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Star Trek strategies for the average player

By Nokoro

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I was hoping to get a thread going that would describe some simple strategies for the average player.

Some players have very complex strategies that they can pull off, like finishing Nero1-3, DTD1-3, and then doing the other level one missions, finally hitting warp 9.1 before entering Kobayshi Maru. (Yes, I'm talking about you eskaybee and ectobar ). I'm not one of those players that has so much timing and control.

Other players may be content just trying to get to Kobayshi Maru. I've done that several times and want a bit more.

Lately, I have been trying to do three in a column, like Nero1-3 or KB1-3 and then get to Kobayshi Maru. Having at least one shot be double value I think can really enhance the points while finishing the rest of the level one missions.

Another strategy which I want to start testing out, is to lock two balls and then start Nero1. Hit a number of shots to increase the GAT shot value, lock a third ball, and then start GAT at the same time as Klingon MB. Having multiple balls bounce around and hit off of the red matter targets can be very lucrative. I've only done this once by accident, but would like to try to plan for it.

So, I'm really interested in hearing other people's intermediate level strategies. What have people tried or are thinking about trying?

#6 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Great idea for a thread Nokoro!
I look forward to hearing others' insights as I've had one high game of 258K, but don't remember much about getting there other than accomplishing Kobayashi Maru (which is rare for me) and then proceeding a bit into the second level modes. The rest of my "high scores" drop to the 120K - 100K range.

I think you mean "M", not "K". At least, I hope so.

Yeah, my best game to date is around 350M on the new code. Most good scores are between 75-150M for me. But, when I get to those really high scores, I feel like it is more of an accident -- a bunch of good things randomly coming together -- rather than by planning. I would like to plan more, but need some simple strategies that match my skill level.

Quoted from NY2Colorado:


Combos are great, but will only get you so far without some more advanced planning.

#12 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Some thoughts and basic strategies for you:
Can you hit the Alpha ramp from both flippers consistently?

Yes, fortunately.

Quoted from ectobar:

Some thoughts and basic strategies for you:
Can you backhand the Alpha ramp? From a cradle you should be able to hit this shot consistently, on the move its a little more difficult.
Can you backhand the spinner?
Can you backhand the away team shot? This shot is tough for me, so I don't use it too often, but maybe you can.

Yes, yes, and no (are you crazy -- actually, I sometimes do it by accident -- perhaps I should practice).

Quoted from ectobar:

Are you using dead flipper passes to slow down the game?

I do try to cradle the ball when I can and when I'm not going for an immediate combo.

Quoted from ectobar:

Are you spelling TREK and Beam Me Up? I do this like crazy, and by the end of my games my spinner is generally worth some real good points.

Yes, I am constantly switching lanes. In particular, the Beam Me Up lanes can lead to major bonuses. I just got an 18M bonus yesterday -- my highest yet.

Quoted from ectobar:

What is your shooting the Vengeance plan? I try and not ever shoot from the left flipper when the drop is up.

I haven't really thought about which flipper to shoot from. I generally get to Vengeance 1 naturally. I wait until I think I need an extra ball to try Vengeance 2 and use torpedoes to get there. I have only been to Vengeance 3 a couple of time, and both times, I did not complete sudden death.

Quoted from ectobar:

Are you making sure you start a mode before getting a mb?

* * *

So, to better your stack of running a regular mode with a mb, it's smart to try and hit the Black Hole to get 'Add Time' before starting the mb.

These are some great mb tips. I have been trying some strategies around planning Klingon MB to coincide with certain modes. So far, no luck.

#13 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Being humble is good, but your knowledge & skills of this game are already *way* beyond average/intermediate.

Thanks for the compliment. I suppose it is all relative. Reading some of ectobar and eskaybee's posts makes me feel average. I do own the machine and play a lot, so I have a decent understanding of the rules. I just haven't mastered lucrative, but simple strategies.

Quoted from ryanwanger:

Can you explain this?

Yes, if you get three missions in a column completed -- like KB1-3 -- one of the enterprise inserts lights up solid on the playfield for the rest of the game. That shot is now worth double the amount of points you would normally get for that shot. And, if you combo that shot, it would be quadruple I believe.

jawjaw answers correctly. It is the add on mode you refer to from hitting Away Team.

#16 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Ah, thanks - I didn't realize that Super Ramps/Spinner/Pops was a doubler. I knew it did *something*. Is it the rest of the game? I thought it was just the current ball.

Sorry, not super ramps / spinner / pops. Those are three in a row, meaning three level 1 missions in a row. Three in a column, which gives you a shot doubler, like the left ramp for instance, requires doing KB1, KB2 and KB3 (for instance).

Quoted from ryanwanger:

Backhanding the spinner is pretty easy, and much safer. You should try it. I've almost stopped shooting for it from the right because it's so dangerous when you miss.

Yep, I can backhand the spinner pretty readily. Probably the easiest shot in the game. I meant that I couldn't backhand the away team shot. Now, that's crazy!

Quoted from ryanwanger:

I've been playing on location a lot lately with regulars, people who are playing as often as several times a week, and most of them don't understand much beyond that there are modes, and to shoot the locks for multiball. . . . I play in tournaments/leagues where you don't get extra balls...which changes the math dramatically.

If you play in tournaments, you must be pretty decent. When I play a pin I don't own on location, I'm not very good. I only get some decent games on Star Trek because I own it, play it a lot and have learned the rules. Even then, most of my games are sub 50-75M.

#18 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Just looked back at the last 3 times my league (15 players) has played Star Trek over the last two seasons. 85m was the highest score. No one else broke 65m. Sure, the grand champ score is ~215m, but that's one game out of hundreds.
In another local league, high score was 78m out of 36 players. 5 people in the league are Top 200 ranked players, and roughly 5 others are in the Top 500.
TLDR; 50m-75m is a killer score in tournament/league play. Go out into the world and play some competitive pinball once in a while.

Was that with the new code or the old code? The new code is much more lucrative in terms of points. Also, keep in mind that I play at home under my own rules: easy outlanes, automatic extra balls at Warp 4 and 30M, forgiving tilt, etc. If you guys play tournament rules on location, then that is way more difficult than the way I play.

#23 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Can you backhand the away team shot? This shot is tough for me, so I don't use it too often, but maybe you can.

I just tried this a few times right now. I did it once, but it was only after bricking the shot, having it bounce off of my right flipper and go back up to the away team. I'm going to keep practicing. It would be so cool if I could do this reliably. That said, it seems a bit dangerous as one time I missed and the ball went down the drain.

#25 3 years ago

In an effort to prove to ryanwanger that I really am just an "average" player , I got the idea from another thread to play ten games and record my scores. Keep in mind that these are with easy outlanes, low tilt sensitivity, an extra ball at 30M and an extra ball at Warp 4. Here are my scores:


None fell into the level that I consider to be really good games for me: 75-100M+ which makes me think I get those games far less often than I think I do. And, the stellar scores of 200M+ are probably quite rare for me. So, by "average", I mean that I know how to play and can have some great games from time to time. But, I am not consistent at all, and I can't implement complex strategies on purpose. My few games that were 300M+ were purely by accident when the stars aligned. One I ended up getting 2x scoring from Warp 9.1 right in the middle of Klingon MB. I wish I had planned to do that, but it just happened. When you own a game and put 2,000+ games on it, you are going to get some very good games from time to time. So, that is my definition of average, but as I have said, it is all relative and all subjective.

#28 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Fair enough...you're not as good as I thought.

Thank you! Apparently I'm even worse than I thought as well. Now, let's stop this contest of who is a worse player and start discussions strategies.

#32 3 years ago

Great tips eskaybee! What I like about these is that while most are challenging strategies, they are all still achievable at least some of the time for the "average" player. Some comments / questions:

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Nero 3 + SJ 3 = Galactic Lanes (PD1). Tons of points.

This would be a really cool thing to try. Might be a bit of a reach for me to go that deep on those two modes back to back, but it is the type of thing that would be fun to strive for and see if I get it every now and then.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Nero 3 + PD 3 = Galactic Spinner (DTD1) - tons of points. Don't forget to hit the vuk for the 'final shot' - big payout.


