipliers and carry that to the next ball? I think it should be the latter as that's how I remember most traditional pins being that have a hold bonus feature. I think, and I could be and probably am wrong, but I believe GOT and GB is the former which is why we see such high bonuses on those games when it's held.

#2054 3 years ago
Quoted from LesManley:

No, it doesn't. Something people should keep in mind too is that many times the lock ball launch will miss the toy box on purpose because there are already too many balls in there. The game knows how many balls are locked regardless of whether or not they make it into the toy box and that is the most important thing to me.

This is something that really slowed the game down and I wasn't a fan. I understand the intent behind it, give a little show with Jackie saying something then getting smacked in the face; it was cute, but it did seem weird as a player and slowed the game down. I think it should just spit the ball right back into play. It felt strange sometimes when jacky would open the box, close the box, open the box, and sometimes when the ball was in play and just the lock light lit.

Maybe just me, but didn't feel right. keep the box closed until it needs to open and don't smack jacky in the face with a 15 sec scene of it.

#2080 3 years ago

Just had a pretty good game at expo. Got the medley wizard mode but choked hard on it. Couldn't tell what song was playing for it either unfortunately cause background games were too loud.

Game is getting a lot of praise. The animations really are amazing and sweet. Anyone who doesn't like the LCD and animations on this game are either in denial or on crack.

I definitely enjoyed the games I got in on it tonight. Much more than the other AS I played on location the other week.

IMG_0049 (resized).JPG

#2082 3 years ago
Quoted from bellbrand:

You were there? so was I. bummer I would have liked to have met you.. the game was really fun for me. Liked it a lot. Batman not so much..

Oh dam meeting up would have been great. I just ran into the Ayce Gogi guys lol. Yea, BM66 isn't winning too many ppl over that Ive talked to and there's quite a few to play.

#2092 3 years ago

AS was a hit at expo when I was there yesterday. I enjoy way more than GB and BM66. It'll be interesting to see how it matures, but I think it's a fun game overall. They did annice job with this pin.

#2135 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

While in MB, I got Super Missiles which acted like Walker Bombs in TWD and completed 2 of my shots, when you hit the Start Button. Not sure if someone mentioned that or not.

Great find dude! I don't think that's been mentioned. I've also seen something like super scoring or something like that during toys mb. I think a lot of the meat and creativity in AS code is built around toys mb.

Side note: one of my favorite animations that really got me chuckling was seeing a toy batman figurine fly across the LCD.

#2141 3 years ago
Quoted from bb2j3z:

so I listened to the George Gomez interview on K's podcast... good interview btw... George mentioned that in terms of content creation for the LCD, Aerosmith was more challenging than Batman because they had no assets like video clips, etc. I haven't played Aerosmith, but watching the videos, the animations look okay. I'm wondering why they couldn't use any of the music videos or live performances since the songs are the game modes. I think I would have liked to have seen a combination of animations and the real band in their heyday. I'm guessing it's limits of the licensing, but wondering any details or background information.
Anxious to try out the game in the Pittsburgh area.

I think the animations look bad ass in person and fit the game perfectly. If there were clips of their videos or live footage, it would just look weird and not mesh at all with the rest of the games design.

#2155 3 years ago
Quoted from LOTR_breath:

Been playing Aerosmith on location and trying to bust 200M and haven't done it yet. GC on the game is 199M(not mine) and my best score so far is 180M. Anyone want to share some big scores?

Aim for the blinking lights

In all seriousness, I was able to GC the Aerosmith at expo last weekend. I think my final score was around 197 million, I took a picture but he didn't have the score on it LOL. I had about 20 million points going in the ball three, then started the five or six ball toys in the attic multi-ball and for the most part ignored the song objectives. If the ramps made cool sounds, And they were really cool sounds, I would shoot the ramps. If the spinner make cool sounds, I shot the spinner.

I did get an extra ball which helped me get into the medley tour wizard mode. True story, when I realized I was on my last song to qualify the wizard mode I purposely avoided crank it up as I did not want to add time, In fact I avoided crank it up a lot near the end of the ball to avoid added time. But, on the last song the ball found its way into crank it up, and I yelled damn! Then, Medley tour multi-ball started and I hear Rob T say, oh yeah damn I hate when that happens IMG_0049 (resized).JPG

#2159 3 years ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I think the lack of Dream On is the single biggest miss on this game, I think because it's widely viewed as one of their top three songs with Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion, and because it would be perfect for the wizard mode. My biggest question on the game right now is staying power, when I hear people are getting to the wizard mode in the first week after getting the game, I get concerned that the game might become stale or average game times get too long eventually. I don't know if there's any validity to that though, just past experience I guess.

