Star Trip-Cocktail P-Ball Machine,Is In The House

By v8torino

6 years ago


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#1 6 years ago

Alright the $150.00 deal I found on Craigslist went through today,I found the ad late yesterday and the seller gave me 1st shot at the little project machine,he said he had about 15 to 18 emails and I got through to him 1st and everything worked out-(Cash in hand,get to his house before
10 AM today)
It has bad board damage-(Corroded Battery),the General Illumination works,everything appears to be intact-I will be going over it and removing the main board after this post.I am thrilled to have a little manageable project for $150.00,I'm very detail oriented and this little guy will be working at some point,I'm sure I'll put more into it than street value,but that's how I roll.It's mine now and it will get the executive treatment.
I have never actually seen one or paid much attention to these cute little guys before the last week or so,as they have made it to the front page of this forum with that other thread
"How much would you pay for an old cocktail pin"
I blame Mr68 for contributing to this purchase-more like I Thank him for his write up regarding these often forgotten little brothers to our beloved arcade style machines.

Star_Trip-Cocktail_Pinball_Machine_005.jpg Star_Trip-Cocktail_Pinball_Machine_001.jpg

#2 6 years ago,.Junior!

#3 6 years ago
Quoted from v8torino:

$150.00 deal I found

Congrats!!Very nice score..Cool looking game Too,I would like to add one to my collection.

#4 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Gorilla:,.Junior!


#5 6 years ago

Oh yeah,The main features are:
4-Rollover Targets
3-Drop Targets
2-Pop Bumpers
1-Spinner Target
1-Kick-out Hole
This little machine has pretty many features packed into a small playfield,
It is a 1979-Solid State Machine,Built by a company called;Game Plan-Elk Grove Village,IL.

#6 6 years ago

I haven't heard of that one before, looks to be interesting.

#7 6 years ago

Sweet! I've been looking for one as well, but due to my limited skills I need it to be working. Can't wait to see it all lit up!

#8 6 years ago

Cool project and great price. I like that layout. Keep us up to date with pics

#9 6 years ago

Congrats on the pickup V8. It looks like a fun project. The playfield appears to be in great shape. Is the glass as nice?

#10 6 years ago


#11 6 years ago

It looks to be in great cosmetic shape. Congrats and thanks for posting the pictures.
Let me know when you're done shopping it out. I'll buy it from you for $75.00.

#12 6 years ago

Before I said I wasn't too interested in cocktail tables but now I really want to play one with all this talk about them lately.

Nice score

#13 6 years ago

Gameplan games are great, but batteries really do a number ot the MPU. There's a waiting list for the next batch of repro MPU boards that you might want to hop onto. Google Jim at Echo Lake pinball, I bought one and it works perfect.

#15 6 years ago

Thx. for the comments-
---catboxer-I found out about Jim at Echo Lake,I have a call into him,thats great to hear about your experience with his board.
The ONLY thing that works is the General Illumination and the Cooling fan,Very loud buzz from the speaker.
----catboxer if you know much about these Game Plan machines-Anything,Parts availability,etc. email me if you are willing to help out.Thanks Alot-Kirk in Colorado
---Mr68-After that EM I sold to you for $20.00 a couple years ago,this one might go for $10.00 after I put $500.00 into it,and then decide I don't like it.

#16 6 years ago

I just bought a Night Moves that's completely shot and don't know where to get boards.

System 80b , gonna be lots o fun.

But its cool, I will fix it soon enough somehow, with a little luck.

#17 6 years ago
Quoted from CrazyFliprFingrs:

I just bought a Night Moves that's completely shot and don't know where to get boards.
System 80b , gonna be lots o fun.
But its cool, I will fix it soon enough somehow, with a little luck.

Call Steve Young at Pinball Resources about anything Gottlieb. Don't let his gruff phone manners worry you. He's brilliant, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

3 weeks later
#18 6 years ago

OK short update on this project I bought 3 wks. ago.I got the General Illumination working (fuse and a damaged wire)Started to clean things up and posted a couple parts wanted ads,with a little response-(1 guy I am buying some used parts from),have also started to fabricate a couple parts and bought some from Marco Specialties that looked close to what I will need.
Tonight or tomorrow-most likely I need to start taking apart and cleaning the 3 bank drop target assembly and replacing coil sleeves,also waiting on a new main power board that is being made by Jim of Echo Lake Pinball in Ohio. HS_II_Hi_Score_+_Star_Trip_GI_005.JPG

#19 6 years ago

nice work, looks good

#20 6 years ago

Good for you Kirk. I'm glad to hear you're progressing along.
Hey, check out this picture I've attached. John Popadiuk is starting a pinball school and he posted this on his web page. I thought of you immediately when I saw it.