Quoted from Eskaybee:

KB2 or DTD 3 or Galactic Matter (Nero1) - stack with Vengeance Scoring.

Please explain. Is the idea that these modes rely on the Vengeance shot a lot, and Nero 1 GAT is just a good mode to brick a lot of MB shots on?

Quoted from Eskaybee:

STE 3 + KB 3 = a good Super ramps stack.

I've tried this in the past and achieved once. Another fun one to strive for.

Quoted from Eskaybee:

another strat: Fill the grid until you have one mission left to start Kobayashi - if you are on ball 1 or 2; go deeper and collect more medals and wait to start Kobayashi. If you're on ball 3, then just go for the last mission and start Kobayashi.

I like this idea. I always too quickly go for Kobayashi if I get that far. Perhaps I need to slow it down and gather up more medals.


Another simple idea, which I think I mentioned before, is just achieving KB1-3 to light left ramp for 2x scoring and then get the rest of the level 1 missions for Kobayshi. If you combine that with a gold medal on KB1, I bet that left ramp scores a ton in Kobayshi. You can apply this same principle to some of the other modes/shots. Just thinking it might be easier for the "average" player to get one mode through level 3 before going to Kobayshi rather than 2 modes all the way through level 3.

#35 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

Fair enough...you're not as good as I thought.
But seriously, your average is 28m, which would win a tournament game more often that you might think. Well, except for those extra balls. It sounds like your knowledge of the rules and strategies is probably ahead of your playing skills. It would be pretty awesome to upload videos of ourselves playing and have other people give tips.

I just checked my game audits to see my average score since installing 1.61. It is actually 47M so that makes me feel a little better. I must have had a below average set of games the other day.

#36 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Nero 3 + SJ 3 = Galactic Lanes (PD1). Tons of points.

Just got SJ3 followed by Nero3. And, to top it off, I hit Warp 9.1 for 2x scoring. I was just about to start PD1 and try to get GAT quickly for some major points when . . . Draino. Ugh!!!!

Still, I got 172M which is a great score for me. More importantly, I had a blast trying to do it! Just wish I pulled off the end. Oh well . . . Next time.

#38 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I think you guys are all bonkers. Nobody but the top 15 IFPA would even bother trying to get to the level 3's. You're going to bury 90% of players if you simply play the first level of modes, do half the GATs, and get to Kobiyashi. We have three guys showing up to league night that have been in the top 100 at one point (IFPA can't seem to decide if I belong there or not. I've been moved in and out of the top 100 at least four times since TPF...lmao..I really need a big tourney win to solidify my position for a few months... ) and it's pretty much a lock any time that one of the three of us gets to Kobi, it's going to be the highest scoring game of the night.
We play on a pro, and frankly, I find shooting the left hole far more safe than shooting under the flipper, but I own a Metallica.... I'm used to that far left side shot.
*Edit* Uh, this is in terms of trying to get a high score or tourney win only.
172 is awesome. That's a tourney winner right there.

I think we need to draw a distinction between strategies for the home and strategies for tournaments. I haven't played in a tournament. I'm playing Star Trek solely at home (with easy settings and extra balls), so I have time to try different approaches and don't mind waiting 25 or so games to see if it pays off. People playing in tournaments definitely need to take safer approaches that will lead to more lucrative points quickly.

As for the left hole / mission start shot, I've been bricking that thing like crazy lately. I don't know what happened. I used to be able to hit it consistently, but lately it has become the most dangerous shot on the play field for me. I keep hitting the red matter target to the right of it and having the ball go straight to the drain.

#40 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

another strat: Fill the grid until you have one mission left to start Kobayashi - if you are on ball 1 or 2; go deeper and collect more medals and wait to start Kobayashi. If you're on ball 3, then just go for the last mission and start Kobayashi.

I've been trying this out with some success. I had a couple of good games in a row where I completed nearly all level 1 missions on the first ball. Before doing the final level 1 mission, I decided to go 3 deep on KB. That is a good one to do this with since you can get through KB2 fairly quickly by hitting the left ramp over and over. KB3 takes a bit longer but is still quite approachable. Once I completed KB3, I finished off the last mission to go into Kobayashi MB with extra medals and the left ramp at 2x scoring. I finished the game at 270+ million. I would have done better, but I did a fairly crappy job getting medals on the level 1 missions.

The second attempt, same thing, except right before finishing KB3, I triggered Vengeance 2. I mistakenly thought I was on ball 2, not 3, so I went for it. Needless to say, I drained and the game was over. Still did pretty good score wise. Thinking about it, I really like Vengeance 2. It is classic risk / reward. I drain more times than not because those center shots are so dangerous, especially with the ball flying back at you. Yet, if you complete it, you get an extra ball which is often well worth the risk.

1 week later
#46 3 years ago
Quoted from Sgolembiewski:

How do you combo the super jackpot for 40 mil?

Quoted from Frax:

it's just one shot chained into another in most cases. Like if the jackpot was at the vengeance, you'd shoot say left ramp then the VG. Or right ramp then the VG. If the jackpot is at the warp ramp, you'd shoot the left orbit then the warp ramp.

Are you talking about getting 40 million from the "DOUBLE SUPER KLINGON JACKPOT!"? If so, I only got that jackpot twice. If I remember, after you destroy all birds of prey, there is one strobing bird of prey that you have to hit. Once you get that, there is one more shot to make for the double super klingon jackpot. I thought it was the warp ramp -- which you almost have to combo -- but maybe it changes. Does it change?

#47 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

During Vengeance MB, just shoot spinner and warps. Not worth many points.

Why would you only hit the spinner and warps during Vengeance MB? I consistently finish the mode, comboing the last shot for 10 million + points. Not huge in the grand scheme of things, but not something to squander either.

#50 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

I think there are more points to be had with warps and working way up to double scoring. Once near Warp 9.1 or 9.9, I usually wait until Klingon mb, new mode, or Kobiyashi Maru. With ball save on, I'll shoot Vengeance but its a pretty dangerous shot and tend to drain out fast from that multi ball. Like you said in the grand scheme of things, not worth a ton. However, double scoring stacked into something mentioned above is huge points. Just my thought.

I guess I just figure if you are that good with the warp ramp, you could do that at any time. I'm not sure why you would do it on Vengeance MB. I would also think the warp shots would be more difficult to make with MB. Perhaps I'm missing something . . . .

One of the things I think that is keeping me an "average" player on this pin is my inability to hit the warp ramp consistently. My warp champion score is only 12 or 13. I have yet to get to 9.9. And, I can never time when 9.1 will hit, if at all (it is still a rarity that I get it at all). I've been practicing though and trying to think about how to time my shots. I noticed that to get the first warp in a string, it is usually better to hit the ball near the tip of the flipper. But, once I get one, as the ball whips back around, I find that if I try to hit the button when the ball is at about the mid point of the flipper, I can sometimes get 2 or 3 more in a row. I'm not sure if others have noticed the same. . . .

#52 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

It's called "skillfully draining". The only thing you do with the ball saver is drain balls and try to make warp ramp shots... soft plunge, warp ramp
If success -> shoot it again...or try to.
If Fail -> Let ball drain, soft plunge next ball in shooter lane.

Except with Vengeance MB, it is an auto plunge around the orbit to the left flipper. So I still am not sure I get the strategy with that particular mode.

#55 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

You can manually plunge it before the autoplunger does it. Not only that, but there's still ample ball saver after hitting the ball loose out of the vengeance unless you whiff the shot to make at least three attempts on the warp ramp, IMO.
Check it:
Lock ball for VG multiball start in the VG.
Game kicks out second ball to trough.
Soft plunge BEFORE the game autofires the ball.
Make shot(s) at warp ramp.
Upon failed warp ramp attempts, knock the ball out of the VG, 3 ball multiball starts.
Let two balls on playfield drain. By the time this occurs, ball 3 will already be in the pops or just coming out of the pops, and you make your shot on the warp ramp with ball 3.
Make more shots on the warp ramp with autoplunged balls 1-2 while trying to either let ball 3 drain out with saver still on, or trap it on the right.
I promise, you can get at LEAST four good shots on the warp ramp that way...that's halfway to warp 9 easy if you hit them all and do at least one repeat shot. I'm 4/4 on my last 4 games I've played on location against other people getting to Kobiyashi *and* warp 9.9 =P

This is craziness! I have to try it.