I agree with RobT. And I'm in the boat now where I don't want to play a marathon game just to get to a mini wizard mode (ala TF, Avengers, etc...). Having attainable mini wizard modes is great! Especially if there's diversity and good rules support that allows it to sometimes blow up the score and game or other times where you completely fail miserably as I did when I played it.

EDIT: Lonnies mini wizard modes are typically epic and fun (ala Mustang drift mode, XMEN danger room, and even TRON SOS - though I'm not sure how much of that was Lonnie or Lyman, but I've heard Lonnie did a lot of code for it).

1 week later
#2263 3 years ago

I hope they address the scoring and ball count fonts & Colors. They really get lost in the animations and seeing your score sky rocket after hitting a few key super jackpots is what i love about pinball.

#2324 3 years ago

When you put out as many titles as Borg does, i dont think Lazy is the word i'd use.

1 week later
#2521 3 years ago

I think the theme is really good. Not as good as AC/DC or MET, but still up there as I just creeped into my 40s and love all 3 bands. (Can't stand KISS FWIW).

I think Lonnie, the LCD, animations, and overall code surprised everyone more than anything. Lonnies cut and paste rules finally meshed well altogether in one pin. That, plus DD destroyed it with the artwork, 10X better than Metallica and Metallica art is awesome.

Quoted from murfe88:

I thought this was interesting. I had five balls locked in the toy box and I had two locks on elevator multiball. I started elevator multiball and since there wasn't anymore balls in the ball trough they were already locked in the toy box. The toy box opened and released the other five balls so I had a six ball multiball for elevator multiball.

This was talked about earlier. But yea, a great risk/reward strategy to go for 5 or 6 ball elevator mb, followed by a 5 or 6 ball toys mb.

#2608 3 years ago
Quoted from dgarrett:

POTC + $ for AS Prem.

Quoted from TKDalumni:

Sold Kiss LE to fund AS. Anyone who bought a BM66 and prefers that to AS is someone that has completely different tastes than me! Gimme Love In an Elevator all day!!

Good decisions!

#2670 3 years ago
Quoted from Blu:

I'm almost positive that after you complete the mode, additional shot build the super awards for the mode. So for example, if you completed the mode and made 1 additional shot super ramps would give you 1.1m instead of 1m

Are all the modes like this? If you complete them, timer goes away and you can either build the super award or hit scoop and change songs. That would be pretty cool.

1 week later
#2843 3 years ago

Bug.report (at) sternpinball.com

#2959 3 years ago

Got to play AS PRO on location again for about an hour. Game wasn't setup the best - misleveled causing easy right outlane drains and sometimes firing out of the scoop would hit the top of left slinger then outlane drain.

That aside, the game is still fun to me and I love the scoring strategies and potential. Getting super Ramps with double/triple scoring from Toys mb + the center ramp multiplier was a blast. It's really a relief to see how cool scoring can be in this game and I still haven't grasped it.

But I have a but, and it's a big BUT, ok it's not quite big, but....here's my criticism on the rules; that scoop! I may just be nit picking but Why did so much of the rules revolve around that scoop? And what I mean is, every song mode is make a shot then shoot the scoop. Then, shoot the scoop again to change songs. it just seems overdone and they could have done better with CIU. I understand the rules of CIU, I just think they could have done better. Its the same criticism people give ST, i.e. too many shots to the mission start. Time goes by so quick in the modes vs how often you have the ball on the flipper that when I have a right flipper shot, I'd rather hit orbit or jacky for mb locks, but instead it seems like I have to shoot the scoop. The game is very cool when it opens up and start getting super modes going with muktiballs and such. But having to hit the scoop so much on every mode seemed a little tedious.