#21 6 years ago

There's been a couple of these advertised on the Chicago area CL, but I think they were cigarette company sponsored. Interesting, but one guy wanted $700.

#22 6 years ago
Quoted from Dewey68:

Interesting, but one guy wanted $700. [:impressed:]

Saw that... IMHO not worth it. Also another guy near La Crosse Wi selling 5 of the cocktail pins for about 500 bucks (only 2 titles).

#23 6 years ago

Mr68,Real cool pic you attached,the same machine and everything.
How was your Super Bowl/Pinball party?
My surgery is this Tuesday so I am trying to pour it on with what I can do to this cocktail pin and playing my 2 machines till surgery OR I finish completely tearing my Biceps tendon-whichever comes first.

#24 6 years ago

Looking real good v8. Would love to add some more cocktail pins to my collection.

2 weeks later
#25 6 years ago

OK-Dealing with a machine that is over 30 yrs. old and the company (Game Plan) has been out of business for over 25 years,with that being said,
The latest word on this project pin is I received the used parts from a great guy in Canada (I bought and had them shipped to Colorado)-Let's call him Rick-he saw my plea for help that I posted over at RGP-came to find out he is also a member of Pinside but didn't realize it till recently.It was basically a complete playfield that he tore apart and sold me all the various parts-top and bottom.He had a junked out Game Plan cocktail pin-it was named Vegas and shared a bunch of parts that my cocktail pin uses.
It looks like I now have most of the various small parts I need to keep this project rolling forward.
I need to start rebuilding and cleaning EVERY mechanism and component under the playfield,
hopefully this weekend I will get a big portion of that accomplished.
Then I am waiting on a new MPU board that is being made by Jim in Ohio,He owns,Echo Lake Pinball Service & Sales in Hinckley,Ohio
So in keeping with a Pinside tradition-Pics or it didn't happen,here is a pic of my new/used parts.


#26 6 years ago

Amazing to see those hot stamped standups still have most of their art. I've never seen a GP machine with them not worn 1/2 off. In fact, I will take 2 if you've got extras that nice!

1 year later
#27 4 years ago

v8torino, How about an update on the project even though the thread is a bit old? I just love these Star Trip cocktail pins. I just got mine out of a 4 year storage a few days ago and it fired right up! I have the main board made by Jim at Echo Lake also as when I bought mine it had no main board at all. His boards are great. It even kept the hi-score memory after 4 years and it doesn't use any batteries!

I do have a quick question though. It the photo you posted showing the General Illumination it looks like you are using LEDs. I'm looking at doing my Star Trip fully with LEDs and would like to know what you used. Brand, type, color etc. With only 50 LED's to do the entire playfield (GI and inserts) it's not too expensive so I want to do them all.

Any info you can provide would be a great help and I look forward to an update and more pics!


2 months later
#28 4 years ago

I am trying to buy a Star Trip in North-California area.

#29 4 years ago

Not familiar with Star Trip or Carribean Cruise but I have owned and enjoyed playing cocktail pinball machines. I prefer getting them with the add on bottom booster platform. Otherwise my knees set at the wrong height.

#30 4 years ago

I think they are great for a last pin to squeeze into a collection. Since its a table/pinball combo if/when I find a Star Trip I plan on building my own cabinet, really don't like the crappy luan/vinyl fake wood panels as well I think the height needs to be adjustable.

3 years later
#31 1 year ago

Kirk here,the OP of this thread !! About time this winter to get this machine back towards the front of my projects for the next few months !!!
I still do not think this will be a sprint,but a somewhat leisurely and a fairly decent push to get started on this during my 4 days off for Christmas and my 4 days off at New Years.
After much hardship,and the pain of laying my Mother and Father to rest these last 4 years,settling their estates..... and then losing a brother as well,my posts here virtually ended.
Then moving myself,(Fixing up and remodeling the 1954 house I bought)-it is time to breed new life into this 27 year old cocktail pinball machine !!! I think my mind is in the right place to get back to this pinball stuff :))
Cheers to everybody,and do not take your loved ones for granted !!! as they can be taken young or old,at any time,which I have had to deal with all too much since I was more active on this forum.

9 months later
#32 7 months ago

V8torino, it's been a few month since your post. How are things going?

My Star Trip needs some audio work but it's a fun pin to play, the wide body thing is fun


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