#56 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Not sure it helps but I have super bands. They feel more firm to me and help make better shots. Some have the opposite opinion so who knows. If the ball is not coming back cleanly to the flipper at all you can try to adjust the warp ramp exit. I think I hit the flipper more on a sense of time then where the ball is on the flipper. The ball goes so fast that if you wait for the ball you will be late.
One trick is that if the ball comes straight across the playfield towards the upper flipper (often on missed warp shot), hold the flipper up. That will deflect the ball back up the right orbit and line you up with an easy shot.
Generally, I shot for the warp every chance I get. Sometimes I am able to get warp 9.1 at the right time but that's not easy.

I've heard super bands make the warp shot more difficult, but it probably depends. In any event, I'm used to the standard rubbers. My ramp is dialed in, but I went through a phase where it wasn't, and that was quite frustrating. I too try to hit it whenever I can, but whether I make it or not is just luck. But, I think I may be getting better with timing as I said, so we'll see.

#61 3 years ago

I tried the soft plunge during Vengeance MB this weekend, but I got flustered quickly and couldn't get the timing down. I think it might help for me to see someone do it. If any of you have videos that you could post that would be great.

I definitely get cradling two balls on the left flipper and hitting the spinner and warp with the right. I'm just not that good enough at the warp ramp to have this pay off, and I'm not sure I want to risk my 10 million+ points. Still, I think it will be something to try now and again, for practice at least.

I still love the warp ramp and love those few times when I get 4 or so shots in a row. It is such a rush. I just wish I could do it more. Until I can, I'm going to consider this a strategy for an above average player and not just an average one like me.

#63 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballer0415:

Just keep practicing. As with everything, more practice with it and you'll be better. Dead bouncing and drop catching during multi ball is huge to get all the balls under control.

Here's both a generic question and a Star Trek related question, but are you guys able to effectively control the balls during a 4 ball multiball? I find that I can control a 2 ball MB ok by capturing one and hitting the other one around with the other flipper. I can sometimes control 3 balls, can capture two and hit the other ball around. I can even sometimes separate the balls effectively if they land on the same flipper. However, once we reach 4 balls, I'm left with just hitting the balls randomly around trying to keep them in play. So during both Klingon and Vengeance MB, if I get a 4th ball added on, I usually just find myself staring at the flippers and hitting the balls whenever I can. If I hit the Vengeance or other shots, great. But I don't do it on purpose. I need to wait until at least one ball drains before I can take stock, get things under control and see what needs to be done. So do you guys do the same, or are you able to actually control things during a 4 ball multiball?

#67 3 years ago

Thanks all. Great advice. I think I need to practice getting more control over a 3 ball multiball situation. Great point about not trying to hit the shot for add a ball until you need it. That's hard to do unless you have control over the 3 balls in play in the first place.

As for the soft plunge to avoid an autoplunge, I've now tried that a few times without success. I think I'll consider that a more advanced technique and try it down the road when I get better overall. I would still love to see a video if anyone has time to take one.

#69 3 years ago
Quoted from PWhiz:

I'm looking for any tips on adjusting the warp ramp exit. I don't think I've ever gotten it quite right. Sometimes I can get 3-4 shots in a row, but that's rare. More often it will bounce out in some way, sometimes it may even hop back down the shooter lane. I know where the screw is to adjust it and how to move the ramp around, I'm just not sure how to close in on a sweet spot and what the best way to test it is.

I had huge trouble getting the sweet spot just right, and I had the exact same problems as you. I actually found that cleaning the playfield and ramp helped. I got much better flow afterwards. My theory (unproven) was that some small speck of unseen dirt was causing the ball to spin or wobble somewhere along the trajectory. Give it a try.

#77 3 years ago

So I finally did the soft plunge successfully during Vengeance MB. On my first ball, I soft plunged it and got a warp. Just one, but I felt accomplished. Unfortunately, I quickly started a four ball multiball so at that point I just went for destroying the Vengeance. At the end, during victory laps, I was down to two balls so I cradled one on the left flipper and just went for warps. Didn't get any but I felt better with this tactic overall.

#80 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Had a game today where my second round of victory laps were awarding 2 & 3 mil a shot. I may have had double scoring active but in either case those points are no joke.

I wish I understood some of the scoring algorithms better. What you mention is just one example. Usually, when I get the victory laps, I find it fairly boring, but if by completing them, you build up value, that makes it more interesting. Another example are the medal awards. In another post, I kept track of the points I was getting for bronze, silver and gold. They weren't consistent, and there must be some algorithm controlling them. Of course, the general proposition of just getting more medals overall seems like a solid strategy.

Quoted from pinballer0415:

Just keep practicing, the short plunge during vengeance is key. You can either hit warps or let the ball go all the way to the right flipper for a live catch. Sometimes when a warp shot isn't necessary, this is a very easy way to get the ball back under control.

I think I'm starting to get this. The key is to be ready and have the plunger primed before the ball kicks out. Kinda obvious in retrospect. But, before, I waited until I saw the ball kick out and rushed to try to get a short plunge in. That didn't work too well. This time, having the plunger ready, I added two warps before the second ball under the Vengeance was released. Of course, I drained pretty quickly after that so didn't get any points from defeating the Vengeance. On the plus side, I saved all my photons. I think those are more useful anyway in getting to Vengeance 2 which awards an extra ball.

#84 3 years ago

Here's a small tidbit -- not sure if it really counts as being strategic -- that might not be obvious to all players:

Most know that there is a skill shot if you hold the left flipper button while plunging the ball. The ball makes an orbit and either the Vengeance or right ramp is lit for a skill shot equal to 1 million points (and then progressively upward depending upon how many previous skill shots you have made).

There is another skill shot that is not quite as well known. If you hold the right flipper button in while plunging, the left gate around the pops will remain closed while the right will remain open, giving you a chance to have the ball hit the left gate and travel back down to the upper flipper for a warp shot. If you make this, you get 1.5 million points (and then progressively upward).

There are a few advantages to doing that skill shot: First, the points. Second, if you are playing a mode where the right orbit is lit from the get go, having the ball go through the gate and back down actually awards that shot, so you are already one shot in to the mission. Third, you get a chance to build up warps, kind of like the skill shot with the soft plunge, only better. Fourth, if you miss (meaning the ball doesn't make it all the way back down to the upper flipper), the ball still ends up in the pops, allowing you to try to complete some of the BEAM ME UP lanes (for bonus multipliers) and still giving you and opportunity for a warp shot to build up warps. Fifth, once the ball is back in play, if you get the ball back in the shooter lane (through an away team shot, rescue (on the Pro) or ball save), you still get a chance to try the skill shot with the left flipper button. Just hold the left button when the ball is in the shooter lane, and that will open up the left gate, allowing you to take that skill shot. This can be done at any time, but you only get one attempt at each skill shot. So once you try for that left button skill shot, whether you make it or not, you can't hold that button again and expect the left gate to remain open.

So, there are a lot of advantages of starting each new ball with the right button skill shot. I usually hold the right button with my left hand and plunge with my right. For some reason, that is easier for me.

#91 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I don't know if the skill shot is worth going for. It's probably better in the long run to get the ball into the pops and then take a shot at the warp when it comes down. Bonus points are often more than a million so getting 2x or 3x can be more important. I still go for skill shots just for fun. I hold down the right flipper and short plunge for a shot at the warp. I then hold the left flipper for the other skill shot on the next plunge during the same ball. Someone else pointed out that you can go for both skill shots during a ball. It's sometimes advantageous to use the left flipper hold skill shot to get the ball quickly to the flippers for a timed shot.

You may be right. I think it depends upon what ball you are on. The question you need to ask is whether: lighting a few of the BEAM ME UP lanes is > or < the value of getting 1.5 million points + one shot towards a mission goal. On the first ball, you might conclude that getting the 1.5 million points and the mission shot are more valuable because bonus multipliers don't carry over from ball to ball and your bonus may be somewhat low anyway on the first ball. On the other hand, by the third ball, you may have built up a substantial bonus from all the missions completed and medals awarded. Every extra 1x bonus you get by lighting the BEAM ME UP lanes could be worth several million points. Like you, I think the skill shots are fun so typically go after them on each ball, but perhaps I need to be more thoughtful about it.