Again, Not a deal breaker by any means. The scoring stacking is definitely awesome in this pin; but the mode and shot balance seems a little lop sided because of how timers and modes work. I am still interested in this pin - I'm just trying to be constructive with my criticisms. Can't wait to play an LE knowing there's even more scoring strategies involved with it. If Star Wars doesn't deliver, then I can see myself getting an AS PREM down the road.

#2961 3 years ago
Quoted from huo:

Some animations like the Jacky with the dizzy swirl sit too long before going to the next animation, bout my only gripe.

Totally agree. Especially on this last comment. If there's too many balls in the lock when you hit the lock shot; just do a virtual lock and put the ball back in play - don't fling it at jackys head. It's cute, and I get it, but it takes away from the flow of the game.

#2988 3 years ago

So what song(s) play during the wizard mode? I made medley once but background was so loud and game so quiet I couldn't tell.

#3066 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

You can increase times of each mode in settings. They are set from factory for 30 seconds

If you set the mode times to 5 seconds, can you get to the wizard mode in 45 secs?

#3079 3 years ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

I know this is going to come across as being a crybaby, but I find my AS pro to be infuriating. I don't think I have ever owned a game that gets me as irritated.
I like AS a lot, and prefer fast difficult games. Not really sure why this one in particular gets to me?
I have a very hard time comboing anything with any consistency.

Yea, when you take one of the flowiest games ever made in Star Trek, and put its rules in another game it sometimes doesn't work out great. I've always been suspect of the song mode rules in AS, 30 secs can pass by in an instant with only 1 or 2 shot attempts on this layout. Still a fun game and it's cool to work up the super modes and cash them in, but I wonder what the modes could have been with a little more originality

#3100 3 years ago
Quoted from tp:

Are you saying the ruleset is same as star trek? Just curious and probably good to know.

Yes, the song modes aRe very familiar to the level 1 missions. Basically the mode starts off by going for the main shots, make one and you can shoot CIU (aka away team) which boosts the mode shot scoring and makes the objective for the mode shots change. What AS does good is take it to the next level and adds in a super mode for each song mode. So basically each song mode has 3 tiers; first is basic, second is CIU with increased time and scoring; and third is a super mode which can carry over to the next song or multiball. The other thing that AS does better is double scoring and multipliers actually stack for a specific shot whereas in Star Trek, whether it's a combo with a multiplier or a combo without a multiplier it will not stack that shot.

Other rules for AS; Toys MB = Mustang MB. Elevator mb = megatron or Optimus prime (forgot which one) multiball.

It's just rehashed rules, a 'Lonnie's greatest hits' so to speak. It works very well for AS even though I'm still a little cautious and suspect of the song modes - but I think the super mode stacking beyond each song mode is its saving grace.

#3109 3 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Yeah, me either at this point but keep in mind, those of us with fewer pins/space want to squeeze in as much pin as we can!

So true. I think the LE has more staying power cause the added scoring strategies. But I still haven't played one. Curious to hear how your right ramp is; sounds like it's a steeper design and causing airballs and klunk vs the pro. Hope it's not another TWD LE vs PRO ramp, that would make me sad

#3136 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Anyhow, I'm am just so F ing glad to be back home in the good ole USA. Absolute horrendous travel overseas, great spots in Prague and Positano, Italy but the air travel was a nightmare!
I know every inch of the Frankfurt airport now, going and coming, with delays and a cancellation on way back yesterday i spent almost a full F ing day in that airport.
I finally arrived home about an hour ago. One of my kids didn't make the trip, and of course the F ing A/c is out, waiting on repair guy. Throw in the fact that my luggage, not my wifes, but mine is still sitting over in Frankfurt.
I have never been so happy to be home in my entire life. I just fired up my pins, opened up the first of several beers to come and getting back to the GOOD LIFE, pins and beer.
As soon as the A/c guy leaves i'm going to go pig out on Mexican food! Man i really appreciate home right now.
Despite feeling like fried shit on stick after 16 hours of travel today, I'm gonna log some awesome pinball until i drop.
Thank you lord for getting me back home

Welcome back home ice. There's no place like home

#3138 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

What bar in Redding? I'd like to play it and I know SKB would too

He said Redding not Redlands

#3149 3 years ago

But if you don't kill the witch king you can still progress through the game and to wizard modes.

If you don't complete a song mode like sweet emotion, you have to keep playing it over and over until you complete it and there's no memory progression. No?

