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Stargate SG-1/SGA homebrew project

By MeesterPieter

1 year ago

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#101 3 months ago

i felt there was something missing in the bottom right so i made a hole for a scoop there earlier.

while testfitting the scoop i thought it might be nice to combine it with the left kickout.

so i made a 3d printed subway that i can mount under the kickout hole.

2021-09-27 16.26.16 (resized).jpg

for those interested, i made the subway out of 2 pieces and welded them together with a 3d pen:

i only welded it (and sanded ) on the outside so the inside stays nice and smooth
2021-09-27 16.25.25 (resized).jpg2021-09-27 16.40.59 (resized).jpg2021-09-27 16.41.05 (resized).jpg

#102 3 months ago

the guide is ready for all the inserts, now i can proceed with routing the rest of the inserts

2021-09-29 11.34.24 (resized).jpg2021-09-29 12.09.23 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#103 3 months ago

finalized the insert layout and routed all holes for the first time, next time i'll be drilling the holes through to create an edge

starting to look like a real playfield now

2021-10-06 09.52.11 (resized).jpg2021-10-06 12.15.41 (resized).jpg
#104 3 months ago

also welded the subway from both sides just to make sure its strong enough, did have to sand it afterwards

2021-09-30 14.46.12 (resized).jpg2021-09-30 14.46.18 (resized).jpg
#105 3 months ago

wow your playfield cuts look really clean

#106 3 months ago

Thanks, most fit quite well indeed, happy with the guide i made. now just routing them all again with the smaller shank, hopefully without to much errors

1 week later
#107 3 months ago

for the next step im first drilling holes everywhere because im using a smaller shank

2021-10-15 09.05.13 (resized).jpg
#108 3 months ago

2021-10-21 09.01.01 (resized).jpg

im using a small file with a flat bottom to clear the edges of the holes so the insert will be nice and flat

2021-10-21 09.18.32 (resized).jpg

the rest of the holes are ready, made a few mistakes but since ive made a 100+ routings thats not that bad.

the bigges mistake was the guide coming loose, luckily i have been able to fix that by using a large square insert instead of the rectangular one i had planned.

for the rest of the mistakes a little filler or epoxy will be fine.

next up printing some more inserts and glue them in place

#111 3 months ago

glued in the first insert, this one needed some filling with epoxy because the guide slipped, so i glued the insert in with epoxy as well, worked nicely

2021-10-21 12.22.36 (resized).jpg
#112 3 months ago

since the epoxy worked nicely as glue, why not try the rest with epoxy as well, makes it a little bit easier to close most gaps as well

first test fitting all the inserts and numbering them and also marking orientation

2021-10-22 10.01.49 (resized).jpg

fixing the epoxy with UV light

2021-10-22 10.05.15 (resized).jpg

first batch fitted, next up sanding them flat (while printing some more inserts )

2021-10-22 10.17.04 (resized).jpg2021-10-22 10.17.19 (resized).jpg2021-10-22 10.17.24 (resized).jpg2021-10-22 10.17.30 (resized).jpg
#113 85 days ago

getting all the inserts in and starting with sanding
2021-10-23 09.08.08 (resized).jpg2021-10-22 17.14.29 (resized).jpg2021-10-22 17.14.33 (resized).jpg

Almost ready sanding, the inserts are flush with the playfield, all large gaps filled.

now i just need to fill the last tiny gaps

2021-10-26 17.28.18 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.12.43 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.12.59 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.13.09 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.13.15 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.13.25 (resized).jpg2021-10-28 10.13.43 (resized).jpg

#115 81 days ago

coated the front and the back twice, now back to assembly

2021-10-31 13.55.47 (resized).jpg2021-11-01 09.22.46 (resized).jpg2021-11-01 09.23.01 (resized).jpg2021-11-01 11.29.24 (resized).jpg
#116 76 days ago

reassembling the playfield

the targets on the left are being replaced with droptargets
2021-11-04 16.04.46 (resized).jpg

assembled the subway and scoop. i had to modify the assemblies a bit so they would fit.
the subway goes under the playfield where some of the inserts are at, i'll have to make some changes to the subway later to make some room to fit the LED's there. and i also need to make a switch near the entrance to register the ball entering of that side.

2021-11-04 16.04.13 (resized).jpg2021-11-05 10.13.27 (resized).jpg2021-11-05 10.13.20 (resized).jpg2021-11-05 09.56.58 (resized).jpg2021-11-05 09.56.47 (resized).jpg2021-11-05 09.32.50 (resized).jpg

it does all fit after some modifications, but next time i'd better keep a little more room for all the assemblies when designing

2021-11-05 09.09.30 (resized).jpg2021-11-04 16.04.17 (resized).jpg

#117 76 days ago

Looks really cool, a lot of drop targets! Love drop targets

#118 75 days ago

Yeah the more the better

#119 75 days ago
Quoted from MeesterPieter:

Yeah the more the better

Absolutely, hm i want more too now, have to take a look, if i can fit some instead of my standup targets as well. Hihi

1 week later
#120 69 days ago

2021-11-12 16.12.19 (resized).jpgalmost everything back together

2021-11-12 16.12.26 (resized).jpg

mounting a lot of new sensors, just need to make a sensor on my 3d printed subway and another 1 or 2 in the ballthrough.
dismantled the old arduino wiring so i can use that to connect my cobrapin controller

i have an autokicker but since i'll have to line that up with the plunger and also need to make some cuts in the playfield i'll leave that for now, maybe i'll add it later if i miss it.

next up adding the lights where i can, modyfying the subway so i can fit some lights above it and wiring up all switches

2021-11-12 16.12.12 (resized).jpg

2021-11-12 16.14.20 (resized).jpg
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