#92 3 years ago
Quoted from ryanwanger:

There is a lot of talk about building up warp ramps, but is this a key strategy for tournament players? Seems like a lot of work (and risk) to work towards double scoring when all you need to do is beat one opponent.

I also think building up warps and timing it to coincide exactly with big payout opportunities is really an advanced strategy. It is not something that an "average" player like me can do. Typically, I don't get warp 9.1, and when I do, I really don't control the timing. It is completely fortuitous if it arrives at a time when I can cash it in for some major points.

I really think this strategy is the dividing line between average play and more expert play. I would love to make that transition, and since I own the game, I don't mind playing lots of games to see if it will pay off. That said, I've owned the game for over a year now, and I haven't really gotten any better at the warp shot. Just when I think I'm starting to get the hang of it, I lose the knack again. Perhaps I should just practice that and nothing else for some time, though I'm not sure it would help. What I probably should do is play certain levels as if I'm only going for warps. DTD1 would be a good one to do this with since the spinner is always lit.

For those of you who can hit the shot consistently and time the reward, do you have any tips? Is it just practice that helps, or do you guys have an innate sense of timing that I seem to lack?

#96 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I get hot and cold with the warp shot. Sometimes I can get a string of 4 or 5 in a row and other times I can't hit it once. My only advice is to try and keep track of what warp you are on and how many locks. If I am close to a mb or km and on warp 8/9, I will hold off shooting warps until the right time. Rarely does that work out, though.

Ok then. At least I'm not alone. I have been trying to time it more, and that may be helping a little. But it still feels more like a matter of luck with me.

#100 3 years ago

My highest is 15 warps. It only took me 2000 games to get there.

#104 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkmoon:

My problem is,i can't get farther than warp 4 or 5! can't figure out how to consistantly hit it for what,9.9??At my age i don't know if my hand, eye can do that,but i keep on keeping on!!And Aurich,s cards for ST/le greatly explain the game play,sorry,no longer available!

Age may have something to do with it for me too, but that thought kind of depresses me, so I'll just say it's a general lack of skill on my part.

I think jawjaw has the right advice in just being aware of what warp you are on and what lock or mode is coming up. If you can time double scoring to coincide, great. If not, maybe next time. I figure every 20-30 games or so, something magical will happen. Definitely not a tournament strategy for me. Just a long term home strategy.

#111 3 years ago

Agree with all of the above comments. I don't want to settle for being average and always try to improve. However, I need to face the reality that I can't hit 40 warps. Doesn't mean I'm not going to try. Just means that I need some strategies to score knowing that I probably won't make it. For that reason, I love eskaybee's write up. He takes you through a complex strategy step by step. But, even if you can only get through the first few steps, you still have some big scoring opportunities. You can aim to complete the whole thing, but won't miss out on a decent score if you don't make it.

#117 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

On a fast playing game this should be SUBSTANTIALLY harder than it is than at the location I normally play at. Nothing wrong with not getting to 40, at all. On a friend's LE, I never got anywhere near warp 9.9, forget about doubling back a second time. There's a definite benefit to playing on a faster and tighter machine in the long run, so don't change it! The great news is you only need 9 for double scoring.

Thanks. This makes me feel a lot better. I clean and wax my game regularly, and it is very fast. I can see how there would be a difference in playing it on location.

On that note, I just got back from vacation where I played a few on location games. When I played Star Trek again, I could barely keep up it was so fast. I wasn't used to it. That said, I think overall it improves my reflexes so that when I do play on location, I feel like I'm a much better player.

#121 3 years ago

Great tip on KB3, ectobar. I knew that two and then three ships / shots came in later in the mode, but I didn't realize you had to make the first shot before they did. I agree that that would be a good place to use the right flipper button skill shot, assuming that orbit was lit.

#122 3 years ago

Another thing I've been doing lately is saving all my photon torpedoes for getting to Vengeance 2. I used to use them during Vengeance 1, but I've been trying to take the advice of concentrating on getting warp shots made instead of going for the Vengeance during that first mode. Once Vengeance 1 is complete, if I have all of my photons left unused, I can start Vengeance 2 right away or wait until I am ready.

Vengeance 2 is a dangerous mode. I complete it about a third of the time, have time run out another third, and drain the remaining third. I go there if I think I need an extra ball to advance. It is then risk vs reward. The reward of advancing further vs the risk of possibly losing your last ball. Great fun!

#141 3 years ago
Quoted from Duff:

So now that I know about GAT modes, what is the logic for when to start them? As far as I can tell it's available after the first mode shot made. I would think getting it earlier than later is the way to go. Thoughts?

Quoted from ectobar:

ASAP. When you start a Galactic mode, it just adds 20 seconds to your timer. Sooner you start, the more time you have. And you are correct, the start shot becomes available after completing one lit mode shot.

Are you sure about ASAP? I thought there was a definite risk vs reward situation here. I thought the more shots you hit during the main part of the level one mission, the higher point value the shots would be during the GAT mission. Is that true? If so, then you really need to decide whether to go for GAT right away or build up the point value by making a number of the regular shots first. Of course, by doing so, you risk missing the opportunity for GAT.

Also, keep in mind that the GAT mission for SJ1 is completely different than the other GAT missions. In that one, you only get one shot on the Vengeance. Once you make that shot, the mode is over. Making that shot also ups your medal by 1. So, if you only do one shot in the regular mission before starting Galactic Vengeance, then hitting the Vengeance will only award you a bronze medal and then the mode is over. By contrast, if you wait to get silver in the regular mission, then you can start the GAT for an easy shot at getting gold. This is typically what I try to do. How you play SJ1 also depends upon your goal. If you are trying to maximize level 1 points and medals, you will want to hit more shots. However, if you are trying to progress through SJ1-3 quickly to light the right orbit for 2x scoring, then you may want to short cut the level 1 mission by quickly going for Galactive Vengeance.

All of this is what is so great about Star Trek right now. There are just so many different ways to play and so many decisions to make.

#142 3 years ago

I've realized something about how I play now as a result of this thread. I used to not think about what warp I was on or when Klingon MB would occur. Rather, I just let them happen when they happened. Now, I'm trying to be conscious of where I am in my progress towards those goals and time them to maximize the benefit according to the advice in this thread.

I do want to say something about this, though. Being able to reliably time when you get to warp 9.1 or when you start a MB are skills that more advanced players have, in my opinion, not average ones. However, I don't want average players to feel discouraged and say "oh, I could never do that." The fact of the matter is that if you try to time some of those modes and awards, you will increase the chance that you actually get them at a point when they will benefit you. So, let's say right now, you only get to warp 9.1 on a handful of games and even on those games, it only works to a real significant point advantage 10% of the time. If you consciously try to time it to your advantage, you may in fact increase that 10% to 20% of the time. It will still be a rare game where it will all work out. But it is such an awesome feeling when you actually try to do something like this and have it work out. So, for average players like me, don't get discouraged by some of the more advanced tips. Just go for it and try. By doing so, you will increase the number of times that you actually make it pay off.

#144 3 years ago
Quoted from Jeekayjay:

To your point... I did get discouraged initially when trying strategy but in the long run I will improve.

A good way to have fun, be strategic and not get discouraged is just to try to go three deep in any mission. Try different missions and see which ones are fun. For those games that you end up going three deep on, figure out what shot is lit for double scoring and decide what to do next from there. For instance, if you light one of the orbits, then try PD1 and galactic lanes to maximize points. Nothing too complicated; just having fun and seeing what happens. While doing this, just stay conscious of what warp you are on. Don't worry if you are no where near 9.1. However, if you happen to be at warp 9, why not try to get 9.1 before starting PD1 and galactic lanes to maximize points even further. In other words, have fun, take it in small steps and see what happens. Having more familiarity with the rules and where things stand in your game, should increase your chances of higher scores and having more fun.