#3152 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Once it times out you shoot the scoop and can change to another song

Yes. But you still can't progress to the final wizard mode unless you complete it right? So you can theoretically keep playing it over and over if you've beaten all the other song modes? Same goes for all the modes. Only have to play them to get to medley wizard mode, but must complete them to get to the final wizard mode?

#3174 3 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Having played AS Pro it is a no brainer to buy this over AC/DC vault pro. Same price but the screen is night and day better than the red dmd.
And I think AS pro is a better game ......probably.

ACDC pro is $100 cheaper and has better rules + code. And encore is one of, if not the best, wizard mode ever. But no mini wizard mode in ACDC gives AS a more appealing bump in that dept. AS PRO is no doubt a good buy though too.

Theme: ACDC
Art: Aerosmith
Layout/Flow: ACDC
Music: ACDC
Rules/Code: ACDC
Fun: AS - I dont have enough time on AS to decide, so lastability aside, i may say AS is more fun. ACDC is too much of an ass kicker to be considered fun lol
Toys: Subjective, but I give a slight edge to ACDC but only by a fraction of a butt hair - The toy box and jacky are cool but is a gimick, but building up the multiball value and # of balls locked is very cool. However, The bell and cannon are so well integrated, flow so well and are just a quick bad ass toy i give it the edge.

#3192 3 years ago

Honeymooners calling aerosmith better than acdc in an aerosmith thread; who'da thunk it

#3194 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

How long did it take for AC/DC to become great? Wasn't out of the box
Let's see how AS develops beyond where it is. It's satisfactory for me today.
It's Lonnies chance to attempt to measure up to Lyman. Or at least try
I love the pin. And the reason AC/DC and TWD are great is also why BM66 will end up great too

Ahhh to be young again. I remember having the same wishful thinking in the days of TFLE, AVLE, and XMEN. Don't get me wrong, I think AS is great and I have fun playing it. And I'm a bit optimistic too in that thus game will develop and mature more beyond what has been released. But I'm not $5200+ hopeful. Still a bad ass game as is, just don't bank on getting any post release lyman treatment done to it.

#3198 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I recently got an ASLE. It's a good complement to MET or ACDC and has some really cool toys, great art, and decent enough rules. It's at the bottom of a mountain looking up a ACDC at the moment though. Nothing is more pulse pounding then getting ACDC going and working towards that moment when you got a chance at a monster 3x song jackpot. That's not a knock on AS which I think has a chance of being a top 20 or better game. ACDC is just in it's own league for people that love putting together a huge scoring chance. I can see why people that like mode progression and a steady build do not get it or like it though. For me the only thing that rivals it is the CFTBL super jackpot.

Think you nailed it. I think that's why Lonnie games and Aerosmith is so great, it gives pinball another diverse element depending on what a player likes. Mode based games like Aerosmith or Lonnie games are typically better in the 'fun' department than they are in the 'rules' dept. do you like mode progression and story telling or prefer dynamic jackpots?

I'd argue and rival the AC/DC & CFTBL jackpots with GOT. Man, that HOTK hurry up super jackpot is awesome. Not to mention all the other JPs, super JPs, and scoring dynamics that game has to offer.

#3204 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

I know you are not complaining about ACDC being a hack layout rerun and the bragging on AS in the same sentence

Omg I'm LMAO

#3206 3 years ago
Quoted from pinden007:

Playing a pro on route and trying to figure out if I want to get a pro but not sure how the game is supposed to play.
Does the spinner stop a lot of what seem like good orbit shots? I would say 4 out of 10 shots get stopped by the spinner.
A lot of times the elevator kicks the ball down the middle. (usually get a ball save)
On a slow plunge that falls down the right orbit, does it make it to the right flipper or does it hit the top of the sling?
The pops seem to stop a lot of shots to the left orbit but I wouldn't call them quality shots that the spinner is stopping.
Do you guys have you outposts up or down?
Would really like to see more champion scores for the modes or multi-balls like on GB.

Can't comment on the spinner, but the aerosmiths (3 different ones) ive played...

