Star Trek Le Laser blackout mod "2017 PRE-ORDER"

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By kapsreiter

2 years ago


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#451 10 months ago

Will make 10 new kits next week

#452 10 months ago

New kits are in stock now!

just send me a PM

#453 10 months ago

bump before my holiday end of the week

kits are ready to ship


#454 10 months ago

pm sent

1 week later
#455 9 months ago

Could send new ones on monday

1 week later
#456 9 months ago

PM Sent.....

1 week later
#457 9 months ago

i have 2 kits ready for ship

1 week later
#458 8 months ago

so i only have 2 kits

i think there will be no re-run in the future.

#459 8 months ago

PM Sent

#460 8 months ago

Hi Tom
Thanks again for the great service. Blackout mod arrived today and will be fitting tomorrow.
Looks fantastic and very professionally made. Can't wait.

#461 8 months ago

Heres a "I can't wait for mine to arrive" Bump

#462 8 months ago

only 1 kit left

#463 8 months ago

PM sent for it.

#464 8 months ago

Received mine today....Will install this weekend.

1 month later
#465 7 months ago

I am interested.

summer 2016 RUN
at the moment i prepare the re-run
if you are still interested please copy paste, this post with
qantity and username

1 x gripwhip

#466 6 months ago

I just received a PM from Tom, who said he is willing to make another run, as long as he has a minimum of 10 orders.

If anyone else is interested, please copy/paste the list below, and add the Quantity Desired and UserID to the running list in your response to this thread.

Quantity Desired x UserID
1 x gripwhip
1 x Razorbak86

3 weeks later
#467 6 months ago

I am also interested in a kit.

Quantity Desired x UserID
1 x gripwhip
1 x Razorbak86
1 x Radius118

#468 6 months ago

...if there will be a run in future, i also want to buy one...

Quantity Desired x UserID
1 x gripwhip
1 x Razorbak86
1 x Radius118
1 x pershing3110

3 months later
#469 87 days ago

Bump. Trying to get to 10.

#470 87 days ago

Unfortunately, I have to drop out, so the waiting list is back to three.

Quantity Desired x UserID
1 x gripwhip
1 x Radius118
1 x pershing3110

1 month later
#471 32 days ago

Star Trek blackout mod for Premium and LE

"SMALL 2017 RE-RUN" ONLY 10 KITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/4 of the white PF GI is now dark when klingon multiball starts

not the best Video

» YouTube video

Installation info at

The Price is 59,- euro + 22,- euro shipping to US or 18,- euro shipping inside europe
you can order up to 3 kits for the same shipping costs

Installation Video:

#473 32 days ago

Bump for this. This is a great Mod and I have been really happy with it.

#474 32 days ago

Ich bin dabei, hab dir ne PM geschickt.

Schöne Grüße


#475 31 days ago

Only 5 free

#476 31 days ago

I want a set.

#477 29 days ago


#478 29 days ago

I'll grab one - pm sent.

#480 27 days ago


2 weeks later
#481 9 days ago

At the moment all kits are sold out, but i got some mails

If we get 15 orders i could do a re-run of the pcbs and the cplt. kit

so if you are interested start a list with

username and quantity


#482 8 days ago

i have now some in production

7 pieces will be ready next week

last chance to order
i don't think there will be a re run

#483 8 days ago

Looks like it equates to about 90 US dollars if that's the case I will take one

#484 8 days ago

I will take one please.

#485 7 days ago


Looks like all are reserved until 1

#486 7 days ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

Looks like all are reserved until 1

I will take one also, PM sent

Thank you

#487 4 days ago

all will be sent tomorrow

may be 1 is left (has not payed)

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