#149 3 years ago

Here's an example (from tonight) of how strategy can evolve in the middle of the game:

I wanted to try the suggestion of doing Nero1-3 followed by DTD and galactic spinner for lots of points. My first two balls sucked, and I got maybe 15 million points and just started Nero 2. On my third ball, I was able to make it through Nero 2 and 3, but I wasn't hitting any of the medal shots, so my overall score was low. Nevertheless, the first part of my mission was accomplished. The left orbit was now lit for 2x scoring. I started DTD, and honestly I couldn't make a single shot. The time ran out, and I had hit nothing. So, no GAT mission for me. I had to think what to do next. I decided to do STE to finish the row and get super spinner. I then wanted to do PD1 and galactic lanes to get the orbits lit again for some decent point advantages. I was able to do all of that. Finished STE, started PD1 and got to galactic lanes. I kept hitting the left orbit (which by now had 2x scoring and super spinner). I got a decent overall score on DTD with a gold medal. I then progressed to SJ and was planning on heading to Kobayshi after KB, but I drained. Still, I took a crappy first couple of balls, plus a failure to achieve my initial objective, and still turned the game around to get 115 million points which is not at all bad for me. It is great to know the rules so you can know how to modify your approach mid-stream.

#156 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Bingo. And I'm assuming you meant PD (Prime Directive) when you were saying "DTD" after your STE.

Oops. Yep. Thanks -- corrected it.

#158 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Anyone have any insight into how the bonus is calculated?
I've had games where I got over 100mil in bonus. Usually a large multiplier was involved, but I'm more concerned with how to build bonus.
I'm assuming do good in the modes, get more bonus. Just wondering if anyone knew the specifics.

If you watch the DMD at the end of the ball, it shows how at least part of the bonus is calculated. Each completed mission is worth a certain amount of points. Each medal achieved is worth a certain amount of points. So your bonus increases the more missions you finish and medals you get. I assume you have seen that? I forget, is there some other mysterious award that gets added to that?

#160 3 years ago
Quoted from ectobar:

So my thought was maybe there is some way to exploit it, if you could do awesome in mode X you would get a bigger bonus. But if it's just tied to the medals, then there's likely not much exploiting to be had.

Ok, I just played a few games to try to figure this out. There is a Starting Bonus, a Mission Bonus and a Medal Bonus. The Starting one seems to be a mystery -- some algorithm presumably tied to how you played. The Mission and Medal bonuses aren't always the same number. For example, one time I seemed to get 75K per medal, another time I seemed to get $100K per medal, and another time it was some not quite evenly divisible number. My best guess is that you get more points for gold than for silver than for bronze. I am also guessing you get more points for level 3 than for level 2 than for level 1 missions. But, this is kind of just speculation based on what I saw.

#163 3 years ago

Can I call a timeout on debates between MET and ST before this thread gets seriously derailed? I'm sure there's a "What should I buy?" thread somewhere where this issue has been thoroughly hashed out. Let's keep this thread positive. Thanks!

#164 3 years ago

Yes!!! I just achieved Warp 9.9 for the first time! It only took me a year of ownership to do it.

I've really been trying to follow everyone's advice in this thread about building up warps. What's amazing is that yesterday, I beat my warp record by getting warp 9.8, and then today I get warp 9.9 (and actually one more for a second warp 1). So, the advice must be working.

I was at warp 8, ready for Kobayshi, but I held off trying to get double scoring before I started. I actually got warp 9.1 and immediately drained. So, I started Kobayshi and decided to cradle one ball while I worked on warps. Maybe not the best idea for points, but I wanted more warps, dammit! I got to warp 9.8, drained one ball, ending multiball, and decided to just go for warp 9.9, and . . . success! Again, I didn't maximize points with this, but I'm starting to prove to myself that the timing of warps is more in my control than I initially realized. I'm still no where near some people's level, but I'm getting better and having fun!

#171 3 years ago

Awesome game eskaybee! Question for you and ecotbar and anyone else who has gotten to EA: what is the goal? The video you posted made it seem like you just need a certain number of target hits which you can just get with the spinner. Is that it?

#173 3 years ago

So is the first stage switch hits and then it moves on to something else? (Would be kind of boring if you just did the spinner throughout the whole mode . . . .)

#180 3 years ago

Another tip I've been thinking about (not really a strategy): I find it critical to keep track of my shots and when the medals are going to be awarded. The award of a medal involves cutting out the GI, flashing the lights and a triumphant award sound. I used to think it was kind of random when this would happen after achieving each medal -- somewhat tied to what else was going on in the game at that moment and the queue of events. But, the more I play, the more I realize that this is fairly predictable, especially with the level 1 missions. So, I really try to keep track of every third shot I make because I know the lights will cut out and there will be a flash. At this point, I usually just try to cradle the ball or take a very easy and long shot like the left ramp, letting the celebration pass before my next shot. Whenever I try something more difficult -- like the left kick out or warp ramp, I almost always miss because my shot coincides with the blinding award celebration. Sometimes, I even drain when that happens.

Don't get me wrong, I love the award celebration. But, you really need to be aware of when that is going to happen so you can pause what you are doing and wait for it to pass.

#184 3 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

I hate that celebration. Your reward for making shots is.... to blind you and turn out the GI momentarily. Fun!

I actually really like it. That change to the new code was one of the aspects that just gave all of the level 1 missions a frantic sense of urgency for me. I wouldn't want to do away with it.

That said, it is distracting. But, as I said in my post, if you play enough, you can actually fairly accurately predict the timing of the celebration. I often do the "DUM DUMMMM" in my head simultaneously with the pin. For those that don't have the timing down, I do think the safest thing to do is to try to cradle the ball or make an easy shot after every third shot. The important thing is keeping track of your shots so you are not surprised.

#190 3 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

I'm not sure how many people try this but I usually try for both skill shots on every ball.
If you hold the right flipper first and do a hard plunge you can bounce off the back gate and feed the ball to the upper flipper for a warp ramp super skill shot worth 1.5M.
Then if the ball drains before ball save timer runs out - or you hit the away team - you can hold the left flipper for the standard skill shot worth 1M.
Of course the values increase as you make the skill shots.

This was actually the subject of a bit of discussion / debate between jawjaw, ectobar and me from a page or two ago. I used to do exactly what you are suggesting, but since that debate, I've changed my approach. I go for the right flipper skill shot: on the first ball (since my bonus is likely to be low anyway so the multiplier is less important); when strategically it makes sense to get the right orbit shot right from the beginning of the ball (as discussed between ectobar and myself, since that skill shot also awards the right orbit shot); or if in one of the level 1 modes, I am not making enough strides towards medals and want to get a shot in. Otherwise, I usually do what jawjaw suggests and just get the ball into the pops to try to increase my bonus multiplier as much as possible. Especially on later balls when you have a good medal count, this can be quite lucrative. Lately, I don't do the left button skill shot at all.

#193 3 years ago

Things I Have Accomplished & Things I Would Like to Accomplish


*Defeat Kobayshi Maru
*Defeat Klingon MB (double super Klingon jackpot)
*Defeat all three Vengeance battles
*Collect all victory laps
*Warp 9.9 add-a-ball

Need to Accomplish:

*Enter Kobayshi Maru with 2x scoring from warp ramp
*Make it to EA
*Make it to 5 Yr Mission
*Score 500 million
*Then score 1 billion
*Get a secret gold medal (I believe eskaybee mentioned that these exist, but I have yet to get one. I have a theory though . . . .)
*Get all gold medals on the level 1 missions

#195 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

I've never done either of these. =|

Yeah, I'm quite obsessed with EA at the moment. I can feel it within reach! I've even abandoned all scoring strategies in this thread for the moment trying to get there. The funny thing is that I've had some of my highest scoring games in a long time just progressing through the modes in order and concentrating on medals. Go figure.

#198 3 years ago
Quoted from Jeekayjay:

Since it's so hard for me to pick and choose my shots on the fly at this time, I've just been aiming for Kobi. I've been able to hit it a few times now.
Going to stick with this until I'm more consistent on the warp.
On my 161st game the other night I managed to get to Kobiyashi and hit double scoring at the same time. Beat my previous GC by 100 million.
It was my best pinball moment yet. Such a good game.

That's awesome! Congrats!