- the elevator shoots fast back to the left flipper
- slow right orbit returns go to the right flipper, not sling.
- Borg through the pops orbit shots are a typical staple for him on a lot of games and they are not easy shots - even on non-borg games. The shot itself throws off the illusion of the angle, plus its typically tighter so they are usually tough shots. But no, havent had any real issues making that orbit shot on AS. I think one of the beat up location AS i played bricked once or twice so i hear what you're saying. Metallica has/had the same issue with its left orbit. I dont think its an issue though for AS.

#3236 3 years ago

I wonder, and hope, if they'll incorporate smart missles more.

#3259 3 years ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Yes, you still get your full multi ball if you manage to start it on any of your remaining balls. They will just come from the ball trough instead of the trunk. There is some risk involved though. If you go for more then a 4 ball lock you risk giving your opponent a 4 or 5 ball multi ball instead of a 3 ball. Not huge, but if they have already have completed something like super bumpers it can add up to a good amount of extra points.

From my understanding, if your opponent starts a 5 ball mb when they should only have 3, the software still scores as a 3 ball mb and lost balls do not fire back into play until its back to 3. So not a huge advantage, but yea still a perk.

Can any owners confirm that's true though? If not maybe a future update will correct it properly.

1 week later
#3351 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Premium, for sure. Upper playfield aside, you get the actual playfield slide brackets (instead of those crappy support rods Stern is trying to sell as "traditional") and more RGB inserts on the playfield for better light show. I also kind of like the purple cab better than the blue one on the pro.

You mean the $50 brackets that aren't too hard to install?

That aside; I say premium for the RGB, added drop target and rules for qualifying elevator mb, + double/triple scoring rules. But still, hard to justify $6900 vs other $~6900 pins. $5200 is a great value for this pro.

#3356 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Thanks, hopefully thats all it is. I know iceman had a node board burn up on start up I think. Hopefully its nothing like that going bad.

Shoot an email to Chas or Patrick, or your distributor. They may be able to give you feedback on if it's a faulty node board or whether the firmware is the cause.

1 month later
#3684 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I just think that there will be an update or two to sure up a few bugs....just a gut feeling I guess? I'm definitely not going to try and convince you to buy AS but I'll just say this, if you don't you are missing out on a great game.

Is that the same gut feeling KISS and GOT owners have had for the past 1+ year?

Quoted from vireland:

Premium is the way to go, IMO. It's a challenging mini-playfield (especially in multiball) where you can activate Double Scoring, which is stackable with the regular playfield 2x, etc and not available on the Pro. Plus, I preferred the coloring of the cabinet.

I haven't played a prem yet, but one thing I didn't like about the pro was qualifying locks for elevator mb. I hear the drop target in front of the elevator can be used to light these locks which to me, adding in the extra lighting + double scoring feature, had me believing the prem is the better package overall. But $2k better?

#3687 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I experienced the Horde reset on 2 different games within 24 hours that were 30 miles apart.
I emailed the OP/host to tell him "When you figure out the issue let me know as mine just did it too" he replies "It's a bug & Stern is aware"
You will have to play Horde more than 3 times to experience it I'm sure. PLAY BETTER as they say

Code up to date? I could have sworn the latest code fixed that? I may be mistaken, it's been awhile, Are these both pros by chance?

1 month later
#3816 2 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

I noticed a bug during Dude Looks Like a Lady where the winged 2x award thing came on screen under the dancer overlays (the revealed dude dancers). This is what we called a "z-order bug" in my game software days. In case anytime from Stern is reading this lol
In other news I got my blades on and they are sweeeet!

Those blades do look sweet!

How have owners been liking their AS now that it's been out awhile? One common theme I keep reading is the game is good but a code update will make it great. Unfortunately, it looks AS is joining the rest of sterns in the lack of code support dept. are there any hopeful rumors that there will be some sort of love programming wise for this pin before years end?

#3844 2 years ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Looking into getting a music pin Love the Aerosmith music. and the newer look of the Color LCD. Now do I go PRO or Premium or LE? Any suggestions? Or recommendations? Not scared of the extra price tag just want a good game that I will not regret in the near future.

I like the double scoring rule, + drop target for better elevator mb qualifying. Is the light show different from version to version?

I like Aerosmith but all this talk about how code update should do this and code update should do that has me hesitant. Just another stern abandoned code game, no?

2 weeks later
#3908 2 years ago

Code update? Polished code? Wishlist items addressed? ...same 'ol song and dance

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