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Star Trek LE: Second Thoughts?

By Aussiepinwiz

6 years ago

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“Are you having second thoughts about cancelling your ST LE order?”

  • No 148 votes
  • Yes 44 votes
  • I have already have put another deposit on the LE since I cancelled 23 votes

(Multiple choice - 215 votes)

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#40 6 years ago

No second thoughts for me whatsoever. I will likely go Premium after I get to play the pro if I like it. With them raising the price on the LE it was an easy call to wait and see about the Premium for me. They went to high with the LE on the price IMO especially since they are making so many. I actually liked how the premium cab looked a little better so for me it was a win win. I too would like to see more acceptable code released with NIB pins from Stern. With Premium being released last hopefully all the kinks will be out and the code will be at least half way decent.

Granted I am not the type that really cares about the whole LE thing to much. Hope all that do get it absolutely love it though.

#46 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

I'm just as tempted to buy it as I was before when the price was announced. 0%. Oh wait....there's a picture now. Let me think... yup 0%. Oh a video . Maybe....nope 0%. Price is the same. It's stupid money regardless on what's in it. Same holds true for Hobbit. No matter what he puts in the game, there is no way the trigger is being pulled for me, due solely on price. When he's clearanceing them out....maybe.


2 weeks later
#79 6 years ago
Quoted from Banker:

Recent released pictures and videos seem to have changed the opinions of those who initially canceled their orders.
Very happy mine will be here in the next 30 days. wonder how long before the LEs are sold out.

I cancelled and it hasn't changed my opinion. They are just asking too much. Near 8K needs an LCD or other things on the field to justify that range IMO. The 'sold out' thing is kind of a tactic to increase demand. Sure they sold out to distributors but there are still plenty to be had. My hope would be they won't all sell and Stern would realize they hit a limit with the price so they won't increase it again come the next release. I want them to be successful but the rate in which they have been increasing prices during the last 2 years is getting a bit out of hand IMO. That said, I can see why some may of changed their minds and ordered it again it looks very cool and probably looks even better in person.

#116 5 years ago
Quoted from mulder2010:

Rumor was that Stern would make up for the vuk issue, by adding 'something good'. Any truth to that, or just rumor 'bs'?

Yes what they added was the laser cut color controlled cutouts in the apron to tell you your shield strength.

#134 5 years ago
Quoted from maldoror:

I own a ST Pro, it's a pretty fun game with unfinished rules. I also own a Metallica LE and it is exactly the same in regards to the unfinished rules. I can't wait till all this new pinball business starts kicking in so there is actual competition in this market again and Stern will be forced to shape up some in this regard.

Very well said I agree 100%. Stern's designs of late have been fun without question but the lack of adequate code for a new pin within a reasonable time period is just getting ridiculous. If they don't start focusing on the code more I think they are going to be losing a decent amount of business. Hope that doesn't happen and they start to put an emphasis on great code to go with these fast and fun designs they are putting out.

1 week later
#200 5 years ago

Here we go again...NO WOZ is the best made machine no issues and funnist....NO NEW STERN is made just as well made and funner... Over and over again with a couple jabs exchanged because people have different preferences. Here I thought this thread was about Star Trek LE silly me.

#203 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I believe the thread is titled "Star Trek LE: Second thoughts?"......with a poll attached.....
Sorry, but there are various issues with other pins that go into making that decision or not, including what may be coming up next......Like it not, JJP and PPS are relevant to this discussion and so is what Stern has done on other pins.....its true, anything can break and does...
And it seems as usual, some people have a well placed smart ass comment re Woz, which I also find funny
But hey, censor away.......

Yea we haven't seen this same tired argument 100 times. No one censored away just think it's getting lame to see this pop up in every thread. Not trying to single you out ice just getting tired of that constant debate. I'll shut up about it here and let you guys discuss if you want.

Regarding the thread question, I still have no second thoughts after picking up ST Pro Refinery Edition 001. Such a great looking and playing pin. Big thanks to Gio/Zdoor I'll try and post some pics once I get done playing the heck out of it. Early code is much better than most prior Stern releases hope they keep on it if they do this could turn into something great.

#215 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Markmon's post has 7 thumbs up so far. I don't think it was tired and lame and ridiculous, and apparently a lot of other people didn't either.

Doesn't mean people aren't getting a bit sick of this constant back and forth in almost every thread. Yes good points can be made but too often it is just a bunch of hating and spitfull bickering.

Quoted from iceman44:I agree, its tired and lame and ridiculous but it will probably never end, PPS is next up. congrats on your ST Pro, that Pinball Refinery edition looks great! No further discussion needed on that.......

Thanks buddy this pin is one of the fastest I've ever played having fun with it. That's what it's all about for me. Playing and enjoying..

#261 5 years ago
Quoted from SaminVA:

The Star Trek Pro I played at Flippers also had the ball hang up below the popbumpers. Wonder if that's gonna be a problem on the LE as well?

I haven't had a single one on mine after about 30-40 plays. Perhaps it was a leveling issue? <edit> I actually did get a hang up but it was after a good amount of plays perhaps the rubber is wearing causing it to catch guess I'll see if it becomes an issue or not.

Quoted from Hwawonyu:

Sadly spots are not an issue. lEs sitting everywhere.

I think that has a lot to do with the crazy price increase. I'm enjoying my Refinery Pro early on and would of most likely gotten an LE if they didn't go crazy with the pricing on it.

3 weeks later
#374 5 years ago

Still not one bit of second thoughts here very satisfied with the Refinery Pro and it's price point. Great to hear other's excitement over getting the LE hope all owners absolutely love it!

#379 5 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

If you cancelled you're pre order then you made a big mistake, ST LE is awesome. I have never been blown away before like this with a pinball game. GREATNESS

Why you can still buy the LE now even if you cancelled your preorder? Primarily due to its price point at least that was my reason for dropping out. Not trying to knock the pin your loving right now at all. However, I just don't see how me having a pin I'm really loving and having an extra $2,000 in my pocket as being a big mistake.

1 week later
#401 5 years ago

Having the kickback is nice but not but not 3K nice for me. Gameplay is pretty much the same between the models (thankfully) and it is a fun layout. I'm not sure why everyone feels inclined to say this model is way better than that model. They are pretty much the same minus some bling which is a good thing IMO. Is it not okay for Pro owners to feel like for the money it was the best option and LE owners to feel like theirs was the best option? I would never sell my Refinery Pro and get an LE and I'm sure LE owners would not trade their LE for a Pro and cash. That's great if owners are satisfied with what they got that is what it is all about.

#408 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Good thing that is far from the only difference.

Rob there are not many gameplay differences on this one that's a fact. VUK and kickback is it. I love the lights don't get me wrong but my focus is always gameplay. Hope you and others enjoy the hell out of the LE just as I'm enjoying my Refinery Pro.

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