#199 3 years ago

Based on the comments in this thread, I think the most lucrative mission to go three deep in is Nero1-3. Lighting the left orbit for 2x points just pays off in so many ways: play DTD and light galactic spinner, play STE and light galactic warps, play PD and light galactic lanes. All can be cashed in on by constantly hitting that orbit. I don't think any other shot has as many scoring opportunities when lit. And, the left orbit is easy to hit from both flippers. Nero 1-3 is also not a hard set of missions to get through, especially when you know how Nero3 works.

#201 3 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Need to Accomplish:

*Make it to EA

*Score 500 million

This just happened! Scratch two items off my bucket list! Man, EA is trippy. Wish I wasn't sweating so much so I could enjoy it more.


Best game I've every played! I'm still shaking . . . .

#209 3 years ago

Thanks everyone -- I appreciate it. Here are some more details that I was too tired to write last night:

First, lesson learned. Don't play your best game of pinball ever right before going to bed. I had a really hard time falling asleep, I was so hyped up, and I was quite sluggish today at work as a result.

As I think I mentioned, reading about EA made me obsessed with getting there, so I forgot about the scoring strategies in this thread for a while and just played the missions through (level 1s followed by level 2s). That said, I did make a few decisions along the way. When I was two missions away from EA, I was on my last ball and had enough photons to get to Vengeance 2. I decided to risk it, thinking I might need the extra ball. My heart was pounding every time the Vengeance shot the ball back at me, but I managed to defeat the mode, which gave me a lot of comfort and confidence finishing the last two missions. Definite risk vs. reward, and it could have easily gone the other way. I had several lucky bounces that saved me. I also decided to do Vengeance 3 right after EA. My score then was around 470 million. I defeated the mode for 47 million points (I didn't try to combo the last shot). It was amazing that my score just for that one mode exceeded my average score per game.

EA itself is interesting. As I said, I wish I paid attention more. Even reading some of the discussion in this thread, I'm still not sure I get it. It started off with every shot flashing blue or purple. As I made them, they turned solid. At some point, every shot changed to red. It was also counting my switch hits. I'm not sure I really get the plot of what is going on in that mode with the trippy dots and all. Hopefully, I will make it again with my adrenaline more under control so I can pay attention.

It amazes me how much your score just keeps increasing the further you play. Bonuses are huge, medal bonuses are huge, awards from things like Vengeance 3 are huge. I definitely see how if you could go a little further and actually time certain modes and strategies, your score would be a lot bigger.

Anyway, great night. I can't wait to play again!

#210 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

If you've done this...

Then you've gotten this..

More of a bonus gold medal than a secret gold medal

Ah, I didn't realize or notice. When does it reward the gold? Right after it yells "Double Super Klingon Jackpot"?

My theory was tied to the 1 second you get after getting gold in the level 1 missions. I thought that was designed to allow you to combo the last shot, and if you got the special reward shot, maybe it would give you a secret gold. But, I guess not. Not a bad idea for a code update though.

#211 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

I tried this method to try to maximize my scoring. I have found that nero2 kills me so my scores are actually lower. But this is on me because I can't hit all the shots at will

A few things to try: First, if you are starting a new ball or new mission through the away team shot, try the right button skill shot. As mentioned earlier, that will automatically award you one shot towards the goal. Second, as eskaybee mentioned, people like to stack this with multiball since it is a long mission, but nearly every shot is lit, so it lends itself to progression with multiball. Finally, there are two ways to play it. You could just go for whatever lit shot you are most comfortable making. After you make it and the Romulan is killed, if you wait a few seconds, another Romulan will take his place and the shot will be lit again. This lends itself to allowing you to pick whichever shots you are most comfortable with. Once you get better at the mode, you can try to increase your points. If you get three shots in succession and kill all Romulans before one comes back, you are awarded with a bonus jackpot. If I am in the zone with the flow of the game, I try to do left ramp, right ramp and then left orbit. This also would give you two of the medal qualifying shots.

#220 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

I'm liking the KB 1-2-3 then Nero 1-2-3 approach
Nero 3 is ridiculous easy. It's just like KB 2. Have the right flipper light on the alpha ramp and then bat the ball repeatedly with the left flipper. Unless u chasing the double lit for gold medal
Unfortunately I'm still not good enough to get to KM with this strat but I'm hitting scores between 220-340M with 2 missions away from KM.

I've gone three deep in one mission and then reached kobayshi. I have yet to get three deep in two missions and reach kobayshi. I imagine it would be quite lucrative in points.

I think you have it right that if you are going to do these two missions, you should do KB first and then Nero. The left ramp being worth 2x has more scoring opportunities during the Nero modes than the left orbit does during the KB modes.

#223 3 years ago

My game was getting a little sluggish so I wiped down the play field with Novus 1. Now, I can't control the ball to save my life. LOL.

Anyway, I'm back to simple strategies until the game slows down again. Trying to do KB1-3 followed by super ramps to see how many points I can get.

#225 3 years ago

I just finally timed Warp 9.1 and 2x scoring to the start of Kobayshi Maru! When I was at warp 9 during my last level 1 mission, I had to consciously NOT try to go for the warp ramp, which was hard for me. Anyway, I took an 87 million point game entering Kobayshi and turned it into a 200+ million point game exiting Kobayshi. Amazing how being able to time double scoring can dramatically improve your overall score.

#228 3 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

I was on cloud 9!!!

Next time, try to get to cloud 9.1. It is 2x the satisfaction.

2 weeks later
#229 3 years ago

When do you guys go for the GAT missions? Here are my thoughts:

PD: I've been trying to stack it with Klingon MB. Or I go for it if I have the left orbit lit for 2x scoring from Nero1-3. Otherwise, I usually don't try.

KB: Lately, I haven't been trying for the GAT here. Usually, I have a decent chance of getting a gold medal in the normal mode since so many of the shots are lit, and the mode just flows.

DtD: I usually only try for this if I have the left orbit lit for 2x scoring.

Nero: Again, I've been trying to stack this with Klingon MB. Otherwise, I go for it if I want a change of pace. I do like aiming for the red matter targets instead of the ramps from time to time. However, I've found this to be dangerous -- you can often have the ball shoot right back down the drain on some of them.

StE: I usually only try for this if I have the left orbit lit for 2x scoring.

SJ: I usually never try for this unless I have just achieved a silver medal in the regular mode and time is running out. Then, it is worth trying to get the GAT for the one shot at gold.

Other than that, if I have done poorly in the regular mode and only made 2-4 shots, I may try for GAT when time is running out. In that way, I can extend the mode and try to get a higher medal.

#233 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

The left flipper alpha shot ramp is pure money. During Klingon MB. I nailed all the shots 2x to get the moving target. Caught and held a ball on the right flipper and then kept on nailing the alpha ramp with the left flipper waiting for the target to be on the alpha ramp.
Then nailed the warp ramp for the final target to reset everything 104M. ST is awesome !!!

That's a great idea for getting that moving target! Thanks.

1 week later
#237 3 years ago

I have a question. If you complete three in a row on one of the levels -- say you get DtD, KB and PD -- you get one of the super modes (in that case, super pops). If you then complete another three in a row -- say, by competing SJ and StE -- do you get another super mode (in that case, super ramps)? Because, when I do it, I only get notification of the first, not the second. And, I thought when I last checked instant info, it wasn't giving me credit for the second super mode.

However, if you simultaneously get two different rows -- by, for instance, first doing DtD, KB, SJ, StE and then ending with PD -- you get super pops and super ramps simultaneously.

Does anyone know whether this is accurate? If so, it seems better to try to get two rows completed simultaneously then one row after another.

#240 3 years ago

Got it. Thanks. So which two are best to get first? I'm thinking if you get super ramps and super spinners at the same time, and then finish it off with KB, that would be the best combo of the three choices.

#242 3 years ago

This is my current plan at the moment: Get super ramps and super spinner and then assuming I am not on my last ball, do Nero 2. If you can also time this with 2x scoring, I think there would be fairly big points with the jackpots plus the extra points awarded at the ramps and spinner. Then do Nero 3 followed by KB followed by Kobayshi.

I haven't done this yet (perhaps never will make it), but I think it is a good plan.

I did just have a game where I got Galactic lanes (from PD) combined with Klingon MB and 2x scoring from warp 9.1. I got huge points. What was even better was that I actually planned for it!

