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Star Trek Pro (stern) vs. SW Pro (stern)

By adamross

1 year ago

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#3 1 year ago

I’m a Trekkie and SW fan. I have owned STTNG and ST. I don’t own SW but played locally Pro and Premium. Although I loved the theme, I personally tired of ST pretty quickly and sold it. I personally find SW more interesting (more different ways to play it) and engaging (LCD screen and original movie clips beat the heck out of DMD stick figures running). In retrospect, I would have kept STTNG instead of getting ST except that I had a heck of a time keeping mine running ok. STTNG is an awesome game even with DMD limitations.

#31 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Agree with most of the comments. Just sold my ST pro after owning it for around 3 years. It's a fun shooting game but does lack that polish that really makes a game shine. If Stern just addressed a few bugs/issues the game would one of the best. Starting modes is fairly difficult and that gets frustrating when the entire game is about the modes. There is really nothing to do when not in a mode other than shoot the Vengeance. My other big complaint was the level 1 mode timers. They are fairly long to begin with and then the timers stop when the ball is in the pops or when you cradle so you can't time out the mode. If you hit the black hole target or do the away team alternative mode, the timer is extended even longer. You can make the mode ends when you get a gold metal but that still takes a lot of shots. The level 2 and 3 modes are a little more interesting and some of them can be completed quickly. Best part of the game is the layout. Great flow and the warp shot is the best in pinball. Vengeance modes are great and overall a solid game. Medals made the game better but only give you points. To get a lot of points, play out a lot of level 2 and 3 modes before finishing the level 1 modes. Get 2x going and then start Koby Maru to get big points for all the medals you earned.
I didn't like SW on the reveal. After actually playing it, I have changed my mind. It's a really fun game. It may lack a few toys but you don't think about that when playing it. Shots all feel good and it plays fast. The shot multiplier feature adds a lot to gameplay and forces you to take you hands off the flippers to move them. I love games that do that. I don't think the theme is that well integrated but it still a great fun game. The display looks really good and code feels pretty complete to me. I vote SW but that may be because the game is still new. Still, I think it's more interesting to play with more variety. Wish it had a third flipper, though. Last game Stern did with a third flipper was ST.

At the risk of being jumped on by 50 people that say "play better" or say "I suck and even I can make those shots", I agree with the comment that starting modes on ST is fairly difficult and that can get frustrating when the entire game is about the modes.

#35 1 year ago

"just play better"... See, I knew it

#49 1 year ago
Quoted from jar155:

As much as it pains me to say it (I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan), Star Trek absolutely destroys Star Wars. The layout is far superior, and the code actually makes sense for the layout. Star Wars layers and stacks modes, hurry ups, progress towards modes, multipliers, action button instances, and more all while throwing a game at you that's always at breakneck speed. It doesn't make sense to put such heavily layered code on a game that never gives you a chance to make measured actions.
Star Wars somehow feels like there are things missing while still feeling like there's too much going on at the same time; and it makes for a frustrating experience. When playing Star Wars, it feels more like you're just surviving through three balls. It's not that the game is hard, because it's not that difficult to progress through, but it's just hyper speed all the time on the physical end while the code is asking you to make deliberate decisions. It really makes no sense.
Star Trek, on the other hand, has a fantastic layout that tempers its speed enough that you can actually look at the game's indicators and properly play modes, hurry ups, and sequences that involve the action button. It can also get very fast, but it isn't always full throttle. There is WAY MORE strategy in approaching the different modes and multiballs in Star Trek than Star Wars as well. It's just all around better code and a better layout. They are so much more of a cohesive experience and feed off one another rather than clash and fight against each other like on Star Wars.
Can you enjoy Star Wars? Sure. I can see how some people might like that frantic madness, but I would say that Star Trek is objectively a better pinball machine. It feels so much better planned out and so much more carefully crafted on both the physical and software sides of things.

I think you have a different definition of the word “objectively” than I do, because that sounded like a subjective opinion to me.

3 weeks later
#78 1 year ago

Completely agree as well. I owned ST and it was out the door fairly quickly.

#80 1 year ago

For what it's worth, the code was complete before I sent it on it's way. I had the Pro which has very little game play difference vs. the LE. LE owners often reference the light show as being stellar. The PRO is competent in that area but the LE had more 'bling' on this game.

#82 1 year ago

I guess the only other opinion I'll give on the SW vs. ST topic is the execution of the theme. I am both a SW and ST fan from a movies (and TV shows) standpoint. I grew up watching ST and SW was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. I love both themes. If you ask me which game better represents the theme, my personal opinion is SW does a great job executing on the theme and the LCDs and rules add to the experience. I thought ST was a solid representation of the theme, but not as good and there were admittedly nit picky things that bothered me as a fan. Things like the stick figure people running on the DMD are sometimes laughably bad -- for a theme that is supposed to be high tech, I think it is worth mentioning that the DMD doesn't represent the theme well vs. the LCDs on SW. I also prefer the rule set on SW vs. ST -- I just find the SW rules more interesting, dynamic, and adrenaline inducing. From a toy standpoint, I didn't find the ST Vengeance ship on a solenoid/spring any more exiting than a tie fighter on a solenoid/spring other than it was a bigger. I'd rather have the mini LCD. These are matters of opinion; I'm just providing mine.

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