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Star Wars Sound Mods; code version1.05

By No_Pickles

2 years ago

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  • Replacing Yoda quotes after draining 12 votes
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#1 2 years ago

I wanted to start compiling a list of the sound bookmarks I've figured out so far, for those who are interested in editing their Star Wars (2017) sounds using Pinball Browser.
I think the game is great as is and doesn't need to be modded, but every Star Wars fan has their favorite quotes or music and they may not have all made it into the pinball machine.

#2 2 years ago

Reserved for identifying Star Wars movie dialogue clips

0x98D=Han - "Chewie here tells me your looking for passage to the Alderaan System"
0x993=Han - "Han Solo. I'm Captain of the Millennium Falcon"
0x902=Han - "this baby's got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart"
0x9BA=Luke - "I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi like my father"
0x9C5=Luke - "Red 5 standing by", R2 whistle
0x8F7=Han - "I think we're in trouble"
0x91A=Leia/Han - " Would it help if I got out and pushed? It might"
0x8F9=Han - "It's not my fault"
0x992=Han - "Great shot kid, that was 1 in a million"
0x7F=Vader - "We meet again......now I am the master"
0xA1E=Yoda - "You must unlearn what you have learned"
0xA21=Yoda - "You are reckless!"
0xA22=Yoda - "It's energy surrounds us, and binds us"
0xA1F=Yoda - "Do or do not, there is no try"
0xA20=Yoda - "Control, control, you must learn control"
0xA1D=Yoda - "Use the force,... yes"

#3 2 years ago

Reserved for identifying Star Wars call outs and sound effects

0x71C=C-3P0 - "Princess Leia"
0x6E1=C-3P0 - "Captain Solo"
0x724=C-3P0 - "R2D2"
0x700=C-3P0 - "Luke Skywalker"
0x702=C-3P0 - "Master Luke"
0x703=C-3P0 - "Master Luke" v2
0x455=Luke Ball Save Sound FX
0x456=R2D2 Ball Save Sound FX
0x457=Han Ball Save Sound FX
0x458=Leia Ball Save Sound FX
0xA27=Jack Danger Flipper Code
0x780="Extra ball is lit"
0x76B="Congratulations. Now enter your initials"
0x760="Ball Saved"
0x792="Have the Ball Back"
0x7A6="Hyperspace Multiball"
0x855="Victory Jackpot" v1
0x856="Victory Jackpot" v2
0x7AF="Jackpot" v1
0x7B2="Jackpot" v2
0x7B3="Jackpot" v3
0x7B4="Jackpot" v4
0x7B7="Jackpot" v5
0x7B8="Jackpot" v6
0x84D="Tie Fighter Jackpot"
0x7B5="Jackpot" v7
0x7B9="Jackpot" v8
0x7B1="Jackpot" v9
0x857="Victory Multiball"
0x831="Super Jackpot" v1
0x832="Super Jackpot" v2
0x797="Hoth is lit"
0x76D="DS is lit"
0x779="Endor is lit"
0x839="Tattooine is lit"
0x50=R2D2 Ball Save Sound FX v2
0x4F=Leia Ball Save Sound FX v2

0x18C=Salacious Crumb laugh? v1
0x18F=Salacious Crumb laugh? v2
0x192=Salacious Crumb laugh? v3
0x604=Ewok - "No! Grrrrr!"
0x9E=Aooga Klaxon

#4 2 years ago

Reserved for identifying Star Wars music

0xA3A=Medal ceremony music

Added over 3 years ago:

0xA3D= Character selection music at start of game; 22s630ms
0xa51= Music at selection of skill shot reward for ball 2,3; 59s001ms
0xA56= Tie Fighter Hurryup mode music; 1min19s488ms
0xA57= Hyperpace Hurryup mode music; 1min41s554ms
0xA39= Music played after launching ball 2,3; 55s719ms
0xA43= Video mode music; 44s796ms
0xA40= Escape from Boba Fett mode music; 37s456ms
0xA3A= Music played when entering initials; 1min8s911ms (I highly recommend replacing with ROTJ track 11, Ewok Celebration & Finale)

#5 2 years ago

Following. I don’t own SW do not sure what’s missing.

#6 2 years ago

"alright chewie, lets hit it!"

"i'm luke skywalker, i'm here to rescue you."

"We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but the learner. Now I am the master."

"Jaba, free us or die"

1 month later
#7 2 years ago

Any update?

#8 2 years ago

I haven’t heard one of my favorites

Han “he’s the brains sweetheart”.

4 months later
#9 2 years ago

No_Pickles do you know which sound script is Yoda saying "It's just not fair"?

Added over 2 years ago:

Edit: Sorry, I mistook Luke's "It just isn't fair" with Yoda's

1 week later
#10 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballfan2000:

no_pickles do you know which sound script is Yoda saying "It's just not fair"?

I’m not familiar with that one. I know Luke says it in the movie and I edited that to replace a Yoda sound.

#11 2 years ago
Quoted from No_Pickles:

I’m not familiar with that one.

It's okay

Quoted from No_Pickles:

I know Luke says it in the movie and I edited that to replace a Yoda sound.


3 weeks later
#12 2 years ago

Is there a list of where to locate the Video clips? Especially for the "Do or do not..." from Yoda?

I'm thinking of changing that video clip. I have the audio location.



1 year later
#13 7 months ago

Hi Pickles, did you get this updated for the latest version of star wars premium? thanks

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