#243 3 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

This is my current plan at the moment: Get super ramps and super spinner and then assuming I am not on my last ball, do Nero 2. If you can also time this with 2x scoring, I think there would be fairly big points with the jackpots plus the extra points awarded at the ramps and spinner. Then do Nero 3 followed by KB followed by Kobayshi.
I haven't done this yet (perhaps never will make it), but I think it is a good plan.
I did just have a game where I got Galactic lanes (from PD) combined with Klingon MB and 2x scoring from warp 9.1. I got huge points. What was even better was that I actually planned for it!

Well, I just did this, but didn't get 2x scoring going into Nero2. My score for Nero2 wasn't as high as I was expecting. Perhaps I wasn't shooting well, though I did get a couple of bonus jackpots.

The good news was that by the time I got to Kobayshi, I set up 2x scoring. Unfortunately, I tilted after three shots.

1 week later
#247 3 years ago

I've now timed 2x scoring from warp 9.1 to the start of Kobayshi three times now. This thread has really helped me to concentrate on building up warps and timing the payout. And I used to think it was beyond my skill level. . . . It is such a key ingredient of getting the killer scores. Thanks everyone!

2 months later
#250 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

I discovered something today
On a mission with the right orbit lane lit
On ball save auto launch after I drained. I held the right flipper down to open the right gate.
As the ball came back off the left gate down the right orbit and rolled over the switch. It register as a hit for the right orbit shot.
Kinda cheap I know. But I ll take it
Does not work on Klingon multiball. Right gate doesn't open when the right flipper is held down. So the ball has to go down into the pops

Yep, as long as you haven't done the right flipper skill shot with the ball you are on, whenever you get the ball back to the shooter lane, you have the opportunity to do this. And, if you need that right orbit shot from the get go, you can get it with the right flipper skill shot.

Quoted from rai:

I'm just starting to read this thread. But is there an actual rules thread? some of these discussions imply that the reader knows the basic rules, but I really need a crash course on the basic rules before so I can understand what the more nuanced strategies are.

No actual rules thread that I know of. What I would recommend is watching Bowen's tutorial on the Papa website. It is old code, but you will learn the basic rules minus away team missions and medals. From there, reading this thread will help with the most recent code.

1 month later
#251 3 years ago

I have a question. Is everything doubleable by shooting a combo? For instance, I was playing a game the other day when I noticed that the first gold medal I received awarded me 2,000,000 points. I don't remember that award being that high (not for the first one at least), so perhaps I comboed the shot when I received the gold medal. If so, then every third shot that awards a medal should try to be comboed for extra points. So, what can you combo for double points and what can you not?

1 week later
#258 3 years ago
Quoted from lhammer610:

An old post, I know, but...
My Trek Pro does not have a solenoid on the right gate - it is passive as far as I can tell. So that right gate cannot remain open. Holding the right flipper button does nothing.
Is this option something that was on the LE model? Or removed from later Pro models - mine is Sept 2015.

Something is wrong on yours. If you hit the left orbit, does it make it all the way around or does it stop in the pops. If it goes all the way around, then the gate is open. If it stops, then something is broken.

#262 3 years ago
Quoted from lhammer610:

That is a good point. The left orbit does go all the way around when I hit it. So that gate must open. However, holding down the right flipper button while shooting does not open that gate. It hits the left gate and bounces back against the right one.
Is that a software update that removed that?

It should work in all versions of the software.

Are you sure the ball is hitting a closed right gate? Or, could it be that the ball doesn't have enough speed to make it down through the right gate and is instead catching one of the rubber rings or other components around the lanes? I ask because I only make it 1/2 the time. In order to plunge correctly, I have to hold the right flipper open with my left hand and plunge with my right and then quickly switch. I can't get a good plunge with my left. You do need to hold the flipper button in until it gets close to that gate. Also, when my playfield was a bit slow, I couldn't make it bounce back through the right gate at all. After cleaning and waxing, I made it most of the time.

2 weeks later
#265 3 years ago

Courtesy of Guitoone in this thread -- pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/how-much-interest-in-a-stern-star-trek-rulesinfo-doc :

The base value of a mission is:
For Level 1 mission: 100 000 + 15 000 x (Number of shot level 1) + 30 000 x (Number of Shot level 2) + 45 000 x (Number of shot level 3)
For Level 2 mission: 200 000 + 15 000 x (Number of shot level 1) + 30 000 x (Number of Shot level 2) + 45 000 x (Number of shot level 3)
For Level 3 mission: 300 000 + 15 000 x (Number of shot level 1) + 30 000 x (Number of Shot level 2) + 45 000 x (Number of shot level 3)
Each shot on a Mission Level 1 increase by 45 000 pts.
Each shot on a Mission Level 2 increase by 60 000 pts.
Each shot on a Mission Level 3 increase by 75 000 pts.
You can double score for combo shots (or dual color on missions lvl.2 or 3), or even quadruple score for a combo on a dual color shots during a mission lvl.2 or 3.
Every 3 shots on missions level 1 you win a medal. And every 2 or 3 shots on a dual color shot during missions level 2 or 3.
Bronze medal score 250 000 (+ 125 000 for any other one)
Sylver medal score 450 000 (+ 175 000…)
Gold medal score 1 000 000 (+ 275 000…)
You can use combo on the medals scores.
Every 6 missions of a level done, before each mini wizard mode, you got a bonus for your medals:
On level 1:
Bronze medals score 1 000 000 each (10 000 000 for a set of 6)
Silver medals score 1 500 000 each (15 000 000 for a set of 6)
Gold medals score 2 500 000 each (25 000 000 for a set of 6)
It increase for level 2 and 3, of course…

#266 3 years ago

He goes on to explain:

The starting value of a mission is:
For Level 1 mission: 100 000 + Previous Shots value.
For Level 2 mission: 200 000 + Previous Shots value.
For Level 3 mission: 300 000 + Previous Shots value.
Previous Shots value=
15 000 x Number of shot level 1 from your last ball lost +
5 000 x Number of shot level 1 before your last ball lost +
30 000 x Number of shot level 2 from your last ball lost +
10 000 x Number of shot level 2 before your last ball lost +
45 000 x Number of shot level 3 from your last ball lost +
15 000 x Number of shot level 3 before your last ball lost +
Each shot on a Mission Level 1 increase by 45 000 pts.
Each shot on a Mission Level 2 increase by 60 000 pts.
Each shot on a Mission Level 3 increase by 75 000 pts.
You can double score for combo shots (or dual color on missions lvl.2 or 3),
or even quadruple score for a combo on a dual color shots during a mission lvl.2 or 3.
Every 3 shots on missions level 1 you win a medal. And every 2 or 3 shots on a dual color shot during missions level 2 or 3.
Bronze medal score 250 000 (+ 125 000 for any other one)
Sylver medal score 450 000 (+ 175 000…)
Gold medal score 1 000 000 (+ 275 000…)
You can use combo on the medals scores.

#267 3 years ago

I thought I would post it here since there are some strategic calls to be made. I have to understand this more, but it is further on the point that completing three missions in a column on one or two of the modes before finishing the rest of the level one missions could be much more lucrative in terms of points than just going through the level 1 missions.

#269 3 years ago

Tip courtesy of pinballophobe: The GAT shots don't count towards the base value calculations listed above. Only the regular mode shots do.

So, I remain convinced that in most cases you don't want to start GAT until you've hit a number of regular mode shots first. Not only will that increase the value of the GAT shots when you finally start GAT, but it will also lead to a larger base value for the shots for the rest of the missions.

1 week later
#285 3 years ago
Quoted from golfingdad1:

Cmon guys. .it's a hard game . I bet more than a few have there game set up similiar .

There's no shame. The nice thing about owning the game is you can set it up how you want it. I give myself an automatic extra ball at warp 4 and at 30 million. So, many of my halfway decent games are at least 5 ball games. I also have easy outlanes. Even with that, I've only made it to EA once. Tuning things to my skill level opens up new possibilities in the game for me that I wouldn't otherwise get to experience.

