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Stargate alternative sound audio ( gottlieb system 3 )

By gsavin

37 days ago

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#1 37 days ago


Here is a prototype concept to replace the sound board ( and aux board) of a system 3 pinball and play alternative audio file.

The sound board is pilot by 8 pin. ( 10 pin molex cable : 8 pin for audio number, 1 pin to reset/start the sound board and a pin not connected )

Sound file are code from 0 to 255 in hex

If pin are read in the good sequence , the sound number is the same one than the one you can extract from pinmame. - ( 22 music file & 110 total wav file for stargate ) So its realy easy to got the "original sound pack "with the good wav number...

I also found 2 commands : 0 for stoping all music and 190 for progressive stop.
Music are loop by default.

here is a video with original audio file extracted from pinmame :

here is a second video i did with some alternative audio file from the movie :

( I still do not spend lot of time to change wav file.
It s only a prof of concept from now )

i did some tweak since in the code and now it s near perfect i still have to insert some random option with wav file.

So the game is fully playable like with orignal audio board.

In the video you saw , i got problem with the ground and speaker. so the speaker sound wasn't nice.
I i use earphone the sound is like cd quality.
i am looking to add an amplifier so we could remove the original one of the pinball and get stereo sound.

The raspberry you see in video is used only for remote access ( wifi ) and usefull for change volume and record wav number ( and for testing )

the cost is minimal.
at least you need an arduino nano 20 $ and a wav trigger 50$.

to continue...

it should work with any system 3 pinball.
I will post schematic and code if some are interested in a few days.

#2 37 days ago

Génial j'ai hâte de voir la suite...
One of the best upgrade missing for Gottlieb System 3 pinballs

#3 35 days ago

This looks fantastic.
I have just brought a SG I am massively disappointed with the sound.
I would like to add this to my machine.
Is it something you will sell as a plug and play?

Very impressive

#4 33 days ago


the process is easy and anyone can do it.

i will not sell a plug and play (at first ? ) . because i am not looking for making money and because it means add some warrantly and support.
I am not and electronics expert so i could not ensure that i don't damage anything.

i can only show and explain how i did it.

it s only for passion sharing...and if some people want to improve the solution , go for it
i only hope they will share the same way.

i will post a detailed tutorial ( before christmas) so anyone could do the same.

part needed are an arduino mega (8$) and a wav trigger from spkarfun.(50$)
optional : a 2.1 audio amplificator to improve sound quality ( 20$ ) and also external power supply. (15$)

the hardest & boring part is to extract original sound wav file from PinMame & BridgeM1.

from now i am waiting for 2.1 amp i ordered...

to be continue...

#5 33 days ago

I’m keen to try this out. Once you have put the post up, I will be your first guinea pig

1 week later
#6 25 days ago

prototype V1

#7 24 days ago

Awesome little project, with better speakers that would sound amazing.

#8 18 days ago

Just what this game needs.
I’m looking forward to the tutorial so I can sort mine out.

#9 18 days ago

Yes! Tutorial please.
Interested to know how audio was extracted.
Can call-outs be changed too?

1 week later
#10 11 days ago


I am coming back from holidays , so i have some time again for this project.

Quoted from brenna98:

Yes! Tutorial please.
Interested to know how audio was extracted.
Can call-outs be changed too?

all sound could be changed.

i am also posting news about this project on a french forum. Easier in french for me ...

here a translate about wow to extract sound.

pour l'extraction des sons d'origines je vous renvois vers un tuto qui n'est pas de moi mais que j'ai utilisé : (j ai le droit de poster un lien ?)
il y a deux méthodes
How to rip sounds and music from ROMs using PinMAME32 and M1 - Basic Visual Pinball Tutorials - Visual Pinball Tutorials - Tutorials
Exactly what it says on the tin.
www.vpforums.org www.vpforums.org

a savoir que le numéro du wav enregistré via BridgeM1 correspond exactement au numéro qui faut conserver sur la carte sd du wav trigger. Et ça c'est vraiment tip top !

il a fallu que je fasse un brainstorming en binaire avec les 8 pins c'est pour cella que sur le montage l'ordre de branchement des pins entre la carte cpu gottlieb et celle de l'arduino est à respecter.

concernant l'extraction de son avec la méthode PinMame : je trouve que la qualité du son est meilleur. De plus avec BridgeM1 il me manquant des sons
concernant la numérotation avec PinMame : il faut faire une simple soustraction a 255 :
si le fichier wav extrait = 20.wav
alors il faut faire 255-20 = 235

et donc sur la carte sd mettre le fichier 235.wav.
> translate

for the extraction of original sounds I refer you to a tutorial that is not mine but that I used: (I have the right to post a link?)
there are two methods


-Using BridgeM1
the wav number extracted using BridgeM1 is the same number that the cpu board ouptut using the 8 Pin. And that's really tip top!

it's just a brainstorming with the 8 pins Each pin have to be plug/read in the arduino in a specific order. exemple 00000101 = 5 in decimal so you have to play the wav file number 005 extrac using BridgeM1

Strangly i miss some wav file using BridgeM1 method.

PinMame is much longer work. Have to use audio editor like audacity to remove blanc before and after sound.
But i could extract all the sound.
concerning numbering with PinMame: you have to do a simple substraction at 255:
if the extracted wav file = 20.wav
then you have to do 255-20 = 235

and so on sd card of the wav trigger put the file named 235.wav.

Here is the simple code i used in the arduino. ( the short one without sd recording & no arduino remote control )
It s working nicely like original sound card.


i am working on a new code that add the possibility to play random sound. Like Pinsound card.
I also change speaker by old dataEast speaker that do the job.
sound is now much better like cd audio.

But the job is now to change all the wav file by better quality sound.

#11 11 days ago

Wow, this looks (sounds) awesome! Desperately needed. I'm eagerly awaiting the tutorial, and once people have figured out the sound extraction (and possible callout replacement) I'm ready to jump in. Ideally, someone will be willing to share their audio files so idiots like me don't have to try and do all the audio work ourselves.

#12 11 days ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

Ideally, someone will be willing to share their audio files so idiots like me don't have to try and do all the audio work ourselves.


Another idiot here standing by.

#14 7 days ago

This is relevant to my interests. I'm tech savvy though

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