#289 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Here's another strategy that comes into play for home owners; and its not a strategy persay, just setup tips.
There's 2 things that come into play for the warp ramp:
1. Ability to hit the ramp with the upper flipper.
2. How the ball returns to the flipper from the warp ramp.
Both of these can be adjusted to make a more pleasant warp ramp experience.
The reason i bring this up is ive been having a hell of a time hitting my warp ramp the past few weeks because of item#2 above). So much, i havent been enjoying the pin. I, then played a pro on location yesterday and it suffered from both #1 & #2. Hard to hit, and the return sometimes went to the shooter lane.
That said, here's what i did to tweak mine and so far so good!
For #1 item above; ability to hit the warp ramp: Changeout the flipper rubber. As simple as this sounds, its quite effective AND....if that doesnt do the trick, try another rubber. In my case, i changed my flipper rubbers just last month (which was the beginning of my issues with the warp ramp). I swapped for another rubber, still same problem. Something didnt quite feel right with those 2 flipper rubbers when i took em out so i dug deep into my bag of 6 flipper rubbers and found a good one. This may sound silly, but i ordered a batch of flipper rubbers from PBL way back when and they just dont feel the same or as good as the ones from Marco. Maybe its me, but in this case it proved to be game changing.
Another thing to mention about item #1. If you're still having issues once you replace the rubber, try slightly adjusting the switch prongs of the right flipper to give it just a hair more action.
So i cant honestly tell you if it was the flipper rubber or action from the coil switch as i did both. But at least it gives you some ideas to try.
Item#2: This is the more popular mention when it comes to adjusting the warp ramp. But, there's a set screw at the exit of the warp ramp that can be loosened, then adjust your warp ramp, and retighten screw. You will have to do this approx 3-4 times and its best to do it after wiping down the pf when the ball is traveling at its fastest.
Hope this helps someone out. I know I for one am happy to be on track with consecutive warps again

It's funny that you mention this because I was playing ST less and less often, partially because I couldn't get my Warp ramp right lately. I would make just one shot only to have the ball rattle around in the return lane and not feed consistently to the upper flipper. I tried repeatedly adjusting the ramp by moving the end to the right and to the left and everyplace in between. Nothing that I did fixed the problem. Finally, yesterday, I installed a bracket by fellow pinsider Ven. Here is a link to it:


This worked wonders. I went from having about 0% consistent feed to 75-85% consistent feed. The bracket moves the exit of the ramp up and down instead of left and right. I have mine almost all the way down so it feeds to the upper flipper almost like an orbit shot. I feel like I have a whole new game again and am loving playing it. So much of the game is timing 2x scoring from the Warp ramp to other events that if you don't have consistent feed, you are really missing out on critical aspects of the strategy -- not to mention the thrill of hitting the Warp ramp repeatedly.

I will say that installing the bracket is a royal pain. You have to take the whole right ramp off, and it is a very tight space where you install it. I would not embark on this unless you really have an issue, like me. If you can successfully adjust the ramp by moving right or left, just do that. However, if you've tried that and it never works, then doing something like this could help. I'm not sure if he is still selling them, but I thought I would mention it.

#292 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

I am inconsistent at hitting the warp ramp. Some days I can easily get 5 or 6 in a row but other days I struggle to make just one. I've adjusted the warp ramp in the past but don't know if it makes much difference. You just have to get a feel for the shot like any other shot.

Hitting it inconsistently due to your reflexes is one thing. I'm hot and cold like you. Having it return and rattle to the upper flipper making it impossible to hit a second time is the pin's fault. That is when you need to do some sort of adjustment -- whether it is left or right, or (with the bracket) up and down.

4 months later
#299 2 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

It may not be the best scoring strategy, but I always go for the warp super skill shot. Save left left flipper hold skill shot for later. Use when you need the ball quickly served to the flippers to make a critical shot.

The right flipper skill shot also awards you the right orbit shot, so it is an easy way of getting one mode shot, if lit, right from the start of your ball. Sometimes that can be used for your advantage.

#304 2 years ago

Nice video! I've never seen 5 year mission before. Looked cool.

#306 2 years ago
Quoted from str8cash:

Awesome vid. Only scored 2 billion more then I ever had. Haha. Now I want to go play st sgain.

Yeah, watching that video made me immediately go down and play. But I drained all three balls in under 3 minutes.

#310 2 years ago
Quoted from Snailman:

Nero 3-deep is the popular first choice because the L orbit shot is both a key shot and safe shot (from either flipper) for many other modes / GAT modes.
I don't recall exact scores after the Nero 3-deep + DTD GAT combo. But I believe I've seen DTD1 mode totals north of 50M alone.

I was inspired so just did this and got 22 million, which is pretty good for me in any mode.

#315 2 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

The right flipper skill shot also awards you the right orbit shot, so it is an easy way of getting one mode shot, if lit, right from the start of your ball. Sometimes that can be used for your advantage.

So, a specific example of this that I just did in a couple of recent games is in Nero 3. If you lose a ball or get the ball back into the shooter lane and haven't done this skill shot before, then you can use it well. Manipulate the lights with the flippers so that both are lit on the right orbit while you are holding down the right flipper. Do the skill shot, and you immediately get one of the multi colored shots that counts towards the medal for this mode.

3 months later
#333 2 years ago
Quoted from dirkdiggler:

This thread is awesome!!!
I've been away from my game for a few days so i read this forum again and tonight at halftime was my first chance to play. Shattered my warp, combo and grand champion score!!!
66 combos
34 warps
Completed 3 deep space jump and nero and completed all level 2 except for ste2. Completed vengeance 1,2,3,4,5. 3 extra balls total.

Nice job! Sweet score. How did you progress through the levels, and did you try to cash in on any GAT missions?

3 months later
#358 2 years ago

So, wait. I often do Nero1-3 to double the value of the left orbit and then do DTD. I start GAT so I can hit that orbit over and over. Are you telling me there is no difference between comboing it and hitting it without the combo once I light the left orbit for 2x scoring? If so, I won't be in such a rush to try to combo it. Still, that method yields substantial points. And, I had thought those points were from essentially getting 4x the value of the shot. . . . .

#360 2 years ago

Wow. That's kind of a bummer to realize that I've only been achieving half of what I thought I was getting. I wouldn't mind if they changed that in a code update. It would definitely make getting three in a column more interesting.

#368 2 years ago

It would be interesting to gather some data and plot score as a function of time (i.e., length of game) for different pins. For Star Trek, it definitely seems like it might be a slightly exponential curve as you complete missions, adding to bonus total, get shots to be doubled, etc. Scores later in the game are definitely higher than scores early on. For other pins, it might be a bit random, depending upon how you stack modes. Again, I think with a few tweaks to the Star Trek code, they could make it that much more fun by making your decisions as to what to do all the more meaningful.

#375 2 years ago

I've always assumed that the one second they give you between getting gold on a level 1 mission and lighting the shots for the last shot was so that you could try to combo the last multi-colored shot for added points. However, I've never been able to do that.

2 months later
#387 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballophobe:

For the longest time. I noticed that space jump 1 had a delay in lighting up the next shots after making a shot. It dawned on my tonight while playing. Maybe because of how without the "display it's mathmetically impossible to calculate blah blah blah"
So I paid attention to the mode and sure enough before the Spock says that phrase. The shots are lit quickly after a made shot just like all other missions. But after the phrase. There is a slight delay in lighting up the next lit shots
I just think it's kinda cool to have that type of attention to detail

This is a cool observation. I never noticed that.

I'm pretty sure that as long as you keep making shots, you avoid the space debris on the DMD. Once too much time passes, space debris starts hitting you and your visor becomes cracked. I've never made it all the way through without having something hit me, but I assume it is possible. I wonder if your observation about how quickly the shots are lit has something to do with how much debris has hit you, interfering with your systems.

#391 2 years ago

Not sure about my SJ1 theory. Just played a game, and the cracks didn't cause a slow down in shots being lit. I didn't hear that Spock call out though, so that may be the trigger. Will have to play more ....

11 months later
#395 1 year ago
Quoted from Mcpit:

Just sharing one lucky trick that incidentally helped me beat my 380M+ high score:
Get the 9.x warp ramps to enable double scoring just before Kobayashi Maru. Turns a 40M of medals into 80M...

Agreed. I’ve tried more and more to time this properly. Sometimes I succeed. Most of the time, I do not.

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